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The Solar Bodies

The Solar Bodies

Christmas Message 1967

By Samael Aun Weor

Chapter 1


Beloved Gnostic Brethren, on this Christmas Night of 1967, we are going to start our Christic message by remembering the very ancient, submerged continent of Atlantis.

The Priests of Sais in the ancient Egypt of the Pharaohs told Solon that Atlantis had been destroyed 9,000 years before having had that conversation with him.

On a Mayan manuscript preserved in the British Museum, the following can literally be read:

In the year 6 KAN in the 11^th^ Mulac, in the Month Zac, there occurred terrible earthquakes, which continued without interruption until the 13^th^ Chuen. The Country of 'The Hills of Mud,' the Atlantean land, was sacrificed; being twice upheaved it suddenly disappeared during the night, the basin being continually shaken by volcanic forces. Being confined, these caused the land to sink and rise several times and in various places. At last the surface gave away and ten countries were torn asunder and scattered; unable to stand the force of the convulsions, they sank with their 64 million inhabitants 8,000 years before this book was written.

The famous Doctor Heinrich Schliemann who had the high honor of discovering the ruins of ancient Troy, found within the Treasure of Priam a strange jar with a peculiar shape upon it. Upon it appears a written phrase with Phoenician characters, which textually says: "From King Cronos of Atlantis".

It is interesting to note that jars very similar to those found in Priam's treasure were also found amongst the unburied objects in Tlahuanaca, Central America.

Certain coins were found within these mysterious jars when they were intentionally broken "for scientific purposes". Upon these coins the following phrase could easily be read: "Emitted in the Temple of the Transparent Walls".

Esoterically speaking, we must state that any Temple of Mysteries, any Gnostic Lumisial, is in fact a Temple of Transparent walls with the starry infinite as its ceiling. However, the cited Temple mentioned upon the mysterious coins was the National Atlantean Treasure's Office.

In the archives of the Ancient Buddhist Temple of Lhasa, a very ancient Chaldean inscription can still be read, one that was written 2,000 years before Christ. It states:

"When the Baal star dropped to the right where there is nothing more than sky and sea, the seven cities trembled and worried with their gold towers and transparent temples, as the leaves of trees do during a storm. A torrent of fire fell over the palace. Cries from dying persons and moans in the crowd filled the air. The people went to find a hiding place in the temples and in the castles. So the wise Mu, great priest of Ra-Mu, stood up and said: 'Didn't I predict all this to come?"

"Men and women, dressed with their precious clothes, covered with precious stones, begged: 'Mu, save us!"

"Mu answered, 'You will die, with your slaves and your treasures. From your ashes new people will come. If these people forget that they should not amass material things not only for their own progress, but also for the generosity towards mankind, the same fate will surprise them.' Tradition states that the flames and the fog choked the words of Mu. In a few months, the country and its inhabitants were smashed and swallowed in the abysms of the ocean".

Our boastful modern civilization has not yet surpassed the Atlantean civilization.

The Atlanteans also knew about Atomic Energy and utilized it in times of peace as well as in times of war.

Atlantean science had a tremendous advantage because it was hundred gleaming sea nymphs around him.

While its inhabitants remained loyal to the religion of their forefathers, fulfilling the precepts of the God Neptune, and not violating Law and Order, the Atlantean cities flourished. Yet, when they profaned sacred things, when they abused sex, when they stained themselves with the seven capital sins, then they were punished and submerged with all of their wealth into the bottom of the ocean.

The Priests of Sais said onto Solon: "All bodies moving in the heavens around the earth suffer perturbations that cause great conflagrations of things upon the earth; this recurs after long intervals. Of the many destructions of mankind arising out of many causes, the greatest have been brought about by the agencies of fire".

The Atlantean continent extended and oriented itself towards the austral regions and the most elevated areas towards the septentrional ones. Its mountains exceeded in grandiosity, elevation and quantity to all those that presently exist.

The Universal Flood's history can be found within the traditions of all human races, and all are just simply recollections of the Great Atlantean Catastrophe.

All of the religious teachings from primeval America (such as the sacred cults of the Incas, Mayans and Aztecs, as well as the Gods and Goddesses of the ancient Greeks, Phoenicians, Scandinavians, Hindustanis, etc.) have Atlantean origins.

It is urgent to know, it is necessary to comprehend, that the Gods and Goddesses cited by Homer in his Iliad and Odyssey were Heroes, Kings and Queens of Atlantis.

All of the ancient populaces venerated and worshiped those Holy Gods who lived in Atlantis and who now inhabit the Empyrean.

America was geographically united with the Old World (Europe and Africa) through Atlantis. The ancient Indo-American civilizations have an Atlantean origin.

The Egyptian, Incan, Mayan, etc., religions were the primeval religions of the Atlanteans. The Phoenician alphabet, father of all the famous European alphabets, has its origin in an ancient Atlantean alphabet. The latter was correctly transmitted from the Atlanteans to the Mayans. All the Egyptian and Mayan symbols and hieroglyphs come from the same Atlantean source. This is the only way that the similitude of these alphabets can be explained; indeed, the similarity is too enormous to even consider that it is an outcome of chance.

Ancient traditions affirm that the Atlanteans had a metal more precious than gold, this was the famous "Orichalcum".

The catastrophe that finished with Atlantis was frightful. Undoubtedly, the outcome of the violation of the Law is always catastrophic.

Chapter 2

The Aryan Root Race

The epoch of Atlantis's submersion was indeed an era of many geological changes.

During that time, other landmasses surfaced from within the profound bosom of the immense sea to become new islands and new continents.

Some Atlantean survivors searched for refuge on the small continent of Grabontzi (present-day Africa). This continent increased in size and extension because other landmasses, (which had surfaced from within neighboring seas) were added onto it.

In ancient times, the Gulf of Mexico was a beautiful valley. The Antilles Islands, Canary Islands and Spain are pieces of the submerged Atlantis.

Today, the ancient Kolhidius Sea is known as the Caspian Sea. It was situated in the northeast of the then newly formed continent of Ashhartk, which is present day Asia.

The coasts of the Caspian Sea were formed by those lands that had surfaced from within the ocean and joined the continent of Asia.

Asia, the Caspian Sea and the entire block of that land together, is presently known as the Caucasus.

Such a block of land, in those times, was named Frianktzanarali and later on Kolhidishssi; however, in this day and age, as we already stated, it is the Caucasus.

In those times of yore a great river that fertilized the whole rich land of Tildiamis flowed into the Caspian Sea. The river at that time was known as Oksoserja. This river still exists; however, it no longer flows into the Caspian Sea due to a secondary tremor that deviated it towards the right.

The rich volume of water from such river violently precipitated itself through the most depressing zone of the Asiatic continent, thus originating the small Aral Sea; however, the very ancient river bed of that old river, which is currently named Amu Darya, can still be seen as a sacred testimony of the flow of the centuries.

Atlantis passed through terrible and frightful catastrophes before it totally disappeared.

The first catastrophe happened more or less 800,000 years ago. The second catastrophe occurred 200,000 years ago. The third catastrophe took place about 11,000 years ago.

People have more or less befuddled memories of this latter catastrophe and its deluge.

After the third great catastrophe that finished off Atlantis, all of the cities and towns of the ancient country of Tikliamis, with its formidable capital situated on the shores of that river that flowed into the Caspian Sea (which later originated the Aral Sea), was covered by sand, and today remains as only a desert.

During those epochs unknown to Cesar Cantu and his Universal History, another beautiful country existed, known as Marapleicie. This country traded with Tikliamis and a very strong commercial competition existed between them.

Later on, the country of Marapleicie changed its name to Gob land due to the great city of Gob.

Gobland and its powerful city were swallowed up by the sands of the desert. So, within the sands of the Gobi desert, many wealthy Atlantean treasures are hidden as well as powerful machines that are unknown by the populaces of this Aryan Root Race.

Once in a while, the sands leave all of those treasures exposed; yet, nobody dares to touch them, because the one who tries is instantaneously killed by the Gnomes who guard them.

Only the human beings of the future Sixth Root Race will know of these treasures, based upon the condition that they behave upright.

Many pearl-tradesmen from Atlantis were saved by taking refuge in Pearland, a country that is known in this day and age as India.

The Atlanteans were the ones who built the pyramids of the Egyptians and Aztecs; the Atlanteans were the ones who founded the Inca civilization, the ones who established the mysteries in India, China, Egypt, Yucatan, etc.

The Atlantean Root Race disappeared, swallowed up by the sea. Such a race had seven Sub-races; the last of these Sub-races, the seventh Sub-race, corresponds to the survivors of the Great Tragedy.

The seed of our Aryan Root Race is Nordic. When the Nordics mixed themselves with the Atlantean survivors, they gave origin to all of the Sub-races of our Aryan Root Race.

The first Aryan Sub-race flourished in Central Asia.

The second Aryan Sub-race flourished in India and the entire south of Asia.

The third Aryan Sub-race created the powerful civilizations of Babylon, Chaldea, Egypt, etc.

The fourth Aryan Sub-race developed itself in Greece, Rome,

The fifth Aryan Sub-race is made up of the Anglo-Saxon and Teutonic populace.

The great authors of modern Anthropogenesis such as H.P.B., Rudolf Steiner, Max Heindel and others, committed the very lamentable mistake of supposing that in their epoch they were in the Fifth Aryan Sub-race of the Fifth Aryan Root Race, as if the Latin- American people did not exist, as if the Latin-American were also Anglo-Saxon or Teutonic, or something of the sort.

It is an absurdity to ignore the racial phenomenon of Latin America; by all means, it is logical to see that from the mixture of the Spanish Conquistadors with the Indo-American tribes, we get as a matter of fact and by its own right, a new Aryan Sub-race, that is, the Sixth Branch of the Aryan Trunk.

The labor of forming the Sixth Aryan Sub-race in the Red Native Skin Territory (USA) was more difficult because instead of mixing themselves with the native indigenous people, the English Conquerors destroyed them; they assassinated them. Thus, in North America an insignificant amount of blood mixing was performed between the two peoples causing enormous difficulty for the formation of the Sixth Aryan Sub-race.

Therefore, the Occult Fraternity who governs the fate of the world foresaw the necessity of converting the North American territory into the Melting Crucible of all Races. This is why all of the Races of the world are integrating within the United States.

The authors of Anthropogenesis and Occultism should not ignore that the Sixth Aryan Sub-race was easily formed in Latin America.

The Seventh Aryan Sub-race is the last to exist. The Seventh Aryan Sub-race will exist until the end and will be among the survivors of the Great New Cataclysm that will very soon destroy this Aryan Root Race.

Powerful spiritual civilizations from the First Aryan Sub-race existed in those kingdoms of Central Asia, in the countries of Gobland, Marapleicie, etc., which were situated in the heart of Asia and that presently have vanished. In the Himalayas, around the country of Tibet, only their ruins exist.

Formidable esoteric cultures and tremendous civilizations existed in Pearland, (the sacred land of the Vedas, the ancient Hindustan) as well as in the entire regions of southern Asia where the Second Aryan Sub-race developed.

Babylon (before its decadence), Chaldea and its ancient mysteries, Egypt and its pyramids, were all scenarios of very rich and powerful civilizations created by the Third Aryan Sub-race.

Athens, the great city founded by the Goddess Athena, Rome (before its degeneration and destruction), were the marvelous scenarios where the powerful civilizations of the Fourth Aryan Sub-Race developed.

The First and Second World Wars, with all of their barbarism and moral corruption, aimed their accusatory fingers at the men and women of the Fifth Aryan Sub-race.

South America is the scenario of the Sixth Atyan Sub-race since their cousins, "The Gringos" from North America, are still extremely Anglo-Saxon by majority.

Presently, instead of evolving, the Aryan Root Race has devolved, and its corruption is worse than that of the Atlantean Root Race. The Aryan Root Race's malignity is so great that it has reached unto heaven. Therefore, this Aryan Root Race will be destroyed, so that Ra-Mu's prophesy (which he uttered before the submergence of Atlantis) will be fulfilled:

"If these people forget that they should not amass material things, not only for their own progress, but also for the generosity towards mankind, the same fate will surprise them".

Chapter 3

The New Catastrophe

Beloved Gnostic Brethren, on this Christmas of 1967, it is urgent that we all very judiciously study and analyze this tremendous moment in which we are living.

It is indeed impossible to deny that we presently live in moments of global crisis; in the history of our Aryan Root Race, there have never been such terrible moments.

Woes and weeping are heard everywhere; executions are occurring the world over; unhappy people remember their beloved relatives with supreme anguish as they waste the last moments of their life in hard labor camps; widows with children who die of starvation, etc.

The entire Earth is filled with armies and wars; rumors of wars are heard everywhere.

The present chaos is awful; nonetheless, the tyrants, while seated on their blasphemous thrones, uselessly intend to establish a "New Order" based upon blood and drugs.

Paris, as a Great Harlot, continues wallowing in its filthy bed of pleasures. London has become a new Sodom; it even intends to establish the legal bond of matrimony between homosexuals. The United States of America has fallen into a collective madness, because they have not only destroyed other countries, but moreover, they are also destroying their own. China, the venerable China of Confucius and Lao-Tse, has fallen as a prostitute in the arms of Marxism-Leninism. China has imported a corrupted doctrine from the Western world; nonetheless, they have declared themselves "enemies of the West".

The Third World War is inevitable because the ones who planned and performed the First and Second World Wars are already working Very actively in order to make the Third World War a reality. The Third World War will be millions of times more horrible than the two former World Wars.

Any sense of pity has disappeared. Today it is considered a luxury to have a heart of stone, a flint stone heart. Many schools and colleges teach their pupils that charity is weakness and that they must never give alms. This is how the students become perverse and cruel while sitting at their desks in school.

The moral epidemic of the so called "Rebels without a Cause" fell upon the entire humanity after the Second World War; these rebels are the children of the "New Age" who without God and without Law go around organizing gangs. Everywhere and anywhere they go about killing, hurting, raping, getting drunk, etc., and the governments cannot control them.

The gravest part of these "Rebels without a Cause" is their state of Absolute Moral Irresponsibility. When they are taken in front of the tribunals, they do not know why they have killed, why they have hurt others, and worst of all is that they don't even care to know why.

The sublime world of art... has reached the maximum degree of degeneration. The Temple of Art has been converted into a whorehouse; it has become a brothel where homosexuals, drug addicts, alcoholics, harlots, assassins, thieves, etc., search for refuge.

Human corruption is so great that even homicide has become an art form. Moreover, the breaking point of madness is the fact that there presently exist organizations for assassins and an abundant amount of literature on the art of assassination.

All branches of present day art acknowledge lust, alcoholism, drugs, homosexuality, blood, horror...

In this day and age, classical composers are seen with infinite despite. To play Beethoven or Mozart in any modern festivity signifies the general withdrawal of the guests.

The Four Blasphemous Clowns (the Beatles) from the degenerated music of England were endowed with the mark of distinction by the Queen of that Empire. The idiotic multitudes even kissed the ground that they walked upon.

Everywhere there abundantly exists assassinations, robberies, infanticides, matricides, parricides, uxoricides, assaults, rapes, genocides, prostitution, hatred, vengeance, sorcery, merchants of souls and merchants of bodies, greed, violence, envy, pride, arrogance, gluttony, love of luxury, slander, etc.

Indeed, the Aryan Root Race is a rotten fruit, a fruit that will fall from the Tree of Life by the weight of its own rottenness.

The students of occultism fill themselves with infinite horror when they examine the history of Atlantis in the Akasic records of Nature; however, the Atlanteans had religion, in that sense they were less degenerated than the henchmen of Marxism-Leninism who hate any religious principle to death.

The Initiates are filled with an unutterable psychic terror when they remember that woman with the seductive and malignant beauty, the Queen Katebet of the gloomy destinies from ancient Atlantis; with sovereignty, she governed the South States and the powerful city of the Gates of Gold of that submerged continent.

Indeed, amongst the Borgia and Medici's family history there does not exist a similar perversity as that of Queen Katebet. She captivated with her malignant beauty and Necromancy. She fascinated and seduced princes and kings with her enchantments. In her honor many maidens and children were immolated to the tenebrous entities of the inner underworlds.

In those times, the Atlantean Sacerdotal Medicine discovered what in this day and age we would scientifically call Human Opotherapy, that is, the infusion of glandular juices from the Pituitary, Thyroid, Adrenaline, etc, to sick and caducous organisms.

The Priest-Physicians did not only utilize the chemistry of the endocrine glands as hormones and juices, but moreover, they also utilized the hyper-chemistry of such glands or the psychic vital fluids of the chakras or magnetic centers of the human organism which are intimately related with the endocrine centers.

After having taken their immolated victims away from the sacrificial stones, the cadavers were transferred to certain secret chambers where the Priest-Physicians extracted the precious endocrine glands that were so indispensable in the preservation of the fatal Queen's body. Her youthful beauty with all of her enchantments lasted for many centuries.

The most frightening of all of this was the moment in which the Priests, after having secretly extracted the glands from the cadaver, would toss away the rest of the cadaver to the fanatical and corrupted crowds who would devour it hungrily; this is how the Atlantean populace became anthropophagi.

When we reflect upon all of these things, we feel terrified, horrified; however, all of these barbaric acts are minor, even ridiculous when compared with the atrocities of the First and Second World Wars. Atlantean barbarity seems comical when compared with the monstrous explosion of the Atomic Bomb in the Japanese cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

All of the Atlantean barbarities are insignificant when we compare them to the gas chambers where millions of men, women, children and elders were stripped of their clothing and died with the most frightening desperation.

We felt horrified by Atlantean bestiality, but the bombarding of the martyred city of London, the concentration camps, the wall- shootings, the hangings, the cities destroyed by the criminal bombs, sicknesses, hunger and desperation were all millions of times worse.

Never in the history of the centuries was such a great perversity felt than that of this caducous and degenerated Aryan Root Race. The breaking point of all of this evilness is that now the Tower of Babel has been lifted in order to conquer the infinite space.

If that which is Divine does not interfere with what we call "the conquest of outer space," then in a short time, the terrestrial hordes will assault Mars, Venus, Mercury, etc., and all of the crimes (such as those performed by Hernan Cortes in Mexico or by Pizarro in Peru) will be repeated again on those inhabited planets.

If that which has no name, if that which is the Reality, the Divine, does not interfere now, then, that will become an accomplice of the crime.

This Aryan Humanity is symbolized in the Book of Revelation as the Great Human Harlot, a woman dressed in purple and scarlet colors, whose number is 666. So in the world of absurdity, there is nothing more absurd than to suppose, for at least a brief moment, that this Great Human Harlot would conquer other inhabited planets with her famous rockets and would crown herself Queen and Sovereign of the infinite space.

Therefore, the new catastrophe which will doom this Aryan Root Race is totally just and absolutely indispensable.

Chapter 4

Dangerous Symptoms

Eminent men of science from the famous University of Columbia have made available to the world the alarming news that the fatal source of the diverse telluric commotions of former years are monstrous faults that exist in the bottom of the seas.

The men of science calculate that these oceanic faults form a fissure about 90,000 kilometers in length with a middle width of forty kilometers and an average profundity of two and a half kilometers.

We were told that an elder Tibetan Lama, before dying, warned a certain gentleman about such oceanic cracks. Without a doubt, the Lamas do not ignore this fact.

Scientific information states that these oceanic faults stretch from the Atlantic Ocean to the Indian Ocean and from the Antarctic Ocean until the Artic Ocean. These faults surround the American continent as well as the Asiatic continent, thus leaving (in the center of such frightening ring of submarine faults) the entire Pacific Ocean.

The last investigation performed by scientists has demonstrated that these oceanic cracks depart from Antarctica and continue on very close to Cape Horn, where they diverge into two principal fissures: one that goes towards the East and the other which goes towards the West.

The Pacific Ocean's fissure follows a very sinuous trajectory, almost bordering the American continent along the coastlines of Chile, Peru, Ecuador, Nicaragua, El Salvador, Guatemala, Oaxaca and Guerrero, Mexico, Californian Gulf and Seattle USA, Vancouver Canada and Alaska.

This oceanic fissure splits in Alaska and continues its course along the Aleutian Islands. Another crack seems to pass through Alaska; the earthquakes in Fairbanks (situated in the center of that Peninsula) have been very strong such as the one that occurred in March, 1964.

The oceanic fissure of the Aleutian Islands goes towards Tokyo, Japan, dangerously touching the Islands of Sapporo, Hokkaido, Oahua, Waohua, Kawailoa and some others.

A wise author states that some secondary fissures depart from Japan and go towards Hawaii. There is no doubt that the main crack goes towards the Philippines and New Zealand, and from there it returns to its point of departure situated in Antarctica. Thus, in this way, a tremendously dangerous magic circle is closed.

There is no doubt that the fissure that goes towards the Eastern World starts in mysterious Antarctica and then passes in front of the Cape of Good Hope, Madagascar and the Arabian Sea in order to end in some unknown place in the Indian Ocean.

Men of science state that the Atlantic fault seems to have its origin in the Norwegian Sea. The extremely enigmatic course of this Atlantic fault passes by the coastline of Spain, Portugal and part of Africa and then ends close to the Portuguese Guinea.

By all means it is clear that the most dangerous oceanic fault that inevitably will generate a tremendous cataclysm is the Ring of Fire in the Pacific Ocean. The news that constantly circulates in the newspapers around the world has confirmed that the lands which are most punished by earthquakes are precisely in the Pacific Ocean.

These cracks in the maritime floor are dangerous symptoms that, without a doubt, are warning us of the proximity of a Great Tragedy.

The times of the end have arrived and we are in them. The sword of the Cosmic Justice menacingly weighs upon the head of the Great Harlot (humanity).

It is urgent to know that an entire system of cracks exists in the profundity of the seas and that these are the concrete outcome of a totally defined planetary type of geological action.

Already, some of those cracks are indeed so deep that they even have made the exterior waters of the oceans contact the interior fire (magma) of the earth.

In this moment of global crisis, water vapor is being produced under such intense pressure within our Planetary Organism that indeed the day will come in which any mountain, no matter how powerful it may be, will not resist this pressure and will burst asunder, snatched in the air and made to dust, as has already been prophesized by Mohammed in the Koran.

A series of earthquakes have already begun and will only become more and more intense. The cities like houses made out of a deck of cards will fall and turn into dust. Earthquakes will swallow up this entire humanity.

We must recognize the fact that this humanity is doomed. There is no remedy for this humanity; therefore, it must perish.

For the moment, as a testimony of this imminent Great Catastrophe, it is already undeniable that the coast of Chile is sinking and that other diverse lands from this afflicted and martyrized planet are similarly sinking.

Experts know very well that the sea has lost profundity in diverse parts of the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans. This is due to the fact that the bottom of the ocean floor has been continuously rising up towards the surface as a result of the internal swelling of the marine floor created by the steam's pressure.

Scientists know very well that while the mountains sink, the sea's floor is rising.

Without a doubt, great volumes of water are now in contact with the liquid fire (magma) that runs through the interior of the Earth; thus, the outcome will happen without delay.

The steam's pressure has inevitably produced an intensive volcanic activity in conjunction with terrible and frightening earthquakes and seaquakes.

The pressure of the interior of the Earth is horrific, and worst of all, as each minute passes the pressure increases.

The culminating moment is approaching, the moment when the internal pressure reaches its maximum limit. The catastrophe is about to happen; any exterior phenomenon can generate this culminating doom: an atomic explosion, the passing of an outer space body extremely close to the earth, an appropriately combined solar and lunar attraction phenomenon, etc.

The explosion in the bottom of the seas will be frightful. The Sun will become as black as a sackcloth of hair, and the Moon will become as red as blood due to the reflection of the fire (magma) that will surface upon the face of the earth.

The terrible sword of Damocles menacingly appears upon the head of the Great Harlot whose number is 666.

The sins of the Great Harlot have reached unto heaven and the flaming sword of Cosmic Justice will wound this humanity to death.

Babylon the Great (this present humanity), mother of all types of fornication and abominations of the earth will fall, for all nations have drunk of the wine of the wrath of her fornication, and the kings of the earth have committed fornication with her, and the merchants of the earth are waxed rich through the abundance of her delicacies.

This perverse civilization of vipers, this Great Babylon will burn with fire, because it has become millions of times more corrupt than Atlantis.

This Great Babylon, this abominable modern civilization has become the habitat of devils, the den of every foul spirit, and a cage for every unclean and hateful bird.

The world is now shaken by earthquakes; these are dangerous indicators of a Great Tragedy that announces a worse catastrophe and various other catastrophes thousands of times worse than those which finished off Atlantis.

Chapter 5

Atomic Science

The atom is in itself a miniature universe. All of the mechanical processes that are performed within the deepness of the atom are also performed within our Solar System.

Atomic investigations have verified that in the exterior regions of the atom there exists a cloud of electrons with an authentic negative electric charge, which when dissociated from the atoms agglomerate in dense floods in order to form all of the electric currents.

The atom has been abundantly investigated and its marvels are astonishing. The nucleus positively charged is the vital center of this small spherical world. As the planets gravitate around the sun, likewise the electrons gravitate around that mysterious nucleus.

Without a doubt the atomic nucleus possesses a considerable electric charge which the nucleus utilizes in order to retain under its domain the whole cortege of peripheral electrons, yet at a respectable distance.

The nucleus is the same heart of the atom, and it is already foreseen that within that basic, fundamental, nuclear corpuscle, a vital mechanism must exist, that is still up for discussion and further investigation.

The whole reason for the atom (miniature universe) to be is found within its nucleus. The whole inheritance of the atom and its potential resides precisely in its nucleus; the atom can explode or on the contrary, it can be changed into other types of atoms, thanks to this central corpuscle.

At this moment, physicists admit two fundamental constituents of the nucleus: the proton and the neutron.

By all means, it is absolutely clear that the proton is the Hydrogen's basic nucleus, in other words, it is the most central part of the Hydrogen, which is the lightest and simplest of all known elements.

The scientist Prout admitted in his time that the different elements of nature are condensations formed by the most simple of elements, Hydrogen.

There exist twelve fundamental types of Hydrogen; they correspond to twelve categories of matter that are contained in the universe from the Absolute down to the Infernal Worlds. The Infernal Worlds are symbolized in the Divine Comedy by Dante; they are situated within the Submerged Mineral Kingdom in the interior of the Earth.

It is also interesting to study the second constituent of the atomic nucleus; this is the neutron that has the same weight of the proton; in other words, it has the same weight of the nucleus of the Hydrogen. Nonetheless, until now it differs from all of the particles known by conventional science. It is indeed intriguing that it has no electrical charge, since it is a neutral corpuscle; this is why it is called neutron.

We, the Gnostics, after having discovered the three aspects of Electric Energy, and after having classified those three modes of Electricity with the following terms: Positive, Negative and Neutral, have considered the neutron as a corpuscle with Neutral Electrical Charge.

Our statement about the neutron charged with electricity in a neutral and static state might not appear very clear for modern scientists, but sooner or later they will have to prove it.

One of the greatest enigmas for modern atomic science is the enigma of the electrons. If the intimate mechanism of the atomic nucleus is still unknown, much less is the intimate mechanism of the electron known.

There exist positive and negative electrons; this is no longer a secret for scientists. Nevertheless, they do not know anything about the intimate mechanism of the electron.

The intellectual animal mistakenly called a human being has achieved the fractioning of the atom in order to liberate energy; yet, fortunately, they still do not know the internal mechanism of the electron within which resides tremendous power.

It is estimated, that each time a positive electron is absorbed while penetrating platinum, it produces two photons of a half of million volts each. This corresponds to a production of one million volts of photonic energy per positive electron.

The active element of the sun is Hydrogen, and indeed, this is very interesting because the atom of the Hydrogen (with a single electron rotating around a nucleus) is found at the border between the matter in an electronic state and the matter in a molecular state.

When Hydrogen combines with denser matter and other matter, atoms combine with atoms for the construction of molecules. The outcome of a superior state of the Superior Rarefaction of Hydrogen releases Free Electrons or matter in an Electronic State: Light, Magnetic Waves, etc.

By making use of the coveted Uranium, modem scientists have separated one Electron from one atom whose density is not natural, which is almost pathologic; they have had an indisputable success. Thus, it is logical to state that in this way, they have liberated an incomparable superior power of atomic energy that until now the human mind could not have conceived.

Thereafter, by combining atoms of Hydrogen, the scientists cunningly managed to form atoms of themselves; through this process, they thus produced frightful energy of practically unlimited power.

Undoubtedly, the Atomic Bomb is millions of times more terrible than dynamite; however, it is less horrific than the Hydrogen Bomb.

Prostitution of Solar Energy exists in the Hydrogen Bomb; this is the worst quality of Black Magic whose outcome will be total devastation and the decline and lifelessness of all living material on a totally new scale.

If a Hydrogen Bomb were to explode in the superior regions of the atmosphere (where the deposit of Pure Hydrogen is found) then the whole planet Earth would be burned by living fire and every creature would perish as would every other form of life.

By wanting to use atomic energy (by intending to discover the entire science of the transmutation of atoms or the way and manner in which one atom is changed into another) the intellectual animal longs to enter into the World where matter has all possibilities. However, he wants to enter through a false door. The intellectual animal wants to use the scientific laws without any code of ethics, without having an awakened Consciousness, without having reached True Spirituality.

We, the Gnostics, have legitimate procedures in order to enter into the Mysterious World (where matter has infinite possibilities), into those Atomic, Molecular and Electronic regions where all of the processes of universal life are gestated.

At this present moment, atomic radiation has altered the superior layer of the terrestrial atmosphere. If atomic explosions continue, soon the atmosphere will not be able to filter and analyze the solar rays in order to transform them into Light and Heat; thus, we will see the sun as black as a sackcloth of hair.

Earthquakes will intensify as long as the superior layer of the atmosphere continues to be altered due to atomic explosions, because on our planet Earth, this atmospheric layer is the provider of life.

The air that we breathe and the water that we drink is already charged with atomic radiation, and instead of being improved, this situation will only go from bad to worse. Therefore, when the atomic war explodes, we will see Dantesque scenes everywhere.

People will lose their minds due to the abuse of atomic energy and hospitals will be filled with grief and there will be no relief.

From under the surface of the earth, atomic explosions are liberating from the Infernal Worlds (the Submerged Mineral Element), infernal matters, Abysmal Atoms, such as the following: Neptunium (93), Plutonium (94), Americium (95) and Curium (96).

The outcome of this blasphemy is already before our eyes.

A trio of Matter, Energy and Consciousness exist inside every Atom. Therefore, Diabolic Consciousness or a terribly malignant intelligence exists within these types of already mentioned Abysmal Atoms.

These atomic demons are already poisoning the weak minds of people; this is why life in these great cities has become frightfully criminal, monstrous, horrible, chilling, and terribly malignant. Soon, everywhere in our neighborhoods and streets, we will hear, wailing, howling, whistles, neighs, squeaks, bellows, gaggles, meows, barking, snorts, snoring, and croaks. We are in the times of the end.

Chapter 6

Nature's Warnings

In these moments of global crisis, scientists have discovered with astonishment that the magnetic pole of the compass does not coincide with the physical north pole of the earth. One thing is the magnetic pole and another is the physical pole.

Without a doubt, the axes of the earth are now modifying their inclination; consequently, every minute the poles are consecutively deviating towards the equator.

These very remarkable geological changes have an exclusively cosmic origin; however, these can be accelerated by the scientific madness of the intellectual animal through his atomic experiments or through the frightening explosions of the Hydrogen Bomb.

Thus, in the manner that this impending doom is progressing, it is reasonable to be familiar with the idea of the revolution of the axes of the earth as an inevitable catastrophe that will convert the poles into the equator and the latter into the poles. Where today only enormous icebergs exist, tomorrow enormous and profound equatorial jungles will exist and vice versa. The present equatorial lands will be the icebergs of the future.

The revolution of the axes of the earth is a natural cosmic phenomenon that can be accelerated by the scientific madness of the intellectual animal.

In a very abrupt way, the revolution of the axes of the earth finished off with the infamous Atlantis.

It is very intriguing and significant that rain is falling on the Sahara desert and in many other places where rain has not fallen before.

It has been confirmed that the ice of the North Pole is melting, and the consequence of this phenomenon brings upon the terrible hurricanes and cyclones that are presently lashing out at the world. Let us remember the cyclones that lashed out against the coast of Sonora Mexico, and Manzanillo in the Pacific Ocean and all the other cyclones that have devastated Japan, the United States, etc.

Earthquakes are now occurring in a continuous manner; these earthquakes are showing us that within the interior of this afflicted planet in which we live, the planetary fire has entered into terrible agitation. As soon as Turkey trembles so does India today North America trembles and tomorrow Italy, Central America or South America, etc.

Ancient volcanoes are like dormant lions that are beginning to awaken from their millenarian dreams and are beginning to roar. Let us call to mind Fuji in Japan, Etna and many other volcanoes that exist. Let us remember how Vesuvius finished off Pompeii.

Most intriguing of all is that the "Old Lions" are not the only ones that are awakening; besides them, new volcanoes have been born, some with a fleeting life, others with a more powerful life. Let us mention for instance Paricutin in Mexico and the other one in the cold and martyrized land of Siberia.

With infinite astonishment, explorers have found lakes with warm water in the South Pole, lakes that are getting bigger and bigger as each day passes. Without a doubt the growth of these lakes is due to very intense subterranean activity, whose development stretches faraway.

Three volcanoes are now erupting in the South Pole; in Antarctica, they are spewing a very special type of rare lava; nonetheless, some nations have now hurriedly placed their flags on that continent. How imprudent humanity is!

All of these phenomena of Antarctica invite us to think. There is not doubt that the recent earthquakes of Chile (which also shook the bottom floor of the Pacific Ocean all the way to Japan) are intimately associated with the catastrophic processes of the South Pole. The final outcome of all of this has to be frightful.

It has been proven in a definite way, that in the Gulf of Guinea (which is located over the Equator) there are certain water currents coming from the Atlantic Ocean that have been uncommonly warmed; these water currents flow in the well known "Gulf Stream" towards the North. Here they have been secretly undermining the ice, fractioning the icebergs which then travel in chunks towards the Equator (in expedient urgency) in order to fill the emptiness left behind by extreme evaporation.

There is no doubt that this creates a current, inverse to the "Gulf Stream". This inverse current is very cold and fundamentally alters the climate of the coastlines which it flows through. Thus, life is finally given to cyclones, hurricanes, terrible windstorms, torrential rains and every type of climatologically disturbance which are presently causing great alarm to the whole human race.

Profound investigations allow us to logically deduce that these uncommon waters which are being warmed up near the Equator are intimately related with the volcanoes of Antarctica.

By all means, it is clear to comprehend that the warm currents of the Pacific Ocean, as a final resort, come from Antarctica. These waters arrive at the Gulf of Guinea and create an elevation in the temperature of the Equator.

Common sense (as someone once said, "should be the most common of the senses") allows us to comprehend that these currents of warmed water (when arriving at the North Pole) have to undermine and crack enormous icebergs, thus reducing (in the already mentioned "Gulf Stream") those previously compact icebergs.

The enigmatic volcanoes of the South Pole will intensify their Igneous activities; thus, consequently, the lakes with warm waters from Antarctica will grow excessively. Each day the marine currents will become even hotter and this will allow them to penetrate more and more powerfully within the solemn icebergs of the North Pole until eventually achieving the total meltdown of the ice.

It will be an absurdity to suppose that the South Pole with its erupting volcanoes will remain in a non modified state. It is clear that its ice will melt just as the ice of the North Pole, thus the outcome will be an apocalyptic horror.

Logic makes us comprehend that when the Polar Ice has melted, the maritime waters will increase in volume and that if the receptacle, the cup, the marine floor is not deep enough, then, the waters shall have to spread out, to overflow, to inundate the lands, thus, swallowing up entire countries. This is obvious.

Let us remember what we already stated in this 1967 Christmas Message. The sea has lost profundity in diverse parts of the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans, and the bottom of the ocean floor has been continuously rising up towards the surface, in other words, the profundity of certain seas have decreased.

Without even the tiniest amount of fear of being found mistaken, we can asseverate with complete solemnity, that the cause of this formidable marine crack is found in the volcanic activity of the South Pole.

Based on what we have already stated in this chapter and former chapters, we can be certain that the Earth will return again to a Primeval Age where the existence oi any kind of animal life will be impossible.

The Nahuas (Aztec Masters) said that the Children of the First Sun (the First Root Race of Protoplasmic Polar type) were devoured by tigers.

The Aztecs said that the Children of the Second Sun (the Second Root Race, the Hyperboreans) were cleared away by strong hurricanes and converted themselves into apes or monkeys.

The Aztecs said that the Children of the Third Sun perished by the sun raining down fire upon them and they transformed themselves into birds. The children of the third sun were the Lemurians whose continent situated in the Pacific Ocean was destroyed by earthquakes and volcanoes.

The Aztecs said that the Children of the Fourth Sun (the Fourth Root Race) were swallowed up by the waters and they converted themselves into fish.

The Aztecs said that the Children of the Fifth Sun (we the Aryan Root Race) will perish by that which is called Movement, Earthquakes.

The sacred scriptures of the Aztecs did not give any symbol to the degenerated humans of our present Fifth Root Race as they did for the previous Four Root Races. However, the Christian Gospel gives the symbol of sheep for the saved ones and goats for almost all of the human beings of the Aryan Root Race.

The Aztecs said that in the epoch of the Children of the Sixth Sun (the future Sixth Root Race) the Gods will resurrect.

The Nahuas (Aztecs Masters) have prophesized ineffable things for the Seventh Root Race, for the Children of the Seventh Sun.

Chapter 7

The Great Judge

The Hindustani sages cite the "Prakriti" in all of their sacred books. The Prakriti is that Primordial Substance from were the Twelve Basic Fundamental Hydrogens (which serve as foundations to the Seven Cosmos) emerge by successive condensations or crystallizations.

Variety in its own depth is a Unity, since, Tattwas, Senses, Mind and all of those other multiplicities of beings and things become diverse modes of crystallization of the Primordial Substance.

The fire which blazes, the air which not a single living creature could exist without, the waters of the boisterous sea and the perfumed earth are condensed Akash, Materialized Mulaprakriti, and Densified Prakriti.

Mother Space is therefore the Primordial Substance, the R Matter of the Great Work.

Space as Mother is the fertile bosom from which everything emerges and everything immerses.

Let definitively be declared in this chapter, Mother Space is the same Prakriti of the Hindustani, the Divine Mother.

The Prakriti is One, Unique, Indivisible and Integral during the Pralaya (Cosmic Night).

Yet, during the Mahamanvantara (Cosmic Day) as a consequence of the activity of the First, Second and Third Logos, the Prakriti expands and builds up from herself in Three Aspects.

The three modes of the Prakriti are: First, the Unmanifested Prakriti; Second the Prakriti in Nature; Third, the Prakriti as Queen of the Infernos and Death.

The Unmanifested Prakriti has no symbol amongst the Aztecs. The Manifested Prakriti (Nature) has the Aztec symbol of Tonatzin, the Adorable Mother. The Greeks symbolized this second aspect of the Cosmic Mother as the Chaste Diana.

Among the Aztecs, the third Aspect of the Divine Mother is the Terrible Coatlicue; among the Egyptians she is Proserpine and among the Greeks she is the tremendous Hekate, Lady of Enchantments and Death.

Mother-Space herself is the same Roman Apia the Nordic Urwala, the Scandinavian Erda, the Chivalrous Urgada, the Primeval Sybil of the Earth.

Any of the Three Aspects of the Prakriti can (if she wishes) take on a feminine shape in order to communicate something to any Illuminated Mystic.

One summer night, I was in that state which is known in the eastern world as Nirvi-Kalpa or Samadhi; what happened to me during that meditation was very profound; it was something marvelous.

Before me the Third Aspect of Prakriti took on the frightful and terribly divine shape of Proserpine or Hekate, and then she spoke to me in a language with apocalyptic signification.

"This perverse civilization of vipers, this Great Babylon will be destroyed and in all of its cities, one stone upon another will not remain. The evil of the world is so great that it has even reached onto heaven. There is no remedy for this humanity; it is totally lost".

Then, overflowing with great terror, I uttered*: "Oh Mother of mine, we are on a dead-end street".*

Then with a parable Proserpine asked me: "Do you want to make a covenant with me?"

"Yes, Mother of Mine, I am willing to fulfill that covenant," with great decisiveness this answer came from my lips.

Then Proserpine, the Queen of the Infernos and Death, took the floor again with a parable and told me: "Open the dead-end street, and I will kill them".

I immediately answered: "I accept Mother of Mine, Lady of Mine".

Then, certain upper class ladies passed by in front of us; these Ladies achieved the Second Birth; thus, the Solar Light splendorously emanated from within their Solar Bodies.

Unfortunately, these Ladies had not dissolved the Pluralized "I" nor had they eliminated their Lunar Bodies. I saluted them; yet they did not answer, and full of pride they did not even prostrate themselves with reverence before the Divine Mother.

"They still have pride and this is because they still carry within themselves the remnants of the Great Harlot whose number is 666;" this was the only thing that occurred to me to say.

The Divine Mother answered: "I have to examine all of them". Evidently she was referring to the Twice Born of this epoch in which we live.

Certain gentlemen also dressed with Solar Bodies passed by in front of us, yet contrary to the former ladies, they inclined themselves and were filled with profound reverence and respect for the Divine Mother and my insignificant person who has no value.

"These are children of the sun," exclaimed the Cosmic Mother.

Afterwards, I entered into a period of profound reflection. If some of the Twice Born must still be rigorously examined, then what fate lies ahead for the Great Harlot? What then would be the fate that lies ahead for this Lunar Race?

It is obvious that all confessional religions are awaiting the Final Judgment of this humanity, of this Degenerated and Perverse Lunar Race. Yet, according to the chronology of the Great Pyramid of Egypt, the Last Judgment already occurred between the years 1946 and 1953.

We, the Gnostics, know by illumination and Direct Transcendental Experience that the judgment of all nations occurred in the year 1950.

The Holy Gods judged the Great Harlot (humanity) and they considered it unworthy; the sentence of the Gods was: "To the Abyss! To the Abyss! To the Abyss!"

It is interesting that during the epoch of the Judgment of the Nations, 1946 to 1953 (according to the measurements of the Great Pyramid of Egypt) an enigmatic subterranean chamber ends in a rocky, obscure, dead-end chamber.

Obviously, through this dead-end chamber, the wise constructors of the Great Pyramid of Egypt wanted to tell us that after the Final Judgment humanity will enter into the Infernal Worlds (which Dante found within the interior of the earth).

The Apocalypses of Saint John (Revelation: 20: 11-15) refer to the Great Judgment:

"And I saw a great white throne, and him that sat on it, from whose face the earth and the heaven fled away; and there was found no place for them.

"And I saw the dead, small and great, stand before God; and the books were opened: and another book was opened, which is the book of l and the dead were judged out of those things which were written in the books, according to their works.

"And the sea gave up the dead which were in it; and death and hell delivered up the dead which were in them; and they were judged every man according to his works.

"And death and hell were cast into the lake of fire. This is the second death.

"And whosoever was not found written in the book of life was cast into the lake of fire".

All the symbolism of the Great Pyramid of Egypt starts when one treads upon the Great Step. Afterwards, the first lower passage becomes clear when you begin walking, and the remarkable date August 4-5, 1914 appears. This symbolism continues until one reaches the entrance of the King's Chamber; the date September 15- 16, 1939 is marked with complete precision.

It is overwhelming to find that these two terrible dates (related with the first and second world wars) are found in the Geometry and Chronology of the Great Pyramid. What is most intriguing about all of this is that due to their construction and form, it is not possible to pass through these cited passages standing on the feet; in order to walk through it is necessary to use the four limbs (like the quadruped animals). This reminds us of the soldiers who walk on their hands and knees or who drag themselves (like animals) in the fields of battle.

According to the Great Pyramid, our epoch has to pass through three periods: Death, Preoccupation and Chaos.

"When ye therefore shall see the abomination of desolation, spoken of by Daniel the prophet, stand in the holy place...For then shall be great tribulation, such as was not since the beginning of the world to this time, no, nor ever shall be. And except those days should be shortened, there should no flesh be saved: but for the elect's sake those days shall be shortened". Matthew 24: 15, 21,22

Since the First World War the former prophecy is being fulfilled in a dramatic way. The geometrical measurements of the Great Pyramid point towards the First World War, towards the interval between the first and the second wars, towards the year 1939 with the dates 15-16 of September (marking the beginning of the Second World War) and it also tells of the duration for each one of these great wars.

Finally, in the Chamber of the Judgments of Nations, the Great Pyramid places humanity in front of the Great Judge. The King's Chamber ends on the date 19-20 of August 1953. Now, the doom that lies ahead is work for Proserpine. She will terminate this entire humanity.

Chapter 8

The Submerged Mineral Kingdom

The Ray of Creation begins in the Absolute and ends in the Inferno. The latter word comes from the Latin "Infernus" which means inferior.

An author (whose name I do not wish to mention) stated that the inferior place is this physical world, this cellular world in which we live. Lamentably, that author was mistaken because the Infernus is the Underworld, the Submerged Mineral Kingdom.

Dante discovered the Inferno within the interior of the Earth, the underworld of the Earth. The descent towards the profound interior of our planetary organism is a descent into places of extreme density, of extreme materiality. Indeed, this is the wise idea expressed by Dante in his Divine Comedy.

Dante sees the underworld; he analyzes it; he comprehends it, and he formidably describes it. Dante talked about spheres (or circles) of an increasing density that lead (according to his own worlds): "Toward the middle, at whose point unites all heavy substance... That point to which from every part is dragged all heavy substance".

At the threshold of a door in hell, Dante saw (written in black letters) the following terrible worlds:

"THROUGH me you pass into the city of woe:

Through me you pass into eternal pain:

Through me among the people lost for aye.

Justice the founder of my fabric moved:

To rear me was the task of power divine, Supremest wisdom, and primeval love.

Before me things create were none, save things Eternal, and eternal I endure. All hope abandon, ye who enter here".

The subterranean layers of the earth represent the Kingdom of Minerals (Lithosphere). The Kingdom of Metals is the Barisphere that envelops a heart of incredible density and frightful inertia.

We must make a clear distinction between the Mineral Kingdom and the Kingdom of Metals.

Among Minerals, the group of Metals is a Cosmic separated group. A little bit beyond the Kingdom of Metals there exists a certain very rare type of matter that has closer contact with the Absolute.

We must comprehend profoundly that the Almighty Holy One abides behind the Kingdom of Metals.

The Ray of Creation begins in the Absolute and ends in the Inferno; but, what is beyond the Inferno? It is clear that beyond the Inferno, behind the Kingdom of Metals, the Absolute is found.

Music clarifies all of this. As a complete process of life, the Ray of Creation is a descendent octave in which DO passes to TI and TI passes to LA, etc.

With One Law, the Absolute vibrates within the note DO of the musical scale.

From the Great Scale, the note TI resounds in all of the Worlds of the Infinite with their Three Laws.

The note LA vibrates in all the Suns of the Galaxy with their Six Laws.

The note SOL resounds in the Sun that illuminates us with its Twelve Laws.

All the Planets of our Solar System vibrate with the note FA which resounds in all of nature with their Twenty-Four Laws.

On Earth, the Microcosm vibrates with the note MI and its Forty-Eight Laws.

The Under-Earth or Underworld vibrates with the note RE.

The Ray of Creation ends in the Underworld. Beyond the Kingdom of Metals is the Absolute with its note DO vibrating eternally.

Therefore, the Inferno with its Ninety-Six Laws laws and its note RE is the end of the Ray of Creation.

Seven orders of Worlds exist within the Ray of Creation; the Inferno is the Seventh, the last one.

Happiness and Spirituality increase in worlds which are governed by a small number of laws; yet, the complication of life, the mechanization, the materiality and grief, increases in worlds governed by a large number of laws.

The Inferno governed by Ninety-Six Laws (which multiply according to the law of three) is frightfully materialistic, horrible and painful.

The submerged Mineral Kingdom is Dante's Inferno with its nine circles or regions; in the last circle is where the nucleus of the Earth is found, where Dante, (the good disciple of Virgil) discovered the foundation of Dis, the Demon of Treason.

Indeed, the World is triple: the World, the Underworld and the Supra-World exist. The epidermis of the earth, this cellular region in which we live, is just the intermediate zone since the Under World (the Roman Averno, the Greek Tartarus, the Hades, Hellas, the Inferno of Dante or the Infernal Worlds) exists underneath the terrestrial crust.

The Elysian Fields of the Supra-World, the Molecular and Electronic Kingdoms, the Heavens, Deva, Amenti, Paradise, etc., are all found above the cellular regions.

Such is the Beautiful Pythagorean Symbolism of the Two Dried Circles: the circle above or Supra-Word and the circle below or Under-World; a Third Region is created, where the two intersect, this is the Cellular World in which we live.

The Sun as the Gigantic Cosmic Heart of our Solar System, illuminates not only the Cellular Region in which we live, but also the Under-World and the Supra-World.

The King Star (the Sun) does not only emit the luminous waves that we perceive with our eyes, but other millions of waves of different vibratory tonality that become, as a fact, an Effective Black Light that human eyes cannot perceive.

Fine laboratory devices inform us that Seven Ultraviolet colors (whose obscure and spectral rays are clearly perceived by the Photospectography) exist above the Violet color. Undoubtedly, some large amounts of Chemical and even Hyper-Chemical Vibrations exist above the Ultraviolet Colors, as those which belong to our Imagination, or those which belong to our Mind, Willpower and Feelings.

On the other hand, scientists very well know that Red (below the Sun) emits calorific waves of the X Rays, Electromagnetic, etc., that as a fact and without a doubt, would be Clear Light if human beings would have developed that Third Eye of the Limnoscelis Lacertidae; a third eye that is also cited by Homer in the Odyssey.

Creatures that inhabit the profound depth of the oceans and the obscure caverns of the Earth have developed that Third Eye, that Sixth Sense.

It has been widely proven that ants and other insects can see very well in the light of the Infrared Rays, but on the contrary, they are in complete obscurity in the light of the Violet colored rays.

The Outer Darkness mentioned by the Four Gospels of Christ, are indeed Black Light, another mode of light. Therefore, it is not exaggerated to affirm that the Infernal Worlds are illuminated by Infrared Light.

It is not necessary to be absolutely perverse in order to enter into the Infernal Worlds. Those who enter into the Under-World are the ones who lived without deserving any type of praise or vituperation from their fellowmen; also those who were never Rebellious or Loyal to God, the lukewarm who are as numerous as the sand of the sea; they are the unhappy ones who only live for themselves, those crowds who were never interested in the Intimate Self-Realization of their Being.

Into the Under-World enter the multitudes that walk behind the flag of Esau, the vindictive ones, who changed their birthright for a pottage of Lentils; those who say:

"First I am going to make money and then, if I have time, I will dedicate my life to God".

Into the Infernal Worlds enter the lustful ones and those who hate sex, the homosexuals and the ignorant abstinent people who do not reach the Second Birth. Heaven reproves usury, incontinency, maliciousness and insane bestiality.

Devolution in the Infernal Worlds is a descent into lower states, passing through animal and pseudo-vegetal states and ending in the Mineral Kingdom with the fatal epilogue of the Second Death. Thus, and only thus, can the Failed Souls become liberated and return into the primeval chaos. Thereafter, they reenter into a new evolving ascension passing anew through the Mineral, Plant and Animal Kingdoms towards the human state.

Chapter 9

The Protoplasmatic Bodies

Men of science have proven that Metals also are exposed to sickness and death. Certain types of poison can produce sickness and death in Metals.

In his Rosicrucian Novel, Doctor Arnold Krumm Heller, "Huiracocha" (Colonel Physician of the Mexican Army and Professor of Medicine at the University of Berlin) stated that every Atom is a Trio of Matter, Energy and Consciousness.

We, the Gnostics, know that Subatomic Particles possess Consciousness. We emphatically affirm that the electrical and gravitational characteristics of any given particle represent its mental qualities.

The Substance of the Mind exists in all of the Kingdoms of Nature, including the Mineral, Plant and Animal Kingdoms.

Indeed, the only difference that exists between a beast and an intellectual animal (mistakenly called a human being) lies in the fact that the latter has transformed his mind into Intellect.

Life and Consciousness also exist in certain forms within the elemental particles of Nature.

These Particles receive information beyond time and space. This reminds us of the ExtraSensorial Perceptions of certain very psychic Individuals, with whom many experiments have been made in the laboratories of Parapsychology.

When an Electron and a Positron (a positive electron) are annihilated in order to liberate energy, two Gamma Rays (or Gamma Photons) are produced. These Rays are found intimately related amongst themselves. When one of them suffers a transformation, the other inevitably receives its influence; this occurs without having an ordinary physical link between the two.

Let the similitude of this phenomenon be observed with those who study Parapsychology. The Chinese Lee and Yang scientifically demonstrated (by means of experiments with atomic particles) that in our region of the Universe, space is not symmetrical and that smaller particles of matter tend to spin themselves towards an advantageous direction. These men of science do not yet know how the former phenomenon can be related with the essential symmetry of living matter.

Optic Science is now approaching the Fourth Dimension. Thus, the day in which tetradimensional space will become visible through very powerful lenses is not far away.

In his books of Medicine, Paracelsus talked about Gnomes, Undines, Nereids, Genii, Salamanders, Sylphs, etc. Naturally, imbecile ignoramuses laugh about all of these things.

Within the mineral atoms, we the Gnostics find those Gnomes of whom Paracelsus (the Medieval Physician) talked about. Thus, in the same way that the good Aureolus Paracelsus, in his epoch, utilized the elementals of plants in order to cure the sick, we too know how to do it, even if the ignoramuses of scientism laugh at us.

The Consciousness of Elementals is dressed with Supra-Sensible Protoplasmic Bodies.

When universal life concentrates itself within the mineral kingdom, then, the Protoplasmic Bodies or Lunar Bodies sprout by spontaneous generation. These types of bodies are susceptible to many changes and transformations.

When the Gnomes from the Mineral Kingdom enter into the plant kingdom, they suffer transformations within their Protoplasmic Bodies.

When the elementals of plants enter into animal evolution, they suffer new transformations within their Protoplasmic Bodies.

When the evolving wave of life passes from the animal into the human being, that is, when the elementals of animals enter into human wombs for the first time, then, new changes and metamorphoses are verified within their Protoplasmic Bodies.

The Internal Bodies, studied by the pseudo-Esoteric and pseudo- occultist schools, are common property for all of the beasts of Nature. These are the Lunar Bodies or Protoplasmic Bodies.

The Laws of Evolution and Devolution are enclosed within the Lunar Protoplasmic Bodies.

The Protoplasmic Bodies evolve until a certain point, perfectly defined by nature; afterwards, they downwardly precipitate through the way of Devolution, reverting their processes until reaching their original point of departure.

The Evolution of the Protoplasmic Bodies is performed over the surface of the Earth in this cellular world.

The Devolution of the Protoplasmic Bodies is performed within the Submerged Mineral Kingdom.

It is not strange that the Protoplasmic Bodies initiate their devolution in this cellular world; however their complete devolving processes are processed within the UnderWorld.

The Protoplasmic Bodies can never be destroyed by the death of the physical body. After the physical death, the Protoplasmic Bodies continue within the Molecular World.

Spiritualists talk abundantly about the Perispirit, which is constituted by the Protoplasmic Bodies.

The Ectoplasm (the Materialization of the Lunar Bodies) has been performed successfully in some scientific laboratories. This is how these Protoplasmic Bodies have been photographed.

The Embryonic Soul (which every human being carries inside) is dressed with these Protoplasmic Bodies.

The intellectual animal (mistakenly called a Human Being) is a machine that is necessary for the economy of Nature.

Until the machine can correctly function, the evolution of the Protoplasmic Bodies is necessary.

The human machine automatically receives and transforms certain Cosmic Rays that later are unconsciously transmitted into the interior layers of the Earth.

Every animal and every plant performs (in an unconscious manner) the same function. The intellectual animal cannot be an exception.

Each plant, each animal according to its own kind, captures and transforms (for the good of this planetary organism on which we live), a defined type of Cosmic Rays. Some capture vibrations of the same Earth, terrestrial rays that must be transformed and transmitted into the Earth anew.

Other plant and animal families have the mission of receiving and transmitting Solar Rays that thereafter the Earth avidly receives.

Multiple families of plants and animals also exist that receive, transform and transmit Cosmic Rays from the Great Infinite into the interior of our terrestrial organism.

The devolving lunar bodies repeat the processes which they had experienced within Nature, yet in a reverted way. They retrospectively revive their entire human, animal, plant and mineral past.

When the Protoplasmic Bodies return to their point of original departure (situated in the mineral kingdom that is the basic point of the scale) then these bodies are reduced to cosmic dust.

The destruction of the Protoplasmic Bodies is indispensable in order to liberate the Lost Souls.

The Lost Souls return into the Original Primitive Chaos. Here, they have to ascend anew until finally reaching the human state again; that is, after having repeated the very long and millenarian evolving ascension that processes itself through the Mineral, Plant, Animal and Human Kingdoms.

The destruction of the Protoplasmic Lunar Bodies in the Infernal Worlds is infinitely painful. Dante marvelously symbolized it in his Divine Comedy.

Devolution is a constant downward fall, each time falling towards the past into denser and denser regions, where only weeping and the gnashing of teeth can be heard.

The cataclysms that will transform the crust of this Earth in a definite way will kill this entire humanity. Thus, this is definitely how this humanity will enter into the Infernal Worlds.

Chapter 10

The Pluralized "I"

The organism of the Tri-Cerebrated Biped (mistakenly called a Human Being) is a precious machine with five marvelous Psycho physiological Centers.

The order of these centers is as follows: Intellectual, Emotional, Motor, Instinctual and Sexual.

Each one of these Five Centers penetrates the entire organism; nonetheless, if one selfobserves profoundly, one becomes aware that each one of the centers has a central, basic point situated at a specific area of our organic machine.

The center of gravity of the Intellect is found in the Brain.

The center of gravity of Emotions is situated in the Solar Plexus.

The center of gravity of Movement is situated in the superior part of the Dorsal Spine.

The center of gravity of Instinct is found in the inferior part of the Dorsal Spine.

The center of gravity of Sex clearly has its roots in the Sexual Organs.

Each one of the centers of the "Machine" has absolutely defined specific functions.

An in depth study of the five centers allows us to comprehend that different speeds exist amongst them. This has already been proven.

Students of Pseudo-Occultism and Pseudo-Esotericism believe that the center of thought is extraordinarily fast; however, they are lamentably mistaken, because the Motor and Instinctual centers are 30,000 times faster.

We have been told that the Emotional Center is still faster than the Motor and Instinctual centers. Great sages affirm that the Emotional Center is indeed 30,000 times faster than the Motor and Instinctual centers.

The specific functions of each center indicate, point to certain dualisms in each center, as the dualism of the mind with its incessant battle of antithesis dividing thoughts; the dualism of emotions splitting them into pleasant and unpleasant emotions; the dualism of instinctual sensations splitting them into pleasure and pain; the dualism of sexuality splitting them into attraction and repulsion of sex, etc. Without a doubt, each one of the five centers is, at the same time, positive and negative.

All of the Five Cylinders of the human machine are fundamental for life, but, without a doubt, the Sexual Center, the Fifth Center, is indeed, the most important and the fastest of all. The very roots of our existence are found within the latter.

The Sexual Center (because of its fine energy) is extraordinarily subtle and fast. The majority of its manifestations take place on a molecular level, where its impulses are transmitted thousands of times faster than those of the mind.

The idea of "love at first sight" (if indeed it occurs in certain cases) is based on the concrete fact that at a given moment, the sexual function can instantaneously know if a sexual affinity with a certain person of the opposite sex can or cannot exist.

Indeed, the search for our sexual complement occurs in each function of our human organism. The sense of attraction, indifference and repulsion between a man and a woman is the outcome of a highly complicated calculation of the existing factors of reciprocity of each of its functions and of the average or total function of all of those factors together. Fortunately, such a complex and difficult calculation can never be performed by the Intellectual Center, but only by the Sexual Center. This center can attain a correct result in a second or even less.

Infinite possibilities exist within the Sexual Center (when it is developed) that can either convert us into Angels or Devils.

The Fifth Center possesses a certain Electronic Solar Fire that when wisely awakened can transform us radically.

In ancient times (due to a certain mistake performed by some Sacred Individuals) humanity developed the negative side of the Sexual Center, its Tenebrous Luciferic Aspect.

When the Electronic Sexual Fire is directed downwards into the Atomic Infernos of the human being, it becomes the Abominable Kundartiguador Organ, the Tail of Satan.

Fortunately, after its development, such Luciferic Organ vanished from humanity; nevertheless, its fatal consequences still remain.

It is urgent to know that the disastrous consequences of the Abominable Kundartiguador Organ remained deposited within the five cylinders of the Human Machine.

It is indispensable to know that the evil consequences of the Abominable Kundartiguador Organ constitute the Lunar Ego, the Pluralized "I".

Lamentably, the Five Psycho-Physiological Centers of the Intellectual Beast (mistakenly called a Human Being) are absolutely controlled by that legion of Devil "I's" that every person carries within.

It is painful to know that the Soul, the Buddhata, the Essence that we carry inside, is bottled up within the Lunar Ego.

The incorrect function of the five psycho-physiologic centers of the human machine is due to the pernicious activities of the pluralized "I"; these are the evil consequences of the Abominable Kundartiguador Organ.

It is urgent to dissolve the pluralized "I" in order to liberate the Essence, the Buddhata, the Embryo of Soul, the Psychic material.

Those who have never (in any of their lives) preoccupied themselves with the dissolution of their pluralized "I" those who have never by any means wanted to terminate the evil consequences of the Abominable Kundartiguador Organ will have to enter into the Infernal

Worlds when their cycle of lives concludes at the end of their journey.

The entrance of the Failures into the Submerged Mineral Kingdom is indispensable for the disintegration of the pluralized "I" (within which, unfortunately, the Essence, the Soul is bottled up).

The Lunar Ego (that conjunction of distinct and diverse entities that travel in an independent way through the supra-sensible worlds) is hidden within the Lunar Bodies.

The terrible and painful devolution of the pluralized "I" (with their Lunar Protoplasmic Bodies) in the Infernal Worlds is a fall (descending backwards) towards the original primitive chaos.

The Devolution descends from the animal, plant and mineral steps. On the last rung of the ladder, the fossilized Lunar Egos are reduced to cosmic dust. This is the Second Death.

The absolute destruction of the Pluralized "I" and its Lunar Vehicles is indispensable for the liberation of the Essence.

This Lunar Race, this Perverse Adamic Race, is entering into the Infernal Devolution through successive cataclysms.

Wars, hurricanes, sicknesses, fires, inundations and earthquakes will terminate this Lunar Race.

Chapter 11

The Consciousness

In our former chapter we talked about the Abominable Kundartiguador Organ or Tail or Satan. We clearly stated that it is an Electronic Sexual Luciferic Fire that descends from the Coccygeal Bone (situated at the base of our dorsal spine.) This Electronic

Sexual Luciferic Fire is projected downward into the Atomic Infernos of the human beings we stated that due to a lamentable mistake made by certain sacred individuals in times of yore, humanity developed the Kundartiguador Organ which later fortunately vanished from humanity.

Now, the electronic sexual fire (which was mistakenly projected towards the Atomic Infernos) looks like a serpent, which is coiled up three and a half times within a certain magnetic center (situated in the coccyx).

It is clear that in its positive aspect, the electronic solar fire can guide us to "Final Liberation"; however, not a single human being is free from the negative flames or from the Kundartiguador fire.

Esoteric investigations have demonstrated that this infernal fire exists within the lower atomic depths of the Intellectual Beast (who is mistakenly called a human being).

If those splendid and marvelous worlds that cluster in infinite space are simple granulations of that Positive Solar Fohat, then we can affirm (without fear of being mistaken) that those Demonic "I's" (which we carry within) are just mere crystallizations of that Negative and Blind Fohatic Force of the Kundartiguador Organ.

The Consciousness, the Essence, the Buddhata, that Embryo of Soul which every creature carries within is always the innocent victim of all those granulations of the Negative Sexual Fohat.

It is lamentable that our consciousness is bottled up within those multiple Demonic "I's" which in their conjunction constitutes the Lunar Ego, the Myself, the Oneself.

A true individual does not exist within the wretched Intellectual Beast. Each idea, each sentiment, each movement, each sensation, each desire, etc., are simply psychological manifestations of the distinct, different "I's" which are never connected amongst themselves nor coordinated in any way. Any given "I" will mechanically follow another "I" and some of them may even have the luxury of appearing to work together but not in any systematic order.

These Satanic "I's" (horrible crystallizations of the Negative Sexual Fire) are frightfully subconscious and bestial within their depths.

Each one of these Devil "I's has stolen our consciousness, our life, our Essence or Psychological material.

In any given moment, each one of these Satanic "I's" represent only a meager part of our Psychological function; nonetheless, such an "I" believes itself to be the Lord, the Unique One, the Whole.

The "I" that today swears Eternal Love to a beloved is displaced tomorrow by another "I" that cares nothing for that oath. Thus, as usual, the individual eventually withdraws and leaves the unhappy beloved one awfully disheartened.

The "I" that today swears fidelity before the Gnostic Altar is later displaced by another "I" that has nothing to do with such an oath. Thus, such an individual withdraws from our Gnostic Movement and leaves all of our brethren astonished.

The intellectual Beast is an Unconscious Machine without responsibility whatsoever. He does not have True Individuality.

Within each "I" (of the Legion of Satanic "I's") the Consciousness sleeps profoundly. The Consciousness dreams within each "I".

People are hypnotized by that Blind Fohatic Force of the Kundartiguador Organ.

There exist four states of Consciousness: Dream, Vigil Consciousness, Self-Cognizance and Objective Consciousness.

Imagine a house with four floors: the Intellectual Beast lives on the two inferior floors.

By no means is it an exaggeration to affirm that the two superior floors in the house of Consciousness are absolutely unknown to the wretched Intellectual Beast.

The first state of Consciousness is the normal, ordinary sleep. The pluralized "I" (enveloped by its Lunar Protoplasmic Bodies) abandons the Physical Body and ambulates within the Molecular World.

The second state (mistakenly classified as a state of Vigil Consciousness) is in its depth, a simple continuation of our Dreams. Indeed, this state is much more dangerous than the first state.

People of this present humanity are dreamers one hundred percent; as someone once unmistakably said: "Life is but a dream".

The Intellectual Beast labors and drives cars while in a state of slumber; he is born in a dream state and dies while in a dream state.

The Four Gospels of Jesus Christ insist upon the necessity of awakening; however, the Intellectual Beast believes that he is awakened. When someone accepts that he is asleep, it is an unmistakable sign that he wants to awaken.

The world has "Seven Dimensions"; however, the Intellectual Animal only perceives three because his Consciousness is asleep.

The Intellectual Animal has a frightful tri-dimensional psychological idiosyncrasy; this is why his deficient spatial sense only perceives length, width and height.

The development of Spatial Sense is only possible once the Consciousness is awakened.

The clear perception of the Superior Dimensions of Space is only possible with the "awakening of the Consciousness".

A line is the print that a dot leaves while moving through space.

A plane is the print that a line leaves while moving through space.

A solid is the print that a plane leaves while moving through space.

A hyper-solid is the print that a solid leaves while moving through space; it is the fourth dimension of any given body.

Hyper-solids, Hyper-volume, and Hyper-space are only perceptible with the awakening of the Consciousness.

We have been told that the Fourth Dimension is Time (in its exclusively temporal aspect).

We have been informed that the Fifth Dimension is Eternity.

Without a doubt, the Sixth Dimension is beyond Time and Eternity.

The Absolute Zero exists in dimensional subject matters. The Zero Dimension is Pure Spirit; this is a Seventh Dimension.

The Intellectual Beast is bottled up in Euclidean Geometry because he has never awakened his Consciousness. The Consciousness that slumbers is content with Euclid's Tri-dimensional Geometry.

One-dimensional Creatures only possess sensations of pleasure and pain, likes and dislikes, for example; the snail.

Bi-dimensional creatures such as dogs, cats and horses, etc., possess sensations and representations.

The Tri-dimensional Biped (mistakenly called a human being), possesses sensations, representations and concepts.

The Spatial Sense can never be developed without the awakening of the Consciousness.

The Spatial Sense includes, in an absolute manner, the five senses and many other senses that physiologists absolutely ignore.

This present humanity has their consciousness asleep and they are entering into the Under-World in this state; yet, they are totally convinced that they are doing very well.

Chapter 12

Reincarnation - Return

Distinct degrees of splendor and hierarchy exist among the Angels of Death; however, all of them rely upon the supreme commands of the Third Aspect of Prakriti, Mother Space, the Blessed Goddess Mother Death, Hekate, Proserpine, Coatlicue, Kali, etc.

Despite their spectral, skeletal figure (with a scythe held in the right hand and dressed in funeral attire) these Ministers of Death have a terribly divine appearance indeed.

According to the Law of Destiny, the Angels of Death cut the Thread of Life on a precise day and hour.

Within the sepulchral tomb, the physical body and the personality come to an end.

However, the personality slowly disintegrates and does not always remain within the tomb since it usually wanders around the cemetery or pantheon.

Pseudo-Occultist literature has abundantly spoken about the Vital Body or Lingam Sarira (which is the foundation of organic life). The existence of the physical body would be impossible without the vital body. However, the vital body is not the personality.

At the rate at which the cadaver disintegrates, so too does the Vital Body. Yet, the personality ambulates within the pantheon and its disintegration is slower than that of the Vital Body.

Those who affirm that the Personality reincarnates are unfortunately lying, because the Personality is a child of its own time. The Personality is born in its own time and dies in its own time. There is no tomorrow for the Personality of the dead.

That which continues beyond death is the Ego (dressed with lunar bodies). That which never dies is the Essence, the Buddhata, the Soul that unfortunately is bottled up within the Ego.

The retrospective vision (of the life that has just ended) is made with the sole purpose of taking an inventory of that existence. This way, we know what we have and what we lack.

After the inventory is taken (of the existence that has just ended), the judgment before the Tribunals of Karma is precise.

In ancient times almost all of the souls were temporarily released from within their Ego.

In this way, they were able to experience a so called "vacation" within the Molecular and Electronic Worlds. Nevertheless, after such a vacation they reincorporated themselves within this valley of tears (much like a Genie who reenters the same Bottle).

In this day and age of anguish and perversity, souls hardly have such vacations within the Superior Worlds. Now the disincarnated enter into the Infernal Worlds or Return immediately to this valley of tears in order to finish (as quickly as possible) their cycle of successive lives.

The pseudo-occultist literature mistakenly affirms that millions of lives are designated to every human soul until it achieves perfection; however this concept is false. According to the Law of Number, Measurement and Weight, only a certain number of existences are assigned to every human soul.

Indeed, only one hundred and eight lives are assigned to every human soul. These are the one hundred and eight beads of the Buddha's Necklace.

Brahmans symbolize the cycle of successive lives with the Ritual of the Sacred Cow.

They perform one hundred and eight liturgical rounds around the cow, while holding a collar of one hundred and eight beads and chant the magical mantra OM MANI PADME HUM.

The Souls who conclude their cycle of existences (without having reached the Angelic State) enter into the Infernal Worlds.

In these times, (after the Final Judgment of 1950) almost all of the souls have completed their cycle of existences or are very near to completion.

Disincarnated souls are now entering into the Infernal Worlds in surges because times have come to an end for this Aryan Root Race.

Pseudo-Occultist literature has abundantly written about the Law of Reincarnation; however, this Law is only for Sacred Individuals.

Reincarnation implies a Reincarnating Individuality and if Individuality does not exist, then Reincarnation is not applied.

Pseudo-Occultist literature asserts the concept that the Intellectual Animal has already achieved Individuality; however, this concept is as false as the one that affirms that humans (from this present humanity) already have authentic Astral, Mental and Causal Solar Vehicles within their possession.

The Ego is a conjunction of different and diverse entities unknown to one another. That is not Individuality, therefore, it is an absurdity to affirm that those entities reincarnate.

It is better to affirm that the Pluralized "I" Regresses, Reincorporates or Returns to this valley of tears.

The Ego continues through our descendents. The agony of a man is identical to the ecstasy of his conception. Death and conception are found intimately joined; they form a unique whole. The path of life is made by the hoof prints of the horse of death.

Death and conception are one. Death and judgment are one. Judgment and Conception are one. Death, judgment and conception are one.

At the moment of conception, the Psychological Design (of the one who agonizes while dying) enters along with the zoosperm into the egg.

Just as a wave transmitted by a television station carries an invisible image of an actor who acts, likewise, the disintegration of the elements (from the old body) originates a vibration that invisibly passes through time and space. Such a vibration carries the design of the man who agonizes while dying. Thus, just as the broadcasted image is recaptured by an appropriate device and becomes visible (many hundreds and thousands of kilometers away from the place where it was actually emitted) likewise, the fecundated egg is the receptive organ for the psychological design of the agonizing man.

After death, the different entities which constitute the Ego come and go through the molecular region; however, not all of these entities return into a new human womb. Some of these entities enter into the Under-World. Others enter into inferior wombs of the Irrational Animal Kingdom. Others enter into the Plant Kingdom and some (finally dressed with their Lunar Bodies) continue on through their descendents.

On a certain occasion, Pythagoras scolded a disciple who wanted to kick a howling dog.

He said: "Do not hurt that dog, because in his painful howling I have recognized a friend of mine who died some time ago". This is the wise Law of Metempsychosis which is so detested by the fanatics of the Dogma of Evolution.

Souls also enter into the Infernal Worlds in fractions. Thus, many people who presently live within the physical world already have parts of themselves within the Infernal Worlds.

Thus, in the abyss Dante found fractions of souls who were condemned to the Second Death inside sepulchers (the sepulcher is the symbol that corresponds to these souls). Dante asked his Master:

"May those who lie within these sepulchers be seen? Already all the lids are raised, and none over them keeps watch". Virgil the poet from Mantua answered: "They shall be closed all, when they here from Josaphat returned shall come, and bring their bodies, which above they now have left".

Saint Josaphat is the Buddha and the Valley of Josaphat is this world of Samsara. The Final Judgment has already taken place. The Egos in their totality are entering into the Infernal Worlds. Thus, this is how the symbolic sepulchers of Dante are closed.

The final objective of the Infernal Worlds is to destroy the Ego and the Lunar Bodies in order for the Soul to become liberated through the door of the Second Death. The suffering of the failed souls in the Infernal Worlds is symbolically written by Dante in his Divine Comedy.

The most perverse Black Magicians live within the Infernal Worlds; it will take trillions of years before they can reach the Second Death. Ordinary people can reach the Second Death in 800 to 1000 years more or less. The souls pay a Karmic Invoice within the Infernal Worlds every 100 years. In the Infernal Worlds time is extremely long and terribly boring. It is time of millenarian rocks.

The Second Death is necessary so that the failed souls can return into the primeval original chaos. Here, they have to reinitiate their journey, passing through Mineral, Plant and Animal evolutions until finally reaching the Human State anew.

Chapter 13

The Law of Recurrence

By judiciously analyzing the Theory of Reincarnation that has been stated by many different Pseudo-Esoteric and Pseudo-Occultist Thinkers of this day and age, we have arrived at the conclusion that all of these authors are totally confused.

The doctrine of Reincarnation comes from the cult of Krishna, which is an ancient Vedic Religion. Unfortunately, this sublime doctrine was extremely adulterated by many reformers.

In the cult of Krishna, it has been wisely stated that only the Gods, Demigods, Heroes, Titans, Divine Kings, Masters and Guides of humanity Reincarnate. Nevertheless, the diverse Pseudo-Esoteric and Pseudo-Occultist Schools have propagated this concept in a very mistaken way; these schools mistakenly preach onto the multitudes that every human being reincarnates.

Alongside the doctrine of Reincarnation, there also exists the idea of the Transmigration of Souls which includes the Re-incorporation of Human Souls into Animal Creatures.

Obviously, the terrible Human Pride considered the Re incorporation of Human Souls into Animal Creatures as an alteration or distortion of the wise doctrine of Reincarnation.

Thus, inevitably, by dint of pride the Theory of the Transmigration of Souls was rejected.

In the Four Gospels, Jesus Christ emphasizes the difficulty that exists in order to enter into the Kingdom. The Great Master never said that all human beings would enter into the Kingdom. Here enters the Law of Natural Selection: Many are called and few are chosen.

The entire Human Species, with the exception of a few, enter into the Infernal Worlds, where they are terminated through the Second Death. This event is always repeated in all of the Planets of Infinite Space.

We have already stated that only with the Second Death can the Lost Souls be liberated from the Infernal Worlds.

The Law of Eternal Return always brings the Failed Souls (who lived within the UnderWorld and who passed through the Second Death) to a new Cosmic Manifestation.

The Law of Eternal Return provides the foundation for the Doctrine of the Transmigration of Souls; millions of Failed Souls (from Past Cycles of Manifestation) are now Elementals from the Mineral or Plant Kingdoms and also Animal Creatures who long to re-conquer the Human State which they had lost in times of yore.

The wise idea of the Eternal Return of all things is invariably united to Pythagorean wisdom and to the Sacred Hindustani Cosmogony.

The entire Doctrine about the life of Brahma, Mahamanvantaras and Pralayas, Kalpas, the breath of Brahma, etc., are intimately related to the Doctrine of Pythagoras and to the Law of Reoccurrence or Eternal Return.

An in depth analysis of Buddhism takes us to the conclusion that Buddha taught the Law of Eternal Return or Reoccurrence in his Doctrine of Successive Lives.

Simplicius, cited by Ouspenski, wrote: "Pythagoreans stated that the same things are repeated over and over again".

In connection with this theory, it is interesting to observe the words of Eudemus, disciple of Aristotle (in the third book of Physics); he stated:

"Some people accept and others reject that time is repeated. Repetition is understood in diverse ways. One type of repetition can occur in the natural order of things, for instance the repetition of summers, winters and other seasons, in the way that a new season comes after the disappearance of the other. The movement of heavenly bodies and the phenomena produced by them belong to this order of things, such as the solstices and equinoxes that are produced by the movement of the Sun".

"Yet, if we are to believe the Pythagoreans, another type of repetition exists. This means that I will talk to you and sit exactly like this while holding in my hand the same stick, and everything will be the same as now, and time, as you might expect, will be the same. Because, if the movements of the heavenly bodies and many other things are the same, then, what has already occurred in the past and what will occur afterwards are also the same. This also is applied to Repetition, which is always the same. Everything is the same".

To the Law of Reoccurrence (magnificently exposed by Eudemus in the former paragraphs) the only thing we have to add is the Spiral that according to Pythagoras is the curve of life.

Time is round and everything is repeated, at times in higher Spirals, at times in lower Spirals.

The incessant repetition of the same dramas, the same scenes, the same events in each one of the one hundred and eight lives (that the Cosmic Law always assigns to every human soul) is interesting and yet simultaneously painful.

Each life is a repetition of the previous life plus its good or bad, pleasant or unpleasant karmic consequences.

When a man dies, the anguishing moments of his agonizing death, his last moments and realizations, his last sensations and his last fears are all found intimately related with the enjoyments of love which originate his new birth.

A new life starts exactly under the same conditions as that of the previous one; clearly it cannot start in any other way.

According with the Law of Recurrence, when we are reborn again within this Valley of Tears the past is converted into the future.

The Intellectual Animal (mistakenly called a human being) cannot change his circumstances. He is a victim of circumstance. Everything that happens to him is as mechanical as one season flowing into another. However, he has the illusion of doing things; yet, in reality he does not have the power to do anything. Through him, all things happen.

Only the Being is capable of doing. Only the Being can originate new circumstances. Only the Being can change the order of things. But alas, the Intellectual Animal has not incarnated the Being.

Within this Valley of Bitterness there exist Human-Machines with absolute repetition. They are one hundred percent Mechanical. These are people who repeat even the most insignificant details from their previous lives.

Constantly reincorporating themselves within this Valley of Saint Josaphat there are certain people whose repetition varies. At times, they revive their previous lives in higher Spirals and at times in lower Spirals.

On our very intriguing planet there also exist certain types of people who have an increasing tendency towards degeneration. They resolutely march upon the Descending Spiral Path; these are the drunkards, suicides, homosexuals, prostitutes, drug addicts, thieves, assassins, etc. In each life, these types of people repeat, over and over again (in a descending manner), the same crimes. Thus, finally, they enter into the Infernal Worlds.

On the other hand, in an apparently brilliant contrast to the previously mentioned descending life, (yet, in a position equally abominable) we find upper class people, such as the great celebrities who worship the Great Harlot; millionaires, the multimillionaires and the perverse scientists who invent destructive weapons. Likewise, we find the tenebrous henchmen of the Dialectic Materialism who take from humanity their Eternal Values. Sports fanatics and the great boxing contenders are there as well. Vain record breakers and comedians (who love to play with their monster of one thousand faces) exist there too. Famous movie stars who justify all of their adulteries with innumerable matrimonies and divorces also abide there. Here too can we find the degenerated artists of this New Age: painters, rock 'n' roll bands, dancers and singers (of rap, pop, Latin, etc.) Likewise we find the founders of harmful sects, the writers of pornographic literature, etc. All types of skeptical people are found here as well, etc.

All types of celebrities are hypnotized by triumph; this is precisely their great danger. They ignore that they are going down on a descending spiral. Thus, they enter into the Infernal Worlds inebriated by triumph.

Triumphant types of people know exactly what they have to do each time they return to this worldly scenario. Thus, this is how they repeat their same adventures.

So, the Law of Recurrence is the cause for the devolution of all of these types of people in the Infernal Worlds. Within the Abyss they have to repeat (in a devolving manner) all of the animal, plant and mineral processes (which, in times of yore, they had already passed through yet in an evolving manner).

The final disintegration in the Under-World is necessary and indispensable in order to liberate the Lost Souls. After having passed through their frightful millenarian journey within the Under-World, these Souls return to a new manifestation that has to begin on the lowest level, which is the Mineral Kingdom.

Chapter 14

The Human Machine

If we vivaciously imagine, in a clear and precise manner the resplendent and elongated body of the Solar System, we will see all of its beautiful coverings and intertwined threads which were formed by the marvelous traces of the planets. Then, from such a receptive state, the living image of the human organism (with its skeletal, lymphatic, arterial, nervous, etc., systems) will come into our minds. Without a doubt the constitution of the human organism is also constituted and reunited in a similar manner.

In Space, when looking upon the Solar System of Ors from afar (which is the Solar System in which we live, move and have our existence) it looks like a human being who walks throughout the inalterable infinite.

The Microcosmic human being is, in his turn, a Solar System in miniature; a marvelous machine with various distributed nets of energy which are in distinct degrees of tension.

The structure of the human organism is constituted by seven or eight systems which are held together by a formidable skeletal assemblage that (thanks to its connected tissue) is reunited into a solid whole.

Medical science has verified that all of these systems (from the human organism) are properly united and harmonized by the heart which is the Sun of this physical organism. The existence of the microcosmic human being depends upon its vivify heart.

Each organic system embraces the entire human body. Through its internal secretion, one endocrine gland reigns with sovereignty over each system. Indeed, these marvelous glands are living micro laboratories which are situated on specific places (such as regulators and transformers).

In summary, we can emphatically affirm that the highest mission of these glandular Micro-laboratories is to transform the vital energies produced by the human machine.

It has been stated that the human organism obtains its nourishment from the air which we breathe, from the food that we eat and from the Solar Light.

These glandular Micro-laboratories have to transform the vital energies from the above mentioned nourishments. Indeed, this is an amazing and marvelous labor.

Each endocrine gland has to transform the vital energy acquired through these three types of nourishments into the degree of tension required by its own system and function.

The human organism possesses Seven Superior Glands and Three Nervous Systems. The Law of Seven and the Law of Three intensely work within the human machine.

The Cerebrum Spinal Nervous System produces those very seldom conscious functions that occasionally manifest themselves through the Intellectual Animal.

The Sympathetic Nervous System marvelously stimulates the unconscious and instinctual functions. The Parasympathetic or Vagus restrains the instinctual functions and acts as a complement of the latter.

Thus, we are totally accurate, when affirming (without fear of being mistaken) that these Three Nervous Systems represent the Law of Three, the Three Primary Forces within the Human Machine. Likewise, the Seven Endocrine Glands and their secretions, represent the Law of Seven with all of their musical scales.

Indeed, a system that controls the release of active nervous impulses exists; so does another that controls the release of passive nervous impulses and also a third that controls the release of the mediator nervous impulses emanating from our thoughts, our reasoning and our consciousness.

The nerves as agents of the Law of Three control the Endocrine Glands that (as we have already stated) represent the Law of Seven.

The glands are controlled by the nerves, but in turn, these are also controlled. This is similar to the specific functions of the planets that move around the Sun; the planets control and yet are controlled.

We mentioned and we repeat again, that the human machine has Five Centers: First, the Intellectual Center; Second, the Emotional Center; third, the Motor Center; fourth, the Instinctual Center and fifth, the Sexual Center.

We have explained many times that the Five Cylinders of the Human Machine are unfortunately controlled by the Pluralized "I" by that Legion of "I" which live within these psychological Centers.

The Human Machine (as any other machine) moves under the impulses of the subtle forces of Nature.

The secret agents that move the Human Machines are first the Cosmic Radiations and second the Pluralized "I"

The Cosmic Radiation is formed by two great component groups that work within the Great Laboratory of Nature in the same way that they do within the Human Machine.

The first group is formed by rays of great hardness and elevated penetration. These rays come from sidereal space; they have energies which oscillate at about five billion Electro-Volts. When penetrating our planet, these Rays collide with the particles of High Atmosphere, thus, originating impacts that segregate into nourished beams of light and starry rays.

The hardness of this Cosmic Radiation is formed by Protons, Neutrons and Mesons. The latter are already classified as positive, negative and neutral according to the Law of Three.

The second group or Bland Radiation is formed by Secondary Rays which are produced within the Terrestrial Atmosphere. According to investigations performed by scientists, these types of Rays are impacts that are the outcome of the Hard Radiation that has collided against the atoms in the air (which also originate beams of light and starry rays). Some of these are formed by 500,000 particles, which within their development tend to extend through very broad areas.

It is stated that the energy of the component corpuscles of Bland Radiation oscillate between one million and one hundred million Electro-Volts.

The influence of any given adverse planetary conjunction (any ominous quadrature of planets or any given tension produced by the exaggerated approach of two planets) is enough in order for millions of human machines to toss themselves into war. Obviously, such a war would be justified by many reasons, mottos, flags that must be defended, motives for which it would be imperative to fight, etc.

Thus, the gravest foolishness of the Intellectual Animals is to believe that they are doing things, when indeed, they cannot do anything. They are simple Human Marionettes moved by unknown forces.

Cosmic Radiation originates infinite changes within the Subjective Psyche of the Intellectual Animal, within his Psychological Idiosyncrasy. This is how certain "I's" emerge and others immerse.

This is how some Diabolic "I's" emerge to the surface while others get lost within the Forty -Nine Regions of the Sub-Consciousness.

This is how bewilderment and surprise take place: the one who swore Eternal Love unexpectedly walks away; the one who swore fidelity to Gnosis soon betrays it; the one who never drank alcohol is now drinking it; the one who wanted to perform certain business; suddenly loses all interest, etc.

Human Machines have no sense of moral responsibility whatsoever; they are simple Marionettes who think, feel and act in accordance to the type of "I" that controls the capital centers of the Human Machine in a given moment. In fact, if one type of "I" is displaced, then the Human Marionette modifies his mental and sentimental processes; thus, the outcome is different and may even be in the form of completely opposite actions.

Some times certain Diabolic "I's" (which do not belong to a certain person but which belong to other people's psyche) come and accommodate themselves within any of the Five Cylinders of the Human Machine. This is how the honest citizen becomes a thief and the one who never dared to kill, not even a little bird, suddenly is converted into a cruel assassin, etc.

The "I," which all human beings carry within themselves, is a plurality and its true name is Legion. The sequence of these Diabolic "I's" (their continuance and terrible struggle for supremacy) depends upon many external and internal influences and finally.., upon Cosmic Radiations.

The heat of the Sun and the good or bad weather, immediately gives way to the emergence of certain "I's" which take over the Human Machine. Some of these "I's" can be stronger than others.

Rains, contrarieties, vain swift happiness, originate new and annoying "I's" Nevertheless, the wretched Human Marionette does not have even the smallest notion of these changes, because his consciousness is asleep, his sense of being is always within the last manifested "I"

Among themselves, certain stronger "I's" dominate other weak "I's" however, their strength comes from the energy of the Cylinders of the Human Machine. All of the "I's" are the outcome of the external and internal influences. True individuality does not exist within the Intellectual Animal. Present humans are merely Machines.

Chapter 15

Evolution and Devolution

According to the dictionary, the ordinary definition of the word Evolution is: "a process of progressive development" that is governed by certain precise, yet unknown laws.

For the Epicurean Swine or henchmen of Materialistic Dialectics, the concept of Evolution, first of all, rejects the idea of an Intelligent Plan and a Creator Logos.

The foolish fanatics of that farce written by Karl Marx (which is called Materialistic Dialectics) stupidly believe that Evolution is an independent and mechanical process without God or Law.

For the students of the different Pseudo-Esoteric and Pseudo-Occultist Schools, the concept of Evolution, first of all, includes the idea of an Intelligent Plan and a Creator Logos.

Thus, the word Evolution contains in itself a Dogmatic significance; precisely, this is its characteristic feature.

The present materialistic scientific bases of Evolution are: first, the Nebular Theories related with the origin of the Universe; with all their innumerable alterations, modifications, additions, restrictions, and so on. Indeed, all of these do not even minutely alter this original mistaken conception theory related with the mechanical constructive processes and second, the capricious Theory of Darwin related to the Origin of the Species with all its corrections and subsequent changes.

There is a lot to comment about in regard to Nebular Conceptions. In this day and age, very ingenious theories about the origin of the Universe have been invented. Nevertheless, all of them are just pure fantastic speculations without any corroboration; these are mere games of the mind, foolishness.

The Evolution and Transformation of the species (in strictly Darwinist sense) is based upon "Facts" artificially selected. In order to prove such a theory, they rely on Comparative Anatomy, on Morphology, on Embryology, on Paleontology, etc. However, in each decade they deny the "Facts" from the previous decade and substitute old "Facts" for new "Facts". Nevertheless, such a theory remains untouchable.

Indeed, the appearance of new species (as a result of the Law of Evolution) is no more than a simple hypothesis since it has never been verified. Nobody has ever witnessed the appearance of a new species.

When creating the Theory of Evolution, modem thought forgot about the destructive devolving processes of nature. The reason lies in the much too limited field of intellectual vision of these times. Due to this, pompous theories are elaborated upon; all of them are very beautiful but all have an insufficient number of "Facts". Within these theories, none of the processes are certainly and entirely known; these theories only observe part of the process of evolution. Erudites state that this process consists as a type of evolving change.

In this day and age, the human mind is already so degenerated that it has become incapable of even comprehending the inverse degenerative process on a greater scale.

Present Erudites' minds are so trapped (bottled up within the Dogma of Evolution) that their minds only know how to think or function according to their own bottled up condition. This is why they attribute unto the other phenomena (that is, devolution, destruction, decadence and degeneration) the qualification of Evolution, Development and Progress.

Stone Age people and cultures are neither from the beginning nor from the end of the world. These Stone Age people are only the declination and degeneration of very wealthy ancient civilizations. This is demonstrated by the remains of prehistoric cultures, also by the data of comparative philology which shows the astonishing psychological wealth of archaic languages and the irrefutable ancient documents of Art and Literature.

Not all of the isolated villages of this oh so boasted about modern civilization are savages. To reject this present civilized barbarism is not a sign of savagery. However, this does not mean that isolated villages in a state of complete savagery do not exist.

The truly Savage or Semi-Savage villages found by modern explorers are without a doubt, degenerated descendants of extraordinarily cultured people who existed before the Stone Age.

None of the truly primitive villages found by explorers have shown any sign of evolution; on the contrary, in all of the cases without exception, the unmistakable signs of degeneration and devolution have been observed.

All of the Savage or Semi-Savage villages have or preserve legends and traditions from a Golden Age or from a Heroic Epoch. Indeed these legends and traditions talk about their own past or their own ancient civilizations.

This very fact demonstrates, with meridian clarity, the indisputable superiority of their Paleolithic drawings, in other words, the most ancient drawings found within the profound caves of the Earth. These are related to the Neolithic drawings, meaning the most recent ones.

The Gnostic Brother C. Iturralde V., sent us an interesting letter from his Country Bolivia, he said:

"Here there exists something very intriguing and peculiar in relation to a certain legend. This legend is not just a fantastic tale made up by some minds instead it is something that has an objective reality. In this village there existed a certain Lilliputian tribe with human bodies that scarcely reached some 15 centimeters and others that were 25 centimeters in stature; they lived in a kind of village or community which had houses along with utensils, pots, etc., and they were built by them.

"When I was a child I heard about such beings existing near to the city where I lived, in Lopez exactly, which is a plateau surrounded by mountains (Los Andes) and an enormous surface facing the east. Now, I know that close to Potosi, (about some 120 kilometers away) there exists a village whose buildings are about 30 centimeters in height. Within the homes utensils can be found which correspond to extremely small people. People say that this village is surrounded by very odd pointed hills which extend two to three meters in height; yet for this village those hills appear to be mountains. The most elevated mountains (measuring many hundreds of meters in height) rise above it".

It has been said that the indigenous of that area do not allow anybody to approach this oddity.

This is a very Devolving Lemurian Race. This is a Lilliputian and Jinn Race of Cimmerian Myths, authentic Nibelungs. Scientists of today are beginning to study indelible prints of these human-ants that came from their (the Lilliputian) galleries and that have even been found on rupestrian paintings.

The so-called European primitive races of the Stone Age (such as the Cro-Magnon that lived in the caverns of the Earth) were formerly very beautiful but the degenerative descending cyclical impulse acted terribly on those races of Atlantean origin. Finally the Palaeolithic man left his position to his successor, disappearing almost completely from the scene.

Inside any evolving process there exists a degenerative, devolving process. The Law of Evolution and its twin sister the Law of Devolution work in a synchronized and harmonious way within all of creation.

The Laws of Evolution and Devolution constitute the mechanical axle of Nature.

We, the Gnostics, do not deny the Law of Evolution; this Law exists. However, to assign mistaken and false factors and principles onto this law is wrong.

The Intimate Self-realization of the Human Being is not the outcome of any Mechanization. The law of Evolution and the Law of Devolution are Mechanical Laws.

The Intimate Self-realization of the Human Being is the outcome of tremendous selfcognitive super-efforts made by oneself and within oneself, here and now.

To deny the Law of Evolution would be an absurdity. Nonetheless, to attribute to this Law factors that it does not have, is stupidity.

Evolution exists in any creative process, for instance, in the seed that dies so that the stalk must sprout, in the creature that is gestated within the maternal womb and is born. Evolution exists within the plants that bloom.

Yet, Devolution exists in any destructive process; for example, the tree that withers and which eventually becomes a pile of wood; the plant that grows old and dies. Devolution exists in the elder who agonizes and finally inhales his last breath.

Everything that exists in creation evolves until a certain point perfectly defined by Nature. Thereafter, it devolves until returning to the point of original departure.

Therefore, no single living being can Self-Realize or attain Liberation through the Mechanical Law of Evolution.

Chapter 16

The Revolution of the Consciousness

The Bhagavad-Gita, the Sacred Book of Lord Krishna, literally states the following: "Of many thousand mortals, one, perchance, strive for Perfection; and of those few that strive, and rise high to Perfection - one only- here and there Knoweth Me perfectly, as lam, the very Rightness".

Jesus the Great Kabir said: "Strive to enter in at the strait gate: for many, I say unto you, will seek to enter in, and shall not be able. When once the master of the house is risen up, and hath shut to the door, and ye begin to stand without, and to knock at the door, saying, 'Lord, Lord, open unto us'; and he shall answer and say unto you, 'I know you not whence ye are: Then shall ye begin to say, 'We have eaten and drunk in thy presence, and thou hast taught in our streets But he shall say, I tell you, I know you not whence ye are; depart from me, all ye workers of iniquity. There shall be weeping and gnashing of teeth, when ye shall see Abraham, and Isaac, and Jacob, and all the prophets, in the kingdom of God, and you [yourselves] thrust out". Luke: 13: 24-28

Within the Four Gospels (which, are indeed four texts written in Alchemical and Kabbalistic codes) Jesus the Great Kabir emphasizes the tremendous difficulty that exists in order to enter into the Kingdom.

The Dhammapada, the sacred book of Buddhism states: Few among men are they who cross to the further shore. The other folk only run up and down the bank on this side.

Any scholar of science can verify by themselves the scientific process of Natural Selection.

Because strait is the gate, and narrow is the way, which lead eth unto light, and few there be that find it. Matthew: 7: 14

The Florentine Dante, disciple of Virgil, the Poet of Mantua, starts the reciting of his Divine Comedy in the following way: In the midway of this our mortal life I found me in a gloomy wood, astray, gone from the path direct: and even to tell It were no easy task, how savage wild that forest, how robust and rough its growth, which to remember only, my dismay renews, in bitterness not far from death. Yet, to discourse of what there good befell, all else will I relate discovered there. How first I entered it I scarce can say, such sleepy dullness in that instant weighed my senses down, when the true path I left.

Dante Alighieri, that powerfully Illuminated One who wrote the Divine Comedy, also committed the mistake of having gone astray from the upright path; thus, he fell into the gloomy forest of mundaneness.

It is very difficult to find the path, yet, what is even more difficult is to stay firmly on the path and never abandon it.

Whosoever wants to ascend must first of all descend; this is the Law. Initiation is Death and Birth at the same time.

When Dante wanted to ascend to the summit of the august mountain of initiation, his Guru made him descend into the Infernal Worlds; this is the Law.

Within the Under-World the Florentine Poet saw and heard the suffering souls of the ancient condemned ones. There he also found the sincere but mistaken ones who within the Luciferian flames of their own passions are naively awaiting the day and hour in order to occupy their place among the Blessed ones.

Dante would not have found the terrible mysteries of the Abyss without those symbolic women named: Lucia (Divine Grace), Beatrice (Spiritual Soul) and Rachel (Mercy).

Within the Under-World Dante found many sages and many men full of prestige and knowledge. He also found many Centaurs (half human, half beast).

Within the Under-World live very famous Centaurs, such as the great Chiron who Achilles nursed; Pholus prone to wrath is found there too and the cruel Attila (who was the scourge of God on earth) and many others who in this day and age in certain countries are venerated as national heroes.

The Path that leads to the Intimate Self-Realization of the Being begins within the very Atomic Infernos of the wretched Intellectual Animal (mistakenly called a human being); thereafter, it continues in the Molecular Purgatory of the Initiate and concludes in the Electronic Regions of the Empyrean.

Every Neophyte must learn how to distinguish between a downfall and a descent. The conscious descent of Dante into the Infernal Worlds is not a downfall.

Only on the path (based on the tremendous Intimate Super- Efforts in ourselves and within ourselves) is the development of the all marvelous occult possibilities of the human being possible. The development of these possibilities has never been a Law.

Undoubtedly, we can and must emphatically affirm that the Law for the Unhappy Intellectual Beast (before being swallowed up by the Mineral Kingdom) is that he has to miserably exist within the vicious circle of the Mechanical Laws of Nature.

Thus, even if the weak and the cowards become frightened, it is urgent to state that the Path which guides the brave to the intimate Self-Realization is frightfully revolutionary and terribly dangerous.

We need to rise up on arms against Nature, against the Cosmos, against Mundaneness, against ourselves, against everything, against everybody, it does not matter what the cost might be.

This is the Path of the Revolution of the Consciousness; this is the Difficult Path; this is the Path greatly detested by the perverse of this Lunar Race.

This Path is the opposite of ordinary daily life. It is based on other principles and it is submitted to other Laws; precisely on this its power and significance lay.

Ordinary daily life, the routines of daily life (even in their most amiable and delectable aspects) lead human beings towards the Infernal Worlds and the Second Death. It cannot lead them to any other place.

What is normal and natural is that this Race of Adam will serve as nourishment for the entrails of this planetary organism in which we live. It would be odd, strange, and difficult for someone to be saved and enter into the Kingdom.

Now, beloved reader, you will comprehend the frightening tragedy in which we live. Fortunately, this is why, the Omni-merciful, the infinitude that sustains all, the very, very Sacred Absolute Sun, periodically send Avatars, Saviors to this valley of tears.

These Sacred Individuals, these Messengers, these Saviors are Living Incarnations of the Omni-Merciful. Nevertheless, this Lunar Race, this perverse Race of Adam mortally hates such helpers.

In the Bhagavad-Gita the Blessed Lord said:

Albeit I am Unborn, undying indestructible and the Lord of all living creatures; nonetheless by dominating my Prakriti I incarnate on floating Nature-forms through my own Maya.

When Righteousness declines, O Bharata! when Wickedness is strong I Incarnate, from age to age, and incarnate in a Visible shape, and move a man with men, Succoring the good, thrusting the evil back, and setting Religion on her seat again.

Who knows the truth touching my reincarnation on earth and my divine work, when he quits, the flesh puts on its load no more, falls no more down to earthly birth; to Me he comes, Oh Arjuna!

The Blessed Krishna, the Blessed Buddha, the Blessed Lama, the Blessed Mohammed, the Essential Lover Ashiata Shiemash, Moses, Quetzalcoatl (and many others) were all Avatars.

The doctrine of all Avatars has its roots in the Three Basic Factors of the Revolution of the Consciousness: to be born, to die and to sacrifice the self for humanity.

Jesus the Great Kabir magisterially synthesized the Doctrine of the Revolution of the Consciousness when saying: The Son of man must suffer many things, and be rejected of the elders and chief priests and scribes, and be slain, and be raised the third day. Luke: 9: 22

But, he also added: Verily I say unto you, there be some standing here, which shall not taste of death, till they see the Son of man coming in his kingdom. Matthew: 16: 28

Chapter 17

The Moon

It is absolutely false to state that the Moon is the offspring of the Earth. The Greek legend of SELENE (the Moon) is very suggestive and goes beyond purely geological explanations.

SELENE is the Lunar Race, this perverse Race of Adam. It was born of THEIA (the Earth) and of HYPERION (the Sun) as a giver of life, who was loved by PAN (the world of Nature).

The Greek legend states that the beautiful and enchanted SELENE was enamored with ENDYMION (this Lunar Race which was put to sleep by ZEUS in an unfinished dream). The Greek Legend of SELENE refers to the Lunar Race and has no relation to that capricious theory from the XIX century that affirms that the Moon is (during a cosmic cataclysm) a detached fragment from the still unformed Earth.

The great martyr from the nineteen century H. P. Blavatsky affirms (based on very ancient archaic documents and on esoteric investigations performed within the Akasic Records of Nature) that the Moon is anterior to Earth, it is the Mother of the Earth. The Moon is a Dead World.

The Moon (during the past Mahamanvantara) was a densely populated world, filled with Sun, life; yet now, it is a cadaver.

The Lunar Anima-Mundi was absorbed within the Abstract Absolute Space during the Great Pralaya, "cosmic Night".

When the dawn of the New Mahamanvantara, "cosmic Day" was initiated the Lunar Anima-Mundi took on a new form again on the Planet Earth.

When this subject-matter related with Lunar and Terrestrial events is seen from our cosmic angle, then, we can affirm that H.P.B. was not mistaken when she stated that the Moon is the Mother of the Earth, the antecessor of our Globe. The Moon is where our Parents or Pitris came from.

Now, in relation to our Satellite, the earth has a responsibility that appears to be unique within the Solar System. Our afflicted planet seems to hold ten times more weight than the Sun.

The total mass formed by all of the planets of our Solar System is just the eight hundredth part of the mass of the Sun. However, the Lunar Mass is nothing more than the eightieth part of the Earth.

Nonetheless, the Lunar Mass in itself is not the only thing that afflicts our planet. The space-distance (from the earth to the moon) that the Earth utilizes in order to hold its moon also afflicts our planet. Only the Ancient of Days, the Old Saturn with its resplendent rings, holds a Big Moon at such a distance, and that moon is comparative to a feather.

If we compare the Earth with a clock, then we would say that the Moon is its Pendulum, and if we compare it with a Ship, then we would say that the Moon is its ballast.

Wherever the motive-power energy is applied to any given mechanism, any type of weight is indispensable in order to soften and accentuate its animating force and to also impede its whole to be precipitated into space.

Medics know very well that the organism of this Wretched Intellectual Animal is constituted by a defined number of elements. Thus, they know that the dense weight of Iodine needs to be below in order to balance the active principle of Hydrogen which is located above.

Since the Moon regulates and administers solar energy, it acts as a mechanical commander for the Earth.

Without the Moon as a powerful equilibrator of weights, the rotation of the earth and the magnetic solar attraction would cause all the liquids from the terrestrial surface of the earth to inevitably be tossed away into outer space.

The effect of the Moon on the tides is something that nobody can deny. Facts are facts, and by facing the facts we surrender to them.

The Moon controls the whole mechanism of Nature. The Moon acts upon the incorporeal and inorganic liquids and also upon the liquids which are incorporated into organic matter. The Moon controls the growth of plants; it exercises influence upon the sexual fluids. The Moon regulates the menstrual flux of women. The Moon governs the conception of all creatures, etc.

Indeed, the Moon is like the weight of the pendulum of a clock. The mechanism of the clock is the organic life on Planet Earth. The whole mechanism enters into movement thanks to the oscillation of the weight (the Moon).

Everything that happens in this valley of tears is due to the Lunar Influence. All of the multiple processes of organic life are lunar.

All of the processes of thinking, feeling and acting of people are lunar. All vices and evilness of crowds are lunar. Wars, hatred, adulteries, fornications, envy, ambition, avarice, all degenerations and abominations of this Great Harlot (humanity) whose number is 666 are lunar.

The Moon, as a tenebrous vampire, sucks the sensible pellicle of organic life that covers the planet on which we live.

The wretched intellectual biped (mistakenly called a human being) fatally carries the Moon within himself he carries it in his Ego and in his Protoplasmic Lunar Bodies.

The entire Mechanization of the Earth is governed by the Moon and disgracefully the Rational Animal is nothing more than a machine.

Only through the Revolution of the Consciousness is it possible to become absolutely liberated from this Lunar Mechanization.

The Moon is that Great Apocalyptic Harlot that every Intellectual Beast carries within.

This perverse Race of Adam is one hundred percent Lunar. This Lunar Race mortality hates the Solar Race, the Sons of the Sun, the Prophets, the Masters of Wisdom.

Lunar multitudes crucified Christ, poisoned Buddha, incarcerated and calumniated Cagliostro, gave venom to Milarepa, burned Joan of Arc; betrayed the Omni-Cosmic and Very Sacred Avatar Ashiata Shiemash and destroyed his work, etc.

The Great War between the Solar and Lunar Races in the submerged Atlantis was marvelously chanted by the Orientals in their Mahabbarata. Traditions state that such a war endured for many thousands of years.

This war (made up of a series of wars) lasted for centuries, and started about 800,000 years ago; according to the Secret Doctrine this is the date which the first of the three Atlantean catastrophes occurred. The second catastrophe occurred 200,000 years ago.

These wars ended with the third and last catastrophe related to Poseidonis Island in front of Gades which happened about 11,000 years ago. People have a more or less befuddled memory of this latter catastrophe and its deluge.

The Garden of Hesperides which was the most powerful Initiatic Center of the Good Law of Atlantis was frightfully hated by the Lunar Race.

The Adantean Evil Magic from the Black Islands was exceedingly frightful. The Moon is the black and smoking mirror. Black Magic is Lunar.

The Left-Handed Adepts, the Black Magicians normally live in the Sub-Lunar Regions of the Submerged Mineral Kingdom within the Infernal Worlds.

Schools, Sects and Orders of a Lunar Type, mortally hate White Tantrism.

Very ancient Kabbalistic traditions state that Adam had two wives: Lilith and Nahemah.

Both wives represent Lunar Infrasexuality.

Lilith is the mother of abortions, pederasty, homosexuality, masturbation, hatred of sex, and every type of vice that performs great violence to nature.

Nahemah symbolizes adultery, sexual abuse, passionate fornication and lust.

Infrasexuality is the foundation of perverse Lunar Magic. Infrasexuality reigns with sovereignty in the Sublunar Regions of the Submerged Mineral Kingdom.

Within the Sublunar Regions, Dante found the lustful Empress Semiramis, who in vice of luxury was so shameless that she made pleasure lawful by public decree. It is written that Empress Semiramis succeeded Ninus her espoused and held the land which was ruled by an ancient Soldan.

Within the Sublunar Regions, Dante also found the woman who in amorous fury slew herself, and then broke her faith to Sichaeus' ashes. He also found the beautiful Helen and Cleopatra, the lustful queen.

Within the Infernal Worlds, under the faint light of the New Moon, Dante found the infamous Brunetto Latini and many other degenerated homosexual henchmen of Lilith.

Chapter 18


Beloved Gnostic Brethren, on this Christmas Night of 1967, I want you to know that all of the known and unknown caves form a broad and uninterrupted web which embraces the planet Earth in its entirety. These caves constitute the Orco of the classic Greeks, the Limbo of Christian Esoterists; in short, the other world in which we live after death.

Dante Alighieri found Limbo in the first circle of the Infernal Worlds or Inferior Worlds. Indeed, we can emphatically affirm that Limbo is the region of the dead, the Molecular World.

Blasphemies and complaints from condemned souls are never heard within Limbo, only sighs. These sighs are the outcome of grief without torment. Sighs that are uttered by a multitude of men, women and children, whose entrance into the Kingdom was not possible.

It is urgent that you, beloved Gnostic Brethren, know that the souls that are in Limbo did not sin and if they had sinned they have repented. Some of these souls, while still physically alive, had acquired many merits and virtues, beauty and innocence. However, these elements were not enough in order to attain entrance into the Kingdom. They lacked the main requirement, the work with the spermatic waters of existence. They did not know the Arcanum A.Z.F., the Sahaja Maithuna or Sexual Magic. If somebody had talked to them about it, they only rejected it, believing that they could enter into the Kingdom without the Waters of Baptism.

It is relevant to clarify once and for all, beloved Brethren, that Baptism clearly and specifically symbolizes the sexual work with the Ens Seminis within which the whole Ens Virtutis of the Fire is found in a potential state.

The Baptismal Font symbolizes Sex within which the Spermatic Waters of the first instant are contained. The Philosophical Stone (of Ancient Medieval Alchemists) upon which we must edify our Interior Temple is Sex.

Peter, the Great Master of Sex, said:

Behold, I lay in Sion a chief corner stone, elect, precious: and he that believeth on it shall not be confounded.

Unto you therefore which believe he is precious: but unto them which be disobedient, the stone which the builders disallowed, the same is made the head of the corner, and a stone of stumbling, and a rock of offence. 1 Peter: 1: 6-8

Whosoever wants to ascend must first of all descend, this is the Law. Remember that Sex is "a stone of stumbling, and a rock of offence".

It is urgent to descend into the Ninth Sphere (Sex) in order to work with the Water and the Fire, origin of Worlds, Beasts, Human Beings and Gods; evety authentic White Initiation begins there.

Since ancient times the descent into the Ninth Sphere was the highest trial to prove the supreme dignity of the Hierophant. Jesus, Hermes, Buddha, Mohammed, Moses, the Holy Lama, etc. had to pass through this difficult ordeal.

It is urgent to build the Solar Bodies in the Flaming Forge of Vulcan. One is prohibited to assist the Lord's banquet with Lunar Bodies (beggar's clothing).

Into the Flaming Forge of Vulcan, into the Ninth Sphere, Mars descends in order to retemper his flaming sword and conquer the heart of Venus. Hermes descends in order to clean the Stables of Augias with the Sacred Fire. Perseus descends in order to cut off the head of Medusa.

Within Limbo, Dante found many innocent children, patriarchs and illustrious men who never descended into the Ninth Sphere. Thus, for no other evil they are condemned; their affliction is to live in constant desire without any hope.

Many people with the highest of values live in Limbo and their only crime is that they have not built their Solar Bodies.

Dante also found in Limbo supremely famous poets such as Homer, Naso and Flaccus the satirist.

Thus, while floating in Limbo, Dante arrived at the foot of a magnificent castle, which was surrounded seven times by lofty walls; around the castle there was a pleasant stream which defended it.

Thus, he passed through seven gates, until he came upon a meadow with fresh lively verdure, where he found austere sages of great authority; unfortunately, they were all dressed with Lunar Bodies.

Within Limbo, Dante found Electra accompanied by many, among whom he recognized Hector and Anchises' pious son (Aeneas). Within Limbo, Dante found Camilla and Penthesilea and the good Old King Latinus seated by his child Lavinia.

Within Limbo, Dante found Brutus, he who chased Tarquin out of Rome; Lucretia, and Marcia, with Julia and Cornelia and also, sole apart retired, the Soldan fierce.

Within Limbo, Dante also found Socrates and Democritus, who pretended that the world was originated by chance; he also found Diogenes, with Heracitus, and Empedocles, and Anaxagoras, and Thales sage, Zeno, all of them very wise; nonetheless, they were all dressed with beggar's clothing (with Lunar Bodies).

Within Limbo, Dante found Dioscorides, the observer of quality; as well as the moralist Seneca, the Geometrist Euclid and Ptolemy, and many other wise men from this Lunar Race.

Within Limbo, live many just men who worked for humanity and who dissolved the "I"; yet, they committed the mistake of not building their Solar Bodies.

One becomes astonished when one sees Mahatma Gandhi dressed with Lunar Bodies and living within Limbo.

On a certain occasion (after having verified that the Sacred Fire had never ascended throughout the dorsal spine of Mahatma Gandhi) it was not inconvenient for me to address him and tell him the following: "You are without Realization".

He answered: "I did not have time for that".

My final answer was: "That excuse is not just".

Indeed, Mahatma Gandhi could have built Solar Bodies in the Flaming Forge of Vulcan (Sex) because he had a magnificent wife. However, he committed the mistake of abstinence; he believed that he could reach Self-Realization by renouncing sex. He was a sincere but mistaken soul.

I also found Yogananda within a Temple of Limbo; he was dressed with Lunar Bodies. He honestly believed himself to be Self- Realized. When I let him see his mistake, when I told him: "You are not Self-Realized". Full of great amazement, he then tried to start a discussion with me; thus, the intervention of the Superior Master of the Temple was necessary in order for him to comprehend his situation.

I will never regret the fact of having warned the Great Yogi, the noble Yogananda, that if he ever wants to enter into the Kingdom, he has to reincorporate himself again into this physical world and get married; thus, by working in the Ninth Sphere he can build his Solar Bodies.

Within Limbo there live thousands of holy Hermits, sublime Yogis and noble Mystics who felt disgusted by sex and who innocently believed that they could enter into the Kingdom with Lunar Bodies.

Limbo is the region of innocents, of those Mystics, Saints, Penitents who did not know the Great Arcanum, the Maithuna. If they did know about it they rejected it, because they very honestly believed that based only on Sexual Abstinence, Pranayamas, Penitences, Yogic Exercises, etc., would they attain Self-Realization; this is why Peter stated that sex is a stone of stumbling and a rock of offence.

Thousands of Pseudo-Esoteric and Pseudo-Occultist schools exist within Limbo. These schools impart sublime knowledge onto their affiliated souls. Their knowledge does not harm anyone; on the contrary it benefits everybody. Nonetheless, their knowledge unfortunately does not aid in their Intimate Self-Realization, because these schools do not teach the Gospel of Peter, the Sahaja Maithuna.

Thus, only Mercury, the Messenger of the Gods, the Arch-Magus with his Caduceus of Mercury (a symbol of the Dorsal Spine within which the two serpents named Ida and Pingala are entwined) can by means of Maithuna, evoke to a new life those unhappy souls who have precipitated into Limbo.

Many have departed from within Limbo: the Soul of our first Father and Abel his child, Noah the righteous man, Moses the lawgiver, the Patriarch Abraham, King David, Israel with his Father and with his sons, and with Rachel. All of these souls had to reincorporate into the physical world in order to work in the Ninth Sphere, to build their Solar Bodies. This is how they achieved the Second Birth. Now they are angels of an indescribable splendor.

One is full of amazement when conversing with the Angel Israel; all of the sublime verses of the Old Testament harmoniously resound within his Solar Aura.

Chapter 19


Mercury (the Messenger of the Gods) is at a distance of 42 times the diameter of his progenitor, the Sun.

If we make a chart with Minor and Major Conjunctions, we would then anticipate (with absolute certainty) that the planetary influence would increase or decrease; thus, we will see that Mercury and Venus repeat their maximum effect every eight years.

The concentrical orbits of the planets are, without a doubt, intimately related with the Law of Bode. If we take the following geometrical development: 0, 3, 6, 12, 24, 48, 96, 192, and if we add 4 to each number, then we achieve a series of numbers which, more or less, represent the distance between the planetary orbits and the Sun.

The sizes of the Planets vary among them. They marvelously grow from the smallest "Mercury" (which is the planet nearest to the King Star, the Sun, or which is nearest to the center of the System) to the largest "Thundering Jupiter," which is located at half of the distance between the center and the periphery. After Jupiter, the planets decrease in size again until reaching the most known distant planet; this is the terrible Pluto which is a little bit bigger than Mercury.

While more distant, the apparent velocities of the planets are slower; these diminish from about 50 kilometers a second for Mercury, until 5 kilometers a second for the Mystic and Wise Neptune.

It is clear that this is a characteristic of the decrease of the Sun's emitted impulses. The Sun's impulses decrease when penetrating more and more profoundly into the distance.

The fast movement of the Planet Mercury has a decisive influence upon the Thyroid Gland.

The orbit of Mercury is so eccentric and its period is so ephemeral that any of its cycles seriously studied will actually be excessively erratic.

As an Astrological Planet, Mercury is even more mysterious than Venus itself and it is identical to the Mazdeist Mithra. Mercury is BUDDHA, the Genie or God who is situated between the Sun and the Moon. He is the perpetual companion of the Sun of Wisdom.

In Greek Mythology, Mercury displayed wings in order to express how he assisted the Sun on its sidereal course. Mercury was called Nuncio and Wolf of the Sun: Solaris Luminis Particeps. "He was the chief and the evoker of the souls, the Kabir and Hierophant".

Virgil describes Mercury holding the Caduceus or Hammer of two serpents in order to evoke to a new life those unhappy souls who were precipitated into the ORCO of classic Greeks, the Christian Limbo, TUM VIRGAM CAPIT, HAC ANIMAS ILLE EVOCAT

ORCO, with the purpose of having them enter into the celestial militia.

Mercury, the Aurean Planet, is the one which the Hierophants prohibited to name. In Greek Mythology, Mercury is symbolized by the famous hare-hunting dogs, or guardian dogs of the celestial cattle that drink from the very pure fountains of Occult Wisdom.

This is why Mercury is also known as "HERMES-ANUBIS," the good inspirator, or


He flies over the Earth like the Bird of Argos, thus, the earth mistakes him for the sun itself. Respectively they both represent the Hindu SARAMA and SARAMEYA.

Traditions state that the emperor Juliano prayed every night to the Occult Sun through the intercession of Mercury, for as the very wise Vossius stated: "All Theologians asseverate that Mercury and the Sun are one... This is why Mercury was considered to be the most eloquent and wise of the Gods, a fact which is not strange since Mercury is found so close to the Wisdom and to the Word (or LOGOS) and was mistaken for both...".

Within the submerged Atlantis, under the domes and roofs of the Temple of Hercules, within the Divine Crypt of the Mysterious Hermes, the Planet Mercury gloriously shined upon the Sacred Altar.

Mercury, the Astrological Hermes, is the God of Wisdom known in Egypt, Syria and Phoenicia as Thot, Tat, AD-AD, Adam Kadmon and Enoch.

In the Temple of Hercules, inside that mysterious mansion covered by gray clouds, the neophyte was only allowed to see the Planet Mercury as a supreme spirit, floating upon the Genesic Waters of the First Instant.

The well known "Initiatic Lake" would never be missing from within that Crypt of Mercury where (for every representation of mystery) the waters appeared sinisterly black like bitumen.

Before the sight of Atlantean Neophytes, such a fatal lake appeared to be framed between four typical hills (such as the ones that are usually represented in certain nobiliary paintings). This sexual symbol reminds us of one of the Tales from The Thousand and One Nights that has the title of: The Prince from the Four Black Islands.

The Prince of such Tale truly existed in Atlantis, in the Mysterious Olisis. He was the son of an Initiate-King from the Garden of Hesperides, which was the Initiatic Center of the Good Law.

That Prince could not be crowned King because when he was submitted to Initiatic Ordeals he could not successfully resist the cruel sexual temptations of Katebet (she of the gloomy destinies).

Adam and Eve came out of paradise for having eaten the forbidden fruit. However, the Apples of Gold or the Apples of Freya and the Liquor of Soma or Biblical Manna, constitute the fundamental food for the Astral.

Let us remember that the Sexual Hierogram of "IO" corresponds to the Host of Elohim, the Fathers or Pitris of humanity.

The Ens Seminis is the Mercury of Secret Philosophy within which the whole EnsVirtutis of the Sacred Fire is found.

The Nordic Swastika contains within itself the secret clue of the Sexual Transmutation. This is why this Rune is the Electric Mill of Physics.

The Swastika is an Alchemical, Cosmogonical and Anthropological sign, under seven different interpretative clues. The Swastika is the symbol of Transcendental Electricity, the Alpha and the Omega of the Universal Sexual Force from the Spirit down to the Matter. Therefore, whosoever achieves to comprehend its mystic significance is free from the Great Maya or Illusion.

The three letters A. Z. F. are the three initials of the Great Arcanum; whosoever knows the Great Arcanum can transmute the Black Waters of Mercury of the Secret Philosophy in order to liberate energy within the Lunar Human Quaternary.

Only with Violence and Rebelliousness can the kingdom of Heaven be conquered.

In ancient times there existed five most celebrated Temples of Mysteries which remind us of the Temple of Hercules in Atlantis. The first of these temples was indeed named after Hercules; the second was the Temple of the Gallic Mars; the third was the Temple of Minerva Meliense; the fourth was the Temple of Diana of Ephesus and the fifth was the Temple of Isis of the Nile.

Every Temple of Mysteries has Three Successive Altars. The first is the Altar of poverty, of the Beginner. The second is the Altar of the Supreme Art of Alchemy, of the Companion. The third is the Altar of Death upon which any Resurrected Master has triumphed.

The Sahaja Maithuna (Sexual Magic) is the science of Peter; this Holy Apostle from the Mysteries of Jesus has the Keys of the Kingdom

The original name of Peter is PATAR and the three consonants P, T, R, are carved with a chisel and hammer upon the Living Stone that serves as a door to the Kingdom.

The letter P reminds us of the Pitris or Parents of Humanity. The letter T reminds us of the man and the woman sexually united. The mystic letter R reminds us of the Egyptian RA, the Sacred Fire.

The Sexual Stone, the Philosophical Stone of Medieval Alchemists is the Magical Betilo of all countries, the Sculapian Ostrite; it is the stone with which Machaon healed Philoctetes. Let us remember the howling, oscillating, runic and uttering stones of the Teraphims, as well as the stones of Lightning, and of the Orphic Galactite, etc.

Only Mercury of Secret Philosophy, the Messenger of the Gods, can by means of the Sahaja Maithuna (Sexual Magic) summon the innocent souls out from Limbo.

Chapter 20

The Sexual Glands

The gonads of the woman are the ovaries, breasts and the uterus. The gonads of the man are the testicles, the phallus and the prostate gland.

These are the Generative, Reproductive or Sexual Endocrine Glands within which Salvation or Condemnation for human beings is found.

An in-depth study of the Sexual Glands shows us that these Glands are governed by Uranus, the Planet of Aquarius. The Sexual Glands have a dual function, because not only do they have external secretion but also internal secretion.

Scientists know very well that the ovaries do not only produce ovums; they also generate a marvelous endocrine substance, a very rich Elixir that vitalizes the woman and makes her feminine.

As an external secretion, the testicles have the Ens Seminis (the Mercury of Secret Philosophy) that carries the Spermatozoids which are collected by the Prostate Gland.

The intimate hormonal incretion of the cortex of the testicles is the marvelous force that gives energy to the male and what makes him essentially masculine in the most complete sense of the word.

The great female Initiate from the nineteenth century Helen Petrovna Blavatsky stated in her book The Secret Doctrine that in the beginning life was reproduced and perpetuated by means of sprouts or buds or by means of fissures or gaps.

The Collective Host of Elohim (symbolized by the Sexual Hierogram of "IO") was reincarnated within The Three First Root Races in order to populate the world. They populated the world without the necessity of sexual intercourse, because in those ancient times humanity was first Androgynous and later Hermaphrodite.

The division into opposite sexes and the reproduction by sexual cooperation transformed the Human Biped into a Beast.

The Transcendental Electricity, the Universal Creative Force, is the Alpha and the Omega, the beginning and the end of all things; through the sexual force we can convert ourselves into Angels or into Devils into Gods or into Beasts.

In the name of Truth we declare that we will never commit the mistake of recommending Sexual Abstinence.

Intimate Self-Realization cannot be achieved based on Sexual Abstinence. The only thing that Lunar People will achieve with Sexual Abstinence is to charge themselves with terribly malignant Poisoninioskirian Vibrations.

The Poisoninioskirian Vibrations produce in people a high degree of fanaticism and expert cynicism. These types of people were abundant among the Great Inquisitors, for example, Tomas of Torquemada During many years of observation and experience; we have proven that the tenebrous Poisoninioskirian Vibrations have the power of awakening the Abominable Kundartiguador Organ.

Obligatory Sexual Abstinence is only for the members of the Occult Fraternity. Obligatory Sexual Abstinence is only for Geniuses like Jesus, Hermes, Buddha, Zoroaster, and in general for all the Twice Born Initiates, the Children of the Sun, the Selected Ones, the Solar Race.

In depth Self-realization is only possible in normal men and women. It is understood that a normal man is a male who has normal Sexual Masculine Gonads. It is understood that a normal woman is a female who has normal Sexual Feminine Gonads.

Not a single degenerated seed can germinate. This is why Intimate Self-realization is impossible for either homosexuals or lesbians.

An excessive number of pregnancies indicate too much fornication. The karmic outcome of these pregnancies is a sickness known as Osteomalacia or deformities caused by the softening of bones. This is very common in those densely populated countries of Europe and Asia.

Several pregnancies deplete the reserves of calcium; thus, naturally the bones begin to give way.

There is a vulgar saying that states: "Each pregnancy costs a tooth". Many women suffer disturbances in their teeth during their pregnancy.

The cooperation among the Endocrine Glands is marvelous. Some of the Endocrine Glands act as accelerators of the Sexual Glands and others diminish such an action.

It has been completely proven that the Thymus Gland restrains the Sexual Appetite.

Scientists have discovered that the Thyroid and Pituitary Glands exert certain very intimate functions related with the Sexual Expression.

The Prostate Gland which is where the Seminal Fluid (the Mercury of Secret Philosophy) is stored is situated at the base of the bladder (around its neck).

A very exceptional importance was always given to the Prostate Gland by Ancient Medic-Magicians. Since Archaic Times, the Hierophants or Kabirs of the Sacred Initiatic Colleges considered the Prostate as one of the most important organs for the exercise of High Magic.

The Prostate Gland exercises a decisive influence upon the vital fluids that circulate through the Nervous System.

Through observation and experience, many Medics have proven that males become irritable neurasthenic, marked with suicidal tendencies when their Prostate Gland is inflamed. Therefore, if their Prostate is treated, many of these individuals could be restored and would be able to return to their normal activities.

The Hypertrophy of the Prostate Gland is very common amongst the Elders. This is due to the Hyper-secretion of the masculine hormone. Fundamentally, this Hyper-secretion is due to an over- excitation of the Testicles through the Gonadotropic Hormone secreted by the Pituitary Gland.

Sexual Abuse originates Prostatic sicknesses.

It is known that the ovaries emit an ovum every twenty-eight days in accordance with the lunar cycle.

According to the Lunar Cycle that governs conception, every 28 days the Ovaries emit a feminine egg that is collected inside one of the fallopian tubes and wisely conducted into the uterus, where it has to encounter the Masculine Germ or Zoosperm, if another life is to begin.

The impelling force performed between the masculine and feminine germs is astonishing when they want to encounter each other.

The rich nourishment for the newly born child is formed within the Maternal Breasts. The maternal milk cannot be replaced by any other food.

Menstruation periods define the epochs of feminine sexual activity. During these cycles of passionate impulses, the egg is maturing; it is prepared and ejected towards the Uterus for its fecundation. At the same time certain astonishing, marvelous, functional changes are effectuated within the female's external and internal Sexual Organs; these changes also occur within the Micro- laboratories called Mammary Glands.

The Uterus is the Sacred Maternal Cloister, the Feminine Sexual Organ within which the Fetus is developed. The Uterus is the vestibule of the world.

Uterine inflammation produces irritability, sadness and neurasthenia.

Biology has discovered that a very intimate alliance exists between the Posterior Pituitary and the Uterus. If some drops of the Post-Pituitary Extract are injected into the circulation, then an intense contraction of the Uterus will inevitably happen.

Scholars of science still do not assert that they comprehend the reason for the miracle (during parturition) of the opportune intervention of the Post-Pituitary Endocrine Substance, which reaches the Uterine Cells in order to produce (at the precise moment) the rhythmic contractions which are so necessary in order to expel the child.

The Sexual Force is the Creative Energy of the Third Logos, without which nobody would be able to achieve Intimate Self- Realization.

To disclose the most profound themes of Sexual Mysteries within the field of medical science is equivalent to the unleashing of winds enclosed within a skin bag which Eolus gave unto Ulysses.

Chapter 21

The Caduceus Of Mercury

The Vertebral or Rachis Column is harmoniously formed by the perfect superposition of thirty-three vertebrae which form a precious sheath for the Spinal Medulla. With absolute precision, the Spinal Medulla is situated in the posterior and in the middle of the trunk; and five parts or regions are exposed with complete clarity: Cervical, Dorsal, Lumbar, Sacral and Coccygeal.

Among the total Vertebrae (Pyramids or Canyons as is stated in Occult Science) seven are Cervical, twelve are Dorsal, five are Lumbar, five are Sacral and four are Coccygeal.

Doctors of Medicine know very well that the Cervical, Dorsal and Lumbar Vertebrae remain independent from one another; yet, the Sacral and Coccygeal are united with an astonishing eurhythm in order to respectively form the Sacrum and the Coccyx.

A careful study of the Vertebral Column allows us to comprehend that all of the vertebrae have a series of common characteristics, but they also present other characteristics which are particular to each of their regions.

In itself, a vertebra is constituted of an osseous mass of a more or less cylindrical body that occupies its anterior part. From that anterior part, two anteroposterior columns are detached in the lateral parts of its posterior face; these are called Peduncles, which wisely connect the body with a series of protrusions called Transverse Apophasis, Articulated Apophasis, Spinal Apophasis and Vertebral Laminas.

Between the latter and the vertebral body a broad orifice remains that in union with the rest of the vertebrae form an approximately cylindrical conduct or vertebral conduct that is very well known by the scholars of science; within this tube the Spinal Medulla is situated in a marvelous and extraordinary way.

The Vertebral Body is more or less cylindrical; in its lateral and anterior faces it has its surface excavated in a vertical way, while the posterior face is slightly excavated in a transverse manner, thus, constituting the rachis tube.

The base of the Cylinder or superior and inferior faces of the body are horizontal and a little concave since the periphery is clearly more protruded than in the center; in the latter, they present multiple and marvelous orifices while the periphery is extraordinarily composed of a compact tissue.

According to Yogis from Hindustan, two nervous currents (called Ida and Pingala) exist around the Vertebral Column as well as a profound canal called Sushumna that runs inside and along the Spinal Medulla.

Within the inferior extremity of this canal resides what the Yogis of Hindustan call the Lotus of Kundalini. Hindustani sages state that such a Lotus is triangular.

This Solar Electronic Sexual Force called Kundalini is found coiled up within such Lotus or Coccygeal Magnetic Center.

When this Electronic Solar Fire is awakened in a truly positive way, it opens the membranous bag (within which the Solar Fire is enclosed) and penetrates through the inferior orifice of the Spinal Medulla. Such a membranous bag is hermetically sealed in ordinary people; yet the seminal vapors open up such an orifice so that the Solar Fire can penetrate through it.

The successive layers of the Spirit open up one after the other as the Electronic Solar Fire is elevated degree by degree through the Shushumna canal. This is how the Initiate acquires all of the different visions and marvelous powers of the Saints.

When the Electronic Solar Fire reaches the Brain, then one is completely detached from the Physical Body and from the external sensorial perceptions.

We know that the shape of the Spinal Medulla is very special. If we observe the sign of the Infinite (the holy eight placed horizontally) we then see two parts that are reunited in the center.

Let us suppose beloved reader that you gather many Horizontal Eights and stack them up one on top of the other at their base then all of these Horizontal Eights will give you the shape of the Spinal Medulla.

Ancient Wisdom teaches that there exists a pair of sympathetic nervous cords that in the form of a Holy Eight are entwined around the Spinal Medulla.

Many Pseudo-Esoteric and Pseudo-Occultist authors mistakenly suppose that such cords depart from the coccygeal region. However, Sivananda in his book Kundalini Yoga goes further is this matter; he affirms that these cords have their origin in the very sexual organs.

The root of such cords must be found within the Testicles of the male and the Ovaries of the female.

The left side is Ida and the right side is Pingala. The profound canal that runs within the Spinal Medulla is Shushumna.

The order of Ida and Pingala are found inverted within the woman, thus, Pingala is on the left side and Ida on the right side.

To its disciples the Secret Doctrine teaches that Ida is of a Lunar Nature and that Pingala is of a Solar Nature.

Hindustani Yogis affirm that Ida is found intimately related with the left nostril and that Pingala is related with the right nostril.

The relation of these cords with the nostrils (as we already stated) is inverted in the woman. However, the order of these factors does not alter the product.

The Gnostic Movement teaches its disciples that from their Seminal System (during the Esoteric Practices of Sexual Transmutation) the Lunar Atoms ascend through the nervous canal of Ida and the Solar Atoms victoriously ascend through Pingala.

Ida and Pingala are the Two Witnesses of the Apocalypse (Revelation) the two olive branches and the two candlesticks that stand before the God of the Earth.

In depth investigations allow us to comprehend that Ida and Pingala end by forming a gracious knot in that frontal region situated between the eyebrows. Thereafter, they continue through certain subtle conducts that depart from the root of the nose through some very fine osseous canals, where the endings of some nerves are stimulated (these nerves also receive stimulation during certain Esoteric Practices).

In the final synthesis those canals connect Ida and Pingala with the Esoteric Heart or Marvelous Magnetic Center situated in the region of the Thalamus.

The Esoteric Heart is the Capital Center that controls the Physical Heart. The chakra of the tranquil heart is controlled by the Capital Chakra that is situated in the Thalamus.

The Esoterist Sages of Laya Yoga state that within the region of the Thalamus that mysterious nervous canal called Amrita Nadi is found. This accomplishes the specific mission of connecting the Esoteric Heart with the famous Anahata Chakra, the Magnetic Lotus of the Physical Heart.

By means of all of these mysterious sets of subtle canals, Ida and Pingala continue until reaching the heart; factually, this is how Ida and Pingala connect the sexual organs with the heart.

Subsequent investigations allow us to comprehend that the Amrita Nadi has amongst other functions one that is very remarkable, that is to connect the Esoteric Heart of the Thalamus with that Lotus of One Thousand Petals situated in the Pineal Gland, in the superior part of the brain.

The Dorsal Spine is that Reed similar to a Measuring Rod that the Book of Revelations refers to; this is the Staff of Brahma, the Rod of Aaron, the Caduceus of Mercury with its two entwined serpents.

The Spinal Medulla ends with a type of swelling. This is the Rachis Bulbar, this is not attached to the brain, but instead it floats over a certain kind of liquid; thus if the head receives a whack, the force of that impact is safeguarded by the liquid and the Rachis Bulbar does not receive any damage.

The Salvation of the human being resides exclusively in the Medulla and in the Semen. Thus, everything that does not go through this way is a lamentable waste of time.

Chapter 22

White Tantrism

Some Esoterists (with tendencies towards oriental esotericism) who traveled in the east, had investigated the Asiatic Continent, and had arrived at the conclusion that in Tibet as well as in India, Tantrism is the only truly practical school.

Many Ashrams exist in the Sacred Land of the Vedas. They practice and study Yoga within these Ashrams; however, the most serious Ashrams are exclusively those where the Tantric teaching is abundant.

In the Hindustani markets, studious travelers can find marvelous Tantric Books like Kama Kalpa and Kama Sutra. These books are illustrated with splendid photographs related to certain sacred sculptures and bas-reliefs of their Temples.

A careful examination of those photographs allows us to collect very interesting information about Tantric Maithuna (Sexual Yoga).

The Tantric type of Hatha Yoga is extraordinary and leads the Esoterist to Intimate SelfRealization. However, Hatha Yoga without Tantrism is like a garden without water.

The Hindu Esoteric School of Laya Yoga with its famous Laya Kriya Tantric Sadhana is, by all means, marvelous and leads the Neophytes to the Intimate Self-realization.

If Yogananda would have accepted matrimony, it is clear that his Guru would have given him the complete Kriya.

An in depth Tantrism exists in Chinese (Chan) Buddhism and al in Japanese Zen. It is lamentable that many Orientalists are content with the mere exterior cortex of Buddhism. The Medullar Bone of Esoteric Buddhism and of Taoism is Tantrism, Maithuna (Sexual Yoga).

The Tantric practitioners from Secret Tibet and Sacred India practice the Positive Sexual Yoga; this is, to connect the Lingam-Yoni without the ejaculation of the Ens Seminis.

The Tantric Gurus of Tibet and Hindustan are vet)' strict. Before the male and female Yogi couple has the right to practice the Tantric Sadhana (a Sexual Position which is very special for the sexual connection among the Tantric practitioners) they first must become experts in the exercises of Laya-Kriya.

Frankly we cannot and must not deny that the Kama Kalpa teaches many Tantric Sadhanas; however, here we only cite the one in which the male is seated in Padmasana (or in the Buddhic style or simply with his legs crossed in the oriental style) and practices the sexual union with his female Yogi.

Thus, the female Yogi Initiate has to sit on top of the legs of her male Yogi and skillfully cross her legs in such a way that the trunk of her male Yogi is enveloped by them.

An interchange of caresses between the man and the woman is previously required in order to perform the sexual connection of the Lingam-Yoni during this Tantric Sadhana, thus the woman finally absorbs the Phallus.

This Tantric connubial practice demands an absolute quietude and mental silence in order to avoid the tenebrous intervention of the Pluralized "I".

Strong Electromagnetic currents exuberantly flow in those instants of supreme voluptuousness; thus the couple enters into Ecstasy or Samadhi.

A Guru directs this esoteric work; he makes strong magnetic strokes on the Coccyx of both man and woman with the purpose of awakening the Electronic Solar Fire, the Igneous Serpent of our Magical Powers.

This is a system that transmutes the sexual energy into OJAS (Christic Force). The couple must restrain the sexual impulse and avoid the Ejaculation of the Semen.

"The Coitus Interruptus," the restrained sexual impulse, makes the sexual energy of the Third Logos to inwardly and upwardly return throughout the canals of Ida and Pingala..

Maithuna originates within the coccyx, close to the Triveni of the Microcosmic Human Being, an extraordinary contact between the Solar and Lunar Atoms of the Seminal System.

The advent of the fire is the outcome of the contact between the Solar and Lunar Atoms of the Seminal System.

The Gnostic Tantric Sadhana is very simple. During the Tantric act, man and woman practice in the normal or ordinary sexual position; what is important is to withdraw from the sexual act before the Spasm in order to avoid the Ejaculation of their Semen.

I. A. O. is the Tantric Mantra of excellence. The letter "I" reminds us of IGNIS, the Fire. The letter "A" is the AQUA, the Water. The letter "O" signifies ORIGUM, the Spirit.

I. A. O. must be chanted during the practice of Maithuna.

It is very interesting that the Sexual Gonads are esoterically governed by Uranus, the Planet of Aquarius. Uranus was a Divine King from primeval Atlantis. Uranus reminds us of UR-ANAS, the Primordial Fire and Water. This is equivalent to the establishment of the First Luni-Solar Cult of the Androgynous "IO" in other words, the apparition of the Astrological Chaldean; therefore, Uranus, the Asura-Maya, the First Atlantean, is factually the first revealer of Sexual Mysteries.

One has to descend into the Ninth Sphere (Sex) in order to work with the primordial Fire and the Water, origin of Worlds, Beasts, Human Beings and Gods. Every authentic White Initiation begins there.

The Advent of the Fire is the most extraordinary Cosmic Event. The Fire transforms us radically.

It is worth remembering the Chaos of the Ancient, Sacred Fire of Zoroaster, or the ATASH-BEHRAN of the Parsis, the Fire of Hermes, the Fire of Helmes of ancient Germans (do not mistake Hermes with Helmes).

Let us remember the flashing lightning of Cibele, the torch of Apollo, the flame of the Altar of Pan, the imperishable fire in the Temple of Apollo, and in the Temple of Vesta; the Fiery Flame in the Helmet of Pluto, the shining sparks on the hats of the Dioscuri, on the head of the Gorgons, on the helmet of Pallas, and on the Caduceus of Mercury.

Other representations of the Advent of the Fire are: the Egyptian PTAH-RA, the Greek Cataibates Zeus (which descended from heaven to earth in accordance with Pausanias); likewise, the Pentecostal Tongues of Fire and the Flaming Bush of Moses (this is very similar to the Burning Tunal which brought about the founding of Mexico). Also the Column of Fire in the Exodus, the imperishable Lamp of Abraham. Moreover, the Eternal Fire of the bottomless Abyss or Pleroma, the fulgent vapors of the Oracle of Delphi, the Sidereal Light of the Rosicrucian-Gnostics, the Akash of the Hindustani Adepts, the Astral Light of Eliphas Levi, the Aura and fluid of Magnetizers, the Od of Reichembach, the Psychod and the Ectenic force, the Thury that is analogous to the highest hypnotic states of Rochas and Ochorowist, the Rays of Blondot and many others like the Psychic Force of Sergeant Cox, the Atmospheric Magnetism of some Naturists, Galvanism, and in sum, Electricity. These examples are nothing more than different names for the unlimited number of manifestations of that Mysterious Proteus that has been named the Archaeus of the Greeks.

The ascent of the Sacred Fire degree by degree through the Sushumna canal is very slow and difficult. Any single ejaculation of the semen is enough in order for the fire to descend one or more spinal vertebrae in accordance with the magnitude of the fault.

Jesus the Great Kabir had said: "The disciple must not allow himself to fall, because the disciple who consents in falling, must fight very hard afterwards in order to recuperate what he has lost".

The Maithuna, Sexual Yoga, Gnostic Tantrism, can only be practiced between a man and a woman who are legitimately constituted as spouses.

White Tantrism forbids its male Adepts and affiliates to practice Maithuna with many women. White Tantrism forbids the Gnostic Sisters to practice Maithuna with different men. They must only practice Sexual Magic with their own Spouse.

Chapter 23

The Chakras

Very interesting data and references in relation to Chakras, Churches, Lotus Flowers or Magnetic Centers of the Dorsal Spine are abundant in Occultist Literature.

A very careful analysis upon this matter of the Seven Magnetic Centers of the Dorsal Spine takes us to the logical conclusion that there are three that are particularly the most important: the Muladhara at the base of the Dorsal Spine, coccygeal bone; the Sahasrara, the cervical lotus of one thousand petals; and the Manipura, the umbilical lotus.

It is urgent to eliminate from our perceptions all of the Subjective Elements. It is indispensable to perceive in a Spatial and Self-Cognizant manner everything that we see and imagine. It is indispensable to awaken the Consciousness.

Everything which the human multitudes perceive, imagine or dream, have a real existence within the ordinary space called MAHAKASHA or Elemental Space.

When a Gnostic Initiate observes the dreams of each person who wanders in the streets with their consciousness asleep, when he reads the thoughts of other people or perceives supersensible objects, he can verify for himself that in reality everything exists within a kind of superior space called CHITTAKASHA or Mental Space.

When perception has remained without object and the Soul shines within her own nature, then one has what is called CHIDAKASHA or Space of Knowledge.

When the Electronic Solar Fire called Kundalini has entered into activity by means of Maithuna or Sexual Magic, when the Igneous Serpent of our Magical Powers has been shaken from its languorousness and penetrates within the Shushumna canal, then all of perceptions are found within the Mental Space.

It is indispensable to know that when the Electronic Solar Fire has reached the extremity of the canal that opens up within the brain, then, the perception without the object is related to the Space of Knowledge.

Any human being can send an electric current through a thread; yet, nature does not need a certain type of thread in order to send its formidable currents.

All sensations and movements of the body reach the brain or are emitted by it throughout the length of certain nervous fibers or conductor threads.

The bunch of motor fibers and sensorial fibers within the Spinal Medulla are the Ida and Pingala of the Hindustani Yogis. These fibers are the Two Witnesses of Revelation, the marvelous canals through which the afferent and efferent currents splendidly circulate.

The Spirit can send its messages, its news, its information without any type of conductor thread.

Gnostics asseverate that they can send any mental current through that profound Shushumna canal without any nervous fiber playing the part of a conductor thread.

The longing for every Gnostic is to become the owner and lord of that marvelous Shushumna canal. In fact, to gain control of such a canal signifies that one holds the Scepter of Power.

It is a relatively easy task to send someone a mental message or a telepathic message when the vibratory current of thought is sent through the Shushumna canal.

Within ordinary people, run of the mill individuals, or wretched Intellectual Animals, the Shushumna canal is sealed in its inferior extremity; thus, not a single action passes through it. However, the Gnostic knows exercises with which one can open the Shushumna canal; thus, one can pass the nervous currents through it.

The seminal vapors have the power of opening up the Shushumna canal. The Shushumna canal is opened by means of Maithuna.

In fact, to receive the messages of the Spirit in a direct way through the Shushumna canal means to be free from any material slavery.

To transmute the Sexual Energy into OJAS (Christic Force) is only possible through the formidable magical powers of the Chakra Muladhara in the Coccyx.

Only the true chaste man and woman can elevate their OJAS and can store it within their brains. Chastity has always been considered as the highest virtue.

It has been stated that as the quantity of OJAS increases within the brain of a human being so does the level of intelligence and spirituality.

Any fornicator can utilize beautiful words and express beautiful thoughts without causing the least bit of an impression in those who listen to him. However, the chaste person, even when he lacks beautiful language, can enchant an auditorium with his words, because all of his movements and mannerisms, words and looks carry the power of OJAS.

To acquire the complete control upon the waters of life without the marvelous magical powers of the Prostatic or Uterine Chakra or Swadhistana, is impossible.

Not a single Magician can dominate the fire from the volcanoes of the earth without the formidable igneous powers of Umbilical Chakra or Manipura.

Without the extraordinary powers of the Anahata Chakra or Magnetic center of the heart, the Gnostics could not project themselves in their Astral Bodies at will or place their Physical Bodies in Jinn State in order to soar through the air or walk on the waters or pass through a mountain from one side to the other (through the subterranean world) without receiving any harm.

Indeed, the synthetical conceptualism of the Great Initiates would not exist and the development of Clairaudience or the Magic Ear of the wise would be impossible without the mysterious powers of the Verb contained within the Vishuddha or Laryngeal Chakra.

Without the formidable esoteric powers of the Ajna (or famous Frontal Chakra) no one can develop that marvelous faculty called Clairvoyance which allows us to read the thoughts of our fellowmen as easily as when we read an open book.

Not a single Initiate can conquer the powers of Polyvoyance and Intuition without the Crown of Saints, the famous Lotus of One Thousand Petals situated in the Pineal Gland, within the superior part of the brain.

We know by direct experience that the Electronic Solar Fire has the power of opening those Lotus Flowers, those Magnetic Chakras of the Dorsal Spine.

The Hindustani School of Laya Yoga affirms that the Spinal Medulla is a prolongation of the Brain. We do not have any objections to the former statement because it is right.

However, another thing is the mistaken explanation that such a School gives in relation to the Chakras or Magnetic Centers of the Dorsal Spine. They erroneously consider the Chakras to be an absolute exclusivity of the Brain.

The cited Oriental School erroneously states that these Psychic Centers reside exclusively within the Brain and that by physiological sympathy they give the impression of being situated within certain parts of the body.

Allow us to asseverate along with H. P. B. that, indeed, Occult Anatomy teaches that the Seven Spinal Chakras exist in the already mentioned places and that these Spinal Chakras are controlled by the Seven Capital Chakras of the Brain.

We accept that the Magnetic Center of the Physical Heart is controlled by the Esoteric Heart situated in the region of the Cerebral Thalamus. Thus, any Spinal Chakra has its correspondent Capital Chakra in the Brain.

Indeed, it is an absurdity that the cited Oriental School considers the Spinal Chakras as mere illusory reflections of the Psychic Cerebral Centers based on the above mentioned statements.

The Seven Capital Chakras intensely vibrate in any brain that is charged with OJAS (Christic Force).

The Sanskrit term "OJAS" means Transmuted Sexual Energy, a type of Christic Force.

The Semen is transmuted by means of Maithuna into subtle vapors and these in turn convert themselves into energies that bipolarize in order to rise through Ida and Pingala up to the Brain.

In order for the Semen to be converted into OJAS (Christic Force) this must become "Cerebraited". In order for the Brain to be charged with OJAS (Christic Force), this must become "Seminized".

Maithuna, Sexual Yoga allows us to lead the Electronic Solar Fire towards the cerebral region called KAMAKALA. Here are found the five centers that in their conjunction constitute the Sahasrara, the Lotus of One Thousand Petals situated in the Pineal Gland, the King of the Chakras.

The first of these Sahasrara's Five Lotuses is the Lotus of Twelve Petals; the second is the Tribona or Triangle of Fire; the third is Nada Bindu; the fourth is Manipitan and the fifth is Hamsa.

The Triangle is wisely situated over the Manipitan with Nada above and Bindu below. Hamsa is the habitat of the soul and it is placed above all of the former ones.

The Five Flowers of the Sahasrara gloriously shine with the Kundalini.

Chapter 24

The Magisterium Of Fire

Adorable Souls who study with sincerity this message of this Cosmic Festival of Christmas 1967, the time has come in which we must profoundly comprehend what the Magisterium of Fire truly is.

It is urgent to descend into the Ninth Sphere, into the somber well that is the very depth of the whole Universe in order to work with the Fire and the Water, the origin of Worlds, Beasts, Human Beings and Gods. Every authentic White Initiation begins there.

But let those melodious maidens from ancient times (by whose aid Amphion lay down the foundation of Thebes) assist me with this chapter, so that with truth, my style will not retract from the nature of this matter.

You who descend into the obscure well (sex), you who are going to work in the Magisterium of Fire, you who want to hold the Scepter of Kings, the Rod of Aaron, the Staff of Brahma, in your dexterous hand, remember at every moment the Dantesque Warning: "Look how thou walkest. Take Good heed, thy soles do tread not on the heads of thy poor brethren"

Frozen Lake whose frozen surface seems as if it were made out of a liquid, flexible, malleable glass; this is the intimate secret aspect of the semen within the sexual glands of the lost souls.

Within the Ninth Sphere of Hell, Dante found those weeping and livid shadows submerged within the ice, all the way up to that mysterious area where the sexual organs are found.

Such a depressing fate appears within Lunar People; their faces held downward, their mouths blowing the cold and their terrene eyes express the pain of their hearts with frozen tears.

Only the fire can melt the frozen pools, those pools where the lost ones live.

The Secret Fire of Alchemists is the Kundalini; it is the Serpentine or Annular power working within the body of the Ascetic.

Indeed, this is an Electrical Igneous, Occult or Fohatic Power. It is the Great Pristine, Marvelous and Astonishing Force that underlies within every organic or inorganic matter.

Undoubtedly, this is an Electronic Spiritual type of force, a creative power that when awakened to action, can easily heal or kill, create or destroy. Now you will comprehend the reason for the Dantesque warning to all those who dare to descend into the Ninth Sphere (Sex).

In reference to this Living and Terribly Divine Fire, the Rosicrucian Gnostics state:

All possibilities are awakened within Nature by the action of the Secret Fire assisted by the Elemental Fire.

The Secret Fire is invisible; it is contained within everything. It is the most potential and powerful Fire, and the external and visible fire cannot be compared with it.

This is the Fire that Moses used in order to burn the Golden Calf it is the Fire that Jeremiah hid; yet, it was found by knowledgeable sages seventy years later; however, at that time that fire was transformed into water. (2 Mac.,I and II)

Not a single Alchemical process can grow to perfection without the presence of this Fire; therefore, it is recommendable that if there is anything that the students of Alchemy yearn to find, they should search amidst the Rosicrucian's Secret Symbols.

The authentic and genuine Rosicrucian School does not exist in the Physical World. In the name of Truth, I have to state that I have the high honor of being a member of the Rosicrucian Temple of Kummenes in the Internal Worlds.

The Four Alchemical Rules are:

  1. "Dominate the Animal Nature," remember that without THELEMA (Willpower) the weak and cowardly Intellectual Beasts fail in the Great Work.

  2. "First know then act," remember that Real Knowledge is only acquired through Profound Meditation.

  3. "Do not use common procedures, use only one Vessel, one Fire, one Instrument," remember that this signifies that Maithuna (Sexual Yoga) must only be practiced between a man and a woman who are legitimately constituted as spouses.

Those who practice Maithuna to perform adultery will enter into the Submerged Devolution within the Infernal Worlds.

  1. "Keep the Fire constantly burning," remember good disciple that whosoever ejaculates the seminal liquor loses the Sacred Fire.

"Woe unto the Samson of the Kabbalah if he permits himself to be put asleep by Delilah!; The Hercules of science, who exchanges his royal scepter for the distaff of Omphale, will soon experience the vengeance of Dejanira, and nothing will be left for him but the pyre of Mount Oeta, in order to escape the devouring folds of the coat of Nessus".

The symbolic coat of arms of Aracena, Spain made up by Don Benito himself or by his Templar Antecessors, is a Magisterial Heraldic Compendium that encloses in itself the whole Magisterium of Fire.

Actually, this Magisterial Compendium (coat of arms) is formed by three barracks which are separated by what seems to be Templar Tau. The Tau is formed by a horizontal throne of clouds that can be climbed up by the vertical pole that forms such a Tau; in turn, the vertical pole is formed by one symbolic sword and one symbolic club which are united by five rungs or strides that are made up of a number of Princes' crowns, mundane crowns, passionate crowns, vain crowns. The crowns must be trampled upon by the Aspirant in order to climb up to that Heavenly Throne. Above such a throne, amidst the clouds, only a hermetically sealed door can be seen. Undoubtedly, this is a Porta-Coeli (heavenly door); a mysterious hand armed with a key goes towards the door. The Key symbolizes the clue keeper of the Great Secret of the Initiation into the Mysteries of the Kingdom, which is behind that mystic door.

The barrack of the left shows a marvelous embattled tower similar to the barrack of the Cardenalist coat of arms of the Bishop Moya. A splendid torrent of Living Water (Ens Seminis) resplendently flows from such Tower.

The barrack of the right is always showing delectable Elysian Fields with the Goddess Eve (Vesta, Hestia, or the Earth herself) crowned with flowers and fruits under a Paradisiacal Tree.

The Latin phrase that says HAC VIA ITUR AD ASTRA (which means: "This is the way that leads to heaven") gloriously shines around this marvelous coat of arms.

The entire coat of arms is the symbol of the Sexual Tau with its horizontal pole formed by the clouds of mystery. The clouds hide the narrow path that lead to the Truth and its vertical pole is the difficult ladder that rests on the flaming sword and on the Scepter or Club, symbol of the Dominion over our passions.

The five prince-like crowns that are placed in a manner of rungs (which we must trample upon in order to climb this ladder) reminds us that in the ascension through all the Esoteric Degrees of the Five Initiations of Fire, we must trample upon any ostentation, any human ambition, until by climbing the ladder, we reach the Closed Door (Porta Coely) whose magical key can only be given to us by a Master.

On the left and on the right of the Vertical Pole of the Sexual Tau stands the Castle of the Saved Jewel (speaking chivalrously) from which the splendid torrent of Living Water (Ens Seminis) resplendently flows to fecundate the world (EGO SUT RESURRECTIO ER VITA) and the Elysian Fields where Ceres the Mother Earth appears crowned with flowers and fruits.

The symbolic coat of arms of Aracena is absolutely sexual. The clue of any power is found in the connection of the Phallus and the Uterus.

The Electronic Solar Fire has seven degrees of power. There are seven serpents, two groups of three plus the coronation of the seventh tongue of fire that unites us with the One, with the Law, with the Father.

To raise the five fundamental serpents by means of Maithuna (Sexual Yoga) is basic because the two superior serpents are always raised.

When we carefully observe any Solar Man, we can then verify that each one of the seven serpents is raised in the medullar canal of his respective vehicles.

The first serpent corresponds to the physical body. The second serpent corresponds to the Vital Body or Hindustani Lingam Sarira. The third serpent victoriously rises through the Shushumna canal of the Authentic and Genuine Astral Body. The fourth serpent victoriously rises in the Authentic Solar Mental Body. The fifth serpent rises through the medullar canal of the true Solar Body of the Conscious Will.

Chapter 25


A judicious study of the marvelous esoteric work The Voice of the Silence by Helena Petrovna Blavatsky takes us to the logical conclusion that Seven Tremendous Initiatic Gates exist.

By all means it is clear that to reach the Fifth Gate is fundamental because for the Warrior the two superior gates are always open.

In various Masonic Degrees they made reference to that Symbolic Esoteric Ladder that unites the earth with heaven. This is the same ladder that the incarnated Angel Israel (who's profane name was Jacob) saw in his dreams.

Mistakenly many believe that the Coccygeal Chakra (with its four marvelous petals) is the first rung of the Holy Ladder.

Many suppose that the Prostatic (Uterine) Chakra (Splendid Lotus of six petals) is the second rung of the Mystic Ladder.

There are many who hold the opinion that the Umbilical Chakra (Luminous Jewel of ten petals, located in the center of the lumbar region) is the third rung.

Many Pseudo-Esoterists and Pseudo-Occultists want to see the fourth rung in the Cardias with its famous twelve petals.

Opinions exist about many things; this is why they believe that the Laryngeal Chakra (with its sixteen precious petals) is the sixth rung.

Many are convinced in an way that the Sixth Center situated in the head between the two eyebrows and its two extraordinary and resplendent petals is the sixth rung of the Mystical Ladder.

In sum, we never fail to see Pseudo-Esoterists and Pseudo Occultists who still believe that the Lotus of One Thousand Petals, the seat of Shiva in the Pineal Gland, superior part of the brain is the seventh rung of Jacob's ladder.

In synthesis, it is right to state that the Sahasrara, the Milupe or Precious Lotus of One Thousand Petals is located in the vertex of the head; it is also right to asseverate that this is the seat of the Holy Spirit; thus, indeed, the Holy Spirit is only waiting for his luminous and extraordinary union with Shakti or Sexual Igneous Force that, as a Serpent of Fire, is dormant and coiled up three and a half times within the lowest of the seven centers. The objective of Yoga is to acquire Liberation with this splendid union.

However, another thing is to analyze, to experiment and to comprehend the marvelous analytical studies of the Laboratorium Oratorium of the Third Logos.

We have already stated; yet we repeat again that the Sacred Fire has Seven Degrees of Power. There are Seven Serpents, two groups of three plus the sublime coronation of the Seventh Tongue of Fire that unites us with the One, with the Law, with the Father.

It is urgent to know that the Seven Serpents are the Seven Rungs of Jacob's Ladder, the Seven Gates of the Voice of the Silence.

The two first serpents: the serpent of the physical body and the serpent of the vital body only reach the magnetic field at the root of the nose after having placed into activity the Lotus of One Thousand Petals. However, the five remaining superior serpents always reach the Cardias through the Amrita Nadi.

No one can pass through the Seven Initiatic Gates in an instantaneous and simultaneous way; no Initiate can jump to the Seventh Rung immediately. Degrees and Degrees exist in all of this.

Whosoever wants to lift the Third Serpent must first of all lift the Second and no one can lift the Second Serpent without having previously lifted the First.

It is an absurdity to try to lift the Fourth Sacred Serpent without having previously lifted the Third, and it is stubbornness to intend to lift the Fifth Serpent without previously having lifted the Fourth.

Thousands of Pseudo-Esoteric and Pseudo-Occultist students commit the embarrassing error of believing that one can achieve the Revolutionary Development of the Kundalini by working with the Bellow System.

In Limbo there live many Yogis who in spite of having practiced Pranayama intensely during their entire lives have not even achieved the awakening of their Kundalini.

With the respiratory exercises, we can raise some Igneous Flames through the Spinal Medulla, but we will never achieve the ascension of each one of the noble serpents of Fire with such practices.

Undoubtedly, it is very recommendable to utilize those Flames of Sacred Fire that are enclosed within the Muladhara Chakra for the awakening of the Consciousness. However, this does not signify the Awakening of the Kundalini.

By all means, it is clear that the nostrils are connected to the Sexual Gonads through Ida and Pingala this is why it is relatively easy to utilize certain Sacred Flames for the awakening of the Consciousness by means of the Respiratory Exercises.

The best Initiates of Laya Yoga, Zen and Chan intelligently combine meditation with Pranayama when comprehending the urgent necessity of awakening the Consciousness.

When a minute fraction of vital energy travels through the length of a nervous fiber and provokes reactions in certain centers, it is perceived as a dream or as imagination; however, when, under the effects of Pranayama (in combination with Meditation) any minute fraction of Sacred Fire achieves to rise through the Medullar Canal, the reaction of such centers is formidable, immensely superior to that of a dream or imagination.

Any minute fraction of the reserve of Kundalini becomes formidable for the Awakening of the Consciousness; therefore, it is, by all means, marvelous to combine meditation with respiratory exercises.

Meditation combined with Pranayama serves for the Awakening of the Consciousness. However, they will never serve for the awakening of the Kundalini.

Some Mystics achieve the ascension of some Sacred Flames throughout the medullar canal by means of Prayer and Meditation; however, this does not signify the Awakening of the Kundalini.

Any given fraction of the Kundalini can produce illumination during Prayer and Meditation; nonetheless, this does not signify the Awakening of the Kundalini.

There exist many formidable Mantras for the Awakening of the Kundalini; however these only take effect if they are chanted in the Ninth Sphere during the Maithuna (Sexual Magic).

At this moment, that formidable Mantra that the Angel Aroch (Angel of Command) taught me comes into my memory:

KANDIL BANDIL Rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. This mantric song is sung as follows:

Kan is sung with a resounding voice and Dii with a decreasing voice.

Ban is sung with a resounding voice and Dii with a decreasing voice.

The letter Rrrrrrrrrrrrr is rolled; it should be vocalized as if imitating the sound of a high pitched motor, but with the sweetness of a child's voice.

This is one of the most powerful Mantras of Sexual Magic; thus, every Gnostic Alchemist must chant it during Maithuna.

The canals of Ida and Pingala can and must be purified with Pranayama. The Sexual Energies can be sublimated with Pranayama.

Nevertheless, one cannot awaken the Kundalini with Pranayama, because the Kundalini only enters into activity with the Sexual

Contact of the Positive and Negative, Masculine and Feminine Polarities during the Sexual Act.

We find many things on this planet; this is why, for the limit of all absurdities, there exist certain stubborn people who believe that because within every human being there exists two polarities one can (according to these stubborn people) awaken the Kundalini without the need of Maithuna. These dimwitted people should give unto women, as a gift, the formula to conceive children without the necessity of a sperm, without the necessity of sexual contact. These foolish people should give away to men the clue on how to engender children without the necessity of a woman's ovum.

Chapter 26

Black Tantrism

Within the perpetual snow of the millenarian Tibet, frill of so many traditions, there exist diverse Black Tantric Schools.

Miserable will be the one who affiliates himself to those tenebrous schools. It were better for him that a millstone were hanged about his neck, and be cast into the sea. (Luke: 17: 2).

The fundamental basic objective of the Black Tantric Schools is the development of the abominable Kundartiguador Organ (Tail of Satan).

White Sexual Yoga teaches that the Igneous Serpent of our Magical Powers awakens with the contact of the Solar and Lunar Atoms of the Seminal System in the Triveni, close to the Coccyx in order to initiate its march inward and upward through the Medullar Canal.

However, the Black Yogis from the Klan of Dagdugpa never perform the contact of the Solar and Lunar Atoms inside the organism; they always do it outside the organism.

These Black Yogis (Asura Samphata) commit the crime of ejaculating the Semen (Shuhra) during the Maithuna. They do this in order to mix their semen with Feminine Raja. Thus, this is how they achieve the contact of the Solar and Lunar Atoms within the same Woman's Yoni.

Undoubtedly, the most difficult for these Red Hat Bons and Dugpas is the reabsorbing of the Seminal Liquid after having ejaculated it.

A certain terribly malignant psychic type of force exists in this reabsorbing process.

Incorrectly applied, the Vajroli Mudra (in combination with their Mental Force) allows these Red Hat Bons and Dugppas to absorb their spilled Seminal Liquor through their urethra.

During the ordinal)' sexual contact the Intellectual Animal spills millions of Solar Atoms of very high voltage. These are immediately replaced by billions of Satanic Atoms from the Secret Enemy, and these are collected from within the Atomic Infernos of the human being by means of the process of contraction (orgasm) of the sexual organs after the coitus.

When the semen is not spilled, then the Solar Atoms return inward and upward through Ida and Pingala. Then the Solar Atoms extraordinarily multiply in quantity and quality.

However, the spilled semen (which the Black Tantras reabsorb through their urethra by extracting it from within the vagina) in fact, has already converted itself into a frightful accumulator of Satanic Atoms.

When these types of Abnormal Satanic Atoms intend to rise up to the Golgotha of the Father (the Brain), they violently are cast down against the coccyx by the Three Akashic Breaths that work in Ida, Pingala and Shushumna.

These types of seminal malignant atoms are precipitated through Ida and Pingala. They violently struggle in order to reach the brain; however all of their efforts are useless because the Three Akashic Breaths cast them down against that region of the coccyx where a Malignant Atom has its habitat and also the power to place the Abominable Kundartiguador Organ into activity.

Within any ordinary person, the Igneous Serpent of our Magical Powers remains enclosed within the Coccygeal Center; it is coiled up in a marvelous way three and a half times.

We convert ourselves into Angels when the Serpent rises through the Medullar Canal.

However, we convert ourselves into Terribly Malignant Lunar Demons when the Serpent descends, when the serpent precipitates from the coccyx downwards into the Atomic Infernos of the Human Being.

The rising Serpent is the Kundalini. The falling Serpent is the Abominable Kundartiguador Organ.

When the Serpent is rising throughout the Medullar Canal, it is the bronze serpent that healed the Israelites in the wilderness. Yet, the falling serpent is the tempting serpent of Eden, the terrible serpent Python with Seven Heads which was writhing in the mud of the earth and which Apollo furiously hurt with his darts.

The Abominable Kundartiguador Organ confers onto the Black Tantric Magicians Terribly Malignant Psychic Powers (Siddhis).

The Abominable Kundartiguador Organ can never open the Seven Apocalyptic Churches of the Book of Revelation (which are the Seven Vital Centers of the Dorsal Spine) because it can never succeed in rising through the Medullar Canal.

However, the Abominable Kundartiguador Organ can place the antithesis of the Seven Churches into activity. The antitheses are Seven Malignant Centers or Seven tenebrous Chakras of the lower abdomen.

Muslims affirm that the Inferno has Seven Gates and that these exist in the Lower Abdomen. The Abominable Kundartiguador Organ has the power of opening those Seven Gates.

To develop the Abominable Kundartiguador Organ and to place into activity the Seven Infernal Chakras of the Lower Abdomen is in fact equivalent to converting ourselves into that Filthy Beast with Seven Heads and Ten Horns upon which the Great Harlot (Humanity) whose number is 666 is seated.

Those who commit the crime of developing the Abominable Kundartiguador Organ divorce themselves from their Immortal Spiritual Triad and sink forever into the Infernal Worlds.

KUNDALINI is a compound word: KUNDA reminds us of the Abominable

Kundartiguador Organ, and LINI is indeed an Atlantean word which signifies ended.

Therefore, the Pentecostal Fire rising through the Medullar Canal signifies that the Abominable Kundartiguador Organ comes to an end.

The Fire of the Holy Spirit ascending throughout the Medullar Canal opens the Church of Ephesus (Coccygeal Chakra), opens the Church of Smyrna (Prostatic or Uterine Chakra), opens the Church Pergamus (Umbilical Chakra), opens the Church of Thyatira (Chakra of the Heart), opens the Church of Sardis (Laryngeal Chakra), opens the Church of Philadelphia (Frontal Chakra), opens the Church of Laodicea (Lotus of One Thousand Petals) and the Abominable Kundartiguador Organ comes to an end.

In fact, the Damned Serpent, the Luciferic Fire, the Tail of Satan, opens the Seven Antithetic Infernal Churches from the lower abdomen.

The Ascending Fire confers onto the Innermost, the Spirit, powers over Prittwi, the element Earth, in the Church of Ephesus. It confers powers over Apas, the Water, in the Church of Smyrna. It confers power over Tejas, the Fire, in the Church of Pergamus. It confers power over Vayu, the Air, in the Church of Thyatira. It confers power over Akash, the Ether, in the church of Sardis. It confers power over the Light with the Eye of Shiva in the Church of Philadelphia and it confers the union with the Innermost in the Church of Laodicea.

Even when the Abominable Kundartiguador Organ, the Descending Fire, gives the Black Yogi certain Siddhis (Magical Powers intimately related with the Seven Infernal Chakras from the lower abdomen) it also converts him into an inhabitant of the Subterranean World, into a slave of the elements.

In the Western World, the Left-Handed Adepts have established many Schools of Black Tantrism. Such tenebrous organizations display sublime titles.

We know the case of a certain Great Initiate who founded a School of White Tantrism before disincarnating; unfortunately, he committed the mistake of leaving his son (an inexperienced young man) as General Director. Thus, this naive youngster (without any true esoteric experience) soon allowed himself to be cheated by certain Black Tantric Adepts and concluded by publicly teaching Black Tantrism.

The outcome of all of this was frightful, because some members of this brotherhood, also inexperienced, accepted the Black Tantric Teachings and ended up converting themselves into terribly malignant demons.

Sex is a stone of stumbling, and a rock of falling; sex is a chief cornerstone, elect, precious.

We must never forget the words of Peter, the Master of Maithuna. Peter warned us against the False Prophets and False Masters (who in disguise and with sublime and ineffable false appearances) introduce many destructive heresies, much Black Tantrism and pernicious practices.

Follow, beloved Gnostic Brethren, the Straight Path, the Path of Perfect Chastity, the Path of Absolute Sanctity and Great Sacrifice for our fellowmen.

Chapter 27

Gray Tantrism

If we carefully observe the symbolic Caduceus of Mercury, we will discover with mystic astonishment that the two serpents that are entwined around its Holy Pole form the Holy Eight.

Ida and Pingala entwined around the Dorsal Spine are indeed the Perfect Eight. Joyful be the one who comprehends the Profound Mysteries of the Holy Eight.

The number Eight placed horizontally is the sign of the Infinite. The eight has the image of a Clepsydra. The succession of time in different cycles can be indicated with the Eight; each cycle (or circle of the number eight) is without a doubt the continuation of the other. The Spiral of Life exists within the Holy Eight. The Evolving and Devolving processes are always performed in a spiral form.

The Fire of Phiegethon and the water of Acheron cross within the Ninth Sphere, forming the symbol of the infinite.

The Double Current with which one must work in the Great Work (in order to attain the Intimate Self-Realization) is wisely represented in the mysterious Eighth Key of Basil Valentine. This is a variation of the Caduceus, and naturally it symbolizes the Mercury of Secret Philosophy; the marvelous properties of Sulfur and the productive fecundity of Salt are united extraordinarily within this Mercury. Thus, this is how the mystical connubial of Two Luminaries is performed in Three Worlds.

The World and the Super-World are marvelously entwined with the Holy Eight. The Underworld and the World are entwined with the Holy Eight.

The Superior Circle of the Holy Eight is a living representation of the Human Brain. The Inferior Circle is hidden wit the Mystery, in order to symbolize the Cup of Hermes within which the Mercury of Secret Philosophy, the Ens Seminis is contained.

It has been wisely stated onto us that the Temple-Heart is precisely situated at the point where the Fire of Phiegethon and the water of Acheron cross forming the sign of the


The struggle is terrible; Brain against Sex, Sex against Brain and the most terrible is that of Heart against Heart. You know this.

The Sign of the Infinite within which the Brain, Heart and Sex of the Genie of the Earth is represented, is discovered by every Esoterist within the interior of the Planetary Globe in the Ninth Circle.

The bodies of all creatures which live upon the Earth, from the most insignificant Microbe until the Human Being are found organized upon this Archetypical Base of the Holy Eight.

The Eight Kabirs, those Powerful Semitic Ineffable and Terribly Divine Gods (who were later worshiped by the Greeks and Romans and whose principal Sanctuary was found always in Samothrace) are intimately related with the Holy Eight, with the Sacred Symbol of the Infinite.

The Eight Kabirs are the children of Ephestus or Vulcan with one adorable daughter from Proteus. They were born from the Sacred Fire (that manifests itself within the terrible profundities of the Earth) by the forging action of Proteus upon that Universal Substance that naturally has the property of taking any form.

These Eight Kabirs are the fundamental intelligences of this Nature. They are the extraordinary Regents of the Great Mysteries of Life and Death.

According to a very ancient esoteric tradition, one of those Eight Kabirs was assassinated by one of his own brothers; however, later on he was resuscitated with the help of Hermes. This reminds us of the Symbolic Death and Resurrection of Hiram, Osiris and Jesus that must be comprehended in depth by the M. M.

The Holy Eight is therefore the base and the living foundation of the Great Work. If someone violates the Scientific Rules and principles contained within the symbol of the Infinite they will totally fail in the Great Work.

Whosoever wants to successfully work in the Magisterium of Fire must never spill the Cup of Hermes (must not spill the semen) because they will fail in the Great Work. The Double Current of Fire and Water must be exactly crossed in the Ninth Sphere in order to form the Symbol of the Infinite.

If the Alchemist loses the Water, meaning if the Alchemist commits the error of Ejaculating the Semen, then the crossing of the two currents is impossible.

In the hard battle of Brain against Sex and Sex against Brain, the Brain loses the battle most of the time.

The intimate battles of the heart usually lead the Alchemists towards final failure.

A Greek fable tells us the tale of Sisyphus the Colossus, who by carrying a big boulder on his back intends once again to reach the summit of the mountain. However, his attempts always fail because just when he is about to place the stone at the right point of his desired goal, the stone always falls into the depths of the precipice.

Whosoever spills the Cup of Hermes once in a while, whosoever at times does not spill the semen, and then later comes to spill it, violates the law of the Holy Kabirs and converts himself into a Gray Tantric Adept.

In this World of Samsara, there exist evasiveness and false justifications for many things. Thus, this is how Gray Tantrism also has its followers and its doctrine.

Any Esoterist Traveler who himself proposes to perform an in depth investigation among the Secret Schools of the Asiatic Continent will verify for himself the crude and painful reality of Gray Tantrism.

Tantrism exists in all of Asia and is very abundant in the diverse schools of Theravada (Hinayana), Mahayana, Chan, Zen, Tantric Buddhism, etc.

The Intellectual Animals always find evasiveness and false justification for all of their weaknesses. Therefore, it does not surprise us that even within these Self-Exalted and Dignified Schools of Zen, Tantric Buddhism and others much ballast of Gray Tantrism is found.

It is lamentable that many disoriented Instructors (from those Oriental Schools) offer valuable Sexual Yoga techniques and practices without ever comprehending the fundamental aspect of Tantrism, that being the urgent necessity of never committing the crime of spilling the Semen during your whole life.

To prolong the Coitus with the sole objective of enjoying animalistic pleasure and without any regard for Seminal Ejaculation is undoubtedly Gray Tantrism that can easily degenerate into Black Tantrism.

Fortunately, there exists a lot of White Tantrism in Taoism, in the Hindu and Tibetan Tantrism, in the Zen Puro and in the original Chan.

Some sects of Persian origin existed in Old Europe (such as the famous Manicheans) who practiced White Tantrism or COITUS INTERRUPTUS; they called it Karezza which is a word that has Persian origins.

The Medieval Knights also practiced White Sexual Magic in the DONOI.

The Alchemists who work with all the Principles and Laws of the Holy Eight Self-realize in depth, and they convert themselves into Hierophants.

Every Authentic Esoterist knows very well that the Symbol of the Infinite is equal to the Pentalpha, the famous Star of Five Points.

Every Esoterist knows very well that the Eight Kabirs are found intimately related with the Eight Winds. Boreas, the wind of the north, was considered a raptor of youngsters. Noto or Austro, the wind of the south, dragged the tempests and the clouds. Cephiro, the wind of the west of the world, was venerated as the God of Spring. Euro or Vulturno, at times dry, at times humid, was always venerated in winter.

Ancient sages never forgot Caecias the Greek, the famous, the Northeastern wind. The ancient Hierophants also never forgot Apelites, the Southeasten wind. Neither had they forgotten Lips, the Southwestern wind, nor Schiron, the Northwestern wind.

The work with the Philosophical Stone, the Eight Steps of Yoga are exclusively for those who respect the Principles and Laws of the Holy Eight and never those of the henchmen of Black or Gray Tantrism.

Chapter 28

Sexual Abstention

Esoteric investigations performed in my Astral Body have allowed me to verify that those people who renounce sex (without having previously worked in the Magisterium of Fire, without having achieved the Second Birth) charge themselves with Terribly Malignant Poisoninioskirian Vibrations.

It is urgent to know, it is necessary to comprehend, that these unusual types of pernicious vibrations (after having totally saturated the Lunar Bodies) have the power of awakening the Abominable Kundartiguador Organ.

Any abstinent person already poisoned by these types of Poisoninioskirian Vibrations characterizes himself by a fatal dualism of expert cynicism and a high degree of fanaticism.

Within the Infernal Worlds live many mistaken Ascetics, many abstinent people who have renounced Sex without previously having built the Solar Bodies in the Ninth Sphere, without having previously reached the Second Birth.

The path that leads into the Abyss is paved with good intentions. The Averno is filled with mistaken but sincere people.

Within this painful planet on which we live, there exist many Asleep Pseudo-Esoteric and Pseudo-Occultist people who dream that they have awakened; meanwhile, they do not comprehend that they are trapped within the dream of their Consciousness's paws and that many shadows of vengeance are lurking within their interior.

Those wretched people, who boast of being illuminated, have renounced sex without having previously worked in the Ninth Sphere, without having attained the Second Birth which the Master Jesus spoke about to Nicodemus.

The outcome of such Absurd Sexual Abstention is always fatality. Those abstemious people always have their Consciousness asleep, because if they would have their Consciousness awakened, they could prove by direct experience the tremendous activity of the Malignant Poisoninioskirian Vibrations within their Lunar Bodies. This is how they would finally see, with an unutterable terror, the frightful development of the Abominable Kundartiguador Organ within their submerged animal nature.

Those mistaken but sincere people do not want to comprehend that whosoever wants to ascend, must first of all descend.

Mystic Pride is a characteristic of the Interior Pharisee. These are people who boast of being Initiates, Saints and Wise, who renounce sex without having previously built the Solar Bodies, without having previously worked in the Ninth Sphere, without previously reaching the Second Birth; then they wind up developing the Abominable Kundartiguador Organ.

It is difficult to take these mistaken but sincere people away from their error, since they feel themselves to be super-transcended; they boast about being Gods without ever having placed a foot on the first rung of the Holy Ladder.

Certain types of Infrasexuals of Lilith damn the Third Logos, they mortally hate sex; thus they do not have any problem with applying their wicked qualifications unto sex.

Infrasexual people get enraged against the Gnostics because we give special preference to sex.

Every Infrasexual person boasts about being wise, thus as usual, they view the sexually normal people in a very despicable way and they qualify them as inferior people or mistaken people, etc.

The Great Arcanum that is so hated by Infrasexual people is found very well hidden between the two Masonic columns J and B.

The study of the Sacred Novenary always concludes with the pointed Cubic Stone, which in itself unites (on its nine marvelous sides) the entire perfection of the cube and the equilibrated elevation of the pyramid with a quadrangular base.

By intelligently opening the Sacred Philosophical Stone and by extending its marvelous and splendid faces, then, with mystical astonishment, we obtain twice the sacred symbol of the Holy Cross.

The union of the two crosses is the perfect expression of the Magisterium of Fire. The first cross is formed with the five square sides which are constituted by the four faces plus the bottom face of the Stone, and the second cross by the four triangles of its pyramidal vertex.

Every True Initiate knows very well that the First Quadrilateral Cross symbolizes Nature with its four elements that are developed as crystallizations of Akash, Mulaprakriti or Universal Ens Seminis.

It has been wisely stated to us that the Second Cross (formed by the four ternaries or splendid esoteric triangles which emanate from a center or original point) is the Esoteric Cross, a living expression of the Triune Logos that is crucified in the matter.

Upon this Living Stone of the Temple situated between the Columns of Adam Kadmon, Plus Ultra is found, the clue of the Intimate Self-realization.

The Philosophical Stone is Sex. It is the Cubic Stone of Yesod. Therefore, it is dumb to want to convert ourselves into a Column of the Temple of the Living God, without previously having chiseled the Brute Stone.

In other words, no one can attain the Mastery, the Adepthood, without having previously worked in the Ninth Sphere.

The Pointed Cubic Stone has nine faces, nine vertexes and sixteen edges.

The Pointed Cubic Stone is telling us that every elevation requires a previous humiliation. Firstly, it is essential to descend into the Infernal Worlds, into the Ninth Circle, under the surface of the Earth, in order to have the right to ascend into heaven.

It is impossible to enter into the Kingdom if the Laws of the Cubic Stone of Yesod are violated.

Those who renounce Sex, without having previously attained the Second Birth, violate the Laws of the Holy Stone.

The Innocent Souls who live on the other shore of the evil river, those Sublime Mystics, those Venerable Sages, those Patriarchs who live within Limbo for the crime of having renounced sex (without having previously built the Solar Bodies), avoided the Poisoninioskirian Vibrations behind the protective shield of their S

It is stupid to renounce Sex without having previously achieved the Second Birth. It is absurd to violate the Laws of the Holy Stone.

The Innocent Souls of Limbo need to reincorporate in order to work in the Ninth Sphere and attain the Second Birth, only then can they enter into the Kingdom.

Chapter 29

Solar Laws And Lunar Laws

In these times of world crisis, scientific disquietudes are formidable.

Already Morrison and Cocconi (eminent North American Physicians) think that Scientific Societies of Extraterrestrial Human Beings (immensely superior to us) may exist in some parts of the Milky Way.

The cited physicians believe that it is possible that these Extraterrestrials want to communicate with us. They have even discovered that such Cosmic Corporations emit waves toward our direction at a frequency of 1,420 Mc/Sec.

The Theory of the Plurality of Inhabited Worlds has already been comprehended by the Scholars of Science.

One argument (among others) which is in favor of this theory is that which states that certain stars have weak angular velocities (such as the Sun).

Every Scholar of Science has verified through observation and experience that the smallness of the angular moment of any Sun, indicates, denotes or reveals the existence of a Planetary System.

Scientists are already starting to comprehend that Planets which are located in a similar position to that of the Earth (in relation to our Sun) could be found among all of those Millions of Worlds within our Galaxy. To discard the possibility that some of those planets have civilizations immensely more developed than ours is an absurdity.

These scholars state that this possibility can and must be very carefully examined.

Certain news stated that Drake, a famous scientist, had the intention of seriously studying the very interesting zone of CETI and ERIDANO.

These two stars are found at a distance of 11.4 light-years and these are the closest after the one from Centauri.

From the formidable list of closest Stars (intelligently elaborated upon by Morrison and Cocconi) it is clear that CETI and ERIDANO as well as INDI, are indeed, the most interesting after discarding the Double Stars.

It has been verified that because of the very marked perturbed orbits of the Planets of the Double Stars, these planets do not possess uniform climates during very long geologic periods.

Gnostics state that many Galactic Societies exist. These Galactic Societies know about the critical mo in which we live and they want and wish to help us.

Sirius the Sun of the Suns of our Milky Way is a Double Star. The Twin Brother of Sirius is a Black World of a terrible and frightful density.

The Vibratory Influence of the Double Star Sirius is very strange. That radiation is SupraSolar and Infra Lunar.

By simple logical deduction we can state that the Double Radiation of Sirius decisively influences all of the Supra Heavens and all of the Infra-Infernos of the Milky Way.

It is true that Sirius is the Great Sun of the Milky Way; yet, also, it is not any less true, that its tenebrous Twin Brother has a density much more astonishing than even the one that could be conceived within the interior darkness of the deadest moon.

The Double Star Sirius is composed of an immense Radiant Sun, twenty six times more brilliant than ours, with a circular trajectory (of a period of fifty years) around a White Dwarf (the size of Jupiter) and five thousand times more dense than lead.

It has been stated onto us that the Milky Way gravitates around the Double Star Sirius. In a certain way that Double Star seems to fill in the excessive gap between the Cosmos of the Solar System and the Milky Way.

The Double Star Sirius indicates an intense Solar and Lunar activity within our Galaxy. The Double Star Sirius decisively influences us here and now.

To become free of the Lunar Influence is something frightfully difficult; yet, it is indispensable in order to achieve liberation.

On this Planet in which we live, the Lunar Influence is double, because the Earth has two moons.

Through the Telescopes, the second moon appears black and is the size of a lentil. Occultists have named the black moon Lilith. This second Lunar Satellite is a kind of Eighth Submerged Sphere. It is a very malignant world.

On Earth the sinister vibrations that come from the Black Moon originate many monstrosities, abominations, frightful crimes filled with repugnant savagery, inconceivable lust, homosexuality on a great scale, masturbation, pederasty, provoked abortions, etc.

Among the most abominable products of Lilith, it is opportune to cite the case of Count Dracula in Russia.

This movie's personage truly existed and H. P. Blavatsky comments about him in one of her books.

This Great Female Master stated that such a Count (in times of the Czars) was the Mayor of a certain Russian town. He mortally hated his wife, because Vampires are Homosexuals; they mortally hate the opposite sex.

After his death, Count Dracula presented himself in the house of his abhorred widow in order to lash her violently. At midnight certain Catholic Priests uselessly tried to block Dracula's trot; at the bridge very close to the cemetery Count Dracula's chariot trampled the Priests.

When Count Dracula's black and frightful Crypt was opened, his living cadaver was found very well preserved and submerged within human blood, since vampires nourish themselves with blood.

The Great Master Helen P. Blavatsky states that the feet of the sinister cathver were covered with mud; without a doubt this shows us that Dracula was escaping at midnight from his sepulcher.

Dracula's case concluded when the Priests wounded his heart with a wooden stick.

An order of vampires exists in Palestine; they hide themselves behind the following title: "Order of the Immortal Guardians of the Holy Sepulcher".

Vampires are the outcome of Homosexuality in combination with Tantrism between persons of the same Sex. It is an execrable monstrosity, a frightful abomination.

The Double Lunar influence of this planet on which we live is terribly mechanistic.

It is urgent to nourish ourselves with the Apples of Gold or Apples of Freya and with the liquor of Soma or Biblical Manna in order to build the Solar Bodies and to liberate ourselves from the Lunar Laws.

It has been stated unto us that our Physical Sun (as Brahman Chronologies demonstrate) rotates around a Sun that is infinitely greater, or more luminous. Such sun is so luminous; this is why it is invisible before our terrene eyes; yet, it is mentioned in ancient Theogonies with an indispensable mathematical rigor.

Yet, this Equatorial or Astral Sun (which is the unknowable center from which our Physical Sun is just a mere Planet) is not the only one that exists. But moreover, two other, more excelsior Suns still exist within the Superior Planes or Hyper-Dimensions of this Cerulean Space. The Tamil Calendars (like the Tiruchanga and Panchanga) call these Suns, respectively, the Polar Sun (or Galactic Center of our entire Nebula with its one hundred million Suns) and the Central Sun, the Center of Centers, which in turn entwine and unify as many nebulae (of millions and millions of suns) that could exist in the millions within the sky.

Before the eyes of a Mystic, the Astral or Equatorial Sun flamingly shines, assembled in the celestial group which we call the Pleiades or Seven Sisters from the Constellation of Taurus.

Sirius with its whole magnificence, is the gravitational center of this Milky Way; however, it has to gravitate around the Polar Sun.

The Cosmic Order would be impossible without the Central Sun. Variety is Unity. The Central Sun Unifies, Governs, and establishes a Unity within the Infinite Variety.

Chapter 30

The Astral Body

Within Occultist Literature a great deal has been written regarding this very interesting theme of Astral Projection.

Here, it is very opportune to cite the undesirable Hypnotic phenomena of the mentioned Laurent (July 10, 1894) in which the famous Hypnotist Colonel Rochas experimented with Hypnotism. He achieved with lamentable imprudence (like those who despise the classic Ars Magna Brevis Experimentum Periculosum) what can be summarized as Hypnotic States separated amongst themselves by many other lethargic states (people who are dedicated to this subject matter know all this very well).

Onto the three typical Hypnotic States known as Lethargy, Catalepsy and Somnambulism, Colonel Rochas added many other more profound states, 13 in all. These states were separated amongst themselves by successive Lethargic states in which the patient seems to sleep more and more, in order to successively awaken into "New States" each time more distant from the State of Vigil.

In state number 5, a Blue Phantom appears on the left side of the hypnotized patient. Likewise, in state number 6, on the patient's left side another Phantom appears but Red. Then, upon reaching state number 7, both Phantoms unite and become one and copenetrate into irregular white-violet bands when reaching state number 8.

In state number 9, the Astral Double, thus integrated, starts to enhance a relative liberty of movements, although without severing the Silver Cord which connects to the Physical Body, since the rupture of such a cord would signify' death.

In Hypnotic state number 11 (according to the sayings of Colonel Rochas) the Astral Double tends to its emancipation, to become totally released from its physical ties, while some certain repugnant forms or Diabolic "I's" viscously move in and out of the Double, producing terrible convulsions within the Patient.

Now that we have reached this section of this chapter, it is convenient to clarify that Colonel Rochas qualified the Demonic " of the Patient as "Repugnant Larvae".

When the unhappy Patient sees himself assaulted by such animalistic creatures, (each time increasing in number) he feels the loss of his vital forces and anguishly asks to be awakened and thus liberated from such a nightmare. This is state number 12.

State number 13 is definitive: the Hypnotized Patient is totally released from his physical ties; thus, he freely travels within the Superior Dimensions of Space.

It is clearly comprehendible that all of these hypnotic experiments are criminal in their depth. The Hypnotist in this case is similar to a pitiless vivisectionist that with his bit of intelligence boasts about being wise and tortures poor animals in order to discover the enigmas of Nature. The only difference is that in the hypnotic experiment of our narration, the guinea pig is the unhappy hypnotized patient.

The Universal Christian Gnostic Movement teaches practical and effective systems in order to separate the Double from the Physical Body at will and to consciously travel with the Double without harmful and detrimental hypnotic trances.

The wise Law of Contrary Analogies invites us to comprehend that if 13 subjective and negative states exist during a Hypnotic state for the Projection of the Double, likewise, another 13 Objective and Positive States also exist during a healthy and Natural Projection of the Double.

It is urgent to comprehend that whosoever wants to learn how to Consciously Travel within the Double, the first thing that he needs to do is to awaken his Consciousness (read chapter 11).

Astral Projection is no longer a problem when the Consciousness Awakens. Sacred Scriptures insist on the necessity o Awakening, but people continue with their Consciousness Asleep.

The time has arrived in which we have to comprehend that the Double (which was registered in some photographic films and which was analyzed by the Colonel Rochas) is not the true Astral Body.

The Double has been, is, and shall always be of a Molecular, Lunar and Protoplasmic nature.

The Astral Body is a Body of an Electronic, Solar Nature. The Astral Solar Body has nothing vague, vaporous or subjective. The Astral Solar Body is a Body of Bones and Flesh; it is made out of the flesh from Paradise not from the flesh that comes from Adam.

Ordinary human beings (except those very few rare cases) are always born with the famous Lunar Double and never with the Solar Astral Body.

The wretched intellectual beast possesses the molecular body or body of desires or lunar double. He does not have a Solar Astral Body. He must build the Solar Astral Body.

Intellectual animals live inside their Physical Body; yet, during normal sleep and also after death, they live outside of it. Thus, when outside of their Physical Bodies, they wander around dressed with their Molecular Double. Pseudo-Esoteric and PseudoOccultist people, have named the Molecular Body, "Astral Body". Nonetheless, such Molecular Body is not the Astral Body.

The so-called "Incorporeal Travels" are always performed with the lunar double; after having released its physical ties, it can freely travel through the whole Milky Way without any danger.

Any Monk can develop the Superior Emotional Center and if he is really self determined, he can eliminate (from his interior nature) his lower desires and animal passions. Nevertheless, this is not how one builds the Astral Body.

This issue related with the building of the Astral Body has been, is, and shall always be an absolutely sexual problem.

An Occultist Maxim exist that states: "As above so below". We can also state*: "As below so above".*

If sexual union of the Phallus and the Uterus is always necessary in order to engender a Physical Body then, it is also absolutely logical to state that the Sexual Act is indispensably necessary in order to engender the Solar Astral Body.

Once in a while within this complicated and difficult labyrinth of pseudo-esotericism and pseudo-occultism, some wandering degenerated infrasexual might appear who will possibly state that the astral body can be built without the necessity of the sexual act because we already have the two poles, masculine and feminine.

Those imbecile ignoramuses do not want to comprehend that the time of the Lemurian Hermaphrodites has already passed, and that Creation without Sexual Cooperation, without the necessity of the sexual act between man and woman, can only be performed by an Authentic Hermaphrodite.

The Lemurian Hermaphrodites had the Phallus and the Uterus and also all of the Male and Female organs totally developed, this is why they could create or reproduce themselves without the necessity of the Sexual Act. However, all of the pseudo-esoteric and pseudo- occultist people who hate sexual magic have never demonstrated unto us that they have the Male and Female sexual organs totally developed.

What is as abundant as evil weed in this Perverse, Corrupted and Doomed Aryan Civilization are the false hermaphrodites, meaning, the homosexuals of Lilith, the gays. The Sexual Hydrogen is developed within the human organism according to the musical scale DO-RE-MI-FA-SOL-LA-TI.

The Sexual Hydrogen T1-12 is very abundant in the Semen; this type of Hydrogen crystallizes into new human bodies and when it is wisely transmuted, it takes form within the Astral Body.

By restraining the sexual impulse in order to avoid the ejaculation of semen, the Sexual Hydrogen TI- 12 receives a special shock that passes it into another Second Superior Octave. This new octave is processed according to the seven notes of the scale DO-RE MI-FA-SOL-LA-TI.

An Occultist must never ignore that the transformation of the substances within the human organism is processed according to the Law of the Octaves.

The union of the Sexual Hydrogens 11-12 (from a Male and Female and everything that accompany these two unities) allows us to pass the Sexual Hydrogen into another Second Superior Octave, whose outcome is the Crystallization of the mentioned Hydrogen into the marvelous form that is the Astral Body. Such Body of Perfection is born of the same material, of the same substance, of the same Matter from which the Physical Body is born. Indeed, this is what the transmutation of Lead into Gold is; in other words, the transmutation of the Physical Body into the Astral Body.

Any organism needs its nourishment, and the Astral Body is no exception. The nourishment of this Body of Gold is Hydrogen 24.

Chapter 31

The Mental Body

In his great work entitled Critique of Pure Reasoning, Emmanuel Kant, the great German Philosopher, demonstrated the possibility of a Transcendental Logic.

The formulae of a Transcendental Superior Logic (that in itself has the power of opening the doors of mystery) were delivered onto humanity written within the Hindustani Sacred Scriptures many centuries before Bacon and Aristotle.

Esoteric Philosophy never believed in the infallibility and totalitarian omnipotence of Aristotle's Logic.

It is necessary to comprehend, it is urgent to know, that Superior Logic existed before the Deductive and Inductive Methods were formulated.

Transcendental Logic is the Logic of Intuition, the Logic of the Infinite, and the Logic of Ecstasy.

Every Esoteric Investigator can find Superior Logic in the works of Plotino, in that precious study which deals with Intelligible Beauty.

Peter Ouspenski stated: "I have called TERTIUM ORGANUM onto this system of Superior Logic; because for us (after the CANONS of Bacon and Aristotle) it is the Third Canon or Third Instrument of thought.

The first was the ORGANON and the second the NOVUM ORGANUM.

However, before the First Canon, the Third already existed".

It is clearly comprehendible that a human being who has this clue of the Mind in his power can and must open, without any fear, the marvelous door of the World of Cosmic Causations.

Through many years of observation and experience we have witnessed that Authentic Ecstasy is processed within Mathematical Laws and Logic.

Firstly, let us remember the Unity of the Mystical Experience (which is a very appropriate name). During the state of Sacred Rapture, all Mystics concretely feel something in common, a similar sense and an unmistakable tie of Identical Character.

Secondly, let us consider the very interesting case of Mystic Languages. By means of a judicious comparative study of religions, we have verified that Mystics from different epochs speak the same Esoteric Language and use the same words. Without a doubt this demonstrates to us the tremendous reality of Mystical Experiences.

Thirdly, let us mention the astonishing concordance of the data that in a very intimate way connects Mystical Experiences with the intrinsic conditions of the world.

From such conditions we can correctly identify the following: Sensation of the Unity of the Whole, Time - a very particular New Sensation, the Sensation of infinitude, Pleasure or Horror, the Integral Knowledge of the Whole in one Part and finally the Unforgettable Experience of Infinite Life and Infinite Consciousness.

The Reactionary Regressive and Retarded Types of People who have their minds bottled up within Formal Logic and who have never bothered to study Superior Logic behave like true asses when they try to interpret an Esoteric Book.

Intellectual Scoundrels reject the Mystical Experience because they cannot bottle up the latter within their Formal Logic.

The gravest of all of this is that these know-it-ails of Reactionary Logic, not only ignore all this, but moreover, they ignore that they ignore.

To qualify the Data of Mystical Experiences is illogical indeed, and is the breaking point of Ignorance.

The Pure Esotericism is based upon the Mystical Experience, and the latter is submitted to Mathematics of Transfinite Numbers and to the Unmistakable Laws of Superior Logic.

We studied the Astral Body in the former chapter. The complete manifestation of our Superior Emotional Center takes place through the Astral Body.

In this present chapter it is necessary to comprehend what the Mental Body is, what the Mind is, what Superior Logic is.

The complete development of our Superior Mental Center can be achieved only through a legitimately Solar Type of Mental Body.

Ordinary people only have Lunar Mental Bodies. Such a Protoplasmic Body is of an animal nature.

The Inferior Manas or Concrete Mind about which Theosophy speaks so abundantly about is only the Lunar Mind.

The fact that the Intellectual Animal has an Animal Mind is not a marvel, since the Irrational Beasts also have it. What happened is that the latter never gave an Intellectual form to their minds that is the only difference.

If we truly want to think with a Christ-Mind, with Superior Logic, with the Intelligence of a Gnostic Arhat, it is indispensable to build the Mental Body.

By restraining the Sexual Impulse, (in order to avoid the Ejaculation of Semen) the Sexual Hydrogen TI- 12 receives a second special shock which in fact, passes into a Third Superior Octave which is then processed according to the Seven Notes of the Musical Scale DO-RE-MI-FA-SOL-LA-TI.

The crystallization of the Sexual Hydrogen TI- 12 (in the Splendid Form of the Solar Mental Body) is performed in accordance with the wise Law of Musical Octaves.

It is impossible to build the Solar Mental Body without the seven notes of the third scale.

The Yogi who has never practiced Maithuna can convert himself into a true Athlete of Mental Concentration. Nevertheless, he will never build the Solar Mental Body with Pranayamas or Mental Exercises, because this is, has been and always shall be a one hundred percent Sexual Problem, The authentic and legitimate Solar Mental Body is a body of paradise, a body of happiness filled with incalculable perfections.

People who suppose that the Solar Mental Body is a vague, vaporous and fluidic etc., body are lamentably mistaken. The Solar Mental Body is also an organism of bones and flesh, the flesh of paradise; it is flesh that does not come from Adam.

The Solar Mental Body is born from the Sexual Act without the ejaculation of the Ens Seminis, and it also needs nourishment and development. The Mental Solar Body is nourished with Hydrogen Twelve.

The Solar Mental Body has three hundred thousand clans or magnetic centers and all of them must vibrate within the same tone... and without even a hint of arrhythmia.

Those Initiates who possess Solar Mental Bodies always think with Superior Logic, with Transcendental Logic.

By taking the axioms of Aristo tie as a Model, we can intelligently express the principal Axiom of Superior Logic in the following way. "A is as much A as it is not A. Everything is as much A as it is not A". Everything is everything.

The logical formula: "A is as much A as it is not A," corresponds to the formula of Transfinite Mathematics that states: "A Magnitude can be Bigger or Smaller than Itself".

After reading the above lines, intellectual scoundrels, who are bottled up within Formal Logic, will qualify these formulae with despise and will state that these are illogical and absurd.

People with Lunar Minds are incapable of comprehending the Superior Logic of Solar Men.

Now, beloved reader, you will comprehend the motive of why intellectual scoundrels become true asses when they try to interpret ancient Theogonies.

The Lunar Mind is a true ass upon which we have to ride, if what we truly want is to victoriously enter into Heavenly Jerusalem on Palm Sunday.

Chapter 32

The Causal Body

Through this chapter we are arriving at the Causal World, at the Marvelous World of Conscious Will, in the Electronic Region.

There below, in the Molecular World, on the other shore across the evil river, a saddened place exists not for martyrdoms but for sighs, with lamentations and loud moans, resounding through the air that forever whirls around through darkness.

There in that Limbo of the Molecular World, lives Virgil the Poet of Mantua, the Master of Dante. There also live all of those Pseudo- Esoteric and Pseudo-Occultist Naively Innocent Souls who were not washed of their original sin and who believed that they could Self- realize in depth without the need of working with the Maithuna in the Ninth Sphere. Those naive souls committed the mistake of not getting dressed with the Three Holy Virtues (the Three Solar Bodies: Astral, Mental and Causal).

In former chapters, we studied the Astral and Mental Solar Bodies, now we are going to study the Body of Conscious Will, the Causal Body.

Gnostic students need to have a lot of faith and be very well cloaked with the Three Holy Virtues, if indeed they do not want to continue in Limbo.

Oriental Fakirs fight in a frightful way within themselves in order to develop the force of Willpower.

The entire Fakir's path consists of multiple, incredible and difficult physical practices.

Any Fakir is very capable of adopting any difficult physical position while keeping his body steady for hours, months and even years; or he can sit under a tree on top of an anthill or under the scorching rays of the tropical sun.

Any Fakir is very capable of sitting on a bare stone under the sun with his arms opened in the form of a cross, or amongst thorns and caltrops for entire months or years.

Indeed, Fakirs develop the force of Willpower in a severe way by means of all of these physical tortures. Nevertheless, they do not achieve the creation of the Body of Conscious Will (Causal Body) because this is a one hundred percent Sexual problem.

If the Body of Conscious Will (Causal Body) could be built with the physical tortures of Fakirs, then, according to the Law of Correspondences and Analogies and in obedience to the Hermetic Maxim that states, "As above so below," we would also have to state that the body of bones and flesh, the physical body, can also be built with such practices. Consequently, the sexual act of father and mother would be superseded.

Therefore, to affirm such an absurdity would be the lamentable consequence of a mistaken idea.

The Body of Conscious Will (Causal Body) can only be built within the Flaming Forge of Vulcan.

We can and must give onto the Sexual Hydrogen TI-12 (by means of Maithuna in the Ninth Sphere) a very special third shock in order to pass it into the Fourth Superior Octave of DO-RE-MI FA-SOL-LA-TI.

The crystallization of the Sexual Hydrogen T1-12 into the Extraordinary Form of the Causal Body (Body of Conscious Will) is performed in accordance with the seven notes of the scale.

The Solar Astral Body is born in the Third Initiation of Fire. The Solar Mental Body is born in the Fourth Initiation of Fire. The Causal Body or Body of Conscious Will is born in the Fifth Initiation of Fire.

To possess a Causal Body or Body of Conscious Will is equivalent to converting oneself into a Mahatma, into an Adept of the White Lodge.

The First Initiation of Fire occurs when the Serpent of the Physical Body makes contact with the Atom of the Father at the Magnetic Field located in the root of the Nose.

The Second Initiation of Fire occurs when the Serpent of the Vital Body makes contact with the Atom of the Father at the Magnetic Field located in the root of the Nose.

The Third Initiation of Fire occurs when the Serpent of the Astral Body reaches the Third Chamber of the Heart, after having passed through the Amrita Nadi.

The advent of the Fourth Initiation of Fire occurs when the Serpent of the Mental Body reaches the Fourth Secret Chamber of the Heart, after having passed from the Brain into the Cardias through the Amrita Nadi.

The Fifth Initiation is a Marvelous Cosmic Event that occurs when the Fifth Serpent, the Serpent of the Causal Body, reaches the Fifth Esoteric Chamber of the Cardias after having reached the Brain.

The Fifth Cosmic Festival is Splendid; the Newborn Causal Child is carried on the Chariot of the Centuries into the Temple.

For this glorious event, the Altar is covered with Veronica's Sacred Shroud, upon which the Divine Rostrum Crowned with Thorns is resplendently shown.

Veronica's Sacred Shroud represents Christ-Will, the Body of Conscious Will.

The Will of Christ can only perform the Will of the Father on Earth as it is in Heaven. Father f it is possible pass this chalice away from me, but not my Will but Thine be done.

Amidst the Archaic Ruins of the Age of Bronze, many heads crowned with Crowns of Thorns have been found, chiseled upon living rocks.

The figure of ECCE HOMO has a crown not only to remind us of the historical event related with the Martyrdom of our Adorable Jesus Christ, but also to indicate the necessity of building the Solar Body of the Christ-Will.

It is urgent to know, it is necessary to comprehend, that the Causal Body is an ineffable organism that also needs food for its nourishment and development. The nourishment of the Causal Body or Body of the Conscious Will is Hydrogen Six.

A lot has been written about the Four Bodies (Physical, Astral, Mental and Causal). Some people have written to me and have asked, why we did not mention the Lingam Sarira (Vital Body)? My answer to these people is always the same: the Vital Body is only the superior section of the Physical Body and therefore, in Esotericism the Vital Body is considered ONE with the cellular body.

Inexpert Clairvoyants confuse the Lunar Bodies with the Solar Bodies. They even commit the mistake of believing that the wretched Intellectual Beast (mistakenly called a human being) already has a perfect septenaty constitution.

It is lamentable that inexpert Clairvoyants confuse the Buddhata (which is deposited within the Lunar Protoplasmic Bodies) with the Authentic and Genuine Causal Body or Solar Body of the Conscious Will.

The Buddhata or Essence is only a fraction of the Human Soul within us. Therefore, to confuse the Buddhata or Essence with the Causal Body is an absurdity.

On a certain occasion, at the table of a banquet, my Real Being, the Innermost, took a seat with two other people; the first was my Buddhi, my Valkyrie, the other person was me, myself, the human soul dressed with the Causal Body.

My Lord took the floor and said: "I have two Souls; the first is Buddhi, the Spiritual Soul and it is Feminine; the second is the Human Soul and it is Masculine. The Human Soul is the soul who works. Thus, while the Human Soul works the Spiritual Soul plays. This is my Doctrine".

This lesson was taught onto me by my Real Being Samael in the Causal World or World of Conscious Will.

Chapter 33

The Second Birth

In our former chapter we stated that the Being, the Innermost, the Divine Spirit of each living creature has two Souls: Buddhi and Superior Manas.

The Being Himself is Atman, the Ineffable. If we commit the error of giving the Being the qualifications of Superior "I" Alter Ego, Subliminal "I" or Divine Ego, etc., we commit blasphemy, because that which is Divine, the Reality can never fall into the Heresy of Separability.

Superior and Inferior are two sections of the same thing.

Superior "I" or Inferior "I" are two sections of the same Pluralized Ego (Satan).

The Being is the Being and the reason for the Being to be, is to be the same Being. The Being transcends the personality, the "I" and individuality.

Atman, the Being, rends Himself asunder into Buddhi and Manas. Buddhi is our Valkyrie, our Divine Spouse (the Beatrice of Dante), the Spiritual Soul. Manas, the Superior Manas (mistakenly called Causal Ego in Theosophy), is the Human Soul, the Eternal Spouse of Valkyrie.

Buddhi and Manas are indeed the Two Twin Souls, the two fish of the Zodiacal Sign of Pisces within the profound waters of Eternal Mother Space.

The opposites Masculine-Feminine are conciliated within the Monad in order to form the Immortal Triad ATMAN-BUDDHI MANAS.

The Immortal Triad of any Lunar Creature is not incarnated.

That Triad lives freely within the Milky Way; yet, it is connected to the Physical Body through the famous Antakarana, the Thread of Life (the Silver Cord).

The Wretched Intellectual Animal (mistakenly called a human being) only possesses a fraction of the human soul within his Protoplasmic Lunar Bodies. Unfortunately, that Fraction, Buddhata or Essence is bottled up within the Pluralized "I"

Thus, as Atman rends himself asunder into the Buddhi and the Superior Manas; likewise, the Superior Manas rends himself asunder into the Buddhata, into the Essence.

Indeed, the wretched Intellectual Animal could not incarnate in himself (within himself) his Immortal Triad, because he only possesses Internal Protoplasmic Lunar Bodies. Obviously, in his condition he will not resist the tremendous Electro-Spiritual voltage of

ATMAN-BUDDHI-MANAS and would die.

Whosever wants to incarnate in himself (within himself) the totality of his soul, his Divine Immortal Triad, must first descend into the Ninth Sphere (Sex) in order to create his Solar Electronic Bodies.

Isabel lives within Atman. At this moment, the particle IS, the eternal and feminine principle and the ISIAC mysteries come into my memory. Abel is the human soul, the noble Spouse of the eternal beloved feminine soul.

In fact, to incarnate the Divine Immortal Triad signifies the Second Birth which means to come out of the Ninth Sphere.

The child who is born comes out from the womb. Whosoever is born within the Superior Worlds comes out of the Ninth Sphere (Sex).

Whosoever reaches the Second Birth is admitted into the temple of the Twice Born. Whosoever reaches the Second Birth has to renounce sex for all eternity. The Sexual Act is absolutely forbidden for the Twice Born. Whosoever violates this law will lose his Solar Bodies and will fall into the Valley of Bitterness.

Whosoever reaches the Second Birth (which Jesus taught to Nicodemus) enters in fact and by his own right into the MAGIS REGNUM, REGNUM DEI

No one can enter into the Kingdom dressed in the rags of a Beggar (Lunar Rags). I know the case of an Adept Lady who in ten years of intense work in the Ninth Sphere built her Wedding Gown; meaning, her solar bodies. Now, this Adept Lady is an inhabitant of the Kingdom; she dwells among the Elohim.

It is difficult to establish the precise amount of time for the Second Birth, because this depends on the quality of work. Some people can attain the Second Birth in fifteen or twenty years of intense work in the Ninth Sphere, others can endure much more time.

Remember Gnostic Brethren that our Motto is THELEMA (willpower). Intimate Selfrealization is only for men and women with Thelema.

Before any Twice Born, Two Paths are open: the path of the right and the path of the left. The Path of the right is for those who work in the dissolution of the "I". The Path of the left is for those who commit the error of not working with the dissolution of the "I".

The Twice Born who does not reduce his Lunar Ego to cosmic dust converts himself into an abortion of the Cosmic Mother. He becomes a Marut, and there exist thousands of types of Maruts. Certain oriental sects and some Muslim tribes commit the lamentable error of rendering cult to all of those families of Maruts.

Every Marut, every Hanasmuss (plural: Hanasmussen) have in fact two personalities: one White and another Black (one Solar and another Lunar). The Innermost, the Being dressed with the Solar Electronic Bodies is the White Personality of the Hanasmuss and the pluralized "I" dressed with the Protoplasmic Lunar Bodies is the Hanasmuss' Black Personality. Therefore, these Maruts have a double center of gravity.

To comprehend each of our Psychological Defects in each and every of the forty-nine regions of the Sub-consciousness is vital. However, it is not enough for the elimination of all the Submerged Entities that personify our errors.

The mind cannot radically change anything. The mind itself can have the luxury of hiding its own errors, or justify them, or condemn them, or pass them from one department of the mind into another. Nonetheless, the mind is not capable of dissolving or eliminating them.

Extra help is necessary, a special aid; someone who can take out, who can extract, who can remove the "I's" (those submerged entities which personify our psychological errors) and cast them into the Infernal Worlds.

Fortunately, each one of us has a particular Cosmic Mother, a Divine Mother. She is that Mathematical Point of Mother Space.

She is that Mother Point from where the Being, Atman, emanated.

She is, in fact, the very root of our Monad, the particular Mother of our Monad.

That Mathematical Point, that Mater Point, is in itself immeasurable. Its existence is more real than all that which is measurable. Measurability is, without a doubt, an extremely harsh indication of existence, because Measurability is in itself an extremely conditioned concept.

The Monks of a Chinese Buddhist Pagoda taught me a very special way of praying; it is an Asana or Sacred Posture in order to pray to our Intimate-Buddha and, in fact, to the Particular Cosmic Mother of the Intimate-Buddha.


First, kneel down; second, sit on your heels in the Muslim style; third, extend you arms to form the horizontal beam of a cross; fourth, pray to your Divine Mother and bend your trunk forward, then backwards while keeping your arms extended and while remaining firmly seated on your heels.

After having comprehended this or that psychological defect in all and each one of the Subconscious levels of the mind, we must pray for help to our Particular Divine Mother; thus, we beg her to eliminate from the lunar bodies the "I," the entity which personifies such a defect.

To eliminate the Demonic "I's" which live within the lunar bodies without the help of our Divine Mother is impossible.

Previous comprehension of any Psychological defect is indispensable before our Divine Mother proceeds to eliminate the submerged entity which personifies it.

When the Pluralized "I" has been absolutely eliminated, we depart from the Atomic Infernos and enter into the Purgatorial Molecular Region.

We must fry or brown the seeds of the "I" within the purgatory, because if these seeds are not burned, they will germinate again. Remember that the Pluralized "I" can also resuscitate like the Phoenix Bird from within its own ashes.

The elimination of the Protoplasmic Lunar Bodies is only possible when the Pluralized "I" is dead and when the evil tendencies or seeds have been reduced (by means of Fire) to cosmic dust.

Render therefore unto Caesar the things which are Caesar's; and unto God the things that are God's (Matthew 22 21) The Lunar Bodies belong to Nature, she lends them to us, and therefore we have to return them to her.

Chapter 34

Peter, Judas And John

It is written that there exists a straight, narrow and frightfully difficult path. However to comprehend this better, we are going to divide the path into two sections, into two aspects, into two paths.

Peter, the Master of Maithuna, PATAR, dies crucified on an inverted cross, with his head towards the ground and his feet towards the heavens.

John, I.E.O.U.A.N., the Verb itself, rests his head on the heart of the Great Kabir Jesus, as if saying: Love is nourished with Love.

The manner in which the Hierophant Peter dies crucified on an inverted cross is in order to indicate to us, the work with the brute stone. It was necessary for Peter to die crucified with his head pointing towards the ground and his feet towards the heavens, in order to show us the decent into the Ninth Sphere, into Dante's Ninth Circle of Hell.

There exists an intimate relation between the Ninth Sphere and the Cubic Stone. Let us remember that the Study of the Novenary always concludes with the Pointed Cubic Stone. Let us remember Gnostic Brethren that the Sacred Stone has nine faces and that the Stone itself reunites the perfection of the Cube and the equilibrated elevation of the Pyramid with a quadrangular base.

It is urgent to know, that the horizontal CTEIS is crossed with the vertical PHALLUS in order to form the Cross. The Cross itself is Phallic one hundred percent. it is indispensable to know that when the Pointed Cubic Stone is opened and its faces lie spread open, we, inevitably, obtain the symbol of the Cross as a perfect expression of the Magisterium of Fire.

Hebraic Kabbalah places the Sephira Yesod in the Sex. The Cubic Stone of Yesod is Sex itself.

It is urgent, it is indispensable to transport up to heaven the Cup of Election, the Cup of Hermes; however, we must first work with the Hard Stone and give onto it the perfect cubic shape by treading on the Path of Peter.

It is written in the sacred scriptures that Peter asked Jesus, in reference to John: Lord and what shall this man do? The Great Kabir Jesus answered him: "If I will that he tarry till I come, what is that to thee? Follow thou me". John: 21: 21,22

Curled up, John (the Verb) tarries in the depth of the Ark, lingering, waiting for the moment of his realization.

No one can work in the Path of John without having treaded upon the Path of Peter.

The fundamental clue of the Path of Peter is the Maithuna. In the Path of john the sexual act is absolutely forbidden.

An abyss exists between the Path of Peter and the Path of John. It is indispensable to establish a bridge over that precipice in order to unite the two paths. It is urgent to hang, to lynch Judas on the bridge.

Judas is the Pluralized "I," the Myself that betrays the Intimate Christ from moment to moment. In the Divine Comedy, Dante describes Judas' head within Lucifer's jaws and his feet dangling.

Judas is the lunar legion of Diabolic "I's" that every Intellectual Animal carries within himself it is made out of the granulations of Luciferic Fire or Negative Fohat.

Lucifer exists within the Atomic Infernos of the Intellectual Animal. It is that passionate, instinctual, sexual and bestial fire that every person carries within.

Judas is the crystallization of Lucifer. It is Lucifer's word which takes form. This is why Dante places Judas inside the sinister jaws of Lucifer. The existence of Judas would be impossible without Lucifer. Just as the fish dies when it is out of the water, likewise, Judas dies when out of the Luciferic Fire.

The Original Sin is Absolutely Luciferic, Sexual and Passionate. The root of any psychological defect is one hundred percent Luciferic. The origin of all evil is in Lucifer. Judas is the Verb of Lucifer.

If you want to hang Judas on the bridge in order to unite the Path of Peter and the Path of John, then kill Judas first.

Remember beloved reader that Lucifer lives in the center of the Earth, in the Ninth Sphere, in the depth of the Universe.

Lucifer is the staircase to ascend; Lucifer is the staircase to descend. Dante places in the mouth of Virgil the following phrase:

Expect that by such stairs as these, we must depart from evil so extreme.

To gradually extinguish the Luciferic Fire is equivalent to ascending the Luciferic staircase degree by degree.

Virgil (the Poet crowned with laurels) and sublime Dante (as a child) clutched Lucifer's neck; he caught fast the shaggy sides when the wings were opened enough, and down from pile to pile he descended and stepped between the thick fell and the jagged ice. And when he reached the point (whereat the thigh upon the swelling of the haunches turns) with pain and much struggle, he turned his head around where his feet stood before, and grappled at the fell as one who mounts; that into hell he thought he turned again.

One descends into the Ninth Sphere through the Luciferic ladder. One ascends or comes out from the Ninth Sphere through the Luciferic ladder.

Lucifer, that miserable worm that passes through the world, the Passionate fire, the Tempting Serpent of Eden, the Repugnant Viper that granted onto Eve the bitter food, is our worst adversary.

Lucifer is the Antithesis of Christ. It is that malignant reptile that slyly writhes through the green grass and perfumed flowers of spirituality.

It would be impossible to reduce Judas to cosmic dust without previously extinguishing the Luciferic Fire.

We have to perform a double work within our own Atomic Infernos: first, to transmute the Lead into Gold and second, to execute Judas by hanging.

When Dante performed this double Alchemist and Magical work, his Guru told him: Arise, upon thy feet. The way is long; and much uncouth the road; and now within one hour and half of noon the sun returns. The place wherein Master and Disciple stood was not like a palace- hall, lofty and luminous, but a natural dungeon where ill-footing was and scant supply of light. Any Gnostic himself that has concluded the double work can verify this.

It is written that whosoever abandons the Atomic Infernos of Nature, immediately enters into the purgatorial region in order to fry or brown the seeds of the "I" (as the Hindustani Yogis stated). The evil tendencies of Judas remain within those malignant germs.

The complicated purgatorial work, that is, to incinerate satanic seeds, is terribly difficult and more bitter than bile.

Judas himself has three satanic aspects, because he betrays us in the world of desires, in the world of the mind and in the field of willpower. This reminds us of the three traitors of Hiram Abif. Also to my memory comes the image of Lucifer holding one traitor within each of his three jaws.

Dante stated that Purgatory has seven regions. However, if we multiply seven by seven, then we will have the Kabbalistic number Forty Nine. These are the forty nine regions of the Sub consciousness. The forty nine Stables of Augias.

It is a bitter and difficult task to eliminate the Luciferic Fire in each and every one of the forty nine regions of the Sub-consciousness. Whosoever performs this work has to weep tears of blood.

The esoteric ordeals in each and every one of the forty nine subconscious regions are incessantly repeated and the Twice Born intimately suffers within the frightful moral torments of the Purgatorial State.

An in depth analysis upon this Esoteric Purgatorial work allows us to integrally comprehend that without the aid of our Divine Mother (within whom all of the powers of our Sacred Monad are contained) failure would be inevitable.

From the Sphere of Solar Fire and the Path of John, the Great Law excludes the souls who did not kill Judas within themselves and who did not purify themselves amidst the flames of intimate Purgatory.

Hanasmussen are never admitted within the Spheres of Happiness.

The absolute access into the Solar Heavens is only possible after having burned even the Seeds of the Pluralized "I".

Chapter 35

The Path Of John

Since ancient times, the Authentic and Genuine Esoteric Work has always been symbolized by a Chariot pulled by oxen transporting the Holy Ark. Therefore, to forget this basic symbol and to go astray from the path is frightening.

The chariot reminds us of the human being and his internal bodies. The Oxen brings into our imagination the Sacred Cow with five legs, the Sacred Symbol of the Divine Mother. The Sacred Ark encloses the mysteries of Sex, the Ark itself is the same Sex

In other times, the humble Psalmist always paved the way for the Holy Cup, the Cup of Hermes, by dancing and jumping, and in that moment, he was nothing more than a King

This also reminds us of the Whirling Dervishes of Mohammedan Esotericism The objective of all of these dances is to awaken the Consciousness.

Within Ancient Schools of Mysteries, Sex Yoga (Maithuna) was never taught onto the neophytes who previously did not accomplish with the basic requirement of SelfAwakening their Consciousness.

Asleep, unconscious Neophytes cannot have cognizant consciousness of the work that they are performing; thus sooner or latter they abandon the Great Work.

Nevertheless, in these times of Worldly Crisis we have to take the risk and publicly teach Sex Yoga, no matter what the cost might be because at the present time everything is lost. Therefore, at least we can rescue the hat of the drowning one.

Present human beings are simple slugs from the mud who were born with the purpose of forming an Angelical Butterfly within them that could soar towards the justice of God without any impediments.

Unfortunately, these defected insects, these miserable chrysalides, almost all remain without any development. Indeed, they only serve as nourishment for the entrails of this planet on which they live.

It is urgent to tread upon the Path of Peter and to hang Judas on the bridge in order to have the right of treading upon the Heavenly Path, the Path of the Verb, the Path of John.

If to practice Sexual Magic (Maithuna) is mandatory on the Path of Peter, on the Path of John Sex is absolutely forbidden.

The living golden feathered eagle of the Spirit soars in the sky throughout the starry firmament and hovers with open wings waiting to descend, in the habit of hunting exclusively in the Purgatorial Fields. As lightning, this Mysterious Eagle of the Spirit majestically lunges in order to snatch aloft the soul to the Higher Spheres of the Universal Fire. Ganymede metamorphosed as an eagle was snatched aloft to the high Olympus in order to serve the Gods as a cupbearer.

It is impossible to enter onto the Heavenly Path without having previously prepared oneself within the fields of the Purgatorial Region.

Whosoever enters into the interior Purgatory receives the mark of the letter "P" seven times upon his forehead. Upon the sidereal forehead of the Twice Born, the Guardian Angel of Purgatory inscribes such a letter seven times with the blunt point of his Flaming Sword.

The Guardian Angel of Purgatory says: "Look, when entered, that thou wash these scars away". The washing of feet symbolizes the same. It is written that at the Last Supper, before rising onto Golgotha, Jesus the Great Kabir washed the feet of his disciples. The scars of the seven "P's" upon the forehead are washed away little by little as the Luciferic Fire and all of the seeds of Judas are eliminated.

The Silver Chariot (loaded with multiple stones made of the same lunar metal) must be delivered by the Divine Couple, Buddhi Manas; the Chariot must be delivered as a gift to the Temple of the Divine Mother.

The Sexual Act is prohibited for the Twice Born, not only in the Physical World, but also in each and every one of the forty nine regions of the Subconciousness.

It is impossible to tread upon the Path of John without having previously passed through Purgatory. The Path of John is the Path of the Verb. The Army of the Voice progresses and develops in nine circles (which correspond with the nine spheres of the sensible world).

Starting with the inferior circle, the Adept has to convert himself into an Angel, later into an Archangel and finally he enters into the Kingdom of the principalities.

Continuing with the Second Circle, the Adept has to transform himself first into a Virtue, afterwards into a Potency, and later into a Dominion.

Concluding with the third circle, the Adept has to convert himself into a Throne, later into a Cherub and in the end into a Seraph.

It is very opportune to remember that the Master who founded the White Lodge on our Planet Earth, was precisely a THRONE known with the name of SANAT KUMARA. This man lives in an Oasis in the Gobi desert. His age is indecipherable; his name is mentioned in many very ancient religious scriptures.

Know that the Bodhisattwa who renounces NIRVANA in order to live to benefit mankind is confirmed and called the "Thrice Honored". Thus, after having gained and lost Nirvanas and Eternities because of the boundless pity and compassion for the world of deluded mortals, the Bodhisattwa finally has the right to enter into a world of SUPERNIRVANIC Happiness...

When a Master wants to reincarnate in order to help the wretched suffering humanity, he emanates, he projects his human soul (Bodhisattwa) and commands his human soul to enter into the vestibule of the world, meaning, into a womb.

Bodhisattwas possess Solar Bodies. When a Bodhisattwa allows himself to fall, he loses his Solar Bodies. It has been stated unto us that the fallen Bodhisattwas must reincarnate under more and more difficult conditions until finally, after much suffering, they come and rise again.

Bodhisattwas who are definitively lost, Bodhisattwas who did not rise in spite of having had an assigned, determined number of lives for their rising, Bodhisattwas who did not take advantage of their opportunities, enter into the submerged devolution within the Infernal Worlds accused of three crimes:

First, having had assassinated his Buddha

Second, having dishonored the Gods;

Third, other various debts.

In these times of the end, that Great Initiate from the past Mahamanvantara (called in Cosmogony "Mahamanvantara of Padma or Lotus of Gold") has sent his Bodhisattwa to the Earth.

The name of that Great Initiate is very well known in the Old Testament. He is the Biblical Jehovah; he is the most Exalted Being of the Ancient Lunar Chain, the Governor of the Ancient Moon- Earth.

It has been stated to us that the Bodhisattwa of the Lord Jehovah was born in a certain country in South America within a humble family of working peasants.

The Bodhisattwa of Lord Jehovah had a joyful, simple and easy infancy and adolescence. However, now (1967), he is a youngster and this worries us, because of what his modern surroundings are like and the types of friends he could have in these times. In these moments this youngster lives in a certain city; obviously, he is doing the same inappropriate nonsense as all the other youths of this epoch.

If the Reincarnation of this Bodhisattwa becomes a success, then the Great Master Jehovah will incarnate within his Bodhisattwa and will perform a Great Work.

When a Bodhisattwa renounces all of his Psychic Powers, when he radically eliminates the false idea that in order to be happy he needs something external, then, a particular knowledge, a marvelous resplendence will come upon him. In Occultism this is called Dharnia Megha (cloud of virtue). These types of Bodhisattwas can no longer fall; these types of Bodhisattwas possess within themselves all of the basis of Knowledge, they enjoy the most profound peace and from their hearts spring the substance of love.

Based on renunciations (each time more incredible) one advances on the Path of John.

Thus, just as a tree has many branches, likewise, many transverse paths sprout from the Direct Path. Many of those paths take us to Elemental Paradises where we convert ourselves into Genii or Devas of Nature. Other paths lead us into the entrails of the Cosmos where we transform ourselves into Planetary Gods, Other paths submerge us into the joy of Nirvana, etc.

Those who abandon the Direct Path, those who enter onto the transverse paths, sooner or later have to reincarnate in order to return to the Path of John, the Heavenly Path, the Direct Path.

Omniscience and Omnipotence are very coveted qualities; these confer upon us remarkable powers over all of Nature. If we renounce these tremendous powers, then the destruction of certain seeds occurs that in one way or another (after every Great Pralaya) always brings us into new manifestations through successive Mahamanvantaras.

It is urgent to know, it is indispensable to comprehend that the Universe is made up of an illusory nature. We need to die, to die and to die within ourselves and to renounce, renounce and renounce and to cease existing within all of the Seven Cosmos in order to have the right TO BE within the Absolute.

Chapter 36

Story Of The Chinese Master Kao Feng

The Chinese Master Kao Feng entered the priesthood at the age of fifteen and was ordained at the age of twenty in the Monastery of Chin Tzu.

Kao Feng comprehended that all human beings are miserable, sleeping automatons Therefore, he proposed to 'Awaken his Consciousness' as soon as possible by means of the Science of Meditation

Kao Feng performed his first works under the intelligent and wise guidance of the Master Tuan Chiao, who taught him how to work with the HUA TOU (mysterious phrase), 'Where was I before birth? Where shall I be after death?"

Kao Feng decided to work with this HUA TOU However, he was unable to concentrate his mind on it due to the bifurcation of this phrase This HUA TOU divided his mind into many opinions and opposite concepts and Kao Feng suffered unbelievably He yearned with all of his heart and all of his soul to liberate himself from Mental Dualism

It is impossible to experience the Reality as long as the Essence, the Buddhata, the Soul, continues bottled up within Intellectual Dualism.

Opposing opinions, the struggle between opposite concepts and antithetic ideas correspond to the different illusory functions of the mind.

Thus, Kao Feng aguishly wept tears of blood; he only aspired to free himself from the bottle of Mental Dualism, but he failed with the HUA TOU of Master Tuan Chiao.

The story goes on to tell of Kao Feng's terrible anguish and desperation. He seeks Master Hsueh Yen who feeling compassion for his pain, teaches him the powerful Mantra WU. Master Hsueh Yen demanded daily reports from him about his work.

The Mantra WU is chanted with a double WOO, WOO.., as if imitating a howling hurricane, amongst the boisterous waves of the furious sea

During this exercise, the mind must be absolutely quiet and in a profound and frightful silence (both in the exterior as well as in the interior); not even the slightest desire, nor the most insignificant thought must agitate the profound lake of the mind.

The explanations of Master Hsueh Yen were indeed so simple and clear that his disciple Kao Feng fell into negligence and laziness, because he frankly did not need to make any effort to comprehend them.

However, Master Hsueh Yen, in spite of his accustomed sweetness, also knew how to be very severe when necessary.

One day, Kao Feng entered Master Hsueh Yen's room as usual; his Master very severely asked, "Who has brought this corpse in your name?" He was barely finished with the question when he threw Kao Feng out of the room.

Soon, Kao Feng followed Chin Shan's example and sought refuge in the Meditation Room.

The exercises of inner meditation gradually provoke the "Awakening of the Consciousness," the awakening of the Buddhata.

Before the internal supersensible representations, the Neophyte begins to react in a very distinct, very different manner than usual. He begins saying*, "I am dreaming. This is a dream".* Later, happily he exclaims, "I am out of my physical body, my physical body is asleep but I am out of my physical body totally cognizant and awake".

On one occasion, while Kao Feng was out of his sleeping body, he remembered with total meridian clarity the Koan that asks, "If all things are reduced to a Unity, then, unto what is Unity reduced to?"

Chinese traditions tell us that at that moment, his mind was filled with terrible confusions to the point that he could no longer distinguish East from West, or North from South.

On the sixth day, while enduring such an unhappy mental state in the Lumisial of meditation, with infinite devotion Kao Feng whispered the collective prayers. Then when he lifted his head, he clairvoyantly saw those last two mysterious phrases of that oriental poem composed by the Fifth Patriarch, Pa Yan: "Oh, it is thou, whom I have always known, thou who comes and goes in the thirty thousand days of a century".

Immediately, Kao Feng began to work with the mysterious and enigmatic phrase, "Who has brought this corpse in your name?" It had remained recorded within his mind ever since that day, in which Master Hsueh Yen had pronounced it; it was impossible to forget.

He felt as if his mind and his personality had perished and as if his Divine Spirit had resurrected alter death. He felt happy, as if a huge load and an enormous bundle had been lifted from his shoulders. He achieved his goal; he attained the Awakening of his Consciousness in three years; he was then twenty four years old.

When Kao Feng was asked: "Can you dominate yourself in plain daylight?"

He answered with firmness: "Yes, I can".

"Can you dominate yourself when you are dreaming?"

His answer was again, "Yes, I can".

"Where is the Master when you sleep without dreaming?" Kao Feng was unable to find the answer for this last question; thus, new inner sufferings afflicted the depth of his soul.

Then the Master told him, "From now on, I do not want you to study Buddhism, nor Dharma, I do not want you to study anything neither ancient nor new, I only want you to eat when you are hungry and to lie down when you are tired. As soon as you wake up, make your mind alert and ask yourself who is the Master of this awakening and where does his body rest and where does his life lead?"

Kao Feng was certainly a man of Thelema (Willpower). Thus, he decided with total firmness that in some way he had to understand this, even if his determination might make him look like an idiot for the rest of his days.

Five years of intensive work elapsed. One ordinary thy, when he was working on this matter in the middle of his sleep, a fellow monk who slept beside him in the communal dormitory of the monastery unconsciously pushed his pillow and it fell noisily on the floor. In those moments, his doubts immediately disappeared. He felt an immense joy knowing that he had managed to jump over another trap. All of the mysterious phrases of Masters and Buddhas and all of the multiple problems of the past, present and future became clear to him. Since that moment, Kao Feng became enlightened.

There exist two types of enlightenment: the first is usually called "Dead Water" because it has attachments. The second is praised as the "Great Life" because it is enlightenment without attachments, Illuminated Void.

The first type of Enlightenment is Awakened Consciousness, Self-Cognizance.

The second type of Enlightenment (even when in the Fourth Way) is called Objective Knowledge, Objective Consciousness indeed, it transcends that which is called Consciousness.

Therefore, the second type of Enlightenment has nothing to do with the consciousness, it is the Being, and the reason for the Being to be, is to be the same Being.

Kao Feng became, in fact, a Turiya because by means of in depth the world is crystallized mind; this is why it is Maya (Illusion). Therefore, this world, an illusory form of the mind, will be reduced to cosmic dust at end of the Great Cosmic Day.

Indeed, my person, your person, people, things and creatures of all kinds do not exist. They are merely mental illusory forms that must be reduced to cosmic dust.

The only Reality is Brahma the Spirit-Infinite-Space within which the eternal Feminine and the Sacred Monad is contained. All else is Illusion.

In the end, we must become lost within something... millions of human beings become lost within the Infernal Worlds. But, the Gnostics, we prefer to become lost within Brahma.

meditation he achieved the absolute independence from his mind.

It is urgent to stop the mental contents (Chitta) from acquiring diverse forms (Vrittis) during Profound Inner Meditation. When our mental waves have ceased and our intellectual lake has become calm, then, the illusion produced by the waves of the opposites also ceases within us; thus, the experience of the Reality arrives.

When the Spirit-Infinite-Space called Brahma assumes any shape in order to speak with his avatars, he is then Ishvara, the Master of all Masters; he is a very special Purusha, without mind, exempt of suffering, of actions, results and desires.

Unfortunately, the only thing that the Luciferic Intellect does is torment us with the incessant battle of the opposites. Kao Feng liberated himself from the mind and became a Turiya.

Chapter 37

The Passion Of Al Hallaj

The Omnicosmic and Most Holy Al Hallaj was born in Madina al-Bayda, a little village in the ancient province of Fars, in southern Persia, in the year 224 A.H. /857 C.E., and was the grandson of a devotee of the Great Master Zoroaster.

Al Hallaj was initiated into the Great Mysteries of Sufism. Arabian traditions tell us that when he was forty years old, he disagreed with the Jurists and Orthodox traditionalist religious scholars; thus, he went to the streets to directly teach the multitudes the sublime principles of spiritual life.

It is written that Al Hallaj, the Great Sufi Master taught with his word and with his example. Indefatigably he traveled throughout Iran, India, Turkey, etc., reaching even the very borders of ancient China.

The Great Master Al Hallaj was without a doubt a tremendous revolutionary. Jealous and envious politicians accused him of being a dangerous agitator. Religious Scholars of the Law accused him of being a Heretic when he mixed the human with the Divine. When divulging the Esoteric Mysteries amidst the people, the Masters of Sufism themselves did not have any difficulty of accusing him of breaking the discipline of that which is Arcane. Thus, as is natural in those cases, Judges were willing to condemn him for many supposed crimes, for example: Fraudster, Impostor, Black Magician, Warlock, Sorcerer, Profaner of Mysteries, People's Agitator, Ignorant Preacher, Enemy of the government, etc.

Al-Hallaj, the Mystic Sufi was imprisoned in an infamous jail for nine years and afterwards vilely mutilated and executed on the 27 of March of 922 in the year 309 of Hejira.

Islamic Sacred Traditions tell that when the terrible night came, the night in which he was taken from his dungeon in order to be executed at dawn, he stood and uttered the ritualistic prayer and prostrated himself two times.

Those who saw him stated that when his prayer was concluded, he persistently repeated: "Deceitfulness, deceitfulness"... all through the long and dark night and after a long and profound silence, he exclaimed: "Truthfulness, Truthfulness" and raised up again. He tied the veil on his head, covered himself with his blessed shroud, extended his Sacred Christified Hands, turned his Divine Countenance towards the KABAH, entered into ecstasy and spoke with his Internal God.

At day light, when he left the prison, the multitudes saw him happily dancing in a complete joyful ecstasy under the weight of his irons.

The merciless executioners took him to the public square, where they cut his hands and feet, after flagellating him five hundred times.

Ancient traditions from the Arabian world state that after having been flagellated and mutilated Al Hallaj was crucified. Many people hear him talking in ecstasy to his Father who is in secret from his own Golgotha.

"Oh God of mine! I am going to enter into the abode of my wishes; there I will contemplate thy marvels. Oh God of mine! If you manifest thy love even to him that wounds Thee, how then would Thou not give thy love to the one who is wounded because of Thee?"

After this prayer sprouted from the Most Holy Heart of Al Hallaj, the people who watched the torture saw Abu Bakr Al-Shibli, who while advancing towards the scaffold of tortures, shouted very strongly the following verse: "Had we not prohibited thee to receive guests, whether a man or an angel?"

Then Abu Bakr asked: "What is Mysticism?"

Al Hallaj answered: "Behold, his minor degree before thee".

Abu Bakr asked again: "And where is his Supreme Degree?"

Al Hallaj answered: "Thou cannot have access unto it; nonetheless, tomorrow thou shall see what shall come. I testify it in the Divine Mystery within which it exists, albeit it is hidden for thee".

At the evening hour, the hour of prayer, came the order of the cruel sanguinary Caliph, authorizing the beheading of the victim; yet, his executioners said: "It is too late, let him be decapitated tomorrow".

Very early in the morning, the Caliph's command was fulfilled and Al Hallaj, still alive, was brought down from the cross and was carried away in order to slit his throat. Then, a certain witness heard Al Hallaj uttering in a loud voice: "What the Ecstatic One wants is, the Unique, and no-one else but himself". Thereafter, filled with ecstasy he recited the following sacred verse: "Those who do not believe in the last hour are dragged with haste towards it; however, the believers wait for it with a reverential fear, since they know it is the TRUTH".

Thus, this is how with these solemn words the life of the Omnicosmic and Most Holy Al Hallaj concluded. Hence, his Venerable Bleeding Blessed Head fell under the edge of the sword as a sanguinary holocaust on the Altar of the supreme sacrifice for humanity.

The poisonous hatred of his executioners was so great that they did not even authorize his cadaver to be shrouded or have a burial service.

Ancient traditions of Islam tell that the sacred ashes of the Old Sufi Al Hallaj were dispersed in the winds from the heights of the Manarah.

Ancient Arabic legends state that instead of a white blanket, this Saint's cadaver was rolled up in a filthy rug formerly damped in petroleum.

When the Holy Body burned, consumed by the Fire of the Holocaust, the whole of nature shook filled with infinite terror.

The Great Hierophant Sufi Al Hallaj, by means of chisel and hammer, transformed the Brute Stone and gave a Perfect Cubic shape onto it.

Before physically dying, the Great Immolated Al Hallaj was already absolutely dead psychologically.

The resplendent Diamond Soul of Mansur Al-Hallaj is treading upon the Heavenly Path, heading towards the Absolute.

The Great Sufi Initiate Al Hallaj was born, died and sacrificed himself completely for humanity.

Now it is worthy to conclude this chapter with that ineffable prayer written with infinite love by the Mohammedan Christ Mansur Al-Hallaj entitled:


Lo and behold, here I am) here I am) oh my secret, oh my confidence!

Lo and behold, here I am, here lam, oh Thou my aspiration, oh Thou my consequence!

I call upon Thee... No, Thou art the one who calls me towards Thee!

How could I have talked to Thee, if Thou would not have talked to me?

Oh Thou essence of the essence of my existence, oh Thou end result of my design,

Thou who makest me talk, oh Thou my enunciations, Thou my blinks!

Oh Thou wholeness of my wholeness, oh my ear, oh my sight!

Oh my totality, my constitution and my parts!

Oh Thou wholeness of my wholeness, wholeness of everything, equivocal enigma,

I darken the wholeness of thy wholeness when wanting to express thy being!

Oh Thou, from whom my spirit was suspended before now when dying of ecstasy,

Ah... thy pledge continues being my misfortune!

Oh supreme objective that I request and wait, oh my guest,

Oh nourishment of my Spirit! Oh my life in this world and in the other!

Let my heart be thy ransom! Oh my ear, oh my sight!

Why so much delay in my seclusion, so distant?

Ah, albeit, thy presence, before my eyes, is hidden within the invisible,

My heart by now contemplates Thee, from my remoteness, yes, from my exile!

Final Salutations

This is how the Master Samael Aun Weor concluded his 1967/1968 Christmas Message.

Beloved Gnostic Brethren:

We have finished this 1967/1968 Christmas Message. Please, I beg you to study it in depth, to practice it and to live it.

Do not be like intellectual butterflies that flutter around reading about everything and not knowing anything; today they are in a little school and tomorrow in another, and finally they die after having wasted their time miserably.

Study everything in depth, do not be superficial. Remember that life in abundance, where thousands of fish multiply, and where everything is happiness, exists within wells where the waters are clear and profound. However, the superficial road's puddles, the vain puddles without profundity, soon dry up under the heat of the sunlight and turn into mud and rottenness.

Be profound friends of mine; frequent always the Rooms of Meditation (our beloved Gnostic Lumisials).

Love your worst enemies with all of your heart and with all of your soul. Kiss the whip of you executioner, bless those who damn and persecute you; return good for evil.

Beloved brethren, I have the high honor of inviting you to a constant epistolaty interchange, but please I beg you, I beseech you, do not send me any type of praise, adulations or cheers.

It is urgent, it is indispensable for you to comprehend that I, as a person, am insignificant; I am worth a little bit less than the ashes of a cigarette. Thus, I am somebody who indeed does not have the least bit of importance.

Therefore, with much sincerity I tell you that any letter containing praise, adulation and cheers will be rejected.

Treat me heart to heart, from good to good, from love to love.

Remember that Hermetic maxim that states: I give thee love within which the whole sumum of wisdom is contained.

To my worst enemies, those who hate me, damn me and persecute me too much, those who criticize my books, I send them through this Christmas Message a fraternal hug filled with true love.

I adore my enemies; I adore my critics and wish for all of them, as is natural, a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Beloved Gnostic Brethren who study this 1967 Christmas Message, verily, verily I say onto you that I feel joyful when I answer your letters, but you have to learn how to be patient because sometimes the answer is delayed due to the fact that it is not only your letter that I have to answer; remember that thousands of people write to me and I have to answer all of them.

Beloved, let the nativity's star shine within your hearts. With all of my heart and with all of my soul I wish you a Merry Christmas and a Prosperous New Year.

Inverential Peace

Samael Aun Weor