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Greater Mysteries

The Greater Mysteries

By Samael Aun Weor


Chapter 1


Eden is the Etheric World. Eden is sex itself.

The Etheric World is the dwelling of the sexual forces. The Etheric World is Eden. We came out of Eden through the doors of sex and it is only through those doors that we can enter Eden.

We cannot enter Eden through false doors; we have to enter Eden through the door through which we came out.

The ruler of Eden is Lord Jehovah. Lord Jehovah dwells in Eden. Lord Jehovah dwells in the Etheric World because the Etheric World is Eden. The Etheric World is Paradise. Ether is the fifth element of nature. The blue color that we see in the faraway mountains is the ether of Eden. In future times, the Etheric World will become visible and tangible in the air.

In future times, the elemental Gods of fire, air, water and earth will become visible and tangible in the air to us. Everything comes from the ether and everything returns to the ether. Ether is the garden of Eden.


The materia prima of the Great Work is the Christonic Semen.

The semen is the pure water of life. The semen is the water of everything that exists. The semen is the water of Genesis. A plant without water dries up and dies. The water of plants is vegetable semen.

Plant semen is transformed into leaves, flowers and fruits.

The combinations of the infinite substance are marvelous.

The sea is the semen of the planet Earth. Everything comes from the sea, everything returns to the sea. We have the sea in our sexual organs. The mystery of life is enclosed within our sexual waters. The continents came out of the sea and will return to the sea. We came from the spermatic semen of the first instant. The animals of every specie carry the secret of their existence in their seminal waters. Men only see the gross particles of physical matter which form the material cortex of the pure waters of life.

In Eden we know the waters of the sea of life.

In Eden we see those waters of Genesis shining with glory. Everything in creation has come out of that materia prima of the Great Work. The combinations of the infinite substance are marvelous. A sacred cup filled with the pure water of life is never lacking in the holy precincts of the temples. That is the Labarum of the Temple. The one who drinks of that water of eternal life, will never thirst, and rivers of the pure water will flow from his abdomen.

Those are the waters of Amrita. That is the Mulaprakriti of the Orientals. The entire universe will be reduced to its semen when the Great Night falls. The universe came out of the water and will return to water.

The pure water of life is the Labarum of the Temple. The waters of Genesis are governed by the Moon's rays and by the elemental Gods of the waters.


The Kala-Hamsa swan, perched upon a lotus flower, floats over the pure waters of life.

Kala-Hamsa means, "I am He", "I am He", "I am He". In other words, we can say that "The Spirit of God floats upon the face of the waters."

The Divinity breathes upon the sea of eternity. God is within ourselves, and we can find him within ourselves. I am He, I am He, I am He.

God is Love. Love is immanent and transcendent in each drop of the great ocean. We can only find God in sex and love. The swan represents Love. Love is only fed by love. The swan was born to love.

When one of the pair dies, the other dies of sadness.

In Eden, the swans attend the table of the angels. They elaborate within the immaculate whiteness of their craws, ineffable dishes which the Gods drink from their diamantine cups. The combinations of the infinite substance are infinite. The semen which we carry in our sexual glands is the infinite substance of the great ocean. The multiple combinations of that infinite substance become continents full of plants, flowers and fruits.

The multiple combinations of this infinite substance originate everything created, birds and monsters, men and beasts. Everything comes out of the seminal waters of Genesis. Love breathes in those waters. Parsifal broke his bow full of remorse after having killed the swan near the castle of Monsalvat.

The swan of Leda reminds us of the delights of love. The swan of love makes fecund the waters of life. The fire of love causes life to emerge from within the great ocean.

Water is the dwelling of fire. The sexual fire sleeps within the pure waters of life. Fire and water united in a love trance gave origin to the entire universe. The fire of love breathes within our seminal waters. The fire of love makes fecund the waters of life. The swan gives life. The swan symbolizes love. The swan only feeds on love. When one of the pair dies, the other succumbs with sadness.


Only chastity reigns in Eden. In Eden, sexuality is as pure as the Light of the Elohim. However, the sexual act also exists in Eden. Plants and flowers, trees and Gods, birds and reptiles, animals and men, everything comes from sex. All creation is impossible without sex.

Plants, like men, have a body, soul and spirit.

Plant souls are the elementals of nature. Every plant, every tree, every herb, has its own particular individuality.

Every plant is an individuality of body, soul and spirit.

These are the innocent angels of Eden. These are the elementals of Eden. These elementals are organized in plant families, which botanists classify with Latin names.

The magic of plants teaches us how to manipulate the elementals of plants. In Eden, these plant families have their temples and Gods. The Gods of Eden are the Elemental Kings of nature. No plant could produce fruit without love and sex. The elementals of plants also know how to love. The wedding bed of these ineffable beings of Eden is formed by the roots of plants and trees. The elementals of plants unite sexually, but they know how to withdraw in time in order to avoid seminal ejaculation. Having sexual connection, the seed still passes to the womb without the need of ejaculating the semen.

This is how the female is fecundated and the fecundated internal vitality causes the fruit to be born. The combinations of the infinite substance are marvelous. The ether of life therefore serves as an instrument for the reproduction of plants.

The Chemical Ether permits plant transformations: The chemical elements transmute, associate and disassociate themselves and the plants become filled with delicious fruits. This is how life surges forth. The Luminous Ether paints the flowers, fruits and all things with ineffable colors; everything shines under the sunlight. The Reflector Ether is therefore, an ineffable mirror where nature reproduces itself. This is how life surges forth from within the entrails of Eden. The mountains in Eden are blue like the sky, as transparent as crystal. When man reproduced like plants, he lived in Eden. Back then, milk and honey flowed in the rivers of the pure waters of life.

Man spoke the Great Universal Verb of Life, and fire, air, water and earth, obeyed him. All of nature knelt before man and served him, because man did not ejaculate his seminal liquor. Man united sexually with his wife and withdrew before the spasm in order to avoid seminal ejaculation.

During the sexual act, the lunar hierarchies only utilized one spermatozoon for the reproduction of the species; a spermatozoon easily escapes from our sexual glands without the need of spilling the semen. In this manner, the female remains fecundated and life surges forth. This is the Immaculate Conception.

In Eden dwells an ineffable virgin who is related with the constellation of Virgo. This being works with the rays of the Moon; she is the Immaculate Conception. She is a Primordial Elohim of paradise.

Those who return to Eden know her, because this pure Elohim governs the Immaculate Conception.

Blessed be Love. God shines upon the perfect couple.

Chapter 2


If you have your lamp always filled with oil, the temple will always be full of light. If you spill the oil of your lamp, the fire will be extinguished, and you shall sink in the most profound outer darkness, where only tears and the gnashing of teeth are heard. The semen is the dwelling of the fire. If you spill the semen you will lose the fire and you will sink in deep darkness. The semen is the oil of your lamp. If you spill the semen, your lamp will go out and you shall sink within the darkness of the Lucifers. In other terms, Lord Jehovah said, "Of every tree of the garden thou mayest freely eat: But of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, thou shalt not eat of it: for in the day that thou eatest thereof thou shalt surely die." In Eden, the elementals do not spill the semen. When we spill the semen, the lamp remains without fuel, the flame then becomes extinguished and we enter the darkness of Lucifer. The semen is the fuel of the lamp.

No lamp can burn without fuel.

Where there is no fire there is any light, and darkness then reigns.

Wretched is the inhabitant of Eden who dares to spill his semen.

His lamp will go out due to the lack of fuel and he will sink into the darkness of the Lucifers. The tree of the science of good and evil is sex. When man ate of the forbidden fruit, he was thrown out of Eden. Adam was all the men of Eden. Eve was all the women of Eden.

In other words, when Adam and Eve spilled the oil of their lamps, the latter were extinguished due to a lack of oil, and they then remained in deep darkness. That was the exit from Eden.

The fire of the Holy Spirit is the igneous serpent of our magical powers.

The fire of the Holy Spirit is the Kundalini, the fountain of all life.

That fire is enclosed within the semen.

If we spill the semen, the fire will become extinguished and we shall enter the kingdom of darkness. When man spilled the semen, he entered the kingdom of Lucifers. Lucifer is a terribly perverse demon. The Lucifers are his legions who obey and follow him.

Sexual passion has its center in the Lucifers. When man let himself be seduced by the Lucifers, he spilled the oil of his lamp and he remained in darkness. He then came out of Eden through the doors of sex and entered the kingdom of the Lucifers through the doors of sex.

If man wants to return to Eden, then all he needs to do is to fill his lamp with oil arid light it. He then comes out of the kingdom of Lucifers and enters Eden. He comes out of darkness arid enters the light.


There exists the Luciferic man and there exists the Edenic man. The Luciferic man spills his semen. The Edenic man never spills his semen. Humanity is Luciferic. The ancient humanity of the Polar, Hyperborean and Lemurian races was the Edenic humanity. The Edenic state is a state of consciousness.

The Luciferic state is another state of consciousness man of Eden can have a body of flesh and blood like any man.

A Luciferic man has a body of flesh and blood like any man. The Edenic and Luciferic states are states of consciousness. Eden is the Etheric Plane. When man came out of Eden, his consciousness sunk into certain Luciferic atomic strata or regions. The human soul sunk into its own atomic infernos and lost its powers. That was the exit from Eden.

This is how the Edenic man died and the Luciferic man was born.

That is why Lord Jehovah said, "Of every tree of the garden thou mayest freely eat: But of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, thou shalt not eat of it: for in the day that thou eatest thereof thou shalt surely die."

In the gigantic patios of ancient Lemuria, men and women united sexually in order to create. The sexual act was directed by the Elohim. The man and the woman withdrew before the spasm in order to avoid seminal ejaculation.

The Elohim only utilized one spermatozoon and one feminine gamete in order to create. A spermatozoon is so infinitesimal, so microscopic, that it easily escapes from our sexual glands without the need to spill the semen. This is how the Edenic man reproduces.

This is how the children of Immaculate Conception are born. This is the Immaculate Conception. Lucifer tempted man and man fell into temptation. Lucifer is a black magician with a bloody colored robe.

Lucifer covers his head with a red hood like the Bons and the Dugpas of Oriental Tibet. The lustful forces of the Lucifers awoke animal passion in man. Men and women then began to ejaculate their semen. Due to this reason, the tribes of Lemuria were expelled from the temples.

The Kundalini which previously arose victoriously in the spinal canal, then descended to the coccygeal bone and remained enclosed in the Muladhara Chakra. The lamp of the temple was extinguished and man sunk into deep darkness. This is how the Edenic man died and the Luciferic man was born. When man ate the forbidden fruit, Lord Jehovah said, "Behold, the man is become as one of us, to know good and evil." If man had not eaten of the fruit of the tree of knowledge, he would have risen up to the angelic state, but in perfect innocence. In Eden, we were with respect to Lord Jehovah what the fingers of the hand are with respect to the cerebrum. Lucifer gave us independence.

The forbidden fruit made us conscious of the science of good and evil. This science is very deep. There is the good in the evil and the evil in the good. In everything good there is something that is evil; in everything evil there is something that is good. Crime also hides within the incense of prayer. Crime also hides within the perfume of prayers.

There is much virtue in evil persons; there is much evil in virtuous persons. The one who knows the good in the evil and the evil in the good, receives the terrible Sword of Cosmic Justice. The angels know the science of good and evil. The angels are perfect men. The angels also came out of Eden and returned to Eden; that is why they are angels. The angels were men like us. We came out of Eden but we knew good and evil.

We caine out of Eden, but we acquired self-independence.

Jehovah, the ruler of Eden, said*, "Of every tree of the garden thou mayest freely eat: But of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, thou shalt not eat of it: for in the day that thou eatest thereof thou shalt surely die."* Lucifer said to the woman, "Ye shall not surely die: For God doth know that in the day ye eat thereof, then your eyes shall be opened, and ye shall be as gods, knowing good and evil", and when man ate of the forbidden fruit, Jehovah exclaimed*, "Behold, the man is become as one of us, to know good and evil."* This is how we acquired wisdom, this is how we attained self- independence. This is how we became conscious of the science of good and evil.

Now we should return to Eden in order to be like Gods, knowing the science of good and evil. Now we should return to Eden to be Gods. We have to enter Eden through the same doors through which we came out. We came out of Eden through the door of sex, and it is only through that door that we shall be able to return to Eden.

Eden is sex itself. If we want to enter Eden, we have to return to the old sexual system of Eden. We have to enter through the door of sex, because that is the door through which we exited; there is no other door to enter Eden, there is no other door to exit Eden. We must enter through the door we exited, that is the Law. Man sunk into the atomic infernos of nature when he came out of Eden. Had it not been for Christ, it would have been very difficult for us to come out of the abyss. Fortunately, we were sent a Savior; that Savior was Christ.

Now we have to incarnate Christ in ourselves in order to return to the Father. No one reaches the Father except through the Son.

It is only with the blood of redemption that we can wash our garments and garb ourselves with white clothes in order to enter Eden, exactly through the same door through which we exited. The supreme disobedience of Adam was opposed by the supreme obedience of Christ.

Jehovah gave us his commandments. Lucifer gave us individual self-independence, and Christ redeems us from sin. This is how the Gods rise from the mud of the earth.

Chapter 3


In this manner, the sentence of Lord Jehovah was fulfilled, "So he drove out the man; and he placed at the east of the garden of Eden Cherubims, and a flaming sword which turned every way, to keep the way of the tree of life."

The two trees of Eden are the Tree of the Science of Good and Evil and the Tree of Life.

These two trees of the garden share their roots.

The Tree of Life is represented in our physical body by the spinal column. The Tree of Knowledge is represented by the sexual organs. Both trees of Eden even share their roots. God placed Cherubims and a flaming sword to guard the way of the Tree of Life. If man had been able to eat of the delicious fruits of the Tree of Life, we would now have fornicating Gods. That would have been the curse of curses, the most terrible sacrilege, the impossible.

The flaming sword of Cosmic Justice turned every way in a flaming, threatening and terrible manner, guarding the way of the Tree of Life.

The Tree of Life is the "Being."

Now then, we should know that the Inner-Self is our Spirit, the Being, the Tree of Life. The Inner-Self is the very beloved son of the "Inner Christ." The Inner Christ is the ray from which the Inner-Self himself emanated. The Inner Christ is One with the Father.

Father, Son and Holy Spirit are a perfect triad.

The Inner-Self was born from that triad. The Inner-Self is enveloped in six inferior vehicles which penetrate and compenetrate each other without becoming confused, forming man. All the faculties and powers of the Inner-Self are fruits of the Tree of Life. When man returns to Eden, he will be able to eat of the fruits of the Tree of Life. He will then be able to see God face to face without dying; the ray will serve them as a scepter and the tempests as rug for their feet. There are ten waves of life which penetrate and compenetrate each other without becoming confused; those ten eternal emanations are the 10 sephiroths of the Kabbalah, the ten branches of the Tree of Life. Now we shall understand why God placed ten fingers on our hands. The 12 senses of man are related with our spinal column. The spinal column is the physical exponent of the Tree of Life. The 12 senses are the 12 fruits of the Tree of Life.


Upon coming out of Eden, man fell into the abyss. From that abyss we would not have been able to come out without the help of a Savior. Between Eden and the Abyss are the guardians of Light and Darkness.

The guardians of Eden guard the way of the Tree of Life.

The guardians of the Abyss are the tempting Lucifers.

When we came out of Eden, we entered the tenebrous abysses of nature. From those abysses we will only be able to come out by means of Cosmic Initiation. Every Initiation is a spiritual birth.

He who wants to be born has to enter a woman's womb to be gestated. This is how the one who wants to be born gets the right to do so.

Initiation is totally sexual. If we want to be born we need to practice sexual magic with the woman. The key of sexual magic is the following, "Introduce the virile member into the woman's vagina and withdraw without spilling the semen."

This is the sexual act that the creatures who live in Eden, use. When we are within the mother's womb, we develop organs, senses, viscera, glands, etc. When we are practicing sexual magic, we are in the process of spiritual sexual gestation, developing the flowers of the soul. This is how we awaken the fire of the Holy Spirit and we become Masters. In this manner, within the womb of the great mother, we are gestated as Gods. This is how we awaken the Kundalini and we become Gods.

When man ejaculated the semen, he sunk into pain and lost his occult powers. Upon ejaculating the semen, human consciousness sunk into the atomic infernos of nature; that is the kingdom of the Lucifers. All of humanity dwells in the abyss.

One only realizes that he dwells in the abyss when he is about to come out of it. From the abyss we can only come out by means of Initiation. There are 18 Initiations, 18 cosmic births.

There are Nine Initiations of Lesser Mysteries and Nine Initiations of Greater Mysteries.

Initiation is your own life. Initiation is of the consciousness and sex. Our consciousness is a spark detached from the great Cosmic Consciousness. We had mineral, plant and animal consciousness. Now we have human consciousness. Later we shall have Angelic, Archangelic, Seraphic consciousness, etc. To say, this is good, this is bad, is very difficult. To say that 2 and 2 is 4, is very easy.

To have consciousness that 2 and 2 is 4 is something for Gods. The drunkard knows that drinking alcohol is bad. If the drunkard had conscious awareness that it is bad to drink alcohol, he would prefer to hang a millstone around his neck and throw himself to the bottom of the sea, before continuing with the vice of alcoholism.

Our consciousness awakens to more elevated states of the Being and of life. Knowledge that does not become consciousness is useless. Millions of spiritualist students study our books. Intellectual knowledge of written truths is useless; The important thing is to have consciousness of these truths.

Thousands of spiritualist students believe that they have consciousness of the truths that they have read; poor beings... they are mistaken...

Only the Great Masters of Greater Mysteries have consciousness of those truths.

The students of spiritualist schools are parrots who repeat what they read, that is all. Therefore, the important thing is the awakening of consciousness. The intellect is a function of the animal soul.

Consciousness is a function of God. A mountain exists; its bottom is the abyss. The one who wants to come out of the abyss has to climb the mountain. There are two paths to come out to the peak. The first path makes spiral turns around the mountain; in this manner one reaches the peak. The second is the narrow, strait and difficult path which, in a straight line, reaches the peak.

Only the Initiates ascend through the narrow path. The spiral path is very long. The narrow and difficult path is shorter. The latter is the path of Initiation. In olden times there existed great Mystery Schools. There were the mysteries of Egypt, Eleusis, Troy, Rome, Carthage, Babylon, of the Aztecs, Incas, Druids, etc. Back then, only the priests of the privileged castes could enter Initiation.

Our Lard the Christ opened the path of Initiation publicly for all human beings.

The entire drama of the Lord's passion was represented within the Temples of Mysteries. The greatness that there was in Christ was that he represented this drama publicly upon the old streets of Jerusalem. In this manner, he opened the doors of the temple for all human beings. "Ask, and it shall be given you." "Knock, and it shall be opened unto you." "Because strait is the gate, and narrow is the way, which lead eth unto light, and few there be that find it." "Out of a thousand who seek me, one finds me. Out of a thousand of find me, one follows me. Out of a thousand who follow me, one is mine."

When the dark age arrived, the mystery schools in the physical world were closed. Now we have to seek those schools within, deep within our own consciousness. Only those who have climbed the nine rungs of lesser mysteries can join the greater mysteries.

People remember the Son of God but do not remember the Son of Man. The Divine Master is a God and a man. The divine Master opened the path of initiation for all human beings. He had to tread the path in order to open the way for all. He was a perfect man.

He was God.

The path of perfection is terror of love and law.


In the internal worlds, chronological time does not exist. In the internal worlds, life is an eternal instant. When we say time, we mean to affirm "states of consciousness".

In Kabbalah, numbers are added between themselves in order to obtain a kabbalistic number. If we want to know, for example, what the kabbalistic number is for the year 1956, we take apart this quantity in this manner: 1, 9, 5, 6 added together give 21, and 2 plus 1 is equal to 3; the number 3 is the kabbalistic number of this year. If we say that a Master has 300 years of age, we break up this number in this manner: 3, 0, 0 adds up to 3. In other words, that the Master has the Third Initiation of Greater Mysteries. If we say that a Master has 340 years of age, we mean to affirm that the Master has the Third Initiation of greater Mysteries, plus 40 years, or degrees in favor of the Fourth Initiation of Greater Mysteries. If we affirm that a disciple has 80 years of age, we break up that sum in the following manner: 8 plus 0 is equal to 8, that is, that the disciple has the Eighth Initiation of Lesser Mysteries. The ages of Lesser Mysteries are from 10 to 90. The ages of Greater Mysteries are from 100 to 900. The ages of the Gods are from 1,000 onwards. In order to enter the ineffable bliss of the Absolute, one needs the age of 300,000 divine years.

If for example a Master has 500 years of age and wants to have 600, then he has to once again enter a woman's womb in order to have the right to be born; this is how he is born with 600 years of age. This means that he should practice sexual magic in order to develop himself as a Master of 600 years of age.

The sexual energy has the power to form organs, glands, viscera, nerves, etc. The sexual energy has the power to open for us the powers of clairvoyance, clairaudience, telepathy, etc. The sexual energy has the power to develop for us all the lotus flowers of the soul. It is only by entering the maternal womb that we have the right to be born.

We, the inhabitants of Eden, affirm that it is only with sexual magic that we have the right to be born. Everything that is not along this path, is a lamentable waste of time.

We came out of Eden through the doors of sex, and it is only through the doors of sex that we can enter Eden. Eden is sex itself. The ages of consciousness have their root in sex.

Chapter 4


Man is a trio of Body, Soul and Spirit. The soul is a mediator between the spirit and the body. A soul is possessed. A spirit is. The Inner-Self is the Most High in us. The InnerSelf is the Spirit. The testament of wisdom says*, "Before the false aurora appeared on Earth, those who survived the hurricane and the tempest praised the Inner-Self, and unto them appeared the heralds of the aurora."* Between the earthly man and the Inner-Self is the soul. The soul has an ultra-sensible and material body with which it travels through space. The body of the soul is the astral body. Therefore, the astral body has something human and something divine.

The astral body has its ultra-physiology and ultra-pathology that are intimately related with the great sympathetic nervous system and with our glands of internal secretion. The astral body is endowed with marvelous senses with which we can investigate the great mysteries of life and death.

The mind, the will and the consciousness are within the astral body.

Our disciples should learn how to come out in the astral body.

What we are teaching in this chapter is a tremendous reality. Unfortunately, the brothers of all spiritualist schools totally ignore the use and handling of the astral body.

It is painful for us to see the brothers of the different organizations being so ignorant about the use and handling of the astral body.

The brothers of the different spiritualist schools live in the astral with an asleep consciousness. When a brother enters the path, the tenebrous ones of the lunar path customarily attack him during his dreams. The brothers of the shadow take up the figure of the guru to lead disciples astray. We should now comprehend that it is a crime not to teach disciples the practical use and handling of the astral body. It is necessary for disciples to awaken consciousness during sleep in order for them to be able to defend themselves from tenebrous attacks.

To become conscious of the sleep process is not dangerous. We should become conscious of all of our natural functions.


In the present chapter we see a fragment of a Mexican indigenous codex of the Hill of Chapultepec. At the top of the hill we see a grasshopper or cricket. In the august Rome of the Caesars, the cricket was sold in golden cages at high prices.

In the Hill of Chapultepec exists an Aztec Temple in the "Jinas" state. We should now comprehend why this hill was considered sacred by the Aztecs. The indians of Mexico used to make long mystical pilgrimages to Chapultepec. By carefully observing the fragment of the Mexican codex of Chapultepec, we see two human beings floating by the hill. Those two beings are traveling in the astral body. Someone pronounces a note, which comes out of his lips as two light waves. That note is the sibilant and sharp sound of the cricket. That sound is the keynote of the Logos. The Logos sounds.

All of nature is the incarnation of the Verb and the Verb is the keynote of the cricket.

That note is a chorus; within that ineffable chorus is our keynote. If a musician, playing his instrument, was to play our keynote, we would instantly fall down dead. There is nothing in nature that does not have its keynote.

The one who wants to come out in the astral body at will should lull himself to sleep while mentally pronouncing the syllable "LA ". This syllable is mentally alternated with the syllable "R A ".

Mentally pronounce these two syllables in an alternated and separate manner. The student should try to listen to the sharp sound of the cricket. That sound emerges from within the cerebral cells. One needs a serene mind, a good quantity of drowsiness and good attention on what one is doing. If the exercise is well done, then as soon as the student enters that transitional state that exists between vigil and sleep, he will feel the sharp sound of the cricket within his cerebrum. The student should then lull himself to sleep a little more, and increase the resonance of that sound by means of the will; he should then rise from his bed heading towards the Temple of Chapultepec, or the Gnostic Church, or wherever he wishes. When we say that he should get up from his bed, this should be translated into deeds. The student should rise from his bed. This is not a mental exercise. Really, it. is not a matter of mentally rising; the disciple should rise with actions, with deeds.

Nature will take care of separating the physical and the astral bodies, in order for the astral body to remain free and the physical body remains in the bed. What the student has to do is to get up from his bed, that is all. With this clue, our Gnostic disciples will be able to transport themselves in the astral body to the mystery temples of the White Lodge.

It would be very interesting for disciples to have this little animal in their rooms. In this manner, they would concentrate better. If we concentrate on that sound, it will soon resound in our cerebrum.

That little animal can be kept in small cages. With this clue we can attend the great temples of the White Lodge.

The one who wants to know Occult Science, has to come out in the astral body. Occult Science is studied in the internal worlds.

It is only by personally conversing with the Masters that one can know Occult Science. The only thing that the intellectual theories of the physical world are good for is to damage the mind and the cerebrum.

The director of the Temple of Chapultepec is Master Rasmussen.

Two guardians with flaming swords guard the entrance of the temple. Only ancient wisdom is studied in that temple.

The great Masters of the White Lodge meet in this temple.


It is not dangerous to come out in the astral body because the entire world comes out in the astral body during sleep. The one who wants to awaken consciousness during sleep, should know the Clue of Discernment.

During sleep, every human being wanders in the internal worlds with consciousness asleep. The soul enveloped in its astral body abandons the physical body during sleep. This is how the Etheric Body can repair the dense body.

When the soul enters the body, we then wake up from natural sleep. In the internal worlds, the souls occupy themselves in the same daily chores. They then buy and sell as in the physical world. The souls of the living and the dead live together during sleep. In the internal worlds, we see everything as in the physical world. The same sun, the same clouds, the same houses of the city; everything is the same.

Our Gnostic disciples will now understand why the dead do not accept that they are dead. Our Gnostic disciples will now understand why the souls of the living buy and sell, work, etc., during sleep. By coming out in the astral body we get to know the mysteries of life and death. Every human being comes out in the astral body during sleep. By awakening consciousness during normal sleep, we can know the great mysteries of life and death. In order to awaken consciousness during sleep, there is a clue. The clue to awaken consciousness is that of Discernment.

Let's see: If you are going down a street and you meet a friend, or you see objects that attract your attention, take a small jump with the intention of floating; it is logical that if you float it is because you are outside the physical body. However, if you do not float, it is because you are in the physical body.

It happens that in the internal worlds we act during sleep in the same manner as in flesh and blood, and if to that we add that there we see everything in the same manner as here in the physical world, we will then comprehend that it is only if we succeed at flying that we will awaken consciousness for us to realize that we are in the astral body.

This exercise is practiced at every instant during the vigil state before the presence of anything unusual. What is done in the vigil state is repeated during dreaming. If we do this exercise during sleep, the result will be that we will remain floating in the astral body when we jump. Our consciousness will then awaken and full of happiness we shall say, "I am in the astral body."

In this manner we will be able to head towards the Gnostic Church to personally converse with the Angels, Archangels, Seraphim, Prophets, Masters, etc. In this manner, we will be able to receive instruction from the great Masters of the White Lodge. In this manner, we will be able to travel in the astral body throughout the infinite.

We do not need to destroy the mind with so many books and theories. In the internal worlds we can receive the teaching of the Masters. Upon awakening from natural sleep, disciples should make the effort to remember everything that they saw and heard during sleep.

It is necessary for our disciples to learn how to interpret their inner experiences.

By studying the Book of Daniel in the Bible, they will be able to learn how to interpret their inner experiences.

"Sleep and Memory" are the powers, which permit us to know the great mysteries of life and death.

Dreams are "Astral Experiences".

Dreams are real.

Chapter 5


When the hour of death arrives, we abandon the physical body and we enter the internal worlds. After death, souls continue believing that they are in the flesh. After death, souls do not accept even the supposition that they no longer belong to the world of the flesh. It is only little by little that the consciousness of the souls of the dead awakens. After a certain time, the souls enter a new maternal womb in order to have the right to be reborn into the world of the flesh. This is the Law of Return. We all came to pay for the evil actions of our past lives. If we do good, we receive good. If we do evil, we receive evil.

With the same rod that you measure, you shall be measured. He who sows winds, shall reap whirlwinds. Do good deeds in order for you to pay your debts.

By doing good deeds we can pay old debts of past returns. When an inferior law is transcended by a superior law, the superior law washes away the inferior law.

The Lion of the Law is combated with the scales. He who has with what to pay, pays and comes out well in business.

In the internal worlds, we can speak with the 42 judges of karma. The chief of these 42 judges is Anubis. The Lords of Karma reward and punish us. We can also ask for credit from the judges of karma. Every credit must be paid with good deeds or with pain. "Initiates" know how to visit the palace of Anubis to settle their business. In the internal worlds, our good deeds are symbolized by exotic coins. When we request certain services from the divine hierarchies, we must pay for them with those coins. If we want to replace those spent coins, we then have to do good deeds.

The one who has capital in the internal worlds can accomplish marvels. Nothing is given to us, everything has a price. True capital is good deeds. If we do not have capital, we then suffer the unutterable.

We need to know the esoteric value of the coins. On a certain occasion, we asked for a service from Ehecatl, the God of the Wind; we had to pay him 25 cents for the service. If we add the numbers 2 and 5 between themselves, we get the number 7. 7 is the arcane of expiation. We had suffered a great deal, with patience. We had that coin, we paid with it and a person who made us suffer, left us; this is how that miracle was accomplished. If we had not had that coin, Ehecatl would not have done that work for us. Nothing is given to us for free; everything has a price.

By working in favor of humanity, we can pay off our old debts. The only one who can forgive our sins is Christ.

It is only terrible remorse, supreme inner repentance, and the solemn promise, that can lead us to forgiveness. That business matter can only be settled in the internal worlds with Christ.

Initiates can know the 22 Greater Arcanes of the Tarot in order to settle their business. Numbers are added between themselves as we have already explained with the example of Ehecatl.

A certain Bodhisattva whose mental body was ill, was told, "You will be healed within 500 years." 5 plus 0 plus 0, is equal to 5. The Bodhisattva was recapitulating his First Initiation of Greater Mysteries; by this they meant to tell him that he would be healed when he received his Fifth Initiation of Greater Mysteries. When that Initiate reached the Fifth Initiation, he was told, "You have already suffered a great deal for three years, now you shall dress better." Three is our triune spirit.

That Bodhisattva had suffered a great deal spiritually because he was fallen. When he arose, his purple robe was returned and he dressed better spiritually.


Arcane 1 The Magician. (Will. Power.) Arcane 2 The Priestess. (Occult Science. Favorable.) Arcane 3 The Empress. (Material and Spiritual Production.) Arcane 4 The Emperor. (Progress. Success.) Arcane 5 The Hierarch. (Karma.) Arcane 6 Indecision. (Victory. Good Luck.) Arcane 7 Triumph. (Expiation. Pain. Bitterness.) Arcane 8 Justice. (Suffering. Tests. Pain.) Arcane 9 The Hermit. (Solitude. Suffering.) Arcane 10 Retribution. (Changes.) Arcane 11 Persuasion. (There should be no fear.) Arcane 12 The Apostolate. (Tests and Pain.) Arcane 13 Immortality. (Total Change.) Arcane 14 Temperance. (Stability. No Change.) Arcane 15 Passion. (Announces Dangers.) Arcane 16 Fragility. (Punishment. Terrible Fall.) Arcane 17 Hope. (Wait.) Arcane 18 Twilight. (Illnesses.) Arcane 19 Inspiration. (Successes. Good Luck.) Arcane 20 Resurrection. (Favorable Changes.) Arcane 21 Transmutation. (The Crown of Life.) Arcane 22 Return. (Triumph. Everything Comes Out Well.)

All internal calculations, all internal additions are interpreted with these 22 Greater Arcanes. Jesus, the divine Master told one of our (female) disciples that she would have to remain incarnated, working in her work, 32 years more. This number is added between itself, and gives us Arcane 5 of the Tarot, the Law. In other words, that this sister will have to remain incarnated until she fulfills her destiny in accordance with the Law.

The children of this perverse Luciferic humanity are conceived with Arcane 15 and die with Arcane 13.


Astral travels and the Kabbalah are an integral whole. There is a transitional state between vigil and sleep. Every human being involuntarily comes out of the body in that instant. By paying attention, we can voluntarily and consciously come out in that instant of transition that exists between vigil and sleep. The important thing is to watch sleep. Then we can get up from the bed and come out of our house, heading towards the Gnostic Church. Our Lord the Christ officiates in the Gnostic Church. All that disciples have to do is to watch their sleep and get up from the bed during those instants of dozing. The explanation that we give should be translated into facts. Those who have read a great deal erroneously suppose that the matter is mental, they think that they should mentally get up. We repeat that this should be translated into deeds. We must rise as naturally as we do in the mornings.

In this manner we can transport ourselves in the astral body to the White Lodge and study at the feet of the Master. This is not dangerous because everybody comes out in the astral body. This is better than stuffing our heads with books and theories. Too many words confuse us.

Theories fa1sif the mind and harm the cerebrum. Occult Science is studied in the internal worlds. Anyone who cannot come out in the astral body at will does not know occultism. It is necessary to study the 22 Greater Arcanes, and learn them by heart in order to understand the esoteric language of the initiates in the astral plane.


Man can take out his body from the chemical region.

Man can place his physical body in the internal worlds. The Law of Gravity reigns in the chemical region.

In the internal worlds reigns the Law of Cosmic Levitation.

The key to enter with the physical body in the internal worlds, is Voluntary Somnambulism. The disciple should lull himself to sleep in his bed and then get up in the same manner as a somnambulist.

Somnambulists rise from their beds preserving sleep.

Somnambulists work and walk asleep.

The disciple, who wants to enter the internal worlds with his physical body, has to imitate somnambulists. After getting up from his bed, the disciple will take a small jump with the intention of floating. If he floats and sees himself as being excessively fat, it is because he was successful.

Our disciples will then be able to walk upon the waters of the seas in the same manner that Christ did.

When Christ walked upon the waters, he did so while his body was in the Jinas state. This is precisely what is called "Jinas State". If Peter had not doubted, he would have also been able to walk upon the waters in the "Jinas State". One needs faith and a little sleep, that is all. With an intense faith and a little sleep, we can place our body in the Jinas State. Peter became an expert in the Jinas States with the help of an angel and a little sleep. Peter was able to free himself from the chains of his prison and put himself to safety.

If we invoke the God Harpocrates, he will attend our call. With the Mantram H AR P O C R AT I S T, we can invoke that angel. With the help of that angel, we can place our physical body in the Jinas State. With the help of that angel, we can transport ourselves to any part of the world in a few instants.

The egg has special powers, which allow us to place the physical body in the Jinas State. The disciple will warm up an egg in water, in other words, he will boil it lightly. Then he will puncture a hole on its more acutely conic extreme. Taking advantage of an instrument, he will then extract its yolk and albumen. The eggshell possesses the powers of the God Harpocrates. The forces of Harpocrates are a variant of the Christic forces. The disciple will place this shell beside his head in bed. The disciple should then imagine himself inside that shell. The disciple will invoke H AR P O C R AT I S T and will ask him to transport him in the physical body wherever he wishes. The disciple should rise, preserving sleep like a somnambulist; he should pick up the eggshell and come out of the room saying*, "Harpocrates, help me for I am going with my body."*

In this manner, the disciples of our Gnostic Movement will be able to enter the internal worlds with their physical bodies. In this manner, they will be able to go to the Holy Gnostic Church in the flesh. In this manner, they will be able to receive the Communion of Bread and Wine and attend the "Praetor".

In this manner, they will be able to know the great mysteries without the need of harming their minds with so many theories and sterile discussions of spiritualist schools.

There are enchanted lakes, Jinas lakes. There are mountains, temples, nations and cities in the Jinas State. On the eastern plains of Colombia there is a city called "Manoa" in the Jinas State. On all the mountains of the world there are temples of the White Lodge in the Jinas State.

Our Gnostic Summum Supremum Sanctuarium of the Sierra Nevada of Santa Marta in Colombia is entering the Jinas State. Wherever there is a temple, mountain, or anything enchanted (in the Jinas State), the forces of Har-po-crat-ist are in intense activity there.

Gnostic students should in no way become tired. Some succeed immediately, others take months and even years to achieve success in the Jinas States. Tenacity and patience are the foundation of all progress. With these exercises of Har-po-crat-ist, disciples accumulate that marvelous force of Har-po-crat-ist in their bodies. Later they will be able to use these marvelous energies to place their bodies in the Jinas State. With these forces, marvels are accomplished.


Those who know how to get out in the astral body, can invoke the body from far. This is done with the help of the Inner-Self. One prays in this manner, "You who are my own self, you who are my Real being, I implore you, bring me my body." The Inner-Self will then bring the body in the Jinas State to the disciple. No matter how far the disciple's astral body is, there will his body arrive. Our body will come humbly to us, and it will come dressed in underwear or sleeping clothes; it will come dressed in the same clothes with which we left it in bed. Emotional are those moments in which we meet, face to face, with our physical body. In these moments we are in the astral body; we should then order the body in this manner, "Body, jump on my head, penetrate me, through the pineal gland." The physical body will then obey and will penetrate through the pineal gland. This gland is located in the upper region of the cerebrum. This is how our body will come to our call.

We will then be able to function with the physical body in remote places. In the Jinas State we will be able to visit the mystery temples to learn the doctrine at the feet of the Master. If you want special help, then when you are out of the physical body, invoke me in this manner, "I believe in God, I believe in Christ and I believe in Samael. Samael, bring me my body; Samael, bring me my body; Samael, bring me my body." Repeat this prayer many times and I, Samael, your humble servant, will come to your call to take your body in the Jinas State. This is how I will serve you, beloved disciples, with the condition of right conduct. We, the Masters, are willing to help human beings enter once again the internal worlds.

"Ask, and it shall be given you." "Knock, and it shall be opened unto you."

The disciples who want to learn to come out at will in the astral body will receive our help if they invoke this humble servant Samael, author of this book. At the time of doing your exercise, pray in this manner*, "I believe in God, I believe in Christ, and I believe in Samael. Samael, take me out of my body."* Repeatedly recite this prayer at the time of lulling yourself to sleep. When you already feel a certain lassitude, in other words, weakness and drowsiness, it is because I, Samael, am helping you.

Then make a supreme effort of will and get up from your bed. I, Samael Aun Wear, will take you to the Gnostic Church.

"Ask, and it shall be given you." "Knock, and it shall be opened unto you." In these moments, evolution is returning towards the Great Light arid we, the humble servants of poor humanity, are resolved to help all human beings to once again penetrate the internal worlds.


There are many disciples who in spite of having known many clues to come out in the astral body, did not succeed at learning to come out at will. The failure of these students is due to them having already lost the powers of the astral body. Those students have no other remedy but to subject themselves to the discipline of meditation in order to recover the lost powers. Meditation is a technique to receive information. When the sage sinks into inner meditation, what he seeks is information. The chakras enter into activity with meditation.

Meditation comprises of three phases:

First: Concentration Second: Meditation Third: Samadhi.

Before beginning our practice of Concentration, we should sit comfortably. We can also do this exercise in bed. We have to withdraw from the mind all types of earthly thoughts; these thoughts should fall dead at the doors of the temple. Before concentrating, we should make our minds blank to not think of anything. Having filled these requirements, we then begin our inner Concentration exercise. We separate our minds from the things of the physical world and we direct it inwards, towards the Inner-Self. Remember that your bodies are the temples of the Living God, that the Most High dwells in you. The Most High within us is the Inner-Self. We have to love the Inner-Self. We have to adore the Inner-Self. We have to pay homage to the Inner- Self. We have to profoundly meditate on the Inner-Self.

Sunk in profound meditation, we should provoke drowsiness; this profound drowsiness will take us to the Samadhi state. We will then exit the body without knowing how, or at what time. This is how we enter the internal worlds.

Dreams are legitimate inner experiences. If we want to study a plant, we concentrate on it, we meditate on it; we provoke drowsiness and fall asleep. Then, in the vision of dreams we see how the plant becomes a beautiful child, or a beautiful creature. This creature is the Elemental of the plant. We can converse with that plant Elemental. We can inform ourselves about the properties of that plant, about its magical powers, etc.

The plant Elemental will answer these questions and in this manner we will receive information. Meditation will awaken our occult powers. Meditation will provoke fundamental changes in the astral body. Then during normal sleep, there will be instants in which we will be conscious, and later we will be able to say, "I am out of the physical body, I am out of the physical body." In this manner we will acquire "continuous Consciousness" little by little. Finally, the day will arrive when the student will be able to utilize our clues to come out at will in the astral body. He will have reconquered his lost powers.

During the hours of sleep, all human beings travel in the astral body. Dreams are the astral experiences. We should learn to remember astral experiences. When we wake up from sleep, we will practice a Retrospective Exercise in order to remember all those things that we did during sleep. During sleep, our disciples transport themselves to the White Lodges. During sleep, our disciples travel to remote places.

All our disciples should learn how to interpret dreams. Even the most absurd dreams are absolutely symbolic.

Internal experiences are interpreted by basing ourselves on the Law of Philosophical Analogies, on the Law of the Analogy of Opposites, on the Law of Correspondences and on Numerology.

The one who wants to advance in these studies should untiringly study the Book of Daniel in the Bible. Daniel's system teaches us how to interpret inner experiences.

Chapter 6


The tenebrous ones oppose our teachings saying that it is not yet time to learn how to consciously come out in the astral body. The tenebrous ones say that the internal worlds should not yet be entered. The tenebrous ones sustain that we should first dominate the physical body. This is how the tenebrous ones close the doors of the internal worlds to poor suffering humanity.

In this manner, the tenebrous ones close the doors of the superior worlds to the aspirants of light and after closing the doors on them, they enslave them within their intellectual systems. In the middle ages, the doors to the internal worlds were closed. It was necessary for man to dedicate himself to the physical world in order to be able to acquire consciousness of his own individuality.

Nirvana has periods of activity and periods of profound repose. Ever since February 19 of the year 1919 at 3:40 pm., Nirvana went into activity and ever since, evolving life initiated its return to the Light. In these instants, it is inopportune to close the doors that give access to the superior worlds.

The hierarchies struggle in these moments to make humanity return towards the internal worlds.

The planet Mercury is presently coming out of a Cosmic Night. The Lords of Mercury are now teaching human beings how to consciously come out in the astral body. As Mercury comes out of its Cosmic Night more and more, the Lords of Mercury will become more and more active.

The tenebrous ones oppose this great law saying that it is dangerous to come out in the astral body. They commit the crime of opposing the Hierarchies of Mercury and close the doors that give access to the internal worlds to poor suffering humanity.

In the age of Aquarius, every human being will know how to enter and leave the body at will. The tenebrous ones oppose the great law in order to enslave souls within their intellectual systems.


The tenebrous ones say that humanity should not be taught sexual magic, supposedly because humanity is not yet prepared. In this manner, they close the doors of Eden to poor suffering humanity. The tenebrous ones close the doors of Eden to the souls who are anxious for Light. After telling the aspirants that sexual magic is a danger, the tenebrous ones then imprison them within their complicated breathing systems. They close the doors to the beings who suffer, and enslave them within their intellectual systems. The tenebrous ones seek at all costs, no matter what, to elude the sexual problem. The tenebrous ones hate the doors of sex.

In ancient times it was prohibited to divulge the Great Arcane. Those who attempted to divulge it were condemned to death. Today, it is inopportune to deny humanity the Great Arcane of sexual magic. The divine generations are teaching sexual magic in order for all of humanity to be able to return to Eden. However, the tenebrous ones oppose this and they exert superhuman efforts to deviate humanity from the doors of sex.

The tenebrous ones are enemies of the Great Law. The tenebrous ones defend seminal ejaculation. The tenebrous ones cause poor aspirants to deviate in order to imprison them within their intellectual systems.


With sublime and ineffable phrases, the tenebrous ones separate poor human beings from the doors of Eden, saying that sexual magic is dangerous. With words full of sweetness, the tenebrous ones say that coming out at will in the astral world is dangerous. This is how the tenebrous ones close these two doors of freedom to these poor souls. The tenebrous ones close the two doors of happiness, and then imprison them in their intellectual systems.

These systems are full of' reasoning and philosophical words.

The intellect is the powerful weapon that the Lucifers use to prevent their victims from escaping from the abyss. The abyss is full of sincerely mistaken beings. The abyss is full of people of very good intentions. Many tenebrous ones of the abyss are sincerely mistaken.

The tenebrous ones believe that they can know God with the intellect.

We say that only God knows himself.

We need to abandon reasoning and the intellect in order to achieve union with God. We need to have a child's mind in order to achieve union with God. We need sexual magic in order to enter Eden.

We need to learn how to come out in the astral body in order to converse with the InnerSelf. We need to study at the feet of the Master.

Beginners should lull themselves to sleep, invoking Lord Jehovah, and praying to him to take them out in the astral body. Lord Jehovah will take them out of the body. The student should then get up during those instants of snoozing. "Help thyself and I shall help thee." Jehovah always helps us; let us help ourselves.

Chapter 7



The disciple who wants to enter the narrow, strait and difficult path that leads to the Light has to withdraw from all the flattery of the world. The truth, although harsh, is our best friend.

Almost all the spiritualist brothers are petrified by the intellect; the opium of theories is more dangerous than death. We cannot remain silent about this because being complacent with crime is also a crime. Almost all the spiritualist brothers remained frozen with the theories of spiritualism of the past century and reject, full of pride, fear and haughtiness, the secret doctrine of our Lord Jesus Christ.

In these times there are many false Christs, and those who become affiliated to them commit the crime of high treason. Jesus Christ is the Lord of all souls; this great Master lives in Oriental Tibet.

Do not forget that within the incense of prayer, crime is concealed; that mixed with the perfume of prayers, there is hidden crime.

The false Christs have sublime appearances. To say that this is good or that this is bad is easy; to know the good in the bad and the bad in the good is very difficult.

The black lodges are full of sincerely mistaken people. The abyss is full of people of very good intentions.

'When we enter the authentic path of initiation, all the spiritualist brothers turn against us.

Christ was crucified by the spiritualists of his time.

We do not have the intention of criticizing any person or association in particular, because that is a crime. It is painful for us to say this, but complacency with crime is also a crime. We would like to remain silent, but one pays karma not only for the evil that one does, but also for the good one could have done but did not do. Therefore, we cannot remain silent about this; we love humanity a great deal and we need to point out the crime, to touch the wound with the finger in order to not fall into the crime of complacency with crime. If we were to not say these things, we would cast a horrible karma on ourselves.

Many enter the path and then they no longer want to continue working to fulfill the needs of every good citizen. Those poor beings neglect their duties towards their family, the world and towards themselves. We then hear them say phrases like these, "Money is vain", "This is the world of Maya (illusion)", "I am no longer interested in the things of the world", etc. This is how these poor disciples fail because they do not know how to fulfill their duties. This is how these devotees of the path move away from initiation, precisely because of not knowing how to fulfill their duties as simple citizens.

Our disciples will now comprehend why we say that crime is also hidden within the incense of prayer.

The one who enters the path should first of all be a model husband, a model father, a model son, a model citizen, a magnificent grandson and a patriarchal grandfather, etc. The one who does not know how to fulfill his duties as a simple citizen cannot tread the path of the great mysteries. Many disciples forget the good manners of the sincere and honorable gentleman and become truly irresponsible and even dangerous individuals.

Men who had never stolen, became thieves of books and money when they entered the path. The brothers who enter the spiritualist path steal books, or they borrow them and never return them, etc. Others borrow money from their disciples, they ask for money to be lent to them and then they steal it, etc.

Under the cover of the word "fraternity" are committed all the crimes mentioned in the penal code. There are those who take the money of others supposedly to do good deeds. There are those who criticize the one who works, supposedly because everything is vanity, etc.

This is how disciples close to themselves the path that leads to the great mysteries.

On the path, there are many brothers who commit adultery, with phrases like these, "My wife is refractory to the spiritualist teachings", "The other woman I have agrees with my ideas", "She is the only one with whom I can practice sexual magic to achieve in-depth realization", etc., and a thousand other mystical phrases. This is how adulterers shut the doors of the temple unto themselves.

There are many brothers on the path who use sexual magic as a pretext to seduce many naive (female) devotees; this is how these mystical adulterers depart from the altar of initiation and fall into the abyss.

Sexual magic can only be practiced between husband and wife in legitimately constituted homes.

There are "little brothers" who steal another's wife supposedly because that is how the law of karma commands it. All of these crimes have led thousands of spiritualist students to the abyss.

When we were sent to a certain country to fulfill a mission, we were assaulted by certain spiritualist elements who visited us to criticize our books, to give us imperative orders and to insult us in our own home. In profane life, no gentleman would dare enter someone else's home to give orders to and to insult the owner of the house, because he would find himself involved in a blood scene or in a problem with the police.

Unfortunately, the brothers of the path fall into these states of terrible irresponsibility.

Some even abandon the most basic laws of urban life and wander on the streets with their clothes dirty and in the most complete untidiness, using spirituality and disdain for the vanities of the world, as excuses. This is called degeneration. This is how the brothers of the path drive away many persons from the path, with their very bad publicity.

We always dress in a decent manner, not out of pride, or vanity, but simply out of respect for our fellowman. Letting our beard or hair grow, or going around dirty on the streets, is not the system to achieve our in-depth realization. The one who wants to realize himself should begin by being an upright and decent gentleman.

The one who wants to realize himself has to practice sexual magic with his wife- priestess and tread the path of the most perfect sanctity.

Many brothers of the path speak ill of their fellowmen and argue like parrots. This is not right. No one has the right to judge anyone, because no man is perfect. Our Lord the Christ already told us, "Do not judge so that you will not be judged", "With the rod that you measure others, thou shalt be measured", etc. We do not have the right to criticize the defects of others. Gossip and slander have filled the world with pain and bitterness; calumny is worse than stealing.


Discussions and arguments have put an end to many spiritual schools. When two individuals argue, what they have is pride and haughtiness in the mind; both want to demonstrate their supposed superiority to one another, both have Satan enthroned in the mind. We should always respectfully express our concept and allow our listener the freedom to accept or reject our concept. Each one is free to think as he pleases and we cannot exercise power over another's mind, because that would be black magic.

Intellectual discussion is Luciferic and demonic.

We need to have the mind of a child in order to be able to enter the greater mysteries. We need to be children in mind and heart.

We need to be perfect, like our Father in heaven is perfect. One does not arrive at the great mysteries with vain intellectualisms; one arrives at the greater mysteries with a child's heart. We have known great Masters of the White Lodge who are totally illiterate.

Another danger that assails the devotees of the path, is envy.

Those who become filled with envy because of the progress of others, become like "Judas" who sell their instructors for thirty pieces of silver. In spiritual schools and lodges, the envious persons look at the clock and ring the bell in order to sabotage the speech of the good speakers and their teachings. This is how crime is hidden within the incense of prayers.

On a certain occasion we were told by the Venerable Master Morya, "The union with the Inner-Self is very difficult. That is very hard. Out of two who attempt to become united with the Inner-Self, only one achieves it', because as Guillermo Valencia, the poet said,

'Crime is concealed among the verses themselves."

Really, Master Morya was right; crime dresses like a saint. Crime dresses itself as a martyr. Crime dresses itself as an apostle, etc.

That is why it is so difficult to arrive at the union with the Inner-Self.

This is the path of the razor's edge.

Our disciples should add up their defects and then dedicate one hour to each defect, successively; in this manner they will put an end to all their defects.

The one who wants to put an end to his defects all at the same time, will not put an end to any.

This path is very difficult. Christ already said it*, "Out of a thousand who seek me, one finds me. Out of a thousand who find me, one follows me. Out of a thousand who follow me, one is mine."*

For every step that we take in the unfoldment of occult powers, we should take a thousand steps in the path of sanctity.


The one who wants to enter the great mysteries should abandon the animal- intellect. The animal-intellect is Luciferic and demonic. The Great Masters have the mind of a child.

We should live in great fear of God. We should put an end to intellectual pride.

We should have a simple and out rightly childish mind. We should not conceal crimes.

Sometimes, disciples send us letters demanding that we dominate the mind of this or that woman for them, supposedly to bring them to the good path. This is how they hide their lust in the incense of prayer.

This is how they want to deceive the Elder Brothers, demanding of us works of black magic. No one can violate another person's mind because that is a crime. We must respect the freedom of others. Let us clarify this chapter by saying that one enters the abyss through three doors: Anger, Covetousness and Lust. Anger disguises itself as a judge. Covetousness hides among good intentions. Lust customarily wears a mystical robe.

The spiritualist sisters sit on the lap of the devotees of the path. The brothers of the path use the pretext of innocence to kiss and hug the sisters of the light.

This is how crime also hides among the incense of prayer.

Another serious crime is that of ingratitude. A dog is given bread and it is grateful, but many brothers of the path are not grateful. If a legitimate Master teaches them, all that he receives as payment are persecutions, hatred and calumnies.

We knew the case of a spiritualist brother who, when he was hungry and unemployed, always met a charitable soul who gave him food and shelter; later, when he was already working, he then had no hesitation to turn against his charitable servers. Sometimes he publicly slandered them, or attacked them. This is how this brother paid with the coin of ingratitude.

However, he always found a philosophical excuse. He stated cynically, "I do not owe anything to anyone; life is the one that provides everything and my charitable servants are merely instruments of the great life and I do not owe them anything."

Others abandon their own mother, their elderly father, saying, "All beings are my family, I do not care about my parents, I am a rebel, etc." This is how they conceal the crime within the incense of prayer.

There are those who abandon their wife and poor children, supposedly to follow the spiritual life. This is how those wicked persons fall into the abyss of black magic. Others want to unite members of all organizations, supposedly to form the great universal fraternity. Those school monopolizers are the real merchants of souls.

The slyness of these brothers is so refined that they skillfully place themselves in the center as living units, as Jesus Christs in person. With the pretext of uniting all schools, creeds and religions, they seduce the gullible. In the presence of these tenebrous persons, we have to watch our wallets more closely.

Gnostics cannot sit at the table of the angels and at the table of demons at the same time; we have to define ourselves.

The one who wants to enter Eden has to enter through the same door that we exited; that door is sex. There is no other door; we have to enter through the place we exited. School butterflies are the prostitutes of spiritualism.


On a certain occasion when we were advising a spiritualist sister about the exercises of sexual magic with her husband, she cynically answered us that she would only practice sexual magic with her guru; she gave us this answer in front of her own husband. We objected to these words telling her that sexual magic can only be practiced between spouses. Really, no profane adulterer in the world would give such an impudent answer before her husband. Such barbarities would only occur to the irresponsible persons of spiritualism . What is worse is that the guru of this poor sister was only an adorable impostor, a mystic bandit, an executioner of souls.

On another occasion, we met a morbid mystic who, with the pretext of helping many (female) devotees, he sexually seduced them. That wicked man fell in love with his wife's own daughter, in other words, with his step-daughter, and took her as a lover. That wicked man was a fallen bodhisattva. Fallen bodhisattvas are worse than demons. I met a fallen bodhisattva who lived in Bogota (Colombia). That man formed a sect of imbecile eunuchs who hated sex. In that manner, this poor brother harms homes and closes the doors of Eden to others.

Nowadays, it is very dangerous to follow anyone just like that.

What is best is to seek the Inner Master. The best thing is to follow our "I Am." The best thing is to learn to travel in the astral body in order to visit the temples of the White Lodge and receive the teachings directly in the temple.


Initiatic preparation is very rigorous. Disciples should live alert and vigilant like the sentry during wartime. Cleanse your minds; do not let yourself be deceived by the iniquitous ones.

Know, brothers, that what is iniquitous is modern intellectualism that denies the divinity.

The scientism of these times: "The iniquitous whose advent is according to Satan's operation, with great power, signs and deceiving miracles." Airplanes, atomic bombs, false marvels in physiology, biology, medicine, chemistry, etc., all these miracles of science are false. Do not believe in those false miracles of the iniquitous ones.

"Let no man deceive you by any means: for that day (the day of the arrival of our Lord Jesus Christ) shall not come, except there come a falling away first, and that man of sin be revealed, the son of perdition (perverse humanity); Who opposeth and exalteth himself above all that is called God, or that is worshipped; so that he as God sitteth in the temple of God, shewing himself that he is God" (Thessalonians, 2; verses 3- 4).

I advise you, brothers, that you not believe in the miracles of the iniquitous ones; they are deceiving miracles.

Modern scientists know nothing but mere illusory appearances. They do not know the human organism.

In the Jinas state, the human body can fly, traverse a wall from side to side without breaking it or dirtying it, take up the shape of plants, of rocks, animals, become smaller or larger at will.

The iniquitous ones do not know these things. Scientists of the antichrist base their entire physiology, pathology, biology, etc. on false appearances and they build their science and accomplish their deceiving miracles upon those appearances.

This is how they have founded their materialism, opposing and rising against anything called God or which is adored; so much so that they now sit on God's throne.

When you become christified, you will know the true divine wisdom.

Then you will be able to preserve your bodies for thousands of years. Then you shall cure the sick with the power of Christ and you shall walk upon the waters of the sea. You will do marvels and prodigies like the ones He did in the Holy Land.


Spiritualist schools are full of sincerely mistaken people. Crime also hides within the incense of prayer.

Christ was crucified between two thieves. Almost all organizations exploit the Christ. Some exploit him with good intentions and others exploit him with evil intentions; those are the good and the bad thieves.

Many scoundrels appear as disinterested apostles, but they exploit the name of Christ with evil intentions. The followers of these scoundrels are sincerely mistaken, but unfortunately, they commit the crime of betraying the Lord of souls. They exchange the Christ for an impostor; this is a crime of high treason.

Many brothers of the path affiliate themselves to teachings that do not understand the mystery of Christ. These are people who are petrified within theories of the past century, people full of horrible fanaticism and fear; they do not accept anything new and believe that they have won the final word in the knowledge; they have pride and haughtiness, fanaticism and terrible fear. They are people who end up exploiting the Christ with good intentions.

The leaders of many associations exploit the Christ with good intentions, they are sincerely mistaken. Unfortunately, they are fornicators because they ignore the Great Arcane; they tread the path of error and, with the blind leading the blind, they will all end up in the abyss.

There is a multitude of spiritualist temples; persons with mediumistic faculties abound in those temples. By means of those mediumistic faculties, a multitude of impostors becomes manifest. All of them claim to be Jesus Christ and the poor people firmly believe in such impostures. The abyss is full of tenebrous beings who manifest themselves in spiritualist temples through the faculties of the medium. Unfortunately, those poor brothers are full of terrible fanaticism, they are sincerely mistaken persons. The leaders of those spiritualist centers exploit the Christ with good intentions.

There is a multitude of orders, lodges, schools and spiritualist centers; some follow the good thief and others the bad thief.

It happens that since those poor people do not know the doctrine of' the I Am, they fall into the most terrible aberrations, proper of a Moliere and his caricatures. A multitude of organizations are full of spiritualist intellectualisms and sell initiations. All these poor people fornicate and are full of pride, fanaticism and fear.

All those people exploit Christ. Some follow the good thief and others the bad thief.

They all remained adoring the person of Jesus but rejected his doctrine, the secret doctrine of the I Am.

All religions, sects, lodges, schools, etc. are pearls strung on the golden thread of the Divinity and they all contain the universal religious principles, but like Sivananda says, this path is full of dangers within and without. This is the path of the razor's edge.

Almost all spiritualist schools teach how to develop mental force; they all want to fatten the mind. This is how many fall into the Black Lodge; the mind is the donkey on which we should ride into Celestial Jerusalem.

The mind should humble itself before the majesty of the Inner-Self.

Others dedicate themselves to hypnotism, supposedly to do good. This is how crime garbs itself as a saint. Hypnotism is pure and legitimate black magic. When a new school of black magic is opened, the first victim is the Martyr of Calvary. They speak in His Name, in order for followers to believe, and in His Name they raise money, in His Name they teach black magic, in His Name they close the doors of Eden unto others, in His Name they seduce naive young ladies, in His Name the devotees mystically commit adultery and fornicate, in His Name real estate is obtained, etc.

The greater part of occultist writers writes about what they have read, they repeat like parrots the theories of others. They speak about what they do not know. They say what they do not know. They explain things that they have never experienced. They are full of intellectual pride.

Nonetheless, they cynically say, "I am a child. I have no pride. I am very simple, etc." "Hypocrites, Pharisees, whitened sepulchers. Generation of vipers." To the abyss! To the abyss! To the abyss!

When we were thinking of sending this book to all those schools, one of our Gnostic brothers said, "Those schools would not accept it, they would conceal it because it is not to their advantage. Don't you see that the leaders of those schools are terribly jealous.

They live off their schools and groups and fear that they might be thrown out."

This is what our Gnostic brother told us. Naturally, logic was on his side and we had to accept his concept.

All those people live doing business with the Christ. They live off their business.

Some follow the good thief and others the bad thief; that is the truth. In this manner, crime hides within the incense of prayer.

There is much virtue in the wicked and much evil in the virtuous. The saints have also done evils with their virtues. Truly, I tell you, brothers, that even with virtues we can cause harm to others, when we do not know how to use virtues. "Love is law, but conscious Love." "Complacency with the habit is also a crime."


Many sell initiations. Many confer initiations. All of that is exploitation and black magic. The authentic degrees and the authentic white initiations are received in the consciousness.

Initiatic ceremonies are realized in the superior worlds.

Those are intimate things of the consciousness. That is not revealed, or spoken about.

No one can give initiations to anyone. Initiation is life itself.

During these times, everybody wants to be a Master. We say that the Master is only one, the inner Christ of every man who comes to the world. Only he is Master. Only the resplendent I Am is Master.


Lord Jehovah has told us as follows*, "I have always helped thee. I shall always help thee. I will always help those who have passed through the schools of the Baals."* The Baals are the tenebrous ones. All the schools, organizations, lodges, religions and sects that teach fornication are of the abyss. Those are the schools of the Baals who eat at Jezebel's table (fornication) and feed themselves with the foods offered to the idols (theories, intellectualisms, etc.).

There are sects where people end up speaking in tongues; the fanatics believe that the Holy Spirit has already entered them. Those are poor victims of demonic entities that possess them. In order to really receive the Holy Spirit, one needs to be pure and chaste, because the one who fornicates, sins against the Holy Spirit.

Those who resolve to cast on their shoulders the heavy cross of Initiation, will find themselves persecuted and even hated by the spiritualist brothers themselves, who live daily, talking about initiation. The spiritualist brothers who hate chastity, despise it because they are wolves dressed in sheepskin. They defend their beloved fornication with the most refined philosophies. When one talks to them about sexual magic, they immediately reject it because for them there is nothing more dear than fornication.

If you, my brother, want to cast the heavy cross of initiation on your shoulders, do not let yourself be obstructed by the theories of those strayed souls. All those tenebrous beings crucified Christ.

All of those tenebrous people live crucifying the Lord. All of them hide their feline claws within the felt glove; they smile sweetly and speak ineffable, sublime words, but their thoughts are full of perdition.

"Woe unto you, scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites! for ye are like unto whited sepulchres, which indeed appear beautiful outward, but are within full of dead men's bones, and of all uncleanness."


In order to be an initiate one needs great equilibrium of consciousness. One needs to cultivate powers but not covet them; aspire to initiation but not covet it; know how to find virtues in the heart of the wicked; know how to find the evil in the heart of the virtuous. People begin to practice sexual magic and then become tired; they fail due to the lack of tenacity and perseverance. One cannot have tenacity without having conscious awareness of what one is doing. One cannot have conscious awareness without first having suffered.

This humanity still needs much pain. People want to obtain everything in a single day; rare is the one who perseveres during one's entire life. People do not yet have moral responsibility.

People live like butterflies from school to school and that is why they fail. The Gnostic who leaves the Gnostic Movement is a totally "irresponsible person", an embryo, a fetus without any maturity whatsoever. The mature Gnostic would prefer death before leaving Gnosis.

To achieve perfect equilibrium between Light and Darkness is to achieve practical adeptship No fanatic could achieve that perfect equilibrium.

From the great wicked ones are born the great saints. Saints can easily become demons. The one who has already seen the Light is closer to the abyss than the one who has not seen it.


In the world of the mind, there are splendid halls full of Light and beauty. There we find black magicians who resemble Masters of ineffable Light. Those tenebrous beings only speak divine things, but among their most subtle philosophies, they advise us to spiii the semen.

Many initiates are unable to resist those luminous temptations and fail into the abyss.

Moses, the great initiate, condemns the spilling of the semen, saying, "And if any man's seed of copulation go out from him, then he shall wash all his flesh in water, and be unclean until the even. And every garment, and every skin, whereon is the seed of copulation, shall be washed with water, and be unclean until the even.

The woman also with whom man shall lie with seed of copulation, they shall both bathe themselves in water, and be unclean until the even." (Leviticus 15: 16, 17, 18.) Therefore, Moses considers unclean the spilling of semen.

The tenebrous ones teach negative sexual magic. They ejaculate the semen during their practice of negative sexual magic.

This type of cult comes from the cult of the horrible Goddess Kali.

The Kula order and its Goddess Kali come from the black magic of the Atlanteans. Today, that order of the Goddess Kali exists in India. With these tantric cults one negatively awakens the serpent and it descends to the atomic infernos of man. It then becomes the horrible tail of the demons. This is how the tenebrous ones deceive the naive. Those are the deeds of the "Nicolaites which I also abhor." The Canaanites, the inhabitants of Carthage, Tyre and Sidon, perished with these cults. Atlantis sunk with these horrible practices. Those are the cults with which men became the seven-headed beast of which the Apocalypse speaks about. That is the horrible practice of the Lemurian-Atlantean monsters. Every instructor who teaches the spilling of the semen is a black magician.


Many of the people who join Gnosis are usually so vain and stubborn that they believe that this is an insignificant school like any other. These poor people are lamentably mistaken, because from Gnosis one is to become an Angel or a Devil. That is the terrible reality of these studies. The one who dedicates himself to the development of powers but does not sanctify himself, becomes a demon. The one who wants to convert Gnosis into a business becomes a demon.

People are accustomed to thinking in accordance with their interests, vanities and prejudices. When one enters Gnosis, one has to die in order to live. Proud intellectuals are not good for these studies; this is very difficult for them. They want to fatten the mind, and the reality is that we have to kill the mind and then resurrect it totally transformed.

Gnosis is a very deep function of the consciousness.

This is not understood with the reason or with the intellect. This is a very profound matter of the consciousness. Many Gnostic students are full of versatility; they are just as soon firm and resolved as they are weak and doubtful. They are, and are not, in Gnosis. They are, and are not. These are the antichrists, those who listen to the word and then escape. They are the ones who have listened to Christ and then return to the darkness because the word seems too harsh for them. Thos are the ones who then scandalize men; the traitors, the perverse ones.

Those are the Judas who sell Christ for thirty pieces of silver. When they listen to the word, they are full of faith.

Then they let themselves be confused once again by the darkness and vociferate against the word of the Lord.

It would have been better for those individuals to not have been born, to tie a millstone around their neck and throw themselves to the bottom of the sea.

"It is the spirit that quickeneth; the flesh profiteth nothing: the words that I speak unto you, they are spirit, and they are life.

But there are some of you that believe not. For Jesus knew from the beginning who they were that believed not, and who should betray him.

And he said, Therefore said I unto you, that no man can come unto me, except it were given unto him of my Father.

From that time many of his disciples went back, and walked no more with him."

Those weaklings are, and are not; those who leave, are the tenebrous ones, the Judas, the perverse antichrists.


We need to free ourselves from all types of sects, religions, political parties, concepts of country and flags, theories, etc.

All those things are the foolishness of the great whore whose number is 666.


Our Gnostic disciples should be very careful with impostors. We advise disciples to not follow anyone.

The spiritual path is precisely called the "path of the razor's edge"; it is full of obstacles within and without. Let us enter the silence of our own heart in order for us to incarnate the Inner-Self.

We advise disciples to not follow anyone.

Let them follow themselves. Each one should follow his resplendent and luminous Inner Being. Each person should adore his I Am.

We pray, supplicate our disciples to not follow us. We neither want henchmen nor followers. We have written this book in order for you, our friends, to listen to your own Inner Master, to your own resplendent I Am. He is your Master, follow him.

Be careful of so many false avatars who appear during these times.

Be careful of impostors. Be careful of sexual temptations.

Never attend spiritualist centers; mediums can easily lead you astray from the path.

Many disciples have fallen horribly due to these three dangerous reasons. Flee from these three serious dangers in order for you not to lose your initiations and degrees.


Esoteric discipline is very demanding. We should not confuse sanctity with sanctimoniousness. The human type of sanctimonious person has filled the world with tears. The sanctimonious fanatic becomes horrified at everything. When a tenebrous, sanctimonious person saw the Mexican sculpture of the Bat God, he said that was black magic. For the sanctimonious person, even the most divine things are black magic. Master Litelantes was criticized by the spiritualist sisters because she did not partake of their hypocrisy. Sanctimonious women hated her because she did not share their parrot chatter, those who talk but not do, and speak of what they do not know. The sanctimonious person only lives visiting from school to school, like a butterfly, and always seated in comfortable armchairs. The sanctimonious person hates sexual magic and lives always filled with fear.

The sanctimonious person enjoys theories and believes himself to be of the kingdom of supermen. The sanctimonious person is so imbecile that he would dare to excommunicate a Ghandi, or a Jesus Christ, if he was to surprise them eating a piece of meat. This is the sanctimonious type, always fanatic, always afraid, always a fornicator.

The sanctimonious persons always believe that Jesus Christ was a simpleton full of sanctimoniousness. Those who think so are mistaken.

Jesus Christ was a terrible revolutionary, a very severe Master and solemnly sweet. This is how sanctity is, severe and sweet.

The authentic saint is a perfect gentleman who totally fulfills the ten commandments of God's Law and who knows how to wield his sword when necessary, to defend good, truth and justice. The authentic saint never goes around saying it and is always known by his deeds*; "By their fruits thou shalt know them."*


Arrogant and proud clairvoyants slander their fellowmen and fill the world with tears. The clairvoyant has to be as serene as a lake in Nirvana. The entire panorama of the universe is then reflected on that very pure lake. Upon the turbid waters of a mind filled with reasoning, pride, preconceptions, social prejudices, spiritual platitudes, anger, egotism, etc., only the tenebrous images of the abyss are reflected.

Upon the surface of the waters, the inverted silhouettes of the trees are reflected. Every Master of glory also has his shadow in the abyss. When the clairvoyant is full of prejudices, he takes the shadow for reality. This is how the great Masters of the White Lodge have always been slandered by clairvoyants.

The clairvoyant, full of preconceptions and prejudices, rejects the leafy trees of life, and remains enchanted by their tenebrous shadows, which stand out inverted like abysmal demons in the deep bottom of the waters. In the past, many clairvoyants who praised us, later, when due to this or that reason had a change of mind, they stoned us, slandered us, and crucified us.

Really, when the imagination is agitated by the tempests of reasoning, the starry heaven of the spirit becomes clouded. The clairvoyant then takes the shadows for reality itself.

When clairvoyant bodhisattvas fall, they are worse than demons. The fallen clairvoyant bodhisattva believes he is omnipotent and powerful; he becomes conceited. He confuses things, takes the shadows for reality itself. He slanders the great Masters.

He harms homes, says what he does not know, explains with authority what he does not understand, never accepts his position as a fallen bodhisattva and comes to believe himself superior to his Master.

Esoteric discipline is very severe. The clairvoyant should not go around telling others about his visions because he loses his powers.

The clairvoyant should be humble, serene, obedient, tame, chaste, respectful and moderate in speech, pure in thought and word. The clairvoyant should be like a child.


Really, what is necessary is to know how to live. Goethe said, "All theories are gray, and only the tree of golden fruits which is life, is green."

The White Lodge has informed us that many Gnostics who are consciously or unconsciously in black magic, will leave Gnosis with this book; the words will seem too harsh to them; those deserters will react by slandering us. They will propagate their defamatory news against us.

We warn the curious ones that Gnosticism is not one more insignificant school like many others that they have known. Many become Theosophists and then leave; they then move on to be Rosicrucians and also leave without anything happening to them. They live like butterflies from school to school and nothing happens to them when they change schools. They think that they can do the same with Gnosis; we warn them that the one who enters Gnosis is internally subjected to the terrible test of the Guardian of the Threshold.

If he comes out victorious, he enters the narrow, strait and difficult path which leads us to Nirvana. Then follow the degrees, initiations, tests, etc. The higher the disciple is, the more terrible the fall. Those who have not seen the Light, ignore a great deal and therefore, much is forgiven unto them. However, the greater the degree of consciousness, the greater the degree of responsibility. The one who sees the Light and then leaves becomes a demon. Horns have grown on the foreheads of the astral bodies of many bodhisattvas and they have become demons. Therefore, from Gnosis one emerges to be an Angel or a Devil. Many, after a false step, continue roaming in the abyss. In the end, horns grow on them and they become demons.

That is the terrible reality of Gnosis.

"He who adds wisdom, adds pain." Curious persons, stay back!

Profaners, stay back! Gnosis is a two-edged sword.

It defends and gives life to the humble and virtuous; it wounds and destroys the curious and impure.


Esoteric discipline is really terrible. There are fanatics who commit the most horrible crimes with the mind. If they suspect ill of someone, they cynically attribute it to the Inner-Self. They slander people and then say, "The Inner-Self tells me everything." They feel anger and then exclaim, "I do not have anger! What I feel are intuitive impulses of the Inner-Self." They attribute to their Inner God every evil idea, every evil thought. Those people confuse intuition with malice, the voice of the silence with the voice of Satan. We say that the voice of the silence never says atrocities. It is perfect. The voice of Satan only says perversities. In the abyss, the black magicians take up the figure of our friends , and say and do horrible things before the initiate. If the initiate lets himself be deceived by these tenebrous beings, he then becomes a slanderer of others. Slander is worse than stealing.

Slandering initiates sink into the abyss. Slandering initiates lose their degrees arid initiations. In other words, they fall.

Initiates who in remote ages were demons of the abyss are now marvelous; they no longer let themselves be deceived by the tenebrous ones; they know the demons very well. Those types of initiates cannot be deceived by any tenebrous one; they know what the abyss is. They are profound experts in that area. They know very well the Tree of the Science of Good and Evil. Initiates who did not know the abyss in ancient times, are now naive victims of the tenebrous ones. Those types of initiates are easily deceived by the tenebrous ones. Those initiates become slanderers of their fellowmen. Those initiates vociferate against others and they fall into the abyss. In order to be Gods, we have to know completely the Tree of the Science of Good and Evil.


Hypocritical Pharisees sat down in the cathedral of Christ.

The blind leading the blind; they will all fall into the abyss.

We knew a hypocritical Pharisee who rejected the sacred wine because the grapes had fermented. Someone hosted him in his home and he indignantly fled from this house because the owners of the house ate meat. That perverse Pharisee was a horrible black magician. Hypocritical Pharisees! "Do not ye yet understand, that whatsoever entereth in at the mouth goeth into the belly, and is cast out into the draught? But those things which proceed out of the mouth come forth from the heart; and they defile the man. For out of the heart proceed evil thoughts, murders, adulteries, fornications, thefts, false witness, blasphemies:" (Matthew, 15: 17, 18, 19 and 20). "And the Lord said unto him, Now do ye Pharisees make clean the outside of the cup and the platter; but your inward part is full of ravening and wickedness. The venerable Master Litelantes was criticized by the Pharisees because she ate meat. She responded*, "First I will correct my defects and after I have corrected them, 1 will then stop eating meat."* The Pharisees then turned furious against this great guru of the Law.

Many hypocritical Pharisees hate us because we condemn crime. They say that we hate; this is how they erroneously judge us, because we are not complacent with whores.


The state of many spiritualists is shameful; it is painful to see them discussing and arguing about things of which they have no consciousness. They talk about karma and they have never conversed with a Master of Karma. They intellectually discuss the Cosmos, and they do not know how to come out in the astral body. They have never personally conversed with an angel. They only argue because they have read, arid that is all. What is most serious is that they believe that they know. Poor people... and that pride they have.., they are worthy of pity.

We have known powerful enlightened Masters who have never read a book. We have also known great intellectual spiritualists who are totally ignorant, but who are certainly full of pride. The spiritualist sisters who have read a great deal are even worse; they are full of a frightening vanity. It is shameful to see them, how they speak, how they argue about things that they have never seen. They speak about reincarnation but they do not remember their past lives. They speak about karma, but they have never visited a tribunal of karma. They discuss cosmogenesis, but they have never consciously attended the dawning of a world in formation, in the astral body. They speak with authority about what they have not seen and they then, full of pride, sit down in their comfortable living room armchairs.

Normally, these sisters end up adoring sublime, long-bearded and long-haired impostors. Other times, they become mediums and end up being famous reincarnations; they all become Marie Aritoinettes, or Joan of Arc, or Mary Magdalenes; not one of them wants to be insignificant, they are all "famous".

The authentic enlightened masters never go around saying it.

The true disciples arid Masters are those who know how to consciously travel in the astral body. The brothers and sisters who remember their past lives and who can astrally attend the mystery temples, are true enlightened beings. They never go around saying it; they are the ones who really know.


Those who know how to come out in the astral body, those who know how to settle their accounts in the tribunals of karma, those who receive the teachings directly in the mystery temples, those who remember their past reincarnations, those persons really do know, even if they have never read a book of occultism. Even if they are nothing but poor illiterates in the world, even if they are nothing but poor cooks, or primitive Indians, those are the people who really know.

We knew two powerful enlightened beings who were totally illiterate. One was a primitive Indian of the Sierra Nevada of Santa Marta (Colombia). The other was the powerful guru Litelantes, a great Master of Cosmic Justice. Those two powerful initiates enjoy the privilege of possessing continuous consciousness. In similar privileged conditions, these two initiates possess teachings that could never be written down, because they would be profaned if they were written down.

The great intellectuals who knew these two gurus, looked at them with disdain, because these initiates did not talk like parrots, because they were not full of sanctimoniousness, because they were not intellectuals, because they did not go around telling their esoteric affairs.

We have known others who only sporadically awaken consciousness, from time to time. Those persons are nothing but mere beginners in these matters. What is important is to possess continuous consciousness in the astral plane; that is why we have given exercises and clues in this book.

The one who does not know how to consciously come out in the astral body, does not know occultism.

To read books of occultism, or to beautifully theorize, is done by anyone.

To have conscious awareness of occult wisdom, is something else.

True occult wisdom is studied in the internal worlds.

The one who does not know how to come out into the astral world, does not know occultism.

Chapter 8


"And there was given me a reed like unto a rod: and the angel stood, saying, Rise, and measure the temple of God, and the altar, and them that worship therein." (Revelation, 11:1)

That reed is our spinal column. Along that reed there is a canal and through it ascends the fire of the holy Spirit from our sexual organs. That Pentecostal fire resembles an ardent and terribly divine serpent. What is important is to know how to love the woman. What is important is to withdraw from the sexual act without spilling the semen. This is how the fire of the Holy Spirit is awakened. This is how the ardent serpent of our reproductive organs rises. There is nothing more sublime than love, the kiss, and the sexual act. When we do not spill the semen, the latter is then transmuted into seminal vapors. The seminal vapors are transmuted into energies. The sexual energies are bipolarized into positive and negative; the positive ones are solar and the negative ones are lunar.

These solar and lunar currents rise up to the cerebrum.

The solar currents are related to the right nostril and the lunar currents with the left nostril. Two nervous, sympathetic cords, which are two canals that intertwine themselves along the spinal medulla and reach the cerebrum, rise from our sexual organs. The solar and lunar currents rise through that pair of conduits up to the sacred chalice, which is the cerebrum. Fill up your chalice, brother, with the sacred wine of Light. "And I will give power unto my two witnesses, and they shall prophesy a thousand two hundred and threescore days, clothed in sackcloth." These two sympathetic nerves are the two witnesses.

These are the two sacred cords that hang from the back of Xilonen, the symbolic Aztec sculpture. "These are the two olive trees, and the two candlesticks standing before the God of the earth. And if any man will hurt them, fire proceedeth out of their mouth, and devoureth their enemies: and if any man will hurt them, he must in this manner be killed."

Our two sympathetic cords are terribly divine.

When the solar and lunar atoms unite in the coccygeal bone, the serpent of ardent fire then awakens. That is why these two witnesses have such terrible power.

"These have power to shut heaven, that it rain not in the days of their prophecy: and have power over waters to turn them to blood, and to smite the earth with all plagues, as often as they will."

How beautiful they appear on the back of the Aztec Xilonen!

They awaken the serpent of fire, which is called the Kundalini by the Hindus. The Aztecs call that serpent Quetzalcoatl and they represent it with the rattlesnake. That is the fire of the Holy Spirit. When the serpent awakens, it hisses the way real serpents hiss. Their sweet and peaceful hiss is like a divine sound, resembling the one produced by the rattle of the serpent, or like the subtle voice of the cricket. That sexual serpent awakens with the ardent kiss and with sexual magic. That serpent is septuple in its internal constitution. That serpent has the power to open all the seven churches of our spinal column, and transform us into Gods. Only the two witnesses have the power to awaken it, and to open heaven. The formula to awaken the serpent is the following, "Introduce the virile member in the woman's vagina, and withdraw without spilling the semen."

As the student practices sexual magic, as he purifies himself, he inevitably receives the Nine Initiations of Lesser Mysteries in his consciousness. Those nine initiations are nothing but the probationary esoteric path. It is possible that the student may not realize the secret matters of the Nine Initiations of Lesser Mysteries in the physical world. Those matters occur in the consciousness and if the student does not know how to bring his memories to the physical cerebrum, it is most logical for him to ignore in the physical world, those things which are so intimate of the consciousness.

The two witnesses have the power to awaken for us the fire of the Holy Spirit. The serpent rises slowly as we purify ourselves. This is how we become prepared for the Nine Initiations of Greater Mysteries. The Lesser Mysteries are merely the Preparatory Path for the great mysteries.

The Lesser Mysteries are also a chain that we have to break, and it is only broken when we reach the Greater Mysteries.

The two witnesses have the power to raise the serpent up to the atom of the Father, which resides at the root of the nose. We then receive the First Initiation of Greater Mysteries. Transmute your sexual energies.

We say to you, practice sexual magic and depart forever from the dens of wickedness. Seek your inner "I Am." He is the only one who can save us*. "I am Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the end, the first and the last. Blessed are they that do his commandments, that they may have right to the tree of life, and may enter in through the gates into the city. For without are dogs, and sorcerers, and whoremongers, and murderers, and idolaters, and whosoever loveth and maketh a lie."* (Revelation, 22: 13, 14, 15.) The two witnesses shut the doors of Eden to all the perverse. The two witnesses are terribly divine. "These have power to shut heaven, that it rain not in the days of their prophecy: and have power over waters to turn them to b and to smite the earth with all plagues, as often as they will. These are the two olive trees, and the two candlesticks standing before the God of the earth." In India, they are known as Ida and Pingala; those are their Hindu names.

We have to practice sexual magic in order to use the power of the two witnesses.

We work for a decent, tidy, clean, gentlemanly and honest Gnosticism. Less verbiage and more deeds. We want a practical Gnosticism. We should bathe and cleanse ourselves morally.

We should learn to travel consciously in the astral body.

We should resurrect our two witnesses with sexual magic; this is how the Pentecostal fire awakens.

The fire burns the scum, the larvae, the nibbish. We then enter the mysteries of fire; this is how we Christify ourselves. The new era will be initiated by blood and by fire.


Listen, men and women who adore each other. When you are sexually united, vocalize the mantrams, D I S, D A S, D O S. Prolong the sound of each letter; prolong that sound as much as possible. In this manner, my children, you will awaken your sacred serpent. As the kisses and caresses increase during the sexual trance, you are charging yourselves with the elemental fire and electricity that stirs and throbs in all creation. Women, restrain the sexual act and in this manner you will awaken the Kundalini. Males, restrain the sexual impulse and in this manner you will awaken your feathered serpent, Quetzalcoatl. If you withdraw before the spasm, if you do not spill your semen, the sacred fire will awaken in you; you shall become gods. Narrow and strait is the path that leads to Light and very few are those who find it. The tenebrous ones say that one reaches God through many paths; our Lord the Christ told us that there is only one strait gate and narrow path. "Enter ye in at the strait gate: for wide is the gate, and broad is the way, that leadeth to destruction, and many there be which go in thereat: Because strait is the gate, and narrow is the way, which leadeth unto life, and few there be that find it." It is through that strait gate that we exited Eden and it is through that gate that we have to enter Eden. That strait gate is sex; we have to enter through the same place we exited. Eden is sex itself; we cannot enter Eden through false doors. Nonetheless, my brothers, "Beware of false prophets, which come to you in sheep's clothing, but inwardly they are ravening wolves. Ye shall know them by their fruits. Do men gather grapes of thorns, or figs of thistles?" Can the fruits of the one who neither enters nor lets others enter Eden, be good?

The tenebrous ones advise seminal ejaculation; they say that sexual magic is dangerous and they demand a thousand conditions in order to have the right to practice sexual magic. The tenebrous ones shut the doors of Eden unto poor suffering humanity and then with thousands of fallacies they put the poor souls into the cages of their intellectual systems; that is the crime of the lucifers. "Every tree that bringeth not forth good fruit is hewn down, and cast into the fire. Wherefore by their fruits ye shall know them. But woe unto you, scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites! for ye shut up the kingdom of heaven against men: for ye neither go in yourselves, neither suffer ye them that are entering to go in. Woe unto you, scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites! for ye compass sea and land to make one proselyte, and when he is made, ye make him twofold more the child of hell than yourselves." Be careful, brothers of my soul, "For many shall come in my name, saying, I am Christ; and shall deceive many."

Therefore, my brothers, "Many false prophets shall rise, and shall deceive many." The tenebrous ones will shut unto you the gate of sex with theories and more theories.

We, the brothers of the White Lodge, advise you to study the Seven Churches of the Apocalypse of St. John; there you shall find the only conditions needed to open the Seven Churches of our spinal column with the blessed fire of sex.

Everything is written in the Bible. Do not let yourself be deceived by the brilliant intellectualities of the lucifers. We have delivered to you, in this book, the terrible secret of Sexual Magic in order for you to transform yourselves into gods. Really, we have delivered this book with immense sacrifice, however, we are absolutely certain that the reward from humanity will be ingratitude. The scoundrels will study this book, not to learn, but to criticize, slander, persecute, tarnish and discredit us.

Viperine tongues will propagate against us, the true elder brothers, other lies and defamatory remarks; that is the payment that we receive from poor suffering humanity. All of us swear in the name of the eternal living God that there is no other path of redemption. Everyone who says that there are other paths that lead to liberation, lies; such a person is luciferic and demonic, or at least, sincerely mistaken.

I Am the way, the truth and the life. I Am the sacred verb of Eden. Eden is sex itself; it is through that door that we exited and it is through that door that we have to enter; that is the Law.


Those who despise sex, reject Eden. Eden is sex itself. The black magicians say that we should not consider sex important; in this manner they shut the doors of Eden to weak souls. We knew the case of a tenebrous man who went to the extreme of telling another man, "Here I leave you my wife; you can use her if you wish"; that black magician abandoned his wife and children, and went around the world preaching a doctrine of black magic. "Woe unto you, scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites! for ye compass sea and land to make one proselyte, and when he is made, ye make him twofold more the child of hell than yourselves." To say that sex does not have any importance is to renounce Eden, because the latter is sex itself. There are many who look at sex with repugnance; these poor souls ignore that sex is the door to Eden.

Those poor souls do not want to enter the strait gate; those souls renounce paradise and sink into the abyss. Eden cannot be entered except through the door through which we exited, sex. The one who despises that strait and difficult gate will not enter it and will sink into the abyss.

The lucifers make terrible efforts to drive us away from that gate.

With just reason Christ said, "Out of a thousand who seek me, one finds me. Out of a thousand who find me, one follows me. Out of a thousand who follow me, one is mine." The intellect is the weapon that the black magicians use to drive us away from the doors of Eden. The lucifers have brilliant intellects. The lucifers despise sex and are fornicators; they are terribly wicked and hypocritical. What is most serious is the appearance of holiness that the tenebrous ones put on. They speak of the light of the Gospels, love and charity. They present themselves full of apparent humility, and then they say that sex has no importance, that sex is low and gross, that they seek the purest spirituality. This is how they shut the doors of Eden unto poor humanity. "But woe unto you, scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites! for ye shut up the kingdom of heaven against men: for ye neither go in yourselves, neither suffer ye them that are entering to go in".

Chapter 9


The Kundalini enters through the inferior orifice of the spinal canal, which in run - ofthe-mill persons is closed. The seminal vapors uncover this spinal orifice in order for the igneous serpent to enter through there. Along the canal there exists the "Canalis Centralis" and within this channel exists another, even finer, called Brahmanadi in the Orient; within the latter there is a third channel which is even finer. That third channel is the Chitra nadi and in that nadi exist seven lotus flowers, which are the seven chakras.

Those are the Seven Churches of which the Apocalypse of St. John talks to us about.

As the Kundalini ascends through the spinal canal, it opens each of the seven churches.

These seven chakras resemble seven lotus flowers surging forth from our spinal column. These lotus flowers hang from the medulla when the sacred serpent is enclosed in the Church of Ephesus. However, when the serpent ascends up to the cerebrum, these lotus flowers turn upwards, shining with the sexual fire of the Kundalini.

There are spiritualist schools that put fear into their disciples and present them with thousands of obstacles and very complicated theories, supposedly, in order to have the right to awaken the Kundalini.

In this manner, the tenebrous ones shut the doors of Eden to poor suffering humanity.

Disciples falter before so many, and such complicated and difficult theories.

Truly, truly, I tell you, my brothers, that the only thing needed in order to awaken the Kundalini and open the First Church that lies in the coccyx, is to practice Sexual Magic. "He that hath an ear, let him hear what the Spirit saith unto the churches; To him that overcometh (in other words, the one who puts an end to fornications) will I give to eat of the tree of life, which is in the midst of the paradise of God." In other words, by practicing sexual magic, you shall enter paradise to eat from the Tree of Life. One needs patience, suffering and work in order to awaken the Kundalini and to open the Church of Ephesus which is related to the sexual organs.

The conditions to open the Second Church are: Filial love for the Father, and knowing how to bear great tribulations and poverty with heroism; this is the prostatic church or the Church of Smyrna.

The third Church is Pergamos and it awakens with total chastity.

The one who wants to awaken the third church should not eat foods offered to idols (theories, intellectualisms, moderated scientism, pleasures, eating sprees, drunken sprees, etc.). This church is at the height of the solar plexus (stomach).

The Fourth Church is Thyatira; this is of the heart. The conditions of sanctity that are needed in order to open this church are the following: Chastity, charity, service, faith, patience and much love.

These are the four inferior churches of our temple. The three superior churches are in the temple's tower; that tower is the head of the human being. The Kundalini opens the seven churches of our spinal column. The only conditions needed for the development, evolution and progress of the Kundalini are written in chapters one, two, and three of the Apocalypse of St. John. Therefore, all the obstacles and intellectual complications that the tenebrous ones set, supposedly to have the right to awaken the Kundalini, are unnecessary.

The Bible is the word of God. Let us now continue with the temple's tower.

The Fifth Church is Sardis and it is related to the Thyroid Chakra; this is the church of the larynx. When the sacred serpent opens the Church of Sardis, we can then hear in the internal worlds. The occult ear is opened, and internally, we speak the verb of Light and we can create with the word. The larynx is a uterus where the word is gestated. The creative organ of the angels is the larynx. The qualities that are needed in order to open this church are: Vigilance, repentance and good deeds.

When the fire opens the Sixth Church called Philadelphia, clairvoyance then awakens. This church is related with the chakra between the eyebrows, which seems to surge forth like a lotus flower from the pituitary gland. Clairvoyance allows us to see the ultra of all things; with it we see the internal worlds and the great mysteries of life and death. The moral conditions that are needed to open this church are: Sexual potency, veracity, and fidelity to the Father. This church is a marvelous door and when it opens, the white dove of the Holy Spirit then flies.

When the fire opens the Seventh Church called Laodicea, located in the pineal gland, the crown of the saints then shines on our heads. This is the Diamond Eye, that of polyvision, the eye of omniscience.

When the sacred serpent has passed from the pineal gland to between the eyebrows, high initiation then follows.

This is the First initiation of greater Mysteries. In this initiation, the soul unites with the Inner-Self and we become Masters of Greater Mysteries of the White Brotherhood. One needs much humility to attain the union with the Inner-Self. The Apocalypse tells us, "To him that overcometh will I grant to sit with me in my throne, even as I also overcame, and am set down with my Father in his throne."

When the soul unites with the Inner-Self, we are dressed with the White Robe of the Masters of Greater Mysteries. The white five-pointed star that emits light shines upon the area between our eyebrows and our seven churches shine with glory. We attend this great initiation without material vehicles of any kind. This great initiation is received out of the body in the superior worlds, and the new Master receives a throne and a temple.

Christ came to make Kings and Priests of nature according to the order of Melchisedec. The new Master surges forth from the profundities of our consciousness and expresses himself through the creative larynx. The new Master is a terribly divine power. "And cried with a loud voice, as when a lion roareth: and when he had cried, seven thunders uttered their voices." These seven thunders are the seven keynotes of the seven churches that resound within our spinal column. "And the angel which I saw stand upon the sea and upon the earth lifted up his hand to heaven, And sware by him that liveth for ever and ever, who created heaven, and the things that therein are, and the earth, and the things that therein are, and the sea, and the things which are therein, that there should be time no longer."


Yoga has been misunderstood in the Western world.

Master Helena Petrovna Blavatsky, author of The Secret Doctrine, was a yogi, and nonetheless, after having become the widow of Count Blavatsky, she had to get married.

The whole world knows that she did not live with the count, yet she had to remarry.

A great yogi like her could not have married out of mere carnal passion; besides, she got married to a venerable old man. Therefore, the reason is deeper, more esoteric. Really, the Master needed marriage for her Cosmic Realization. With yoga, she achieved something but not everything. A yogi without sexual magic is like a garden without water. She achieved the total development of the seven serpents with sexual magic. In the schools of Oriental yoga, sexual magic is secretly taught. Unfortunately, false yogis have appeared in the Western world who have harmed many homes.

These false prophets teach that sex is vulgar and perverse, and they believe that they can jump over the walls of Eden.

These false yogis have ended the happiness of many homes; they believe that they can enter Eden through false doors; they have caused many virtuous wives to acquire disgust and repugnance for sex. This is how these personages have ended the happiness of many homes, thus insulting the Holy Spirit.


There are many people who have the habit of arousing fear in the brothers who begin to practice sexual magic. There are innumerable fearmongers. There are the fearmongers who say: That sexual magic is harmful, that the spouse becomes angry, that the Kundalini may go through other paths, that all of this has been invented by the black lodge in order to shut the door of Eden unto suffering humanity.

Sexual magic is the normal sexual act of the human being, hence it cannot be harmful. Seminal ejaculation is a vice that the lucifers taught us, and every vice is harmful. Where comprehension exists, there is no anger, and the incomprehensive spouse is a problem for the initiate; that problem is resolved with silence, art and intelligence. Before the incomprehensive spouse, it is better to be silent; in these cases, everything is done without saying it. One practices in silence, vocalizes in silence, one does but does not say anything; art and love fill the void. Let the one who has intelligence understand what we are saying between the lines. The other fear that the Kundalini may go through other paths is false, because when the initiate begins to raise his first serpent, he is assisted by a master specialist, who has to conduct the disciple's Kundalini through the spinal channel; once the work is finished, the specialist receives his payment.

When the Kundalini begins to work with the second serpent, he is assisted by another specialist, and so on successively. No disciple is alone. These fear inspirers were invented by the black lodge in order to shut the doors of Eden to suffering humanity.


The Church of the Holy Spirit is the Church of Thyatira; this is the Church of the Heart.

The priest who charges for marriage commits a tremendous sacrilege. Marriage is of the Holy Spirit, marriage is a mystery of the heart; to do business with the heart is to do business with the Holy Spirit.

To do commerce with the sacrament of marriage is to horribly profane the mysteries of the Holy Spirit.

Love can neither be bought nor sold because one then commits a serious crime against the Holy Spirit. "All manner of sin shall be forgiven unto men: but the sin against the

Holy Ghost shall not be forgiven unto men."

The one who commits suicide sins against the Holy Spirit.

The Holy Spirit gave us life with love and sex.

The one who takes away his life, has to die against his will in a new return. That is his punishment. In his ingratitude, the Judas who betrays his Master sins against the Holy Spirit. The Master's love is in the church of the heart. The fires of the heart control the Kundalini. The Kundalini develops, evolves and progresses according to the merits of the heart. With a single seminal ejaculation, it is enough for the Kundalini to descend one or more vertebrae. It is very difficult to reconquer the lost canyons; that is the punishment for the weak. The ascent of the Kundalini is very slow and difficult. Each vertebra demands certain conditions of sanctity; this is the terror of Love and the Law.

Man is a column, woman is the other column of the temple of the living God. The two columns of the temple of the Holy Spirit are terribly divine. Man is the expansive principle, woman is the attractive principle; in the union of the two is found the key to redemption. Love is fed by love, and the kiss is the mystical consecration of two souls who adore each other. In a supreme trance of love we forget the theories of men.

The sexual act comes to be the consubstantiation of love in the human psychosexual realism. Man is strength, woman is sweetness.

Peter has the keys to heaven. Peter means rock, that rock is sex, and sexual magic is the key of Heaven. Upon the rock (sex) we should edify the church for the I Am Realization becomes impossible without the magic of love. He who learns how to love becomes a God. Sex is the philosopher's stone, the cubic stone of Jesod. Man and woman sexually united become Gods. It is better to love than to theorize.

Goethe said, "All theory is gray, and only the tree of life of golden fruits that is life, is green."

A home with children at play, a good garden, and a good woman, are worth more than all the theories of the spiritualist schools of the world put together. A strong, loving, pure and noble male is worth more to the woman than all the libraries of the world.

With the sacred fire of the Holy Spirit we become Gods. With intellectual theories we become scoundrels.

Blessed be love, blessed be the beings who adore each other.


The seven churches of our spinal column are intimately related with the Seven Temples of Greater Mysteries. These temples have their exponents in the seven chakras of our spinal column. Therefore, these seven churches are seven temples in which reigns the terror of Love and the Law. These seven churches exist in man and in the universe, in the microcosm and the macrocosm.

As we open our seven churches in our spinal column, we penetrate each of the seven internal temples where only the terror of the great mysteries reigns. For example, we are filled with divine terror when we contemplate the Cathedral of Sardis, among lightning rays and thunder and tempests; there we can only enter when we have opened the laryngeal chakra (the Church of Sardis), in our spinal column.

When the initiate has raised the serpent upon the rod, he receives the staff of the Patriarchs, Aaron's rod, the cane of seven knots, the golden reed, etc. We then enter the Church of Laodicea; that cathedral is of pure gold. The initiate receives different rods as he works with the spinal fires. The cane of seven knots of the Oriental yogis symbolizes the spinal column with its seven churches.


Mexico always offers new surprises. In the Museum of Aztec Culture of Mexico, there is a strange stone upon which the figure of a decapitated man is chiseled; the head of this strange personage has been replaced by seven serpents. There we find the virile phallus of this mysterious personage, in a state of erection. The phallus is modestly symbolized by a palm (the symbol of victory). Phallic symbols abound in the Aztec and Mayan cultures. In the Temple of Quetzalcoatl in Teotihuacan, very special homage was made to the serpent. We see the rattlesnake sculpted on the unconquered walls of that mysterious sanctuary.

The Hindus talk to us about the Kundalini, the igneous serpent of our magical powers.

The Aztecs teach us two things on their strange stone: First, the Kundalini has Seven Degrees of Power; Second, the Kundalini is totally sexual.

The Kundalini is the sum total of the seven serpents, two groups of three with the sublime coronation of the seventh tongue of fire which unites us with the One, with the Law, the Father.

The Theosophists talk to us about the septenary constitution of man.

Considering these matters in the light of the theosophical truths, we sustain that each organ is septuple in its internal, metaphysical constitution. Our spinal column is not an exception, it is also septuple in its constitution. Along the spinal canal exist seven nervous centers which are the Seven Churches of which the Apocalypse of St. John speaks to us . These seven churches go into activity with the sexual fire of the Kundalini; in this manner, the seven serpents open the seven churches in the seven bodies.

The sexual fire of the Kundalini awakens with sexual magic. In the union of the phallus and the uterus is found the key of power, as long as one never gets to ejaculate even a single drop of the sacred wine. Among the Aztecs, sexual magic was practiced in order to awaken the Kundalini. In the sacred patios of the temples, men and women remained entire months caressing and loving each other and, even in sexual connection; however, they knew how to restrain the animal ego in order to avoid seminal ejaculation. In this manner, the pure waters of life were transmuted into seminal vapors, and these vapors were transmuted into Christic energies. The Christic energies became bipolarized into solar and lunar currents which ascended through Ida and Pingala.

When the solar and lunar atoms make contact in the coccygeal bone, the Kundalini, or Quetzalcoatl, the feathered serpent, awakens, These seven serpents are represented in the figure of the decapitated man.

The first serpent belongs to the physical body; the second serpent to the Etheric Body; the third to the Astral Body; the fourth to the Mental Body; the fifth to the Body of the Will; the sixth to the Body of the Consciousness; the seventh to the Inner-Self, our Real Inner Being. These are the seven portals of initiation. The seven serpents rise in a successive order; these are the first Seven Great Initiations of Greater Mysteries. We came out of Eden through the doors of sex and it is only through that door that we can enter once again; there are no false doors. Eden is sex itself.

The seven serpents give us power over the earth, over water, over the universal fire of life, over the air, over the tattwas of the ether.

The seven serpents awaken for us telepathy, intuition, the occult ear, clairvoyance, intuitive vision and omniscience. The seven serpents transform us into Gods. The figure of the decapitated man found in the Museum of Mexico is a great treasure of ancient wisdom. Love is the foundation of practical magic.

In the Aztec temples, men and women adoring each other, awakened Quetzalcoatl, the sacred serpent, the terrible igneous serpent of our magical powers.

Our destiny is to love, our destiny is loving. There is nothing in the world that can overcome the force of love. When two beings adore each other, intellectual theories are forgotten. It is better to love than to read. The fiery kiss of two beings who love each other has more power than the theories of spiritualist schools. Two beings united sexually in a trance of love have the power to awaken the Kundalini and to open the seven churches of the spinal column; even the gods are children of the love trance. Blessed be love. One who has never loved does not know what life is. We have to enliven the flame of the spirit with the power of love. We have to kill the animal ego.

First we have to be intensely sexual, then we have to renounce sex. First we have to develop powers, then we have to renounce them. People do not understand this and want to put the carriage before the horse. Poor people! They understand everything in reverse; they want to begin with the tail and not the head. Some want to renounce sex without first having awakened the sacred fire. They want to renounce powers without first having acquired them; how foolish they are; renouncing to something that they do not have but being incapable of renouncing to what they have. This path is very difficult; this is the path of the razor's edge. Only the one who has become Christified can renounce sex. Only the one who is already prepared to enter the Absolute can renounce to powers. Jesus Christ said, "I am the way, the truth and the life", and people do not understand this.

People are not interested in their resplendent I Am.

Instead of seeking within themselves, they prefer to go after impostors; instead of seeking their resplendent I Am within themselves, they become henchmen of bandits disguised as saints, wicked people who exploit them and lead them to the abyss; that is what people like. How foolish! They leave their I Am, the way and the truth, to follow wicked persons; nonetheless, they say that they are seeking the truth.

Jesus said to them, "I Am the way, the truth and the life." When he told them I Am, he was not referring to himself; self-proclamation is more than ridiculous, it is foolish.

It would be beyond stupidity to think of Jesus in this manner. The Master taught us the only way. He did not talk to us about many ways to reach the truth; in none of the four Gospels do we find him showing us many ways. He only said, "I Am the way, the truth and the life."

Let us enter the strait and narrow path that leads to Light; that door is sex.

We met a poor mystical old woman. She looked at sex with repugnance, as something vulgar, dirty and gross; she considered herself to be totally chaste and pure. When we studied her Satan (her Guardian of the Threshold) to know her purifications, we were surprised and had to defend ourselves. That Satan attacked us in a horrible manner. The sexual wants of that poor soul were terrible; it is just that the body of a sick old woman was of no use to her for passionate satisfactions, that was all.

Many say, "Sex is vulgar, I am chaste and pure, I am very spiritual; I am no longer attracted by that garbage of sex," etc.

When we examine the Satan of those super transcended mystics, we verify that those souls are full of terribly suppressed sexual wants. Satan is robust and strong in fornicators.

Only those who manage to ride the donkey, those who tame the beast, are able to transform their Satan into a beautiful child full of beauty. But we have to ride the donkey, practice sexual magic, really face the beast to tame it and overcome it; that is the only way to achieve chastity.

Those poor souls who look at sex as something repugnant, are really only defending their Satan, maintaining it fat, robust and strong. In new returns, that type of male and female mystics end up in the most horrible carnal passions.

Of what use is it to be an ineffable mystic if within, Satan is huge, robust and strong, awaiting the opportunities to satisfy its passions? In other words, the devil celebrating Mass. Let us work with our seven serpents, let us Christify ourselves. It is only when we are already gods that we will go beyond the sexual act. We will then enter the Celestial Jerusalem riding the donkey; then we will really be chaste because we will have killed the beast.

Chastity is the foundation of sanctity.


Chapter 10


Master Jesus was a fallen bodhisattva and he had to rise with supreme sacrifices. Since many spiritualist brothers do not know what a fallen bodhisattva is, we are going to give an explanation.

The Inner-Self has two twin souls, the Divine and the Human. The bodhisattva is the human soul. When a Master wants to reincarnate, he sends ahead of him his human soul (bodhisattva) to become reincarnated; this soul enters the maternal womb and is born like any run-of-the-mill child; we then say that this child is the bodhisattva of a Master. These bodhisattvas have to prepare themselves in order to be able to incarnate their Inner-Self in themselves.

The Inner Master is a perfect compound, he is an Inner-Self and a Divine Soul already integrally fused. The Inner-Self is masculine and his Divine Soul (the consciousness) is feminine. The result is that from this mixture results a perfect divine hermaphrodite; that perfect hermaphrodite-spirit, is an internal Master; this Master sends his Human Soul to become reincarnated and to prepare himself.

When the bodhisattva is already prepared, the Master enters in him; it is then said that the Master has been born. When we say that Jesus was born in a manger, we are esoterically affirming the spiritual birth of Jesus. The manger is only a symbol.

The spirit of wisdom is always reincarnated in this manger of the world in order to save poor suffering humanity. It happens many times that the bodhisattva of any Master falls and then the Master cannot become reincarnated. The Master does not fall; the bodhisattva is human and can fall. When a bodhisattva lets himself fall, he is sent in his next reincarnation to pay his debts and if he does not succeed in rising, he is made to reincarnate in increasingly difficult conditions, and when he finally rises, then the Master enters in him to fulfill a task. Jesus is the bodhisattva of a Master and was born in a temple. Jesus was fallen and he arose with supreme efforts and sacrifices. The birth of Jesus is spiritual.

"The sons of God are born, not of blood, nor of the will of the flesh, nor of the will of man, but of God."


We have to put an end to the process of the human I in order for the Being to be born. Let us not commit the error of dividing ourselves into a Superior I and an Inferior I. That which spiritualist students call the superior I, is not the Being, but rather a refined form of the human I, a subtle modality of self-defense that the human I uses to sustain itself and remain. It is a refined concept of Satan, a subtle escape that the human I uses. We have to die in order to live. We have to lose it all in order to win it all. We have to die with the death of the cross in order to have the right to live. The Being, full of glory and power, is born on top of the cadaver of the human I. The man-I wants to show off everywhere, he wants everyone to applaud and admire him; he lets his hair and beard grow, he wears strange clothes to appear publicly on the streets, in order for the gullible to call him Master, elder brother, etc.

The man-I wants to occupy the front row seats in the synagogues and in public places. The man-I has no modesty; he says it all, he speaks about everything, he tells everything without any modesty whatsoever. The man-I, like the artist, works in order for others to applaud him and admire him.

"Vanity of vanities and all vanity."

The man-I is full of jealousy. The man-I disguises himself with the robe of Aristippus. The tradition tells us that Aristippus, a great Greek philosopher, wanting to show his wisdom and humility, garbed himself with an old robe, full of patches and holes. Aristippus clutched the staff of philosophy, and full of great humility, walked through the streets of Athens. In this manner, Aristippus arrived at the home of Socrates.

When Socrates saw him coming, he exclaimed, "Oh, Aristippus, your vanity shows through the holes in your garment."

Man knows how to conceal anger in ice recipients; the fire of anger within cold recipients full of beauty and ineffable perfume. He calls Jealousy, prudence, he calls anger, confusion, nervousness, etc. Really, in the incense of prayers, crime is hidden. The authentic Master never says that he is a Master.

The true Master is not known. He dresses like an ordinary citizen and goes everywhere anonymous and unknown.

The "I" should totally die in order for the Being to be born. The Being is what is, has been and shall be. The Being is the life that throbs in each atom, the Most High within us. The Being is beyond desire, beyond the mind, beyond the will, beyond consciousness. The Being is beyond intelligence. The reason of being of the Being, is Being itself; the Being is life. I Am the Being.


The human "I" is a monstrous larva that began to form when we exited Eden. First, the "I" becomes the vulgar man of the earth; the I then manifests itself as an educated and intellectual man, and then, the last effort that the "I" makes in order to subsist is to declare itself a Master and enjoys it when it is told so. The "I" enjoys undressing like a prostitute to show its shape, qualities and divine powers to others. It then becomes a prophet and exhibits its powers and virtues in order for others to venerate it.

The "I" dresses itself with the robe of Aristippus; it is humble as long as they do not touch its sore spot; when they touch it, it reacts full of sublime anger.

The "I" enjoys talking about its books and marvelous deeds; that is its ineffable pride, besides, it disguises itself as a saint and martyr. It declares itself a Master and even an angel.

In the night of the centuries, the "I" was simple, but throughout the centuries, it became increasingly complicated and difficult. Some call this complication process, evolution and progress. In reality, this is not evolution but rather the complication and strengthening of that horrible larva called the "I". The "I" suffers innumerable and subtle transformations; sometimes it looks like a demon, sometimes like a child-God.

In synthesis, we can affirm that the "I" undergoes three successive stages of complication: The first is the run-of-the-mill man of the earth; the second is the educated and intellectual man who develops the intellect; and the third is the select or chosen who dwell in the most high; this third stage is the most dangerous. When the "I" reaches this third phase, it becomes subtle and dangerous; it then transforms itself into an angelic and divine "I"; it adopts the attitude of an angel and wants everyone to recognize its merits. The Angel-I is more subtly dangerous than the man-I. When the "I" enters the house of the dead, it disintegrates. The Gods who want to enter the Absolute have to kill the "I", they have to enter the house of the dead. Let us not fabricate, therefore, many masters; only the Inner Christ is Master.

An authentic guru does not go around saying it. The authentic guru is the Inner Christ. A true Master goes around anonymously and unknown everywhere. He does not exhibit his deeds or powers, and is full of modesty. A true Master is before all else an upright citizen The authentic master is never an intellectual. The intellect is an animal function of the man-I. The authentic Master is like a child, pure, holy, simple and natural. The true Master is the inner Christ who illuminates every man who comes to the world. After death, the soul undresses itself from the astral and mental bodies through successive periods of internal evolution; then the soul submerges itself within the ineffable bliss of the infinite, where the marvelous harmonies of fire resound.

Unfortunately, in the threshold of mystery, the "I" remains, awaiting us for a new return.

In the "I's" are the roots of evil and pain.

When the "I" is about to die, the Being is born full of glory and majesty.

In each initiation, something dies in us, and something is born in us.

This is how the "I" slowly dies. This is how the Being is slowly born. That is why initiation is called birth. Nature does not make any leaps. It is necessary for the man-I to die in order for the Being to be born in us. It is urgent for the Being to receive his crown, which is the resplendent and luminous I Am.

"Be thou faithful unto death, and I will give thee a crown of life."

After receiving the Crown of Life, the "I" metamorphoses into Deity, this dangerous divine I then internally enters the house of the dead, and slowly, it definitely disintegrates. "The house of the dead" is an internal school where the "I" slowly dies.


The Guardian of the Threshold is the human "I" which later métamorphoses into a Divine Angelic "I." After death, the Being abandons the astral and mental bodies following the course of his inner evolution. In this manner, the Being submerges himself within the starry infinite. Unfortunately, the Guardian of the Threshold remains at the threshold of mystery; that is the "I". When the Being returns to enter a new womb, the "I" then comes to make up our lunar or inferior astral body.

Upon reincarnating, the Being envelopes himself in a new mental body, a new astral body, a new etheric body and a new physical body. These four bodies form a new innocent personality; unfortunately, the "I" slowly takes over this new personality until it totally controls it.

The Being is pure; the "I" is a horrible larva. The Being is transparent like crystal; the "I" is monstrous like Satan. The Being is not offended by anything; the "I" is offended by everything. The Being is indifferent before pleasure and pain, before praise and insult, before victory and defeat. The "I" is offended by everything; it suffers and cries, enjoys and seeks pleasures. The "I" always seeks security; the Being is never afraid and that is why he never seeks securities. The "I" is afraid of life, afraid of death, afraid of hunger, afraid of misery, etc. Men exploit each other out of fear; they go to war out of fear; they steal and accumulate out of fear; they kill out of fear; they arm themselves out of fear.

The Being is beyond desires, beyond attachments, beyond cravings and fears, beyond death and the intellect, beyond the human will, beyond intelligence; the Being is the Tree of Life.

The "I" becomes intellectual and suffers because of its attachments and fears, jealousies and passions, its egotisms and hatreds. (Let us not confuse the "I" with the I Am of which Jesus talks to us about. The I is the larva of the threshold; the I Am is the Crown of Life, the resplendent Crown of the Being). The "I" speaks of honors, seeks satisfactions, is subject to like and dislike; all imperfection in us is of the horrible "I". The Being is beyond like and dislike, pleasure and pain, the intellect and reason. We have to kill the "I" in order for the Being to be born. The "I" enjoys exhibiting powers. Wretched is the initiate who starts prophesying for people; they shall die assassinated because of not knowing how to be silent. The clairvoyant should not get into the lives of others because he can be assassinated. As the Kundalini ascends thong the spinal canal, the "I" is dying and the Being is being born.

Each of the 33 spinal vertebrae demands certain virtues; this means death of specific defects in each vertebra; this is how the Being is being born in each vertebra. This is how the "I" is slowly dying in each vertebra. In each initiation, something is born in us; in each initiation, something dies in us.

Initiation is called birth. One cannot be born without dying; one cannot be born without sex. The one who wants to be born has to enter a woman's womb, and it is only in this manner that one earns the right to be born.

The mere knowledge of the process of the "I", is useless to put an end to the "I". The Being cannot be born without the fire and the fire cannot awaken without sex. The "I" only dies under the blade of the flaming sword. That sword is the Kundalini, and it awakens only by practicing sexual magic with the woman.

We have to kill the "I" with the terrible Sword of Cosmic Justice. It is only in this manner, with the "I" dying, that the majesty of God can express itself through us. The sword of justice is the Kundalini. Let us awaken the Kundalini with the woman!

Chapter 11


The First Great Initiation of Jesus was as natural and simple as the humble and innocent birth of a lotus flower. The bodhisattva Jesus did not covet initiations, powers, titles, degrees, hierarchies, masteries, social or divine positions, kingdoms, gold, or silver. Being more than all the Angels, Archangels, Seraphim, Powers, etc., he preferred to only be a man.

Someone said, "It is worth more to be a man than a bad Angel."

In its more complicated forms, the "I" becomes subtly covetous; it no longer covets nobility titles, but it covets divine titles. It wants everyone to call it a Master, it wants hierarchic and esoteric titles, and it loses very long infinite eternities caught up in the karma of the worlds. It no longer covets gold or silver, but it covets occult powers. It no longer covets honors and greatness, but it covets initiations and degrees. It no longer covets lordships or earthly kingdoms, but it covets internal kingdoms, lordships and majesties in the superior worlds. It enjoys governing paradises and although it may seem incredible to you, it even gets to feel jealous of its own divine hierarchy arid becomes an ineffable tempter. It enjoys governing worlds and suns, and offers its edens to the bodhisattvas of compassion. It no longer wants to rest on soft beds and in comfortable earthly mansions, but it longs to rest in the ineffable bliss of Nirvana. These beings do not like the narrow, hard and difficult path. It enjoys itself in nirvanic, celestial rests, while poor humanity suffers and cries. They also offer us their seductive paradises in order to impede for us the entrance to the Absolute.

Truly, I tell you, beloved disciples, that it is better to renounce Nirvana to follow the Long and Bitter Path of Duty.

Duty leads us directly to the Absolute. .This is better than the bliss of Nirvana. Let us not allow ourselves to fall into these divine nirvanic temptations.

The bodhisattva who renounces the nirvanic temptations, the planetary kingdoms that the tempting gods offer him, and renounces Nirvana (celestial bliss) for love of humanity, is confirmed three times honorable and after eternities, he earns the right to enter the Absolute. The Absolute is life free in its movement; it is the supreme reality, the abstract space that only expresses itself as abstract absolute movement, limitless happiness, total omniscience. The Absolute is uncreated light and perfect plenitude, absolute happiness, life free in its movement, life without conditions, limitless life.

We have to end the process of the "I" in order to have the right to be in an absolute manner. In its most subtly refined form, the "I" transforms itself into a dangerous child.

The "I" of many Nirvanic Masters tempts us, saying, "Abandon the difficult path and come to Nirvana; we are happy." Feeling compassion for our pain, they tempt us with nirvanic bliss. The I of the Angels, Archangels, Seraphim, Powers, Virtues, Thrones and hierarchies of different splendors, always has the innocent aspect of children full of beauty. That divine I covets degrees, initiations, powers, divine titles, Nirvanic majesties and divine lordships. The divine "I" is the same man-I, completely refined.

Listen, oh Angels of Nirvana! Listen, oh planetary gods, happy beings, divine Nirvanis, listen! We say that the Long and Bitter Path of Duty that leads us directly to Nirvana is better than nirvanic bliss. Those of us who follow that path do not want to leave that path.

Woe unto those who leave the difficult path; they shall remain caught up within the karma of the worlds. We, the ones who love humanity very much, say, as long as there is a single tear in the human eyes, as long as there is a single suffering heart, we refuse to accept happiness.

Instead of coveting degrees, powers, initiations and divine dominions, we should make the effort to be useful men to suffering humanity.

We should make the effort in the law of great service. We should seek the fecund work in the Great Work of the Father. We should seek the means to become more and more useful to poor suffering humanity. This is better than coveting internal titles, initiations, esoteric degrees and planetary kingdoms.

The personality, the individuality and the "I", are the hard chains that bind us to the hard rock of pain and bitterness. The gods and men are subject to the pain of conditioned life.

In the Absolute we go beyond karma and the gods; beyond the law. The mind and the individual consciousness are only good for mortifying our lives. In the Absolute we neither have a mind nor an individual consciousness. There we are the unconditioned Being, free and absolutely happy. The Absolute is life free in its movement, without conditions, limitless, without the mortifying fear of the law, life beyond spirit and matter, beyond karma and pain, beyond thought, the verb and action, beyond silence and sound, beyond forms.

The Absolute is absolute, abstract space, absolute abstract movement, absolute movement, without conditions, without reservations, absolute omniscience and absolute happiness.

We have to put an end to the process of the I in order to enter the Absolute. The human "I" should enter the house of the dead. It should go into the common grave of astral remains. It should disintegrate in the abyss, in order for the Being to be born filled with majesty and power.

The "I" of many Masters enjoys with its powers and dominions; it self-proclaims itself to be divine and endows itself with majesty and ineffable beauty. The I of many Masters undresses itself like the prostitute in order to show its forms and powers so that others will admire it and venerate it. It speaks of its initiations and tells its secrets. It is like the avaricious person who lives counting his money; it is like the scoundrel who lives full of pride, constantly talking about his high class and great capital.

Listen, men and gods! Initiations are awakenings of the consciousness, intimate matters of the consciousness. Let us learn how to be quiet, to be humble, modest. Authentic evolution is in the consciousness, not in the "I". The "I" does not evolve; it complicates itself, that is all. Mineral consciousness evolves when it awakens as plant consciousness. Each mineral atom is the physical body of an elemental creature full of beauty. These mineral elementals have a language, their consciousness, they gather in tribes or families; they resemble innocent children.

Above the mineral rung is the sublime kingdom of plants. Plant consciousness also evolves until awakening as animal consciousness. Each plant is the body of an elemental child that aspires to enter the animal kingdom. Animal consciousness also evolves until awakening as human consciousness. Much later, man awakens as an Angel, Archangel, etc.

The "I" is merely a larva; it is the same larva of the threshold, that becomes increasingly complicated; the "I" is the internal beast that controls the four bodies (physical, etheric, astral and mental bodies); this is how this monster called "Personality" is constituted.

The I of many Masters no longer wants political positions, but wants spiritual positions. It enjoys it as a leader and fights for high hierarchical positions in schools, lodges and spiritual movements. We have to put an end to the process of the I and to the personality in order to have the right to Be. We have to put an end to individuality in order to have the right to receive the Crown of Justice.

It is only the impersonal life and the Being that can give us the legitimate happiness of the great life free in its movement.


The temple is celebrating, a precious lamp burns on the altar.

A tri-colored banner waves victoriously in the sacred precinct. On that banner shines the blue of the Father, the yellow of the Son, and the red of the Holy Spirit. Inside the reflection chamber await the three magi, who came to the temple guided by the mystical sun, the star of Bethlehem. Jesus, the sublime bodhisattva has sat in front of the altar and is dressed in a white linen robe and covers his head with a white ceremonial hood. The sky is full of dense clouds and there is rain in abundance. So it is written by the prophet, "And thou Bethlehem, in the land of Juda, art not the least among the princes of Juda: for out of thee shall come a Governor, that shall rule my people Israel." Here is that shepherd attending his spiritual birth; this is the Christmas of the heart. Now the good shepherd rises and goes to a sacred precinct of the temple; a terrible lightning bolt shines in the darkness; the latter is a terribly divine ray. In these terrible moments, the Inner Master entered in his bodhisattva. The latter had already raised his first serpent upon the rod; the bodhisattva Jesus was prepared.

The three magi came to adore the man-child, whose name is Jesus Christ; this is the birth of the Master, this is the Christmas of the heart. "The sons of God are born, not of blood, nor of the will of the flesh, nor of the will of man, but of God."

The three magi adored Jesus in the temple. Jesus then said sublime things. Oh, Jehovah, my God, how terrible was that ray that fell from heaven! Jesus had gone up to a mysterious precinct of the temple; that precious precinct was surrounded by beautiful balustrades.

The Master removed his hood and sat on an armchair. In those moments, the ray fell from heaven and his Inner Being entered in him.

What is born of the flesh, is flesh; what is born of the spirit, is spirit. Jesus was born in spirit and in truth. A chorus of Angels sang filled with happiness and the three magi adored the good shepherd.

"Glory unto God in the highest and peace on earth to men of good will."

Jesus is a man of medium height, with an olive-skinned, sunburnt complexion. Jesus had black hair and a small beard which was also black. The eyes of Jesus were black arid penetrating; he had a wide forehead, aquiline nose and fine, strong lips. The mystical birth of Jesus is the First Initiation of Greater Mysteries.

Chapter 12


Once Jesus had been born in Bethlehem of Juda, just as had been foretold by the prophets, the college of initiates met in Herod's palace, in a great hall, with the objective of communicating to the monarch the spiritual birth of the Savior of the world.

Herod was a man of medium height, with a thin and slender body, and a rosy, youthful face; he wore a robe, which was in fashion at the time, and on his head a brilliant warrior's helmet.

Herod, seated before his work table, listened to the report from the initiates of the temple, but he did not believe it; he did not admit that Jesus was the promised Messiah and full of arguments, he indignantly rejected the initiates' report.

Jesus told Herod, "You are a Justinian; you are just; what happens is that you have never liked me." Herod, full of anger, spoke to the congress in this manner*, "Do not eat the Moon."* By this, Herod meant that they should not abandon lunar worship.

All race religions are lunar; the Jewish religion is lunar.

Herod was totally conservative and as such, he defended the conservative Jewish religion. Herod defended the old sacerdotal caste of the Jewish people. Herod rejected the Savior of the world.

This meeting in Herod's palace was transcendental. In that initiatic congress, the new period of Solar-Christic unfoldment of the world was announced. Herod, being manifestly conservative, held on to the lunar past and to racial prejudices, and did not want to accept that Jesus was the Savior of the world. This congress of initiates was a failure. Herod then ordered that the initiates be killed; he ordered his soldiers to kill the children. Initiates are esoterically called children; therefore, the children are the initiates that Herod ordered to be killed. The soldiers went through the streets of Bethlehem, killing the initiates. Jeremiah's prophecy that said, "In Rama was there a voice heard, lamentation, and weeping, and great mourning, Rachel weeping for her children, and would not be comforted, because they are not," was fulfilled. Jesus managed to save himself and then fled to the land of E this was in winter and it rained a great deal. Jesus had to heroically bear the inclemency of the weather. Joseph and Mary were already old when this was happening. They suffered very much because of their son Jesus. The holy family traveled by land and water to arrive in Egypt.


In the land of Egypt, inside a pyramid, Jesus joined the mysteries as a student, and a vestal, wearing a white robe, gave him the first papyri to study. The trees of Eden are two: The Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil, and the Tree of Life. The Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil is sex. The Tree of Life is the Being. Every authentic cultural doctrine has to closely study these two trees, because the study of one tree while forgetting the other, gives an incomplete and useless knowledge. Of what use is it to study the Being if we do not know sex? Of what use is it to study sex if we do not know the Being?

Both trees are from Eden and even share their roots.

These are the two great toral columns of the White Lodge: Wisdom and Love. Wisdom is the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil and Love is the Tree of Life. In Egypt, the doctrine of the two trees was studied in-depth. The fatal shadow of the Tree of Life is the "I." The fatal shadow of the Tree of Knowledge is fornication. People mistake the shadows for reality.

The one who puts an end to the process of the "I", realizes the Being in himself.

The one who puts an end to fornication becomes a Christ.

Jesus underwent terrible purifications in the temple and a Master instructed him daily. On a certain day, when he descended some stairs, he was tempted by a woman. Jesus emerged victorious because he overcame the temptation. The Master was tested many times. The struggle with the I was terrible. The bodhisattva had fallen in previous reincarnations. Jesus had to raise his five fallen serpents. The sixth and the seventh belong to the Master.

No Master falls; the one who falls is the bodhisattva.

The bodhisattva is the Will-Soul (Human Soul). The Human Soul is dressed with the four bodies of sin, which are, the Physical, Etheric, Astral and Mental Bodies. The serpent of each of these four bodies of sin is fallen and Jesus had to raise them.

The fifth serpent is that of the Human Soul. It was also fallen and he had to raise it. He had reincarnated thousands of times on our Earth and he had fallen. The Son of God was full of glory.., but the Son of Man was fallen.., he arose. The Son of God is the Inner Christ of every man that comes to the world.

Jesus studied in the college of initiates. During those times, a tenebrous personage of the shadows waged war on the initiates of Egypt, but the initiates remained firm in the Light.

An instructor taught Jesus the great mysteries of sex.

In the pyramid, there was a regal wedding chamber. In that chamber, Jesus practiced sexual magic with his wife. That wife-priestess was a white woman, with blonde hair and a beautiful soul; she was a very high initiate of the temple. Jesus was a man and a God; as a man, he was complete and he had his wife.

During the trance of sexual magic, Jesus vocalized the sacred syllables in the following order:






The Master vocalized these syllables by prolonging the sound of each of the letters of the syllables IN-RI, EN-RE, ON-RO, UN-RU, AN-RA, prolonging the sound of each letter. The mantram INRI awakens the sixth sense located between the eyebrows and man can then read others' thoughts and see all the things of the internal worlds. The mantram ENRE awakens the magical ear; man can then hear over distances of thousands of miles and can hear the voices of the internal worlds. The mantram ONRO has the power to awaken intuition located in the heart. Intuition is the seventh sense and resides in the heart and in the pineal gland. This is the voice of the silence in the heart; in the pineal gland, it is polyvision, or intuitive vision. The intuitive sees it all and knows it all. He is omniscient; he is powerful. The Mantram UNRU awakens in us the sense of telepathy and we can then perceive the thoughts of people at a distance. It is located above the navel in the solar plexus. The mantram ANRA awakens for us the pulmonary chakras, with which we can remember our past reincarnations. These senses resemble lotus flowers in the astral body.

Jesus made these lotus flowers turn during sexual magic. During those instants, the man and the woman sexually united, are full of electricity and cosmic fire. That is the precise instant to awaken the Kundalini and to make the chakras, discs, or magnetic wheels of the astral body, turn. With the sexual energy we can awaken all the powers of the astral body.

With the sexual energy, we become Angels.

The Master also vocalized the great mantram AUM. This mantram is esoterically vocalized as AOM. The mouth is properly opened with the A, it is rounded with the O and closed with the M. Everything is engendered with the A, is gestated with the O, and is born with the M. The one who wants to be born has to enter a woman's womb in order to have the right to be born.

Each letter of the AOM mantram has to be prolonged in a sustained manner.

The mantram IAO was also vocalized by Master Jesus during the trance of sexual magic. Jesus knew how to withdraw on time in order to avoid seminal ejaculation; in this manner he awakened all the occult powers.

The mantram IAO is vocalized by lengthily articulating each of the vowels separately, without uniting them. IAO has the power of awakening the sacred serpent. Jesus was able to love the woman and in this manner he awakened the sacred fire of the Holy Spirit, and he went through the 33 holy chambers of the temple.

God shines over the perfect couple.

There is nothing more beautiful than the woman. The delights of love convert us into Gods. When the woman knows how to love, she converts herself into a Goddess.

When the man knows how to adore, he becomes a God.

Carnal passion stains the aura with a dirty, bloody red, and when we dominate passion, then that color is transmuted into an incarnadine rosy color.

It is better to love than to theorize; it is much better to adore, love and kiss than to read complicated theories. However, kill "Satan".

Goethe said, "All theories are gray, and only the tree of golden fruits which is life, is green."


In Egypt, there existed a certain subterranean passage that had 33 chambers. Each of our spinal vertebrae is related with its corresponding chamber of the temple. In the internal worlds, these vertebrae are called "canyons". The serpent rises through the spinal channel, from canyon to canyon. With a single ejaculation of the semen, the serpent descends one or more canyons, according to the seriousness of the fault. The reconquest of these lost canyons is extremely difficult.

Our Lord the Christ told us*: "The disciple who lets hi mself fall, later has to struggle very much in order to recover what has been lost."*

Sexual magic can only be practiced between husband and wife in homes that are already constituted. The one who practices sexual magic with different women, commits adultery arid no adulterer, male or female, achieves anything.

There are men and women who commit adultery with the pretext of practicing sexual magic to help others. To utilize these teachings to justify adultery is a horrible crime against the Holy Spirit. The adulterer sinks into inner darkness where only tears and the gnashing of teeth are heard.

Sexual magic can only be practiced in properly constituted and organized homes.

Wretched is the one who utilizes sexual magic to justify adultery.

In Bethlehem, Jesus was able to be born mystically because he raised the first serpent (that of the physical body). In Egypt, he began his work with the second serpent (that of the etheric body). Thanks to the priestess, he was able to work with the second serpent. As this serpent ascended through the spinal canal of the etheric body, the Master passed from chamber to chamber through the subterranean passage.

Each vertebra has its special conditions, virtues and tests, temptations and dangers. The tenebrous ones attack us in each vertebra. In each of the 33 chambers of the temple, Jesus studied the terrible mysteries and he received secret powers. When the serpent of the etheric body reached the area between the eyebrows, the sun of the Father shone within the night rain, and the star of initiation with one eye in the center alighted on the head of Jesus of Nazareth. The church of Philadelphia between the eyebrows shone resplendent like the sun in all its beauty. He dressed himself with a white linen robe and the initiates placed a hood of immaculate whiteness on his head.

A cosmic celebration made the temple's glory shine and delightful symphonies filled the starry heavens of the spirit with cosmic happiness. In this manner, the bodhisattva Jesus finished the recapitulation of the Second Initiation of Greater Mysteries. In this manner he received his second birth. The second serpent totally opened his seven churches in the etheric body and that marvelous vehicle shone with glory.

With love and the woman, all of this is accomplished. Blessed be the woman; blessed be the male who knows how to love with wisdom.

"All of you shall be Gods fi you come out of Egypt and cross the Red Sea." When man christifies his etheric body, he enters Eden and he becomes an inhabitant of Eden. The christified etheric body is the wedding garment of the soul, the golden body. The second serpent opens for us the powers of the etheric body, and confers upon us the power to travel in the etheric body. The woman achieves all of this by restraining the sexual impulse and avoiding the spilling of the semen. The man achieves all of this by knowing how to withdraw on time and avoiding seminal ejaculation. This is how the Kundalini develops, evolves and progresses within the aura of the Solar Logos. The etheric body of Jesus was crucified and he received his five stigmatas. In each great initiation we have to live the entire drama of Calvary. The etheric body of Jesus became a Christ. The seven churches of the etheric body of Jesus shone full of glory.


After having finished his work with the second serpent, the Master began his work with the third serpent of fire, which belongs to the astral body. The work with each of these serpents is very long and difficult. The Kundalini has to rise slowly through the central channel of the spinal column. That work is slow and laborious.

Each of the 33 vertebrae is full of conditions and moral requirements of sanctification. This is the terror of Love and the Law. The ascent of each serpent means entire years of work and sanctification.

To earn a single vertebra is a heroic achievement. The third serpent opens the chakras of the astral body, and ascends through the central channel of the spinal column of the astral body. This serpent of fire opens the seven churches of the astral body. In this manner, the Master's astral body was totally transformed. The third serpent reaches the heart, following a secret path starting from between the eyebrows to the third holy center of the heart; the heart has seven centers. In this secret path starting from between the eyebrows to the heart, there are seven terrible chambers. All of this is the terror of love and the law. When the third serpent opens the Church of Thyatira in the astral body, the initiate remains endowed with two small igneous wings. These wings confer upon us the power to instantly penetrate any plane of cosmic consciousness.

The spirits of movement teach us how to use the astral body and they teach us the Laws of Cosmic Movement.

When the third serpent reached the heart, Master Jesus entered a great luminous room of the temple, and he walked in it full of glory. The Master shone full of majesty and power. The astral body of Master Jesus underwent the initiatic process of death, resurrection arid ascension.

By means of the fire, we extract from the astral body a psychic extract which is the conscious soul (the conscious or sephirothic values of the astral body), which resembles a beautiful (male) child. This beautiful child remains during three days within his holy sepulcher. On the third day, he resurrects and fuses with the Inner-Self or Inner Being. After this esoteric resurrection, Jesus descended into the atomic infernos of nature.

Within the abyss, we have to recapitulate all the evils of our past reincarnations. Master Jesus lasted 40 days in the abyss. Before the ascension, the door of the abyss located in the lower abdomen, opens up. Before the ascension, we are examined by fire, and we are taught the internal zodiac. Our evolution began in the constellation of Leo and ends with Leo.

During these forty days, inside a closed temple, the Masters sing in a sacred tongue to help us to become detached from the abyss. The power of the verb is terribly divine.

In the abyss, we bid our last farewell to the darkness. During these forty days, the initiate abstains from the sexual act. After those forty days, he returns to his rites of sexual magic. Ever since we came out of Eden, all of us human beings have sunk into the abyss, and we do not realize that we dwell there until we are about to come out of it. It is painful to state it, but it is the truth.

After the forty days had elapsed, the Master's ascension arrived. He ascended unto the Father and received the Holy Spirit. In the temple, four angels blew their trumpets, announcing the initiate's ascension. The white dove of the Holy Spirit with its majestic head of an elder, awaits us. We then enter the temple full of glory and happiness. The Holy Spirit fills us with powers, wisdom and majesty. Jesus entered the temple and received the Third Initiation of Greater Mysteries. The altar was adorned with all types of flowers. The Masters attended, wearing their white linen robes and covered their heads with hoods of immaculate whiteness, which reached all the way to their feet. The cosmic music majestically resounded in the holy atmosphere of the temple. The initiatic ceremony was majestic. This is how Jesus finished the recapitulation of the Third Great Initiation of Greater Mysteries. In very ancient ages and in worlds that disappeared eternities ago, Jesus Christ had passed through the Nine great Initiations of Greater Mysteries. However, he had to recapitulate it all. The bodhisattva had fallen in past reincarnations and he had to reconquer what had been lost. These great initiations are received in the internal worlds. Listen brothers! How many things are accomplished with love! Women, look at the ineffable things of love!

The third great mystical birth of Jesus was achieved thanks to the priestess of the temple. The Seven Words are received in the third initiation. Sexual magic is the great arcane, the arcane of love.

Do not let yourself be convinced by retardatory people, or obstructed by cowards. You will obtain nothing by reading theories. Spiritualist schools are full of fearful theoreticians. Do not let yourself be convinced by them; flee from them, they are dangerous.

Practice sexual magic and you shall become Gods. This is the doctrine of the Aquarian Age. This is Gnosticism; this is the Fifth Truth; this is the doctrine that Jesus taught in secrecy to his 70 disciples.

The secret of all secrets lies in the "Shernhamphorash" stone. That is the cubic stone of Jesod. That is the philosopher's stone; that is sex.

That is sexual magic, love; blessed be love.

The Bible tells us that Jacob awoke from his sleep, consecrated the stone, anointed it with oil and blessed it. Really, as of that moment, Jacob began to practice sexual magic. Later, he incarnated his Inner Master, his Real Being. Jacob is the Angel Israel. Jesus became powerful with the "Shemhamphorash" stone.


When the Master awakened his fourth serpent, he knocked three times on a door and entered a luminous room full of ineffable music and delightful flowers. Four Masters distributed in two groups received him. Those Masters shone full of majesty and each of them had the sword of cosmic justice in his right hand. They rested the sword's hilt on their hearts. The bare swords rose full of terrible power. Master Jesus placed himself between two of the Masters, while ineffable music resounded in space. The serpent of the mental body of Jesus awoke by intensely practicing sexual magic with the beautiful priestess of the temple. Without the woman, nothing is achieved and the woman without the male does not achieve anything. Everything is achieved with sexual magic. There is nothing like the joy of love. Afterwards, the Master entered a classroom; all the disciples were seated on the school benches. The wisdom of the cosmic mind was studied there.

Jesus, full of humility, joined that room as one more student.

The mental body is the donkey that we should ride in order to victoriously enter the celestial Jerusalem (superior worlds). There we are received with palm leaves, praises and celebration. The mental body is a material, dense body. The four bodies of sin, the physical, etheric, astral and mental bodies, are material bodies. The mind is the most rebellious animal that we have within, and we have to crucify that mind on the sacrificial altar. The mind is the den of desire and wickedness.

If we throw a stone into a lake, we see waves coming out that go from the center to the periphery. Those waves are the reactions of the water due to the stone's impact. This is how the mind is. It lives incessantly reacting against the impacts coming from the exterior world. If we are insulted, we want to hit back; if we are tempted, we react full of carnal passion; if we are flattered, we are all smiles; if we are insulted, we respond with evil. The mind is like the donkey that goes faster if beaten, and if not beaten, goes slower. Krishnamurti who speaks so much about the mind, has not managed to christify it. The 33 spinal chambers of Krishnamurti's mental body are filled with darkness because he has not raised the fourth serpent; he lacks sexual magic. All desires, egotisms, crimes and perversities live in the mind of man; only the fire burns that scum.

Reason is a crime of high treason against the Inner-Self.

Many times the Inner-Self, the Being, gives an order and the mind rebels with its reasonings. The Inner-Self speaks in the form of hunches or thoughts; the mind rebels by reasoning and comparing.

Reasoning is based on opinions, on the struggle of antithetical concepts, on the process of conceptual choice, etc. A mind divided by the struggle of reasonings, is a useless instrument for the Being, for the Inner-Self.

The voice of the heart is the voice of the Inner-Self; the voice of the Inner-Self is intuition. Action without reasoning is right action. Intuitive action is just, right and perfect. The humanity of Aquarius will be intuitive. Intellectual culture is a purely animal function of the "I". Intellectuals are full of pride, arrogance and sexual passion. The intellect is based on reasoning and reasoning is luciferic and demonic. There are those who believe that by means of it they can know God. We say that only God knows himself.

It is better to practice inner meditation instead of wasting time reasoning. With inner meditation we can converse with God, the Inner-Self, the Being, the Most High. In this manner we can learn from the Inner Master; in this manner we can study divine wisdom at the feet of the Master.

The intellect feeds on external perceptions, since the external senses are the sources of information. That source of information is useless because the external senses are totally deficient. Microbes cannot be studied with a deficient microscope and the stars cannot be studied with a deficient telescope. We have to awaken all the 12 senses that we have.

Thought should flow silently and integrally, without the battle of the antithesis that divides the mind between opposite concepts. A fragmented mind cannot serve as an instrument to the Inner-Self.

We have to end with reasoning and awaken intuition. It is only in this manner that we can learn the true wisdom of God. It is only in this manner that the mind remains in the hands of the Inner-Self. The true positive function of the mind is art, beauty, love, music; the mystical art of loving, of divine architecture, of painting, singing, culture, technique, placed at the service of man, but without egotism, without wickedness, without hatred, etc. The intellect is the negative function of the mind; it is demonic.

The fourth serpent transmutes the material mind into Christ-mind. This serpent rises through the spinal column of the mental body. Jesus entered each of the 33 chambers of the mental world. As his fourth serpent rose from vertebra to vertebra, he transmuted his material mind into Christ-mind. Without the fire, it is impossible to christify the mind, and the fire can only be awakened with sexual magic and love.

The human mind is controlled by the Guardian of the Threshold of the mental body; this demonic creature is the mental I. In the test of this guardian, we have to dislodge it and evict it from the mental body. That is Satan in the mind, and it is intellectual, arrogant, intensely reasoning and fornicating. Now we should understand why the human mind is perverse. The most dangerous demons have the mind of sanctimonious persons and pretend to be saints.

Jesus triumphed in all the tests and he overcame the Satan of the mind.

Jesus illuminated his 33 spinal chambers with the fire of the Holy Spirit, and in each of them, he studied the terrible divine wisdom.

The most dangerous black magicians of the cosmos dwell in the mental cosmos. They have sublime appearances, they speak ineffable, beautiful things and then subtly advice the ejaculation of the semen. This is how they cause the great initiates to fall. The evils of humanity are in the mental world. We should not divide the mind into superior and inferior parts. The mental body is an organism that is similar to the physical body. If we place it in the hands of the Inner-Self, we become Gods; if we place it in the hands of Satan, we become demons.

We have to dominate the mind with the whip of the will. We should ride on that donkey in order to enter the celestial Jerusalem. It is only in this manner that we make ourselves worthy of receiving the Body of Liberation elaborated with the purest atoms. The Body of Liberation has a Christie appearance and it is the aroma of perfection. This body replaces the physical body; it is made of flesh, but not flesh derived from Adam. This is the body of paradisaic men; this body is subject neither to illnesses nor death.

When the fourth serpent of Jesus reached the fourth center of the heart, there was a feast in the temple. All the Masters wearing their white robes and hoods occupied their seats of honor and conferred upon him the title of Buddha. Before entering the temple, Jesus was in a precious sanctuary; he was dressed in a white robe and hood.

In this manner, thanks to love and sexual magic, Jesus was able to free himself from the four bodies of sin. Thanks to sexual magic he became a Dragon of the Four Truths, a Buddha. The fourth serpent totally opened his seven churches in the world of the cosmic mind. The cosmic feast of this event was grand; a precious lamp burned on the pyramid. There was a great procession on the streets of the city, with victory flags. The Egyptian masses, aroused with mystical enthusiasm, applauded the Master. The city guards made a street of honor for the parade and they had to struggle to maintain order in all the movements and stops of the aroused multitudes.

Nowadays, when disciples receive the degree of Buddhas, the Blessed Goddess, Mother of the world, presents them in the temple of the mind, saying, "Here is my very beloved son, here is a new Buddha"; she then places Shiva's diadem on her son and the hood of the Buddhas. Sanat Kumara then exclaims, "You have freed yourself from the four bodies of sin and you have entered the world of the Gods; you are a Buddha. When a man liberates himself from the four bodies of sin, he is a Buddha, You are a Buddha"; and then delivers to him the globe of the imperator, with its cross on top.

The feast is then solemn in the superior worlds. In Egypt, these initiatic ceremonies were realized in the flesh; the initiatic colleges had not yet been closed. The feast of Jesus, the new Buddha, was solemn. The holy land of the old pharaohs shook with glory; the solemn procession was like an apotheosis.

Jesus led the parade, carrying a great cross over his shoulders. Really, the cross belongs to the great mysteries.

The entire drama of the Lord's passion was represented before Christ inside the mystery temples. Jesus represented that drama in the temples. Later, he painfully lived it in the beloved city of the prophets.

Elchanam was the first Master of Jesus; the second was the rabbi Jehosuah Ben Perachiah; these were his preceptors in Palestine. Now Jesus victoriously carried his cross in Egypt. He had excelled his previous instructors; he had become a Buddha.

From the mental body, a psychic extract is extracted, which then fuses with the InnerSelf; this is realized in the temple. In this manner, Jesus victoriously finished his Fourth Initiation of Greater Mysteries. The sexual fire burns terribly in the temple of the mind.


Master Jesus went to the desert; it was winter time and it was cold in Egypt; an old, solitary mystery temple in ruins was there. The Master entered a room and a kneeling before the great hierophants, he asked with all humility for admission to the terrible mysteries of the fifth serpent of burning fire.

The great Egyptian sages accepted him, the Master came out of the room and entered a small sanctuary of the solitary temple. It was winter time and the Masters protected themselves from the cold by wrapping themselves with blue and white religious shawls. This is how the Master joined the mysteries of the fifth serpent, which ascends through the central channel of the spinal column of the will-soul. We have already said that the Inner-Self has two souls, the will-soul and the soul-consciousness. The sixth serpent belongs to the soul-consciousness; the seventh belongs to the Inner - Self himself. They are seven serpents; two groups of three with the sublime coronation of the seventh tongue of fire which unites us with the One, with the Law, with the Father. Therefore, the InnerSelf with his two twin souls, is pure,, ineffable spirit. The four material bodies are the temple of the triune eternal spirit. Paul of Tarsus said, "Know ye not that ye are the temple of God, and that the Spirit of God dwelleth in you?" The Most High is the InnerSelf in us. The testament of wisdom says, "Before the false aurora appeared on Earth, those who survived the hurricane and the tempest praised the Inner-Self, and unto them appeared the heralds of the aurora."

The human personality is the carriage; the mind is the animal that pulls the carriage; the Inner-Self is the coach driver; the reins are the consciousness and the will is the whip. Woe unto the coach driver who does not know how to use the reins! Woe unto the coach driver who does not know how to use the whip, because he will remain with reins and whip in hand without being able to use them! The beast without control will drag the carriage into the abyss; then the Inner-Self will lose his carriage. Presently, there are many perverse persons who are separated from the Inner-Self. Multitudes follow a terribly tenebrous evolution in the abyss. All those persons have horns on their foreheads; those are the demons. Many of them declare themselves prophets and avatars, they found spiritualist schools; they are endowed with brilliant intellects. Some of them have fine manners and exquisite culture. Within the upper layers of the aristocracy there are thousands of select, educated and intellectual persons, and even those with mystical customs, who are already totally separated from the Inner-Self. Those souls have horns on their foreheads; they are tenebrous demons. These persons only possess the four bodies of sin (the physical, etheric, astral and mental bodies). The triune immortal spirit unfortunately no longer dwells in them and even though they live in the physical world, internally they dwell in the abyss.

We have to lash the mind with the whip of the will. We have to learn to use the whip. We have to christify the soul-will, transmuting the human will into Christ-Will; those are the mysteries of the fifth serpent.

The Christ-Will only knows how to do the will of the Father, on earth as it is in heaven, and has all the majesty of Beethoven's nine symphonies. The Christ-Will is ineffable music and reflects the majesty of the Verb.

Men place their will at the service of the beast and that is why they fail. The divine Master said*, "O my Father, if it be possible, let this cup pass from me: nevertheless not as I will, but as thou wilt."* Thanks to his priestess, the divine Master was able to raise his fifth serpent upon the rod. The initiate enters the temple when he awakens his fifth serpent. The altar is then adorned with Veronica's sacred shawl. The divine face with the crown of thorns is the living symbol of the Christ-Will, which is total sacrifice in favor of poor suffering humanity,

In the world of the will, all the initiates carry their cross.

The Christ-Will only knows how to obey superior orders; it respects the free will of others; it does not exercise coercion over others, not even in 'play, because that is black magic. In the world of the will, the soul crucifies itself in order to save humanity.

The ascent of the fifth serpent through the spinal column of the Soul-Will is very slow and difficult. When the fifth serpent reached the fifth holy center of the heart, the Buddha Jesus of Nazareth entered a sacred precinct. A great Egyptian initiate said, "Many fight over the Master." Truly, my brothers, all sects, religions and schools fight over him a great deal.

Master Jesus then entered a great room of the temple. Several elderly Masters were there, practicing sexual magic with their wives; they heroically struggled to raise their fifth serpent. A great hierophant smiled, contemplating the venerable elders. Sexual magic is the unutterable secret of the great arcane.

In Egypt, those who dared to divulge the great arcane were condemned to death. Their heads were cut off, their hearts were plucked out and their ashes were thrown to the four winds.

In the middle ages, those who divulged the great arcane were killed, whether it was with the tunic of Nessus, the dagger, or the scaffold. We publicly deliver the arcane in order to initiate the new Aquarian Age; the great arcane is sexual magic.

Upon raising the fifth serpent, Jesus arose, since he was fallen.

The initiatic feast of the Buddha Jesus was grand; the holy female dancers happily danced in the temples. Music and the sacred dances enclose clues of immense occult power. By adoring the woman, by loving her and practicing sexual magic with her, was how the soul Jesus arose in Egypt. He did not need to raise the sixth and seventh serpents because those belong to the Internal Master and He never falls. The one who falls is the human soul, or the Master's bodhisattva. In this dark age, there are many fallen bodhisattvas; one of them is Andrameleck who has become a horrible demon and who resides in China. Those bodhisattvas are run-of-the-mill men; many of them are now full of vices and wickedness. Javhe, the genie of evil, is a fallen angel. The bodhisattvas incessantly reincarnate, paying karma; they suffer and enjoy; they are men like others. Naturally, the Internal Master cannot enter in them until they rise from the clay of the earth. Daniel, Solomon and many others, are fallen.

This age of Kali-Yuga was fatal for the bodhisattvas who are worse than demons when they are fallen. An Archangel, feeling compassion for a prostitute, tried to help her and the weak bodhisattva fell with her; he lost his sword and sunk into the clay of the earth. Naturally that bodhisattva remained separated from the Inner-Self and it is only after many painful reincarnations that he arose once again and was finally able to become fused with his God.


After having raised his five fallen serpents, the Buddha Jesus shone full of glory; he lacked nothing else but the coronation. The crown of Jesus has a history that is older than the world; in truth he said, "Before Abraham was, I Am."

The Apocalypse says, "Be thou faithful unto death, and I will give thee a crown of life."

The crown of life is the Being of our Being; it is the authentic and legitimate "I Am."

There is a need for the ""I to die in us in order for the Being to be born in us. Later, the Being receives the crown of life, which is the resplendent and divine I Am. The I Am is as different from the "I", as day is from night, as winter is from summer, as God is from the demon. Those who speak of an inferior "I" and a superior "I", are in reality seeking escape routes to elude the process of the "I". We, the Gnostics, do not seek ways out because we know that the "I" is the horrible larva of the threshold and we want to put an end to that larva in order to Be. It is only in this manner that we can receive the crown of life, by incarnating the resplendent I Am.

In Egypt, the Master learned how to travel in the astral body by vocalizing FARAON. It is in this manner that he came out in the astral body. The Master lay down in his bed in exactly the same manner that the Aztecs represented Chac Mool, the god of rain. He rested his head on a pillow and lulled himself to sleep, while vocalizing the mantram FARAON. When vocalizing this mantram, it is divided into three syllables; the first is the FA that resounds in all of nature. The second is the Egyptian RA. The third is the ON which reminds us of the famous mantram OM of the Hindus.

The Master lulled himself to sleep, mentally vocalizing this mantram. It is important to prolong the sound of each of the letters, which form the mantram FARAON.

The physical body falls asleep and the soul heads towards the inner planes with the consciousness awake; this is how we travel in the astral body at will. The Pharaoh of Egypt gave Jesus a sacred esoteric medal, which consisted of some small wings that symbolized the igneous wings; this medal was placed over his heart.

During those times, there was in Egypt an initiate who was going astray; he tried to lead Jesus astray but failed in his attempt. Jesus admonished this man, but it was useless; he was already in too bad a state.

This is the occult wisdom that we, the Gnostics, are spreading in order to initiate the Aquarian Age. We are, therefore, the initiators of this new era. "But we speak the wisdom of God in a mystery, even the hidden wisdom, which God ordained before the world unto our glory: Which none of the princes of this world knew: for had they known it, they would not have crucified the Lord of glory. But God hath revealed them unto us (the Gnostics) by his Spirit: for the Spirit searcheth all things, yea, the deep things of God." (Corinthians: 2: 6, 7, 8, and 10).

All religions and schools of this century adore and exploit the human person of Jesus, and reject the secret doctrine of the I Am. No one wants to internally seek his resplendent and luminous I Am. That was the doctrine that He taught us, but people reject these teachings because: "...The natural man receiveth not the things of the Spirit of God: for they are foolishness unto him: neither can he know them, because they are spiritually discerned." (1 Corinthians: 2:14). "Howbeit we speak wisdom among them that are perfect: yet not the wisdom of this world, nor of the princes of this world, that come to nought." (1 Corinthians: 2:6).

After these things had passed, Master Jesus rode his camel and left for the pyramids. Next, he was in the sacred land of the Hindus; in Oriental Tibet, and he entered the mystery schools.

The Master made great prophecies in India and Tibet.

In the snowy Tibetan peaks, the Master entered a great temple of mysteries where great meetings of Masters were held.

Jesus is a true hierophant of the great mysteries. After this visit, he returned to the holy land; by that time, Herod had already died.

Chapter 13


The great Buddha, Jesus of Nazareth returned to his country to fulfill the greatest mission of all times. However, it is very true that no prophet has a good name in his own land. The people of Israel were chosen to surround the Master and to redeem the world. This is how one comprehends how that nation had so many prophets and so many saints. Upon the unconquered walls of Zion, the glory of Solomon, son of David the King of Zion, shone. Upon the unconquered walls of Jerusalem shone the face of Jehovah. Upon the streets of Jerusalem, Isaiah, Samuel, Jeremiah, Ezekiel and many others, shone full of Light. Those were the people chosen to accompany the Lord.

Unfortunately, at the supreme hour of the final test, they liberated Barrabas and crucified Christ, their promised Messiah. When the people had to choose between Christ and Jahve, they crucified Christ and adored Jahve, who is the chief of the black lodge. Jahve is a fallen angel, the genie of evil, a terribly perverse demon.

This is how the people of Juda crucified their promised Christ. This is how the people of Israel failed. This is how the people that had been chosen to spread the Christic wisdom upon the entire face of the earth, plunged into the abyss. Now, that nation follows Jahve and has totally failed; that is the nation that betrayed its Master and crucified him. If the Lord had not been crucified, the destiny of the Western world would have been another; we would now have sublime enlightened rabbis everywhere, preaching Christic Esotericism.

Christic Esotericism, the secret Jewish Kabbalah and Holy Alchemy united, would have completely illuminated and transformed the world.

The mysteries of Levi would have shone with the Light of Christ. Gnosis would have marvelously shone everywhere.

The world would not then have fallen into the lifeless Christianity of Roman Catholicism.

We would have saved ourselves from the horrible darkness of the dark age.

Unfortunately, the chosen people failed and all of humanity sunk into the abyss.

The earth shook terribly and the veil of the Sanctum Sanctorum was torn into two pieces.

Then the Ark of the Covenant remained visible for all as the only hope of salvation. This Ark represents the sexual organs within which is the great arcane, sexual magic, the supreme key of redemption.


The Buddha Jesus was full of majesty; the only thing he lacked was the coronation. Jesus headed towards Jordan; John dwelled there; he had his temple and officiated in it. John is a great Master of the White Lodge. At the door of the temple, John placed an inscription that said*, "Profane dances are prohibited."* John was a man of medium height, a white bearded venerable elder. When he officiated, he wore his regal priestly robe inside the temple.

Outside the temple, he dressed modestly enveloping his body with a camel skin, and halfnaked in this manner, this venerable man was full of majesty and everyone respected him. His body, full of strong muscles and his wide forehead, reflected the majesty of his resplendent Being. John had to live until the arrival of the Messiah. John had to be the great initiator of the Buddha Jesus; thus it was written in the books of destiny. Jesus entered the temple and John ordered him to remove his garments. John was dressed in his priestly robe. Naked, Jesus covered only his sexual organs with a white cloth. He then came out of the vestibule and entered the sanctuary. John anointed the Lord with pure oil and poured water over his head. In those instants, three stars internally shone in the heaven of the Spirit; the third star was red like living fire. The Spirit of wisdom then descended from heaven.

That was the supreme instant; the Spirit of Wisdom entered Jesus through the pineal gland. The Father did not enter in those instants within the body of Jesus; he only attended in his regal chariot of fire, which was only visible to the eyes of the Spirit. Thus was the coronation of the Buddha Jesus. The Apocalypse says, "Be thou faithful unto death, and I will give thee a crown of life." Jesus was faithful and in this manner received the Crown of Life, which is the eternal breath, unknown unto itself, a breath of the Absolute within us, that pure ray of each man from which the Inner-Self himself emanated, the Atmic thread of the Hindus, our I Am. "To him who knows, the word gives power; no one pronounced it, no one will pronounce it except he who has it incarnated." He incarnated it in the baptism.

"In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. The same was in the beginning with God. All things were made by him; and without him was not any thing made that was made. And the light shineth in darkness; and the darkness comprehended it not."

Orientals call the Cosmic Christ, the Christos; the E called him Osiris; the Hindus, Vishnu; the Tibetans, Kuan Yin, the Melodious Voice, the army of the verb, the great breath, the Central Sun, the Solar Logos, the Word of God.

After the Gnostic baptism, the Christ shone in Jesus, full of glory, with immaculate, divine, white Light that was radiant like the Sun.

This is how Jesus incarnated his resplendent and luminous I Am. As of that instant, the Buddha Jesus was called Jesus Christ.

"And the Word was made flesh, and dwelt among us, full of grace and truth." That was the true light that illuminates every man who comes to this world.

In Him there are no hierarchic differences, in Him we are all One. "John bare witness of him, and cried, saying, This was he of whom I spake, He that comet after me is preferred before me: for he was before me."

"And of his fullness have all we received, and grace for grace." Everyone who incarnates his Inner Christ will also be Him.

In the past, several incarnated him, in the future, many will incarnate him. No one can receive the Crown of Life without first having raised his Seven Serpents upon the staff. Everyone who says, "I received the Crown of Life," lies; the one who receives it does not say it; it is only known by his deeds; the Crown of Life is a terrible secret.

We have to become abodes of the Lord and just as Moses raised the serpent upon the staff in the desert, so is it necessary for the son of man to be raised. We have to incarnate the Christ in us in order to ascend to the Father. Christ is not an individual; he is the army of the word, the Verb of God. No one reaches the Father except through the Son; in the Christ we are all One. In the Lord there are no differences between one man and another, because in Him we are all One. In Him, individuality does not exist. The one who incarnates him is therefore Him, Him, Him. "Variety is Unity."

We have to put an end to the personality and the "I" in order for the Being to be born in us; we have to put an end to individuality.

If a mystic in ecstasy abandons all of his seven bodies in order to investigate the life of Christ, he will then see himself represented in the drama of the Lord's passion, doing miracles and marvels; he will see himself dead and resurrected on the third day; that mystic will occupy the place of Christ and in those instants he shall be Him, Him, Him, because in the world of the Christ there are no individuals. In Christ there is only one Being that expresses himself as many. Upon putting an end to the "I" and the individuality, only the values of the consciousness remain, which are the attributes of Eternal Absolute Abstract Space. Only He can say, "I Am the way, the truth and the life,

I Am the Light, I am the Life, I Am the good shepherd, I Am the door, I Am the bread, I Am the resurrection." The Being receives his Being of his Being, the I Am, that breath of the great Breath in each of us, our particular ray, He, He, He. The I Am is the Inner Christ of every man, our divine "Augoides," the Logos. The one who receives the Crown of Life has the right to say, "I Am He, I Am He, I Am He."

We tell Theosophists that He is not the monad, but that the monad comes from Him. He is our particular ray; that ray is a perfect triad. Only He liberates us from the Law of Karma. He is the Logoic Ray of each man. The end of the Law is Christ.

The Law of Karma is merely the stepmother, the healer that cures us, that is all. In Christ we are free; Christ is the Logos, the verb; He makes us kings and priests. The one who receives the Crown of Life frees himself from the Law of Karma.

He is the army of the word, our resplendent Dragon of Wisdom. He is the Crown of Life, Faith, the Verb, the Crown of Justice, the Christ. In the law we are slaves, in Christ we are all free because the end of the Law of Karma is Christ. "Be thou faithful unto death, and I will give thee a crown of life." The attributes of the eternal I Am are the Army of the Voice.

Abandon all of your idolatries, religions, schools, sects, orders and lodges, seek your resplendent and luminous I Am who dwells in the depth of your Being. He is your only savior.

Christ is the Army of the Voice, who is the only Being; the Being of all Beings; th sum total of all the attributes of eternal absolute abstract space; the total, impersonal, universal, infinite Cosmic Christ... Christ is a multiple unit. The Light came to the darkness but the darkness recognized it not.

Christ is the solar logos. The Army of the Verb is an eternal, unconditioned and perfect multiple unit. He is the creative Logos; He is the Verb of the first instant; He is the Great Breath emanated from within the entrails of eternal absolute abstract space; He is the army of the word. The eternal absolute abstract space is the Being of the Being of all Beings, the Absolute, the Nameless, Limitless Space. Everyone who incarnates his Christ becomes christified and joins the ranks of the Army of the Voice. In Egypt, the Christ was called Osiris and the one who incarnated was an Osirified Being; among the Aztecs, the I Am is Quetzalcoatl.


The Crown of Life has three aspects; First, the Ancient of the Days, the Father; second, the very beloved Son of the Father; and third, the very wise Holy Spirit. Father, Son and Holy Spirit, the perfect triad within the unity of life. This triad, plus the unity of life, is the holy four; the four eternal carpenters, the four horns of the altar, the four winds of the oceans, the holy and mysterious Tetragrammaton whose mantric word is Iod He Vau He, the terrible name of the Eternal.

Each man has his own original crown, which is our own ray that connects us with the Absolute. The Inner-Self is the very beloved son of the Crown of Life. From our original Crown emanated the entire theosophical septenary; that is the I Am that theosophists do not know.


The Ancient of the Days is original in each man, and He is the Father; there are as many Fathers in Heaven as there are men on earth. The Ancient of the Days is the occult of the occult, the mercy of mercies, the kindness of kindnesses, the root of our Being, the "great wind." The hair of the Ancient of the Days has 13 locks; his beard has 13 locks.

It is only by overcoming death that we can incarnate the Ancient of the Days. The funeral tests of Arcane 13 are more frightful and terrible than the abyss. Arcane 13 is the Ancient of the Days.

We need a supreme death in order to have the right to incarnate the Ancient of the Days. Only the one who incarnates him has the right to internally wear the hair and the beard of the venerable Elder.

It is only in the presence of the Angels of death, after coming out victorious from the funeral tests, that we can incarnate the Ancient of the Days. The one who incarnates him is one more old man in eternity. The Ancient of the Days is the first terribly divine emanation of Absolute Abstract Space.


From the Ancient of the Days emanates the divine couple, which is the Christ and his virgin wife, the holy Spirit that resembles an ineffable woman in every man; this divine mother wears a white robe and a blue shawl. The blessed Goddess, Mother of the world, carries a precious lamp in her hand. The divine male resembles a complete Christ, and is symbolized by the phallus in erection, by the scepter of power on high, by the tower, by every pointed rock and by the robe of glory; he is the divine origin.

The divine woman is an ineffable virgin; this divine mother is symbolized among the Aztecs by a mysterious virgin; this virgin has a mysterious mouth in her throat. This is so because the throat is really the uterus where the word is gestated; the Gods create with the larynx. "In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God."

The Holy Spirit is the maker of Light: "And God said, Let there be light: and there was light;" its esoteric meaning is: "Because he said it, it was."

The Aztec virgin has four hands, its meaning is She receives life from the Father and gives life to all things with the Verb; she is the mother of the world. Two strange intertwined serpents form a strange head; those two serpents are the two sympathetic cords of the spinal column. It is through these two channels that our sexual energy ascends to the cerebrum; these are the two witnesses of the Apocalypse, the two candlesticks that are before the God of the earth, the two olives that pour out oil like pure gold, the two serpents that are intertwined on the caduceus of Mercury.

The arms of the Goddess are the two serpents: The tempting serpent of Eden and the bronze serpent that healed the Israelites in the desert.

The Aztec virgin's skirt is made up of serpents; on her chest she has one that represents death; we have to die in order to live; we have to lose it all in order to win it all. In the temple of the serpents, called the Temple of Quetzalcoatl, the Holy Spirit was adored. Before sunrise, a priest wearing a robe and a black, white and red mantle, poured powdered seashells into charcoals of fire; for this he used white, black and red seashells. The white is the pure Spirit, the black symbolizes the fall of the Spirit into matter, and the red is the fire of the Holy Spirit, with which we return to the whiteness of the pure Spirit. This incense rose up to heaven, the priest prayed for life and the plants bloomed, because the Holy Spirit is the sexual fire of the universe. The rite was verified in the Temple of Quetzalcoatl before sunrise, because the holy Spirit is the maker of Light; the priest vocalized the mantrams IN EN.

Jonah, the prophet, also verified the rite of the Holy Spirit in exactly the same way as the Aztecs and he used the same garments and aromatic substances.

He also vocalized the mantrams IN EN when he poured the aromatic substance into the fire. This rite should be established in all the Gnostic sanctuaries. The seashells related to the water of the sea and water is the dwelling of the Holy Spirit. Therefore, seashells are the perfect aromatic substance of the Holy Spirit. The mother or the Holy Spirit gives us power and wisdom.

The symbols of the virgin are the Yoni, the Chalice, and the robe of concealment.

Upon not ejaculating the semen, the total sexual energy of the divine couple returns towards its origin, opening centers and awakening terribly divine igneous powers. Moses on Mount Horeb, was able to incarnate the mother and remained enlightened. Others incarnate the divine couple; very few succeed at incarnating the Ancient of the Days. These are the three aspects of the Crown: Father, Son and Holy Spirit, the trinity within the unity of life.

Before Jesus, many Buddhas received the Crown of Life and they died, crucified. After Jesus, a few of us have received it and many will receive it in the future. The Spirit of Wisdom always lives crucif itself in matter in order to save the world.

The holy Four, the Tetragrammaton, is symbolized by the four fangs of the Aztec virgin, the IOD HE VAU HE, the divine I Am. In Kabbalah, Kether is the Father, Chokmah is the Son and Binah is the Holy Spirit; this is the Sephirothic Crown, the Crown of Life. This triad plus the unit is the holy Four, the holy and mysterious Tetragrammaton, the IOD HE VAU HE.


The seven columns of the temple of wisdom are double and they are burning fire. Those are the seven degrees of the power of fire, the seven serpents. After receiving the Crown of Life, we have to raise the double of each column, which is the Seven Serpents of Light of the I Am.

We need to become abodes of the Lord by lighting our seven-armed candlestick. Christ is born in our heart as a child of Bethlehem; that is the child God. The Christ would have been born uselessly in Bethlehem if he is not born in our hearts also. Uselessly would he have been crucified, died and resurrected on the third day among the dead, if he is not crucified, died and resurrected in each of us. The I Am is born in us as a small child and has to grow slowly, because nature does not make any leaps.

The birth of Christ in us, is the Christmas of the heart.

Before Jesus, many initiates incarnated him; after Him, a few of us have incarnated him, and many will incarnate him in the future.

The Spirit of Wisdom is constantly born in the manger of the world in order to save humanity.

Jesus Christ had to patiently raise each of his seven serpents of Light; there are Seven Serpents of Fire and Seven of Light.

The ascent of each of the Serpents of Light is very arduous and difficult; it is truly the terror of Holiness, Love and Law.

Jesus began by raising the First Serpent of Light, in other words, that of the Physical Body. Each vertebra demands difficult virtues and frightful sanctities. This serpent makes us kings of the abyss, which is one of the seven unutterable secrets.

As the First Serpent of Light reaches each vertebra, we enter each of the 33 holy chambers of the temple. Once the ascent of this serpent is finished, the First Initiation in the mysteries of Faith and of Nature, follows. The Seven Serpents of Light belong to these mysteries. These are the seven eternal calvaries.

When the initiate awakens the Second Serpent of Light, he can then practice sexual magic only once a week; much later, the initiate becomes sexual, in other words, he enters to enjoy the delights of love without sexual contact; by then we are already omnipotent Gods; these are inviolable laws. Friday is the day of sexual magic. With this second serpent, the Etheric Body becomes absolutely christified and we return to Eden, where Lord Jehovah welcomes us and in this manner we become inhabitants of Eden.

The christified Etheric Body is the golden body, the wedding garment of the soul; with this garment we can enter any department of nature and we can travel to serve in the Great Work.

The wedding garment of the soul is crystalline, like water. This is the Soma Puchicon; it seems to be made of pure glass and confers pure consciousness upon us; it is governed by the moon's rays and it resembles an ineffable little girl.

The third Serpent transfigured the Astral Body of Jesus, and it shone like the Sun on the Mount of the Transfiguration, with the majesty of the I Am.

The Fourth Serpent of Light absolutely christifies the Mind; we then have the mind of the Lord and when He expresses himself through this mind, we are ineffable Gods, we shine like Christ.

The Fifth Serpent converts the Human Soul into an ineffable Christ; we then have the will of the Lord.

The Sixth Serpent of Light christifies the Consciousness; we then have consciousness of the Lord.

The Seventh Serpent of light absolutely christifies the Inner-Self; we then say, "Father, in thy hands I commend my Spirit;" that is the seventh word. We are then the ineffable, powerful and divine Christ; these are the seven terribly divine Golgothas. One reaches these heights by loving the woman, by adoring her.

Men and women have the same rights.

These Seven Serpents of Light are the Seven Seals of the Apocalypse, which only the Lamb, the I Am can undo. Love is the greatest happiness of the universe; love converts us into Christs. Gnostic homes are full of chastity, love and beauty.

In the patios of the Aztec temples, men and women remained entire months adoring each other and connecting sexually without ejaculating the semen; this is how men and women attained self-realization. This is the doctrine that Christ taught in secrecy to his 70 disciples; this is the holy doctrine of the I Am. "I am the bread of life. I am the living bread. He who eats of my flesh and drinks of my blood, he dwells in me and I in him. He who eats of my flesh and drinks of my blood, shall have eternal life and I will resurrect him."

We have to eat of the flesh and blood of the I Am in order to become Gods.

We know of all those super transcended persons of spiritualism, Theosophy, Rosicrucianism, etc.; we know that all those people have much pride and they believe that everything in life is like blowing bubbles. It will not surprise us if this book is considered profane, for now that this book is published, those super transcended ones will supposedly end up, also receiving the Crown of Life. The abusers will now increase in number everywhere and the Christs will abound and a harvest of supercrowned ones will also increase. Be very careful, "For false Christs and false prophets shall rise, and shall shew signs and wonders, to seduce, if it were possible, even the elect." (Mark, 13:22).

Be vigilant, "For many shall come in my name, saying, I am Christ; and shall deceive many." (Mark 13:6).

What is more, false Christs will appear within the Gnostic Movement.

There will not be a spiritualist medium who will not claim to have received the Crown of Life.

We, the inhabitants of the Sacred Island, give you these warnings in order for y not to let yourselves be deceived by the antichrists. "Then if any man shall say unto you, Lo, here is Christ, or there; believe it not." (Matthew, 24:23).

With this book we initiate the Age of Aquarius, but we know that humanity is not yet ready to understand this book; therefore, we warn you of the danger in order for you to not fall into the abyss of perdition. With this book, they will be more abusive than with the Bible. Seek your resplendent and luminous I Am; practice sexual magic and totally sanctify yourselves.

"Heaven and earth shall pass away, but my words shall not pass away." Right now, the two witnesses are dead due to fornication and you should resurrect them. The. bodies of these two witnesses are lying down in the plaza of this Sodom. When your two witnesses resurrect with sexual magic, the tenebrous ones shall become frightened, "And if any man will hurt them, fire proceedeth out of their mouth, and devoureth their enemies."

Be careful now, because since the two witnesses are dead, you do not yet possess your Christic powers, and therefore, the tenebrous ones can easily deceive you. Be careful of the Christs, be careful of the theosophists, Rosicrucians, aquarianists, spiritualists, etc.; those people say that they follow Christ, but in reality they follow their "divine impostors". They do not even know what the Christ is; none of those tenebrous ones know what the I Am is.

The divine Master said, "I am the way, the truth and the life," but these people do not understand that, and instead of seeking their resplendent and luminous I Am within themselves, they prefer to go behind their sublime impostors, and supposedly, they follow Christ! How cynical they are! What pigs, my God!

They abandon their resplendent I Am and then they come with the sophism that there are many paths, and that one arrives through any path. How cynical they are! The Master did not talk to us about so many paths. He only said: "I am the way, the truth and the life."

Chapter 14


The first miracle that Jesus carried out was to transmute water into wine. This is the first miracle that our disciples have to carry out; that is where one enters initiation; this miracle was carried out by Jesus at a wedding.

It is also very true that within the marriage, by means of the sexual contact which transmutes water into wine, that we have to transmute the water (semen) into the wine of the Light of the Alchemist; sexual magic is the way. Upon publicly opening the path of initiation for all of suffering humanity, Jesus began by teaching us sexual transmutation, sexual magic! In the flesh, Jesus Christ represented the entire drama of initiation, which begins with sexual transmutation; with sexual magic we become Gods. When the spouses rise to the state of Gods, it is only then that they can enjoy the delights of love without sexual contact; that is already something of Gods.

When we study the Akashic annals of nature, we see a great wooden palace. The wedding of Cana was a lavish one; the bride was a young aristocratic female of that old palace, of dark complexion, Roman nose, protruding upper lip, and a body of medium height. She wore a white wedding dress and a crown of flowers on her head. The feast was solemn and Jesus attended it. Suddenly the wine was finished. Jesus crossed the room and headed towards a corner of the lavish palace. A barrel of pure water was there; it was square and a few olive leaves floated on the water. Jesus Christ extended his right hand over that pure water of life and then transmuted the water into wine. Everyone rejoiced and the feast continued.

With this miracle, he publicly taught sexual magic. We have to transmute the water of life (semen) into the wine of Light of the Alchemist; this is how the sacred fire awakens; this is how our spinal fires develop.

Let us not forget that the Cosmic Christ resides within every plant, animal and human seed.


"At the same time came the disciples unto Jesus, saying, Who is the greatest in the kingdom of heaven? And Jesus called a little child unto him, and set him in the midst of them, And said, Verily I say unto you, Except ye be converted, and become as little children, ye shall not enter into the kingdom of heaven.

Whosoever therefore shall humble himself as this little child, the same is greatest in the kingdom of heaven." (Matthew, 18: 1, 2, 3, 4).

Those who call themselves his followers, do not want to follow his example; no one wants to become a child now.

The popes, cardinals, archbishops, bishops and priests travel in luxury cars, filled with pride and arrogance. They do not even remotely want to become children; they are full of intellectualism, high ranking titles; they have enormous riches. The pastors of the different religious sects of this barbarian age enjoy the title of pastors and filled with arrogance and pride, they feel happy with the presents and obeisance from their ignorant sheep; they also do not feel like being children.

Nowadays, the whole world wants to be a great lord and sit in the front seats of the synagogues; they all want to be great avatars and great Masters; no one feels like being a child. They all know too much; they preach those teachings but they do not apply them. None of them wants to have a child's mind; it does not please them. The brothers of the different schools, orders, lodges, etc. are bookworms; they believe that they know a lot and becoming a child even seems ridiculous to them. But, they auto-declare themselves to be like children, just out of pride; that is the present humanity. They all say that they are famous reincarnations. No one wants to be less, no one wants to be the least of all.

In order to receive the Crown of Life, one must have a child's mind.

We have to free ourselves from intellectual pride, put an end to fear and intellectualism, free ourselves from spiritualist aberrations, and cleanse the mind of all types of intellectualisms and theories.

We should practice sexual magic and kill not only desire, but even the very knowledge of desire.

We have to put an end to reasoning in order to have a child's mind. The child does not reason, he is intuitive, he instinctively knows; he does not covet money, does not fornicate, does not commit adultery, and he is not a murderer.

How can someone who kills be a child? How can someone who steals be a child? How can someone who fornicates be a child? One enters the abyss through three doors: Anger, covetousness and lust.


In the Fourth Initiation of Greater Mysteries, the initiate wins Nirvana; he enters the world of the Gods where only unlimited happiness reigns. Upon arriving at the Fifth Initiation of Greater Mysteries, one arrives at the Mountain of the Gods, which has two paths, which lead us to the peak. One is the spiral path, which, winding around the mountain, takes us to the peak; the other is the path of duty, it is long, bitter, strait and difficult, and it leads us directly to the Absolute.

Max Heindel speaks to us about the mountain of men; the peak of this mountain is Nirvana, and in order to reach it, we have to go through Nine Initiations of Lesser Mysteries and Five of Greater Mysteries.

When the initiate reaches the peak of the mountain of men, he finds himself before the two paths of the mountain of the Gods. A terrible guardian appears before the initiate. This guardian shows him the spiral Nirvanic path and tells him, "This is a good labor; the initiate sees the infinite worlds of space, the suns that orbit throughout eternity, the Gods of Nirvana full of happiness, happily dwelling in their paradises." Next, he shows the initiate the strait and difficult, long and bitter path of duty that leads us directly to the Absolute and says, "This is a superior labor; you must decide right now which of the two paths you will follow." If the initiate tries to think this over, the guardian tells him, "Do not think about it, answer immediately."

This is a terrible moment, since the destiny of many eternities depends on him; this is the most terrible moment of our cosmic evolution. The initiate who renounces Nirvana out of love for humanity, is confirmed three times honorable and after many eternities of Nirvanas won and lost out of love for humanity, he finally earns the right to enter the Absolute. Those of the spiral path of Nirvana have periods of activity and periods of repose within Nirvanic happiness. They become incarnated in the worlds only over very long intervals and become submerged once again, during eternities, within the infinite happiness of the spheres.

Since they do not use the four bodies of sin, they enjoy limitless happiness within the music of the stars. In this manner, over limitless eternities, they reach slowly, very slowly, the Absolute; this path is extremely long. On February 19, 1919 at 3:40 in the afternoon, Nirvana went into activity and now, the Nirvanic hierarchies are struggling for the return of evolution toward the superior worlds.

There are Nirvanis who are loaded with karmic debts; they repay them during their cycles of manifestation. The great danger for the Masters, is the fall of their bodhisattvas. Presently, there are thousands of fallen bodhisattvas in the world; bodhisattvas in whom the Masters cannot become incarnated. The falls are due to the fact that the will-soul is not well developed and they do not grow as long as desire exists in the astral body; we have to kill desire.

A Master can be very resplendent in the "Glorian", but with the bodhisattva fallen, he cannot serve suffering humanity; this means horrible suffering for the Master.

The Master and his bodhisattva are a mysterious double individuality. The bodhisattva who renounces Nirvana out of love for humanity, has the right to ask for the elixir of long life, with which he can preserve the physical body during ol ng eternities, for as long as he likes.

Count St. Germain presently lives with the same physical body that he had during the 17^th^ and 18^th^ centuries in Europe.

Zanoni lived thousands of years with the same physical body.

Sanat Kumara presently lives with the same body that he had in Lemuria 18,000,000 years ago. The great Masters of the guardian wall that protect humanity, live with the same bodies that they had millions of years ago. Masters Kout Humi, Morya and many others preserve their bodies of thousands of years ago. Death has not been able to overcome them, and in this manner, they have been able to avoid the danger of reincarnations, the danger of the bodhisattvas falling when exposed to the environment, temptations, heredity, etc. Only those with a will of steel never fall.

Chapter 15


In the fine arts building in Mexico, F.D., we find an Aztec sculpture of the Bat God. We are going to talk about it even if the tenebrous ones slander us and classify us as black magicians. This sculpture is a precious Aztec symbol of one of the principal hierarchs of death. The Angels of Death work under the influence of Saturn and disembody the souls according to the Law of Karma. Their symbols are the bat, the owl and the scythe. They take the soul out of the body and cut the silver cord that unites the soul to the body.

During sleep, souls can travel anywhere and return to the body thanks to the silver cord. When the Angels of Death are working, they adopt a skeletal appearance; after their work, they assume a beautiful appearance; they are really Angels.

The Bat God dwells in the center of Eden; he is an Angel of Death. In the same manner that he has the power to kill, he also has the power to heal.

The Aztecs formed a chain in the shape of a horseshoe to invoke him. The links of that chain were loose; no one touched each other's hands or each other's body and it opened up on the sides of the altar. The attendants of the rite remained respectful, crouched and curled up.

The mantram ISIS was vocalized by everyone in two syllables, and prolonging the sound of each letter in this manner, iiiiiii ssssss iiiiiii sssssss, sustaining the sound of each letter as long as possible. The "S" sounds like the cricket (grasshopper), or like the rattles of the serpent, which is so sacred among the Aztecs. That is the subtle voice with which marvels and prodigies can be accomplished. The mantram was vocalized many consecutive times. The priest poured an aromatic substance made of marine shells that had been reduced to a white powder into a small brazier. The shells and the sacred fire were internally associated. The small braziers were placed on a table; two flames, symbols of life and death, burned on the altar. Facing the attendants, the priest blessed them with a sharp knife, and with his heart, he called the Bat God. It is in this manner that the terrible Hierarch of Death attended. This rite can be practiced in the Gnostic sanctuaries.

The Bat God can heal the sick if the Law of Karma permits it. Any group of persons can practice this rite in order to heal seriously ill persons. This rite was practiced by the Aztecs in a temple of solid gold, which still exists in the Jinas state.

The Bat God attends the funeral tests of Arcane 13. When Jesus arrived at Arcane 13, he wandered among the sepulchers of the dead. The terrible specters of death besieged him among the terrors of the horrible night; the cadaverous phantoms of death reminded him of horrible things of the past. Jesus had to overcome the supreme council of the Angels of Death. The struggle was terrible, but He was victorious; he was not fearful. The Ancient of the Days, like a terrible gust, entered in Him; it is in this manner that the Son and the Father are one. This is accomplished in Arcane 13; this process is the same in everyone who receives the Crown. This belongs to the Second Initiation of the Mysteries of Faith and Nature.

"I thank thee, O Father, Lord of heaven and earth, because thou hast hid these things from the wise and prudent, and hast revealed them unto babes. Even so, Father: for so it seemed good in thy sight.

All things are delivered unto me of my Father: and no man knoweth the Son, but the

Father; neither knoweth any man the Father, save the Son, and he to whomsoever the

Son will reveal him."


Really, the elixir of long life is a very white, powerful, electropositive and electronegative gas. When the initiate asks for the elixir of long life, he enters the Temple of Sanat Kumara who reads to the initiate all the conditions and sacred requirements. Sanat Kumara is the founder of the College of Initiates of the White Lodge. He lives in an oasis of the Gobi desert with other Lemurian initiates. They all preserve the same body of more that 18,000,000 years ago. Sanat Kumara congratulates the initiate, telling him,

"You are one more immolated person on the altar of great sacrifice;" he then blesses the initiate.

After this, one enters another temple of the internal worlds on the door of which there is an inscription that says, "Gnostic Temple of Those Who Prolong Life." The initiate attends these temples in the astral body; there he receives the elixir of long life during a ceremony.

That gas remains deposited in the vital body. Later, one has to overcome death in the tests of Arcane 13, which are truly horrible. Very few human beings have that much courage as to face them with success. The one who emerges victorious is warned that he still has to die; he really dies, but does not die. On the third day after being dead, the initiate approaches his tomb in the astral body to invoke his body. The Spirits of Movement, the Angels of Death, and other hierarchies help him in this task.

The body obeys and upon rising from the sepulcher, it totally penetrates the suprasensible worlds. The holy women then treat it with certain spices, and the divine hierarchies infuse life and motion into it. Then, obeying supreme orders, the body enters the initiate through the pineal gland. This gland is the thousand petalled lotus flower in the astral body, the crown of the saints, the diamond eye. This is how he resurrects from among the dead.

All the Masters who have resurrected, live with their physical bodies throughout millions of years. Zanoni committed the error of taking a wife after having resurrected from among the dead. That is why he lost his head at the guillotine during the French revolution.

At such levels, the initiate lives only to direct the current of life of the centuries, and no longer needs a wife. This is Cupid's gift; the initiate's body remains in the Jinas state. Nonetheless, he becomes visible and tangible wherever he wants, and works in the physical world in accordance with the White Lodge. As of that moment, he manages the great Life; he has power over Fire, Air, Water and Earth. All of nature kneels before him and obeys him. He can live among men and he is a man-God. Naturally, it is indispensable to undergo the tests of Arcane 13 in order to reach these heights.

The body is embalmed for death; the supper of Bethany corresponds to this event of Arcane 13. After the body has been embalmed for death, it is subjected to a special evolution for the tomb, which unfolds within numbers 30 and 35, which when added together give us Arcane 11, "The tamed Lion." We have to tame nature and overcome it. When the body is ready for the sepulcher, the death and resurrection processes follow. In this case, the Angels of Death do not cut the silver cord; in this manner, he dies but does not die. The physical cerebrum of the initiate is subjected to a special transformation, becoming more subtle, delicate and radiant.

The supper of Bethany corresponds to these processes in Jesus Christ. "Now when Jesus was in Bethany, in the house of Simon the leper, There came unto him a woman having an alabaster box of very precious ointment, and poured it on his head, as he sat at meat. But when his disciples saw it, they had indignation, saying, To what purpose is this waste? For this ointment might have been sold for much, and given to the poor. When Jesus understood it, he said unto them, Why trouble ye the woman? for she hath wrought a good work upon me. For ye have the poor always with you; but me ye have not always. For in that she hath poured this ointment on my body, she did it for my burial. Verily I say unto you, wherever this gospel shall be preached in the whole world, there shall also this, that this woman hath done, be told for a memorial of her. (Matthew, 26: 6-13).

The mysteries of death are grand. Jesus met the adorable Goddess of Death, after having returned from Jordan, in the solitude of the desert. The Goddess, Mother Death is known among the Aztecs by the name of Mietlancihuati; she is the supreme chief of the Angels of Death.

She is the only one who liberates us from pain and bitterness.

She takes us out of this valley of tears millions of times, always filled with immense maternal love, full of charity, adorable and good.

The three keys of pain are: The Moon, the fornicating woman and the turbid waters; all of that is of the horrible kingdom of holy Mary, the abyss..

The blessed Goddess of Death is love and charity. The Aztecs represented her with a diadem of nine skulls. Nine is initiation.

The one who accomplishes Arcane 13 totally liberates himself; she receives and gives; that is why she is represented with four hands.


Ehecatl, God of the Wind among the Aztecs, intervened in the resurrection of Jesus Christ. On the third day, he entered the tomb of Jesus and clamored with a loud voice,

"Jesus, rise from your tomb, with your body."

Ehecatl induced activity and movement into the body of Jesus.

Ehecatl is a precious angel and spirit of movement. The Lords of Movement regulate all the activities of cosmic movement. The Aztecs rendered homage to Ehecatl. "Now upon the first day of the week, very early in the morning, the holy women came (in the astral body) unto the sepulchre, bringing the spices which they had prepared, and certain other women with them."

The physical body of Jesus was submerged into the internal worlds; it remained in the Jinas state; the tomb remained empty. "Then arose Peter, and ran unto the sepulchre; and stooping down, he beheld the linen clothes laid by themselves, and departed, wondering in himself at that which was come to pass." The body of Jesus was treated with aromatic spices and sacred ointments and then entered through the astral pineal gland of the Master. This is how he remained resurrected with his body, which in the Jinas state was made visible to the disciples of Emmaus. "And it came to pass, as he sat at meat with them, he took bread, and blessed it, and brake, and gave to them. And their eyes were opened, and they knew him; and he vanished out of their sight." To the eleven apostles, it seemed impossible that Jesus could have resurrected, and when he stood in the midst of them, and said unto them, "Peace be unto you." "They were terrified and affrighted, and supposed that they had seen a spirit;" simply because it seemed impossible to them that a cadaver could have life. "And he said unto them, Why are ye troubled? and why do thoughts arise in your hearts? Behold my hands and my feet, that it is I myself: handle me, and see; for a spirit hath not flesh and bones, as ye see me have." And in order to completely prove to them that he had a body of flesh and blood, he ate with them at the table.

Later, the Master headed towards Oriental Tibet.

He taught and demonstrated to humanity the Doctrine of the Resurrection from the Dead. By practicing sexual magic, adoring the woman, by knowing how to love, every human being can attain the very high peaks of the resurrection.


Shambhala is a secret country of oriental Tibet. Jesus Christ presently lives there with his same resurrected physical body; he also has his Mystery Temple there. That country is in the Jinas state; the principal monasteries of the White Lodge exist there.

Many Masters whose physical bodies are of very ancient ages, and exist in the Jinas state, live there. When Jesus walked upon the waters, he carried his body in the Jinas state. Any disciple can travel in the same manner. The disciple falls asleep lightly and then, filled with faith, he rises from his bed like a somnambulist, preserving drowsiness. He will then take a jump with the intention of submerging himself into the suprasensible worlds. When he jumps, he will float in the atmosphere; this is called the Jinas state. This is how one floats in space and walks upon the waters. Some succeed immediately, while others take months and even years.

There are monasteries of the White Lodge in the Jinas state in all the corners of the world. In the astral body, or in Jinas, our disciples can visit Shambhala and converse with Christ. A road from the northeast goes from the city of Ghandara until it arrives at the Sita and Bhastani rivers. The two sacred columns are behind these two rivers. Then, there is a lake where an initiated elder guides the traveler to Shambhala, the secret country.

Profane people will never find this country, since it is very well hidden.

Jesus Christ will return at the zenith of Aquarius with his same body that he resurrected and still preserves in the Jinas state.

Later, the Master will return in the Antarctic continent, to illuminate the sixth race of Koradhi.

Much later, he will return to instruct the seventh race.

He is the Savior of the world. Really, the only one who can save us is the resplendent arid luminous I Am. Jesus Christ brought the doctrine of the I Am and that is why He is the Savior. The Roman priests stole the secret doctrine of the Lord.

Any mystic in a state of ecstasy can see Christ tied to the column where they gave him 5,000 or more lashes, within many spiritualist schools, religions or sects.

All those schools and religions are whipping the Lord daily.

The Theosophists still believe that above Jesus Christ there are more elevated beings. They are mistaken because Jesus Christ is a "Paramarthasatya" who renounced the Absolute in order to come to this valley of tears.

Jesus Christ is the Lord of all souls, an inhabitant of the Absolute.

"Father, forgive them for they know not what they do."

All of us say the following Everyone who becomes a disciple of a demon, will go to the abyss to accompany his adorable demon-guru.


Chapter 16


The powerful Revolutionary Universal Gnostic Movement advances victoriously on all the battle fronts, and already, nothing and no one, can stop us on this luminous and triumphant march. Our leader is our Lord Jesus Christ, who dwells in Shambhala of Tibet with the same body resurrected from the dead. Many other Masters, whose bodies are children of the resurrection, dwell with him. We are the initiators of the new Aquarian Age.

In the new era, we shall establish Gnostic governments on the face of the earth, and frontiers, customs, wars, hatred, etc. will then disappear.

The central headquarters of the Gnostic Movement in the west of the world, is the Summum Supremum Sanctuarium of the Sierra Nevada of Santa Marta, in the Republic of Colombia, South America.

Among the mountains of the Sierra Nevada, we have our subterranean temple; all the temples of the White Lodge are subterranean, and they are within the forests and mountains of the entire world.

The supreme headquarters of our Gnostic Movement is in Shambhala of Oriental Tibet.

Thousands of Gnostics live in all of America.

The Gnostic flag has two bands, the upper one is red and the lower one is white. Between these two horizontal strips, there is a great golden cross; it carries an iron cross at the top of the pole. We are the followers of the I Am - I Am the authentic avatar of Aquarius.

Allow us to affirm that the Gnostic Movement is not just another school, but a revolutionary, international, universal movement. Allow me, a poor servant of the Lord, a miserable sinner, to affirm the majesty of my Luminous I Am, before whom I kneel out of feeling a lack in virtue and feeling huge in sin.

"I Am" the avatar of Aquarius. "I Am the living bread which came down from heaven: if any man eat of this bread, he shall live for ever: and the bread that I will give is my flesh, which I will give for the life of the world." I Am the initiator of the new era; "I am Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the ending." I am the energy that throbs in each atom and in each sun; "I am the light of the world: he that followeth me shall not walk in darkness, but shall have the light of life." I am the strength of all strength, and in me all strength is reflected. I Am who I Am. The greatest force in the entire world is the force of love.

I Am the force of love.

He, He, He is your "only" Savior.


We were thrown to the lions in the circuses of Rome, and we celebrated our rituals in the catacombs. We were burnt alive in the flames of the Roman Catholic inquisition. We accompanied Jesus Christ in the holy land; we were the mystical Essenes of Palestine; we are not improvising opportunist doctrines. We were hidden during 20 centuries and we are now returning once again to the street carrying on our shoulders the old, rough and heavy cross.

Paul took our doctrine to Rome and he was a Nazarene Gnostic.

Christ taught our doctrine in secrecy to the 70 disciples.

The Sethiani, Peratae, Carpocratians, Nazarenes and Essenes are Gnostic. The Egyptian, and Aztec mysteries, the mysteries of Rome, Troy, Carthage, of Eleusis, India, of the Druids, Pythagoreans, Kambirs, of Mithra and Persia, etc., are in their entirety, that which we call Gnosis or Gnosticism.

We now once again open the ancient Gnostic Sanctuaries, which were closed upon the arrival of the dark age.

We are now opening the authentic Initiatic Colleges.


People are tired of studying and finally want to know, see, hear and touch for themselves. The new Aquarian Age is for practical occultists; it is necessary for you to learn how to go out in the astral body at will and to travel with the physical body in the Jinas state, to fly with the body of flesh and blood, to enter the internal worlds, to visit the souls of the dead, to enter the world of the Angels with the physical body; all of this is certainly a gigantic victory of the Spirit.

In this manner we can transport ourselves to all the temples of the White Lodge, to study at the feet of the great Masters, to know the mysteries of life and death. In this manner, we will liberate ourselves from so many theories and so much absurd intellectualism. We advise our disciples to carefully avoid dealing with tenebrous persons of the kingdom of "Holy Mary" (the abyss).

The tenebrous ones will tell you that going out in the astral body is dangerous. This is what they learned from dangerous impostors who pose as Jesus Christ. They will fill you with fear and confusion with their very complicated theories. Spiritualists try to confuse your minds in order to convince you that spiritualist sessions are the cream of the crop. In all the spiritualist centers, repugnant and horrible demons of the abyss usually present themselves as ineffable saints, or as Jesus Christ in person. Those poor people are victims of the repugnant larvae and demons of the abyss, and what is most serious is that they are convinced that they are in the light; no tenebrous person believes that he is in the wrong. Others will tell you that going out in the astral body is dangerous and that it is not yet time. They are firmly convinced of their superiority over the profane. All of these people are of the abyss; they have a terrible and frightful pride, and are full of fear and fornications. They spill the semen miserably; that is why they are black magicians; however, they would never accept that they are. They defend their adorable fornication with refined sophisms and subtle philosophies accompanied by sweet smiles and apparent sweetness. Every association of fornicators is a black lodge. For those people who pose as Masters, gurus, avatars, elder brothers, great reformers, princes from India, etc., it is not convenient for their disciples to learn how to travel in the astral body. They fear that they will be discovered by their own disciples. Moreover, they themselves do not know how to get out in the astral body, therefore, much less can they teach it to others. Naturally, they try to obstruct their poor followers with their theories and inspiring of fear. There are others, who, with the pretext of organizing the great universal fraternity without any distinction of race, creed, caste, or color, let their beard and hair grow, and they try to monopolize all schools. The poor victims of the infamy end up becoming flocks of goats, intolerant and harmful fanatics. That is the reality of these times. That is why we advise our disciples to carefully avoid dealing with those schools of the abyss. Really, the way things are, it is better not to follow anyone, it is very dangerous. Let us adore our I Am.

Chapter 17


In these Jinas exercises, the first thing that the disciple needs, is to have a lot of faith. For the one whose mind is filled with doubts, it is better for him not to enter these studies, because he could become insane.

The second thing that he needs is to have more tenacity and patience than holy Job. The lack of tenacity in these exercises causes one to inevitably fail. Those who begin to practice and soon stop because of exhaustion, are not good for these studies; you should leave.

The third thing is to have method and order in the exercises.

The disciple can utilize the energies of the God Harpocrates in order to learn to travel with the physical body in the Jinas state.


Take an egg of a hen and make a small hole on its more pointed end. Using a pointed instrument, extract the yolk and the albumen; before that, the egg should be warmed up in water. The eggshell contains the forces of the God Harpocrates, which are a variant of the Christic energies. The student will place the cortex or shell on his pillow or near the bed. He will then lull himself to sleep while invoking the God Harpocrates. Just a little bit of sleep and very much faith is what is needed. He should fall asleep while praying with much faith the prayer of the God Harpocrates in this manner: "I believe in God, I believe in Christ, and I believe in Har-po-crat-ist, take me with my physical body to the Gnostic Church." He will pray this prayer many consecutive times, and then, lulled to sleep like a somnambulist, he will rise from the bed, will take the egg and will then walk, while saying: "Har-po-crat-ist help me because I am coming with my body." Before exiting the house, he will jump as far as he can and he will mark the exact spot where he falls when he jumps. On the following night, he repeats the experiment at the same place, trying to exceed the previous marked spot. Drowsiness should be preserved like a treasure; the power lies in drowsiness and very intense faith. One will mark the new advances daily. One has to persevere in this manner for days, months or years until succeeding. The progressive increase of the distance jumped is an evident sign of a great progress. This demonstrates that one is entering the Jinas state, little by little. Later, the disciple will get to jump three, four or more meters. Tenacity is very important; it is only in this manner that one triumphs. Finally, the disciple manages to really sustain himself in space, beyond the normal limit; his body is therefore in the Jinas state. People will not be able to see him; he will have become invisible. In that state, the body has become submerged within the internal worlds. It then remains subject to the laws of the suprasensible worlds, Levitation, Elasticity, Plasticity, Porosity, etc., without losing its physiological characteristics. This is a modification of somnambulism; a voluntary and conscious somnambulism.

The energies of sleep and of faith are terrible. In this manner, we can receive the teachings directly in the internal temples.

In India, by practicing a "samyasi" over their physical bodies, the yogis enter the Jinas state. The "samyasi" consists of simultaneous, instantaneous concentration, meditation and ecstasy. We enter the Jinas state with the exercise of Harpocrates. When the yogi practices his samyasi, he flies, walks upon the water, traverses fire without getting burned, and enters the rocks and caverns of the earth. The one who reaches these heights of meditation is already a Samyasin of the mind. In the West, we use Western yoga of which the exercise of Harpocrates is part of. The conditions to accomplish it are: Faith, Tenacity and Silence. The one who goes around telling others about his victories, loses his powers and becomes a scoundrel. That type of imbecile chatterboxes should be expelled from the Gnostic Movement. In flesh and blood (Jinas), we can visit Tibet and converse with the Masters and with Jesus Christ. Mrs. Neel, in her book, "Magic and Mystery in Tibet," tells us about Tibetan Lamas who travel great distances in a somnambulistic state without becoming tired. Let us imitate these ascetics; we are totally practical; we do not like to waste time in intellectual vagueness. This is how we Gnostics speak, bravely.

Now people want practical things; no more theories, no more intellectual vagueness, no more exploitation. We are for practical deeds, we get down to brass tacks.

Wretched is he who utilizes these powers for fornication and wickedness. Those who acquire these powers, should only utilize them to visit the monasteries of the White Lodge, or to study the marvels of nature. After each exercise of Harpocrates, we accumulate within our internal bodies, enormous quantities of energies with which we acquire, little by little, the power to place the body in the Jinas state. One needs much patience.

The one who misuses these powers, will sink into exterior darkness where only tears and the gnashing of teeth are heard.

It would have been better for these persons not to have been born or for them to hang a stone around their necks and throw themselves into the sea. This is a divine science. Unfortunately, humanity only wants money, coition and crime.

The spiritualist brothers are vipers among bouquets of flowers; they are worse than being profane.

Warning: With much drowsiness, one comes out in the astral body; with little drowsiness and ardent faith, one travels in the Jinas state. Learn, therefore, to graduate drowsiness.


The imagination is clairvoyance itself; to imagine is to see.

The inventor who imagines his invention, is really seeing it clairvoyantly. Every invention exists in the internal worlds before appearing in the physical world. All inventions already existed in the internal worlds. The inventor imagines them and then makes them concrete in the physical world. The painter imagines the picture that he will paint. That picture already exists in the internal world.

In order to develop clairvoyance, it is necessary to know how to be silent; the clairvoyant who talks about his visions is no good; he should be expelled from the Gnostic sanctuaries due to sacrilege. When we cause the frontal chakra to turn, the images are reflected full of light, color and sound; that is trained clairvoyance. The clairvoyant should know how to suffer, how to abstain and how to die.

Inspiration. When we learn to interpret the symbolic images of the internal worlds, we have then arrived at Inspired Knowledge. Internal images are interpreted by basing ourselves on the Law of Philosophical Analogies, on the Law of the Analogy of Opposites, on the Law of Correspondences, and the Law of Numerology.

What does an enemy resemble? A furious bull. What does the rain look like? Tears. Intuition. When we know without the need of reasoning, when we see a symbolic image in the superior worlds and we instantly know its meaning, we have arrived at Intuitive Knowledge. The intuitive person knows everything without the need to reason. The new Aquarian Age is the era of intuition.

The mantram OM has the power to awaken the frontal and cardiac chakras, clairvoyance and intuition. By meditating on the OM, we arrive at enlightenment. Imagination, Inspiration and Intuition are the three obligatory paths of initiation. We warn that the illuminated ones who go around talking about their esoteric affairs to others, become profaners of the temple. Those types of Gnostics should be severely admonished by the instructors.

Chapter 18


The one who wants powers should sacrifice himself for humanity.

Powers are payments that the ruling Logos makes to man when he is owed something. To the one that nothing is owed, nothing is paid.

The ruler of the solar system is called "Atin"; this great Being always pays what he owes. Clairvoyants should neither spy on the lives of others, nor judge anyone because that is wrong. Each person is each person and another person's life should not matter to anyone else. What one should do is work in the Great Work and in this manner one would be paid one's salary. Initiations, degrees and powers are obtained by practicing sexual magic, by putting an end to our bad habits, and disinterestedly working in the Work of the Father.

The one who wants initiations and degrees should study this book. He should then practice it and teach the doctrine to everyone everywhere; he should become an apostle, a Gnostic leader. A great deal is received as grace, a great deal is received as payment. Call your friends, gather people and teach them this doctrine; become leaders of the powerful Revolutionary Universal Gnostic Movement.

Men of genius, teach this doctrine but do not do business with it. You should also not use clairvoyance to spy on other people's lives.

Form pure sanctuaries with humble people, simple and sincere laborers. Let us transform the world; forward to the battle for the new Aquarian Age. Down with chains! Let us go to the battle with this doctrine; let us plant the Gnostic flag on top of the smoky ruins of the Vatican; to the battle, to the battle, to the battle! Let us struggle against everything that is rotten, evil and perverse of these times. On the way we will hear the "gentlemen" of aristocracy (in their manner of dressing), those starched-collared "gentlemen;" and what shall they say? Everything is rotten during these times.

Work in the Great Work of the Father. In this manner you will pay your debts and you shall liberate yourself from the Law of Karma. Later you will be justified by the faith in Christ; you will then live under grace. When we are servants of sin, we are subjected to the Law of Karma. When we are servants of the Lord, we will live under the action of grace, or blessing. The laborer receives his salary; that is the payment from the Law. Those who have already christified themselves, receive gifts, powers, glory and majesty as grace or blessing. Wherever the Law does not exist, sin also does not exist. Sacrifice yourself for the Great Work of the Father; sanctify yourself.

There are few initiates who comprehend what the attributes of the great initiates are. Gnostic apostles do not lack a Judas who betrays them, a Peter who denies them, a Thomas who mortifies them with his doubts and a Magdalene who cries for them. The great initiates are so simple and that is why people underestimate and despise them. Everyone would like them (the initiates) to live in daily life in accordance with the established customs of erroneous criteria. Judicious men are mistaken when they judge the daily lives of the great initiates; their extreme simplicity is not comprehended by judicious men. Gnostic apostles should know how to be silent, how to abstain and how to die.


Meetings should be carried out with order and veneration.

The instructors should not be called masters, but "friends" instead. Only the Inner Christ is Master. The Gnostic Movement is impersonal and made up by humble laborers. Let us reject all personalism; let us not accept bossy persons; no one is more than anyone else. Among us, we are all laborers, bricklayers, mechanics, farmers, writers, doctors, etc. Idolatry of the golden calf will now remain abolished in the Aquarian Age and we reject it in the Gnostic Movement. A God of the Fire told us: "In the Aquarian Age, capital will be decapitated;" that great being dwells in the igneous stratum of the earth. There will be no intellectuals in the new era; they are dangerous because of their barbarism and perversity; avoid interacting with them. In the new era, there will be no rich or poor persons, but rather, only worthy and decent laborers of the Great Work, that is all.

We do not accept nobility titles, nor high-sounding titles such as doctor, lawyer, guru, Master, elder brother, avatar, etc. among us. We are all friends; Aquarius is the house of friends.

Every meeting should begin with the study and commentary of a part of this doctrine. The only Master is Christ, who is a multiple perfect unit; we men are more or less imperfect.

I, the author of this book, am not anyone's Master and I beg people to not follow me; I am imperfect like anyone else. It is an error to follow someone who is imperfect. Let each one follow his I Am.

When a new sanctuary is formed, notice should be given to the general directors of the Gnostic Movement. In this manner, you will receive support; in this manner you will be protected. We always help everyone who asks for help.


Presently, the brothers of the Great College of Initiates of the White Lodge are making a selection of human personnel, separating the sheep from the goats in order to be able to initiate the new era. It would be impossible to begin an age of Light with a personnel of murderers, prostitutes and thieves. We say that everyone who spills the semen becomes a demon, even if he is a theosophist or rosicrucian; mystical thieves, irate persons and murderers also become demons. There are presently millions of souls who have horns on their foreheads; they are divorced from the Inner-Self; they are demons. Although many of them are sincerely mistaken and with good intentions, these souls have already descended to the degree of demons; and they believe themselves to be saints, how gullible they are! Demons become inhabitants of the abyss and will not be able to reincarnate in Aquarius, which is the millennium of the Apocalypse; they shall be postponed until the Age of Capricorn (the age of the Holy Spirit). There they shall be given a last opportunity. During that time, Jahve will have a physical body and he will be born in Palestine; he will be a warrior. Then the inhabitants of the abyss, after having experienced the terrors of the abyss, will be called to order and they will have to define themselves in the flesh, for Christ or Jahve.

The Jews will then present Jahve as the authentic promised Messiah and the definitely perverse personalities will follow Jahve in the abyss. In the end, they will disintegrate throughout successive eternities.

The Monads, the Inner-Selves of those personalities will continue their evolution on the step of the latecomers, with new personalities. After eternities, they will inevitably reach the goal. Present human evolution has failed. This entire Babylon will be destroyed by blood and fire; more than one half of humanity has horns on their forehead. These souls follow a slow, arduous, frightful evolution. The Arian race is the whole of present humanity. The great whore will plunge into the abyss. The Gods judged the great whore and she was considered unworthy. To the abyss! To the abyss! To the abyss!

Before the beginning of the Third World War, they will search for peace with multiple formulae, but the intellect will fail totally.

Chapter 19


Before the new Aquarian Age begins, all nations will have to pay their great karmic debts; there will be war between East and West for the good of humanity; this is what Lord Jehovah says. We know that the Orient will win the war.

"In the Aquarian Age, capital will be decapitated;" "The United States will be punished;" so it is written in the Law. The Vatican will be bombarded and destroyed by blood and fire. Soon, it will pay its horrible debts. Spain will become transformed; all of Europe will become totally sovietized. The Americas will form a great confederation during the sign of Aquarius. They shall fight by land, sea and air, even in the poles; the Orient will win. In the year 2,018, even flashlights or portable lamps will be atomic.

Imbeciles believe that by uniting schools they are going to initiate the new era; poor people. The new era will be initiated upon the smoky ruins of this perverse civilization of vipers.

In the year 2,500, there will be stations of interplanetary ships in the large cities.

On the 4^th^ of February of 1962, between two and three o-clock in the afternoon, the Aquarian Age began.

There was a great meeting of Masters in the superior worlds to deal with the problem of interplanetary navigation. They were trying to determine if it was convenient or not to deliver interplanetary ships to humanity. Each Master expressed his concept. It is feared that human beings of the earth will go to other planets of the solar system to commit the same crimes and evils that they have already committed here during their historical conquests. It is enough to remember the crimes of Hernan Cortez in Mexico, or of Pizarro in Peru, to comprehend what it means to deliver interplanetary ships to humanity.

The last one to express his concept in his capacity as initiator of the new era was your humble servant who writes this book.

We had to make a comparative study of humanities. The inhabitants of the Earth have failed. The inhabitants of Venus are much more advanced; they already know the bad in the good and the good in the bad; those of Mars are somewhat more evolved than the earthlings, etc. This person, your servant, filled with pain, comprehending the terrible responsibility of the verb, limited himself in saying, "O my Father, if it be possible, let this cup pass from me: nevertheless not as I will, but as thou wilt." My I Am then said, "Establish relations between the worlds." Any advanced humanity has those ships; those flying spheres will be delivered to terrestrials. A few scientists try to make these ships but they will not be able to do so; their pride will be mortally wounded; inhabitants of other worlds will come to teach their construction. In this manner, the science of the "iniquitous ones" will fall mortally wounded; and the men of science will have to kneel before the other inhabitants of the solar system.

With the pretext of conquering space, scientists of this century launch satellites. In reality, they want to establish bases to advantageously bombard defenseless people and nations.

In the Age of Aquarius, many inhabitants of other planets will become established on the Earth. They will be the instructors of Aquarius. A few of them already live in concealment in Tibet. Journeys to other planets of the solar system will be routine; that is an extra help that will be given to our evolution. The abuse of nuclear energy awakens volcanoes and then, towards the end of the seventh subrace of the present Arian race, there will be huge earthquakes and seaquakes that will totally transform the terrestrial cortex; the Arian race will perish in these cataclysms.

Later, the sixth race will flourish in the Antarctic continent. That race will be smaller in body but greater in soul. Their 12 senses will be totally developed. The avatar of that race will be Zachariel, the ruler of Jupiter, who will take up a body in order to teach the sixth truth.

I, Samael, humble servant of the new era, have merely taught you the fifth truth. Men, listen! The fifth truth is Sexual Magic! Gabriel was the avatar of the first race; Raphael was that of the second race; Uriel was that of the third race; Michael was that of the fourth race; I, Samael Auri Weor, am the avatar of the fifth race; Zachariel will be the avatar of the sixth race; and Orifiel will be the avatar of the seventh race. There are Seven Truths:

I. Knowledge of the pains and miseries of this world;

II. Knowledge of human fragility;

III. Knowledge of desire and sin;

IV. Knowledge of the human mind;

V. The Tree of Knowledge; VI. Human Consciousness; VII. The Tree of Life.

There are Seven Avatars and Seven Truths; each one teaches a terrible truth. Jesus Christ is not an avatar; he is more than everyone; he is the Savior of the world, the Lord of all souls. He confirms the teachings of the avatars and amplifies them. He will come at the zenith of Aquarius and will confirm the teachings that I, Samael, have given you, and so on, successively in the other races. Then the kingdom of God will have been consummated just as he announced it to his servants, the prophets.

Each race ends with a cataclysm. The pit of the abyss is now open. The smoke that comes out of it brings wars, famine and misery. The entire 20^th^ and the 21^st^ centuries will be of lethal wars. Right now, all the souls that have the mark of the beast on their hands and on their foreheads are entering the abyss. Each of the seven has blown his trumpet for the great cataclysm. Woe to them who do not want to accept the Fifth Truth, the Tree of Knowledge! Read chapters 8, 9 and 10 of the Apocalypse. All the countries will be devastated, destroyed; the great Babylon will sink into the abyss.

Chapter 20


We Gnostic students should know the conjurations arid invocations and learn them by heart, in order for us to pronounce them not only before the rituals, but also mentally when falling asleep, because in this manner, we transport ourselves to the most elevated planes of cosmic consciousness during sleep and be able to ask for help from high divine hierarchies. They are also useful to us as formidable weapons to defend ourselves from the attacks of the tenebrous ones, or in the event of danger. We should know how to defend ourselves from the tenebrous ones. The conjurations should be prayed full of faith.


Caput mortum, imperet tibi dominus per vivum et devotum serpentem!

Cherub, imperet tibi Dominus per Adam Jot Cha Vah!

Aquila errans, imperet tibi Dominus per alas tauri!

Serpens, imperet tibi Dominus Tetragrammaton, per Angelum et Leonem! Michael, Gabriel, Raphael, Anael! Fluat udor per Spiritum Elohim Manet in terra per Adam Jot-Chavah!

Fiat firmamentum per Iahuvehu-Sabaoth!

Fiat judicium per ignem in virtute Michael!

Angel of the blind eyes, obey, or pass away with this holy water!

Work Winged Bull, or revert to the earth, unless thou wilt that I should pierce thee with this sword!

Chained Eagle, obey my sign, or fly before this breathing!

Writhing serpent, crawl at my feet, or be tortured by the sacred fire and give way before the perfumes that I burn in it!

Water, return to water!

Fire, burn!

Air, circulate!

Earth, revert to earth! By virtue of the Pentagram, which is the Morning Star, and by the Name of the Tetragram, which is written in the center of the Cross of Light! Amen. Amen. Amen.


In the name of Michael, may Jehovah command thee and drive thee hence, Chavajoth!

In the name of Gabriel, may Adonai command thee, and drive thee hence, Bael!

In the name of Raphael, begone before Elial, Samgabiel!

By Samael Zebaoth, and in the name of Elohim Gibor, get thee hence, Andramelech!

By Zachariel et Sachel-Meleck, be obedient unto Elvah, Sanagabril!

By the divine and human name of Shaddai, and by the sign of the Pentagram which I hold in my right hand, in the name of the angel Anael, by the power of Adam and Eve, who are Jotchavah, begone Lilith! Let us rest in peace, Nahemah!

By the holy Elohim and by the names of the genii Cashiel, Sehaltiel, Aphiel and Zarahiel, at the command of Orifiel, depart from us Moloch! We deny thee our children to devour! Amen. Amen. Amen.


Powers of the kingdom, be ye under my left foot and in my right hand!

Glory and Eternity, take me by the two shoulders, and direct me in the paths of victory!

Mercy and Justice, be ye the equilibrium and splendor of my life!

Intelligence and Wisdom, crown me!

Spirits of Malchuth, lead me betwixt the two pillars upon which rests the whole edifice of the Temple!

Angels of Netsach and Hod, establish me upon the cubic stone of Jesod!

Oh Gedulael! Oh Geburael! Oh Tiphereth!

Binael, be my love!

Ruach Hochmael, be thou my light! Be that which thou art and thou shalt be!

Oh Ketheriel!

Ischim, assist me in the name of Shaddai!

Cherubim, be my strength in the name of Adonai!

Beni-Elohim, be my brethren in the name of the Son, and by the powers of Sabaoth!

Elohim, do battle for me in the name of Te-tra-gra-ma-ton!

Malachim, protect me in the name of Iod-He-Vau-He!

Seraphim, cleanse my love in the name of Eloah!

Hasmalim, enlighten me with the splendors of Elohim and Shekinah!

Aralim, act!

Ophanim, revolve and shine!

Ha-Jot-Ha-Kadosh, cry, speak, roar, bellow!

Kadosh, Kadosh, Kadosh!

Shaddai, Adonai, Jot-Chavah, EIEAZEREIE!

Hallelu-Jah, Hallelu-,Jah, Hallelu-Jah.

Amen. Amen. Amen.


In the ceremonies of High Magic, the four elements of nature should be exorcised. These exorcisms should be learned by memory, since they might be needed to give a drink to a patient, to prophesy in the water, to drive away a storm, to conjure the sylphs of space. At other times, they can be needed to stop a fire or to command the salamanders, the gnomes, etc.


The elementals of fire are commanded with the sword; facing the south, we say:

Michael, King of the Sun and of the Ray; Samael, King of the Volcanoes; Anael, Prince of the Astral Light; assist me in the name of Christ, by the majesty of Christ, by the power of Christ. Amen.

One then pours incense into a small brazier containing lit charcoal.


We take the feather of a bird in the hand, we blow towards the four cardinal points, we stand facing the east, and we say:

Spiritus Dei ferebatur super aquas, et inspiravit in faciem hominis spiraculum vitae. Sit Michael dux meus, et Sabtabiel servus meus, in luce et per lucem.

Fiat verbum halitus meus; et imperabo Spiritibus, aeris hujus, et refrenabo equos solis voluntate cordis mei, et cogitatione mentis meae et nutu oculi dextri.

Exorciso igitur te, creatura aeris, per Pentagrammaton, et in nomine Tetragrammaton, in quibus sunt voluntas firma et fides recta. Amen. Sela, fiat. So be it. Obey me sylphs and syiphids, by the Christ, by the Christ, by the Christ, Amen.


Facing the west, one commands the creatures of water by holding a cup of water in the hands, saying:

In the name of Christ, by the Christ, by the Christ, Fiat firmamentum in medio aquarum et separet aquas ab aquis, quae superius sicut quae inferius, et quae inferius sicut quae superius, ad perpetranda miracula rei unius. Sol ejus pater est, luna mater et ventus bane gestavit in utero suo, ascendit a terra ad coelum et rursus a chelo in terram descendit. Exorciso te, creatura aquae, Ut sis mihi speculum die rivi in operibus ejus, et fons vitae, et abllutio pecatorum; Amen.


The gnomes are exorcised with the rod; facing the north, one says:

By the twelve stones of the holy City, by the hidden talismans, by the pole of loadstone which passes through the center of the world, I conjure thee subterranean toilers of the earth! Obey me in the name of Christ, by the blood of Christ, by the love of Christ. Amen.


If a loved one dies, do not grieve; transmute those energies of pain into waves of peace, happiness and joy; transmute mourning into the power to become invisible at will each time that you wish. "Change nature and you will find what you seek." All powers are obtained with the science of transmutations; Jesus had that power. "Death is everyone's crown." We should not grieve for the souls who disembody, with mourning and crying; let us pray for the dead, granting them happiness and peace.


In order to defend ourselves from black magicians, you will draw a circle around a lemon tree, on the ground. You will make a hole of water near the tree; you will nail nine small sticks inside the hole, distributed into three groups of three. You will light a fire; you will beg the elemental to serve you. Each tree has its soul which has a terrible power. You will look fixedly at a lemon, you will pick it and you will throw it into the fire. If it explodes, producing an explosion, it means that the black magicians are working. Order the elemental to defend you; throw 9 lemons into the fire, one by one, picking them three by three. Each lemon that has fallen into the fire will explode in the astral like a bomb, destroying the works of the black magicians. The elemental will come out of the tree, it will take up the shape of a dog and will attack the tenebrous ones.


One recites the four exorcisms of fire, air, water and earth, and will then invoke the Masters with whom one is going to work. We should operate in front of an altar.

If we need to resolve a personal problem, we should invoke the great Master of Karma, Anubis and his 42 Judges of the Law. Proceed in this manner: "In the name of Christ, in the name of Christ, in the name of Christ, we invoke you Anubis, Anubis, Anubis, Amen." Then, facing the altar, we ask for the help that one wishes. The Judges of karma will remedy our needs in accordance with the Law; they cannot violate the laws. When we are not granted what we have requested, we should not protest. It would have been because of a lack of merit; we should bow before the verdict.

In order to heal patients, one will invoke Raphael, Paracelsus, Aesculapius, etc.

We can work with the Seven Planetary Genii. Each of them is a specialist in his department. Gabriel is related to reproduction; Raphael with medicine; Uriel with love, the family, children, etc.; Michael with high dignitaries; Samael with strength; Zachariel with the authorities; and Orifiel with land, mines, etc. You can call them by pronouncing their name three times, in the name of Christ, in this manner: "In the name of Christ, by the Christ, by the Christ, we call upon thee, glorious (the name of the invoked Being), to ask of thee (the petition here)."

This is how one works in white ceremonial magic. The holy Beings help us in accordance with the Law; they do not violate it. We should not use mental force to force others; that is black magic. Let us respect the Law.

Good sense tells us when to utilize these teachings. We need to develop clairvoyance and intuition in order to see these things. The Conjuration of the Seven serves to conjure the demons of the possessed and to defend ourselves from the tenebrous ones.

Chapter 21


The Pranayama is a system of sexual transmutation for bachelors of both sexes. We already know that from the male's testicles and the woman's ovaries emerge the two ganglionic cords, which, intertwining along the spinal column in the form of an 8, ascend to the cerebrum. These are the Two Witnesses of which the Apocalypse speaks about; the Two Candlesticks before the throne of the God of the Earth. These two nerves are hollow inside; they are fine channels through which the sexual energies ascend to the cerebrum.

The student inhales the breath through the left nostril, exhaling through the right and vice-versa. He controls the nostrils in an alternate manner with the thumb and index fingers. When inhaling through the right nostril, we intensely imagine the radiant and sublime solar atoms rising through the right cord to the cerebrum. Hold the breath and then carry it to the area between the eyebrows, the throat and heart, successively. One then exhales, focusing that energy in the heart with the imagination and the will. When inhaling through the left nostril, we imagine the lunar atoms like pure water of life, rising through the left channel, in the same route until focusing them in the heart. We then exhale with profound faith. This is how bachelors can transmute their sexual energies. Bachelors should find a wife if they want to christify themselves.

The Gnostic Esotericist shall only be able to have sexual contact when he gets married. The fires cannot be awakened without sexual magic. Nothing is achieved in these studies without chastity. Kill desire, the "I" and your thoughts, and you shall be a liberated one. True marriage has nothing to do with social or religious formulism of this barbaric humanity. The authentic marriage is the union of a couple, in spirit, soul and sex; the true marriage should be pure like the lotus flower.


The vowel "I" awakens the frontal chakra and makes us clairvoyants.

The vowel "E" awakens the thyroid chakra and makes us clairaudient.

The vowel "O" awakens the heart chakra and makes us intuitive.

The vowel "U" awakens the solar plexus and makes us telepathic.

The vowel "A" awakens the pulmonary chakras in order to remember past existences.

They are vocalized by sustaining the sound very lengthily for each one, combining vocalization with pranayama, mentally. One can vocalize in the following order, I.. .E. . .O.. .U.. .A... One will mentally imitate the sound of the air, hurricane, or breeze; each letter should be vocalized separately.

With these studies arid exercises, man can attain the degree of a Christ. The woman attains the degree of a Virgin; Litelantes, the Virgin of the Law, is powerful; the eleven thousand Inca virgins are divine and ineffable. The virgin of the sea was Mary, the mother of Jesus, the immaculate one directs the immaculate conceptions, the virgins of the stars, etc. Different women attained perfection, attained Nirvana.

When a virgin wants to incarnate her I Am, she should renounce Nirvana and incarnate in the body of a male The virgin of the sea has taken up a male's body in Egypt in order to elevate herself to the degree of a Christ.

We have finished this book. Unfortunately, we count with the fingers those who are prepared for Gnosis. We have only known two persons who are prepared for this: An illiterate Indian and a woman. The one who wants to know has to kill the great destructor of reality, the mind.


Gnostics should greet each other with the mantram "Paz Inverencial". They should recognize each other with the sign with which they paint Jesus Christ; the thumb, index and heart fingers of the right hand extended.

They should address each other with the terms Mr., Mrs., gentleman, friend, etc. The use of the word "brother" is prohibited because it has led to abuse, the loss of mutual respect, disorder, fornication, adultery, theft, etc., hiding behind said word. Humanity is not yet prepared to use such a noble word. Let us preserve mutual respect, decency and gentlemanliness. This term "brother" will only be utilized during esoteric meetings of Second and Third Chambers.

Samael Aun Weor