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Mayan Mysteries



# Samael Aun Weor



Let's start by reminding the old continent called submerged Atlantis.

In the ancient Egypt of the pharaohs, the priests of Sais Solon said that Atlantis was destroyed nine thousand years before talking to him. Atlantean civilization has not yet been surpassed by our vaunted civilization modern. They met atomic energy and used in war and peace.

Atlantean science had the advantage of being linked to the Magic; extraordinary robots were manufactured, certain types said upper elementary controlled robots that well endowed with intelligence, they seemed humans and faithfully served their masters. Any robot could inform the owner of the dangers facing him and, in general, many things of practical life. Atlanteans were so powerful machines and wonderful, as one that could telepathically convey to the mind of any precious human being intellectual information. Atomic lamps They illuminated the palaces and temples of walls transparent. Sea and air ships were powered by nuclear energy.

The Atlanteans learned to desgravitar the bodies Will. With a small device that fit in the palm hand, they could lift any heavy body it out.

The god Neptune ruled wisely Atlantis. Was to admire and be the most sacred temple of the holy God. Silver walls and walls of the temple They amazed by its beauty and domes and roofs were all solid gold and the best quality.

Ivory, gold, silver, brass, they looked inside the Temple of Neptune with all the royal splendors ancient times. The gigantic sacred sculpture the highly revered and very sublime god Neptune was all pure gold. That ineffable mysterious statue, I mounted on his chariot drawn by beautiful exotic respectable steeds and cut a hundred Nereids, infusing in the minds of devotees Atlanteans deep veneration. Atlantean cities were flourishing while their inhabitants remained faithful to the religion of their parents, while they fulfilled the precepts of God Neptune, while not violated the law and order. But when the holy things were profaned when sex abused when they were stained with the seven Sins were punished and immersed in the Ocean bottom.

The priests of Sais told Solon: "All those heavenly bodies move in their orbits suffer disturbances that determine eventually a periodic destruction of earthly things great fire".

The Atlantean continent stretched and oriented towards the Austrian and higher sites to the north, their mountains exceeding greatness, elevation and number to all that currently exist.

The famous story of the Flood, whose versions are in all traditions human, is simple memory of the great catastrophe Atlantean.

All religious teachings America primitive, all the sacred worship of the Incas, Mayans, Aztecs, etc., gods and goddesses of the ancient Greeks, Phoenicians, Scandinavian, Hindustani, etc., are of origin Atlantean. The gods and goddesses mentioned by Homer in the Iliad and Odyssey, were heroes queens and kings of the Atlantis.

Atlantis geographically united with America the old world.

Ancient civilizations have their Indo-American origin in Atlantis. The Egyptian, Inca, religions Maya, etc., were the Atlanteans primitive religions.

The Phoenician alphabet, the father of all alphabets Europeans, is rooted in an ancient alphabet, which was correctly transmitted to the Maya by the Atlanteans. All Egyptian and Mayan symbols come from the same source and so the similarity is explained, too great to be coincidence. The Atlanteans had a metal more precious than gold, was called "orichalcum". The catastrophe that ended the Atlantis was terrifying. There is no doubt that the result of breaking the law is always catastrophic. The time of submersion of the Atlantis was really an era of geological changes.

They emerged from the deep bosom of the seas other lands firm that formed new islands and new continents.

Some survivors of the disaster Atlantean They took refuge in the small continent called Grabonzi, Africa today, which increased in size and extension because other areas of the mainland, which emerged between neighboring waters, they joined to it. The Gulf of Mexico was once a beautiful valley. The islands of the West Indies, the Canaries, Spain, are pieces of submerged Atlantis. The ancient sea Kolhidius, located just northwest of the continent then formed and known as Ashhartk (Asia), It changed its name and is now known by the name of Caspian Sea. The coasts of the Caspian Sea are land formed by the surface of the ocean They joined the continent of Asia.

Asia, the Caspian Sea and all along that block of land, It is what today is known by the name Caucasus. The block at the time was called Frianktzanarali and later Kolhidishissi, but today day, I repeat, is called Caucasus.

At that time there was a great river that fertilizes all the rich land of Tikliamis and flowed into the sea Caspian. That river was called then and still Oksoseria exists but no longer flows into the Caspian Sea due an aftershock that diverted it to the right. The rich water flow of the river rushed violently by the most depressed area of the continent Asia, giving rise to small But Aral Sea ancient bed of the old river, now called Amudarya, still can be seen as sacred witness the course of centuries.

After the third great catastrophe that ended the Atlantis, the old country with its formidable Tikliamis capital on the banks of that river was covered with all their towns and villages by sand and is now only a desert.

At the time, unheard of for a César Cantú and his Universal History, was another beautiful country in Asia, known as of Marapleicie. This country Tikliamis traded even existed between them much commercial competition. Later this country Marapleicie came to take the name of Globandia, due to the great city of Gob.

Globandia and powerful city of Gob were swallowed by the desert sands. Among the desert sands Gob riquísimos Atlanteans are hidden treasures, powerful machines unknown to the Aryan race. Occasionally the sands expose all these treasures, but no one dares to touch them, because it is trying killed instantly by Gnomes caregivers. Only men of great Koradhi sixth race, which in the future will live this planet, they may know these treasures and that in exchange for right conduct.

Many traders were saved from pearls Atlantean catastrophe, taking refuge in Perlandia, country known as India.

Occultists students are filled with deep horror when they are reviewing the Akashic records of nature and find facts as that we relate to continuation:

Students recall that beautiful woman named

Katebet, the sad memories of the Queen of countries South submerged continent and the mighty city golden door.

It does not really exist in the history of the Borgia and Medicis such perversity. That beautiful woman He enthralled with its beauty and necromancies, seduced with its charms princes and kings, fascinated with their raptures. Many teenagers and children were immolated on behalf of the tenebrous entities nether world.

Priestly discovered that Atlantean medicine time what today we call scientifically THE HUMAN opotherapy, ie the application to sick and deciduous of glandular juices pituitina, tiroidina, adrenaline, etc., etc. Doctors priests not only used chemistry these endocrine glands, but also hypersuch glands chemistry, vital fluids psychic the chakras or magnetic centers of the human body, closely related to such endocrine centers. Immolation victims; after removal sacrificial stones, they were taken to certain secret chambers, where doctors extracted priests the bodies of the precious endocrine glands, so necessary to preserve the body of the fatal Queen, with all its charm and beauty of youth who endured the weight of centuries, many centuries. The scariest of that was that the priests, after removing the glands of cadavers, They are throwing them to the fanatical crowds They debased that is thirsting devoured. so those people became cannibals.

Reflecting on all these things, we espantamos, we were horrified, but all these barbarities stay small, seem even ridiculous, if compared with the atrocities of the first and second wars world, with the appalling atomic explosions Hiroshima and Nagasaki. All Atlantean barbarity pales compared to the gas chambers where millions of people, women, children and elderly, deprived of their garments, died in the infinite despair.

We are horrified by Atlantean bestiality, but a thousand times were horrific bombing London, the concentration camps, the gallows, the criminal cities destroyed by bombs, disease, hunger and despair.

Never before in history was greatest perversity that of the fifth Aryan race, outdated and degenerate. So as Atlantis was submerged with all its inhabitants in the bottom of the ocean, so this Aryan race It will be destroyed and it will not be or ash. Let it be known once and for all that all this that humanity both esteem and admire not be stone unturned.


Every planet has seven races and seven sub-races. Our Earth and gave five races, missing two.

After seven races and already transformed by the cataclysms, Earth will turn over millions years on a new moon.

All involuting and evolving life wine Moon. When the great life abandoned the Moon, it He died, became deserted. Also on the Moon there were seven races, each with its seven sub-races.

The soul, lunar life, is now devolving and it evolved on our planet Earth, This is how the worlds reincarnate.

The Aztecs say that men of the first race were extraordinary giants black color. Very civilized race androgynous, asexual, semi-physical, semi-etheric. Individuals could reduce their size that of a normal person of the current Aryan race. The rituals and wisdom were portentous. Barbarism not It existed at that time. This race was devoured by Tigers wisdom.

THE REGENT OF THIS RACE WAS THE GOD TEZCATLIPOCA. Each individual was a Master Wisdom. The play was performed by the act fissiparous, similar to the reproduction system organic cells through the process of division cell phone; so the father-mother body was divided into two. The androgynous son was holding for a while father-mother.

The first race lived on the Sacred Island, located in the north polar cap. There is still this island, but in Jinn state within the fourth vertical.

THE SECOND RACE was ruled by Quetzalcoatl. It was the Hyperborean humanity The second race yse he degenerated into monkeys, ancestors of the Current monkeys. They reproduced by the process of sprouting, so common in plants, trunk sprout many branches. They were destroyed by hurricanes. The third race was the Lemurian race who inhabited what It is now the Pacific Ocean. They perished destroyed by sun rain of fire (volcanoes and earthquakes). This race was ruled by the Aztec god Tlaloc. The reproduction was by budding. Lemuria was a vast continent. Degenerated and lemurs after they had birdlike faces, so wild, recalling the tradition, they adorned with feathers on the head.

The fourth race were the Atlanteans and was He ruled by the Aztec god Atonatiuh. Finished with a great flood. Pre - Columbian tribes America are descendants of this race, also Chinese primitive and primitive Egyptians, etc. FIFTH RACE ARIA: us. It will end with a great cataclysm.

It is perfectly described in Ahau Katun, which is the thirteenth is counted, Cabalixbach Chachalaca, Kinchil populated Cobá, Chachalaca Face Solar is Thirteenth Katun seat:

"Posy lords of the earth blacken for universal justice of God our Lord. HE will turn the sun, the face of the moon will turn".

"Lower the blood by trees and stones, they will burn the heavens and the earth, by the word of God Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit, Holy Justice, Holy Judgement of God Our Lord".

"Nula will be the strength of heaven and earth, when Christianity entering large cities and hidden villages. The big city called Maax, monkey, and all the small towns throughout the extension of the flat country of Maya Cusamil Mayapan, Maya Golondrina, place banner deer".

"It will be a time when men rise up two days (gays and lesbians) in the rigor of lasciviousness, sons of vile and wicked, height of our perdition and shame".

"Dedicated be our infants to the" May flower " and there will be good for us".

"It will be the origin of death by bad blood out Moon, and into the moon pass the Whole blood".

"Even the stars will look good on his goodness living and the dead".

This reads the Book of books of Chilam Balam, sacred jewel of the Mayan people. SIXTH RACE: Koradhi. Leave after cataclysm of the fifth race, live on an Earth transformed.

THE SEVENTH RACE will be the last.

It is necessary to speak of the seven planetary rounds. After these seven races Earth will become a new moon. In the first round, our Earth was created matter of the mental plane. In the second round, our Earth condensed in substance plane astral. In the third round, our Earth condensed in ethereal form. And in the current fourth round Earth He crystallized in physical and chemical form. It is urgent to know the physico - chemical Earth evolves under the laws of planetary karma. The future fifth round will take place in the etheric world. The sixth round in the astral world and the seventh round in the mental world. then comes the great cosmic night.

In the first round the evolutions were very poor, as in the second and third. The fire gave very few returns in the three previous rounds Planetary. The result we have it in sight in this fourth round in which we live. Horrible man Luciferian of this fourth round.

The planetary fire, undeveloped and overcharged planetary karma for the poor yields previous rounds, has occurred in our world physical a slow, heavy, dreadful evolution. The others three rounds will yield little because of karma planetary.

The gods of nature have worked hard to create self - conscious beings. The gods have to make difficult experiments in laboratories nature. However, it is good to know that the struggle the gods created man is not over. Still humans, or called human, he has to discard so much, that will be in zoological gardens future.

The kingdom of Malkuth is a terrible filter. whoever free from this fatal wheel of Samsara, has to dissolve the ego, embody his soul. Rare are those they succeed. The filter waste is common and current and it swallows the abyss. Gold, the select, the true man is one who He has incarnated soul and spirit and after Death lives awake in the inner worlds. Nature is unforgiving yel birth of an angel man costs millions of victims. "Many are called but few are chosen. "

Those who hold that man comes from monkeys, They are totally wrong, it really is the monkey who comes from man. The transformation of species and Darwinian evolution are false. No one has seen the birth of a new species, no one has seen the birth of the Family of monkeys to man. It is abused comparative anatomy, abused the law of analogies to document their false positions, however, no one has never been born a new species. really all living species, except for a few, They are living waste of the human kingdom. The modern man descended from the giants antediluvian, as previously explained.

Every race has seven sub-races. The seed of our Nordic Aryan race is, but when mixed with the Atlantean survivors gave rise to the sub-races Aryan stock.

FIRST SUB-RACE: it flourished in Central Asia, in Today those missing kingdoms of Central Asia and whose ruins still exist in the Himalayas, Tibet around the country. There existed the powerful civilizations of the first subAryan race.

SECOND SUB-RACE: she flourished in India and around South Asia. In Perlandia, the sacred land of Vedas, in the old Hindustan, there were formidable esoteric cultures and civilizations tremendous. there He unwrapped the second sub-Aryan race.

THIRD SUB-RACE: I believe powerful civilizations. Babylon, Chaldea, Egypt, etc., etc., were the scene of very rich and powerful civilizations created by the third sub-race aria.

FOURTH SUB-RACE: It was developed in Rome, Greece, Italy, Athens the great city founded by the goddess Athena. Before their degeneration and destruction were wonderful scene where they developed the powerful civilizations of the fourth sub-race aria.

FIFTH SUB-RACE: The Anglo-Saxon and Teutonic. The first and second world wars, with all its barbarism and moral corruption, pointing with his finger accusing the men and women of the fifth sub-race aria.

SIXTH SUB-RACE: It mixture of Spanish conquerors with the Indo tribes American. The work of forming the sixth sub-race fifteen in the territory redskin was very difficult, because the English conquerors rather than mingle with the Indians, destroyed, murdered. Only in very insignificant and incipient form was made such blood mixture. Why was the Occult Fraternity the need to convert to US territory in a melting pot of races.

In the United States all races of the world have mixed to form the sixth sub-race with huge difficulties. The sixth sub-race in Latin America easily he formed and this is something that should not be ignored writers of anthropogenesis and occultism. SEVENTH SUB-RACE: Not yet exist, but will exist. It will consist of survivors new great cataclysm that will soon destroy the Aryan race.

So as the Aryan race, instead of evolving, He has regressed and corruption is now worse than Atlantean in his time. His evil is so great that and he came to heaven. The Aryan race will be destroyed for that the prophecies did Ra-Mu are met in submerged Atlantis: "If they forget that they must be higher, not what they acquire but by what dan, the same fate will touch them '.

Melchizedek, the genie of earth, king of the world, made in Tibet the following prophecy: "Men (or better said, mammals rational) increasingly will forget their souls for deal only with their bodies. "

"The greatest corruption will reign on earth".

"Men will resemble ferocious beasts, thirsting for the blood of their brothers. " "Crescent is falling off its adherents in the perpetual war, fall upon them the greatest misfortunes and eventually fighting each other ".

"The crowns of kings, great and small, will fall:

one two three four five six seven eight. It will explode a terrible war among all peoples ".

"The oceans roar. The Earth and the bottom of the seas They will be covered with bones. Kingdoms disappear, entire villages will die. Hunger, disease, crimes not covered by the laws, not seen or dreamed even by men. "

"Then will come the enemies of God and the Spirit Divine, which lie in men themselves.

Those who raise their hands over another, shall perish as well".

"The Forgotten, the persecuted, is erguirán later and They will attract the attention of the whole world. There will be thick fogs, horrible storms, mountains until then no vegetation will be covered by forests. " "The whole earth will shake. Millions of men will change the chains of slavery and humiliation, hunger, pestilence and death. "

"The roads are filled with crowds of people perhaps walking from one side to another. "

"The greatest, the most beautiful cities will disappear by fire: one, two, three, ten thousand men will survive one which will remain naked, stripped of all understanding, without the strength to build their housing or to find food. And these men survivors like ravenous wolves howl, They devour corpses and biting his own flesh will challenge God for combat. "

"The whole Earth will be deserted and even God will flee from she".

"On the empty Earth, night and death. Then I will send an unknown people so far (the World Salvation Army), which with a strong hand will start weeds vice field cultivation and lead to the few who remain faithful the spirit of man to the battle against evil. "

" They will found A NEW LIFE ON EARTH purified by DEATHS NATIONS. "


The Maya themselves represent the Atlantean culture. That vast continent that today lies submerged in the bottom of the ocean that bears his name, Atlas, the most Ancient astrologers, and that was their king. The mind poetics of the children of the Héleda him why he pretended that giant that supported on their backs, not on their powerful mind, the celestial machine. Their children, Titans, they tried to climb the sky, but God them confused and one night the sea and thunder rebramaron. Tremulous vibrated Europe and awakened by the roar not and the brother saw world ...

Only the Teide was to say to mankind: Here was at one time the famous Atlantis.

Each race has seven sub-races and dies. The fourth race Atlantean also had these sub-races.

Pride grew in the third and fourth sub-races Atlantean saying: "We are the kings, we are the gods".

They took wives fair to look race yet the mind or narrow head, engendering monsters, evil demons, men and male khados females and also with poor minds. They built temples for the human body, paid cult males and females, then ceased to function the third eye (the eye of intuition and double sight). Built beautiful and huge cities, tilling your own images according to their size and likeness, and the they worshiped.

The internal fires had destroyed the land of their parents (Lemuria), water threatened the fourth race (Atlantean).

The first great waters came and submerging seven major islands. Good were saved and bad destroyed. Few men left, some yellow, brown and other black and some red. The color of the moon, the Tuatha had gone forever.

We transcribed below a Mayan manuscript is part of the famous collection of Le Plongeon, the Troano manuscripts, and can be seen at the Museum British:

"In six kan, the muluc II, in the month of zac,

They occurred terrible earthquakes, which continued without interruption until 13 Chuen. The country of the hills of mud, the land of Mu, was sacrificed. " "After two shocks, disappeared during the night, it is constantly shaken by the subterranean fires, which caused the earth sink and reappear several times in different places. At last the surface gave way and ten countries they separated and disappeared. They sank 64 million inhabitants 8.000 years before writing this book. "

In the ancient archives of ancient temple

Lhasa (Tibet), may be an ancient inscription Chaldean, written 2000 years before Christ, which literally He says:

"When the star Bal fell into the place where now there is only sky and sea (Atlantic Ocean), seven cities with their golden doors and temples transparent, they trembled and quivered as leaves of a tree moved by the storm.

"And behold, waves of smoke and fire rose from the palaces. The screams of agony from the crowd They filled the air. They sought refuge in their temples and citadels and the sage Mu, the priest of Ra-Mu, is He presented and said isn't you predicted this? The men and women, covered with precious stones and bright garments, cried saying, Mu, Save us! And Mu replied: You will die with your slaves and your riches, and your ashes will arise new nations".

"And if they (referring to the fifth Aryan race) forget which should be higher, not what they buy, but so they give the same fate will touch them. flames and smoke choked the words of Mu and earth She shattered and plunged with its inhabitants in a how many months".

What can say critics to these two stories, one of Tibet and other Meso-America? Both relate Atlantean catastrophe.

The famous story of the Flood, whose versions are in the traditions of all human races, is simple memory of the great catastrophe Atlantean.

All ancient peoples revered and worshiped the holy gods who lived in Atlantis and today They dwell in the Empyrean.

ATLANTIS America geographically linked to The old world. The civilizations of Indo-America They have their roots in the Atlantean continent. Just before the Atlantean catastrophe took the select people. Some came to Meso-America and others to the central plateau of Asia. They colonized Tibet, Persia, Egypt, etc., etc. Located in Egypt they are still Mayan pyramids.

There is full documentation that the Master Jesus Maya learned in Tibet and spoke Mayan. For proof-we have the phrase pronounced in the Golgotha. It is a Mayan phrase that Jews they understood, because they did not speak Maya: HELI LAMAH Zabac Tani. They said the Jews calling for Elijah, to see if he comes to save him.

How would they understand? In rigorous maya, "Heli Lamah Zabac Tani "means: I hidden in the pre-dawn your presence.

It has been established that science religion known Jesus Christ, in Egypt, India, and Tibet was Maya. There was a profound Maya occultism certainly known by Christ, who chose his (Mayan) symbols as base for his ideas of fertilising love. Can not be a coincidence that you chose the Mayan cross, the Trinity and the twelve apostles, and many other symbols, for support the immense sense of their scientific and religious preachings.

Atlantean Mayas brought their religion and science Meso-America wisdom, Tibet, India, Persia, Egypt, etc etc. They were great civilizing.

They have been twelve katunes and look Katun 13 year

2043. Henceforth the final catastrophe is inevitable for the Aryan race, now perversely populated continent in the world. Katun 13 is definitive. The Maya await.

He asked an old maya: Your child will see it ?

Responds: No, my son will not see. Your grandson will see it ? My grandson will see it .

So with Katun 13 arrive Hercólubus and will produce the great universal fire that will burn all what has life.

Later will come the revolution of the axis of the Earth, with the total, absolute sinking all continents that exist and this rotten Aryan race perversely populated continents will not be neither ash.

Only a small small group of selected people will saved, to serve as the future sixth seedbed great race, to be called Koradhi and settle in what is now It is the polar cap.

This perverse Aryan race is perfectly described in Katun 13 maya: perish by fire. With the revolution total axes Earth eventually consuming water all, wash everything and stay on the bottom of the sea. Venerable Master, is it true that the Maya traveled throughout the solar system?

-The Maya-Maya as Atlantean, traveled the Solar system. The Rockets led by Maya scholars They made these portentous voyages. The ships were powered by nuclear energy. The Maya are great

. 3 scientists and secretly remain, with all its science. I do not mean the Maya publicly appear in America, I'm talking about the Maya They live in the parallel universe, the fourth dimension this planet, which retain their magical cities that They continue with their same habits and the same science, dedicated to their studies and calculations. There are Mayan cities within the fourth dimension, fourth coordinate or fourth vertical. temples Wonderful solid gold that has not left the Spanish, where they keep the Great Ancient Wisdom. Is Clearly this modern scientists do not know nothing, neither will admit but what matters to science and what to us?


In the vision of harmony of all things, discovered with mystical surprise the spiritual part of Nature, in other words, we find the Malachim famous or angelic kings. Direct contacts with the elemental must always done through the angelic kings of the elements in the wonderful world sphere causal.

Earth, fire, air, water, each have their god special.

unquestionably,the gnomes or pygmies who dwell under the ground they have their hierarchy. The particular genius GOB gnomes is a deiduso known special high Magic. The specific realm of Gnomes is north of the Earth. They are sent with the sword. The specific realm of ondinas westward. They are evokes the cup of libations. The concentration can be done in TLÁLOC O Nicksa. The kingdom of the salamanders fire is south. They are commanded with the magical trident. The concentration can be done in MICHAEL king of the sun and lightning. SAMAEL, King of the volcanoes. Anael, prince of the astral light. The kingdom of creatures that populate the air is the East. A sylphs are commanded with the eagle feather or saints Pentacles. This is known by magicians. The concentration can do in PARVATI and Sabtabiel. To fully use the elementals of nature, it is necessary to eliminate the animal ego. never a light and capricious person rule the sylphs of air. Never a subject soft, cold and voluble, I will love all of mermaids mermaids and water. Anger irritates Fire salamanders. The rude lust becomes, in fact, gnomes or toy pygmies of the mineral kingdom to those who want to use they. When the magician is dead in itself, ie, that has eliminated the very shadow of memories of their defects, the whole nature will serve him, obey him. You will walk during the storm without rain touch your head. Wind desarreglará not a single fold of his suit. You will cross the fire without burning. You will walk on stormy waters of the ocean without sinking. You can see with complete clarity all the riches that lie within the Earth.

Remember the words of the Great Kabir Jesus: "The I have done miracles, able to make you and the even more'. The world of natural causes or conscious will is the world Malachim or angelic kings nature, which themselves constitute the legitimate spiritual principles of elements. These beings or Ineffable, terribly divine gods are men perfect in the fullest sense of the word. Such beings are beyond good and evil (for more and practical information see the book DOCTRINE SECRET OF ANAHUAC, the same author).

Stela 6 represents precisely a Deva, a king angelic. It speaks of an extraordinary culture, esoteric, which existed in Copan. The culture is unique in its kind. The miter, quite destroyed. We can see three horizontal stripes that indicate the three forces higher. the crown of victory is the triumph of the rising energies. Belt, very well done, with full ornament indicating Hod and Yesod. This trail represents even deiduso, a creature elemental nature, a Deva. The Masonic apron, beautifully styled.


Face: strong. Miter:very damaged. We can see them three forces creation. Arms: in to position above, indicating he ascent of the positive forces Y negative. As case curious there are between the two arms a Central figurine, without face, indicating clearly the human soul, the real man, the causal man. In this way, it leads to a much explanation letters, the figurine is telling us the emotional center, the deep center of consciousness. The ornaments of the arms, are liturgical bracelets profoundly significant.

The right arm tells CHESED. The left arm tells GEBURAH. Everything is very well oriented with the Jewish Kabala. Geburah is the rigor of the law, indicates with clarity. In the center, the little figure indicating the human soul, TIPHERETH. Waist: belt looks magnificent, the HOD of the wise. At each end of this perfect and wonderful We see the cross belt in X, the cross of St. Andrew.

As they say: "Cross mercury and sulfur, for born in you the solar man. " As for the JESOD, is well specified, well ornate, as to tell us that we must work very hard on himself.

Only the wise management of the positive forces and negative, theses problems are resolved and antithesis by synthesis. The cross of St. Andrew explains the work to be done in the ninth sphere, with the sulfur and mercury. The hard struggle to achieve elimination of all psychological aggregates based of conscious works and voluntary sufferings. Andrew, the hermit fisherman, served with humility Christus John, when then became disciple of the Great Kabir Jesus. Andrew attended the great Gnostic priest, Jesus of Nazareth, in the miraculous lake fishing Genezareth or Jainezareth, symbolic Jina lake where the fire perform many portents. The extraordinary ordeal of Andrew, full of enigmas and portents, became very famous cross on X, on which ruthlessly they had tied its members separated. The deep meaning of torture Andrew in the terrible X is "the annihilation of the beloved ego in the Laboratorium-oratoríun Third Logos ". (See the book The Secret Doctrine of Anahuac, Cap. IX., the same Author)


It is very interesting that all the sculptures of Copan have the bar, the scepter, the center. In Mexico, the sculptures, when they have the scepter, it is on the sides or not They have. Copan are made Notable sculptures because the scepter is in the center, clearly indicating where power resides. In the wake E's a bar Meanwhile little destroyed below. On top Bar noticed a intersecting lines in overlapping manner, as Equis, the which is profoundly significant in alchemy. In the ancient mysteries, both Maya and Aztecs, is He knew the crossing of mercury and sulfur perform the Great Work.

What is mercury of the wise? It is the soul Metallic sacred sperm, the Exiohehari. Mercury is prepared by transmutation is, by transmutatoria Jesod science, so that you are ready to receive the sulfur. Sulfur is fire. From Thus, then, that when sulfur and mercury merge, are fully integrated, they ascend the channel Adept core. As a result, sulfur and mercury, in its rise through the spinal canal, they are opening the various centers or powers that deify humans. He crosslinking of the bar at the top we It indicates just that. It is obvious that in the ancient mysteries who came to develop the top of the scepter is because there was fulfilled work and was a Master. To the sides the scepter we see the positive and negative forces well symbolized. Mitra, very high. two statuettes that have no face then look very human is said, his strokes are rare, strange, but there are more than two witnesses who speaks Revelation of St. John. E indicates the wake mastery of sulfur and mercury to come to possess the Philosopher's Stone, which allow us to use. Priestly miter. Wake E clearly explains the alchemical work.


It is quite destroyed, so it is a bit difficult to study. Face, human. Ears, big earrings and earrings, indicate the need to know how to listen, to pay attention to the Wisdom. On the sides are perfectly symbolized the two forces, positive and negative, mercury and sulfur the great philosophers. Transverse stripes we They indicate that mercury of the sages. Mercury takes the form of book pages or sheets on the inside. Mercury is only the soul Metallic sacred sperm and organized esoterically into sheets or sheets book, that you can see anyone who has the eye Dangma open; It looks like this in the form of sheets.

. 4

In the ancient stones, both North and South, from the east as the West, you It represents well. Those who know this and have heard about the book, for example, the book figures Nicolas Flamel, we find another representation of mercury and sulfur in its positive and negative. The transverse lines indicate that mercury and sulfur have been transmuted, and appear in the different holy books too.

All people on Earth knew alchemy and Kabbalah. Nicolas Flamel spoke of alchemy and is not an exception in the Maya. The principles of all metals are salt, sulfur and mercury.

Mercury alone or sulfur or salt alone, could not give origin to metals, but together give rise to various minerals metals. It is therefore logical that our Philosopher's Stone must inevitably have these three beginning. Fire is the sulfur of alchemy.

Mercury is the spirit of alchemy.

Salt is the master of alchemy To prepare the red elixir and the white elixir need, inevitably, of a substance where salt, sulfur and mercury are pure and perfect, because the impurity and imperfection becomes a found in the compound. But as metals you can not add substances extracted from them but themselves, it is logical that any substance extracted You can serve. Therefore, within us must be the same raw material for the Great Work.

We perfected this substance as art and It is the sacred fire know about our organic laboratory. This semisolid substance, semi-liquid, has a mercury pure, clear, white and red, and a similar sulfur. It also has two kinds of salts, one fixed and volatile. This raw material of the Great Work is nothing more than the semen of our sexual glands. With our science and transformed by fire this wonderful substance, so that at the end of the work is millions of times more perfect. So we prepared the white and red elixirs.

Arnoldo de Villanueva, Raymond Lull, Albertus Large and many other alchemists, called mercury sacred sperm. There is only one matter that underlies the Great Work: the sacred sperm, called mercury by large alchemists. Everything is broken down into its elements.

With the help of heat can decompose the ice in water, because water is the element of ice. All earth metals can be decomposed mercury, because it is the raw material of all metals. Man can be broken down into sperm, because it is the element where it came from. Before you can transmute metals must be reduce the raw material. Thus man before redemption of sins and enter into the kingdom of heavens, there first reduce it to the raw material, then transmute into the heavenly man who St. Paul tells us. Changes the nature and find what you want. The semen is transformed into spirit and spirit seminized. The Divine Master, opening the path of initiation, first teaching he gave us was sexual alchemy. Christ transmuted the water into wine at the wedding Canaan. It is necessary to transmute water into wine to fulfill ourselves Masters thoroughly as Mahanvantara.

Mercury is a spiritual, golden and rare liquor.

Mercury is the flying eagle of philosophy.

Mercury is our chaos.

Mercury is our semen.

This trail is very telling, is a book of alchemy full, wonderful, unique.


Face, grave with semblance beard. Hands, indicating the rise the strengths. Belt,very decorated in the part of Yesod and Hod. There are a face in the part of the bodies sex to represent the third force or Spirit Holy. From a Kabbalistic view, we know that both arms to indicate Chesed and Gevurah, the Love, the Law. Sceptre, always the center, but quite destroyed. Us indicates the work in the ninth sphere, practice Jina The Logos is expressed as Word, as sound. Exists a language of gold that man should parlar.

Before the man to leave exile havens Jinn, only the verb Parlavà gold, the great language universal, that was perfect grammar. The great Egyptian hierophants, when they wanted to visit The Garden of Earthly Delights, were immersed in meditation deep, having in his right hand an almond known as deer's eye.

INVIA This mantra turns out to be a true invocation. TO its influence, the elemental of that comes almond overwhelmingly. This elemental has the power to the body in Jinn state, that is, within immersing the fourth vertical. When the Hierophant felt his body began to inflates or swelling of the feet up, then He understood that his body had acquired the status of Jinn. He rose from his bed full of faith and plunged in The Garden of Earthly Delights, transported to any Instead of the Earth into the fourth dimension, with elemental of almond eye deer. There is a Grand Master of science called Jina Oguara, which invariably attends the call of those who invoke and helps immerse the physical body within the fourth dimension.


We see in it four faces. Here it is represented the Tetragrammaton.

The first face shows us Adhi-Buddha, he unknowable, the Unmanifested. Not enter the creation. The second face, which is represented by the three forces: Father, Son, Spirit Santo, who do enter the creation. Adhi-Buddha, is the Father of Our father. Jesus called him and said JEU Him: "Father of my Father". JEU, the Unknowable, the Unmanifested, never enters in the demonstration. Then comes the Elder the Days,first JEU split, the Unmanifested Adhi-Buddha. Then the Son, then the Holy Spirit. Trinity emanates directly from Adhi-Buddha, the unknowable.

Here in the wake C, we see clearly. In the part high over the stele is a biographical sketch as face, but blurred, and only paying close attention note. It is blurred to give understand what Unknowable.

This trail is a well decorated theological piece. At the waist, on the part of Hod and Yesod, we see magnificent ornaments. The belt tells us that we must work hard, master the passions, the animalistic instincts, to wield the scepter of command, the scepter of kings. Hands in that position, indicate the need for directing all the creative forces up and inward. Pay attention to wisdom and never forget that each of us is the end result of different splits the Tetragrammaton. The work itself is perfect, summit. In the head we see how the work shines through which it reaches perfection. The miter on his head, the belt in the region of HOD -the astral world and the scepter of power in the center JESOD- clearly tell us the perfection of a man who is self-realized.

And what is the intimate self-realization of Being? By self-understood, development harmonious development of all the infinite human possibilities, It is not about intellectual data capriciously spread, or mere idle talk chat ambiguous, everything we say must be translated authentic, vivid, real experience. On behalf of the truth I solemnly declare that the Being is the only real existence, before whose ineffable transparency and terribly divine, what is called I, ego, me it is merely outer darkness, weeping and gnashing of teeth.Auto-known and performed on the horizon of the infinite possibilities, implies the admission or readmission to Host of the Creator Elohim.



Ometecuhtli - Omecihuatl

(Lord and Lady of duality).

Ome , two; Tecuhtli : Mr. snake.

Ome , two; Cihuatl : eagle lady.

This dual, masculine and feminine principle emanated all the universe.

According to the Nahua, this god and the goddess had four children, the four Texcatlipocas: Xipototec-the Colorado-, Tezcatlipoca -the black-, white- and Quetzalcoatl -the Huitzilopochtli -the blue. The divine and invisible binary were born the four colors of the four races that populate the world. During the sexual marriage forces are expressed creators of Ometecuhtli-Omecihuatl, which descend to the organs of procreation humans, with the sole purpose of that on the physical plane express a new being. If man and woman are united only by the desire for the animality of spilling the semen, solar forces man and woman moon sink into the atomic depths of the Earth and both become slaves of the abyss. But if love impels the union and no fornication in sexual caress, the beautiful snake feather quetzal awakens in them and ascends to its place of origin converted into Quetzalcoatl. So this couple is deified. On the threshold of the temple, the Masters They presented to initiate a book in which are written all the laws of the Divine Mother. Before this book many fall back in terror, knowing that they to annihilate their personality. Very few are those who pass the threshold test sanctuary, and those who pass receive a heavy ring fine gold, symbol of power.

The initiate must die to become, but before has to return to the bosom of the Divine Mother. Has to practicing sexual magic with his chaste wife to You can be born spiritually. He who does not know the laws of Mother, will never come to the father. Coatlicue is nothing but the Blessed Goddess Mother Death.

Instead of the four hands of Mexican Coatlicue, here suggests the four natural forces:

Fire, air, water and land. Face, has a skull well done. Mitra, has remarkable ornaments. Sceptre, no lack, in the center, indicating power.


Meditation is the bread of the wise. When the wise meditates seeks God, seeking information or seeking power. Five are the keys to meditation 1. comfortable position.

  1. Mind Blank

  2. Concentration.

  3. Introversion.

  4. Ecstasy.

1- comfortable position . Focus on your physical body and examine it carefully with the eyes of the soul.

Check that you are not that wonderful body. Dispose of your mind saying "I am not my body physical".

then focus on the etheric body, identify and, after observing carefully luminosity -the which protrudes from the physical body forming the aura multicolor-, dispose of your mind saying "I am not etheric body ". Delve more on yourself and focus on your astral first and then the mental body. These two bodies, astral and mental, are the two columns Masonic temples, JACHIN and BOAZ, whose base key is the cubic stone of Yesod, the body etheric. Concentrate well these two bodies and, after check that you are not any of them, but are two instruments over expression, dispose of his mind saying I am not my astral body, I am not My mental body. Take off your four bodies of sin and pass amid the white and black columns, JACHIN- BOAZ, the temple which is his living body in which it is written in letters of fire the word pass INRI . Descompóngala into two syllables and vocalícelas one after the other so IIIIIIIIINNNNNNN RRRRRRRIIIIIII Then pull off to wander the world mist fire without its four material vehicles. Return the body to keep working and focus back in the black column of his living temple, his astral body; and try to hear the high-pitched singing of cricket, which is the essence of the lost word INRI; Y while listening to what now goes between the cells your brain, concentrate on the white column, its mental body. Follow meditate and focus on the body will until he is aware of it, and when you have verified that yours is another vehicle of expression, discard saying "I am not the body the will". We got a little farther, we focus on the body consciousness. Identify it and see that it is only a vehicle over expression, discard saying no I am the body of consciousness. Then he asked: Who am I ?, and a voice and sweet answer is, "You are me, the Innermost, the reflection of the Inner Christ. You and I are one". In those moments login with Him feel be He, tell yourself:

I am He, I am He, I am He.

Upon reaching this state of consciousness, say mentally the mantra Pander well:

PAAAAANNNNN DEEEEERRRRR This mantra will help you identify with your Christ Internal.

For daily introversion will achieve its wake awareness; so much so that during sleep will act in astral body with the same ease and clarity in the physical body and when, by his sincerity and devotion, in the ecstasy will be allowed to visit the cores on which the universe is based, allegorically look like holes, you can contemplate the Divine Majesty the Absolute.

Intense practice awakens the inner centers.


Hieroglyphs This sculpture is a clear allusion to twelve jobs from Hercules. the twelve jobs from Hercules, prototype of theman authentic, They indicate, say, the secret path that must lead up grades of Perfect Master and Great Elected.

First job: Capture and death of the Lion of Nemea, the strength of the instincts and uncontrolled passions everything roughs and devours.

Second job: Destruction of the Hydra of Lerna, symbolic monster of immortal origin, endowed with nine threatening heads that regenerate every time which they are destroyed, threatening herds as the crops.

It can be interpreted as a multifaceted hydra allegorical image clearly personifying the mind with all its psychological defects.

Third work: Capture and Cerenita cierva Erymanthian boar. In the hind feet of bronze and golden horns, we can see a clear allusion to the soul human, the superior Manas of Theosophy. In the terrible wild boar, which no evil is the living symbol of all low animal passions.

Fourth work: extraordinary Cleaning famous Augean stables, King of Elida; whose daughter, aware of the virtues of plants, composed with these magical concoctions. These stables are the living symbolic representation of our own funds subconscious, submerged hosting their countless herds (those multiple aggregates bestial psychic, which constitute the ego). Fifth job: Hunting and destruction of birds cannibals who inhabited the murky lagoons Estinfal and killed men with his bronzed feathers, that way of throwing deadly arrows against their helpless victims. Sixth work: Capture the Cretan bull.

Seventh work: Capture of mares of Diomedes, who killed and the castaways who reached ate Warrior coastal town of bistonios, referring to the subhuman elements pasionarios, deeply immersed in our own depths unconscious, symbolic beasts by the waters spermatic the first instant, always ready to devour failures fifty

Eighth work: The cave where he killed the thief Caco, evil thief hiding in the dark Cave infra-human consciousness that plunders treacherously the sexual center of the organism to satisfaction of brutal animal passions. Ninth job: Conquest of belt Hippolyta, Queen of the Amazons, alluding to feminine psychic aspect of our own lower nature.

Tenth work: Conquest of the flock of Geryon, killing its owner who confronted him after their guardians, and Euritión Ortos and dogs. Onceavo work: Appropriating the apples Hesperides, nymphs daughters of Atlas, vivid representation of the planet Venus, the morning star delicious love.

Evidently this feat is closely related to Biblical accounts of the fruits of the tree knowledge of good and evil, in the Edenic garden.

Twelfth work: Remove from the plutonic domain Tricípite dog who kept (for more information see the book The Three Mountains same Author).

In the center of the steps highlighted beautifully seven centers, which have intimate accordance with the seven magnetic centers of the backbone of being human. That is of course, are the same seven churches Revelation of St. John.

These churches are starting from the ground up, or that is, the coccyx to the head:

Church of Ephesus or chakra Muladhara Right at the base of the spinal column, at the very root of our genital organs, including the anus and genitals.

Awakens this center when man and woman together without ejaculation of semen, ie, with practice of sexual magic.

This chakra is critical because their energy feeds the other centers. The Kundalini is enclosed in this center.

From here four such Nadis emanate from the petals Lotus.

The seven planes of cosmic consciousness are below This magnetic center or church of Ephesus.

The mantra of this chakra is BHUR. Mantrams Dis, Das, Two , sexual magic awaken the Kundalini. In the center of Ephesus is found the root of good and evil.

Many say they are apostles and are not, because they are fornicators.

The Muladhara chakra is related to Pritvi, and who fully awakens this center acquires the elixir long life, it preserved his physical body for millions of years.

The Kundalini gives us the knowledge of the past, present and future.

Church of Smyrna or chakra Swadhisthana As the yogi awakens his conscience Superlative, it is acquiring multiple powers or siddhis.

In the internal worlds the word time is synonymous esoteric degrees of consciousness.

This chakra is the abode of the Tattva Apas. The genius water elemental, Varuna, is related to it. Glows with the fire of Kundalini and has six wonderful petals.

The mantra is Bhuvar . The awakening this center learn to handle the elemental creatures of the water and meet the various astral entities. HE conquers death with the awakening of this chakra. Located two fingers below the solar plexus controls kidneys, abdomen and organs in the lower part of abdomen.

Church of Pergamum or chakra Manipura Pergamum is located in the epigastric, a little above the belly button.

This is the chakra Manipura. With this center they enter activity the liver and splenic plexuses Ten Nadis emanate from this center. The color is Fire resplendent. The Tatwa Texas is related to it.

With the mantra RAM-SUA is invoked Agni, that help us awake.

This chakra is the telepathic center or brains emotions, mental waves of people They think of us reach the solar plexus, then pass our brain. Thus, it is a receiving antenna. The pineal gland is the broadcast center.

For this center all energy or force is collected that feed solar plexus all the body human. With the awakening of manipura chakra is acquires mastery of fire.

Church of Thyatira or Anahata chakra Located in the heart region, bright red. Inside this center is a jet black space, hexagonal. This chakra is related to Vayu, Tatwa from air.

MANTRA SSSSSSSSS . When you learn to meditate on this center is absolute master of the air and can dissipate hurricanes and winds will govern.

Float in the air is easier than drinking a glass of water, is simple. Enough for the disciple learns to getting into the astral plane with his physical body.


The disciple lull himself to sleep lightly. then stand his bed with all sweetness, but imitating Sleepwalkers, ie, keeping the dream as a precious treasure.

The disciple thus walking full of faith, as a sleepwalker, jump with the intention of floating within the surrounding environment. If the disciple achieves floating in the air, it is because his physical body has gotten into the astral plane. Then you can be directed to any point Earth through the infinite space.

So the physical body can fly between the astral plane, being subject to the laws of the astral plane but losing its characteristics.

The important thing is to have faith, patience and tenacity.

Church of Sardis or chakra Vishuddha Sardis, located in the region of the creative larynx, is the Vishuddha chakra.

It relates beautifully with the Akasha Tattva, etheric element.

Tatwa color: deep blue. Has six beautiful petals, like a full moon.

When this chakra meditation is practiced, you can hold one with the physical body even during the cosmic night.

Who meditates on this center will know the high esotericism of all the sacred books and reach the grand state of Trikala-Jnana. In others words, someone who can know the past, present and future.

His mantra is HAN and the yogi uses it in full meditation.

The powers are flowers of the soul, that sprout when we We have sanctified.

For every step we take in the development of the chakras, we must also take a thousand steps in sanctity. With just we prepare our esoteric exercises garden, so that the aroma of holiness kindle our wonderful chakras.

The Vishuddha chakra is related to the creative verb.

The hardest thing in life is to learn to handle the language. Sometimes talking is a crime and there are times when silence is another crime. There are criminal silences, there are words infamous,

Philadelphia church or Ajna chakra Located between the eyebrows. Mantram OM .

This is the chakra of clairvoyance or psychic vision.

The plexus of this chakra is a lotus emanating from the pituitary gland. This gland is the page and light bearer the pineal gland, where the crown of the saints is, the lotus of thousand petals, Dangma eye, the eye of the intuition.

We have taught the mantras and practices chakras of the spinal column, but we must not forget that the plexuses also have their mantras. The powerful mantra Fe Uin Dagj vibrated all plexuses. The important thing is to prolong the sound of vowels.

The I, E, 0, U, A vowels are located in the form following I - frontal plexus E - Laryngeal plexus

0 - cardiac plexus U - solar plexus A - pulmonary plexus He who learns to meditate in the Ajna chakra acquires 8 major powers and 32 minor powers.

Psychic clairvoyance is an open door before you, but you must purchase power and keep the word of the Lord, lest they fall into temptation. Laodicean church or chakra Sahasrara.

Called the crown of the saints, the abode of Shiva.

It corresponds to the pineal gland.

The crown of the Saints has twelve stars, which are the twelve faculties of the soul.

In the brain there are twenty-four angelic atoms, representing the twenty-four zodiacal signs, who They shine wonderfully, searingly, when Devi Kundalini opens this center.

This chakra has 1,000 petals.

The twenty-four atomic Elders represent the wisdom of the elders of the zodiac. The Zodiac twenty elders are wearing white robes, sat on the throne of our brain.

At the root of the nose is the atom of the Father is the atom of will.

The seven serpents rise through the will, dominating the animal impulse.

In the pituitary gland is the atom of the Son, whose in the heart exponent is the Atom Nous (the Son of Man).

In the pineal gland within the chakra Sahasrara, shines the angelic atom of the Holy Spirit.

The atom of the Father governs or controls the cord Nodal Pingalá the right side, where ascend the solar atoms, positive force.

The Atom of the Son governs the Sushumna canal, where amount of neutral forces.

The atom of the Holy Spirit governs Ida channel, where they ascend the negative forces. So it is related to our sexual forces and the moonbeams, closely related reproduction of the races.

Each of the seven chakras of the spinal cord is governed by an angelic atom.

The seven thunders are the seven notes of the Word Lost, which resound in the seven churches of our spinal cord.

So therefore that this staircase is an open book which indicates the difficult and narrow path, which must be go to reach the Great Light. It also shows the deep levels of subconscious, etc., etc., etc.


It lies at the foot of the steps and, although very impaired, you are telling us only working with the deep man can reaching the final release. high Mitra, indicates the great priesthood. unrecognizable face impaired. Hands, although damaged, They show us the way ascending forces sex. The central lambel shows a figure, a clear allusion the causal, real man. Sceptre very well done, but already timeworn or human barbarity. and He placed at the foot of the stairs, he speaks of a Grand Mayan Master, a deiduso, a priest.


Face of a deity. A face completely hieratic. Miter, carries all the characteristics the true priesthood is imposing, wonderful. Ears, shape indicates the Word, the word. The breastplate, which He rises from center chest to connect practically with their ears, indicates that the true man, who is at the center of the chest, Tiphereth, the human soul, must listen to Word, the Word, the wisdom, wisdom. HANDS, indicate the two upward forces. At center hands, there is a human likeness a profile, which clearly indicates the causal man, true. CETRO appears as in other stelae, but here we see a change, reaches the belt, which in Hebrew It corresponds to Hod.

HOD, in Hebrew, corresponds to the astral world, and this it is applied to all sacred writings all peoples.

The central rod, rising to connect with the belt, you are telling us to work with Hod and Yesod, to become workers of the Great Work.

The appearance of the stele is female. On the sides of the scepter central bar or the famous St. Andrew's cross is seen. When this cross bears the pink in the center, it becomes the Rosicrucians.

The rose represents the Logos. The cross (X) represents the mercury and sulfur needed for the Great Work of Father.

The Order of the Logos, the true Rosicrucian, does not the physical world a visible or tangible organization, not has no physical temple, only it exists in the higher worlds.

The Brothers of the Rosicrucian Order, with body here in three-dimensional physical world, they are all Resurrected Masters. They are already incarnated Masters Christ, resurrected.

Those in the physical world are called Rosicrucians, the different schools, orders, are false.

True Rosicrucian Order that the Logos has established on the face of the Earth does not have organization visible or teaches coursesby correspondence, or charge fees or have personality legal or internal or external regulations. Not even its members are known to each other on the physical plane. HE will know in the higher worlds, but in the physical rarely, very rarely they found.

They are able to transmute lead into gold and make the best quality diamonds are Masters Self-realized.

The cross is one hundred percent sexual, and to flourish rose or Logos on the cross is needed to have died in itself completely. have Christified totally. The vertical phallus connected to the Ecteis formal, make cross.

So, then, that those who call themselves Rosicrucians, whatever the denomination, they are desecrating something great, sublime, sacred.

It is like saying "I am God" because that is for gods, not for ordinary people.

In the Rosicrucian Order that the Logos has established on the face of the Earth, they can not enter but those who they have Christified, those who are already Masters, Perfect adepts.

So since that organizations in the plane physical Rosicrucians say are false. It's the same thing to say "I am God". It is blasphemy, pride, desecration. All are false and have no Rosacruz but the name.

True Rosicrucian Order is for Teachers Resurrected to resurrected dead who already have the Christ alive inside.

We have given these explanations as to the X stele found in the "H" and are very important. The belt is telling us the rise of energy upwards.

a face appears in the center of the two hands clearly indicates Tiphereth, the human soul.


Miter, very destroyed by time or the human barbarity. we appreciate a pectoral climbing to the cheeks, is Right, indicating the soul of things, Being. Arms reach to the center of the chest, indicating always two forces ascenders. Waist, HE appreciates the mandil masonic covering the genitals, a face is seen indicating the third force at the top of apron. We appreciate a beautiful belt with X superposed. On the back of the stele work is everything mason, masonic architect, you have to do to achieve mastery. You have to work on himself according to the teachings received, according to the esoteric education given. No need to study the doctrine and perform job


The great Mayan initiates live within the 4th. Vertical or fourth dimension. There are temples and wonderful cities. If we want to investigate this, here It is precisely the key to doing. In a large bread type the following mantra: SENOSAN GORORA GOBERDON, as is written below:


Then eat bread. The words are Mantric Cross written in pencil or ink.

When we investigate this key in the worlds above, to know the scientific and esoteric value of that key, we obtained the following:

The brothers researchers, in a group, we We adormecimos vocalizing the mantra and the result was surprising.

When we leave the physical body and entered the astral, then we saw the sea.

A terrible sea god made her shiver until depths, while at sea waves formed etheric that rotating concentrically, threatened to rush to where we were.

That terrible God had caused the whirlwind electric, Hurricane etheric, the frightening force to rush to where we had left the body physical.

When we pronounce the mantra SENOSAN GORORA GOBERDON , that ineffable god attends our calling and our physical body submerged inside 4th. dimension.


Face, solar. Overhand we canappreciate a miter, which mitra equivalent to using today pontiffs day. Mitra has always represented the Logos. The fact that the figure It has clearly indicates that it is a large Mayan priest. It is not possible to conceive a child Mole miter. The two arms up to us They are indicating the two forces positive and negative, with to flow into and above. Can flow only and a high initiate.

Arms wrists are adorned with liturgical bracelets. The ears, in a circle with the center point, We clearly indicate the need to listen to Word, the Word, the Voice. Under this stele remains of fish, shells were found, coral fragments and pottery. We know the meaning, the symbolism of the fish.

The fish means the mercury of the sages. The sulfur Mercury is the sacred sperm transmuted properly. Mercury, in itself, is always represented by the pure waters of life. But the fish means and the Mercury is prepared, which has received the fire, It has been fertilized to ascend victoriously through the channel Medullary Gnostic ascetics. Coral fragments indicate the Philosopher's Stone. Sea shells indicate mercury yet He has received sulfur, ie fire. Clay pots represent the esoteric work eventually become a solar man, are the vessels hermetic.


The stone itself very, very imposing, very symbolic. The miter, see in it, in the form of triangles Tetragrammaton, represented here as ladders. What is he Tetragrammaton? Answer: First phase: Adhi-Buddha, the unknowable, the Unmanifested.

Each of us has our own Adhi-Buddha, unknowable and unmanifested Second phase: the three aspects, Father, Son and Spirit Santo, who they belong to the Creator Demiurge manifested.

These are the four forms of the Tetragrammaton. By that's so terrible pronunciation of the word.

When you pronounce TETRAGRAMMATON says Eliphas Levi and so we show us overlook faces of all the nooks and crannies of the universe, for see who has dared to pronounce the name of the Lord in vain.

The Tetragrammaton never be pronounced in vain, but for some purpose, to receive aid special. As depicted in this wake, we are indicating: Remember the three forces of creation. Well above the miter head appears Elderly the centuries, beautifully chiseled. Further back, a sort of semblance appears apparently human, very bold. It tells us something on the unknowable ness.

To speak more clearly indicate the Adhi-Buddha.

Thus we see the Ancient of Days, and other species of human head, eyes sort of resemblance to something blurred, indicating the Adhi-Buddha. Arms. You can see both arms up, indicating the two forces and a kind of scepter, which It indicates the third neutralizing force, strength Holy Spirit, well-connected with Hod and Yesod.

Below is a face or figurine, on top of scepter.

The scepter is based undoubtedly on energy sexual, which must be raised inward and upward. Is a job well aware.

He speaks clearly this stela of the two cords Ganglion, known in the East with names Ida and Pingala. These are the two famous witnesses Revelation, whose mission is to make the holy oil of our semen up to the brain. Braids in this stele clearly indicated.

Ears. We speak of listening to the Word, Word, Voice, Sound.

From the point of Hebraic view, it calls a Ruach Elohim, a priest who worked in these lands Copan solar esoteric teachings giving a I deiduso.

In Honduras there was an Avatara, who taught and trained a group of men and solar disciples who They left humanity its books in stone.

These sculptures are so valuable that never again be others, who would they be able to do them? Each stone stele a book that speaks for itself is the grandeur of the universe. Each monument is prior to the time of Jesus of Nazareth, they are very old, belong at the age of bronze. Its origin is Atlantean-maya.


Face. it appears mask. Ears. In that way we indicate that we must listening the teachings, the Word, learn to pay attention to what we are saying. Hands. This attitude is well known among great initiates, as well in the form They appear in this wake, hands on his chest, fingers touching each yes, it is used a lot for meditation. In the center of the chest there is a magnetic point, known in Hebrew Kabala the name TIPHERETH, the region of the soul. Reason enough for these Deities with hands on chest clear attitude of meditation. Scepter. It is a kind of formidable rough bar, heavy, with two wings, which gives us the idea of caduceus mercury of the sages. In other words, the two positive and negative forces.

The bar itself represents the third force, creative energy, which is what can lead to the intimate self-realization of Being, which serves the Great Work.

The scepter also gives the idea of a double-edged ax. It comes to my memory in these instants, the case of It is spoken in esotericism, one of the "hermaphrodite woodcutters. "It is an order of perfect androgynous, or Ifolios.

woodcutters are called for with the ax break They are personifying trees or typify, or symbolize, our past mistakes (we clarified and understood While we do not speak here of the degenerate current, but perfect androgynous) homosexuals. We find in this stone a bright, vivid illustration work to be done in oneself, in the disintegration of ego.

We see here quite clearly meridian doctrine hebraica of Judas Iscariot: the disintegration of the ego. Judas Iscariot not as many think, a man who betrayed his Master. Do not.

Judas Iscariot did a paper taught by the same Master and nothing else! The same Jesus of Nazareth He prepared and Judas learned it by heart and represented conscientiously publicly.

The doctrine of Judas means the elimination of all psychological aggregates, ego death.

For that reason Judas hangs himself to indicate that the ego It should be reduced to ashes.

Judas played a role and nothing else. He was prepared conscience not to contradict anything like the Holy Scriptures, he tried several times before doing so publicly. As a comedian who plays a role and nothing more.

Judas was and remains the most exalted disciple of Jesus of Nazareth. And he managed Christification. You can see in this stele some animal figures, living representation of our type errors psychological.

There is an urgent need to work in the death of the ego to liberate the essence, consciousness, Budhata.

Miter. It is quite destroyed, but gives the idea of the three forces: the holy affirm, deny the holy and the holy reconcile.


This figure shows Tlaloc, god of rain. Miter. The simple fact speaks bring clear high priesthood, an initiate, a great priest. Hands. In this attitude we are showing the region Tiphereth. There is need to focus energies toward in and up.

The pectoral area Tiphereth, in the center of chest, with two angles upward toward the cheeks, It tells us that we must pay attention to the bottom soul of Being, which is what really counts. The Maya knew the esoteric mysteries background, each sculpture itself it is indicating. On the sides we see the macaws, clear symbol of chastity. Macaws represent Also sulfur and mercury of the sages.

For explain Sulphur better what and mercury, they I will say that the sperm sacred should transmuted into creative energy, that impregnated fire or becoming one with the fire, goes up the spine dorsal. That is the Igneous serpent of our magical powers. All the work It is in mercury and sulfur, without they can not do the Great Work. This trail is very well represent sulfur and mercury by the pair of scarlet macaws. We can see that who carved these stones knew what they were doing. Thoroughly knew the esoteric culture. They were made by initiates. In other cultures are represented differently, by example, the unicorn and the horse, and the eagle bitch, for the two fish of the constellation Pisces, for the two colossi of Rhodes, etc., etc. All these allegories They are nothing but sulfur and mercury both They speak the alchemists of the Middle Ages.

Mercury is the metallic soul of the exiohehari, soul Metallic sacred sperm, which must receive fire to upload. It is the sulfur mercury, rising by spinal column by opening the chakras, centers magnetic human being.

Sulfur surplus mercury crystallizes in the astral body, gives life to the astral body. Later crystallizes in the mental body and finally crystallized the causal body or the conscious will. Who has a physical body, an astral, a mental a Solar causal receives the psychic principles and spiritual and becomes a real man.

Before that, he is an intellectual animal, falsely called man.

It resembles the man as the physical body, the face, the figure, but if their processes are observed psychological, whether psychological processes are compared a man with an intellectual animal, is find that they are completely different, completely different.

Thus, mercury and sulfur are represented by Somehow in the sacred texts of cultures old. Here in the wake "B" were represented by the two macaws, also symbols of chastity, The scepter is wisely placed in the center. an indefinite face looks, weird, wacky, placed in the top of the scepter, as if to indicate the wonderful neutral force or third force.

The scepter, moving towards the waist, to Hod and Jesod, speaks in Hebraic terms of force neutralizer. This third force is what really you have to learn to drive, learn to direct, because It is what gives power.

In Revelation, the two witnesses are on the sides of spine, but the third force is the center.

The two witnesses put in activity to the third force, the sacred ray of Kundalini. The scepter of command It belongs to the third force. Here in this wake, it is well explained with this face so strange, so neutral.

The chiseled this stone is extraordinary, a admirable perfection.

Stones as rich as they are not bought yet the world's gold, As artistic work are stunning, while Figure give the idea a mantle.


We see a figure with his hands distributes rain benefactress. The position of the figurine is sitting on buddhic attitude. There is no doubt that it is necessary on we fall for all universal deluges cleanse and purify completely, So it says Tlaloc Mayan Copan.

In short: all these carvings are very old, made by great artists, with extraordinary wisdom, which it was deposited in these books we stone clearly they speak of the intimate self-realization of Being. Who is TLÁLOC? It is a king of nature, a perfect creature that is beyond good and evil. In his hands are flooding, drought, hail, ice, lightning, why the ancient magicians They feared his wrath.

Finding myself one day in a state of deep meditation, I had to get in direct contact with the blessed Mr. Tlaloc. This great being lives in the causal world, more beyond the body, affections and the mind. In all parts of my being experienced tremendous certainly reality of his presence. Exotically dressed seemed an Arab from ancient times. His face, impossible to describe in words, it was like a lightning bolt. When I rebuked him for the crime of accepting many sacrifices of children, women, men, elderly, etc etc. (Also listed among the Aztecs and Tlaloc those sacrifices are talking about), the answer was: I was not my fault that, never demanded such sacrifices, that it was a matter of the people over there in the physical world. Then I concluded with the following words: be back in the era Aquarius.

Unquestionably, the god Tlaloc must reincarnated in a few years.


Certain tribes of America, when they want rain their crops, gather their members, assume the figure Toad, imitate, and then in chorus mimic the "croak" the result is not expected too.

The ancient magicians called undines of rivers and lakes, or geniuses of the clouds, or the Nereids the stormy ocean, crying out with a loud voice pronouncing the following mantras: Veya Vallala! Veyala! Heyala! Veya!

Tlaloc is therefore a god, Deva the causal plane. You You can also invoke, but must do so with faith and reverence.


This trail is a living representation of the Trimurti. three overlapping faces are to indicate the Holy Triamanzikanno. Is the top Trimurti: Kether, Chokmah and Binah of the Hebrew Kabala. Arms. Well decorated and noting the rise of forces inward and upward. Between the two arms appears a face that tells us the man causal, the real man.

Belt. Very well decorated. a face appears in the Hod region, to show us the astral world, astral body of the human being.

This astral body is a vehicle of expression through which can manifest Divinity.

Much has been said about the astral body, but really he animal intellectual man falsely calling no astral body, has a desire body a molecular body, that is all. Ordinarily that molecular vehicle is called astral, astral body. We need to create our astral body itself is that really we crave the birth of Christ our own heart.Sexual Hydrogen Si- 12 is the final product of feed conversion in the human organism. This is the stuff that sex work. It is seed or fruit. It is clear that this sexual hydrogen is processed in the human organism according to the seven notes musical scale, from Do to Si, however the Hydrogen Si-12 can move to Do as follows higher octave with the help of Maithuna, magic sexual, Arcanum AZF In the sexual union of man and woman, during the Maithuna (without ejaculation of the Ens Seminis), occurs a second upper octave, developing a new independent, bright and shining body, very different from using the disembodied. this new body is the astral body.

Born the astral body of the same sperm, the same substance, from the same seed that gives rise to the body physical. The only thing different is the procedure.

The intimate background, vitalism of the living cell, saturates with hydrogen SI-12, and when all cells organic are fully saturated and impregnated with that sexual hydrogen, then crystallizes that substance in the splendid form of the astral body. This paper known as alchemy transmute lead into gold. Really only people who have astral body conscious living in the inner worlds, both during the sleep of the physical body and after death.

The desire body, molecular, is cold, ghostly, unconscious, is the vehicle used by the disembodied after death. The astral body is a vehicle that very few beings humans have the luxury of having it, it is splendid, wonderful, they use the angels and the Masters of the White Lodge. Of course, after birth, the astral body needs its food to grow and strengthen. The physical body fed with hydrogen 48. The surplus hydrogen hydrogen 48 becomes 24, with which the astral body is fed. Thus, the astral body is a crystallization splendid Hydrogen Si-24.

Just as the physical body is engendered by sexual act, the astral body is also generated with sex. And as the physical body is born, is born also the astral body. Just as a child needs food for growth tissue, so the astral body needs food for growth and development. The food is hydrogen Si-24. Continuing with the description of the stele "P" say: The head under the Trimurti tells Atman, the Ineffable, with their ears ready to listen to the Word, to the word. More down is TIPHERETH, man true. Then there is the earthly man, man astral. This sculpture shows us that the upper Trimurti must crystallize reach the real man, in man real.


Although a bit destroyed, this stone represents the snake, We know that in the East the serpent was called Kundalini.

What is the Kundalini? What does that word mean?

The Kundalini is the sacred fire of the Holy Spirit. He Kundalini is the igneous serpent of our magical powers.

The Kundalini is the very powerful fire is enclosed in the chakra Muladhara. The Muladhara chakra is the church at Ephesus, cited in the Apocalypse of St. John.

Along the spinal cord there is a call channel, in the East, Shushumna, by which the Kundalini ascends awaken all our occult powers.

The word Kundalini consists of: Kunda, we reminds the Kundartiguador organ, and fini, word Atlantean which means end. Kundalini means: end of Kundartiguador body.

The snake is normally locked in Ephesus

(Muladhara chakra). When it ascends through the channel core, we become angels. If low, due to fornication (spill Ens Seminis), we become demons.

When the glass of Hermes is spilled, we make the crime of the Nicolaitans. The Kundartiguador is the projected to the atomic infernos sexual energy and It enslaves us into the abyss.

Kundalini is possible only to wake with magic sexual, Arcanum AZF The Kundalini has three and a half turns, and when He is hissing like snakes awake.

The culture is a snake and speaks of power Snake. Only serpentine civilizations are true cultures, true civilizations.

With tears in his eyes, I ripped the heart have to talk things I should not speak because this is like throwing pearls before swine, but the poor suffering humanity needs them and I look at the anxiety to say something about the flying serpent. In the Popol Vuh of the Maya, the bird and the snake listed as sexual creators of the universe. Tepeu and Cocumatz send a hawk to the immense sea of the great life, to bring the serpent, whose marvelous blood amass yellow and white corn. Says the Popol Vuh that this mass of yellow and white corn, mixed with the blood of the serpent god Quetzalcoatl formed the flesh of people.

The bird represents the universal spirit of life. The serpent represents the sexual fire of the Third Logos. The blood of the snake indicates the waters of Genesis, the great universal sperm, the Ens Seminis or semen Christonic, waters that is the germ of all life, These are the lifeblood of the Earth, according to the Mayan philosopher.

The goddess Coatlicue is the mother of life and death (Ens Seminis).

Actually, the sexual fire of the Third Logos ago fecund the waters of life for the emergence of the universe. In the Mayan theogony, two Gods intervene in the creation: one who gives life and form to man, and another which gives consciousness. The Third Logos fecundates the waters of life, and when they have been fertilized, Second Logos intervenes infusing consciousness in all organisms.

Vehicles of action of all forces Logoic are the ineffable Gods. The hawk Ch'uuy , the guacamayo MO , kestrel X 'Cen Cen Bac , the tapir TziminkAax and the serpent Can are the basic factors Mayan geogenic myths.

These symbols are used esoterically and exoterically. In the exoteric or public field They symbolize tribal facts, historical events, etc etc. In the esoteric or secret aspect, the question is highly scientific, deeply philosophical, sublimely artistic and tremendously religious.

Among the Mayas the earthly paradise is Tamoanchan, the sacred place of the snake, the snake bird.

Tamoanchas are, in fact, initiated in the snake.

The myth of the Tamoanchas is the serpent bird. The Tamoanchas descended from the Toltecs, Olmecs and Maya.

The Plumed Serpent speaks clearly of snake bird and it is identified with Quetzalcoatl, the Aztec Christ, who always appears accompanied by the eagle and snake. The eagle spirit and fiery serpent we become terribly divine gods.

The quetzal is the Mayan feathered serpent, the snake bird.

The igneous snake lies enclosed in a bag membranous located in the chakra Muladhara, two fingers below the anus, about two fingers below genitals. When the solar and lunar atoms make contact in the Triveni, then awakens the Kundalini, the igneous serpent of our magical powers, ascends victorious through the spinal canal to the chalice

(Brain), awakening dormant all centers man.

To awaken the Kundalini women need and be chaste life (study the book Marriage Perfect, the same Author).


This stone is very stylized.

The head, body and eyes are a turtle.

We know that the turtle was used to represent the formerly zodiac.

There is a hermetic principle that says: "As is above, so below. "If there is a zodiac up there with twelve constellations, below there is the zodiac man with his twelve pairs of cranial nerves:

  1. AROMA

  2. OPTIC

  3. oculomotor


  5. trigeminal




  2. vagus O BUM SPINAL 11-

12- HYPOGLOSSAL These nerves inform the mind of what happens in human zodiac. The office collects reports It is the brain. The clerk is the mind.


Sitting comfortably, relax the physical body fully, from the toes to the crown.

Try to see one by one, with the eyes of imagination, bones, muscles, nerves, arteries, cells, atoms, etc etc.

Then focus on the heartbeat. Pass then those beats to the tip of the nose, you should feel them there; then to the right ear, right hand, right foot, left foot, left hand, left ear, nose again and heart. Then you will realize that you can master the heartbeat at will. Do this practice for at least 45 minutes daily.


We can see four lines around the stone, with a biographical sketch sun. The same lines we see in UFOs The four lines and the vertical line are indicating us the Holy Tetragrammaton.

Below we appreciate both arms and hands well drawn, which they indicate the lower man, the man animal, you must understand that in the final synthesis, It comes from the four basic forces of creation.

These four forces are given to AdhiBudha:

In the East: Brahma, Vishnu, Shiva.

In the West, Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.

Among the Egyptians, Horus, Osiris, Isis.

The three forces come in last synthesis, the Adhi-

Budha, the unknowable, the unmanifested; as I said Jesus of Nazareth: "The Father of My Father" is in the within the unknowable, of the Unmanifest. It has always represented by the four lines to Trinity within the unity of life. Kabbalists the Tetragrammaton call. The name of the Eternal has four letters: IOD, HE, VAU, HE.

IOD is the man HE is the woman VAU is the phallus HE is the uterus The deep study of the Eternal leads inevitably to the Ninth Sphere (sex). We must lifting the serpent through the medullar canal to carry the sanctuary of the heart.

The cross of initiation is received in the heart temple Father magnetic center is between the two eyebrows. The sanctuary of the Mother is in the heart. The four points of the cross symbolize: water and land, fire and air; spirit and matter, motion and rest. The four elements of alchemy are: salt, mercury, sulfur and nitrogen.

In the solitude of the mysterious sanctuaries, the neophytes They were subjected to four tests of earth, water, fire, and air, which defined the different purifications themselves. Then they were taken from their bodies physical and astral brought them to the depth of the shrines, where they explained the mysteries great of life and death.


Faced with a lighted candle, some coals or a fire, vocalize the mantra INRI, as follows :

IIIIIIIINNNNNRRRRRIIIIIII Then another time vocalizing the letter sssssssssss, you will be assisted by this server.


This figure worked in stone is very strange. Inwhatanother placewe couldfind so strange representation? We see a human head crowned with thorns, similar the crown of thorns of the Master Jesus of Nazareth. Clear allusion to the will.

It's the same rune thorn or DORN Norse. The hole where the head is a YONI and instead one PHALO a head crowned with thorns appears. clearly refers to sacrifice and will. Says much this stone with its symbolism. the angles on both sides give an idea of legs and in the central part is the YONI. Only by working in the ninth sphere can achieve the intimate self-realization of Being.

Why it must be located within a head YONI?

Why this semblance of legs on either side? Why on top of those stones appear in disc-shaped?

If we examine these stones from the top, we see Rather circular, and points in wavy lines center. two mounds are appreciated and in the center a kind of way. the line indicates work, sacrifice.

In short, it is a solar stone tells us that only work in the ninth sphere, where gestate worlds, men, beasts and gods, and a iron will, suffering horrific sacrifices are You can reach Christification.

If the man does not work in the lit Forge Vulcan never reach Christification. No book could say what he is saying this stone representation. It is extraordinary, unique. Many crowns of thorns are in faces during the Bronze Age. This indicates the will. Alone willing exits from darkness to light.

The Holy Face crowned with thorns symbolizes conscious will. Malice is Satan, desire concentrated.


At attention, facing the east face, right at the waist, eyes closed, hand sing all morning the mantric syllables TA, TE, TI, TO, TU, with the firm intention of developing the will of Christ. Every day at sunrise.


We see here an altar to officiate in the temple zodiac. Formerly in the shell of turtles metal representing the twelve signs painted zodiacal, which are:


We have special practices for working with each of stellar geniuses governing these constellations. We deliver them to those disciples showing seriousness and discipline at work.


We see this in stone: Above, a series of lines, as above we said, they symbolize the secret mercury philosophy. four circles also appear never any anthropologist has been able to understand and look much in Mexico, Peru, East, Meso-America, Yucatan, etc., etc. It is clear that the four circles represent the Tetragrammaton and serve to remind Trinity within the unity of life.

Angles above the circles indicate the three forces of creation: Father, Son and Holy Spirit. On the sides, we see two human likenesses that directed toward the temple and symbolizing the two colossi Rhodes, the lion and the eagle, the unicorn and the horse, etc etc. Clear representation of mercury and sulfur of the wise basis for all work.

At the center, the door, the holy shrine, the holy temple.


When the Mayan civilizationI was in his splendor, never were committed the sacrifices that current humanity He attributed to some ancient cultures. The culture is solar. the Maya They were instructed by solar beings perfect. The sacrifice we refer here, this stone is: A) Removal ego. B) Transmutation of sexual energy. C) Sacrifice for suffering humanity. The two crescent-shaped circles, repeated moon, we indicate mercury. The shape of the stone indicates the work. We see in the center a shining sun, culmination of work.


Commonly it called this enclosure field the ball, but his name is wrong.

Let's make history. In the last century a vagabond, I was out of work in London, came inflate a piece of rubber and then thought about putting a leather to see what was up. It turned the ball Foot ball.

Well, he started kicking him, he felt good the fun and a few days many youngsters of London were doing the same. At first people protested because broken glass and People jostled. Newspapers protested, but He followed the thing and now want to see the vagrancy of London even the sacred things. a liturgical ritual existed among the Maya, which with a ball made of stone. Every movement was carefully studied. Ritual meant the fight between light and darkness, between the powers of light and the powers of darkness.

In the Gothic cathedrals temples of Age Media these rituals are also practiced. Is a religious ceremony properly studied.

Current people, who see the ball London vagabond, also want see in things sacred the same. Simple logic invites us to reflect:

Do you play with a ball Foot ball stone ?, How many broken knees ?, How many dead people?

A single blow to the head and dead child. One stroke and secure knee fracture or lame for life.

Only guess is absurd.

There was a liturgical ritual, as existed in the Gothic cathedrals of the Middle Ages. See how the Field: tao cross, temples around.


Square and cross in the center they are very good acts. This He invites us to reflection, already that the cross He knows much before the era Christian. When the line Horizontal is above center line vertical, indicates the cross of sacrifice. As it displayed in this stone Copan us It speaks clearly of the cross elements. Cross parts equal within the perfect picture. We see human faces up and down the square, possibly they existed two, one on each side. The point at the center of the cross tells us to be, around which the cross. The elements are: earth, water, air, fire. The four of them Gospels also indicate the four elements:

MARCOS symbolizes the lion (fire element).

LUCAS symbolizes the bull (earth element).

MATTHEW represents a young (water element).

JUAN represents the eagle (air element).

The insertion of the vertical phallus in the horizontal Ecteis, Crosstop. It is the cross of initiation that we take on our shoulders.

It also indicates the cross: the spirit, matter, motion and rest, etc., etc., etc.


On a sheet of paper, or on the sand with a stick, Devise the sign of HAGAL rune and meditate deep in the unity of life in the Great Pralaya the universe, in the invisible world, in the universe parallels the superior dimensions of space. Concentrate the thinking of the Valkyries, in Gods of fire, air, water and land. Through Meditation can contact the gods elementary: Agni, god of fire Pavana, God air Varuna, God of water Gob, God of the earth


Face, well done.

Ears. By the way indicate the Word, the Word.

It has always been said that the Word sounds. Above face a semblance of face looks human, placed on the turban, indicating Being higher self, the highest part of the Being. The four circles we know they represent the Trinity within the unity of life.

The pituitary, well developed, gland indicates vision Ultra things.

So far you have heard only speak of Tibet Eastern and holy Masters who dwell there. Franz Hartman spoke of the hidden temple of Bohemia and Teachers.

Krumm Heller (Huiracocha) spoke of the temple of Montserrat in Spain and the Temple of Chapultepec in Mexico.

In South America there are temples of Mother Goddess Still, those are the temples of the sacred Mayan mysteries.

Millions of beings belonging to the Mayan Ray. I'll pull back the curtain for the first time that hidden:

MAESTRO Kalusuanga, the primitive god Light, Grand Master of the sun, has a deposit esoteric wisdom in the temple of Buritaca, headquarters ancient wisdom, Atlantic Coast department Magdalena, Colombia.

KUNCHUVITO Muya, powerful god.

KAKASINTANA, powerful god.




THE "SAGA" María Pastora, Teacher wisdom.

GOD KUINMAGUA. This Master is the god of storms, with powers over the winter seasons, summer, spring, autumn.

QUAKE GOD. innocent child that shakes the land and whose name is not the case mentioned. These Masters of the White Lodge and Maya Ray, are the silent guardians of Latin America. The Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta, in Colombia, is another powerful, ancient Tibet.


We will deliver a practice to enter the temple of Kalusuanga, the primitive god of light, who admitted in its mysteries to the thirsty souls of the Mayan Ray. The key to enter the temple of Kalusuanga, the great Master of Maya Ray, is:

Sitting in a chair at a table, support the elbows on the table and hold the head with his hand left; while right will pass magnetic on the head, from the forehead to the neck, in order to magnetize himself and throw hard (with magnetic passes) the body astral outward toward the temple of Buritaca, seat of the ancient wisdom of the Mayan Ray. Uniting the will and imagination in vibrant harmony, making an effort to doze, should feel like acting in the flesh in the Buritaca temple. He thought the act with Mantram OMNIS Baun Igneous . These words followed pronounced prolonging the sound of vowels, to stay asleep.

After some time of practice, will the disciple and Kalusuanga astral body in the Master sublime Maya Ray, will instruct in the sacred mysteries Maya Kalusuanga test the value of those who invoke and It appears gigantic and terrible, to test the disciple, which, if courageous, will be instructed in the science of Mamas.

To reach the culture of the Mamas is needed to spend hundreds of years.

In the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta lives an initiate Maya whose age is indecipherable. This is great illuminated Mama President of the government of the Indians Arawak. It has power over all creation and is deeply revered by all Indians Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta.

There are also temples of light in Taganga and Gaira. majestic temples, shrines of august great Mayan initiates. The temples are in Jinn state within the fourth dimension, and are cathedrals of nature where dwell the great sages of the snake.

The high initiates Maya communicate with Masters of Tibet and can move from one place to another with body and in a few seconds, through the astral plane coordinate fifth planet Earth. These sages are terribly quiet and humble, and no civilized human being can them out their secrets unless it is worthy and deserving of being received as a disciple. Maya ray is the ray American native. Here is the key for you know.


Certainly the name of the temple of the meditations He agrees to work that was done there. Was a temple where meditation was practiced. We well know that meditation is the bread wise. When one meditates seeks God, information or seeks power.

Upstairs we see a human face sunk or immersed in meditation. It is shown below another human face that tells and shows where Jesod lies the power, and the base is a semblance of human head that tells us the earth monster, it must swallow or devour us if we fail our final liberation.

The monster of the land of the Maya are the same hell or lower or submerged worlds, which open its jaws to devour those who do not fight for Inner Self-Realization of the Being. In our book Yes There Hell, if there Diablo, if there Karma unveil all this, with their practices to touch, feel and see. On the sides of the temple there are two strong figures, robust, easily confused with figures animals, but they are nothing more than symbolism or representation of the force. Priestly miter on their heads we clearly indicates, In short, it indicates the domain of the animal ego. He has It has been very well done, very well allegorized.

Meditation includes several phases or steps, for example:

  1. A comfortable position, no matter the place where do.
  2. Do not think of anything, that is, mind blank.
  3. Concentration on one thing. Knowing the mind set on one thing.
  4. Deep meditation, reflection on the contentDeep in the same thing.
  5. Ecstasy, Samadhi.

All this discipline must imbue our life everyday. Those who want the fiery wisdom They must end with the processes of reasoning and cultivate the ardent faculties of the mind.

The reason is a bridge between instinct and intuition. From the only reason we extract the golden fruit that is the understanding.

Compression and objective imagination replace reason and are the foundation of the higher faculties understanding


The Mayan jaguar is undoubtedly the same XOLOTL or Nahua Lucifer. Throughout Meso America It represents the same. In the current era Christianity is the same Lucifer (light and faith).

Light and faith is therefore the reflection of the Logos within us, here and now.

The Logos, God unfolds himself, and that splitting is precisely the Nahua Xolotl, the Christian Lucifer, the Mayan jaguar.

So then, those who think that Lucifer is the Eternal enemy are mistaken. And who dogmatically paint it as a terrible demon, sitting on a throne of ignominy and blasphemy, a iron trident in his right hand dominated the world are also wrong.

XOLOTL really Lucifer, jaguar, tiger, to who represent is the particular, individual Lucifer.

Everyone has his on the very bottom of his conscience and according to the degree of purification in the elimination of psychological aggregates so you see, The more errors, defects and vices we have, the more It will be horrible and frightening. The more clean and pure Let us therefore be more radiant.

XOLOTL or Lucifer, jaguar, is nothing more than the reflection of the Logos within us, and those who the curse pronounced against the cosmic reflection Logos, anathematize the living God manifested in the matter and deny the ever-incomprehensible Wisdom, equally revealing opposites light and darkness.

The glory of Satan is the shadow of Adonai, and the throne of Satan is the footstool of the Lord. Semblance, like, similitude, sun, day and night, law of opposites. There are two armies Logos or Demiurge Architect of the universe in sublime areas, the battle-hardened army of Miguel and the abyss of the manifested world, legions of Satan.

Ostensibly, these are the unmanifested and Manifested, the virginal and the fallen in the generation animal. Unquestionably, only over Satan, never on the Logos, falls the shame of generation. One lost his virginal high state of Kumara when he ate the forbidden fruit.

With esoteric resurrection, the Nahua Lucifer, the jaguar maya, recapture the virginal state of Kumara. The cornerstone of the Great Work is certainly impure, material rude, intrinsic reason why receives the Diablo name.

The stone of the Great Work is the Nahua Lucifer, jaguar Maya. This master stone, located at the bottom same of our sexual system, Kabir Jesus he built His church, It is necessary to understand that each of us Lucifer has its own, individual reflection Complete your specific Logos. The humanized tiger becomes a reality concrete in Meso-America and Mexico. So also We found in Teotihuacan, raising his arms in a liturgical gesture or with that feline march that characterized.

Thus, Lucifer is the reflection of the Logos within ourselves, here and now. If a tree has shade, Why has wonder that the Logos has its own shadow?

Lucifer is the one that gives us self-independence, powers which deify. He is the one who gives the sexual impulse, without which it is impossible Christification. So that Lucifer serves as a ladder and ladder to climb down. When one gives the spear in his side to Lucifer, when overcomes temptation rises one degree more for Lucifer back. Here goes: ascending the Lucifer back until one day to Golgotha of Father.

The jaguar represents the same interior Lucifer, particular, individual, each of us inside.

Tigers gentlemen, besides warriors Accustomed to hard struggle, were athletes extraordinary science of Jinas. these beings extraordinary knew how to mix the three elements of Samyasi with the fearsome feline power; Jaguar-Lucifer.


Lying on tiger skins, imitating the sacred Jaguar posture when at rest is, slightly numb, those worthies They knew consciously combine will and Imagination in vibrant harmony.

Supreme concentration and meditation background Mental assumed deliberately by creative imagination, feline jaguar figure. Left, unfold, work with that figure frightens, ecstatic and mystical joy mode one represented something impossible for these perínclitos males.

Every time they came off the hard bed to walk as tigers and then disappear into the fourth coordinate, uttered the phrase ritual

"WE BELONG". As well as when the powder ignites and explodes with the musket great noise, this is the heart burning with love divine.

Well, humans know that those tigers legendary, exotic and strange, at the threshold of Temple returned as her gentle human figure again.

Indubitably, Philip the Apostle of the Great Kabir Jesus, is the patron saint of the Jinn. If you love Felipe, You can ask for his help when you are dozing, excluding from your mind every thought, feeling joy in the soul by his presence, speak the the following ritual phrase: To heaven Felipe. Come out of your bedroom with firm and decisive step, METEOS violently into the fourth dimension unknown.

The suns of enthusiasm shine you the way, very dear and gentle reader. Tiger forces accompany you. Wisdom that fireflies light up your intellect.

Babbling PICR the shade for your rest. Emerald frogs point to the trails, croaking tirelessly.

She, nature, be prodigal with you.

The universal force bless you and direct.


The snake clearly indicates the sacred fire, up the backbone of the initiate, gives powers, etc.

We have seven bodies and each has its own snake or sacred fire; two groups of three with One sublime coronation. Fire Snakes They transform us completely. They are also the seven serpents of light.

The heart is the temple of the snake-bird. Do not only we need to raise snakes each body, but they are devoured by the serpent to birds become snakes or snakes plumed. Only love and sexual magic She achieved.

When the snake reaches the heart, the wings are received Igneous and become feathered serpents.



It represents: sex yoga, Maithuna, magic sexual, the sexual alchemy. Very interesting result this figure. A leg toward down and other toward above, indicating the rune Gibur. In his hand a kind of cup, marked with the tao cross. Cup out, a flame. The simple figure indicates itself work in the ninth sphere. The cup indicates the deposit Mercury of the Wise. The flame symbolizes sulfur, fire fertilizes the mercury to make the Great Work. The face represents a Mayan Baphomet. a Baphomet with the chalice in his left hand; the right hand It represents or indicates the region of the solar plexus. The work in the ninth sphere.

Gibur clearly indicates the rune: generation, gnosis, sexual strength.

The chalice represents the feminine Yoni, the eternal principle. Baphomet say is the same as saying Lucifer, which already we gave an explanation on the previous pages. In the Middle Ages abounded many representations the Baphomet.

The Baphomet is what gives the sexual impulse, without which it is impossible to intimate self-realization of the Being. The eight gates indicate the eight major initiations, Adept everything has to receive and qualify. As well signify the eight-pointed star.

The six lower tiers represent the "indecision" to jump to the elimination of ego. terrible struggle between love and desire, mysteries of the Lingam-Yoni, the supreme supreme affirmation and negation of Satan. And represented the Baphomet, invites us to enter the temple, but they are very few who can enter the temple of wisdom. There is a great book Mother Nature, where laws are written cosmic. Rare are those who can open and study the book. The test of the sanctuary is very terrible and that the pass or receive the ring seal of Solomon, where They are represented positive and negative forces universal magnetism.

Solomon's seal gathers the work in the Great Work. The six points of the star are male, six slings tickets are female. Total: twelve rays. perfect symbol of the central sun.

The Gibur rune, in the macrocosm, represents the incessant evolutions and involutions of the seven cosmos. His bent arms: the relentless rotation revivalism terrestrial and cosmic garden.

On the physical plane he represents the man with one arm skyward and another toward Earth. It is the hammer Thor, producer of storms, made by the Pygmies Earth to defend against the giants or forces titanic pro-cosmic opposed to the law of harmony universal.

The Gibur rune sign is an alchemical, cosmogonic and antropogónico under seven keys of interpretation. At Aztec Mexico means the god of life and carries the swastika on his forehead.

With the mysteries of this rune, magnificently It developed in the ruins of Copan, one arrives at birth second.

Gibur: altar GIBRALTAR, high magic.


We can see on this altar two human forms, one to the right and one to the left, very well decorated, in buddhic position. With a hand pointing up, holding the scepter of command, and the other hand down.

Between the two figures and the center of the stone there are Mayan symbols, including notably stands St. Andrew's cross. We know already that such cross means and the two figures on either side, as correspond to the two witnesses, the colossus of Rhodes, the Eagle and the Fox, etc., etc.

The stone itself might have been stone sacrifices, not human, but animal offered up to the gods.


We can see four figures, one of them a bit defaced. Among the Maya always affirmed the existence of four: the Unknowable Adhi-Budha and the three forces of creation, that is, within Trinity life unit.

We see this altar the TE-TRA-GRAM-MA-TON very Clear.


Faced with this altar do the following:

  1. Intense concentration in the four figures, Mediatime.
  2. After relaxation, leave blank mind.
  3. Pronounce the mantra GAAAAAA TEEEEEE . This mantra should resonate in the consciousness. 4. Await the response of the internal. So we enter contact with hidden Mayan wisdom.

The mantra GATE acts on the eye Dangma, you opens and allows us to grasp the wisdom written in these so wonderful sculptures. First Position: man body position dead, heels together, arms at your sides, completely relaxed.

Second Position: man body position dead, heels together, hands in the position in which They found on the stelae. Fingertips center chest, in the region of Tiphereth, the human soul. Enter the depths of the soul itself.


Clearly indicates this stone arcane Kabbalah 18 Hebraic. The hidden forces of nature live in constant struggle. The ninth sphere, repeated, gives fight, It leads to regions where fighting is terrible among powers of sex.

There is a human figure that stands out and has in its hands a little animal, a puppy with his tail revolt, viva representation of the mercury of the secret philosophy. In short, he tells us that one has to decide to fight in the ninth sphere, to prepare the mercury even if to face the powers of darkness, we They will attack relentlessly to make us fall.

We must be willing to achieve mercury, cost what.

We see in the first part of the number eight, Cross sacrifice.


In the part top of the head, the height gland pineal appears a stone outgoing in vertically, that speaks Clear of the chakra sahasrara South Asians, of the wise Hindustani. Hand to below indicates the need to raise the energy, keeping the Law, which it is represented by the five fingers right. This figure, with its lambel and five lines, we reminds the five trees, the five orders Lords of Karma, the five lines that forms the five-pointed star. The face in the lambel indicates the causal man, true man, a. real man.

It is a clear manifestation that indicates the work to do so that you can manifest the Self deep inner, spiritual man.


We see a beautiful lambel in the center of chest. We appreciate in the lambel center of the X cross, the cross of Saint Andrew. All rightwe know the what It means this cross: indicates he job full in the Great Work and is related not only with the creating bodies existential higher Being, but also with removal ego and sacrifice for the suffering humanity. In the center is the Logos, which are the radiation of solar life. The three Sidelines They represent the Holy Affirmation, Holy Negation and Holy Conciliar affirmation of the three primary forces which becomes all creation.


Female figure: The position that is abounds in some cathedrals in Europe. indicates the the creative energies rise up and inside.


The glass has a deep significance, indicates or It represents the feminine Yoni.

Obviously, the mysteries of the Lingam-Yoni were very sacred in Greece, Egypt, India, Persia, etc., etc. Is very interesting that in alabaster vases deposited the viscera of the deceased mummified, as saying: By the hermetic glass that await you return, you return, you reincarnate later. Tea we wait.

For that reason we see vessels among the Maya. Any shaped glass has no other meaning than glass Solomon, the glass of Hermes, the Holy Grail, the cup or Gomor the Ark of the Covenant, etc., etc. That's obvious.

In Egypt there are many alabaster vases, where They placed the viscera of the deceased who were mummified. There are two kinds of mummies, mummies living and dead mummies.

Dead mummies are known because the viscera have been placed in alabaster vases.

Living mummies, even now, in the twentieth century, still alive. It is worth to say that myself, when I lived in Egypt in a bygone era, during the dynasty Kefren, I went through these processes. My physical body was left in a state of desire catalepsy, that body became a sarcophagus and set placed inside a crypt, but alive, and still Egyptian retain that living body. With that body Egyptian continue fulfilling the mission that I have been trusted. Otherwise, how?

I am now a man of about sixty to able to work throughout Europe, throughout Asia, How I do it? Assuming ten years in Europe and twenty in Asia, would like a little old man of ninety years to make a spiritual revolution. With what weather? There would be no time. The only way is to take this mummified physical vehicle to continue He is working in the Great Work.

Question: - Master, do you have to lose that body current physical?

Answer: -yâ part is lost. It is clear that there a type of reincarnation that is unknown to many pseudo-esoteric and pseudo-occultist in esotericism is called reincarnation YAO, ie, in lifetime.

The atomic exchange allows the reincarnation of a initiated Egyptian mummy who has had, this is unknown to the sages of this era. It is clear that the atomic exchange with a mummy results next one to be enlivened with your vehicle, especially if the mummy is alive.

If I change my current atoms with atoms of that mummified body, I stick with the mummified body live and in the twentieth century. Of course we talk about the YAO reincarnation, so called in sacred science. With this atomic exchange no need to spend for those states that have to leave the body physical and wait several years to return to reencarnificar, that's a very difficult job. Reincarnation in YAO It is highly scientific and belongs to the part more high atomic physics.

YAO such reincarnation would not be possible if not knew the HACHIN. And what are the HACHIN?

As they are igneous or igneous souls particles that exist each atom. These igneous souls or consciences atomic obedient.

Is the fourth vertical which serves to principles Igneous or HACHIN can instantly transport atoms from one place to another, however remote. The High nuclear physics is unknown to the wise current.

When the ancient sages of Egypt mummified their bodies, in order to achieve immortality more Later, they alluded to clarify this today. Many people these days, now roam here, there and everywhere; They had physical vehicles in the ancient land of the Pharaohs, and if they marched by the way of the holy revaluations of Being, could come to acquire immortality here and now; by atomic exchange high nuclear physics, unknown to the wise and atomic physicists of this twentieth century.

I quoted this in relation to the vessels of alabaster They used in ancient Egypt and where they got the viscera of the deceased to be mummified.


It is exactly the same star of Solomon fine stylized. The upper triangle symbolizes Kether (the Father in secret), Chokmah (the Son) and Binah (The Holy Spirit each man).

The lower triangle represents the three traitors Hiram Abiff. These three traitors are within ourselves.

The first traitor lives within the astral body and is the demon of desire, symbolized in Christianity by Judas. The second traitor is the demon of the mind and I live in the mental body, symbolized by the Christianity by Pilate. The third traitor is the devil Malice, lives inside the body It will, symbolized in Christianity by Caiaphas.

These three traitors constitute the re-incarnating ego, I psychological, Satan which must be dissolved to incarnate the internal Christ, consisting of Kether, Chokmah and Binah.

The upper triangle is the shining dragon wisdom. The lower triangle is the black dragon. In the center of these two triangles is the sign of Infinite or tao cross. The six points are male, the deep six entries are female, are twelve radiation through sexual alchemy come to crystallize in the twelve constellations of the zodiac. We see here the seal of Solomon framed perfectly. This seal is very old, as you look here. The upper triangle is sulfur, the triangle It is lower mercury. Fertilizes sulfur to mercury for the Great Work is done, because after all the superior existential bodies of the Being are bodies mercurial.

Mercury comes to crystallize in a first eighth top with musical notes do, re, mi, fa, sol, la, si, in the form of the astral body. In a second octave above, according to the scale, comes to crystallize in the mental body, and in a third octave, according to the musical scale, comes to crystallize in the causal body or body conscious will. So that superior existential bodies of the Being are bodies mercurial.

When someone owns these vehicles, you receive the neuma of the Gnostics, that is, the spirit, the soul, and becomes in a real man. Before this is not a man, it is intellectual animal, but man in the sense full of the word is not if you have not received the animistic principles.

Solomon's seal is the same star of Bethlehem, the perfect symbol of the Central Sun. And so, whenever the Eternal Geometer focuses attention on a point of space, point arises the glorious star announcing a new state of consciousness, the archetype of a being, a globe, a star, a sun.


In Teotihuacan, Mexico, they used a lot these yokes. The Mayans in Meso America used them to make chains special, esoteric, magical, with the I intended to make it rain. In the center of the chain times were tracking three people sitting in the position oriental cross-legged. The object was to help people at work developing their fires spinal sacred, and were helped greatly. Sometimes the chains are made U-shaped, is placed frogs and croaking like frogs tribe, to rain and they succeeded, So Horseshoe He had many magical uses.


It is also called Tzinagan, which means bat or zotz. It is very well represented, with a breastplate wonderful that symbolizes the soul, man causal, the real man, the real man. The pectoral upward, reaching connect with ears, tells us that the real man should learn to listen to the Word, the Word, the Logos. The figure tells us that it is a deiduso an Incarnate Word.

The gonads are well formed, indicating clearly that the power is in sex. Instead of a phallus appears a face to remember that the causal man is formed with mercury, which is the soul Metallic sacred sperm and the man true is precisely the result of the sexual transmutation.

The Bat God has power over life and the death. It stands on a stone which, although not Cubic all, we work suggests to acquire the Philosopher's Stone. The Murcielago is a god deiduso, an angel of death who lives in the plane causal. We found drawn on stelae, codices and Maya vessels, with the livery of god of air. in Chiapas there Tzinacatlán village, inhabited by Tactziles (people of the bat of Mayan family)

and in the valley of Toluca Tzinacantepec village. In the Popol Vuh the bat is an angel who came down from heaven to behead the first Mayan men made wooden bat celestial advised what They should do Ixabalanque and Hunab Ku to leave victorious test the cavern of God Bat.

Nahua horseshoe-shaped temples were dedicated to the cult of the Bat god, their altars were pure gold and oriented to the east.

The Nahua Masters invoked him to ask for healing for his disciples or friends profane, as the Bat God has power over life and death. The invocation attended only the initiated, the which inside the temple they were chain, alternating men and women in it without touching the hands and body. The ends of the chain They are beginning on either side of the altar and all They remained squatted with his back against Wall.

They put on the altar freshly cut flowers and sides, on two small columns carved in basalt, two separate mud braziers painted red, symbol life and death. In the braziers burning cypress logs (Symbol of immortality) whose flavor is mixed with the incense of Copalli, odorous resins and ground white conches.

The Master wore the livened of the God of air and maxtlatl around the waist. Front, raising hands with outstretched palms, vocalized three times the Mantra ISIS, divided into two long syllables, as follows :

IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIISSSSSSSSSS IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIISSSSSSSSSS Then, with an obsidian knife with handle jade and gold, blessed the concurrent and silent He did the ritual invocation: Lord of life and death, I invoke upon you descend to heal all our ailments.

imposing silence, broken only by the crackle the incense. Suddenly, flapping wings and aroma roses and lilies that stretched around the temple. From braziers came a flame that wanted to reach the sky and Master and assistants prostrated to put their foreheads on the ground.

God Murcielago down wearing the livery of God air or as owl, the funeral tests Arcanum 13. Thirteen steps were the steps of entrance to the temples and thirteen strands in his beard the Ancient of Days.

Within the enclosure where the largest temple stood Tenochtitlan, there was a circular temple dedicated to Sun. Among the secret chambers of the temple mysteries existed Tzinacalli (home of the bat). Spacious living room with interior appearance of dark cavern, where the hazing took place to achieve high degrees of Knight Ocelotl (Tiger) and Knight Cuauhcoatl (eagle).

On the threshold of the small door concealed in the inside back wall of the cave, which gave way the temple, hung a large obsidian mirror and, in front of that little door, he burned on the floor A pine wood fire.

The candidate was taken to Tzinacalli, where he was left until late at night. It had indicated that walk through the darkness into the light of a fire and she spoke against the guardian of the threshold: I am a son of the great light. Get away darkness from my.

On the candidate's head bats They began to scream and flutter. Pine wood It was fading slowly, it was only the ember, whose fire was reflected in the mirror.

Suddenly, loud flapping of wings, a terrifying howling, a shadow, with bat wings and human form with bat wings and maxtlatl around waist, emerging from the darkness and with his heavy sword He threatened to decapitate the intrepid invader of his domains.

Oh! the candidate who recoiled in terror! A door, which until then he had been skilfully he concealed in the rock opened in silence and the jamb He appeared a strange pointing the way world the profane where the candidate had come. But if the candidate had the presence of mind dauntless enough and resisted the onslaught of Comazotz, the god of bats; small door, hidden in front of him, he opened softly and Master stepped forward to meet him to discover, hidden among the shadows of the cave, Sphinx candidate modeled on amate paper, which was cremated while the other Masters gave the Welcome YLO candidate invited to enter the temple. This ritual symbolizes the death of the passions of personality of the initiate, on their way from the shadows into the light. Through testing the ordeal to which they were submitted candidates started in ancient mysteries, the animal soul of these sometimes portrayed as bat, because like the bat, the soul of them he was blind and deprived of power, lack of light spiritual, sun.

As vampires, the depraved and the avaricious are thrown on their prey to devour the living substances in them. And then wandering lazily, return to the dark caverns of the senses, where They hide from the light of day as all those living in the shadows of ignorance, despair and evil. The world of ignorance is governed by fear, hatred, greed and lust. In its dark caverns Wander men and women who only move to sway of his passions Only when man takes the spiritual truths of life, escapes from the underground, that damned bat cave where Comazotz, many only sometimes it kills its presence remains hidden stalking their victims. The sun of truth rises in man, illuminates his world when he lifts his mind from the darkness of ignorance and selfishness into the light of altruism and wisdom. Symbol of that consciousness in man are the eyes of eagle, that on the tarsus feet of Coatlicue, They try to see into infinity.


Recommend choose a private place for their practices. A small desk or table, a tablecloth white on the table. A small wooden cross or metal. Two candles or paraffin wax, Choose a Thursday 9 to 10 or 10 to 11 pm.

Three days prior to the invocation of God Bat or Comazotz, who has to confront the student to advance along the path, It must be fed exclusively with fruits, vegetables, black bread and milk. No matter invoke it. The soul purified by love and sincere devotion to their god internal should not fear anything or anyone, but fear. Keep only for you this experience of a lifetime on the trail.


I want to emphatically refer to the year 1962. Date:

February 4th. Time: between 2 and 3 pm. It happened an extraordinary event, there was then the celestial traffic gridlock in the wonderful constellation of the Water Bearer, This we are saying here is not something a priori, unfounded no, what I am saying he was seen by all astronomers the world. From all observatories Earth could be verified that there was a solar eclipse and full moon. No one who has knowledge of astronomy may deny it.

It was precisely in this day and time, which began the Age of Aquarius and all the planets of the solar system appointment in the constellation of the Water Bearer were given to the great cosmic council.

There are many theses on the date the Era Aquarius would begin, some suppose that was Some years before, others suppose that was years later, but facts are facts and before the facts we have surrender, The cosmic phenomenon was seen by all, I repeat, all astronomers in the world, and from that date Aquarian vibration has intensified tremendously.

When we observe clearly the sign sign of Aquarius, we can show things extraordinary:

AQUARIUS is house of Uranus and Saturn. Is a revolutionary planet Uranus and controls gonads, it is terrible, catastrophic.

SATURN, obviously reminds us of the chaos, the return the original starting point.

Facing the Water Bearer constellation find I read.

LEO is a zodiacal sign of fire, revolutionary, tremendous.

AQUARIUS dominated by chaos, is death.

Uranus is revolution. LEO is the universal fire, burning. Obviously, the Lion of the Law off the encounter of humanity, which is ripe for final punishment.

If we meditate on these views, we conclude that the end times have come and we are in them. Unquestionably, we We are at a critical, terrible, difficult time. Innumerable diseases appear here and there and there, the earth shakes and shudders in all areas of the world. The seas, once clean, is are contaminated; marine species are passing away. The oceans have become real dumps.

The atomic waste certainly have no place safe where they can be harmless. Course that sooner or later fail and any atomic deposit come a horrible catastrophe.

Earth, so necessary for crops, is becoming sterile. Millions of beings that inhabit it, in the near future, will experience a great desolation and many people will perish for lack of food. War and rumors of war everywhere.

Diseases never before seen, etc., etc., etc. The atmosphere is contaminated. When one travel out into the fields and look at the blue sky, and no sparkles, it lacks that perfect clear color of other times, now shines with a slightly leaden, greenish color, so, it is indicating that the atmosphere has been altered. One need not be very wise to understand that the upper layer of the atmosphere is the filter decomposes in sunlight light, color, heat and sound. Unfortunately that filter has been decomposed due to atomic explosions. Before Soon, the filter will not break down solar vibrations in light, heat, color, sound. Then the sun black and red moon will look like blood.

Moreover, the involution has reached the maximun, and no parents for their children, nor children for parents.

Frightening is what happens between parents and children in all corners of the Earth.

It has lost the organic shame. The intellect has degenerate, etc., etc. Everywhere is just crying and gnashing of teeth, as the Scriptures say.

But I do not want to become gloomy, nor do with desire to scare anyone, I just want to reflect on truth and very judiciously.



Look around everything that happens. Undoubtedly, humanity is governed by intellectuals, in all areas of the earth. What has been served? What state is humanity?


So, let us reflect. Are we perhaps happy? Who could talk about happiness in those time?

Then we have ourselves, heading for our own destiny, faced with the dilemma of being and not being of philosophy, the time has come, therefore, deeply ponder: Who are we?

Where we come from? Where are we going? Which is the purpose of existence? Why do we live? And for what? Living well, eating, drinking, reproduciéndonos, resulting in the rather boring background, to fool, we would say. Obviously, we are in the times Dolphin.

When we look at the Earth with its 4 seasons, While we understand that our planet Earth rotates around the sun in 365 days, with some minutes fractions of a second. This is called Earth year and It has four seasons: spring, summer, autumn and winter.

We could not deny that there is also the sidereal year, the cosmic year. Our solar system Ors, in which move and have our being, travels around the zodiacal belt in 25,968 years. This trip system sun around the zodiacal belt is what It is a sidereal year.

The sidereal year as well as the terrestrial year, has four seasons: spring, summer, autumn and winter, Spring sidereal year is the golden age, where Life is a true Eden. Mankind comes perfect from the hands of his Creator, govern solar hierarchies and everywhere seethes and pulsates happiness.

In the summer or silver age of the sidereal year, pales little this original splendor. continue solar hierarchies ruling a world without borders, a world where there is only peace and love. In the fall, the age of copper sidereal year, humanity begins with its borders and wars, with their hatred and their crimes. But in the winter, in the iron age, everything ends with a terrifying cataclysm.

We find ourselves precisely in the winter, in the age of Kali-yuga, the Iron Age. Every time a race reaches the age of iron, Kali yuga, it perishes by terrifying and tremendous cataclysm. What shall we say, for example, the polar race, once inhabitant of the northern polar cap.? They perished.

What shall we say of the Hyperboreans, to which alludes Frederick Nietzche? It is said that perished bulldozed by hurricanes.

What shall we say of the Lemurs? They were destroyed by rain, fire and earthquakes.

And Atlantean what has been said? What the books say sacred? Actually, all claim that there was a Flood. It was then that the axes of the Earth revolutionized the seas changed bed and they perished million people between the waters of Atlantic Ocean.

Now is good that you understand why we are at the end of the Iron Age. The esoteric symbolism, hidden, to represent the current time, it places great Hourglass; It is still not working, as indicating that the end times have been met, next to the clock, a skeleton with his scythe symbolizing death.

The beginning of the end of the Aryan race began exactly in the constellation Aquarius. Was then when the sun resumed its march along with all the planets of the solar system around zodiacal belt. A race lasts no longer than the duration a tour of the solar system around noon constellations. Now he has again returned to its point original game.

Thus the sidereal year is ending and before He will soon come to an end. The axis of the Earth will revved. We know that no magnetic pole coincides with the geographic pole. The north pole is thawing, big iceberg is located near the equatorial zone and are detached from the poles.

Thus, the revolution of the axis of the Earth is a It is proven fact, and you can check with perfect mechanical devices. Add to that something unusual, I refer to Hercolubus, the monster giant has swallowed our planet Earth. Now comes Hercólubus, it is in the sight of all astronomers on planet Earth, is gigantic, powerful, six times bigger than Jupiter and belongs Tilo solar system. It is not, as many suppose, a planet of a solar system disjointed, no, not been dislocated, revolves around the gravitational center of the Tilo solar system.

Before long, that gigantic world will go through a angle of our solar system, then it will precipitate the catastrophe. In celestial mechanics, Hercolubus helps uprighting the poles, he is part of the big machine. He Hercólubus approach is at the door. In 1999, Hercólubus will be visible to all humans and every eye will see, and before the noon It will appear as another sun. When Hercólubus pass close Earth, obviously precipitated the catastrophe. East gigantic world possesses an attractive force extraordinary.

Sequentially say, the liquid fire inside Earth will originate new volcanoes and, in general, igneous element will burn everything that is and everything which has been. That was why Peter said: "The elements They are destroyed by fire and earth and all the works that they are therein shall be burned up. "

Water will be the duo fire. The revolution of the axis Earth will change to the sea bed and perish all human beings.

Now I want you to understand why we are forming World Salvation Army. We want start a new civilization, a new culture. The apocalyptic end times have arrived.

Mankind has ripped six seals of the great book of San Juan, when tearing the seventh seal, the end has arrived. the catastrophe will occur.

It might be objected here that many others before, in the past, they awaited the order and nothing happened. I want tell you that this time we are talking about laws of celestial mechanics, celestial mechanics If not there, the whole cosmos would end in catastrophe. Just as in the Atlantean continent was a chosen race, which it was the basis or nucleus for the formation of this fifth Aryan race today perversely dwells on five continents, so I would say that today is going to forming a core for the sixth race, Just as the Atlanteans never believed the Manú Wata Vayvas that the end times had arrived, and on the eve of the great catastrophe they had fun, were given married, drank and ate, the next day they were corpses. So I will also say that I am now stating emphatically not be believed by all. Obviously many will laugh saying: On this the end of the world has been much talk, so what? Pedro the apostle himself came forward saying that these days many wicked and evil people would say, Where is the fulfillment of your prophecy, of thy coming, if all It remains in the early days of our first parents?

The Atlanteans also laughed at the disaster in his time, but when the revolution of the axes of the Earth made the seas changed bed, sank Atlantis with all its million inhabitants. Today again we approach another giant catastrophe. I, as the Manu Vayvas Wata, am warning as at that time warned the Atlanteans.

The final hour is coming, and coming this planetary monster giant who is to engulf the world. As he spoke, I know many of you offer resistance, which in secret laugh, but it is written that he who laughs than unknown is, on its way to becoming an idiot. So, get ready, the Earth is subject to these moments of great agony and the end of all agony He called death. When a patient is dying, when It presents unmistakable signs of his death, well we know that what follows is his death, the outcome. Earth right now is groaning, is dying. Everything indicates disaster and the long end in a frightful cataclysm. When we look out the sun, increasingly towards the north, we know that the time of the end is closer and take us to the catastrophe.

Atlantis as well as a select people was formed, and We are now forming a select people. I want emphatically refer to the Salvation Army Worldwide. This message we are delivering will to reach all the corners of the earth, to all hearts.

Gnosis now shines in Argentina, Peru, Ecuador, Chile, Colombia, Venezuela, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Honduras, Guatemala, Mexico, and started in the USA and Canada. There Lumisial in Santo Domingo, Tenerife and Spain. Before long, the Movement It relumbrará gnostic beautifully throughout the Western Hemisphere. It can be said that already twinkles here, there and everywhere. It can be said that already is formed the World Salvation Army.

A little later, we continue in France, England and all European countries. Later East Asia and will move on. It is precisely in the Asian continent where reach its gnosis apogee. This is the first phase of the outreach. Then the Brothers in charge of this work we withdraw into silence and meditation, until ready yeast, until the time comes. Just before of the disaster, we will draw from the smoke and flames those who have worked on themselves. Those who have transformed those they have eliminated from their psyche the inhuman elements we possess.

They will be selected, taken to a secret place, a island in the Pacific, between meridian of longitude and latitude. From there we contemplate the duel of fire and water during centuries.

After the catastrophe, the earth will be involved in Fire and water vapor. We, the Brothers, we will play out to select people who live in a place chosen until the Earth is again in habitable condition.

The bottom of the seas and new lands arise when a double rainbow shines in the sky, signal a new covenant between God and Men, We take to select people to inhabit new lands and new heavens.

So, you know once and for all, that the Aryan race, which now populates the surface perversely Earth will perish, will be destroyed. From all of this that is, there will not be ash. Everything will be burned, all will be buried in the bottom of the sea.

I think now they come to understand the meaning why Invasion World Salvation Army.

But not all of humanity will hear us. Neither they listened to Manu Wata Vayvas at the time, laughed of the. Nor paladins of that was heard time, people will never accept the harsh reality of the made, until the above it. People always looking for loopholes, he seeks excuses, thinks he can continue as is, until it comes failure.


Put maximum attention. First of all, it is necessary know that since 1962, on February 4, between three past two p.m., the Aquarian Age began, the Waterboy. There was an event that you I recall in his memoirs, I mean that Congress worlds, planets they found precisely in the constellation Agitator. Was truly a traffic jam celeste, a meeting of worlds. There was an eclipse of the sun and moon.

For many years we had been talking about us such cosmic event and had given up the time. We had judiciously asserted that such events would take place on February 4, 1962, between the two three pm. It made specifically happened.

We had like 15 or 20 years to come saying what same. So when the event occurred, when the events came, none of the brothers International Gnostic Movement dropped them again. They saw only confirmed what had been said so early.

A congress of worlds, as happened on that date year, at that time, it does not happen every day, but only when a new era begins.

So, facts are facts and before the facts we have to surrender. But that's not all, since that date something else is about to happen.

We already know that Aquarius is ruled by Saturn and Uranus and that is completely revolutionary. Saturn It is allegorized in alchemy by the black crow, return to the primitive, original chaos. As Urano, It is well established that is rebellious percent percent revolutionary, catastrophic. In this issue related to the stars, there events, there are events well worth know. We have talked a lot about Alcyone and this we invites reflection. Once, in the worlds superior, I had to talk to him extensively. Then I could show that yes indeed is an Adept of the Great White Brotherhood.

Much he said about Alcyone and Krishnamurti quoted in somehow he related it to that star. This is deeply significant.

Alcyone is a very interesting sun. Around that sun revolve so many suns. It has been said that the sun It enlightens us is the seventh sun that revolves around Alcyone. naturally it will not support the sages of official science, but esotericists do not ignore the reality which means that great sun.

There is a large game worlds around Alcyone, they are seven suns and each illuminates and gives life to the planets and satellites revolve in their respective orbits. Do not We can deny that this sun that shines on us has its group of worlds, which illuminates and gives life. When you understand how they are organized soles systems and how they revolve around their gravitational centers because progresses much about the field of knowledge.

THE PLEIADES: They have been cited by the Holy Scriptures, the Bible and many teachings of esoteric. Alcyone is precisely the main sun Pleiades and, around 7 soles, being our seventh sun that revolves around Alcyone.

Each sun is the center of a solar system and Alcyone is the

7 central solar systems. This invites us to reflect a bit.

Let us remember Saturn with its large rings stone, meteoric sand and rock, etc., etc. these rings They are limited exclusively to Saturn. But it is good know that Alcyone also has rings. These self they are larger than Saturn, and Unlike Saturn, which are constructed rock, meteoric stones, sand and other materials species, Alcyone undoubtedly form a whole only and are radioactive. They consist of radiation.

But what kind of radiation I want to refer? Simply radiation resulting from divisionof the electron. Theelectrons fractioned release energy, a type of energy some authors call Manasic. This term is Sanskrit and somehow relates to the Manas lower or lower mind, or the superior manas or higher mind.

Such electrons release a type of unknown energy. If the intellectual animal, mistakenly called man; electrons could disintegrate as disintegrates the atom, obviously he would be prepared to cause a catastrophe, which not only affect the three-dimensional part of Euclid, but even more, affect Sephiróticas regions of the world of HOD or emotions, or Netzach, the world of the mind, or perhaps to TIPHERETH, world of natural causes. Those regions suffer extensive damage.

If some crazy Earthlings could disintegrate the electron, would have a different energy that is the splitting of atoms. Energy further terrible than the energy of the H-bomb or any other deadly element.

Fortunately scientists are not yet able to fractionating the electron and take advantage of pent-up energy in them.

In Alcione cases occur in which electrons are fractionated destroyed. Release a type of energy unknown, unlike cathode rays, X-rays or rays N.

There, by the year 1974, three astronauts who gravitated around the Earth reported a type radiation, or a type of unknown energy, unsuspected for official science. Obviously from 1962, specifically from the February 4 of that year, our planet Earth and, in general, the whole system solar, he has been on the verge of entering the terrible rings Alcyone.

Such rings extend a few light years, are outsized immediately. However, in a given moment, our solar system will enter the rings of Alcyone. What will happen, very few They suspect it. If the Earth enters first, it is said by Paul Otto Hess, everything seems like a great fire, as a true pictorial fire lights.

But if the sun were the first to enter, according to calculations have been made; such radiation interfere with sunlight and for this reason there would be a darkness that lasted 110 hours, after which all It normalizes it and, unlike the first, that all seem a big fire, in the latter case the darkness envelop the Earth. But really not they have darkness, because everything would be sprinkled with lights; to give you an idea it would be like a meteor shower on the face of the Earth. After all again normal, anyway and our Earth, tucked within the rings of Alcyone, be subject a very special vibration.

Molecules, they were iron, phosphorus, calcium, copper, nitrogen, carbon, starch, etc., would completely modified due to radiation. This It implies that you will see a change in this area. They believe the scientists who know the subject, but really they do not know. The concept that has on the matter is no more than that, a concept and nothing plus. Matter as substance is unknown to the physicists.

I'm not saying that mere physical matter can not destroyed, but the substance itself, that famous ILIASTER that after the great cosmic night lies between the deep darkness of the abyss or bottomless space, that's not what scientists know modern.

Atoms offer many surprises. The scientists They know nothing about atoms before existence and much less may know of atoms when the universe ceases to exist. Atoms offer many surprises man science, nuclear physics, even remotely suspected. The atoms that carry within them the Hebrews call igneous particles, HACHIN or igneous souls. those souls Igneous are formidable, without them could not atoms processed in the living constitution of matter.

So, in truth, no one knows the powers of, for example, a few grains of sand.

We could be sure that no one knows the powers there locked and what they are capable HACHIN or Igneous souls, which are enclosed in each atom.

The great magicians of the East know how to work with those Igneous atoms and particles into chaos. Those atoms, powered by igneous particles, obviously they develop formidable powers or remotely suspect modern scientists So what I say will not be surprised: THE RADIATION IGNEOUS O RADIATION Vivifying OF ATOMS ALCIONE COME TO ALTER THE MOLECULES NATURE.

This radiation, enveloping the Earth, it will be terrible, so terrible that there will be night for 2,000 years. All the earth will be involved in such radiation and not sunlight to see is necessary. This radiation light to the deepest caves and for two thousand years will be no night, but a great day continued without night. Thus it is written and the best sages They agree on it.

Obviously, the scientists will not accept what we are emphatically affirming today. From no way they will accept it, because it partakes its scientistic skills, but this is a reality. The bodies of all beings will be modified, as plants animals, etc., etc.

Many plants that do not exist today, many species animals whose germs are latent in the background the seas, or on the rocks, or in the mountains remote, they will be quickened by radiation and as consequence or corollary will come to take existence. This event happens every 10,000 years. He has happened before and will happen again, because obeys the celestial transit and necessarily our solar system has to go through the rings of Alcyone.

Some may say that Alcyone is very far, that It is a Pléyade and that has nothing to do with our solar system. It is very nice to talk so, ignorantly. But the reality is that the sun we illuminates part of Alcyone and is seventh. It is about a system of suns which revolve around Alcyone.


The radiation of Alcyone's rings will exert a specific influence on the rotation of our planet. This means that the rotation speed on its axis it will slow and as a consequence or corollary, our world will continue to revolve around sun but in a wider orbit. He put out a little more solar center.

The verticalization of the axes of our planet, with to the ecliptic, it will be a concrete fact. The poles they are melting due to the deviation of the axes from the earth. That is already proven. Today the pole Magnetic no longer coincides with the geographic pole. With the terrible radiation of Alcyone, the poles precipitate its deviation.

Said the Comte de Saint Germain: "The first altered will be the spring and summer. " Thing you can clearly see, this all spring has been less spring (year 1977).

In the middle of spring we have had to endure cold. Also summer has not been the same, it seems that stations are destined to disappear. The poles are melting and radiation Alcione precipitate this process. The ice will invade throughout the North, throughout the South, only the equatorial zone it will be bearable.

COMES A new ice age!

The Earth has already borne other glaciations above and comes a new one. There was cold ago little in the United States was as never before he had seen.

When will our Earth, or better said, our solar system, going to penetrate the terrible rings of Alcyone?

When will we start to cross that ring, 10, 000 years we have to cross it? No scientist could tell, it really is unpredictable. But since 1962 it is about to enter in them. Not surprisingly, in a moment another as we enter Alcyone's rings.

I refer to the facts, the three astronauts in 1974 They were in orbit around the Earth were who reported a strange type of radiation.

There will come a terrible change in nature, that is obvious.

But the last straw must succeed with the Hercólubus arrival. The event Hercolubus is preceded with the entry of our Earth in Alcyone's rings. It will then when you come to understand that physical matter It is not always the same.

If you believe that physical matter, this composing our world, was always the same formulas mathematics, is it so completely wrong. It was different in the polar era, hiperbórea, Lemurian, Atlantic and now, cross rings Alcyone, change their mathematical formulas totally.

RESULT: The elements that today can serve for medicine, for example, will no longer work. The formulas used to treat plant they become superfluous. The formulas for animals They will remain out of the loop, as they say. The knowledge of contemporary physics will be the laughingstock around the world. Everything in chemistry current is being taught in a few years, with the entrance to the radiation of Alcyone, it will be useless because and chemical formulas will change.


We are beginning the great cycle transformations, which began on February 4, 1962 between 2 and 3 pm, despite what they say those stubborn. We refer us to the facts.

There had never been a more grandiose concentration in heaven as of 4 February 1962. us be surprised, then, that from time to time our solar system into Alcyone's rings.

We must prepare from now. Many may not resist radiation and die.

Physical matter will become more radioactive, more phosphorescent and this will result in some form as support for our work. It is clear that we we should be reviewing our conduct daily. We must become more reflective, more careful our critics and especially more trials attentive with our negative emotions. In the field of psychology found itself much disorder in people. Everybody is dragged by negative emotions and this is very serious. There is nothing more harmful to the development deep inside that negative emotions. When you are attacked by an emotion negative, exprésense her best. Yes one negative emotion has arrived, a negative emotion Envy is gnawing us to the core must expresémonos it harmoniously, not in favor of envy, but the good of others.

If an emotion of anger is shaking us in a moment given, talk with an extraordinary sweetness and instead to feel angry about what has hurt us, speak well of one who has offended us. Not that way we will be internally wounded.

It is not easy to express himself well when you have a negative emotion, but it should be. If we have a emotion of anger, because someone has bothered us, speak with love and the good of one who has us disturbed you.

It is clear that we should not remain on the surface. We need to eliminate those psychic elements undesirables from moment to moment we have it produced a negative emotion is anger, envy, I hate, lust, pride, etc., etc. To do so but that, while eliminating the aggregates that we They have produced the emotions, so we will not be injured. Unquestionably, this world of 48 laws is about to enter Alcyone's rings. Everyone It is shaken by negative emotions and nothing can be more contagious than them.

There are bacteria, viruses, this no doubt.

Bacteria originate many diseases, this is demonstrated in the test tubes. As for viruses pathogens are infinitely small and therefore more harmful.

Take for example the cancer virus, although some think that has not been isolated, we to report that in Israel and was isolated, we do not know for what name he was baptized. We christened the canker and We have talked extensively about him. It is so small that a powerful electron microscope is needed to being able to study.

In any case, viruses, being so small, they are more dangerous, more infectious. However, negative or negative emotions people are most contagious viruses and bacteria.

Those grumbling, filled with envy people who all hours are bugging, these people full of curiosity to every moment, those people who have complex persecution, bewitched, that everyone hates, are negative and infected groups, others. In our work isolate such people.

If you do not understand, if they feel uncomfortable and think they are not willing, they are wrong, they love them and they insinuated to try to volversepositivas, sympathetic, magnetic.

They are given the opportunity to our studies, but They are isolating them in a sense, because they are dangerous to the groups.

A negative person can infect others negative, and if you dictate a conference infects thousands of people. They are more dangerous, thousands of times dangerous viruses and bacteria.

You must specify who the negative people and what are the negative emotions. It is not enough to say fulano is a negative or zutano, no person must specify who the negative.

If a person is screaming all day, grumbling, It ranting, will it be positive or negative?

If a person is in esotericism and all hours feels spellbound, bewitched, and his life unfolds in respect of that will it be positive or negative? If a person is tremendously lustful and his life processed because of lust, if it is full of frightful emotions and sees in each person of the opposite sex once sexual opportunity, what would we say about this person? if a look as shakes sex and that's enough for all the time you are with your lust, what we might think? Obviously this is a person negative, that person comes to infect others, of course.

If a person goes from moment to moment with negative emotions, infects everyone.

The irate that at all times thunder and lightning, infect others with their anger. A person at all hours He feels persecuted, it is negative.

I am reminded of the case of a friend of mine who He had a habit of putting your hands under the trouser belt. A man approached him at gunpoint and he said:

What will you bring me? My friend replied Nothing!

And why you have hands like that? It's a habit I have, sir, 'replied my friend.

Ah well !, cried the other, excuse me, is that bring tail (anger).

Here was an example of someone negative who infects everyone. So people have to move away from the groups do not understand or realize that they are negative; They believe that no one loves them and loves them simply. They are contagious and prevent people Being deep inner development. Behold part serious.

It is necessary that we never get carried away by negative emotions, from the point of view psychological. the longing to visit You have or enter the Sephiróticas regions of space. One thing is to capture a Sephira yotra thing is to penetrate the region. Obviously the Sephirot are atomic and we as Gnostics we have to penetrate the tree of life.

We know that there are different regions Sephiróticas in space, penetrate them is wonderful. How we could enter the Kabbalistic region of Hod, if not we have a psychological body?

There are psychological ramifications. the various psychological aggregate, at a given moment, they can integrated to penetrate the Sephira Hod. But it would be a very subjective input, would not have the same objectivity as when you created the second body.

We must create a body for those emotions What kind of emotions I mean? A emotions higher. The lower emotions are obstacles for the experience of reality and growth soul of Being.

If we want to create a second body to enter the Sephirothic region of Hod, it is obvious that we should not waste our energies foolishly getting carried away by negative emotions, whether of violence, hatred, jealousy, pride or whatever.

If your energies are spent on inferior emotions, how What energy will create the psychological body? Of what Thus, if you are spending?

To create the psychological body is necessary to save the energies, then explore the regions of Hod (is We are told that these immense regions are governed by ineffable beings, solar beings, example, the Beni-Elohim, the sons of God who dwell in so vast and deep regions). Only saving energy can penetrate into the depths of Hod.

To the mysteries of life and death it would not be possible penetrate or access without the Kabbalistic Hod. That's it's obvious.

Let's start by saving energy. When a negative emotion shakes us, well worth it we know what kind of psychological aggregate he has produced and, after having observed action, submit it to the meditation technique to disintegrate such an aggregate. Otherwise, how we?

The most serious is that negative emotions become liar humans. Lying produces a wrong connection, because the energy of the Ancient of Days, harmonious and perfect flowing through ten Sephirot of the Hebraic Kabala, up to Malchut, the kingdom, the individual, psychophysics, in the liar connects wrong. This produces a dislocation Intentional his mind and consequently arises lie, ie, a wrong connection.

It can be a liar by a negative emotion that It makes us slanderers and liars, or can be liar consciously and at will. In any case It is a negative connection of the mind with the centers Being superiors. It produces a displacement of the mind with the superior centers of the Being. It must tell the truth at any cost and exit as you leave. Tell the truth and nothing but the truth, It is the harsh reality of the facts.

Negative emotions to become mendacious people.

The karma of liars is monstrosity. Children born with two heads, deformed, they have connected . Wrong with the higher centers of Being Consequence: It comes into existence with deformed body. I there lie. We must pay close attention to this question.

When there is formed a second psychological body, that allows us to enter the Sephiróticas regions Hod, you may be evidenced by yourself what is the lie, falsehood.

Michael, is said to be the ruler of this Sephira and obvious that he shines wonderfully in that region.

How could we explore those regions if we are liars, if we are victims of emotions negative? It is obviously not possible.

How could we explore the regions of Netsah, if not we connect properly with the centers Being superiors?

To explore the region Netsah need be created a mental psychological body, otherwise, is impossible.

No one can create a psychological body if left be overwhelmed by negative emotions. There would be no energy enough to create an individual mind, that would allow us to explore the psychological regions the universal mind.

To explore the regions of Hod or Netsah is You need to learn to tell the truth and nothing but the truth, and no one can tell the truth when left be overwhelmed by negative emotions. We need to obey the Father, and who are left out of negative emotions do not obey the Father.

THE FATHER IS THE TRUTH AND NOTHING BUT THE TRUE. To obey the Father connections must perfect.

One must learn to connect with the Father in the form harmonious, correctly. One who has come to form the body of the conscious will, obviously He has learned to obey the Father.

Everyone in the background we have the Ancient of Days, such as Ben Hod Chain mentions, great Kabbalist, but there are few who know how to obey the Ancient of Days. One can not obey the Ancient of Days if It does the Father's will.

Does the Father, who lies. Does not will of the Father, who is carried away by the negative emotions.

So, my dear brothers, we must learn to live wisely. It is necessary to learn to explore ourselves, to observe ourselves better.

Let us therefore come now to an extraordinary time, the vast selection has begun, not all mankind who populate the face of the Earth will serve for seedlings the great future sixth race, which will be in the future world. Once the Earth enters Alcyone's rings, is will showcase more than anything that we, workers of the Great Work, we said. The Tree of Life is the spinal cord. The tree Sephirot wisdom are ten, and whose creators twenty-two major arcana, letters, sounds and numbers, the Logos created the universe.

Ain Soph emanates all creation, but the creation It is not equal or essentially no potential to Soph.

The first emanation of Ain Soph is the ineffable Ancient of Days, which is the Being of our Being, Father and Mother in us