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Aztec Christic Magic

Aztec Christic Magic

By Samael Aun Weor

Chapter 1

That Which Has Never Been Explained

*And Jehovah Elohim planted a garden eastward in Eden; and there he put the man whom he had formed. And out of the ground made Jehovah Elohim to grow every tree that is pleasant to the sight, and good for food; the tree of l also in the midst of the garden, and the tree of knowledge of good and evil. *

Eden is sex itself. The two trees, the Tree of Life and the Tree of the Science of Good and Evil, are in Eden. The Tree of Life is the spinal medulla. The Tree of the Science of Good and Evil is the sexual force.

*And Jehovah Elohim commanded the man, saying, Of every tree of the garden thou mayest freely eat: But of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, thou shalt not eat of it: for in the day that thou eatest thereof thou shalt surely die. *

A small strange statue stood upon a little Indian altar, which was covered with golden and bronzed cups. Upon the altar, in a silver jar, a bunch of enormous black candles and red flowers stood. The statue was carved from a very pure piece of black onyx; it was of a completely naked goddess, androgynous in form, demoniacal and enthralled. It had fragile arms, a very well molded torso, and depressive hips. Engraved within her eyelids were two emeralds that shone in an extraordinary manner and between her well shaped thighs under her lower abdomen, a mocking and menacing small skull was upon her sex.

Man and woman were born to love each other. Therefore shall a man leave his father and his mother, and shall cleave unto his wife and they shall be one flesh. The man and the woman were both naked and were not ashamed of it because they still had not eaten from the tasty forbidden fruit, which was pleasant to the eyes.

That forbidden fruit is sex. However, the sexual instinctual serpent was more astute and said unto the woman: *Yea, hath God said, Ye shall not eat of every tree of the garden. *

*And the woman said unto the serpent, We may eat of the fruit of the trees of the garden: But of the fruit of the tree which is in the midst of the garden, God hath said, Ye shall not eat of it, neither shall ye touch it, lest ye die. *

Yet the sexual instinctual serpent seduced the woman and said unto her:

*Ye shall not surely die: For God doth know that in the day ye eat thereof then your eyes shall be opened, and ye shall be as gods, knowing good and evil. *

In Eden, human beings were innocent because they still had not fornicated. Men and women from Eden ate from the fruits of the Tree of Life, because the four heads of the (sexual) river of the pure waters of life nourished the roots of the trees of the garden.

Men and women from Eden enjoyed the delights of love within the profound forests of an ancient continent that they called Lemuria.

*And when the woman saw that the tree was good for food, and that it was pleasant to the eyes, and a tree to be desired to make one wise, she took of the fruit thereof and did eat, and gave also unto her husband with her; and he did eat. *

And the eyes of them both were opened, and they knew that they were naked; and they sewed fig leaves together, and made themselves aprons.

This is how they fornicated.

*Therefore Jehovah Elohim sent him forth from the garden of Eden, to till the ground from whence he was taken. So he drove out the man; and he placed at the east of the garden of Eden Cherubims, and a flaming sword which turned every way, to keep the way of the tree of wisdom. *

The human being lost his divine powers when he violated the sixth commandment of the law of God that states: Thou shah not fornicate.

In ancient times, men and women were true magicians who had power over the fire of volcanoes, over the wind and hurricanes, over the torments of the sea and over the great earthquakes.

When the human being fornicated, he had to work in sorrow because he lost his divine powers; thus, thorns and thistles were what he brought forth from this valley of tears.

In ancient times, when the human being still did not depart from Eden, the sexual act was only performed within the sacred precinct of the temples of mysteries and under the guidance of the angels. This is how uncorrupted Men and Women were born within the thick jungles of Lemuria.


Before falling asleep (always at your own particular hour), lie down, face up, on your bed. Relax all of the muscles in your body and make your mind blank. You must not think of absolutely anything for thirty minutes. This practice should be done six days out of the week.

Chapter 2

That Which the Nahuas Were Teaching in Their Secret Temples

Quetzalcoatl, Toltec God of the Wind, third child of the divine couple Ometecuhtli and Omecihuatl, Lord and Lady of Duality. Quetzalcoatl is represented with a silvery garment such as the rays of Selene (the moon). He wears a crescent moon on his chest and covers his face with a sacred mask. In his left hand he holds the Chimalli, upon which the symbol of the dawning star is depicted. In his right hand he holds the Macuauhuitl, for battle.

In another representation, this deity appears as the dawning star amongst the clouds. He carries a single sash on his waist, and on his back there is a linen cloth with two crosses (each of the crossed arms equal in length). On one of his hieroglyphs, his head and ears appear as discs; on his nose, above his lip there hangs a disc; on his cheeks there are three discs where two Maltese crosses are depicted on the middle of each of them.

In the year Ce Acatl (895) in the home of Iztacmixcoatl and Chimalma Quetzalcoatl, the Nahua Cosmic Christ was incarnated. He had a mystical and austere disposition. When very young he practiced fasting and penance. When he was thirty years old he was named grand priest and monarch of Tollan (Tula, state of Hidalgo). Another Toltec anna states: *Exiled from his country, he returned to it after many years. From distant countries, he brought with him a very advanced civilization and a monotheistic religion of love for all human beings. Another of those chronicles states: Quetzalcoatl arrived to Tollan through Panuco; he was carried over the sea in a wooden vessel. He was fair skinned and bearded, he wore a tunic embroidered with little red crosses. *

As an instructor, the Nahuas represented Quetzalcoatl with a miter (made out of gold) that was covered with a precious feathered (quetzalli) tiger skin along with an attractively adorned surplice and turquoise earrings. He had a necklace made out of gold from which hung little tiny and precious marine shells. He wore a precious feathered (quetzalli) cape that resembled flames of fire, and a Cactli made out of tiger skin from which also hung little marine shells; these little marine shells were held tight with very wide laces. These laces were then crisscrossed up the calf. In his left hand he held shields, showing fivepointed stars in their centers and in his right hand he held a scepter made out of gold which was engraved with precious stones.

Quetzalcoatl taught them how to farm the earth, how to classify the animals, how to carve precious stones, how to melt metals. He taught them about the goldsmith trade and about ceramics. Quetzalcoatl taught them about astronomy and how to use the calendar. He prohibited war. He taught them that they should sacrifice bread, flowers and copalli instead of humans and animals. He prohibited homicide, thievery, polygamy and any evil deed among human beings.

In Tollan, Quetzalcoatl founded a Temple of Mysteries with four great altars. The first altar was made out of cedar wood with green ornaments. The second altar was made out of cedar wood with coral ornaments. The third altar was made out of cedar wood with marine shell ornaments. The fourth altar was made out of cedar wood with ornaments of precious feathers (quetzalli). Before these altars, Querzalcoatl and his disciples prayed, fasted and practiced penances.

Quetzalcoatl talked to them about Ipalnemoani (he from whom we live), about the creation of the world, about the downfall of the human being, about the deluge, about Christ and his Gospel, about the baptism, about the circumcision and about the cross (symbol of the immortality of life and of the regeneration of the human genre). Quetzalcoatl recommended that crosses be set upon the altars of the temples and in their homes. He named the countries, the mountains and the valleys.

Quetzalcoatl was a divine instructor. He was denied and persecuted by the same people whom he had taught how to love and live. They persecuted him and in his escape from Tollan, he sought refuge for some time in Teotihuacan (a place of worship) where he left behind an open temple. On this temple's altar, the Masters performed self-sacrifice and the solemn ceremony of the new fire.

The altar of this temple is adorned with serpents' heads that are emerging from the calyx of a flower. This symbolizes Quetzalcoatl's fall into the atomic human abysses. The white shells and the red snail shells that decorate these serpents' heads are the emblem of the primary origin of this deity.

Quetzalcoatl passed from Teotihuacan to Cholula where he lived for twenty years; however, because of a war, he had to flee from that place. He departed with four of his disciples to Coatzacoalcos. The annals state that he built a boat and entered the sea and disappeared. But before he left, he warned them that white bearded men like himself would arrive from the sea, to the east, and would take over Anahuac.

We know that this prophecy has been fulfilled; white bearded men did come from the sea through the East; however, they did not come in order to evangelize with words, but rather, by the sword. *"Pray without rest so that ye can find the Lord with happiness instead of pain." *

In the Museum of Anthropology and History in the city of Mexico, there exists (as a testimony to the mystic teachings of Quetzalcoatl) a monolith with the figure of the "precious feathered (quetzalli) serpent (coatl)." Above the symbolized human head (that gives the final stroke to the whole of this serpent's structure), protrudes a great bifid tongue (a symbol of light), an "I" (emblem of fire, Ignis) the hieroglyph "acatl" (cane), and a reed above his head.

"Be ye therefore as wise serpents, and as harmless as doves." - Matthew 10:16 Quetzalcoatl, the precious feathered (quetzalli) serpent is the divine emblem of the Nahua man, Adam, who subdued by the biblical serpent that incarnated within him, fell into its temptation.

For men, the sumum of beauty is the woman. Nature, music, flowers, a landscape, a child emotionally stimulates us; yet, a woman not only stimulates us, but attracts us, inspires us, provokes us. As children, we yearn for her tenderness because she is the other half of our being and vice versa.

When we love, during the connubial sexual act, we are like gods. The tlamatinime (initiate philosophers) knew how to withdraw from the sexual act without spilling the seminal liquor. The solar and lunar hierarchies utilized a single spermatozoid in order to fecundate the woman.

The fallen angels were those who taught men and women how to ejaculate the seminal liquor. This is how they fell from their paradisiacal state into the animalism within which, since then, they helplessly struggle. Therefore, may Quetzalcoatl, the divine lovely feathered (quetzalli) coati (serpent), victoriously rise throughout their vertebral column again!

This is how the precious feathered (quetzalli) serpent became transformed and descended into the atomic abysses of man and woman (when they violated the sixth commandment of the law of God "thou shalt not fornicate.") This is why the serpent had to writhe upon its belly through the mud of the earth, because it was cursed (see Genesis 3:14).

This precious feathered (quetzalhi) serpent is enclosed within our seminal glands and can only awaken and rise within the amorous magic's influx. This is also the Nahua's emblem of the sacred fire of the Holy Spirit. When the Holy Spirit rises through the septuplet canal of the spinal medulla, it converts us into angels.

In the stony patios of the temples of Nahuas' mysteries, couples (man and woman) endured months and months, caressing each other and even sexually uniting themselves without ever reaching the ejaculation of the seminal liquor. This is the how the Nahuas awoke in themselves the Universal Fire or the sacred fire of the Holy Spirit. This is how they converted themselves into magicians who made prodigies such as the ones that were performed by the divine Master Jesus Christ during his time on the Earth.

Part of the teachings of this book is to teach others how to transmute the human animalistic sexual forces into divine mental forces.

Man and woman, united by means of the natural use of their sex, will return to Eden. Love converts us into gods. When the precious feathered (quetzalli) serpent rises through the vertebral column, it transforms itself into Quetzalcoatl, into the marvelous bird of all transformations, into the Minerva Bird whose terrific secrets cannot be revealed by any initiate. Then, the sacred fire of the Holy Spirit flourishes upon our lips and is made verb.

Under the influx of our word, the fire, the air, the water and the earth will obey and adore us.


While resting on your bed, dorsal decubitus (on your back, facing up), relax all of the muscles in your body, from the tip of your feet until the top of your head and make your mind blank for ten minutes. Afterwards, imagine that through your pineal gland (located almost exactly in the middle of your brain), the fire of the Holy Spirit descends from heaven and enters into your body and revitalizes the marvelous Chakra of this gland. Imagine that this Chakra shines with its twelve central golden petals, an infinite number of multicolored petals are in the background, multicolored rays of light, petals of a marvelous lotus flower that moves from left to right (clockwise), as in a fiery whirl. This exercise must last for one hour and must be performed before you fall asleep.

Chapter 3

The Beheaded One

A phallic monolith representing a beheaded man is found in the Museum of Anthropology and History in Mexico City. In place of his head, there are seven erected serpents with protruding bifid tongues (which represent light) coming out from their open mouths. This man's phallus is erect; with one hand he points towards the rays of light that are emerging from within his own vertebral column.

"The sacred fire of Pentecost (the fire of the universe) appeared unto the twelve apostles as cloven tongues like as of fire, and it sat upon the head of each of them." Acts 2: 1, 4

This Nahua phallic monolith with its seven serpents, symbolizes Quetzalcoatl the victor. The seven serpents with bifid tongues is the sexual fire of the Adept of the arcanic sciences. The Yogis speak about the Kundalini, the Igneous Serpent of the magical lightning powers.

The Nahuas worshipped Quetzalcoatl as a god of the winds; however, they also worshipped him as a precious feathered (quetzalhi) septuplet serpent (coatl) that is dormant (fallen into the atomic abysses) in both man and woman. However, Quetzalcoatl waits within their coccyx, to be awakened and lifted up by the perfect couple.

The seven serpents that replace the head of the beheaded one also symbolize the man who raises his seven serpents and converts himself into a dragon of seven truths. The erect phallus (shaped as a palm), shows us that the seven serpents are lifted up only by means of amorous magic. This is how man and woman can achieve victory in their life.

There is nothing greater than love. God shines upon the perfect couple.

The vertebral column has thirty-three (ring-like) vertebrae that are placed one on top of the other and form an osseous canal that contains and protects the spinal medulla. This is the tree of physical life that departs from the brain and descends passed the second lumbar vertebra; it then extends from there as a bunch of nerves until it reaches the coccyx. The cervical region has seven vertebrae, the dorsal has nine, the lumbar has five, the sacra has five and the coccygeal has four vertebrae.

The spinal medulla is septuplet. The canalis centralis is located in the middle and along the spinal medulla. Inside the canalis centralis exists another very fine canal and inside that one another one, and inside that one yet another, etc. (This goes on seven times). It is through the seventh canal that the precious feathered (quetzalli) serpent (as soon as it is awakened) rises. It is in the spinal medulla that we have (one inside of the other) the canal of the physical body, the canal of the ethereal body, the canal of the astral body, the canal of the mental body, etc. The physical, ethereal, astral and mental are the four bodies of sin; these also form the temple or the abode of our Innermost. Our Innermost has two souls: the universal or divine soul and the human soul.

The human being has seven bodies that co-penetrate one inside of the other without confusion. Each one of these bodies has its own spinal medulla. There is a serpent that corresponds to each one of them; seven serpents, two groups of three and in the midst of them is the sublime crown of the seventh serpent, that is the seventh tongue of fire that unites us with the Law, with our Innermost, with our Father.

The human being lights and raises within himself the universal fire with the First Initiation of Major Mysteries; this is how the first serpent is raised. Then the second serpent is raised with the Second Initiation, the third serpent is raised with the Third Initiation, and likewise until raising the seventh serpent.

The ascent of the seventh precious feathered (quetzalli) serpent throughout each one of the thirty-three vertebrae of the dorsal spine (the thirty-three degrees of Masonry) is very slow and difficult and it is only possible by means of sexual magic. We must not allow ejaculation; we must transmute the semen that departs from the testicles in the man and from the ovaries in the woman into electromagnetic energy that rises through the different conducts of both in order to be united in their spinal medulla in their coccygeal gland. This energy ascends from its coccygeal base towards the brain and is converted into solar and lunar atoms.

The precious feathered (quetzalli) serpent is awakened, agitated and raised when the semen is transmuted, by means of the alchemy of sexual, amorous contact, into electromagnetic energy and makes contact in the coccygeal gland. Subsequently, the serpent is transformed into Quetzalcoatl which gives us the power to unleash or harness the winds, to unleash or harness the tempests, to activate or deactivate the fire and to appease or to make the earth tremble.


Lie down on your bed and with all the muscles of your body relaxed, slumber while thinking that the fire of the Holy Spirit continues to descend from heaven (as in the former practice) and enters into your head through the pineal gland. Feel that such a fire inundates your brain and puts into motion from left to right (clockwise) the marvelous and bi-colored lotus flower of your pituitary Chakra, the eye of the Prophet. The pituitary gland is situated in the mid-brow. See it fill with fire and spin upon itself. While in that state of consciousness, vocalize the syllable IN, as follows:


Feel as if you are floating on an ocean of fire. This exercise must last for about 30 minutes and must be performed before going to sleep; if possible perform it at the same time everyday, while lying down on your bed.

The next day write down everything that you dreamed about in a notebook, without telling your impressions to anybody and without commenting about this esoteric work (that concerns only the secret study of yourself) with anyone.

Chapter 4

The Secret Temple of Chapultepec

According to the Aztec language, the word Chapultepec means the following: Chapul or chapulin means "cricket" and Tepec "hill." Therefore, the Aztec word Chapultepec must be defined as, "The Hill of the Cricket."

In ancient Rome, during the time of the Caesars, the cricket was sold in golden cages at a very high price. In Mexico City, at the Museum of Anthropology and History there exists a very interesting picture related to the teachings that were taught to the Aztec Nobility and Priests in their secret temples.

In this picture, we see two individuals floating over the Hill of Chapultepec. A chirping cricket appears at the summit of the hill. Next to this scene, a floating human face appears; from the mouth emerges two waves of light which symbolize the chirping of the cricket, or in other words, the symbol for the monotonous and sharp sound of the cricket that the two people who are floating over the foothill must produce in order to penetrate into the temple.

The chirping of the cricket is the "still voice" which Appolonius of Tyana utilized in order to depart in his astral body. This is the small, still voice which Elijah heard when he went out, "and stood in the entering in of the cave in the wilderness." (Read 1 Kings 19: 12-14)

The human being is a triad of body, soul and Spirit. A mediator between the Spirit and the body exists. This mediator is the body of the soul, the astral body. One possesses a soul, yet one is a Spirit.

The astral body is part human and part divine; it is endowed with marvelous internal senses with which we can investigate the great mysteries of life and death. The mind, the willpower and the consciousness abide within the astral body.

In the Hill of Chapultepec, a temple in Jinn state exists; in other words, within the fourth dimension. One can assist this temple in the astral body. The rector of the Temple of Chapultepec is the Venerable Master Rasmussen. This temple is safeguarded by very zealous guardians with naked swords.

During the hours of ordinary sleep all human beings act and travel in their astral body; however upon awakening, not all of us remember what we saw, heard or did while acting within that body. Therefore, in the mornings, upon awakening from one's dreams, one must perform the effort to remember all which one had dreamt. One's dreams are nothing more than experiences within the astral world. One must carefully take note of all of them in a notebook.

When you perform your practices, concentrate on the sharp chirping of the cricket. This chirping must sound from within the smallest cells of your brain. If this practice is done correctly, you will soon be in that transition between vigil and slumber. Increase the slumber and the sound of the crickets' chirping by using your willpower. Then get up from your bed and with complete confidence leave your bedroom and go towards the temple of Chapultepec, or wherever else you wish to go. You must try not to lose the lucidity of your consciousness.

Do not mentally get up from your bed; instead, actually get yourself up. Nature will take charge of separating your astral body from your physical body. The physical body will remain sleeping in its bed and the astral body will become free to travel wherever you wish.

The Aztecs utilized the peyote in order to teach the neophytes to travel within their astral bodies. We do not recommend the use of this marvelous cactus which makes the astral body separate itself from the physical body and preserves the lucidity of consciousness while acting in the astral world. Indeed, what we recommend is practice, much practice and soon you will act and travel within the astral body.


Without putting off the exercise delivered in the former chapter, lie down on your bed, and fall asleep while vocalizing the syllable LA; the intonation of this syllable corresponds to the natural note "fa" of the musical scale. You must prolong this syllable like this:


Immediately after, you must vocalize the syllable RA:


Chapter 5

Chac - Mool in the Aztec and Egyptian Cultures

In the Museum of Anthropology and History in Mexico City there exists a stone figure of a man who is partially lying down in a dorsal decubitus position. The soles of his feet are resting on his bed; thus his knees are elevated. The backs of his thighs are pressed up against the backs of his calves because his legs are bent. His upper body is arched as if he may get up at his first impulse; his face is towards the left and his sight is fixed on the horizon. At the height of his solar plexus his hands hold a container.

Archeologists know this man carved out of stone; his name is Chac-Mool, and this figure is one amongst the very few symbols from the Aztec Pantheon which were rescued from the destruction of the conquest.

The mystic Aztecs, Mayans, Tarascos, etc. carved the Chac Mool in order to perpetuate the wisdom that they received as a secret inheritance from their forefathers.

The name of this Aztec sculpture is FARAON, a name whose syllables are divided as follows: fa-ra-on. When properly vocalized, they are a mantra that makes the astral body (of the one who pronounces them) separate from their physical body and soar within space towards the great pyramid of Giza in Egypt.

To travel within the astral body is not dangerous. During our state of slumber, all of us human beings wander within the internal worlds with our consciousness asleep. Every soul abandons its physical body during the state of slumber. During this process, the ethereal body has the opportunity to repair the physical body. We awaken from this normal process of sleeping when the soul returns into the physical body.

While in the internal worlds, the souls occupy themselves in the same daily chores that they perform on Earth during the vigil state; they buy, sell, work in their office, in the shop, in the factory, in the fields, etc. The incarnated and disincarnated souls live together during the sleepy state. Everything is the same in the internal worlds: the sun, the clouds, the cities, all things. It is enough to assist a spiritist's (medium's, channeler's) session to become aware of the fact that the dead do not accept that they are dead and to comprehend why the souls of the living love, suffer, fight and work during the sleepy state. We must learn to preserve the lucidity of the consciousness during the state of slumber.

To achieve the former statement we recommend that every time you come across other people, events or unusual things that call your attention, discern and ask yourself: Am I within my physical body or within my astral body? Then perform a little jump in order to see if you can float; if you can float, it is because you are in the astral body; if you do not float, it is because you are in the physical body. Within the internal worlds we act as if we are in the body of bones and flesh, as if we were physically awakened. There is no difference between these two worlds, between the physical and the astral. (Read The Thousand and One Phantoms by Alexandre Dumas).

What we usually perform during the vigil state we also perform during the slumber state. Therefore, if during the day you practice the former key, that is, to perform a little jump in order to be sure in which of your bodies you are wandering in, then during the night when you leave your bed within your astral body you will also jump but you will remain floating within space while your physical body remains asleep in your bed. Thus you will attend beautiful rituals and classes where the Great Masters teach within the Gnostic temples that exist within the Jinn state in various parts of this country and the world.

Unarguably, the secret teachings of the Nahuas are common to all people from the most remote antiquity. Amongst the Hungarian legends there is mention of "monolithic people" whose indescribable characters are similar to those that exist on a gigantic bolder lost in a remote valley of Yucatan, Mexico.

Do not forget the clue: Take advantage of the somnolent state that exists between vigil and sleep, so that with willpower, you may project from within yourself your astral body, your discernment and your memory. By your own will you will know the great mysteries of life and death within this triangle.

In order to interpret your dreams, read the book of Daniel in the Bible.


Stand up in a steady position with your sight towards the East. Raise your arms above your head and place the palms of your hands together, then move your extended arms down towards your sides to form a cross with your body (your arms out to either side, the rest of your body standing straight); then after, cross you arms over your chest and lie down dorsal decubitus (on your back). When you feel you are falling asleep, with a sincere prayer ask your God and the Masters to take you to the great pyramid of Giza in Egypt. Immediately after finishing your prayer, vocalize the following syllables:


Each one of the sounds of these syllables has a slight variation; they correspond to the natural "fa" of the musical scale that resounds in all of nature. The syllable "on," changing the "n" with the "m," is vocalized by the Yogis before and after their meditations.

Every morning at sunrise, with your face towards the East, perform vocalization practices with all of the syllables that we have taught in this book, start with the first syllable until you finish (during many successive mornings) with the last three syllables of this chapter.

If you faithfully practice each one of the exercises that we have taught in order, for at least six consecutive days, you will soon project yourself within your astral body, this is if you are a respectable person, that you neither abuse of liquors nor tobacco, that you do not propagate gossip, that you do not enjoy making fun of your neighbors, that you love and respect every living being.

Remember that God offers even the head of the evil one when he wants to offer the best to a good person.

Chapter 6

The Aztec's Luminous Dragon is the Egyptian God Harpocrates

"Hidden from our sight by the veil of the fourth dimension are Djinns, beings, people and things." In chapter three we spoke about the four bodies of sin; these bodies serve for the manifestation of the human being in the physical world. However, the physical body is only one amongst four, which the profane are aware of since the ethereal, astral and mental bodies are unknown to them. The physical body can manifest itself within the planes or suprasensible worlds without losing its physiological characteristics. The law of gravity reigns in this physical-chemical world and the law of levitation in the worlds of the fourth dimension.

The detached energy from the solar fire is fixed in the heart of the Earth; this is the vibrating nucleus of the cells in any living being. This is the astral light, the Azoth and Magnesia of ancient alchemists. When the Master Jesus walked upon the waves of the Sea of Galilee, he carried his body, submerged within the astral light. The astral light copenetrates the whole atmosphere; the astral light is the cause of all the marvelous powers in the human being and the sacred fire of all life.

Through knowledge, willpower and faith we can submerge our physical body within the infinite ocean of the astral light. Thus, while in the astral light, we can dematerialize the physical body or mold it into any form we wish, making it elastic or fluidic to the degree of making it capable of passing through steel-metal plates, or through mountains, walls, etc., without receiving any harm; we can travel with it from one place to another at supersonic velocities or make it stay invisible from the retina of other people's physical eyes.

The solar energy is astral light; its essence is the christonic power enclosed within the fecundating pollen of the flowers, within the heart of the fruit of any tree, within the glands of internal secretion of the animal and of the human being. Within the human body, the most important base of the astral light is in the coccyx. The Aztecs named this sacred power Quetzalcoatl, the feathered serpent that only awakens and ascends towards our pineal gland by means of amorous magic.

The God Harpocrates governs the energy of the astral light. He was the living symbol of the sun when it was rising at the beginning of spring. Child of Isis and Osiris, he was born after the death of his father, during the shortest day of the year and during the blossoming of the Lotus flower. Traditions represented h as a delicate being who did not reach his maturity save when he transformed himself into Horus, in other words, when he transformed himself into the sun with all of its splendors. His cult was introduced in Greece and Rome with some alterations; there, he appears as the God of silence and they represented Him with the index finger over his lips. *"The infinite tranquility and the infinite activity have their point of contact in the silence." *

Chapter 7

The Sacred Tiger

The jaguar or American tiger is specially worshipped amongst the numerous indigenous tribes who populate those dense jungles from the Colombian, Venezuelan, Brazilian and Ecuadorian Amazonian region. The Huitores, Miranas, Muinames, Huahibos, etc., consider the tiger to be a sacred and untouchable animal to the point that if one of these natives comes across one of these felines, (in spite of being armed with bow and arrows, and on many occasions armed even with fiery weapons) they prefer to imprison their dogs and turn back, ignoring all of their affairs, before attempting anything against the jaguar. None of them would ever dare kill a jaguar or American tiger.

Every tribe from the Amazonian jungles is governed by two authorities: the administrative that is represented by the chief of the tribe and the spiritual that is incarnated by the Piachi (sorcerer in English), which we call Priests. The Natives from the Amazonian jungles do not kill the tiger because they know that the tiger is the incarnation of one of the Piachi of their tribe; in other words, the Piachi of their tribe can transform himself into a tiger, and can wander around within the jungles.

Ocelotl-Tonatiuh, sun of tigers, one of the twenty founders of Tenochtitlan, was the chief of the mystic tigers and Priest-Warrior of the Order of the Tiger Knights. These adepts passed through terrible ordeals before learning how to control their imagination and willpower to the point of being capable of transforming themselves into tigers.

By taking advantage of the state between vigil and dreaming, they transformed themselves into tigers. 'When their bodies had taken on the feline shape, filled with faith and confidence in themselves, they got up from their beds and chanted the following ritualistic formula:

"We belong to each other." This phrase refers to the Harpocratic forces which we talked about in the previous chapter. It also refers to themselves and to the mental forces of the tiger which allow them to sustain themselves within the fourth dimension with their physical bodies transformed into tigers. Do not forget that the human body while inside the internal worlds is elastic, ductile and malleable.

In the Aztec Calendar that exists in the Museum of Anthropology and History in Mexico City, we see that on each side of the face of Tonatiuh, there are two human hearts between the feline paws of that solar deity; two xiuhcoatl, serpents of fire, are falling down, head first, and their jaws touch where they meet at the bottom center. Tonatiuh points his flinted tongue at them, symbol of fire, symbol of wisdom.

Between the jaws of the xiuhcoatl appear the faces of two personages: the one on the right is wearing the same crown, the same nose ring and the same earrings as Tonatiuh. He is united to the personage on the left by his flinted tongue; the one on the left is wearing a blubbery-lip and a net that covers his face up to his cheek bones. This latter personage is Quetzalcoatl and also the precious feathered (quetzalli) serpent in its double human manifestation: the fallen ones, Adam and Eve, fallen because of their transgression of the Law of God: *Thou shalt not fornicate. *

The flinted tongues (symbol of light, symbol of wisdom and consciousness) that unite the two personages, symbolize that they are One in themselves. They are the eternal pairs of nature. They are the Feathered Serpent which refulgent as the lightning abides dormant, coiled within the human gland of the coccyx. This sacred fire is invisible for the official science. 'When this sacred fire is awakened, it hisses and strengthens (as when a serpent is hit with a stick) in order to ascend through the length of the medullar canal, where the seat of the seven main psychic centers (chakras) of the human being are found. When these psychic centers are crossed by this serpentine fire, they are vivified; thus, their fiery corollas (which before were found fallen and withered) turn upward.

Tonatiuh, the Father, Quetzalcoatl, the fallen fire of the Holy Spirit lingers; it wants to be raised up by the Child of the Aztec Race.

The hearts between his feline paws symbolize "the death of the Initiate." When Quetzalcoatl rises and transforms into a tiger, he tears apart the heart of the one who awakens him, until he kills within him all of the illusions of his personality and all of the attachments to those things that tied him to the earth. Indeed, the sagacity and fury of the tiger are necessary in order to kill the human personality, so that the seven serpents of the Dragon of Wisdom (symbol of the beheaded one) become resplendent.

Nine Initiations of Minor Mysteries and nine of Major Mysteries exist. There is no Initiation without purification. In each Initiation something dies within the human being (see The Book of the Dead). We must lose everything in order to gain everything.

The soul enters into the world of the Gods and gets married with her Innermost when she liberates herself from the four bodies of sin.

The feline paws of Quetzalcoatl, our Innermost, holds the human heart as prey in order to liberate us from the four bodies of sin and take us to the ineffable joy of the union with God.

The Lance of Longinus wounds the human heart that painfully bleeds because of repentance. The most perfect sanctity is necessary for the human being to recuperate his lost inheritance.

Quetzalcoatl is the internal God of the Aztecs. His feline paws embed the heart of the Initiate in order to devour him. The neophyte receives the cross of the Initiation within the earth (temple of sentiment). Cosmic Initiations are reached through the way of the heart, never through the way of the intellect.


While resting on your bed, dorsal decubitus (on your back, facing up), imagine feeling the fire of the Holy Spirit descending from heaven and entering into your head through the pineal gland, thereafter, passing in between your eyebrows into your pituitary gland and making that lotus of fire spin from left to right (clockwise). Then feel the fire continuing to descend into your larynx, where the lotus of fire of your thyroid gland is made to spin as if it were a disc that rotates from left to right (clockwise). Keep feeling the fire descending and reaching your cardiac gland, see how it lights its twelve golden color petals, the fire charging and making your marvelous lotus of this psychic center spin from left to right (clockwise). See it fill with a luminous and resplendent fire.

While in this state of consciousness, fall asleep while thinking of your Innermost, your internal God, Quetzalcoatl. Worship him, adore him and ask him for his guidance and help. Afterwards, chant the syllable ON as follows:


Pronounce this syllable three times and fall asleep.

Chapter 8

The Seven Churches of the Revelation of Saint John

Onto us, Saint John delivered the mysteries of Christian Gnosis, whose secrets, (even when they were not permitted to be unveiled) were unveiled for us in the book of Revelations, utilizing allegories in the same way as the Aztecs did in their bas-reliefs and monoliths in order to transmit to us their occult wisdom.

*I am Alpha and Omega, the first and the last: and What thou seest, write in a book, and send it unto the seven churches which are in Asia; unto Ephesus, and unto Smyrna, and unto Pergamos, and unto Thyatira, and unto Sardis, and unto Philadelphia, and unto Laodicea. *

The seven churches are the seven main nervous centers of the spinal medulla in the human being.

Ephesus is the coccygeal ganglion, the Muladhara chakra where the serpent (symbolized by the Feathered Serpent of the Aztecs) of our sexual power is dormant.

Sexual caresses must be made between the couple yet both must withdraw before ejaculation in the man and orgasm in the woman occurs, so as to avoid the spilling of the semen.

The book of Revelation states: 'Remember therefore from whence thou art fallen, and repent, and do the first works; or else I will come unto thee quickly, and will remove thy candlestick out of his place, except thou repent'. And grief will afflict thine heart.

When the human being fornicates, the Feathered Serpent descends one or more vertebrae in accordance with the amount lost in the act. This is how I will remove thy candlestick out of his place, except thou repent.

Smyrna is the prostatic ganglion, the chakra Swadishthana.

*I know thy works, and tribulation, and poverty, (but thou art rich) and I know the blasphemy of them which say they are Jews, and are not, but are the synagogue of Satan. *

*Be thou faithful unto death, and I will give thee a crown of life *

Fornication is an act contrary to human nature. Presently, any man who is more than forty-five years old suffers of prostatic hypertrophy.

Pergamos is the epigastric ganglion, the chakra Manipura.

*I know thy works, and where thou dwellest, even where Satan's seat is: (the astral counterpart of the physical body has its seat in this ganglion), and thou holdest fast my name, and hast not denied my faith, even in those days wherein Antipas was my faithfid martyr... But I have a few things against thee: because thou hast there them that hold the doctrine of the Nicolaitans, which thing I hate. Repent; or else I will come unto thee quickly, and will fight against them with the sword of my mouth. *

Sexual ejaculation is the doctrine of the Nicolaitans. This doctrine was born of the practices of Black Magic from the Lemuro Atlanteans, who transmitted them to the Moabites, Amorreans, Philistines, Cananeans, etc. The magicians who practice black sexual magic convert themselves into demons. In this case, the igneous serpent instead of rising throughout the spinal medulla, descends towards the atomic infernos of the human being and forms within his astral body the tail with which Satan is represented.

Thyatira is the cardiac ganglion, the chakra Anahata.

*These things saith the Son of God who hath his eyes like unto a me of fire, and his feet are like fine brass. *

*I know thy works, and charity, and service, and faith, and thy patience, and thy works; and the last to be more than the first. Notwithstanding, I have a few things against thee, because thou sufferest that woman Jezebel, which calleth herself a prophetess, to teach and to seduce my servants to commit fornication... And I gave her space to repent of her fornication; and she repented not. *

The Feathered Serpent rises in accordance with the merits of our heart. The most perfect sanctity and chastity are necessary to achieve its ascension and union with the Innermost, so that the Initiate can be born within the internal worlds as a Master of Major Mysteries.

The union with the Innermost is very difficult, because crime is hidden within the incense of prayer. On the altars, crime is crowned with a crown of thorns. Crime is crouched within the greatest aspirations of the light. We find crime wearing a tunic of sanctity within the noblest purposes.

The Innermost abides within the heart.

We recommend that you take an inventory of all your defects and dedicate two months to each one of them until you completely extirpate them from your heart. The igneous wings which allow us to instantaneously pass from one cosmic plane into another are received in the church of Thyatira from the hands of the spirits of movement.

Sardis is our creative laryngeal ganglion, the charka Vishuddha.

*He that hath the seven Spirits of God and the seven stars saith unto this church: *

*I know thy works, that thou hast a name that thou livest, and art dead. Be watchful, and strengthen the things which remain, that are ready to die: for I have not found thy works perfect before God. *

*Remember therefore how thou hast received and heard, and hold fast, and repent. If therefore thou shalt not watch, I will come on thee as a thief and thou shalt not know what hour I will come upon thee. Thou hast a few names even in Sardis which have not defiled their garments; and they shall walk with me in white: for they are worthy. He that overcometh, the same shall be clothed in white raiment; and I will not blot out his name out of the book of life, but I will confess his name before my Father, and before his angels." *

Philadelphia is the pituitary ganglion, the chakra Ajna.

*These things saith he that is holy, he that is true, he that hath the key of David, he that openeth, and no man shutteth; and shutteth, and no man openeth: *

*I know thy works: behold, I have set before thee an open door, and no man can shut it: for thou hast a little strength, and hast kept my worth and hast not denied my name. Behold I will make them of the synagogue of Satan, which say they are Jews, and are not, but do lie; behold, I will make them to come and worsh: before thy feet, and to know that I have loved thee. Because thou hast kept the word of my patience, I also will keep thee from the hour of temptation, which shall come upon all the world, to try them that dwell upon the earth. Behold, I come quickly: hold that fast which thou hast, that no man take thy crown. Him that overcometh will I make a pillar in the temple of my God, and he shall go no more out: and I will write upon him the name of my Goth and the name of the city of my God, which is new Jerusalem, which cometh down out of heaven from my God: and I will write upon him my new name. *

Laodicea is the pineal ganglion, the chakra Sahasrara.

*These things saith the Amen, the faithful and true witness, the beginning of the creation of God unto this church: *

*I know thy works, that thou art neither cold nor hot: I would thou wert cold or hot. *

*So then because thou art lukewarm, and neither cold nor hot, I will spit thee out of my mouth. Because thou sayest, I am rich, and increased with goods, and have need of nothing; and knowest not that thou art wretched and miserable, and poor, and blind, and naked: *

*And I saw another mighty angel come down from heaven, clothed with a cloud: and a rainbow was upon his head, and his face was as it were the sun, and his feet as pillars of fire: And he had in his hand a little book open: and he set his right foot upon the sea, and his left foot on the earth. And cried with a loud voice, as when a lion roareth: and when he had cried, seven thunders uttered their voices. *

These seven thunders are the seven notes which resound in the seven churches of the vertebral column of the Initiate. These seven churches look like opened lotus flowers within the marvelous reed of our vertebral column.

Ephesus grants us power over the earth; Smyrna grants us power over the tempests; Pergamos grants us power over the fire and also grants us telepathy; Thyatira grants us power over the winds; Sardis grants us the power of creation and the occult ear; Philadelphia allows us to see the Angels, Thrones, Potentates, Virtues, etc.; Laodicea is our resplendent lotus of one thousand petals, the Diamond Eye, the Crown of Saints that with its terrific resplendence makes the demons scatter, it is the omniscient eye wherein the atom of the Holy Spirit abides.

The astral light is the sacred fire of the Holy Spirit, the light of the Logos, whose nature and divine powers are like living and conscious electricity; it is not comparable to the physical electricity that we know.

When a human being is impelled by his conscious spiritual willpower, he awakens the sacred fire of the Holy Spirit (which as a coiled serpent abides in every human body within the coccygeal ganglion) and excites this fire and impels it into activity, then this fire will convert itself into the agent of work of Telesis or the intelligent work of perfection within the Initiate.

The Initiate's reward is the union with God and his liberation from the wheel of reincarnations, and yet, he has to have previously substituted his mortal physical body with the immortal solar body "To Soma Heliakon" (named in this way because it is as resplendent as the sun). See the end of Quo Vadis. Thus, his soul is betrothed with his Innermost.

Whosoever raises the first serpent christifies his physical body and enters into the first degree of the temple of Major Mysteries; the rain falls and the sun of the Father shines at midnight. The Initiate passes into the second degree of Major Mysteries and his ethereal body shines like the gold stricken by the light of the sun.

Thus, successively, by himself, he raises his seven fallen fiery serpents and christifies his seven bodies in all of the superior planes.

The fire of the serpent is as sparkling and magnificent in its visible manifestations as the heavenly fire is in a tempestuous somber night.


In the last chapter we left the sacred fire of the Holy Spirit spinning the fiery lotus of your cardiac gland from left to right. Now, see and feel the fire descend into your solar plexus (which is situated a little bit above of your navel) and make your fiery lotus, of that gland, spin from left to right (clockwise). That lotus has ten petals: five of a red dirty color which alternate with five of a dark green color. See it luminous and resplendent while chanting the following syllables:




While praying, ask your internal God for the realization of your most noble longings thus fall asleep.

After taking a shower in the morning, (before and during sunrise), stand facing the east or imagine that in the heavens the sun is a fiery rose in the middle of an enormous golden cross and that thousands of rays of light come from it and penetrate into your body through your solar plexus; at the same time chant the syllable UN as follows:


Soon, with these practices, the sense of Telepathy will be awakened within you.

Chapter 9


After passing through the ordeals to which they were submitted, the candidates (of the ancient schools of Aztec mysteries), could directly work with the Feathered Serpent.

However, we are not stating that you have already victoriously passed these ordeals; further on we will see this point. Meanwhile, let us continue working with meditation.

Meditation is the daily bread of the wise. When the wise one is meditating, he is searching for God, he searches for information or he searches for power. There are five clues for meditation:

  1. Comfortable position

  2. Blank Mind

  3. Concentration

  4. Introversion

  5. Ecstasy

Seat yourself in the most comfortable position then concentrate on your physical body. After you have attentively examined it and have come to the realization that you are not such a marvelous vehicle, discard it from your mind and say: *"I am not my physical body." *

Concentrate now on your ethereal body; identify it and once you have attentively observed its marvelous luminosity (which protrudes from the physical body forming a multicolor aura) realize that this second body of yours is not what you are and discard it from your mind saying: *"I am not my ethereal body." *

Introvert yourself more and concentrate, first on your astral body and then on your mental body. The astral and mental bodies are the two columns of the Masonic temples (Yachin and Boaz) which have their foundation in the cubic stone of Yesod, the ethereal body. Concentrate well upon these two bodies, and after you realize that you are neither one of these two bodies then realize that they are just two more vehicles of expression that you have thus, discard them from your mind saying: *"I am not my astral body. I am not my mental body." *

Discard your four bodies of sin from within yourself when you arrive at this stage of your meditation and pass through the two columns (white and black) of the temple, (which is your living body) upon which are written (with characters of fire) the 'password' *INRI. *

Disarrange this word into two syllables and chant one immediately after the other, as follows:


Thereafter, without your four material bodies, go and wander around the World of the Mist of Fire.

Return into your body so that you may keep working on your meditation and concentrate again on the astral body, the black column of your living temple. Try to hear the sharp sound of the cricket (of which we talked about in chapter four). This sharp sound is the essence of the lost word INRI. Thus, without missing a moment of listening to this sharp sound, (that is now emerging from within the cells of your brain) concentrate on the white column, your mental body.

Do not stop, keep meditating. Now, concentrate on your body of willpower until you attain cognizance of it; thus, when you have realized that you are not that body either, discard it from your mind saying: *"I am not my body of willpower either." *

Now take another step ahead in your meditation. Concentrate on your body of consciousness; identify it and realize that you are not this body. That it is only another of your marvelous vehicles of expression, and discard it by saying: *"I am not my body of consciousness either." *

Then you will ask yourself: "Who am I?" A sweet and affable voice will answer you: "You are me, the Innermost, the reflection of the Inner Christ, you and I are one." In those moments try to identify yourself with your Inner Christ, feel that you are him and say: *"I am he... I am he... I am he..." *

When reaching this state of consciousness mentally pronounce the mantra PANDER: disarrange this mantra into two syllables and pronounce one immediately after the other, prolong the sound of each syllable. This mantra will help you to recognize yourself within your Inner Christ.

With this daily introversion you will awaken your consciousness to such a degree that while your physical body sleeps, you (within your astral body) will act in the same spontaneous and lucid way as when you were within your physical body. During your ecstasies (based on your sincerity and devotion), you will be allowed to visit the nuclei upon which the universe is based (speaking allegorically, these nuclei look like holes) you will then be able to contemplate the Divine Majesty of the Absolute.

Internal meditation accelerates the development of the Feathered Serpent, whose ascension liberates the Initiate from the wheel of births. However, it is necessary to help its ascension by meditating first on Ida and then on Pingala, (which are the currents of fire); the one on the left is negative, and the one on the right is positive. They ascend upward (on each side of the spinal medulla) up to the pituitary chakra. The ascension of these fires precedes the ascension of the sacred fire of Quetzalcoatl.

During sleep all of us move within the astral body, yet unconsciously; this happens so that the ethereal body can have the opportunity to repair the weakened physical body. However, you must learn how to consciously travel within the astral body at will and as frequently as you wish. We will submit you to the ordeals within the astral plane so that we can get to know your qualities and defects. Nevertheless, if in spite of all the exercises that we have given you, you cannot travel within your astral body at will, then we recommend that you practice internal meditation tenaciously. This is how you will recuperate the natural power of controlling your astral body, a power that you have lost for now.


Before falling asleep, lay down on your bed and perform the following for no less than thirty minutes each day for at least seven days: feel that the sacred fire of the Holy Spirit is penetrating your body through the pineal chakra. Thus during its descent, your pituitary, laryngeal, cardiac and solar chakras will be put into motion accordingly; keep descending towards your prostatic (uterine) chakra making it spin from left to right (clockwise), thus making it shine with a beautiful resplendence of a lotus of fire in movement.

Every morning, after you wash, stand facing the east (as we recommended in the former chapter) and vocalize the mantras INRI and PANDER until you become familiarized with them. Likewise, early in all mornings chant one of the syllables which we have taught in the former chapters. As an exercise of this chapter vocalize the syllable AN as follows:


Chapter 10


The teachings of the Nahua Masters (Tlamatinime) have many points of contact with the Jewish Sepher Yetzirah. The duality of the Ain Soph and its Ten Sephiroth is described within the thirty two paths of wisdom of the Sepher Yetzirah. In chapter three we talked about the spinal medulla and about the Tree of Life in the human organism; now as a reference, we will refer to this tree of wisdom, to the Ten Sephiroth that, with their Twenty Two Creator Major Arcanes (Letters, Sounds and Numbers), the Logos formed the Universe.

All of creation emanates from the AIN SOPH, but creation, in essence and in potency is not equal to the AIN SOPH. The AIN SOPH irradiates an intelligence, a power by means of its divine Uncreated Light. An intelligence, a power, that if originally participates in the perfection and infinitude of its own creed, has a finite aspect because it is being derived from itself. Unto this first spiritual emanation of the AIN SOPH the Kabbalah gives the name of the Ineffable Ancient of Days who is the Being of our Being, the Father/Mother within us.

The Nahuas called this first spiritual emanation "Huehueteotl," the Father of Gods and human beings, the Old God, the first and last synthesis of our Being. The Ancient of Days lives in the depths of consciousness of every man and every woman. The hair of the Ancient of Days has thirteen ringlets.

If we add the two digits of the number thirteen together we will have 1 + 3 = 4. One is the masculine principle, fire; two is the feminine principle, water; three is the Son of creation, plus the unity of life equals four. This is the holy Tetragrammaton. This is the name of the Eternal One, lad He Vau He.

The Ancient of Days is the goodness of goodness, infinite mercy, the occult of the occult. The mantra PANDER followed by meditation allows us to reach HIM.

The AIN SOPH, not being able to express Itself in the limited physical plane, does it through Its "Ten Sephiroth." Its exhalation is called Cosmic Day and its inhalation is called Cosmic Night. During the Cosmic Night the Universe is disintegrated within the AIN SOPH, then the Universe only exists in Its mind and in the minds of Its Gods. The

Universe that exists in the mind of It and in the mind of Them is only objective within the Abstract Absolute Space. A strange evolution that not even the Gods or the human beings know about exists within the AIN SOPH.

Much beyond the Innermost, we find the Logos or Christ, much beyond the Christ, we find the Ineffable Ancient of Days, and much beyond the Ineffable Ancient of Days is the AIN SOPH or the Absolute.

The Absolute is the Being of all Beings. The Absolute is that which is, that which always has been, and which always shall be. The Absolute is expressed as Absolute Abstract Movement and Repose. The Absolute is the cause of the Spirit and of Matter, but It is neither Spirit, nor Matter. It is beyond thought and action, much beyond sound, beyond silence and beyond the senses.

The Absolute is beyond Time, Number, Measurement, Weight and Quality. It is beyond Form, Fire, Light and Darkness.

Nonetheless, the Absolute is the Fire and the Uncreated Light. The Absolute has three aspects: (1) the unmanifested, (2) the Spirit of Life which animates every being and (3) the chaotic, inodorous, atomic seminal, etc., matter. Its Ten Sephiroth emanate from an infinite objectivity towards an infinite subjectivity.

The Universe shook with terror when the Aurora of the new Cosmic Day was announced. Then a strange and frightful Twilight emerged from within the consciousness of the Gods and human beings and the Uncreated Light began to withdraw from their consciousness. Thereafter, Gods and humans wept like children before the Aurora of the Great Cosmic Day... Then the Causal Logos reminded the Gods and human beings about their Karmic debts; thus, the pilgrimage of the human being started, sojourning from one world into the other until they reached the Earth, where presently they live submitted to the Wheel of Births and Deaths until they learn how to live governed by the Law of Love.

The Universe emerged from within the bosom of the Absolute, and the Uncreated Light sank into a nostalgic sunset. This is how Gods and humans descended from within the shadows of the Universe. The Sacrifice was consummated, and the Kabbalah registered in its Major Arcanum No. 12. If we add the number twelve in itself, it gives us Three.

One is the masculine principle, the Fire. Two is the feminine principle, the Water, the Semen. Three is the Universe, the Son. The present Cosmic Day is symbolized by a blue pelican which is opening its chest with its beak in order to devour its own guts, from which all creation sprouted.

We spoke about the seven bodies of the human being in the former chapters. Six of these bodies serve the human being so that he can manifest himself within each one of the parallel universes beyond the "Fourth Dimension": ethereal, astral, mental, causal, of the consciousness, of the Innermost. These parallel universes (planes) are atmospheric (atomic) regions, worlds which penetrate and co-penetrate without confusion. The six bodies are made from the substance of each one of these planes, which are invisible for the retina of the physical eye of the human being, and likewise, they penetrate and copenetrate without confusion. The Fourth Dimension exists in the mind of the human being and only the individual development of his consciousness grants him the possibility to act consciously, at will, within the supersensible worlds, which are governed by divine intelligences.

The face of Tonatiuh in the Aztec Calendar is the face of Ometecuhtli, Omecihuatl, Lord and Lady of duality, God of life, love and generation. He is enclosed by two concentric circles; around these circles are four squares which are within two other concentric circles (the Unmanifested Absolute, Ipalnemoani), containing everything: the Quetzalcoatl's feline paws tearing human hearts, the Wind's sun (or 4 Ehecatl), the Fire's sun (or 4 Quiahuitl), the Water's sun (or 4 Atl), the Jaguar's sun (or 4 Ocelot and the Movement's sun (or 4 Ollin), the East and the West, the North and the South, the twenty days of the month, etc. This explains why the Nahuas venerated the sun and the dual significance that the


In the former chapter we left the sacred fire of the Holy Spirit making the lotus of your prostatic (uterine) chakra spin from left to right (clockwise). Now feel and see with your imagination that the fire continues descending and reaches the coccygeal ganglion of your chakra Muladhara and makes this marvelous lotus of four petals (of a red-dirty color), that you have in such ganglion, spin always from left to right. See the sacred fire of the Holy Spirit with a radiant luminosity, irradiating fire throughout all of your seven principal chakras which rotate upon themselves as fiery lotus flowers whose stalks sprout from your vertebral column numbers had among them.

Chapter 11

Tepeu K' Ocumatz

Tepeu K'Ocumatz is the Ancient of Days among the Aztecs. The Ancient of Days is androgynous, meaning masculine and feminine at the same time. The Ancient of Days is the Father inside of us. Therefore, Tepeu K'Ocumatz is the Being of our Being. He is the first and last synthesis of our Being. The Elder of Days is the first emanation of the Absolute. An Ancient of Days exists within the depth of the consciousness of each human being.

The hair of the Ancient of Days has thirteen ringlets. If we add thirteen together we will have 1 + 3 = 4. One is the masculine principle, fire; two is the feminine principle, water; three is the Son of creation, plus the unity of life equals four. This is the holy Tetragrammaton. This is the name of the Eternal One: Iod He Vau He. The beard of the Ancient of Days has thirteen locks. This beard represents the hurricane, the four winds, the breath, the Word. The four winds are Iod He Vau He. The Ancient of Days is the goodness of goodness, the occult of the occult, the absolute mercy. The mantra PANDER permits us to reach the Ancient of Days. This is possible through profound meditation.

In the world of Atziluth there exists a marvelous temple where the majestic presence of the Ancient of Days is shown to us. In order to self-realize the Ancient of Days within, we must totally perform the thirteenth arcanum within ourselves. We need a supreme death and a supreme resurrection.

The Ancient of Days dwells in the world of Kether. The chief of that world is the angel Metraton. This angel was the prophet Enoch. With the help of this angel, while in a very profound meditation, we can enter into the world of Kether. The disciple who wants to penetrate into Kether will beg the angel Metraton during his states of profound meditation and he will be assisted.

The Aztec goddess of death has a crown with nine human skulls. The crown is the symbol of the Ancient of Days. The skull is the microcosmic correspondence of the Ancient of Days in the human being. Indeed, we need a supreme death of the human personality; the human personality must die. We need a supreme resurrection in order to self-realize the Ancient of Days within ourselves.

In the world of Kether we comprehend that the Great Law rules all that is created. From the world of the Ancient of Days, we see the human multitudes as leaves hurled by the wind. The great wind is the terrible law of the Ancient of Days. Vox Populi Vox Dei. A social revolt contemplated from the world of the Ancient of Days is a law in action. Each person, the entire multitude, looks like leaves detached from the trees hurled by the terrible wind of the Ancient of Days.

People do not know these things. People are only preoccupied with acquiring money and more money. This is the poor, suffering humanity who are only miserable leaves hurled by the great wind, miserable leaves hurled by the Great Law.

Our authentic Being in his essential root is the Ancient of Days. He is the Father within us. He is our true Being.

Our disciples must now concentrate and meditate very deeply upon the Ancient of Days. They must provoke the voluntary slumber during meditation. Thus, this is how they will attain very profound illumination.

May peace reign in all hearts. Let us not forget that peace is light. Let us not forget that peace is an essence emanated from the Absolute. It is light emanated from the Absolute. This light is the light of the Ancient of Days. Christ said, "Peace I leave with you, my peace I give unto you." John 14: 27

Chapter 12


Ometecuhtli-Omecihuatl, Lord and Lady of duality. Ome: two; tecuhtli: Lord. Ome: two; cihuati: Lady. The entire universe emanated from this divine dual masculine and feminine principle. This God-Goddess had four children, the four Tezcatlipocas: Xipetotec, the red one; Tezcatlipoca, the black one; Quetzalcoatl, the white one; Huitzilopochtli, the blue one. The four colors of the four races that presently populate the world were born from this divine and invisible binary.

Ometecuhtli has the presence of the Cosmic Christ. The Nahuas represent him with a beautiful ornamented tunic and a flinted phallus, symbol of light. The entire presence of Omecihuatl is that of the Cosmic Virgin. The Nahuas represent her with an extraordinarily beautiful blue mantle and a skirt of occultation. He is Huehueteotl, the Old God, Father of all Gods and human beings. She is Tonantzin, our dearly beloved Mother.

In the Museum of Anthropology and History in Mexico City there exists a monolith with an impressive tetra (4) significance: On the apex of it, all the way through the ring of its entangled body, protrudes a precious and great two headed serpent which can be seen on the front and on the back like the God Janus of the Greco Roman religion. The two headed serpent's eyes are round and penetrating; from their half-opened jaws (located under the four superior, curved, and sharpened protruded fangs) hang great and bifid tongues.

From its chest hang two flaccid breasts.

From shoulder to shoulder this deity wears a leather necklace which is decorated with hearts and is located in the middle of four outstretched hands. At the height of the navel there is a cranium which completes the necklace.

Its arms are stiffly located at each side with forearms bent. Underneath its hands there appear superior fang-like paws which are actually heads of precious serpents with halfopened jaws. There hang smooth and geometrically cubic rectangles with a vertical line in the center of each one of its faces. All of this is a symbol of perfection of the deeds of its hands.

It has tiger paws and eagle eyes on its shoulders and elbows.

Its short skirt is made of intertwined serpents with their heads pointed downward. The skirt fits together at the waist by means of a wide belt made out of precious serpents that are tied underneath the cranium (whose wide open eyes possess a threatening sight). On the belt, the serpent heads hang towards the front like two ends of a tie without a knot. This symbolizes that everything that exists in the universe is the outcome of the sexual fire.

Nevertheless, the cranium at the navel of this deity is neither the final touch of its necklace nor the brooch of its belt, it is rather Coatlicue, the devourer of men, the Goddess of earth and death, whose body projects from between the thighs of the deity towards the front and from the lower abdomen until the feet.

Many hearts and two streamers made of quetzal feathers adorn the sides of its underskirt that descend to its ankles and ends in a wide fringe made of intertwined feathers. These feathers are adorned with badges from which sixteen long rattles hang. A sinuous and thick serpent shows off its jaws with superior fang-like paws between the four paws of each one of the feet of this deity, and upon each one of its feet on a bas-relief are two eagle eyes that try to see towards the infinite.

In the lower part, at the base or support of the sculpture, in bas-relief, we find Mictlantecutli with arms and legs opened as in the cross of Saint Andrew. In the posterior part, between its thighs, the creative fire protrudes downward from the lower abdomen. The mouth of the abyss is opened at its navel.

From its shoulders, hangs the necklace with two hearts in the middle of four hands which are opened in supplication towards the heights and the final touch is a marine knot adorned with four badges upon the vertebral column in between its hands.

On its back, at the height of the scapula, the cranium that looks as if it is fastened to the belt of her skirt of serpents, symbolizes Tonantzin, Mother of the Gods, who is hidden behind in the posterior part of the skirt of Coatlicue and who is forgotten by this present generation of humans. Her figure protrudes in the posterior part of this deity. She is dressed in a lace tunic which descends towards her feet and ends in a single and enormous paw whose nails are seven elongated balls. This is an emblem of perfection and sacrifice.

From its necklace at the height of the thyroid, hang two great flinted tongues, and upon her pectorals lies a laced tunic with six tassels which is the final touch. This is an emblem of creation.

On the front, underneath her pectorals, at the height of the lower abdomen, we find a streamer made of very fine arrows from which two great flinted tongues hang. The whole of these in their conjunction symbolize the universal fire of creation.

A "sentiment of maternity" emanates from this precious serpent which is the final touch to the whole combination of this monolith. Its double headed face is the emblem of the divine couple. The posterior part of its shoulders towards its feet, symbolize Tonantzin, the Mother of the Gods. Her chest with flaccid breasts adorned with the necklace of hands and hearts symbolizes Coatlicue, the shadow of Tonantzin.

Tonantzin is life; Coatlicue is death. The children ofTonantzin are children of the Holy Spirit and Chastity. The children of Coatlicue are children of fornication and adultery.

The creative forces of Ometecuhtli-Omecihuatl express themselves during the sexual coenobium. These creative forces descend into the human organs of procreation with a unique goal that a new being can appear in the physical plane. If the man and the woman unite themselves sexually only with desire, only for the animalistic desire of spilling the seminal liquor, then his solar forces and her lunar forces sink into the atomic abysses of the Earth and both convert themselves into slaves of the abyss. However, if love is what impels their sexual union and if they do not fornicate in their sexual caress, then, the precious feathered (quetzalli) serpent awakens in them and agitates and ascends towards its place of origin converted into Quetzalcoatl. This is how the couple is divinized.

In the threshold of the sanctuary of the temple, the Masters present the Initiate with a book within which is written all the laws of the Divine Mother. In front of this book, many withdraw in terror when they realize that they must kill their personality. Very few are they who pass the ordeal of the threshold of the sanctuary. Those who pass it receive a fine heavy gold ring, a symbol of power.

The Initiate must die, he must cease being in order to be. Nevertheless, first he has to return to the bosom of the Divine Mother and to practice sexual magic with his chaste spouse so that he can be born spiritually. The one who does not know the laws of the Mother will never reach the Father.

While in a rapture of love, when your mind and the mind of your beloved spouse are clean from any lustful thoughts, the man very softly introduces the phallus and caresses her with sweetness; thus, both of them must withdraw in time so as not to spill the seminal liquor. Likewise, by means of this amorous magic, the woman self-realizes herself like the man. This formula educates the willpower to its higher degree of expression.


"Ask with all of your heart that the sacred fire of the Holy Spirit may descend upon you." (Read Luke 11:13).

The canals through which the seven fiery serpents ascends to the brain are: Shushumna, this is a septuple canal which extends itself throughout the middle of the spinal medulla up to the pituitary gland; Ida, a very fine canal that is located at the left side of the spinal medulla and Pingala that is located at the right side of it. Through them rises the sacred fire of the Holy Spirit to the pituitary.

Take that comfortable position that we formerly advised you about to perform your meditation. After having placed your mind in a blank state, concentrate on the sacred fire of the Holy Spirit and see with the eyes of your soul that this fire arises from your prostatic (uterine) chakra towards your solar plexus, and at the same time through Ida and Pingala which are located on either side of your spinal medulla. This exercise must endure for at least thirty minutes daily and must be performed at the same hour. If you want success with these studies, you must neither drink alcohol, nor smoke, nor eat too much red meat. Do not worry; cultivate the habit of being happy.

Chapter 13

The Work of the Initiate

The human being is united with his Inner Christ when he consciously raises his seven serpents. Thus, the seven lights of the candelabra of the living temple of his body are lit when these seven serpents arise throughout the length of his spinal medulla. The two cerebrum spinal ganglionic lines which precede the seven serpents in their ascent towards the brain shine with the sacred fire of the Holy Spirit at each side of his vertebral column.

This work of Telesis or intelligent work of perfection does not always culminate with the union of the Initiate with Christ; yet, when it does culminate with this union, then the human being is one not only with Christ, but more over, he is also one with the Absolute.

"So when this corruptible shall have put on incorruption, and this mortal shall have put on immortality, then shall be brought to pass the saying that is written, Death is swallowed up in victory." 1 Corinthians 15:53-54

The Innermost is the true Man who lives incarnated within any human body and who all of us carry crucified within our heart. When the human being awakens from his dream of ignorance he delivers himself to his Innermost, who then becomes united with Christ. This is how the human being becomes almighty like the Absolute from where he has emanated. The Innermost is God within the human being. Whosoever ignores this great truth is only a shadow, the shadow of his Innermost.

The human being believes that he is alone in the universe, separated from God and his fellowmen. The truth is that he has never been, neither is he separated from God and his fellowmen. If all humans would know that "In God we are, live and move" then they will cease to fight among themselves; ignorance, misery, pain and evil would not be upon the earth any more.

"The way a human being thinks, this is how his lift is." (Buddhist Dhammapada 1.1) The false consciousness was born from the erroneous way of thinking that there is a separation between him and his creator, between him and his fellowmen. The "I" was born from this erroneous state of consciousness. The "I" has its abode within the four bodies of sin: physical, ethereal, astral and mental. The "I" was born within the human consciousness after Adam and Eve were expelled from Eden.

The "I" remains crouched in the threshold of the grave when the physical body dies. The "I" waits until the true and immortal human being (yet, still not self-realized) returns and incarnates again, so that it can perform its frustrated desires, power, wealth, pleasures, etc. through a new physical body. The explanation for all the sins and sufferings of humanity must be searched for within the "I."

Indeed, we are not what we think we are. Your name might be Joseph or Mary, but your true reality is the Innermost that the Aztecs in their Theology call Quetzalcoatl, the Divine Twin. Observe in the inferior lower part of the Solar Stone the two fiery serpents, united by their tongues, one in front of the other. In chapter seven we stated that the xiuhcoatl are the eternal pairs of opposites; to this we must add that they are the symbol of the Innermost in the man and in the woman. The Innermost has two souls and a septuplet body in each one of its poles of manifestation, masculine and feminine, which were given unto him by Jehovah God when he was expelled out from Eden. The Master Paul of Tarsus states: "But I see another law in my members, warring against the law of my Spirit, and bringing me into captivity to the law of sin which is in my members." Romans 7:23

The Willpower-Soul ceases of being and is united with the Innermost in the Fifth Initiation of Major Mysteries. The Consciousness-Soul ceases to be and is united with the Innermost in the Sixth Initiation of Major Mysteries.

The Innermost is God within the human being; the "I" is Satan in the human being. The symbol of the Innermost is the star of five points, the pyramid, the cross with equal arms, the scepter.

When you perform your meditation practices, concentrate on your Innermost, who is the true-you, and with a lot of reverence, pronounce the mantra OMNIS AUM. "And you shall be caught up into paradise, and hear unspeakable words, which it is not lawful for a man to utter." 2 Corinthians 12:3

A liberated human being is a Master of himself. He is not obligated to reincarnate.

However, if he reincarnates, he does so willingly and lovingly in order to help humanity. Nevertheless, in such a case, he always follows the narrow path of duty, love and sacrifice, which take him directly into the unlimited joy of the Absolute.

When the Initiate withdraws before the dilemma of the threshold of the Sanctuary, his Innermost or his Being, the Truth, slowly flees from him. This is why in the chapter 8 we stated: crime is hidden within the incense of prayer; crime wears the tunic of sanctity before the altar and has the figure of a martyr. At this point, this "I" or "the prince of this world," as the Holy Scriptures call it, triumphed in the struggle over the body. The body which he loved so much and longed for so much, in order to dwell in and to enjoy, was very close to lost; this was a terrible blow.

Yet now the "I" will be alert; his passions will not flourish so easily. He will disguise himself with the appearance of a beautiful child, but now it is more dangerous, more sly; he does not want money but power; he does not want fame but honors from the world, from the human flock; he wants to receive reverence from the human flock and to receive kisses on his hand from them, so that they can call him great Prelate or great Master.

Now, he writes books, dictates lectures and enjoys talking about his great deeds. As the actors from theatres, he enjoys the applause. He always has a philosophical excuse to amend all of his evil actions. He shaves his crowned head or lets his beard and hair grow long; he dissimulates sanctity in all of his moods; he disguises his anger with severity and his pride with beggar's attitudes; he undresses himself without shame in order to show his great powers, and in gatherings he always craves for the first chairs of the first row.

Nevertheless, for God there is neither space nor time. But while the human being awakens from his dream of separatism, within which only the impulse of his passion moves to the degree that these are governing the world; he lives dead in regard to God, to himself and to fellowmen. He polishes his personality throughout his reincarnations; thus, his body and face become beautiful or ugly according to his deeds (read The Picture of Dorian Grey by Oscar Wilde). Only his eyes are slowly changing and he leaves the unmistakable seal of his way of being, thinking, feeling and loving in all of that which he does. Then, one day tired of his painful pilgrim life over the earth, he stops, turns and goes back towards his Beloved One. The liberation of this type of human is what the Divine Master Jesus Christ refers to in the parable of the Prodigal Son.

Know thyself! This was written on the posterior part of the threshold of the temples of mysteries in ancient Greece. This is the only purpose of life, that the human being must know himself as a child of God, as a God himself over the earth, so that the earth can be transformed into a beautiful garden where liberty, equality and fraternity is the law of love for all humans. This is the marvelous clue of the power of all magi from all times. "See, I have set before thee this day life and good and death and evil" Deuteronomy



We stated in chapter nine that you should ask yourself in the moments of your daily meditation: "Who am I?" So, if you have practiced loyally and devoutly the exercise of chapter nine, then indeed you should have heard the sweet and amorous voice of your Internal Christ. We recommend that you read those chapters again. Thus, before delivering yourself to meditation, feel yourself be what you always have eternally been: the Innermost.

Affirm yourself in that state of consciousness saying seven times: "I am He," and feel that the sacred fire of the Holy Spirit detaches from your Solar Plexus (where you left it in the practice of the former chapter) and arises towards your heart where it becomes united with your Innermost, the true you. Your Innermost and your Internal Christ are oneself.

See the sacred fire that was detached from your chakra Muladhara rise upwardly, penetrating and enveloping your entire body; thus burning your negative habits like: laziness, assumption, fear, loquacity, anger, envy, malignity, vanity, etc. Then finish your meditation concentrating on the following words of the Apostle

Paul: There is an animal body, and there is a spiritual body and repeat like him: Nevertheless I live; yet not I, but Christ lives in me. From now on try to make this state of consciousness the diapason that inspires all the acts of your life.

Chapter 14

The Law of Karma

If there is a tear that must be wiped out, then the Adepts who have reached the mastery will renounce the ineffable joy of the Absolute which they won; thus, they will return into the Earth to serve, to console and to help. Many of them as the Divine Jesus, the Christ, take upon their shoulders the karma of human beings and willingly accept martyrdom, or apparently they die in the dungeons of the Inquisition as the Master Cagliostro.

Justice is beyond good and evil. When you reach the light, then you will know what love is, and when you will know what love is, then you will know how to love and will comprehend that conscious love is Law. It is not enough to perform the good, but to know how to do it.

Karma is the law of compensation, not of vengeance. There are some who confuse this cosmic law with detriment and even with fatality, believing that everything that happens to the human being in life is inexorably determined beforehand. It is true that the acts of the human being are determined by inheritance, education, and the environment. It is also true that the human being has free will and can modify his actions to educate his character, to form superior habits, to fight against weaknesses, to fortify virtues, etc.

The Masters of Karma are conscious Judges that live in Jinn state. Whosoever in front of them has funds to pay his debts, he pays and does well in his affairs. We constantly have to perform good deeds in order to have funds to pay our debts of this life and our previous lives. All the actions of the human being are controlled by laws. Some laws are superior, others are inferior. All of the superior laws are resumed within love. This is why upon speaking of love, the Master Paul stated:

"Love suffereth long, and is kind; love envieth not, love vaunteth not itself is not puffed up, doth not behave itself unseemly, seeketh not her own, is not easily provoketh thinketh no evil; rejoiceth not in iniquity, but rejoiceth in the truth; beareth all things, believeth all things, hopeth all things, endureth all things." 1 Corinthians 13: 4-7

The Chief Priest of the Priests of the Tribunal of Karma is the great Master Anubis. Only the terror of love and justice reign in this Tribunal. In this temple, a book of debits and expenditures exists for each human being in which is written daily, in detail, good and evil actions. The good actions are represented by rare coins that the Masters accumulate on behalf of the men and women that perform these good deeds. Also in this Tribunal, defense lawyers are found. Yet, everything must be paid. Nothing is granted as a gift. The one who has good deeds pays and does well in his affairs. The Masters of Karma also grant credits to those who request them. The granted credits are paid with unrewarded good deeds that are inspired by love towards those who suffer.

"That thou mayest love Jehovah thy Goth and that thou mayest obey his voice, and that thou mayest cleave unto Him: for He is thy l and the length of thy days: that thou mayest dwell in the land which Jehovah sware unto thy fathers, to Abraham, to Isaac, and to Jacob, to give them." Deuteronomy: 30:20

Life is a chess game within which every act of ours is a move. If our moves are good, intelligent and opportune moves, then, the outcome will be success, health and longevity. However, if rather our moves are impelled by evil will, if they are selfish and inopportune, then the outcome will be failure, sickness and death.

"Let no one cheat himself What a human being will sow will be harvested and his actions will follow him." Galatians 6:7

When the Initiates are taken into the secret Sanctuary of the Double House of Life, so that they can weigh their hearts, they, seated on their heels, are placed around the Great Hall of Truth in accordance with their height. The Great Priest Anubis and his forty and two assistant Judges wait for them. All the Judges wear a mask with the shape of a jackal's head or plumed wolf, emblem of Truth. Then, dressed in white and filled with terror, the Initiate declares:

*"I have made no one of my neighbors to weep; I have not performed reprobated actions to mankind; I have not done evil; I have not made to be the first consideration of each day that excessive labor should be performed for me; I have not inflicted fear on anyone; I have not afflicted the widows; I have not oppressed the orphans; I have not caused harm to be done to the servant by his chief I have done no murder; I have not purloined the temples; I have not removed items from the corpses; I have not slept with the spouse of my neighbor; I have not added to the weights of the scales to cheat the seller; I have not misread the pointer of the scales to cheat the buyer; I have not carried away the milk from the mouths of children; I have not driven away the cattle which were upon their pastures; I have not snared the feathered fowls; I have not turned back the water at the time when it should flow; I have not extinguished a fire or light when it should burn; I have not place obstacles on the way of men; I have not committed fornication. I am pure! I am pure! I am pure!" *

The Masters of Karma use a sacred mask which is in the form of a jackal's head, or plumed wolf, when they are officiating as Judges. With this mask, they present themselves to the Initiates in the internal worlds. This is the cruelty of the Law of love.

Experience is the unique worthwhile thing that we acquire throughout our incarnations. With the death of our personality, our four bodies of sin cease tyrannizing us and humbly submit themselves to the will of our Innermost or universal soul.

The "I" does not evolve; it becomes complicated in every incarnation. Many call this process evolution. The simple people of thousands of years ago are the complicated and difficult people of this day and age. Evolution is performed within the consciousness of the mineral when this one awakens within the plant; the consciousness of the plant evolves when this one awakens within the animal; and the consciousness of the animal evolves when this one awakens within the human. 'When the "I" dies totally in ourselves, then we are born within the Absolute. Nevertheless, before that, Satan offers us kingdoms and paradises. Those who yield convert themselves into corpses, into his slaves, and postpone throughout many incarnations their entrance within the ineffable joy of the Absolute.

No one but the Christ incarnated in the human being can forgive sins. Forgiveness is attained by the sinner only when he acquires cognizance of the committed sin, together with the unbreakable purpose of not sinning again. This is why Solomon states: and with all thy getting get understanding. And the Bible adds: God does not want to slay the sinner, but to give him life through repentance.


From now on you have to have upright behavior so that your Internal Christ can express himself through you. Your thoughts, words and acts will only be inspired by truth, love and justice. During the practice of your daily meditation, see that the sacred fire of the Holy Spirit that was detached from your spinal medulla to put in motion the marvelous lotus of twelve petals of your cardiac chakra, is now detaching towards the no less marvelous lotus of sixteen petals of your creative laryngeal chakra and putting it into motion from left to right (clockwise). Now, whether, after you get up in the mornings or in the nights before going to sleep, you have to concentrate on your laryngeal chakra for more than half an hour.

Chapter 15

The Pantheon Xiuhtecuhtli

The causal plane is the book of the memories of God. The duplicates of all gods, humans, animals and things that have existed upon the earth abide within it. Xiuhtecuhtli as an allegorical monolith is found within the causal plane; He is the God of fire, of the year, of time and father of all Gods who dwell in the Tlalocan. Xiuhtecuhtli is one of the many names of Ometecuhtli, this is related with his aspect of Old God (Huehueteoti).

Xiuhuitl: "herb, year;" Tecuhtli: "Lord": "Lord of the herb and the year." The Nahuas represented him wearing a laborious crown filled with attractive colors; a flap-apron made with tassels of quetzalli and feathers in the form of fiery flames; turquoise earrings; on his back a dragon made with feathers of quetzalli and seashells; holding with his left hand a golden shield with a chalchiuitl cross in the center and holding with his right hand a scepter with a centered perforated disc with two globes upon its crest. The perforation in the center of the disc symbolizes that God pours the fire on the earth through the sun.

In another representation of Xiuhtecuhtli, the double face of this vermilion God is emerging from the water; the Earth is in the center of the universe and the star Venus or the evening star along with the Moon which, orbiting around the Earth, perform, soaring through the dusted ways of heaven. In another representation, Xiuhtecuhtli with a double fiery face appears in the air passing throughout the space.

The Masters invoked him while pouring three amphorae of water upon the great fire of the temple's altar. Xiuhtecuhtli answered their supplications. "Ask, and it shall be given you... knock, and it shall be opened unto you." Matthew: 7: 7


Chalchiuitlicue "emerald, precious thing; the one who has a skirt made of emeralds." She is the Goddess of water and the spouse of Tlaloc. The Nahuas represented her young and beautiful with a golden tiara, petticoat and mantle with tassels made with feathers of quetzalli. A precious nymph with a bifid tongue (symbol of light) appears in the hieroglyphic which adorns her skirt within the interior superior facade of her thighs.

The Masters invoked her in summer when the rivers were dried because of the drought. They placed a bulk of sea salt upon the altar of the temple; this way they devotedly entreated her assistance. Afterwards, a Master, while in ecstasy, visited the dried ground of some nearby river and with his magic wand he opened two small holes in the soil, one hole close to the other, and he filled them up with liquid copper that was previously melted by the Adepts. Then the Master repeated the invocation, and with his hands he widened one of the holes; thereafter, the water sprouted from the ground of the dried river and started to flow.


Tlaloc is the God of rain. TIalli means "ground"; Octli means "wine"; "the wine soaked up by the ground." The Nahuas always represented him in the "house of the moon;" his countenance covered by a sacred mask which only allowed his blue eyes to be shown through it, naked arms and legs with golden bracelets in his calves and blue cactlis' long hair fallen upon his shoulders; golden diadem adorned with white, green and red feathers and a necklace made with jade bits; a blue tunic upon which lays a net that ends its rhombus shape with flowers; he holds with his left hand a blue shield upon which the four petals of a beautiful red flower are opened; he has in his right hand the symbols of the hail and the lightning in gold and painted with red. He has two glasses held by blue props in both sides which symbolize the water and the moon.

This God had places of worship in the Major Temple and on the summit of high mountains of the valley of Tenochtitlan. Never was the fire missing upon his altars. The Masters invoked him to express their gratitude for the abundance in their harvest, also to ask him for rain during the great droughts or to melt the hailing clouds. You, dear reader, if you wish, can also invoke him during great rainstorms, but you must do it with faith and reverence.


Ehecati, God of the air, of the wind and of the night is an invisible and untouchable Deity. The Nahuas represented him with a mask of death with an enormous or naked skull with a mouth of elongated lips from where the wind was blown.

When the air was blowing from the East, there where the Tlalocan, the Paradise, is found, they then named him Tlalocayotl; when the air was blowing from the North, where the Mictian, the Inferno, is found, they then named him Mictlapaehecatl; when the air was blowing from the West, there where the place of women who die in parturition is found, they then named him Cihuatlampaehecatl; and when the air was blowing from the South, where the place of the Goddesses is found, they named him Huitztlampaehecatl.

The Masters invoked him by lighting upon the altar of the temple three candles made with virgin-wax. Ehecatl teaches how to travel in the astral body. He helps in small and great journeys, in our daily labor, etc. If we beseech him, He can then remove an old sickness from us, or an evil spell, or a bad friend, or a bad neighbor, etc.; however, Ehecatl demands payments for what he grants. Whosoever asks something from him has then to perform unselfish and good deeds among people without taking into account their race, creed or class.

Nonetheless, for the Tlamatinime Nahuas, who taught that the human being can only find the truth through flowers and chants, Xiuhtecuhtli, Chalchiuitlicue, Tlaloc and Ehecatl are not a sum of Gods but numbers, laws, forces, attributes, effluviums and thoughts of God, because none of them is the true God, Ipalnemoani.

Ehecatl was present in the resurrection of the Divine Master Jesus as a symbol of the universal movement. An arcane is enclosed within it. Read John: 12: 1-7 and John: 19: 38-42, and also as part of the text of this present chapter, read in the Bible chapter 18 of Kings and the 24^th^ of Luke.

When the physical body is submitted to the "Ordeal of Death," it is anointed with an ointment of vegetal origin whose plants are known only by the Masters; this ointment that conserves intact the silver cord (a cord which maintains the physical body alive and united to its Being) together with the sublimation of the sexual forces, produces the Elixir of Long Life that allows the Initiate to invoke his own physical body three days after his passing away and at the very rim of his tomb. The physical body obeys and, hidden by the veil of the fourth dimension, comes out from its tomb to be anointed with drugs and ointments prepared by "Holy Women." Afterwards the physical body rises and penetrates through the coronary chakra of the astral body of the Being.

We have stated that the Masters who renounce the ineffable joy of the Absolute apparently die; yet, indeed they do not die. They continue living eternally with the same body with which they were living among the human beings. The Divine Master Jesus lives in Eastern Tibet in the lost city with many other Masters and He makes himself visible in the physical world wherever and whenever he wants.

All the idols from all pagan religions fell from their altars in the very moment of the resurrection of Master Jesus. In Greece, the Oracle of Delphi became mute. In the submarine caverns of the island of Crete, the Minotaur was found dead, whose priests, sneakily, were presenting vestals to him so that he could nourish himself with them. The mystical warrior rites from the Tenochcatl were born dead, in which the hearts from the prisoners of war were snatched away to offer them in holocaust to Huitzilopochtli.


Choose one of the rooms of your home or a place in your bedroom on which you will place a small desk or table so that it will serve you as an altar where at the light of two wax or paraffin candles from now on you will devotedly study the chapters of this book. Being alone, and after praying, you will invoke the Cosmic Masters and ask them for help and inspiration.

Sit down; while in a meditative attitude, see and feel that the sacred fire of the Holy Spirit continues rising from the laryngeal chakra up to the portentous chakra of your pituitary gland (the eye of the Prophet situated between your eyebrows) and that the fire lights and is in motion from left to right (clockwise); this is your bicolor lotus with two very fine petals which look like arrows and whose lotus center has a very tiny little navel.

The chakras are points of connection through which the divine energy circulates from one to another vehicle of the human being. These shine deadly in the human being who is not spiritually developed; yet, in the Initiate, they shine effulgently like small suns that spin upon themselves. From now on, concentrate in the Chakra Ajna during your moments of meditation.

Chapter 16

The Bat God

The town of Tzinacatlan from Chiapas (Mexico) is inhabited by the Tzoctziles (people of the bat) from the Mayan family and the town of Tzinacantepec in the valley of Toluca. In the Popol Vuh (Mayan Bible) the bat is a great angel who descended from heaven in order to behead the first Mayan people who were made of wood. He is the same Heavenly Bat who in the Popol Vuh advised Ixbalanque and Hunab Ku what they should do in order to become victorious in the ordeal within the cavern of the Bat God.

We find the Tzinacan (bat) sketched upon steles, codices and Mayan vessels holding the livened of the God of the air. He is shown with a nasal appendage and triangular teeth that protrude downwardly from the commissures of his lips. He was always sketched on Aztec hearths, goblets and basins, like the vampires from the hot lands of the South of Mexico.

His mouth is characteristic because of its canine and inferior incisive teeth covered by his tongue that always appears protruded in the Zapotec urns. He has big and well formed ears, and protruding from them in the shape of leaves appears the tragus made of jade. He has short fingers in his paws which point towards the heights in order to utilize the suckers from the palm of his hands (the suckers that serve the bat when it hung itself from smooth surfaces) and his nasal appendage in the form of a mounted chair or leaf.

The Nahua temples in the form of a horseshoe were dedicated to the cult of the Bat God. His altars were of pure gold and oriented towards the East.

The Bat God has the power to heal any type of sickness; yet, he also has the power of cutting the silver cord of life that unites the physical body to the soul. The Nahua Masters invoked the Bat God to ask him for the healing of their disciples or for healing of their profane friends. Only Initiates assisted in that invocation, who without touching their hands or bodies, and alternating men with women, formed a human chain in the interior of the temple. The extremes of the chain were starting at both sides of the altar and all of them were seated in squatting position with their back towards the wall. Freshly cut flowers were placed upon the altar and towards its sides; upon two small columns carved in basalt were full- size clay hearths painted in red, the symbol of life and death. Logs of cypress (symbol of immortality) were burning within the clay hearths, whose aroma was mixed with the smoke of copalli (copal), odorous resins and the powder of white seashells. The Master wore the livened of the God of the Air and Maxtlatl around his waist. Then, in the front, and raising the extended palms of his hands, he vocalized three times the mantra ISIS, dividing it in two syllables, as follows:


Afterwards, with an obsidian knife whose hilt was made with jade and gold, he blessed the assistants and in silence he performed the ritualistic invocation*: "Lord of life and death, I invoke thee so that thou can descend to heal all of our aches." *

An impotent silence interrupted only by the crackling of the hearths; then suddenly, the sound of flapping wings together with an aroma of roses and spikenards was expanding all over the temple. A flame that elongated itself as if it wanted to touch the heavens was coming from the hearths; and the Master with the assistants were prostrating until placing their forehead on the ground.

The Nahua deity of Death (the Bat God) descended wearing the livened of the God of the air or in the shape of an owl to the funerary ordeals of the Thirteenth Arcanum. The front stoop entrance to the temples of Nahua Mysteries had thirteen steps, and Huehueteoti, the Old God, has thirteen locks on his head of hair.

A circular temple dedicated to the Sun existed inside the precinct where the Major Temple of Tenochtitlan was erected; this circular temple was orientated towards the East, and its ceiling allowed the sunlight to penetrate unto the altar. A gigantic Sun of pure gold was placed upon the interior background wall of that temple; this gigantic Sun was the visible representation of the great Invisible Deity Ipalnemoani. Its door-entrance was the opened jaws of a serpent whose curved and menacing fangs protruded from its commissures and in bas-relief upon the floor a great and bifid tongue protruded from the door of the temple. In the frontispiece of the temple in bas-relief there were the opened jaws of another serpent with very sharp fangs that symbolized the monster against which the Adepts of the august Order of the Knight Commanders of the Sun had to fight.

The Tzinacalli (house of the bat) existed within the secret chambers of that temple of mysteries; it was a broad chamber with the interior aspect of a somber cavern where the rituals of initiation to attain the higher degrees of Ocelotl (tiger) Knight and Cuauhtli (eagle) Knight took place. Upon the lintel of the small door that was concealed within the interior background wall of the cavern, a door that which gave access to the temple, hung a great obsidian mirror; and in front of that small door a bonfire with pinewood burned on the floor.

The candidate for the initiation was taken to the Tzinacalli where he was left alone during the very late hours of the night. Previously, he was indicated to walk in the obscurity towards the light of a bonfire and once in front of it, to talk to the Guardian of the Threshold: "I am a child of the Great Light; darkness move away from me." The bats then began to screech and to tumble through the air upon the head of the candidate. The pinewood fire slowly diminished until only embers were left in it, which reflected upon the mirror. Suddenly, emerging from the gloom with a very noisy flapping of wings and releasing a terrifying howling, a human shadow appeared who with bat wings and maxtlatl around his waist struck with his heavy sword and threatened to decapitate the intrepid invader of his domains.

Woe to the candidate who withdrew in terror! A door that until then was hidden on the rock opened in silence and at the hinge post a strange person appeared who was aiming the way towards the outside world of the profane from where the candidate had come.

Yet, if the candidate had enough presence of courage and he dauntlessly resisted the assault of Camazotz (the God of the Bats), the small door hidden in front of him was softly opened and one of the Masters approached to encounter him; the Master then discovered and incinerated an effigy that was molded in amethyst paper that had the likeness of the candidate and that was hidden within the shadows of the cavern; meanwhile the other Masters welcomed the candidate and invited him to enter into the temple. This ritual symbolizes the death of the passions of the personality of the Initiate in his passing from the darkness into the light.

Through the tests of this ordeal to which the candidates of the Initiation were submitted in the ancient schools of Nahua mysteries, their animal soul was sometimes depicted as a bat, because like the bat the soul is blinded and deprived of its power for the lack of the spiritual light of the sun.

As vampire bats, the depraved and the avaricious ones fly down upon their prey, and afterwards they lazily go back into the gloomy caverns of their senses where they hide from the light of the day as those who live within the darkness of ignorance, desperation and evil.

The world of ignorance is governed by fear, hate, greed, and lust. In it wander men and women who are only floating listlessly to and fro upon their passions. Only when the human being comes into the realization of the spiritual verities of life does he then escape from this underworld, from that damned cavern of bats over which Camazotz, who sometimes even kills with his sole presence, hidden, lies in wait for his victims. The sun of truth rises in the human being and illuminates his world when he lifts his mind from the darkness of ignorance and selfishness into the light of wisdom and altruism. A symbol of this state of consciousness in the human being is the pair of eagle eyes that, upon the tarsus feet of Coatlicue, try to see towards the infinite.


We recommend you choose a private place in any of your rooms, so that every week, in that place, upon a small desk or table, you can study these chapters. A white mantle, a small wooden or metallic cross and the light of two lit candles made of wax or paraffin must not be missing upon that desk. Choose the hour from any day of the week, for instance, Thursday from 9 to 10 or from 10 to 11 p.m. Before performing the invocation of Camazotz, the Bat God, you must during three days nourish yourself only with fruits, legumes, rye bread and milk. Do not be afraid to perform the invocation of Camazotz with whom you have to confront yourself to successfully continue on our studies. The soul purified by love and sincere devotion to his internal God must neither fear anything nor anybody, but only fear itself. Keep such an experience of the path of your life only for you.

Chapter 17


In the museum of Anthropology and History of Mexico City is found Xochipilli seated upon a beautiful carved basaltic cube. The knees on high and his legs crossed as the cross of Saint Andrew, his hands above his knees with their respective index and thumbs in contact. His sight is towards the in He wears great earrings made of jade, an armor chest with tassels that end as tiger paws or serpent's fangs, and upon the center of his armor are shown two suns with a big half moon upon each one of them. He has bracelets and kneecaps that are finished as six petaled flowers; leg-armor with paws which seize his ankles, and upon his leg-armor there are two bellflowers whose corollas are downwardly spreading; one with six seeds and the other with fire. He is wearing cactlis whose lashes are graciously knotted upon his feet.

Xochipilli: xochith "flower" pilli, "principal" God of agriculture, flowers, music, song, poetry and dance. "Flowers and chants are the most elevated things that exist on the earth so as to enter into the ambits of the truth; "this is what the Tlamatinime taught in the Calmecac. This is why all their philosophy is tinted with the most pure poetic tinge. The face of Xochipilli is impassible; yet, his heart is overflowing with happiness.

The annals state that "Sun-4-Air", or Ehecatonatinuh, is Quetzalcoatl, the luminous dragon, hermaphrodite God of the winds which blows from the east throughout the four cardinal points. His consort or equal is Cihuacoatl, the woman-serpent. Quetzalcoad arrived from Venus and returned to Venus. Therefore, when the Sun is still over the horizon irradiating its last rays of gold, the afternoon star, the soul of Quetzalcoatl starts to shine with its firsts trembling lights.

After the "Sun-4-Ocelotl", Quetzalcoatl bled his phallus and made penance with Apantecuhtli, Huictlolinqui, Tepanquezqui, Tiallamanac and Tzotenco in order to create the human beings who would populate Anahuac anew. Such a sacrifice was performed in Tamoanchan (house from where we descended) and made possible the entrance of life within the bones of the giants who were devoured by the tigers, and who were brought by Quetzalcoatl from Mictlan.

Human beings are the fruits of the sacrifice of the Gods. They deserved them through their sacrifice; this is why they call them Macehualli (the ones who are deserved by the Gods).

Two Xiuhcoatl face each other on the inferior part of the Aztec Calendar. The faces of two personages appear within their jaws. The one on the right is wearing the same crown, the same nose ring and the same earrings of Tonatiuh. This double personage is Quetzalcoatl, who is united by his flinted tongue to his consort or equal, Cihuacoati, who wears a blubbery-lip and covers her face with a veil. They are the fallen ones, Adam and Eve, fallen because of their transgression of the Law of God: *Thou shalt not fornicate. *

The Nahuas only adopted ideographic writing in order to transmit us their philosophy; this is why they had to carve so many sculptures in order to speak, in each one of them, about the attributes of the Divine Couple, Father and Mother of all Gods and Humans.

Quetzalcoatl is the Cosmic Christ who incarnated among the Nahuas in order to teach them how to live in accordance with the laws of God and in order to give them his message of triumph:

"In the world ye shall have tribulation: but be of good cheer; I have overcome the world." John: 16

Quetzalcoatl projects himself into Xochipilli, who has the symbol of this Great Deity over his chest. The feline paws, on the tassels of his armor chest, are the same ones that at the side of the face of Tonatiuh are scratching hearts; this is a symbol of the sacrifice of emotions in the Initiate; it is impossible to reach God without such a sacrifice.

The crowds of the Nahua religion celebrated the festivity of Xochilhutl in which, during four previous days, it was commendatory, one time a day, to eat only cornbread made without salt, and if you were married to sleep separated from your spouse. The fifth day they publicly offered to Xochipilli dances and chants accompanied with teponaztli and drums, ovations of flowers recently cut and breads with honey from bees within which they placed an obsidian butterfly, a symbol of the believer's soul.


Xochiquetzal is the Goddess of love, the consort or equal of Xochipilli, whose haven is in the Tamoanchan, the deposit of the universal waters of life that in the man is located in his zoosperms. Tamoanchan is a paradisiacal place carpeted with flowers, rivers and blue fountains. The xochitlicacan tree grows in the Tamoanchan; it is such a marvelous tree that it is enough for the enamored ones to stand under the shelter of its branches and touch its flowers in order for them to become eternally happy.

Never has any man seen this Deity; nonetheless, the Nahuas represented her young and beautiful with her hair over her shoulders and a gracious trimming on her forehead, red leather bracelets with protruding tufts of quetzalli feathers towards her elbows, earrings of gold in her ears and a small jewel of the same metal in her nose, a blue blouse embroiled with flowers and multicolored feathers and polychrome skirt and bunches of fragrant roses on her hands.

Her temple was inside the Major Temple of Tenochtitlan, and although small, it displayed carpets embroiled with precious feathers and golden ornaments. Xochiquetzal had the power of forgiveness. Pregnant women, after having had a lustrum bath, went to her temple in order to confess their sins and to ask her forgiveness and help; however, if the sins were very great, then, an effigy that was molded in amethyst paper (ficus petiolaris) that had the likeness of the penitent was burned at the feet of this Deity.

A ceremony offered to Xochipilli had a place in the Calmecac: Calli: "house;" Mecatl: "cable, rope, long and narrow corridor within the interior rooms of a building." Eleven children, all of them nobility's children, while forming a circle, performed chants and dances; when dancing, they went three steps to the front and three steps in reverse, six times; at the same time, they were graciously agitating their hands. A child kneeled in front of the fire that burned in the altar; he silently prayed for the daily bread and another child remained on guard standing at the entrance of the temple.

This ceremony endured as long as the infantile dances endured, and should be celebrated in the first night when the fine silver sickle of the new moon appears in the sky. The director of the Calmecac, standing between the child who prayed and the dancers, with his forehead towards the altar and with his face impassible as the face of Xochipilli, collected the vibrations from the infantile praying and from the chants and from the dances; and while raising his dark hands towards the heavens that now represented a flower, silently pronounced the mystic and ineffable word that assigns, defines and creates, and that the children pronounced in chorus: DANTER-ILOMBER-BIR. "Verily I say unto you, except ye be converted, and become as little children, ye shall not enter into the kingdom of heaven. Whosoever therefore shall humble himself as this little child, the same is greatest in the kingdom of heaven." Matthew: 18:2-4 Not like those gluttonous, disobedient and spoiled brat children, but like those children who are humble and confident in their parents who give them everything that they certainly need.

Wisdom is love. Xochipilli dwells in the world of love, music and beauty. His face rosy as the dawn and his blonde hair give him an ineffable and sublime infantile presence. Art is the positive expression of the mind. Intellect is the negative expression of the mind. All Adepts have cultivated the Fine Arts.

We can invoke Xochipilli on Fridays from 10:00 p.m. to Saturdays at 2:00 a.m. He makes the 'Wheel of Retribution spin in favor of those who ask him and who also deserve it. Yet, he profits for every service, because he cannot violate the Law.

In the interior of the Temple of the Sun, the Ocelot Knights and the Cuauhtli Knights celebrated another ceremony on the first Thursday with the new moon; they attired themselves with helmets made with the shape of tiger and eagle heads, all of them wore on their necks tufts made with feathers of quetzalli, a symbol of the fight that they have to sustain against evil on the earth; they also held on one of their hands a bunch of roses and on the other a mace covered with tiger skin and eagle feathers, a symbol of power; they also had bracelets on their wrists and armors on their calves. There were dances and ritualistic chants in this ceremony, and one of the Tlamatinime (mirror honored in itself, an organ of contemplation, concentrate vision of the world of things) finished the ceremony with the following prayer: *"Lord from whom we live, owner of the 'near' and of the faraway,' we give you thanks with happiness for our Lord Quetzalcoatl, who with the sacrifice of his blood and his penance made your lift to enter within us. Make us strong as he is, make us happy as he is, and make us just as he is." *

"Let it be" was uttered by everybody in chorus.


Each Thursday, after a prayer (whichever you might be familiar with) to God and to the Masters, you must start the study of the chapter that corresponds to that particular week. After you finish with the former study, sit down comfortably on a chair; this chair must be the one which you commonly use in your Sanctum Sanctorum of your home and the one which you must not use for other purposes. Relax your whole body, let your mind go blank for a few minutes and become totally quiet. After you have achieved it, expand your consciousness from within to without; see from within how your consciousness expands upward, downward, sideward, always around your body. See with your consciousness the color of your shirt, of your scarf of your suit, and of your shoes. Be aware that your body is relaxed and in an esthetic position. Observe how your room is arranged, your furniture, pictures; you must identify everything before embracing the streets of the whole city where you live; identify them, feel how the vehicles run, and likewise, expand and expand more and more your consciousness until it embraces the whole Earth. Afterwards, embrace the space without limits where the suns and sidereal worlds move.

This exercise must endure one hour and must be performed for thirty days with the exception of Sundays.

Chapter 18

The Secret Teaching of the Nahuas

"If thou wilt diligently hearken to the voice of Jehovah thy God, and wilt do that which is right in his sight, and wilt give ear to his commandments, and keep all his statutes, I will put none of these diseases upon thee, which I have brought upon the Egyptians: for I am Jehovah that healeth thee". Exodus: 15:26

"The origin of all human sufferings has to be searched for within sin;" this is what the Tiamatinime taught. The righteous one is invulnerable to evil.

Hallucinogenic mushrooms grow in the cool climate of the mountainous Huautla in Jimenez, Oaxaca, Mexico where it rains throughout the year. The Nahuas utilized hallucinogenic mushrooms to discover the origin of sicknesses. The dose should not exceed four mushrooms. Under the effects of these mushrooms the sick person experienced the "slumber of the temple." During this state, his subjective mind retreated; thus his subconscious mind was ready for the catharsis. Then, the Master interrogated the sick person by asking him questions in retrospection: "What are you doing in these moments? What did you do yesterday? What did you do the past week? What did you do a year a go?" Thus gradually, the sick person revealed his interior conflicts, his more intimate anguishes; without omitting a single detail, he confessed his unspeakable deeds. Therefore, with the confession of those events which disturbed him internally, the committed sin, the true cause of his sickness, was uttered through his lips.

Many times when a sin was not the origin of the illness, the Master then administered his command followed by the ineffable word that he pronounced so quietly that it seemed a whisper. Yet, if the ill was related with a sin, then the Master imposed onto the sick person that he must humbly demand for the healing of his illness, the forgiveness from his victim, plus praying and service to his fellowmen.

The effect of the hallucinatory mushrooms endures some six to seven hours. Upon awakening, the sick person does not remember anything; yet, he awakens with euphoria, stimulated by the beauty that he experienced in the superior worlds after his confession. His convalescence is gradual, and during it, he must keep complete chastity. By any motive, his nourishment's regimen had to alternate with sweets that are the gifts of friends and family.

In chapter four we stated that the peyote (Williamensi Lophophora) causes the separation of the astral body from the physical body and also prevents the neophyte from losing the lucidity of his consciousness while in the superior worlds. The Peyote is a small, wild, thornless cactus-plant that protrudes about two centimeters from the earth; it is ash colored and it is divided into segments covered with white and bright down; its center sprouts little light-red flowers, its root is thick and obscure. It grows in Queretaro, San Luis Potosi, Sonora, Zacatecas, Nayarit and Coahuila.

The Tlamatinime employed the peyote in their temples to initiate their neophytes. In the same way that strips of fruit are dried, likewise, they sliced such a plant and dried it in the shade. The candidate of the ordeal, previously prepared through praying, fasting, and the absence of worldly thoughts, was comfortably seated in the temple where he remained with his eyes closed. Two strips of peyote, mixed and slowly swallowed by him, were enough so that after five minutes his senses would start to sharpen and thus he could see multicolor lights.

His physical body acquired heaviness and little by little he was abandoning his body so to soar towards a great light which exerted a pull on him along with a great indescribable happiness which invaded the whole of his being. Afterwards, he experienced a great adventure, such as the one which the Apostle Paul reveals in 2- Corinthians: 12: 1-4:

*"I knew a man in Christ about fourteen years ago, (whether in the body, I cannot tell; or whether out of the body, I cannot tell: God knoweth;) such a one caught up to the third heaven. And I knew such a man, (whether in the body, or out of the body, I cannot tell: God knoweth;) How that he was caught up into paradise, and heard unspeakable words, which it is not lawful for a man to utter." *

On many occasions the neophyte remained unconscious for seventy-two hours since, apart from his time for his initiation, he had to bring to his Masters the answer of any message that they had entrusted onto him for the invisible hierarchy.

Nevertheless, by no means should you believe that the hallucinogenic mushrooms are indispensable to provoke "the slumber of the temple" and the peyote for the "initiation." Because in proportion as the serpent of the Aztecs, impelled by the amorous magic, arises to the brain, the magnetic force of the Initiate is converted into cosmic force. Then only with the sight or with the inflections of the voice the "slumber of the temple" is provoked, and with the imposition of hands to treat any type of sickness; at this point, the path bifurcates: the initiate has to choose between being a Magician or Shaman. His only purpose is to surrender himself to God, and as the initiate progresses, the amorous magic becomes unnecessary.

If you observe the illustration of this chapter, you will see nine women, who while seated in the Oriental style and embracing each other by placing their hands over the kidneys of their female friends, are forming a half moon chain. In front of the women, three men are found seated in the Oriental style (legs crossed), they are in the center forming a triangle and holding, each one, a reed with their dexterous hand. (Jeremiah 17:10)

This is a magic amorous chain without contact. The nine women attract lunar forces towards the kidneys of the three men; and the three men attract solar forces towards the kidneys of the nine women. In order to intensify the forces, a bonfire with ahuehuete wood has to be lit at the right of this human chain, and at the left of this human chain, within a little puddle filled with fresh and clean water, nine frogs must be placed alive. These frogs must not be hurt when capturing them.

Everything that is done in the astral plane manifests itself in the physical plane. This magical ceremony makes the serpent of the Aztecs to be agitated in the spinal medulla of the Adepts; thus, these ones have to chant the mantras: MANGUELE, MANGUELA.

In order to chant these mantras, they must be seperated into syllables, and each one of them must be chanted three times. Their intonation is the natural "FA" which resounds in all of nature. 'When the executors of this magical ritual charged with solar and lunar forces go out of the temple, they can cure any type of sickness by uttering the ineffable word or by the imposition of hands; thus, this is how they can perform many of the socalled miracles.

The aficionados to occultism who did not have the opportunity to initiate themselves within a serious Order, believe that an Initiate is the one who starts studying some art, profession or career.

To become an Initiate, one has to endure a magical ritual in which the soul, momentarily, is liberated from the four bodies of sin and ascends towards the superior vertex of the triangle of life, from where the soul can contemplate, on one side, his physical-animal life, and on the other side, his spiritual life. From that moment, the Initiate lives with a secret longing within the heart: to accomplish a mission of service towards all fellowmen. From that moment he knows that he is not an animal being but the Innermost incarnated within a body, and that God and the Masters are with him in all the crucial moments of his terrestrial life.

He knows that his mission is to love and to sacrifice himself for his fellowmen. He know the secrets of life and death and that this one is neither his first nor his last incarnation, and that sometimes in his dreams, his "I" appears in his past lives where he is found as an Egyptian Satrapa with the face of a sphinx and a golden mitre and living within the Levitical Memphis.


Hang from the wall above the table of your Sanctum Sanctorum a mirror of about 30 by 40 cm. or about 30 cm. of diameter if it is round, so that you can see yourself while seated. If you did not perform the practice of the ritual of which we refer in chapter sixteen, then proceed to perform it, choosing for that purpose the night of any Thursday, between 10:00 and 11:00 p.m. Start the convocation of that night with praying to God and to the Masters, followed by the 23^rd^ Psalm of the Bible which you must not be missing in your Sanctum.

As an exercise, project yourself out of your body and try to feel as if you are in a park, that you are a little bird that jump among the branches of a tree that you have at your sight. On another day, try to feel that you are that tree. On another day, feel that you are the little flower of the meadow that you step upon with your feet. On another occasion, feel that you are a cloud, then, a drop of dew, a stone. Confirm that you are not your body, that you are the Divine Innermost dwelling within your body.

Chapter 19


We have arrived at a very interesting subject matter in our studies: this is the matter of "mental works."

The first thing that everyone who enters into these studies wants is to dominate the minds of others. This is pure and legitimate black magic. No one has the right to violate the free will of others. No one has the right to exercise co-action upon the mind of others because that is pure and genuine black magic. The ones who are guilty of this grave error are all of those mistaken authors that are everywhere. All of those books of hypnotism, magnetism and suggestion are books of black magic.

Atkinson, Paul Jagot, and many other authors taught systems to develop mental force and thus to dominate others. Those systems are pure and genuine black magic.

Whosoever does not know how to respect the free will of others is a black magician. Those who perform mental works in order to violently dominate the minds of others convert themselves into perverse demons. These people separate themselves from the Innermost; thus, this is how they crumble into the abyss.

Disciples constantly write to us in order to ask us about the weird enterprise of performing mental works to violently dominate the mind of their son, daughter, fiancée, spouse, etc. Naturally, we dump instantly those types of letters into the garbage can because we are not black magicians.

The World of Netzah

This is the world of the Cosmic Mind; this world is governed by Anael, a divine child filled with beauty. Anael is the Angel of ol ve. The mystic enters into ecstasy when contemplating Anael's perfection. That Angel is precious; his countenance is rosy as the dawn and his hair look as if it were a golden cascade. All of these give onto this Angel an ineffable, enchanted, sublime and delectable presence. Indeed, Netzah is related with the world of love, of music and of beauty.

Fine Arts are related with the positive use of the mind. Cultivate beauty; love the fine arts. 'When the animal intellect is divorced from any type of spirituality, it becomes Luciferean and totally negative.

The Aztec God Xochipilli, god of happiness, music and dance, is found in Netzah. Xochipilli, the Aztec God, always does his negotiations with the Kabbalistic number Ten; this is the 'Wheel of fortune, the 'Wheel of reincarnations and karma, the terrific Wheel of retribution. Whosoever wants to invoke this Master must first of all wash their hands with pure water.

Xochipilli must be invoked in the time between 10:00 p.m. of Friday and 2:00 a.m. of Saturday. Nothing is given free onto us and Xochipilli charges for any service that we might ask. Whosoever has funds can pay for any service, then pays and gets anything. Yet, the one who has no funds has to suffer the consequences. Perform good deeds so that you can have funds for payments. This is how Xochipilli can perform miracles and marvels for you. Good deeds are symbolized in the superior worlds by mysterious jewels and coins. So, these types of jewels and coins are the currency that you need in order to pay for the services that you might ask of Xochipilli. Xochipilli does not perform anything for free; everything has a price. Xochipilli can make the 'Wheel of retribution spin on your behalf. You may resolve all your problems with this Aztec God, but he charges for any type of service because he cannot violate the Law. You must never ask to Xochipilli to perform anything evil because he is a Master of the light. Remember that this Deity is a very pure Angel from Netzah, the world of the mind.

'When an inferior law is transcended by a superior law, the superior law washes away the inferior law. This is how one works with White Magic and one gets everything without the necessity of using the force of thought to violate the free will of people. If you are suffering, if you have some problem that you cannot resolve, this is a matter of karma; go to the aid of Xochipilli so that he can help you to resolve that problem that is the cause of your suffering. Yet, you have to pay to Xochipilli with the funds of good deeds; if you do not have funds to pay to Xochipilli, then Xochipilli cannot perform your requested service. Nonetheless, a remedy exists: ask a credit to Xochipilli, this is the way; then the outcome will be marvellous. Remember that any type of credit must be paid with good deeds. If you do not pay the credit, then they will collect it from you with intense grief. This is the Law. Perform good deeds so that you can pay your debts.

Love is the sumum of wisdom. Remember that an intellect without spirituality is filled with falsity. The villains of intellectuality are the outcome of an intellectualism without spirituality.

The Kabbalistic number of Netzah is the Arcane Seven, the Chariot of War of the Tarot, Expiation. Geburah is the Arcane Five, the justice of karma. Both Arcanes are different; yet, they complement each other.

The Aztec sculpture of Xochipilli is just a symbol of this Great Master who lives in the world of the mind. Netzah is governed by Venus, the star of love... The symbols of Netzah are the lamp, the belt, the rose... Netzah governs the kidneys, the waist.

Chapter 20

The Sephira Hod

Now, we are going to study the Sephira Hod whose regent is Raphael. Let us see, we already studied the Arcane Thirteen, Death. Indeed, the Goddess of Death is an Adorable Mother. Jesus met her when he rose to Jordan in the solitude of the desert. She governs all the Angels of death. Let us reflect on the Arcane Twenty which represents the Resurrection. Let us study also the Arcane of Job, the famous Arcane Eight. This Arcane signifies, as a fact, ordeals and grieving. No one is worthy of receiving the Crown of Life without having passed through the ordeals of the Arcane Eight.

The Sephira Hod of the Hebraic Kabbalah receives a force of a Mercurial type within the radiant manifestations of the astral plane. This force within the astral body is absolutely Mercurial. This is why the messages that descend from the world of the Pure Spirit become symbolic in the astral plane. These symbols are interpreted based on the Law of Philosophical Analogies, Analogies of the Contraries and in the Law of Correspondences and Numerology. Study the book of Daniel and the biblical passages of the Patriarch Joseph, son of Jacob, so that you can learn how to interpret your own astral experiences.

The Astral Plane is really the Plane of Practical Magic. In the oriental valleys of the

South American Country of Colombia, the natives know how to enter into the Astral Plane at will. They mix the ashes of a tree called Guarumo with very well grounded leaves of coca. Afterwards, they ritualistically chew such a vegetal mixture while being in a squatting position (this is the Peruvian Huacas' position).

The vegetal substances of these two plants have the power of producing ecstasy in these indigenous natives.


Inebriated by the ecstasy (samadhi), these indigenous people place themselves in an orderly form. They establish two circles, the internal and the external; the first circle is made with men and the second with women.

The ritualistic steps are very interesting. In a rhythmic way men and women give a step forward and another backward. They dance and sing exotic chants, ineffable songs from the profound jungle. This liturgy from the mysterious vortex jungle endures many hours. The soul feels transported to an ineffable paradise, to the times of ancient Arcadia, when the ineffable Gods of fire, air, water and earth were worshiped. The chants of the jungle are merged with the sympathetic sound of the rattles which hang as flowers from the batons which the natives use during their liturgy. Those natural sounds from vegetal rattles are similar to the sharp chirping of the cricket in the forest or to the typical sound that the rattlesnake produces. This reminds us of the "subtle voice," the Lost Word with which any magician learns how to instantaneously depart in the astral body.

The feast is intense and the liturgy very solemn. The hours pass and finally the natives lie down on their "chinchorros" (hammocks) that serve them as beds. In those solemn moments they go out from their physical bodies at will; they astrally project themselves; they transport themselves in their astral body to wherever they wish.

In Mexico, the Aztecs used the buttons of peyote to astrally depart. Such a cactus is very abundant in Chihuahua; unfortunately the peyote that is known in the valley of Mexico does not serve for this purpose. Whosoever wants to obtain the true peyote has to search for it among the native Tarahumaras in the mountain range of Chihuahua; moreover, they have to learn how to dose it. Those native Indians are the only ones who can teach how to administer that cactus. Many people have wasted their time with the peyote of the Valley of Mexico; the people who have obtained this cactus in the North of Mexico did not achieve anything because they do not know how to use it. This is the difficult problem of peyote.

There exists an Aztec chain of immense power for the Magician. Let us study this chain: If you study the illustration of chapter eighteen, you will see nine women forming a half moon chain and three men in the center forming a triangle. The men are found seated in the Oriental posture (legs crossed). This chain represents the Ninth Sphere (sex).

This chain is completely sexual. The nine women attract lunar forces.

The three men attract solar forces.

The Moon is of a feminine nature. The Sun is of a masculine nature. When the solar and lunar atoms make contact with the coccygeal bone, close to the Triveni, then the Spiritual fires awaken and the development, evolution and progress of the Kundalini begins. The nine women constitute the Ninth Sphere (sex). The men represent the three aspects of the Logos or the human being in his three aspects of Body, Soul and Spirit. Each of the three men of the triangle has in his right hand a reed. This reed represents the spinal medulla. Let us remember that the Holy Jerusalem is measured with a reed. The three men of the triangle will charge themselves with the strength of the chain. The Christic energy rises through the medullar canal, vivif,ring fires and awakening the chaksas of the astral body.

The Sanctuary must be carefully arranged in accordance with the laws of occultism. The

Aztecs had a well of pure water inside the Sanctuary so that it would attract lunar forces. There was never absent from this well the lunar animal that is known as the frog. The frog and the water attract lunar forces. The liturgical system to attract solar forces is also very easy and simple. They would paint on the ground a circle of eight palms in diameter. In the center of the circle they would light the fire. Any Gnostic student today can arrange his Sanctuary in a similar manner. This is easy.

**Mantra **

The Aztec mantras of this chain are the following:


The "U" must be made to resound. Such mantras are chanted by prolonging each syllable. It is necessary to remind the Gnostic students that each of these words is accented on the last syllable.

With this chain which can be done in all the Gnostic Sanctuaries, the men receive a great benefit. It is clear that the men in the center charge themselves with all the strength of this magical chain. In the times of Ancient Mexico, when these men came out of the rite, they would go through the streets curing the sick. It was enough to put their hands on the ill for them to be cured immediately. A man charged with the forces of such a marvellous chain can make marvels and prodigies, such as the ones performed by the Apostles of the Great Master Jesus the Christ.

The women charged with the forces of this chain can also carry out many marvels. Really the chain of the Ninth Sphere is marvellous. Every Gnostic Sanctuary can work with the chain of the Ninth Sphere.

It is remarkable to clairvoyantly contemplate how the sexual forces rise in this Ritual, sublimating themselves until they reach the heart. The Initiates must be in profound internal meditation, adoring their Internal God. The magical words must be pronounced with much devotion. The whole environment must be filled with purity and true prayer.

The Gnostic Sanctuaries must work in order to develop the internal powers of the human being with this chain.

The meditation must last one hour. The mantras must be pronounced with true mystic fervour; with supreme adoration. The mind must be directed towards the Internal God.

Let us remember that our Gnostic Sanctuaries are centres of Internal Meditation. Men and women can organise these chains in all the Sanctuaries with the goal of awakening superior faculties.

It is necessary to combine meditation with slumber. We have to remember that meditation without slumber damages the mind and damages the internal powers. We must learn how to provoke slumber at will. This is how we attain internal illumination.

Many people when searching for wisdom travel to India; it is necessary to know that all the treasures of ancient wisdom are hidden in Mexico.

Chapter 21

The Ninth Sphere

We have arrived at the ninth Arcane, the Hermit of the Tarot, the Sephira Yesod. This Sephira is the Ethereal World, the Eden from the Bible. Such a Sephira is governed by the Moon. The rector of Eden is our Lord Jehovah. It is very interesting to know that Eden is governed by the positive rays of the Moon, while the Abyss obeys the orders of the negative rays from this satellite.

The Elohim live in Eden; yet, the terrible and perverse Lucifers live in the Abyss. The innocent elementals of fire, air, water and earth exist in Eden; yet, the demons exist in the Abyss. Behold here the pair of opposites of philosophy.

It is intriguing to know that the Moon has two esoteric faces: Eden and the Abyss. The Bible states that God placed at the east of the Garden of Eden two Cherubims, and a flaming sword which menacing turned every way, to keep the way of the Tree of Life. On the other hand, it is also very true that the Abyss also has its tenebrous guardians.

When an inhabitant of Eden ejaculates the seminal fluid, then the sexual fire or Pentecostal Fire that is named Kundalini among the Orientals, descends through the medullar canal and becomes enclosed within the church of Ephesus or chakra of the coccyx. Therefore, the outcome of seminal ejaculation is Death for the Edenic Man. As a fact, this is how the man enters into the Abyss, the infra-atomic regions of the Lucifers.

Reproduction without the need of ejaculating the semen exists in Eden; the sperm can enter into the womb without the need of spilling the semen. The multiple combinations of this infinite substance are marvelous.

Therefore, it is necessary to recognize that this present humanity is Luciferian and perverse. Any Lucifer is intellectual and a fornicator. Any exercised clairvoyant can corroborate this affirmation. We do not attack the intellect, yet, when the intellect is placed under the service of Satan, it becomes diabolic; but when it is placed to the service of the Internal God, it becomes angelic. The Lucifers have their sparkling intellectualism placed in the service of Satan.

Eden is the depository of all the sexual forces from Nature. The Elohim, who govern the lunar forces related with the reproduction of all the living species, live in Eden.

When a woman dies while in parturition of her child, she loses an opportunity as a reincarnating soul; nonetheless, this is a deceptive failure, since indeed she has performed a totally complete occult work. This can be proven by the mystics, the great illuminati, during the ecstasy.


The sculpture of Cihuapipiltin, Goddess of the west and of women who died while in parturition of their child, exists in the National Museum of Mexico. This Goddess is indeed a Great Master of the White Lodge who lives in the ethereal plane (Eden). Said Master works upon those wretched women who died while in parturition. The death of women in parturition is, in the superior worlds and in accordance with the laws of karma (even when this appear as incredible), a perfect work. In the internal worlds the fruit of this grief is remarkable. The disincarnated soul who died during that parturition appears before the clairvoyant with her child in her arms. The law of karma determines that type of death for the good of the souls who need it. Law is law, and the law is fulfilled.

Religious people know that a Virgin named "Immaculate Conception" exists. Any mystic illuminati perfectly knows that she lives in Eden working with the immaculate conceptions of the Holy Spirit. When a conception without the spilling of the seminal fluid is performed, it is done by the Holy Spirit. Such a conception is under the vigilance and direction of the "Immaculate Conception." We announce that this said Virgin is not the Hebrew Mary. Indeed, the "Immaculate Conception" is a woman who attained the degree of Virgin. Many similar women exist, true living Buddhas who attained the Fifth Initiation. Let us remember the Virgin of the Sea (Mother of Jesus), and the eleven thousand Inca Virgins, the Virgins of the stars, the Virgin of the law, etc. All of those women are living Buddhas, women who attained the Fifth Initiation of Major Mysteries (true human beings). The most elevated degree for a woman is that of Virgin.

The most elevated degree for a human is that of Christ. The Virgin who renounces Nirvana and reincarnates in order to work for humanity as a human being elevates herself to the degree of Christ.

The Sephira Yesod is the Philosophical Stone of the Alchemists, the Cubic Stone of Yesod, the mysterious stone Amphorasep of the Hebrews, the sex. Yesod is in the sexual organs.

Jesus said (Matthew 16: 18.): *And I say also unto thee, That thou art Peter, and upon this rock I will build my church; and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it. *

No one can incarnate the Intimate Christ without previously having built the temple upon the living rock (sex).

We must raise the seven columns of the temple of wisdom. The word INRI is written with fiery characters upon each one of the seven columns of the temple.

The seven degrees of power of the fire are developed only with sexual magic.

The mysteries of sex enclose the clue of all powers. Everything that comes into life is a child of sex.

Among the Aztecs, the dance of the twelve Cihuateteos for the dead women during parturition was verified around the Red Quetzalcoatl and the black Quetzalcoatl.

So, Cihuapipiltin is the Master helper of those wretched parturient women. Women, when you need Cihuapipiltin invoke her! Thus, you will receive immediate help.


Another Goddess of parturition named Tlazolteotl exists among the Aztec Angelology. These Goddesses and Gods are pure and perfect Angels of Christ.

Tlazolteotl, Goddess of parturition is a Great Master of the White Lodge, who when seen clairvoyantly seems a beautiful adolescent filled with life. The Master Tlazolteotl always wears a beautiful blue mantle and his countenance is as resplendent as the rosy color of the dawn. Tlazolteotl is the chief of a group of angels who intensely work helping women during parturition.

Tlazolteotl controls the waters of universal life. Tlazolteotl controls the amniotic liquid within which the fetus is gestated. Tlazolteotl controls all the feminine organs related with pregnancy; therefore, Tlazolteotl can precipitate the waters, direct the mechanism of certain organs and manipulate the laws which rule the mechanism of natural parturition.

Tlazolteotl lives in Eden; this is the ethereal plane or region of the magnetic fields of Nature. Any mother can invoke the Master Tlazolteotl in the critical moments of parturition. Ask and it shall be given unto you; knock and it shall be open unto you.

In Eden the mountains are blue and transparent as the crystal. The sublime beauty of Eden has the same divine blue color.

Whosoever wants to enter into Eden has to have previously received the Wedding Garment of the Soul; this garment receives the name of "Soma Puchicon." Such a garment is an organized body of ethereal material. When the clairvoyant exams this ethereal organism, he can then prove that it is transparent as crystal. It looks like a beautiful innocent girl.

It is necessary to know that the "Soma Puchicon" is governed by the Moon. Whosoever possesses this body can visit all the departments of the kingdom with it.

We departed from Eden through the doors of sex; therefore, only through that straight narrow and difficult door can we return into Eden. Eden is sex itself.

Perfumes and sandals are the symbols of Yesod. We must study the two trees of Eden: the Tree of the Science of Good and Evil and the Tree of Life (the Ten Sephiroth). Both trees even share their roots.

Those who have ill sexual organs must invoke Tlazolteotl to receive help. They can also invoke with their heart and mind the Angel Cihuapipiltin.

It is necessary to explain that during the practice of sexual magic the three elements of Pure Akasa, which descend through the Brahmanic cord, remain completely strengthened by our willpower. When this occurs, these three breaths are converted into a tremendously violent and explosive force that can convert us into living angels or living demons.

If during the practices of sexual magic the magician commits the mistake of spilling the semen (reaching the orgasm), then he loses millions of solar atoms which are replaced by million of satanic atoms.

The satanic atoms are gathered after the coitus by the peristaltic movements of the sexual organs. Such malignant atoms infect the Brahmanic cord; afterwards, these atoms intend to rise towards the brain, but the three breaths of Pure Akasa, strengthened by the force of willpower, hold the ascension of such atoms and cast them downwardly with violence, towards the atomic infernos of the human being. When this happens, the tenebrous atoms crash violently against the king of the malignant atoms; such an atom abides in the coccyx. Such an atom is indeed a very dangerous black god. Normally this god abides in the coccyx always waiting for an opportunity to pilfer the fire of Kundalini and direct it downwardly. Therefore, with the seminal discharge during sexual magic this atomic king from darkness receives his awaited opportunity and filled with a great force, awakens the igneous serpent of our magical powers and directs it downwardly. This is how the tail of Satan (the Kundartiguador) is formed in the demons. When this occurs, the horns protrude upon the forehead of the astral body. Whosoever descends in this way, whosoever reaches such a degree of degeneration, loses his Divine Spirit and sinks himself into the Abyss. Those are the lost ones, the soulless ones; those are the ones who pass through the Second Death. They slowly disintegrate within the Abyss until becoming cosmic dust.

A multitude of schools of black magic exist, some of them have very venerable traditions that teach sexual magic with seminal discharge. They have very beautiful theories that attract and captivate; therefore, if the student falls into that seductive and delectable snare, he then converts himself into a black magician. Those black schools affirm to the four winds that they are white; this is how the naive fall. Moreover, those schools speak beautifully about love, charity, wisdom, etc., etc., etc. Naturally, in such circumstances, the naive disciple believes with firmness that such institutions have nothing to do with evil and perversity. Remember, good disciple, that the Abyss is filled with sincere but mistaken people and people with very good intentions.


The Brahmanic cord is the central medullar canal with the two apocalyptic witnesses; these are two semi-ethereal semi-physical cords that connect the sexual organs with the brain. The solar and lunar atoms arise towards the brain through these two cords.

The two witnesses entwine throughout the length of the dorsal spine and form with it the famous Caduceus of Mercury. Therefore, the Caduceus of Mercury and the Brahmanic cord of the Orientals are the same.

The Ninth Sphere (Yesod)

Many esoteric ordeals exist on the initiatic path. It is necessary to pass through the ordeal of the Guardian of the Threshold in the three planes: astral, mental and causal; it is necessary to pass through the ordeals of fire, air, water and earth; it is necessary to pass through the ordeal of Justice, etc. However, all of those ordeals, as hard and difficult as they might be, become gentle and swift when we compare them with the frightening and tremendous ordeal of the Ninth Sphere (sex).

The descent into the Ninth Sphere was always the maximum ordeal for the supreme dignity of the Hierophant; Hermes, Buddha, Jesus, Quetzalcoatl, Krishna, etc., had to descend into the Ninth Sphere. This is sex. Many are those who enter into the Ninth Sphere; yet, few are those who become victorious.

Terrible temptations exist and also millions of seemingly white schools which are indeed black that are filled with wolves who wear sheep skins and who teach their students systems of sexual magic with seminal discharge. So, those schools only speak of sublime things; therefore, this is how the student seduced by this golden snare falls into the Abyss of perdition.

The maximum ordeal of the Ninth Sphere seduces and is very long-lasting; this ordeal endures until the student attains the total Self-realization. All depends on the effort of the student. Whosoever enters into the Ninth Sphere and is firm until the death is converted into a living Christ. However, in life it is unusual to find somebody who comes victorious from the Ninth Sphere. Many are those who start and it is rare to find someone who achieves it.

Chapter 22


We have arrived at our last chapter. If the disciple practices this book of twenty-two chapters during his whole life, without getting tired, then he will be born within the superior worlds as a Master of the White Lodge.

Humanity develops in two circles: the exoteric (public) and the esoteric (occult).

The exoteric circle is the circle of the multitudes; the esoteric circle is the circle of Divine Humanity, the circle of the Masters of the White Lodge. In the physical world there are a lot of schools, lodges, orders, and pseudo-spiritualist, pseudo-esoteric and pseudo- occultist societies. Abundant literature on Yogism, Occultism, etc., circulates everywhere. All of that pseudo-esoteric literature and all of those schools constitute a true labyrinth of contradictory theories. These are schools which combat each other, and pseudo- esoteric authors who confuse and mislead the aspirants.

It is very difficult for the devotees to find the way that will lead them into the esoteric circle. Commonly, the aspirant loses his whole life searching, reading, comparing, etc., everywhere. Indeed, this is like a very difficult tournament in which very few become successful. When the aspirant finds the real path, the Path of the Razor's Edge, then he has to remain firm until achieving his goal. However, it is good to know that many were those who found the real path and then withdrew from it, because they did not have enough responsibility to persevere on it.

This physical world is the valley of bitterness, the kingdom of Malkuth, the kingdom of Samsara. The Wheel of Samsara rotates incessantly and the ego comes and goes, disincarnates and incarnates, always suffering, always searching without finding. The Arcane Ten, the Wheel of Retribution, is terrible; the whole world is a slave of this fatal wheel of the centuries.

Previous Cosmic Rounds

In the first round, our Earth was created with matter of the mental plane; in the second round our Earth condensed itself into the substance of the astral plane; in the third round our Earth condensed itself into substance of the ethereal plane; in this present fourth round our Earth crystallized into a physical and chemical form.

It is urgent to know that this physical-chemical Earth evolves under the laws of planetary karma.

Previous Evolutions

The evolutions were very poor in the first round, likewise in the second and third rounds. Indeed, the fire produced very little in those three previous planetary rounds. Now, in this fourth round in which we are living, the outcome is in front of our sight: the Luciferic man of this fourth round is frightening. Therefore, the planetary fire, scarcely developed and overcharged with planetary karma because of the poor results from the previous planetary rounds, has produced in our physical world a very slow, heavy and terrible evolution.

Future Rounds

The future fifth round will develop itself in the ethereal world, the sixth in the astral world and the seventh in the mental world. Afterwards, the Great Cosmic Night will arrive. The future three rounds will produce very little due to the planetary karma.

The Kingdom of Malkuth

The Gods of Nature have worked very hard in order to create self-cognizant beings. The Gods have had to make difficult experiments in the laboratory of Nature. Diverse forms of animals have come out of the test tubes of this great laboratory; some of those forms were created with the purpose of elaborating material for the creation of true human beings; other forms are refuse of semi-human beings and others are true human failures. All animals from this kingdom of Malkuth characterize some eliminated aspect of true human beings. All animals are true caricatures of the human being.

However, it is good to know that the struggle of the Gods in order to create human beings has not finished yet. Still, true human beings have to discharge themselves of many elements which will be present in the zoological gardens of the future.

We must know that the Being, the Innermost, the Spirit, is the reality. However, another factor in discord exists within us: the ego, the myself. It is interesting to comprehend that the "I" is pluralized. The "I" is constituted by many "I's" which wrangle amongst themselves; they fight amongst themselves because each one wants the control of the human personality. These "I's" are three, seven and a legion. The three basic ones are: the demon of desire, the demon of the mind and the demon of evil will. The seven are the seven capital sins: Lust, Anger, Greed, Pride, Envy, Gluttony and Laziness. The legion is constituted by all the thousands of secondary sins.

The three, the seven and the legion are small animal elements, "I's" which are created by the mind. These animal elements are the enemies who live within our own house. These animal elements live within the kingdom of our soul and they nourish themselves with the inferior substances of our lower animal depths. What is the worst is that these animal

elements have stolen part of our own consciousness. This is demonstrated by the following assertions: "I am angry, I am greedy, I wish, I feel envious, etc., etc., etc."

The true Being is the Spirit, but, the Spirit is not yet within the individual, because the "I" has invaded the kingdom of the soul. Indeed, neither the soul nor the Spirit has incarnated within the Individual. The intellectual animal mistakenly called human being is still a possibility. The true human being is still in the process of creation. Many samples of existing human races will be in the zoological gardens of the future. We must discard all of which is animalistic within in order to properly attain the human state that until now is only a possibility.

'When we finish with all of our sins, then the "I" is dissolved. When the "I" is dissolved, then we incarnate the soul and the Spirit. Indeed, this is how we become human beings in the most complete sense of the word.

'When death arrives, the unique thing that continues is the "I," the legion of"I's." The ego or the "I" returns in order to satisI its desires. Death is the return to conception. This is the wheel of the Arcane Ten.

After the death of the physical body of a true human being (one who has the soul and Spirit incarnated), he lives completely awakened in his astral body; he enjoys the internal worlds of consciousness; he enjoys objective perception.

On the other hand, those who still have not dissolved the "I" and who have neither incarnated the soul nor the Spirit, live within the internal worlds with their consciousness asleep; they only have a subjective consciousness and subjective perception.

'Whosoever wants to liberate himself from the 'Wheel of Samsara has to dissolve the "I" and incarnate his soul. This labor is very difficult and those who achieve it are very rare. Indeed, the kingdom of Malkuth is a terrible filter. The refuse of this filter is what is common and current and this refuse is swallowed up by the Abyss. The gold, the chosen one, the true human being, the angel, is Malkuth's conception. The struggle is indeed severe.

Nature is implacable; the birth of a human-angel costs thousands or better if we state millions of victims. Many are called, but few are chosen.

Christ said: "From a thousand who search for me, one finds me, from a thousand who find me, one follows me and from a thousand who follow me, one is mine". This is the tragedy of the Arcane Ten of Kabbalah.

The Origin of the Human Being

Those who affirm that the human being comes from the ape are totally mistaken. Indeed, it is the ape that came from the human being. The transformation of the species and the Darwinist theory of evolution are false. No one has ever seen a new species born; no one has ever seen a human being born from a family of apes.

Comparative physiological anatomies are exaggerated; the Law of Analogies is also exaggerated in order to document their false assumptions. Indeed, all the living species with an exception of few are living refuses of the human kingdom.

An Intriguing Example

Even when this seems incredible, the truth is that the donkey, among others, is an animal of human origins. Much has been spoken about Apuleyus' ass, about Jesus entering Jerusalem riding an ass, etc. Always the lower passions and the lack of intelligence are associated with the wretched ass.

When we investigate the memories of the great book of Nature, we discover with astonishment the origin of such an animal.

A tribe of enormous black and monstrous giants existed in the beginning in Lemuria. Each individual of such a barbaric tribe was at least six to eight meters in stature. Indeed, those individuals were corpulent and horrible monsters. Such subjects came from within the test tube of the laboratory of nature, as nature tried to create the human being. Such an attempt was a true failure of Nature. Those individuals were bestial and they sexually crossed themselves with certain antediluvian monsters. A kind of monstrous chimpanzee was the outcome of such a mixture; this monstrous chimpanzee, in its turn, crossed itself with other beasts resulting in (after many thousands of years), the primitive ass from which the present ass comes from.

We are asserting statements that displease the fanatics of those theories based on the "Dogma of Evolution;" nevertheless, it is certainly true that the laws of evolution and devolution, creation and destruction are simultaneously processed in nature. Nature contains all possibilities, even the most sinister. Nature is nature.

Ants and Bees

When we examine a beehive or an anthill we become astonished by two things: first, is the tremendous logic, the absolute exactitude and the marvelous order of these communist societies of a Marxist type; second, the lack of individual intelligence in those communist creatures. Indeed, those societies of bees and ants are of a communist type. If an exercised clairvoyant carefully investigated these animals, he would discover with astonishment that these are the physical bodies of beings that are mentioned in all traditions and folkloric tales of ancient humanity. These are the titans or primitive genii, fallen angels, etc., who existed on the Earth before the First Root Race appeared upon the Earth.

It is natural that they had to create these communist states by exercising a tremendous intellectual effort based on frightful dictatorships. It is also true that they combated against all religions and that their only purpose was to convert the individual into an automaton through the wheel of a great social machine. The outcome was fatal. The individuals lost their individual initiative, the social mechanism became rigid and severe, and their intelligence was atrophied in all individuals. Thus, this automatism, this social mechanicity in which intelligence is not necessary, worthless and even dangerous, was transmitted to their descendents through inheritance.

It is urgent to know that through millions of years these pre-human societies became diminished in size and degenerated; yet always conserving through inheritance, the same involuntary automatic movements of their social mechanism. This is therefore, the origin of bees and ants. This is the danger of communism.

Nature wants to create self-cognizant individuals and not automatons. The loss of individual initiative brings automatism and the loss of intelligence.

We must not become astonished because of the tiny body of bees and ants. Herodotus and Plinio through their books make us remember the history of the legends of gigantic ants and bees from Tibet. Let us remember also that the lizard is a small crocodile. Therefore, the decline of size is a completely normal process in nature. The present human being descends from antediluvian giants.

Human Races

Malkuth is the Kingdom. Malkuth is the Tenth Sephira of Kabbalah. The ethereal Earth firstly condensed itself into an elemental form and afterwards into a physical form. There exists elemental fire, elemental air, elemental water, and elemental earth of the wise. These four kingdoms condense themselves physically by means of salt.

Salt is the great agent of the Moon. The radiant salt permits the condensation of fire. The volatile salt permits the condensation of the elemental air. The liquid salt permits the condensation of the water. The physical salt permits the condensation of the elemental earth. This is how, by means of salt, the four elemental kingdoms can condense themselves in a physical form. This is how our physical world was born. Unfortunately, it was born charged with a lot of karma.

The regent of Malkuth is Cham-Gam, the genie of the Earth. Every planet has Seven Root Races. Our Earth has had five already, two more Root Races are still needed. After the Seven Root Races, our Earth will be transformed by great cataclysms; it will become (through millions of years) a new Moon.

All the evolving and devolving life of the Earth came from the Moon. When the great life abandoned the Moon it died, it became a desert. Seven Great Root Races existed on the Moon. The lunar soul, the lunar life, is now devolving and evolving in our present Earth. This is how the worlds reincarnate.

The Aztecs state that the human beings of the First Root Race were devoured by tigers, those of the Second Root Race converted themselves into monkeys, those of the Third Root Race converted themselves into birds and those of the Fourth Root Race converted themselves into fish. We state that the human beings of the present Fifth Root Race will become goats. We presently are in the sixth sub-race of the Fifth Root Race of the fourth Planetary Round.

The First Root Race was gigantic and black in color, however it was very civilized. This was an androgynous Root Race, asexual, semi-physical, and semi-ethereal. These Individuals could reduce their size to the normal size of a person of this present Aryan Root Race. The rituals and wisdom of the First Root Race were marvelous. Temples and constructions were portentous. Barbarism did not exist in that epoch. Such a Divine Root Race was devoured by the tigers of wisdom. The regent of that Root Race was the Aztec God Tezcatlipoca. Each individual was a true Master of Wisdom. Reproduction was performed by the fissiparous act; this is similar to the reproduction system of organic cells by cellular division. This is how the organism of the Father-Mother was divided into two. The androgynous child suspended itself for a while from the Father-Mother. The First Root Race lived on the Sacred Island situated on the polar cap of the North. Such an Island still exists, but in Jinn State.

The Second Root Race was governed by the Aztec God Quetzalcoatl. This was the Hyperborean Humanity. The Second Root Race was blown away by strong hurricanes.

The degenerated ones from the Second Root Race are the monkeys of today. This Root Race reproduced themselves through the process of budding which is very common amongst plants. From the tree trunk, many branches bud.

The Third Root Race was destroyed by the fiery rain sun (volcanoes and earthquakes).

This was the Lemurian Root Race. This Root Race was governed by the Aztec God Tlaloc. This Root Race was hermaphroditic; they reproduced themselves through the gemmation system. Lemuria was a very enormous continent situated in the Pacific Ocean. The Lemurian people who became degenerated had faces similar to birds; this is why the savages, when remembering their traditions, adorn their heads with feathers.

The human beings of the Fourth Root Race were the Atlanteans. This Root Race lived on the Atlantean Continent situated in the Atlantic Ocean. Science has already proven that at the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean there exists a submerged continent. The Atlantean Root Race was governed by the Aztec God Atonatiuh. Such a Root Race ended with a great inundation. The pre-Columbian tribes of America, the primeval Chinese, the primeval Egyptians, etc., are descendents of the Fourth Root Race.

We the Aryans are the Fifth Root Race. Our present Aryan Root Race will end with a great cataclysm. The future sixth Root Race will live on a transformed Earth and the Seventh Root Race will be the last race. After these Seven Root Races, the Earth will become a new moon.

The Fire

Nature is a living creature of fire. There exists rocky fire, liquid fire, gaseous fire and the virginal fire. Let us worship the Gods of Fire!

It is necessary to be born as angels and this is only possible by practicing sexual magic.

Nothing is born from nothing. Everything that is born has its germs from where it is born. This can be proven in the four kingdoms of nature. Therefore, the angel is not born within ourselves with theories. It is necessary for the angel to be born within us and this is only possible by working with the germ. Such a germ abides within the seminal system. So we need to work with the grain, with the seed, with the fire. This is how the Master, the Angel is born within the human being.

It is urgent to venerate the fire, to worship the flame.

Substances related with the cult of fire exist. Seashells are marvelous for the cult of fire. White seashells symbolize the Pure Spirit. Black seashells symbolize the fall of the Spirit into matter. Red seashells symbolize the fire by which means we can return into the Great Light.

Sacred Formula

Reduce black, red and white seashells to powder. This Aztec smoke offering is utilized for the cult of fire. These powders are the perfect smoke offering for the cult of fire. The mantras IN EM must be pronounced when spreading these powders onto the flaming embers. Then we pray to the Holy Spirit with a prayer that comes from within our heart; this is how we illuminate ourselves with the sacred fire. Practice this cult daily in your homes and in your sanctuaries at sunrise. The Aztecs practice this cult in the temple of Quetzalcoatl in Teotihuacan at sunrise. Jonas the biblical prophet also practiced this rite and he utilized the same Aztec smoke offering. The elder Aztec priests practiced this rite of the fire while wearing tunics woven out of red, black and white thread as sacred vestures, and they covered their heads with similar mantles. The seashells are within the water and the water is indeed the habitat of the sacred fire. The seashells and the fire are found intimately related. We must warn the students that the seashells only serve for this rite.

The powder for the smoke offering must be made only by Gnostic women, only by women. The seashell powder will be enveloped within vegetable leaves forming small triangular packages.

The Holy Spirit is the Sacred Fire. We must assimilate the power of the fire within our own interior universe.


The symbols of the Sephira Malkuth are the two altars, the cross with equal arms, the magic circle and the triangle of the magic art. Malkuth is related with the feet and the anus.


The synthesis of this book is sexual magic and the dissolution of the "I" This is the only way to convert ourselves into true human beings and then after into super-humans. Only then can we attain Self-realization in depth.

Samael Aun Weor