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Treatise of Occult Medicine And Practical Magic

Treatise On Occult Medicine And Practical Magic

By Samael Aun Weor


This book which you have in your hands, entitled Treatise on Occult Medicine and Practical Magic, has been delivered as a 1977-1978 Christmas Message.

This Message was proofed by the author, who later added many formulae of High Magic, Theurgy, Occult Botany, Thaumaturgy, Elementotherapy, Esoteric Medicine, Nahualism, etc. in reality, we truly have written this book for those individuals who are presently weary of the many pseudo-occultist and pseudo-esoteric theories. It is written for those who want to enter into the internal worlds immediately. It is written for those who now yearn to enter into the laboratorium of Nature.

Certainly, it is very painful for us to see people wasting their time miserably. We want practical magicians, true occultists and not simple charlatans.

Authentic Gnostic physicians are needed, true magicians and botanists, practical people in medicine and magical matters.

The Author


The hour of great decisions has arrived and there is no time to waste. We are assisting in this last moment of agony of this caducous and degenerated race.

The world has covered itself with a horrifying darkness. Painflul howls escape from the cavernous abyss.

The tempest of exclusiveness has burst and the ray of justice is terribly shining within the august immensity of thought.

The great 'Whore' (humanity) has been sentenced by the ineffable Gods and now it is falling into the fathomless abyss.

The 'Anti-Christ', or the official science, dressed in purple is seated on a throne of blasphemies, and as a voracious hyena is devouring human beings, without pity and without rest.

The hour of great decisions has arrived. In compact and abundant lines of light and glory, the venerated heroes of wisdom are ready to fight the final battle against the false apostles of medicine.

The fanaticized forces of the official science have been divided into innumerable sects, which mutually combat each other. The burial grounds which keep the sacred remnants of beloved relatives are the only mute witnesses of this quarrel.

The great 'Whore' (humanity) has been deadly wounded. A breath of war escapes from the bottom of the abyss, it is an omen of disgrace. The official science of Allopathy (which was satirized from the time of Moliôre until the time of Bernard Shaw) has declared itself infallible, and its false pontificates are persecuting the Apostles of God...

The hour of great determinations has arrived because the innumerable medical sects, which are fanaticized by their exclusivistic leaders, have been engaged in a desperate and dishonorable fight to the death.

The battlefield is filled with flags. Psychiatrists, allopaths, honieopaths, botanists, naturalists and biochemists are in combat. They repel each other on this desolate field of human Via Crucis.

Has, perhaps, the famous Wassermann Syphilographon resolved the problem of Syphilis? What specific results have the systems of Pneipp, Kilez and Kune had on the field of medicine for this great orphan (humanity)? Has the problem of leprosy or tuberculosis been somewhat solved at least?

What did happen with the experiments of Haneman arid Schussler? Perchance, did these experiments cure the human beings from typhus and variola?

What about you, ingenuous botanists, who have profaned the plant kingdom by converting it into products of pharmacy. Did you achieve the decimation of the sicknesses of humanity?

Stubborn botanists, charlatans and ignorant deceivers, how is it that you assassinate the medicinal plants in order to cure with their remains

Do you not realize that the plants are the physical bodies of the elemental creatures of Nature? Do you not understand that no plant or animal cadaver can cure? Are you believing that life can be animated with dead substances?

Do you not know, botanical researcher, that it is not the plant which cures, but it is the elemental of the plant which does so, and that each plant is the physical body of a creature of Nature?

Listen to me, until now you have done nothing else but profane plants, as well as animal and human cadavers! So tell me, which one of you knows how to command life? Which one of you botanists, vivisectionists of plants, knows in depth the occultism of plants? Which one of you knows how to handle the elementals of plants?

Simply, each plant organism is the body of an elemental of Nature. Therefore, it is not the plant that cures. It is the elemental of the plant, its mantras and the healing which is performed incessantly that cures.

Whosoever wants to officiate in the great temple of wisdom has to know how to command the elemental creatures of the plants. The one who wants to conimand life has to do the same thing.

The elemental of a plant furiously reacts against the herbalist who tears its physical body. Therefore, this wounded elemental not only does not cure, but moreover, it harms, because the vitality of the plant is psychologically altered with the anger or with the terror inflicted upon it.

The elemental of each plant has its own ritual, mantras and its hours in order to deliver itself to the doctor who knows how to command it with love and impose upon it with tenderness.

The eminent Master Paracelsus has expressed in his Fundamento Sapientia the following:

"There are two types of knowledge. There is one Science and one Medical Wisdom. The animal comprehension belongs to the animal man, but the comprehension of divine mysteries belongs to the Spirit of God whitin him."

While medical science is inventing certified medications, which are incessantly changing as the fashion of women, there exists a very ancient medical wisdom that has its origin upon the first foundations of the world and that has never changed its formulae.

Divine wisdom is preserved in Sanctuaries which are far away from this false, materialistic civilization. This medical wisdom is zealously guarded by the Masters of wisdom in secret places, which are inaccessible to the 'Merchants of the Temple.'

This archaic medical wisdom can cure (with exact formulae) all sicknesses, even the so called incurable ones. Leprosy, syphilis and cancer become as insignificant as a child's game before the tremendous power of the Gnostic doctor who commands life.

'Gnosis' is the name of this ancient medical wisdom, which from the dawn of creation has never changed its formulae, because these formulae are exact as the Pythagorean tablets. In these formulae, science, mysticism and royal art are in communion within a divine connubial.

These formulae have their foundation in Elementotherapy, which is the 'royal art' of Nature that teaches us how to handle the elemental creatures of plants. These elementals were known in ancient times by such names as Dryads, Hamadiyads and Fauns.

These plant elementals that are commanded by the Gnostic doctor are the 'Dussi' of Saint Augustine, the 'Fairies' of the Middle Ages, the 'Doire Oigh' of the Gaels, the 'Grove and Maidens' of the Irish, and the Anime' of the wise Gnostic brothers, who are our brethren Indians from the Sierra Nevada of Santa Marta (Colombia).

The eminent Master Paracelsus gives the name of 'Sylvesters' to the elementals of the forests and 'Nymphs' to those of aquatic plants. The holy symbology of plants is found broadly exposed in the sacred books of all ancient religions. It is enough for us to remember the tree of the science of good and evil from the Garden of Eden, which is a tremendous symbol of the sexual force, within which is found the redemption or condemnation of the human being.

The Sephirotic tree of the Kabbalah and the Aswatta or sacred fig tree are symbols of divine wisdom. Zoroaster represented the nervous system and the liquid system of human beings by the 'Haona' of the Mazdeists. Other symbols are the 'Zampoun' of Tibet and the 'Iggradsil', the Pheredydes oak of the ancient Celtics.

All of the ancient religions depict their founders acquiring wisdom under a tree. This is how we see the great Gautama, the Buddha Amitabha, who still lives in ancient India, achieving illumination beneath the Boddhi tree.

Christ is an exception to this rule, since Christ is the very same wisdom. He is the Solar Logos, whose physical body is the Sun. Thus, Christ walks with his Sun, in the same way as the human souls walk with their bodies of flesh and bones. Christ is the light of the Sun. Therefore, the light of the Sun is the light of Christ.

The light of the Sun is a christonic substance which makes the plants grow and the seeds sprout. Thus, within the compact hardness of the grain, the substance of the Solar Logos remains enclosed, and it is what permits the plant to reproduce itself constantly, with this glorious, hardy and active life.

Folklore, the history of magic and witchcraft, proven stories of witchcraft assassinations and deaths from far distances, are only possible by commanding the elemental of plants.

The miraculous healings from a distance of which the sacred books talk about are performed by the Gnostic doctor, by means of the elementals of plants.

This science that I baptize with the name of "Elementotherapy" the 'royal art' of medical wisdom, is as ancient as the world. One cannot be a doctor without being a magician, nor can one be a magician without being a doctor.

The herbalist and the allopathic doctor are identical in the sense that they only study the physical body of living beings.

The Gnostic doctor studies the human being and the plant in their triple aspect of body, soul and spirit.

The Gnostic doctor treats plants the same way he treats human beings. The Gnostic therapeutics are mystical, symbolical and alchemical.

There are two types of Angels: innocent Angels and virtuous Angels. The innocent Angels are the elementals of plants and the virtuous Angels are perfect human beings.

In the glorious India of the 'Rishis', there is not a town that is lacking of its magical tree, whose 'elemental Genie' the population renders cult to. The Hellenic traditions sustain that each jungle has its own 'Genie', and each tree its 'Nymph.'

It is not rare to see sacred trees upon the Nilgiris, which have graphics on their trunks that are secret figures in vermilion and blue, and at their foot, some stones painted in red.

These sacred trees are places for sacrifices and praying. Reniains of animals are found there, also curls of hair, which were offered by the sick and possessed people as an action of thanksgiving to the elemental Genie who cured them. The elemental Genii of these trees are named 'Mounispouranms' by these people.

Commonly, these trees belong to the family of the Ilex. Sometimes, these trees belong to the family of the wild 'Cinname', and also to the family which is known by the name of 'Eugenic.' Interesting testimonies of some wise men appear in E. Boscowits' original book. They asseverate what the indigenous tribes of America have known throughout millions of years, which is that the plants have soul, life and sensibility similar to that of human beings.

In his book Botanical Garden, Erasmo Darwin states that the plant has a soul. We have to remember that before the false lights of this modern civilization came to appear in this world, such eminent men as Democritus, Anaxagoras and Empedocles sustained the same thesis.

In more recent epochs, there are some who sustain that the movements of the roots are willful.

Vrolik, Hedwig, Bonnet, Ludwig, F. Ed. Smith, affirm that the plant is susceptible to diverse sensations and that it knows happiness. Finally, the sage Theodorus Fechner wrote a book entitled Nanna Oder Uher Das Lenleben der Pflansen, within which he sufficiently proves that plants have souls.

What moves us Gnostics into compassion is that only now comes the assertion about the souls of plants into these scientists' mind (like a very new thesis). Gnosticism knew this from the very birth of the world and it also known by any humble, simple Indian from the Sierra Nevada of Santa Marta (Colombia).

The Knotweed plant is joyous and moves its branches when the wise person, who knows how to love it, approaches it. The Garden Poppy, Opium Poppy, before being touched by the Gnostic doctor, withdraws its leaves and becomes lethargic several times.

The elemental of the plant is joyous when we love it and it is tilled with pain when we hurt it. The physical organism of the elementals of Nature is analogous to that of humans.

The respiration of the plants is performed by means of the tracheas of Malpighi, which are compounded by a cellular band, coiled in a spiral, that is endowed with contraction and expansion.

In accordance with the scientific experiments of Calandrini, Duhamel and Papin, the only foundation for the plant's life is the air. Bertholon sustained that the activity of the air in the sap of the plant is an analogous action to the one which happens in our blood.

Experiments of Ingenhus, Mohi, Garren, Hales, Theodorous de Saussere, scientifically proved that the inferior side of the leaves is tilled with tiny little stomachic mouths. These are the organs for such respiration.

The plants inhale carbonic anhydride and exhale oxygen. Their roots serve as a stomach, and they emulsify the elements of the earth with their semen, by transforming them into ineffable Arcanums' of the substance of God.

These 'Arcanums' are the instruments which the elementals of plants utilize in order to heal the sick person. However, this only occurs when the Gnostic doctor has been accomplished with the three indispensable requisites, which are: Love to God and to the neighbor, perfect ritual and exact diagnosis.

Elementotherapy teaches the Gnostic doctor how to command the elementals of plants.

Elementotherapy is the wisdom which allows the Gnostic doctor to command life.

Until now, the botanists have been maneuvering the forms, but not the very life of plants.

This is because the life of the plants can only be handled by the Gnostic doctor who has studied Elementotherapy.

The Botanists are the vivisectionists of plants, the profane and profaners of the temple of Nature. The Allopaths only superficially know about the bio-mechanics of organic phenomena, but, regarding the vital foundation, they do not know anything.

The Allopaths as well as the Botanists are skillful in handling cadaverous forms. From the physiological or pathological point of view, we can state with propriety that the Allopaths are the vivisectionists of animals and human beings.

The Homeopaths, biochemists and their kind are just the prodigal children of Botany and Allopathy.

The hour of great decisions has arrived and there is no time to waste. To cast out the merchants of the temple with the whip of willpower is what concerns divinized humans!

The hour in which we have to liberate ourselves from every social bondage (schools and sects, religions and dogmas) has arrived, in order to return with happiness into the temple of Nature!

We must revolutionize ourselves against every type of Theosophy, pompous Rosicrucianism and fanatical Spiritualism. We must burn the golden calf (money), abandon the cities and return into the bosom of Nature!

When the human being will return into the bosom of his 'Mother' (Nature), then, she will give him bread, shelter and wisdom. She (Nature) will give him what no leader of political trickery can give him, which is bread, shelter and wisdom.

Now we have to return to the sublime cosmic mysticism of the blessed Mother of the world.

The hour in which we must officiate within the temple of the Goddess Mother of the world has arrived. Thus, we will do so with the same wisdom that the human being knew in ancient 'Arcadia', when he had yet to trap himself within this urban life.

We will call the archaic medical wisdom Eleineniothercipy. This is the wisdom of the Gnostic doctors.

"These kind of doctors (the Gnostics) are named 'Spirituals' because they can command the spirits of herbs and roots. Thus, they (the Gnostic doctors) force the spirits to give liberty to the sick people who they have pill into imprisonment. Just like the Judge who places a prisoner in the iron trap, this Judge is the doctor of this prisoner, because having the keys of the trap, he can close and open the lock at any time that he so pleases.

Hippocrates is one of those who belonged to these class of doctors."

(Parami-prologo III-Paracelsus).

The illustrious German Gnostic Doctor Frans Hartman said: "The true doctor is not the result of scientific schools, but, the one who became doctor through the light of divine wisdom itself."

You, Theologists, who know nothing about God! You, Doctors, who ignore the medical science! You, Anthropologists, who do not know human nature in all of its manifestations! You, Lawyers, who do not have any feeling for righteousness, neither for justice! You, Christians, who betray the Master in every moment! You, Judges, who have never judged your vices and defects! You, Governors, who have not learned how to govern your lower passions! You, Priests, who exploit the fanatical sects of the world! You, Merchants, who do not have respect, not even for the 'bread' which Mother Nature gives to her children! Listen, all of you, you have prostituted everything with your filthy money!

Woe to you and your children! Woe to the dwellers of the earth, because they will fall by the knife upon the sidewalks of all cities, and in the darkness of the abyss they will only hear the painful lament and the gnashing of teeth!

The official medicine has exploited human pain. When the human being separated himself from Nature in order to imprison himself within this urban life, then, he fell upon the hands of the tenebrous potencies. Thus, lie learned the 'false science' from the magicians of the darkness. It was then when he knew pain. Now, the human being has to return to the bosom of Nature in order to recuperate the lost positions.

Each elemental of Nature represents certain powers of the blessed Goddess Mother of the world. Thus, whosoever knows how to handle the powers of Nature which are enclosed in each herb, in each root and each tree, is the only one who can be a true Magician and Doctor.

Thought is a great force, yet, everything is dual in creation. Thus, if we want to make perceptible any occult intention, a physical instrument which serves as clothing for that idea is necessary. This instrument is the plant which corresponds to our intention. Only lie who knows the secret to command the elementals of plants is the only one who can be a Magician.

The use of animal magnetism, the transmission of life (mumia), the transplantation of sicknesses and other analogous things which were wisely described by Paracelsus, Cornelius, Agrippa, are only possible for the Gnostic doctor who knows how to handle the elemental creatures of the plants.

The transmission of thought becomes easy when one operates through the elementals of plants. As we have already stated, everything in Nature is dual.

Those very well known systems of Marden, Atkinson, Mesmer, Paul Jagot, and the pseudo spiritualists schools will never teach the human being the wise use of the force of thought, because force and forces are something very joined in creation.

Every mental wave has its exponent in a plant. In order for the mental waves to be crystallized, they must be revested with the occult powers of the plant which corresponds to it.

There is nothing in the universe that is not dual. If the athletes of concentration of thought do not know how to combine their mental waves with the powers of Nature, which are enclosed within the plants, then they will lose their time miserably.

While the human being does not return into the bosom of Nature, his thoughts as well as his life will always be totally superficial and artificial and, therefore, negative and iniquitous.

The human being must abandon his false idols and temples of urban life and return into the bosom of the blessed Goddess Mother of the world. She will give you light, wisdom, power and glory.

The prodigal children will return into the temples of Nature when they abandon their urban life and return into the bosom of the Goddess Nature.

The temples of the Goddess Mother of the world, which are situated in the gorge of mountains and profound valleys, only await for the human being to knock at their doors in order to welcome him and to grant him love and wisdom, bread and shelter. These are the commandments of the Blessed One.

Until now, beloved disciples, you have only heard comments about oriental Tibet and of the Holy Masters who dwell there. Franz Hartman comments to us about the Masters of the occult temple of Bohemia and Krumm-Heller (Huiracocha) comments about the temple of Monserrat in Spain and the temple of Chapultepec in Mexico.

Yet, our beloved South America also has its majestic temples, even when no one has spoken about them. These are the temples of Goddess Nature, these are the temples of the sacred mysteries of the Mayan Ray.

Until now you have heard comments about the Asiatic and European Masters. Many spiritualist students would like to internally progress. However, they cannot because they have not found the Path which belongs to them, as well as their Ray and their own key note which must be in accordance with their blood and psyche. We must not forget that in South America the blood of the American Indian predominates over everything. Thus, there are millions of human beings who belong to the Mayan Ray.

I am going to talk about the Masters of the Mayan Ray, I am going to unveil for the first time the veil which hides them.

Kalusuanga - the primeval God of light, the great Master of the Sun, has a storehouse of esoteric wisdom in the temple of 'Buritaca', headquarters of ancient wisdom (Atlantic coast).

Kunchuvito Muya - a powerful God.

Nuestro Seyancua

Nuestro Padre Seukul

'Mama' Kaso Biscunde

'Mama' Batunare

La 'Saga' Maria Pastora - a female Master of Wisdom.

The God Kuinmagua - This Master is the God of tempests, who has power over the seasons of spring, summer, autumn and winter.

The God Temblor - is an innocent child who makes the earth tremble, and whose speaks for itself name [means tremble in Spanish].

These Masters of the Venerable White Lodge from the Mayan Ray are the silent vigilantes of Latin America.

The mountain of the Sierra Nevada from Santa Marta (Colombia) is another powerful and very ancient Tibet.

Kalusuanga, the primeval God of light, will joyfully admit into his Mysteries the souls who are thirsty for the Mayan Ray. The clue in order to enter into the temple of Kalusuanga, the Mayan Indian Master, is the following:

The disciple will sit on a chair before a table. He will place his elbows on the table and will hold his head with his left hand. Meanwhile, he will perform magnetic passes by passing his right hand over his head from the forehead to the neck, with the purpose of magnetizing himself. Thus, with force, he will thrust (with the magnetic passes) his astral body outwards, towards the temple of 'Buritaca', which is the headquarters of the ancient wisdom of the Mayan Ray.

The disciple will unite his willpower and imagination in vibrating harmony and will make the effort to fall asleep. He must feel, while utilizing his willpower and imagination, as if he was with the body of flesh and bones within the temple of 'Buritaca'.

He must pronounce with his thought the following mantras or magical words: OMNIS BAUN IGNEOUS. These words are pronounced in succession, prolonging the sound of the vowels until falling asleep.

A while later, after some time of practice, the disciple will 'go out' of his physical body with his astral body, and Kalusuanga, the sublime Master of the Mayan Ray, will instruct him in his Mysteries and teach him the medical wisdom.

First of all, Kalusuanga tests the courage of the invoker. He appears gigantic and terrible in order to test the disciple. If the disciple is courageous, he will be instructed in the sacred science of the 'Mamas'.

The Gnostic doctors of the Sierra Nevada of Santa Marta cure syphilis in fifteen days. They cure the last degree of leprosy in nine precise months. They cure tuberculosis in fifteen days.

There exists no sickness that the Arhuacos 'Mamas' cannot cure, therefore, they laugh at the science of the civilized ones of this XX century.

The 'Mamas' affirm that in order for this modern civilization to reach the degree of their (Mayan) culture, hundreds of years would have to pass.

Upon the ice covered summits of this Sierra Nevada of Santa Marta, there lives a powerfull Initiate Sage, whose age is really indescribable. This great Illuminated one is the 'president Mama' of the government of the Arhuaco Indians.

This 'president Mama' has powers over creation in its entirety. He is profoundly venerated by all of the Indians of the whole Sierra Nevada. In his possession is an octahedron crystal upon a tripod, which reflects the images of all people who march in order to meet this venerable Elder, no matter how distant they might be.

The 'Mamas' diagnose sicknesses by placing a sphere of glass over the neck of the patient. In such a way, they examine the interior of the organism through it better than if using X rays. They smile with disdain at the complicated mechanisms of official medical science.

They diagnose the sickness of an ill person simply by placing the sphere of glass over the clothing of the ill one, even if the patient might be many distant miles away. Can any one of the modern scientists perform this? How interesting it would be if someone would postpone their university proficiency by making an effort to study 'Mayan medicine' in the Sierra Nevada of Santa Marta (Colombia).

'Tricksters' are the outcome of intellectualism without spirituality and these individuals have been and are the disgrace of this world.

The Indian doctors cure, and many of their healings are instantaneous because they know about the proper managing of the elementals since very ancient times.

There are also temples of light in Taganga and Gaira (Atlantic coast of Colombia). The great Initiates of the Mayan Ray dwell in all of those occult temples. The majestic temple of the Sierra Nevada of Santa Marta is the august Sanctuary of the high initiates of 'la Sierra.'

Those temples are in Jinn state, that is, within the fourth dimension. They are the great cathedrals of Nature where the great sages of the 'snake' dwell.

The clue in order to travel in astral body in the form already described is given, thanks to Kalusuanga, the powerflul God, child of the seven red seas and of the seven rays of the Sun.

The disciples will go out of their physical bodies each time they wish to do so, when they practice the clue. Thus, they will attend the temples of the Mayan Ray in their astral bodies in order to receive instructions of medical wisdom.

The high 'Mama' Initiates communicate themselves with the Mahatnias from Tibet and they know the plants of oriental India in depth.

The president of the Arhuaco Indians submerges himself into a mysterious vessel filled with a rare liquor, then, when he comes out of it, his physical body is already within the astral plane. In this way, in a few instants, he transports himself with his physical body and all to wherever he wants.

Nevertheless, these wise Indians are tremendously quiet and humble. Therefore, no 'civilized' person will ever attain their secrets, unless the person has become worthy and deserves to be received as a disciple.

I have to give thanks in this book for the excellent data which Dionisito de Ia Cruz had the good deed of providing to me for my investigations about the Sierra Nevada. He is a resident of 'Finca Tierra Grata', which is located twenty kilometers from 'Fundacion.'

I have also to give thanks to an Indian from the Bolivar State in Colombia, for the data he provided for this book. The data was magnificent.

I also present my thanks to the Master Paracelsus, who inspected and corrected the original copy of this book, with the goal that this book will accomplish the solemn mission which has been assigned to it in the fixture Age of Aquarius.

I also give thanks to the Master Kalusuanga for his marvelous clue, which will especially allow those Latin-American disciples who are with aboriginal blood to put themselves in contact with the temples of Mysteries of the Mayan Ray.

There are portions of the Colombian territory where the aboriginal blood is extremely opulent, as is occurring in the State of Bocaya, for instance.

The disciples whose blood is markedly 'indian' could learn to depart in their astral bodies with the clue of the Master Kalusuanga and to receive esoteric instruction in the temples of the Mayan Ray, which is the native ray of America.

I also give thanks to the Masters Morya, Koot Hoomi, Hippocrates and others, for their cooperation in this solemn mission which has been entrusted to me.

As well, I give thanks to my saintly Guru whose sacred name must not be uttered.

I, Samael Aun Weor, the Master of the Egyptian Mysteries, am the Great Avatar of Aquarius, the Initiator of the New Era, the Master of Strength.

The hour of great decisions has arrived and there is no time to waste. We are assisting in this last moment of agony of this caducous and degenerated race.

Now is the time for us to grasp the sword of Justice in order to unmask the traitors and disconcert the tyrants.

Samael Aun Weor




"The vanity of Erudites does not come from heaven, but, they learn it from one another and upon this base they edify their Church." (Fundam Sap. Frangm Paracelsus).

In a magazine from Berlin, Bruno Noah textually states the following: "His excellency, the rector of the University of Haile, Sir Professor Doctor Hahne states in his discourse 2-2-1934: 'I have the sufficient courage of publicly declaring myself in favor of Astrology, and that it is time to recognize Astrology as a science. I regret the fact of not having preoccupied myself before with Astrology."

It is provable that the honorable body of Doctors from Berlin could evaluate the authorized declaration of Doctor Hahne. Of course, this doctor is not a 'snob' opportunist, neither a Galenist impostor. Astrology is a science which goes back to the time of the first ages of humanity. All of the very ancient schools of medicine drank from this fountain of inexhaustible wisdom. Since this is a fact, and certainly a true fact, the delayed recognition from this German Doctor does not grant any merit to Astrology. However, his recognition is with merit.

The Arhuaco Indians from the Sierra Nevada of Santa Marta, Colombia have 'Astrology and Medicine' as the infallible, indispensable system of their medical teachings. Astrology and Medicine are part of one and the same complicated organism. Since they never ignored Astrology, they have no need to feel regret. Hence, to use one of these two parts (Astrology and Medicine), or to study one of these two elements while disregarding the other, is anachronistic and anti-scientific.

Doctor Walter Krish from Stralsund states*: "Doctor Krumm Heller founded a new theory about the organs of the senses which opens new horizons for sensorial physiology. Much has beitig spoken now about the sixth sense and it has been found that it has to be searched for within the fourth dimension."*

The medical system of the Arhuaco Indians from the Sierra Nevada of Santa Marta is analogous to the one of the Lamas from Tibet. Thus, regarding sensorial physiology and human anatomy, they are in an envious position in comparison with the greatly boasted ones of modern sapience.

The Arhuaco Doctors study medicine for thirteen years and the minimum time for the Lama Doctors from Tibet is twelve years.

The Arhuaco student of medicine remains 'cloistered' thirteen precise years within a dwelling of two rooms. His studies are initiated when he is seven years old and he graduates when he is twenty-one years old. The nourishment of the student is administered through one window and the teachings from his instructor along with the medicinal plants are administered through another window. The teacher who knows less is the first one who starts teaching him and the teacher who knows the most is the one who is the last. The number of instructors vary in accordance with the educational courses which lie is receiving. Each teacher has his or her own sack with plants. The study of the plants is related to their elenientals and to their occult powers. This is the ancient science of Elementotherapy.

During the night, outside from his dwelling, the disciple is instructed by the teachers of Astrology and Practical Magic. In order to receive this instruction, he has to develop clairvoyance or the sixth sense, which was intuited by the Doctor Krisch from Stralsund.

The procedure in order to develop clairvoyance which the Arhuaco students of medicine utilize is as follows:

The disciple stands still, contemplating a star from heaven, while holding a reed in his hand. Then, he strives to perceive the place which his teacher wishes. After a certain time of daily practice, there will truly be no place on earth, as remote as it might be, that the student will not see from the Sierra Nevada of Santa Marta.

The Indians from the State of Bolivar (Colombia) develop the sixth sense with the following procedure: At six o'clock past meridian, the aspirant places a bottle of rum, a clock, a lit candle and a plate with food on the ground underneath a tree that could be a 'Guasimo' (Guazuma Ulmifolia Lamarck), Olive, 'Totumo' (Calabash tree, Crescentia Cujete L.) or Clover bush. The aspirant consumes the food while he fixedly and penetratingly looks at the rum, candle and clock.

These Indians always execute these practices with their face towards the setting sun and they pronounce the Christian Creed filled with faith. Thursdays and Fridays are the special days in order to perform them.

The sensorial organs of our senses are the source of information for our mind. When these senses are finer we have a better perception of the things which surround us. Therefore, our conceptual judgment is more exact.

The German Physicist Alfred Judt sustains that a "pure blooded" individual hears eight complete octaves of the note Sol, with two lines of frequency (96.825), or with lines of frequency of 24,787,200. The measure for half-blooded Europeans is very much less in their low or high auditory zone.

The pure blooded Aborigines enjoy more fine senses. If we add to them the awakening of clairvoyance, or the sixth sense located in the Epiphysis gland, then, a more penetrating sensorial perception and a pure source of objective information is attained. This is impossible for the students from the official faculties of medicine to obtain because of the lack of appropriate methods.

The Arhuaco Indians and the Tibetan Lanias know in depth the human anatomy. The texts of the official anatomy are lacking the anatomy of the internal bodies of the human being, who is septuple in his internal constitution.

Behold, here are the seven bodies of the human being:

  1. Physical body
  2. Vital body
  3. Astral body
  4. Mental body
  5. Body of Willpower
  6. Body of the Consciousness
  7. Espiritus (the Intimate)

The illustrious Master Paracelsus classifies them as follows:

  1. The Limbus
  2. The Mumia
  3. The Archaous
  4. The Sidereal body
  5. Adech (the internal man or Mental body made of the flesh of Adam)
  6. Aluech
  7. Body of the Intimate

These are the seven organisms made of distinct matters or degrees of subtilization, which any professor of medicine could perceive if he could develop his clairvoyance with the procedures that are given here in this book.

A study of anatomy has to embrace in its conjunction the seven bodies of the human being in all of its interrelations in order for it to be complete.

Emmanuel Kant, the great German Philosopher, admits that nisiisforniatiivns, the Astral body, or Linga Sarira of the Theosophists, exists.

These distinct internal bodies of the human being work over our endogenous glands and over our hormones. One cannot be a Physician without knowing in depth about the nisus formativus which Emmanuel Kant refers to Doctor Krisch concluded that smell, sight, hearing, and other senses of the human being ftinction by means of electromagnetic oscillations.

Lakosky, the great Russian Sage, founder of the Emanative Theory, reached the conclusion that everything radiates and that everything is energy.

It is absolutely impossible to be a Physician in its whole significance without being a clairvoyant, and without having studied anatomy, biology and the pathology of all the seven bodies of the human being.

The Master Paracelsus states: "There are two types of flesh, the flesh of Adam (the physical body) that is the terrestrial flesh, which is gross. The flesh which is not derived from Adam is of a subtle specie. It is not made from a gross matter and it can penetrate through all the walls without the necessity of doors or holes. Nonetheless, both species of flesh have their blood and bones and both also differ from the spirit."

(De Nymphis, Paracelsus)

These energetic internal bodies of the human being are material organisms, which the Physician must know about in depth in order to diagnose the sicknesses without mistake, without committing any stupidity.

To know the official chemistry is worthless if the 'occult chemistry' is unknown. It is worthless to know the exterior biology, if the 'internal biology' of the seven bodies of the human being is unknown. In like manner, it is worthless to know only about the exterior anatomy without knowing about the 'internal anatomy.' Futile will be the theoretical study of Bacteriology in the laboratory without a microscope.

It is absurd to study medicine without previously having developed the positive clairvoyance, which permits us to see and handle the seven bodies of the human being.

The methods of diagnosis of the official science are insufficient. For this reason, the majority of patients die without knowing what their sickness was.

The Indian Jeronimo Montaño was placing a crystal ball on the neck of the sick person, which allowed him to see the organism through it better than x-rays. When it was necessary to diagnose a distant patient, it was enough for him to humidify his crystal ball with rum and to envelope it within the clothing of the sick person. Thus, in this singular manner, he was knowing what was the sickness, and he was diagnosing it with certainty.

On a certain occasion, two skeptical persons brought the hat of a dead man to the Indian Jeronimo in order for him to tell them to whom that hat belonged. Thus, Jeronimo took the hat in his hands and invited the two skeptical persons to enter into his clinic. Then, with a loud voice he told them: "Behold, the owner of this hat is here." The two skeptic ones became shocked when they saw the very defunct of the experiment seated on a chair.

I would like to see a pupil of the last year of medicine diagnose before the presence of a 'Mama' from the Sierra Nevada of Santa Marta. It would be funny, very funny...

When finalizing the studies in medicine, the Arhuaco pupil is examined by all of his teachers and in the presence of the government of Indians from the Sierra. Each teacher examines him with their sack of plants, one by one. The Astrologers examine him in astrology, the Magicians examine him in practical magic, etc.

The exam on plants is related with the occultism of them, that is to say, with the

Elementotherapy, which is ignored by the botanists. The schools of medicine of the Lamas from Oriental Tibet do it in their proper way. One of their specialties is Osmotherapy, or healing through perfumes.

We copied the following prayer from a Lamaic prayer book, which is mentioned by Krumm Heller: "Sublime flowers, chose Rosaries of little flowers, music and ointments of delectable fragrance, resplendent lights and the best perfumes, I bring to the victorious ones (the Buddhas) Magnificent tunics and extra-fine perfumes, little sacks filled with cut aromatic burning sticks, which are equal in number to the mountains of 'Miru' and all of the most beauut creations, I bring to the victorious ones."

Frhr. Von Perckammer painted an illustration, which is mentioned by Doctor KrummHeller. In this illustration appeared a Lama who is on the patio of Yungho-Kung, in the Temple of the Eternal Peace. He is portending alongside of a censer.

Perfumes are never absent within the Lama convent of the Hundred Thousand Images of Maitreya. Doctor Rudolf Steiner affirms that the employment of perfumes for the healing of sicknesses had a very remote past and has a splendid future. Leadbeater said that our sins and faults bounce back into the Astral body and that they can be eliminated through the action of certain perfumes. Each vice has its own larvae that are attached to the Astral body. Thus, the total healing of those vices is achieved only by the disintegration of those larvae by means of certain perfumes.

Statues of Buddha that are made with perfumed Sandalwood exist in Peking, Tibet, and in the Mongolian cloister of Erdoni Dsu. These statues remain enveloped within aromatic herbs and they are utilized in order to perform distant healings. These statues are named 'Dscho' (written 'je') because of the abbreviation of 'jebe' which means Lord or Master. They are also in Lhasa, capital of Tibet.

'Tschima-Purma' is the name of certain cloth balls which are filled with aromatic herbs that Tibetans and Mongolians hang in the ceiling of their temples, for healing purposes.

Krumm-Heller mentions to us in one of his books about the Lama Rintschen, who was practicing in Berlin. He brought his essences from Tibet and he never bought a single drug. His mission was to care for the resident Mongolians, as Huiracocha tells us.

The severe studies of Himalayan and Trans-Himalayan Medicine include Elementotherapy, Osmo-therapy, Anatomy of the seven bodies, Astrology and Occult

Chemistry. Every Lama Physician is a clairvoyant. Indeed, truly, one cannot be a Physician without being a Clairvoyant. Give ear to this, gentlemen, from the official medicine.

The diagnosis through percussion and auscultation and the manner in which a blind man moves and walks are analogous. To use the sense of touch in order to orient oneself in a diagnosis is absolutely unsure and puerile.

The Arhuaco and Lama Physicians do not need of those antiquated methods of diagnosis from the official medicine for anything, since they are proper only for blind men.

The Arhuaco and Lama Physicians have developed the sixth sense, clairvoyance. Thus, they can see directly the causes of the sickness and its effects in the internal bodies.

A subterranean city exists within the profound Amazon jungles. Some Occidental Yogis dwell there. The sacred treasures of submerged Atlantis are zealously kept within this mysterious city. These Sage Yogi Physicians are the zealous guardians of the very ancient medical wisdom.

Another mysterious city exists also within the thick jungles of California. This city will never be discovered by the 'civilized' people of this XX century. Here is where a surviving race from ancient Lemuria dwells. This race is the most ancient depository of the precious treasure of the medical wisdom.

Likewise, various Sanctuaries of medicine that are based in the 'royal art' of Nature exist in Central America. Thus, there is no scarcity in the whole world of secret places where this medical wisdom is cultivated and studied. The human being knew this wisdom in former times, when he was living away from this vicious atmosphere of urban life.

Epidemics put the world in mourning. Death advances triumphantly and devastatingly everywhere. The transitory power of allopathic medicine is abdicating before the avalanche of human pain.

The hour in order to return into Nature, the hour to withdraw into the countryside in order to learn the teachings that I give in this book has arrived.

Thus, in the profound peace of the forests is where we must establish nurseries of medical wisdom, similar to those Sanctuaries from Tibet and the Sierra Nevada of Santa Marta.

Youth with genius, defenseless humanity, unsatisfied people, let us go into battle with this re conquered flag which I raise on high towards all winds! Let us go to battle against scientific exclusivity! Let us go to war against all that is harmful and antiquated!

To the battle for Aquarius! To the battle for the new Era!


"The one who can cure sicknesses is a Physician. Neither the emperors, nor the popes, nor the colleges, not even the superior schools can create Physicians. They can grant privileges and make a person who is not a Physician appear as if he is a Physician. They can grant unto this person permission to kill, but, they cannot give him the power to heal. They cannot make of that person a true Physician, unless such a person has already been ordained by God." (Paracelsus)

In order to be a true Physician it is necessary to have wisdom. The word wisdom is derived from vid, videre (to see) and from don; (judgment). Thus, wisdom alludes to that which one can see with the senses of the soul and of the Intimate; to the wise judgments which must be based on the ultra-sensorial perceptions and not simply on dogmatic intellectualism or vain professional sufficiency, which are already in declination and decrepitude. Therefore, how can a person who has yet to develop his clairvoyance reach wisdom? How can a person who is not a Physician to himself be a Physician to others? How can a person who is not sane in his heart heal others?

Fifty per cent of medical clinics (no sin of exaggeration) are simulated brothels. If not, then let the other fifty per cent of innocent physicians attest to this.

The aristocratic lady and the humble peasant girl adulterate within the medical clinics. The blushing of young wives or of bashful virgins cannot prevail in order to stop the outrage of those physicians who see and touch what is secret and prohibited. Indeed, they do this because their repressed or insatiable libido, which Freud called "sexual appetite", never before had an opportunity to devour women's chastity and to sacrifice their integrity!

An authentic Physician must be absolutely chaste and righteous, or at least tender in his heart. Therefore, is it wisdom to work in that manner, against the moral laws? Is this culture? Is it civilization? What could this behavior be called?

When human beings endowed with superior intelligence appeared upon the earth, they allowed this supreme power (the Intimate) to work without resistance in them. Thus, they learned their first lessons from Him. All that they had to do was to imitate Him, but in order to reproduce the same effects by an effort of individual will, they found themselves obliged to develop in their human constitution a creative power (the Kundalini) named Kriyashakti in occult terminology.

In order to be a Physician, the fire of the Holy Spirit is necessary. This fire is the outcome of the transmutations of our sexual secretions by means of the snake.

How can one whose soul is stained because of love for profit and because of an insatiable thirst for fornication serve as a vehicle of expression for the Intimate?

The Intimate in ourselves is our Internal Master, our God, our real Being, our Spirit, our superior Self, our Father who is in secret. The Intimate is an ineffable flame of the great bonfire. He is a fragment of the Absolute in our heart. En accordance with Moses, the Intimate within ourselves is the Ruach Elohim, who was sowing the waters in the beginning of the world. The Intimate is the Monad of Carpocrates, the Daimon of Socrates, the Seity of Tibetans, the Silent Gandarva or Celestial Musician of the Hindus. The Intimate is our Father within ourselves, the Soul is the Son and the Holy Spirit is the sexual fbrce, which is named Kundalini and is symbolized by the snake.

The human being becomes an authentic Physician anointed by God when he develops within his human constitution the power of the fire. Through this way, the divine Intimate expresses Himself through the anointed one. Then, he can perform astonishing healings.

A human being could have theoretically studied the human organism and its sicknesses. However, this does not signify that he has the power of healing, since no one can receive this power from men, but only from God.

In the sunny country of Khem, there in those foregone times of ancient Egypt, sick people were not taken into medical clinics. They were taken into the august and sacred temples where the hieratic wisdom was cultivated.

Hence, sick people were coming out sane and sound from the temples. A lethargy of eternities weigh upon the ancient Mysteries. The delectable verb of ancient Sages, who engraved their wisdom in strange embossments upon unconquered walls, seems to be perceived there in that remote distance, within the profound night of the ages. Streets had millenary sphinxes that silently contemplated thousands of pilgrims, who came from distinct lands in search of health and light. Faces were tawny due to the ardent sun of happy Arabia. People came from Chaldea, Judaic merchants came from Cyclope or from Tyre, old Yogis came from the sacred land of the Vedas... Medicine was always sacred. Medicine was always the blessed patrimony of the Magi.

Sick people in those forgone times of ancient Egypt were covering themselves with aromas within the temples, and the ineffable verb of the holy Masters was filling them with life. When all of this was happening, the Great Whore (humanity) still had not begotten the Antichrist or the false science. As well, the pontiff of all abominations of the earth had not yet seated himself upon his seven hills.

In those fully developed ages, and under those sacred colonnades, the Priest of Sais exclaimed:

"Alas, Solon, Solon, my son! The day in which the men will laugh at our sacred hieroglyphics will come. Thus, they will say that we, the ancient people were worshipping idols."

Medical clinics will be abolished in the Age of Aquarius. Healing sanctuaries will be opened everywhere. It will not matter if we have to tolerate with stoicism the swats from the claws of the beast, whose number is 666. To the battle, children of the light, for our ideas, for the triumph of truth and goodness, to the battlel


We are in a solitary spot of a tropical forest. Here everything breaths a profound mysterious air. A long time ago, a race of illuminated Sages once lived in this place, before our beloved Americas had been invaded by the Spanish hordes.

In this stead named Coveñas, in the Bolivar State, close to the town of San Andres, Colombia, is where some Gnostic Sages of an indigenous race still live. We are at the outlook of an enchanted well. A silvester, creepy crawling creature called a "cienpies" (centipede) by the natives of that region walks around the well, then it disappears within the waters.

Everything is saturated by a mysterious air. Some mummies that have become petrified over the centuries seem like they are spying on all of our actions.

We are before the presence of a Healing Sanctuary.

Some pilgrims who come from distant lands in search of health are muttering prayers of pity. In this way they ask to the defimct Mama who cures a permission in order to enter into his Sanctuary, where his mummy seems to smile.

It is an essential obligation for all the pilgrims to ask permission to the defunct in order to continue ahead. When the pilgrim violates this precept, then, the sky fills with dense, large, black clouds and a terrible tempest is unleashed. It seems as if the indignant Mama is whipping the region with his fiery whip.

Some riches that no one dares to touch, because they are enchanted, exist in this stead. When approaching the mummy, these pilgrims collect some plants, soil or metals, with which they are miraculously cured...

This Mama, in spite of being dead, keeps commanding and healing. Undoubtedly, he is King and Priest of the Universe.

This is what a Gnostic Priest is, he is a King and a Priest of the Universe, who knows how to command and to bless.

The Healing Sanctuary of every Gnostic Doctor must have its Altar made of Cypress wood or scented wood. It is necessary to wash the wooden altar with hot water and perfumed soap before its consecration.

The altar-table is consecrated when it is rubbed with a sponge imbibed with rose water and when it is smeared with a mastic made from white virgin wax, evergreen resin, frankincense, aloe, thyme, pine resin and Sniyrna incense.

The altar-table can also be made with Cedar wood, which is the wood of Joseph the Initiate, father of Jesus of Nazareth. The Cedar has great occult powers.

The gigantic Cedars from the forests communicate amongst themselves by means of lugubrious thuds which resound in remote sites on Good Thursdays and Good Fridays.

A tablecloth must always be over the altar-table of the Healing Sanctuary and over this is placed a folded tablecloth embroidered with pictures which represent dramas from Christ's Passion. These embroidered tablecloths are similar to the corporal of the Roman Church.

The cups and sacred chalices, also the vessels filled with vegetable substances that are given to the sick people to drink, must be placed over the embroidered tablecloth.

The phial with perfumes, which is a metallic cylindrical and prismatic cup, with a base or foot of a goblet, must not be missing over this altar-table either. This phial must have over its lid a little metallic tower or little metallic flag made with tin or copper, which are the metals of Jupiter and Venus.

In order to cure the sick person, the patient must be surrounded by intense perfumes. Frankincense is the principal vehicle for the curative waves of the mind of the MedicMagician, in combination with the vegetable elementals.

Some aromatic plants can be added to the frankincense such as flowers of Cyprus, Spikenard, Saffron, Amber, Calamus, Aloe and powderfrom spices.

The Gnostic Medic will never use perfumes or scented substances which contain mineral substances, because those are used in order to perform black magic.

The perfumes shall be blessed with the following prayer: "Praise be thou, oh Lord our

God, King of the world, who created all the species aromas."

Lamaic medicine divides the scented essences in five groups: repugnant, penetrating, piquant, aromatic, rancid and savory.

Sick people who require curative perfumes will be medicated with the utensil for perfumes.

Perfumed candles shall never be missing on the Altar of the Gnostic Medic, because the fire of the candles acts in an effective way over the subconscious of the sick person. The philosopher Mahayana wrote a whole book in Tibet about the preparation of perfumed candles.

The Gnostic Medic must extinguish the fire of a candle within a cup of wine after every curative operation. This as an action of thanksgiving to the Gods of Fire.

Twelve balls of cloth filled with aromatic herbs hung from the ceiling must be placed in every Healing Sanctuary. Each ball will contain the corresponding herbs related with a zodiacal sign.

Therefore, the twelve balls will contain the herbs of the twelve zodiacal signs.

A sick person will feel an improvement in health begin when inhaling the curative perfumes of his or her zodiacal sign.

The folklorist Garay describes in his traditions and chants from Panama how the Shamans envelop the sick people with perfumes and how these Shamans chant mantras to them while they are medicated.

The Healing Sanctuaries must have a floor of white and black tiles and the Gnostic Medic must use a colored robe in his Sanctum. Evil thoughts must never profane the Sanctuary whose portal must have this inscription displayed:



Presently, innumerable systems of diagnosis exist, which in their depth are nothing more than simple guides for the blind. These systems guide fanatical blind people of different medical schools throughout their complex and tortuous ways of organism symptomatology.

Ninety per cent of people die ignoring the cause of their sicknesses.

There are many who say that the human being is a microcosm. Yet, few are those who comprehend what this signifies.

"Just as the universe is an organism with all of its constellations, likewise, the human being is a world in himself. Just as the visible firmament (space) is not governed by any creature, likewise, the firmament which is within the human being (the mind) is not subjected to any other creature. This firmament (mental sphere) in the human being has its planets and stars (mental states), as well as its elevations, conjunctions and oppositions (states of being, related with sentiments, thoughts, emotions, ideas, love and hatred) and can be labeled as you wish."

"Just as all the celestial bodies in space are united to one another by invisible links, so the organs within the human being are not entirely independient on one another, but, they are subordinated amongst themselves until certain degrees."

"The heart is a Sun, the brain, is its Moon, the spleen is its Saturn, the liver its Jupiter, the lungs its Mercury and the Kidneys its Venus."

(Paramirum III, 4, Paracelsus)

Esoterically, the sun of our organism is Saturn, Mercury is the chest and the 'Fior' are the sexual organs. The map of the stars is within the human organism. Saturn is the sun which governs the belly. For more details read our Zodiacal Course.

Organs, nerves, muscles, etc., are only the physical instruments of certain principles and powers in which their activity is based.

In order for one to exactly diagnose a sickness, clairvoyance is necessary. Every sickness has its causes within the interior universe of the human being. Thus, in order to penetrate within this profound interior universe, one needs to be clairvoyant.

Freud approached this reality with his psychoanalysis. However, he did not delve completely into it, because he lacked the developing of his clairvoyance or sixth sense.

The diagnosis by percussion and auscultation is already very antiquated. Consequently, a major amount of doctors are abandoning it.

Iridology, so proclaimed by the great Iridologist Vidarrauzaga, is also deficient, because the lines of the Iris are so extremely fine that even with lenses that are six times magnified they can easily mislead the Medic.

Medical chirology, so proclaimed by Doctor Krumm-Heller (Huiracocha), has the same defects of iridology, since the lines of the hands present signs of sicknesses very complex and very difficult to diagnose. These are confusing and untranslatable in many cases.

We bring into account the scandalous event that happened some years ago in a college of Bogota, Colombia. A commission of physicians, sickened by carnal passion, presented themselves in a college for girls, in order to perform sexual examinations. It was then that the Dr. Laureano Gomez energetically protested in the name of society because of such kind of infamy.

This clearly reveals to us to what limit the sadism of these false apostles of medicine has reached. Their refined lechery does not even respect the purity of innocent girls.

The doctors from hospitals of charity have converted those institutions into centers of corruption.

The pregnant women within the maternity halls are despoiled from their dresses and in the most sadistic and criminal way their sexual organs are publicly exhibited. This is in order for those groups of bookworm-students from the university, who are filled with hidden anxieties of copulation, can study and excite their own passions before the sad spectacle of their defenseless victims.

The most horrible crimes are daily executed within the clinics with all of their instruments for surgery. A doctor who took advantage of his patients for the benefit of advertisements, by exhibiting them in the supreme moment of child deliverance before strange people, had to escape from the city of Cali.

The innovative systems of diagnosis of laboratories only have achieved the increasing number of sicknesses and defunct ones. The invalids from hospitals of charity are scoffed and humiliated as if they were not human beings, but outcasts.

These civilized 'gentlemen physicians' have converted the human organism into a simple 'thing' for experimentation, for an essay, for a test.

This lack of respect for the bodies of our fellowmen is rooted in the ignorance of the existence of the internal vehicles.

The newborn children are separated from their mothers in the moment of birth, with the pretext of hygiene. These 'doctors' ignore that the newborn child needs the vital aura of his mother for the development of the biology of his body which is in formation. These 'scientists' ignore that when the newborn child is placed far away from the irradiation of the vital body of his mother, he gets sick and is in danger of dying.

To want to correct Nature is pedantry. It is unforgivable imbecility.

If we observe creation in its entirety, then we will see every mother sleeping with her newborn creature. The hen opens her wings and thus she covers her chickens during the night. All the animals give heat and protection to their children.

Only the deranged scientists want to correct the work of God. The mother's placenta, which should be buried within a hot place in order to avoid consequences, is often thrown into the dunghills. These 'doctors' ignore the intimate bio-electro-magnetic relationship which exists between the placenta and the organism of the sick woman. A placenta which is thrust into the dunghill or into the water is the cause of multiple and future sicknesses of the womb and other organs.

Therefore, when those poor mothers present themselves asking for health and medicine within the clinics, the physicians, with their false diagnosis, prescribe to them a countless amount of remedies, which instead of healing them makes them more sick.

When the Arhuaco Doctors need to excite their sixth sense in order to diagnose, then, they drink a special medicinal decoction which puts their clairvoyant power into total activity. The formulae is the following:

Obtain a bottle of rum, 10 centigrams of internal seed of Lemon Verbena, one seed from inside the fruit of the Sandbox tree (Hura crepitans DC., 'Jabilla') and five leaves of Sage. The whole of this is left to macerate for several days. This beverage has the virtue of raising the blood towards the head, in order to give force to those glands where the sixth sense is situated. We, the Gnostics do not need of this beverage. These plants can be found in the state of Magdalena, Colombia.

In the systems of diagnosis of medical wisdom, the Magician uses an apparatus named Clairteleidoscope in order to clairvoyantly observe the organism. This lens is constructed in the following way: Inside of a steel-tube of about 20 centimeters in length and 5 centimeters in diameter, two small crystal balls with stripes of blue, green, yellow and red colors must be inserted. This lens is for the clairvoyance, as the microscope is for the optical nerve of the Medic.

This Clairteleidoscope must be blessed with a branch from a Pine tree and three fruits of 'Cadillo Mono' must be hung from its sides like balls. The 'Cadillo Mono' is a plant which grows one or two meters tall in Colombia.

The Gnostic Medic will take the sick person into his Healing Sanctuary. Then, with his sixth sense and with the help of his Clairteleidoscope, he will perform the corresponding exam of the organism. Thus, he will give an exact diagnosis.

Within this Sanctuary the young females will not need to undress their bodies. They will not entertain any passionate one. Neither, will the women need to renounce their integrity in order to submit themselves to the exam of any sexually unsatisfied one, since here, only wisdom and respect will exist.


The five causes of illness are the following:

  1. Ens Astrale
  2. Ens Veneri
  3. Ens Espirituale
  4. Ens Naturae
  5. Ens Dei

Master Paracelsus states: "All sicknesses have their beginning in some of the three substances, Salt, Sulfur and Mercury, that is to say, they can have their origin in the world of matter (symbolized by the Salt), in the sphere of the soul (symbolized by the Sulfur) or in the kingdom of the mind (symbolized by the Mercury)." In order to better comprehend this aphorism of Master Paracelsus, let the internal constitution of the human being be studied. (Read The Perfect Matrimony and The Revolution of Beelzebub).

There is no danger of harmful discordance, if the body, soul and mind are in perfect harmony. Yet, if a cause of discordance originates in any of these three planes, then, the disharmony is communicated to the other planes.

The Being is not the physical body, nor the vital body which serves as a base for the organism's chemistry. It is not the Sidereal body, which is the very root of our own desires, nor is it the mind, a marvelous organism whose physical instrument is the brain. The Being is not the body of the Consciousness, where all volitive, mental or sentimental experiences are based in. The Being is something much more profound.

Very rare are the human beings who have comprehended what the Being is.

The Glorian is the ray who 'strikes His bell' when He comes into the physical world.

The Glorian is the Law and the incognito root of the human being.

The Glorian is the Being of the Being.

The Glorian is the Law within ourselves.

When the human being obeys the Law (the Glorian) then he cannot become sick. Therefore, sickness comes because of the disobedience of the Law. When the seven bodies want to act separately as if they were seven 'I's, then, sickness is the outcome.

The physical and vital bodies most obey the soul. The soul most obey the Intimate and the Intimate must obey the Glorian. Body, soul and Spirit most convert themselves into a very pure and perfect universe through which the majesty of the Glorian can be expressed.

Let us look at a concrete and simple example: If we throw stones into the water, then, inevitably waves will be produced. These waves are the reaction of the water against the stones. If someone casts an offensive word against us, then we feel anger. So, anger is the reaction against the offensive word and the consequences could be indigestion or a headache or simply a loss of energies, which will be the cause of a future sickness.

If someone frustrates a plan which we have projected, then we are filled with deep mental preoccupation. This preoccupation is the reaction of our mental body against the exterior incitement.

No one doubts that a strong mental preoccupation brings sickness to the head. Therefore, we must govern our emotions with our thought. Thought must be governed with willpower and willpower with the Consciousness.

Then, we must open our Consciousness as when a temple is opened, in order for the priest (the Intimate) to officiate in his altar, before the presence of God (the Glorian).

We must dominate our seven vehicles and cultivate serenity in order for the sublime and ineffable majesty of the Glorian to be expressed through ourselves.

When all the acts of our daily life, even the most insignificant acts, become the living expression of the Glorian in ourselves, then, we will never be sick.

Let us now study the five causes of sickness in a successive order:


Master Paracelsus states: "The stars from heaven do not form the human being. The human being comes from two principles: The 'Ens Seminis' (the masculine sperm) and the 'Ens Virtutis' (the Intimate). Therefore, he has two natures: One Corporeal and the other Spiritual and each one of them requires its digestion (womb and nutrition)."

"Just as the mother's uterus is the world which surrounds the child and also from where the fetus receives its nutrition, as well, Nature, in its proper manner, is where the terrestrial body of the human being receives its influences which act upon his organism. This is the Ens Astrale, which is something that we do not see, yet, it contains us and all that is alive and has sensation. It is what the air contains and from which all elements live. We symbolize it with "M" (misterium)." (Paramirum Liber 1)

Here the great Teofastrus (Paracelsus) clearly talks to us about the astral light of Kabbalists, about the Azoe and Magnesia of ancient Alchemists, about the Flying Dragon of Medea, about I.N.R.I. of Christians and about the Tarot of the Bohemians.

The hour in which Biocenosis must also study the great universal agent of life, the astral light and its 'solve et coagula,' which are represented by the Male Goat of Mendez, has arrived.

The astral light is the base of all sicknesses and the fountain of all life. Every sickness, every epidemic, has its astral larvae. When this larvae become coagulated in the human organism, a sickness is the outcome.

In the temple of Alden, the Masters sit their patients in an armchair that is under yellow, blue and red lights. These three primary colors serve in order to make the larvae of a sickness visible in the Astral body. The Masters treat the organism with innumerable medications after having extracted those larvae from the astral organism of the patient.

When the Astral body is already healed, then, mathematically the physical body will be healed, because before the physical atoms of an organ become sick, the 'internal' atoms of the same organ are already sick.

When the cause is cured, the effect is also cured. Every sick person can write a letter to the temple of Alden. Thus, he (she) will receive help from the Gnostic-Medics. The letter should be handwritten by the sick person, then it should be burned by the same person.

However, prior to this, the letter should be perfumed with frankincense in the very moment before burning it.

The astral letter or the soul of that burned letter will go into the temple of Alden. Hence, the Masters of Wisdom will read the letter and will assist the sick person.

We must have are homes clean in the physical world as well as in the astral. Garbage deposits are always filled with infected larvae. There exist odoriferous substances which burn the larvae or which throw them out of our house. The 'Frailejon' is a Colombian plant which the Arhuaco Indians utilize in order to disinfect their homes. The disinfection can also be made with Belladonna, Camphor and Saffron.

Minerva, the Goddess of Wisdom, sterilizes the sick person's room from microbes with a certain alchemical element. This element irradiates by means of a special system that impedes the microbes from reproducing themselves. Minerva also has a concave lens, which She applies to the organ of the sick person. This establishes a focus of perennial magnetism which produces the cure. We must avoid having relationships with evil people, since these people are centers of astral infection.


"If a woman leaves her husband, then, she is not free from him, neither is he free from her, since, when a marital union is already established, this remains for the whole of eternity." (Homunculis, Paracelsus)

Really, the human personality is contained within the semen, because the semen is the astral liquid of the human being. For this motive, every sexual union is indissoluble.

The man who has sexual contact with a married woman remains in a permanent bond with part of the karma of her husband, for that motive. Fluidly, the two husbands of the woman remain connected by means of sex.

When the semen falls outside of the womb, then, because of its corrupted salts, certain parasites are formed. These parasites adhere to the astral body of the one who created them. Thus, in this way, they absorb the life of their creators.

The masturbating males engender 'subcubi' and the masturbating females engender 'incubi.' These larvae incite their creators to incessantly repeat the act of masturbation, which gave them life. They have the same color of the air, therefore, they cannot be seen by simple sight. An efficacious remedy in order to liberate oneself from these larvae is to carry sulfur powder inside of our shoes. The ethereal vapors of the sulfur disintegrate them.

When abandoning the physical body because of its death, the soul takes all of its conscious values. Then, when reincarnating into a new physical body, the soul brings all of its conscious values. They could be good as well as evil. These values are positive and negative energies. Every common and current human being has a culture of larvae in his astral atmosphere. These are of such strange forms that are too odd to conceive mentally.

Positive values bring health and joy. Negative values materialize themselves into sicknesses and bitterness. Variola is the result of hatred. Cancer is the result of fornication. Lies disfigure the human figure, thus engendering monstrous children.

Egotism in its extreme produces Leprosy. A person is born blind because of past cruelties. Tuberculosis is the daughter of atheism. Therefore, each human defect is venom for the organism.


The following strange story which we are going to relate happened in a town of the Atlantic coast of Colombia, which is known by the name Dibulla. Their dwellers, whose majority is of the black race, were living indifferently and with indolence. One day, some years ago, natives of this locality robbed from the Arhuaco Indians their forefather's sacred relics. Consequently, the 'Mama' Miguel sent a commission to Dibulla with this following message:

"The Mama has consulted the "lebrillo." Therefore, he knows that the sacred relics of our forefathers are here in this town. If you do not return them during the full moon, then, the Mama will send the 'Animes' and will burn the town." This petition only caused mocks and laughs among the Dibullans.

Upon the arrival of the full moon, without any known cause, a bonfire exploded in the town. When the neighbors assisted in suffocating it, new bonfires were exploding, especially in those houses where the robbed relics were hidden. It seemed as if the potencies of fire had confabulated themselves against such a defenseless town in order to convert it into ashes. Their 'curas' (catholic priests) were chanting their exorcisms in vain and the people were crying bitterly. Everything was in confusion. When they lost all hope of extinguishing the fires, the Dibullans resolved to immediately return the sacred relics to the Arhuaco Indians. Then, as if by magic, the bonfires ceased.

What were the sources which the 'Mama' used in order to produce the bonfires? Undoubtedly, these were the elementals of fire, who are embodied within the plants, herbs and roots that belong to the sign of fire. This knowledge is not only ignored by modern scientists, but also by those sects which say that they are the possessors of occult teachings...

When referring to the Ens Espirituale our expression has to be clear and our meaning precise, because the Ens Espirituale is complex in its essence and in its accidents.

When referring to the Tattwas, which are forces of the elemental creatures of vegetables, we warn that they can be utilized by Black Magicians in order to harm their enemies. Each vegetable is a Tattwic extract.

What is a Tattwa? Much has been spoken about this matter, yet, it has not been well comprehended. Tattwa is vibration of the ether. Everything comes from the ether and everything returns into the ether. Rat Prasat, the great Hindu Philosopher, spoke about the Tattwas. However, he did not teach how to work with them, because he did not know the wisdom of the Tattwas in depth. H. P. Blavatsky wrote about the Tattwas in her book The Secret Doctrine. Nevertheless, she did not know about the esoteric technique which refers to the practical use of the Tattwas.

The whole universe is elaborated with the ethereal matter 'Akasa' (this word is used by Hindus). The ether disarranges itself into seven different modalities. When these modalities condense, then, they give origin to all that is created.

The sound is the materialization of Akasa. The sense of touch is the materialization of Vayu Tattwa. The fire and the light which we perceive through our eyes is the materialization of Tejas Tattwa. The sensation of taste is nothing more than the condensation of Apas Tattwa. The sense of smell is the materialization of Pritwi Tattwa. There exist two other Tattwas which only can be handled by the Magician. These are the Adi Tattwa and Samadhi Tattwa.

Akasa is the primary cause of all that exists. Vayu is the cause of air and of motion. Tejas is the ether of the fire which animates the flames. Pritwi is the ether of the element earth which is accumulated within the rocks. Apas is the ether of the water which enters into action before Pritwi, because before the element earth appeared, there was water.

The four elements of Nature, earth, fire, water and air are only condensations of the four types of ether. These four varieties of ether are densely populated by innumerable elemental creatures from Nature.

The Salamanders live within the fire (Tejas Tattwa). The Ondines and Nereids live within the water (Apas Tattwa). The Sylphs live within the clouds (Vayu Tattwa). The Gnomes and Pygmies live within the earth (Pritwi Tattwa).

The physical bodies of the salarnanders are the plants, herbs and roots of the vegetables which are influenced by the signs of fire.

The physical bodies of the Ondines are the elementals of the plants which are influenced by the zodiacal signs of water.

The physical bodies of the Sylphs are the elementals of the plants belonging to the signs of air.

The physical bodies of the Gnomes are the elementals of the plants under the influence of the zodiacal signs of earth.

Therefore, when the 'Mama' Miguel burned the town of Dibulla he utilized the Tejas

Tattwa. The instrument in order to operate with this Tattwa is the elementals of fire (salamanders), which are incarnated within the plants, trees, herbs and roots of the zodiacal signs of fire.

We can work with Apas in order to unleash the tempests or to pacify the waters by commanding the occult power of the plants of water.

We can unleash or calm the winds and hurricanes by commanding the elementals of air, who are enclosed within the vegetables of this zodiacal sign (Vayu).

We can transmute lead into gold by commanding the occult power of the herbs belonged to the sign of earth (Pritwi). Yet, in order to perform this, we also need Tejas (fire).

Prehistoric traditions from the Pre-Colombian Americas asseverate to us that the Indians were working the gold as if it was soft clay. They achieved this with the elementals of plants, whose ethereal element are the Tattwas.

The Black Magicians utilize the elementals of plants and the Tattwas in order to harm their neighbors from a distance.

When the astral Sylphs cross through the space, they agitate Vayu. Thus, Vayu moves the masses of air. This is how the wind is produced.

When a Magician moves the elementals of fire with his power, then, these elenientals act over Tejas Tattwa with their own accord, and the fire devours what this Magician wants.

Great battles explode between the elementals over the sea. The Ondines throw the ether of their waters against the Sylphs. Consequently, the Sylphs return this attack by casting ethereal waves against the Ondines. Then, the tempest explodes from the agitated combination of water and air. The roar of the sea and the whistling of the hurricane are the screams of war of these elementals.

The elements of Nature are agitated when the corresponding elementals become emotional, enthusiastic or when they are intensely moved.

We become owners of the Tattwas and the powers which are enclosed within them by commanding the elementals of plants.

The ethereal body of the human being is constituted of the Tattwas, and we know that this body is the base upon which the organism's chemistry operates.

Nowadays, official science and its treatises of physics cannot deny that the ether penetrates all of the physical elements.

If the ethereal body is harmed, then mathematically, the physical body is also harmed. So, by utilizing the vegetable elementals and their ethereal waves from a distance, the perverse entities can cause harm to the ethereal body. The consequences are very grave.

The Magician-Doctors of the Indian race from the state of Bolivar, Colombia, test among themselves their science and power with the elemental of the 'Guasimo' tree (Guazmna ulmifolia Lamarck), in the following way: They niake a circle around the 'Guasimo' tree, they bless it, venerate it, and beg its service, which is to attack the rival medic. After this ritual, they lift with a new knife various centimeters of the bark of the tree and place beneath it a piece of beef (lung meat). Then, they command the elemental of the tree to attack their enemy. The rival does the same by utilizing another 'Guasimo' tree. Thus, in this way, a terrible fight ensues between the two elementals of these trees, until one of the medics die.

The elemental of the 'Guasimo' tree is a genie of fire, who impetuously lunges himself against the victim. Clairvoyantly seen, this elemental uses a cape that reaches to his feet and he is endowed with great powers.

The Black Magicians practice certain rites with the Mastic tree (naturally, I keep the secret to myself, in order not to give weapons to the evil ones). Through these rites, they achieve the hurting or killing of persons whom they wish to harm from a distance. In order to heal a sick person who has been attacked through this procedure, the White Magician utilizes another Mastic tree. The first thing which he does is to draw the figure of the sick person in its trunk. Then, he makes a magical circle around the tree and commands the elemental to heal the sick person. Just as the incision on the tree is healing, by the same proportion, the sick person feels his improvement. When the scar disappears from the trunk of the tree, then the complete healing has been fulfilled.

Two phenomena occur in the previous execution: First, transmission of life (mumia) occurs because the life of the elemental of the tree cures the sick person. Second, transplantation of sickness occurs because the sickness is transmitted into the aggressive vegetable plant and into the Black Magician. They are getting sick in proportion to the patient being cured. Many sicknesses can be cured from a distance with the procedure of the Mastic tree.

There exist sorcerers who take advantage of certain plants which they mix with food, in order to fill the organism of their victims with deadly worms, which produce sickness and death.

Other sorcerers inject artificial gonorrhea into their victims, or they give them dangerous animal substances to drink in order to produce determined effects. The reader can inform himself in detail about all of these things in another section of this book.

The Black Magicians know how to inject venomous substances into the Astral body of their victims. Thus, inevitably, they get sick. The Astral body is a material organism a little bit less dense than the physical organism. The Masters in these cases give an emetic medicine to the Astral body of the sick person, in order for him to vomit the injected substances.

The other internal bodies are also material and they have their particular sicknesses as well as their medicines and their medics. Therefore, surgical operations are not something rare within the temple of Alden.

When a very grave damage to the Mental body is transmitted into the physical brain by reflection, then, it produces craziness. A disconnection between the Astral body and the Mental body originates furious madness. If there is no adjustment between the Astral body and the Ethereal body, then, necessarily, the idiot or cretin is the outcome.

A laboratory of Alchemy of high transcendence exists within the temple of Alden, where the great Masters of Medicine dwell, such as, Hippocrates, Paracelsus, Galenus, Hermes and others. This temple is in the Astral plane, within the living innermost parts of great Nature.

The internal bodies eat, drink, assimilate, digest and excrete exactly in the same way that the physical organism does, because these are solely material bodies in a diverse degree of subtlety.

These bodies utilize the Tattwas in all sensations and reactions. The Tattwas are the fundamental base of all that exists and they can be either vehicles of love or hatred.

I regret to have to disagree with the opinion of the Master Huiracocha about the Tattwic day- timer. He says in his Taiiwanieicr that the five Tattwas successively vibrate for two hour periods, and that each Tattwa vibrates for 24 minutes in the following way:

1. Akasa, 2.Vayu, 3.Tejas, 4. Pritwi, 5. Apas.

Huiracocha asseverates that this vibration of the Tattwas begins everyday with sunrise. Yet, this is in discordance with the facts and observations. Therefore, the best Tattwic day-timer is the one from Nature.

When the weather is cold, humid, rainy and the sky is cloudy with dense, large, black clouds, then this means that the cause of this is rooted in the Tattwa of the water (Apas).

When this happens, the ethereal waves of the water are submitted to a very strong cosmic vibration, which generally coincides with a position of the moon.

In the hours or days of hurricanes and breeze we can asseverate that the ethereal waves of the air (Vayu) are in agitation and vibration.

The noon filled with sun clearly points to us that the ether of fire (Tejas) is intensely vibrating. Dry, sultry weather elucidates for us the vibrations of Akasa.

The hours filled with happiness, filled with light, are produced by Pritwi.

Therefore, the best Tattwic day-timer is the one from Nature. When the waves of fire are agitated, then, creation is inundated with light and heat.

If the aqueous ether is vibrating, then the waters are moving and everything becomes humid.

Nature becomes happy in its entirety when the ethereal waves of the element earth move and vibrate.

The summer season can be forecasted in the beginning of each year. The tradition of the 'Cabañuelas' is very ancient; yet, it is already forgotten and disfigured. The right procedure is the following: Collect in the night of the first of January twelve dry lumps of rocky salt. These must be separated into two groups of six. One month of the year has to be assigned to each lump. Then, the following day the lumps must be observed: the dry ones will be the ones for summer and the humid ones will be the ones for winter.

The Black Magicians as well as the White Magicians equally utilize the Tattwas of Nature for their respective goals.

There exist certain Tattwic extracts which the White Magician takes advantage of in order to 'enclose' himself. He closes his atomic atmosphere in order to defend himself from the potencies of evil. In such a way, no malignant influence, magical venom, or work of witchcraft can affect or harm him.

In the state of Magdalena, Colombia, a tree named 'Tomasuco' exists. This tree is utilized in order to 'enclose' oneself. This operation is performed at twelve o'clock midday, on Good Friday. The person traces a circle around the tree, then he blesses it. He begs the elemental to 'encircle' his personal atmosphere with the elemental's protective atoms, by creating a protector wall that will defend this person against the tenebrous powers. Once this petition is done, the person approaches the tree walking from south to north and cuts one of the veins of the tree with a new knife and bathes his naked body with the life fluid of the tree. This fluid is very bitter, three cups of this liquid must be drunk. This Tattwic extract protects us from many evils. No venom or any kind of witchcraft will harm those who are 'enclosed' in this way. A nervous shock will be felt if a venomous liquid or venomous substance is held in the Magician's hand. The genie of this tree will spin around the White Magician, avoiding the entrance of the potencies of evil.

The Master Zanoni drank poisoned wine within a feast, and when raising his cup, he said: "I toast thee, oh Prince, even with this cup." The poison did not cause any harm to the Master. Also, history tells us that Rasputin drank poisoned wine before his enemies, and he laughed at them.


What the wires are to electricity is what the nerves are to the vital fluid.

The cerebrum spinal nervous system is the throne of the Intimate (Spirit) and the grand sympathetic nervous system is the diocese of the Astral body of the human being.

"As the Sun sends all of its power to all the planets and lands, as well, the heart sends its Spirit through the whole body. The Moon (intelligence of the brain) goes into the heart and returns into the brain. The fire (heat) has its origin in the (chemical) activity of the organs (the lungs), yet, it penetrates the whole body.

"The vital liquor (vital essence) is universally distributed as it moves (circulates in the body). This effluvium contains many different effluviums and produces various types of metals (virtues and defects) in it." (Paramirum L. 3, Paracelsus)

Upon hearing these affirmations, many medics of the official science will cry out: "But where are those internal bodies?" "What do we do in order to identify and perceive them?" "We only accept what is analyzed in the laboratory and what is submited to the studies of the systems which we have developed." In other words, the limit of their learning capacity is in relation with the apparatuses which they have perfected.

Therefore, the position in which they place themselves is absurd, which is to deny all that they cannot comprehend and to submit everything to the judgment of their 'five senses.' If they would develop their clairvoyance which is the 'sixth sense', they then will be aware of the truth concerning this assertion.

One must not forget that the 'luminaries' (intellectuals) from the epoch of Pasteur were mocking him when he was affirming his famous theories, which have made him a celebrity. Did this not also occur even far worse with Copernicus and Galileo, when they became victims of what was believed to be opposed to the known or revealed truth? Were not the 'wise' ones those who covered Columbus with slanders, because he was announcing the existence of a new world beyond the Cove of Finisterre, which then was believed to be the end of the earth?

The sixth sense can be awakened with the following procedure: Sit yourself in front of a table, then fixedly look at the water which is contained in a glass for a period often minutes every day. Finally, in time, with this daily practice, the clairvoyance will awaken. The vowel 'I' (pronounced like the vowel sound found in the word "bee"), when vocalized daily for one hour, produces the same results. Hence, the clairvoyance wilt awaken and the internal bodies will be seen and their anatomy can be studied.

When the ethereal body of the human being is weakened, then, by an action of reflection, the physical organism becomes sick. The ethereal body has its physical center in the spleen. The solar energies, which are the vital principle of everything that exists, penetrate through the spleen into our physical organism. The ethereal body is an exact duplicate of the physical body, and it is made of Tattwas.

Each ethereal atom penetrates into each physical atom, and an intense vibration is produced. All of the chemical processes of the organism are developed based on the ethereal body or second organism.

Every organ of the physical body becomes sick when its ethereal counterpart has become sick, and when the ethereal body is healed the physical body is healed.

The disciples who cannot remember their astral experiences must submit their ethereal body to a surgical operation which the Nirmanakayas perform in the first hall of Nirvana (the first subplane of Nirvana referred to in Theosophy). After this operation, the disciple can take into his astral travels the ethers which he needs in order to bring back his memories.

The ethereal body is composed of four ethers: Chemical ether, ether of life, luminous ether and reflective ether. The chemical ether and ether of life serve as a source for the manifestation of the forces that work in the biochemical and physiological processes, and in all that is related to the reproduction of the races.

Light, heat, color and sound identify themselves with the luminous and reflective ethers. The sapient Soul expresses herself in these two ethers. She is the beloved Maiden of our memories. When seen clairvoyantly, this Maiden looks like a beautiful lady within the ethereal body.

It is necessary for the disciple to learn how to take in his astral travels the beloved Maiden of our memories, in order to bring the memory of all that he sees and hears within the internal worlds. She serves as a mediator between the senses of the physical brain and the ultrasensible senses of the Astral body. She is like the storage of memory (if 'storage' as a concept fits here).

Invoke your Intimate while in your bed, at the time of sleep, like this*: "Father of mine, Thou who art my real Being, I beseech Thee with all of my heart and with all of my soul to take the beloved Maiden of my memories out from my ethereal body, with the goal of not forgetting anything when returning into my physical body."* Then, pronounce the mantras: "LAAAA RAAAA SSSSSSS" while becoming sleepy.

The letter 'S' must have a high pitched and sharp sound, similar to that which is produced by air brakes. When the disciple finds himself between vigil and dream, then he has to get up from his bed and leave his room and travel towards the Gnostic Church.

This last action must be done as is, with confidence and faith, because it is real and not fictitious. Neither mentalism nor suggestion exist in this practice. You must get up very carefully from your bed, so as not to wake yourself. Then, you must leave your room by walking as naturally as you do when you travel to your work daily. Before leaving your room, you must perform a little jump with the intention of floating. If you float, then direct yourself towards the Gnostic Church, or to the house of the sick person whom you need to heal. Yet, if you do nof float when performing the little jump, then, return into your bed and repeat the experiment.

During this practice, do not worry about your physical body. Let Nature perform it, and do not doubt, because if you do so the experiment will be lost.

The brain has a very fine tissue which is the physical vehicle for the astral memories. The memories are unattainable when this tissue is damaged and this wound can only be healed within the temple of Alden by means of the healing powers of the Masters.

The seminal canals have certain atoms which typify our past reincarnations. These atoms are also the bearers of our inheritance and sicknesses which we suffered in our past lives as well as the sicknesses suffered by our forefathers.

The germinal cell of the spermatozoid is septuple in its internal constitution and through it we receive the biological and psychological inheritance from our fathers. Our own character and talent are an exclusive patrimony of the ego. Therefore, they separate themselves from the atavistic current.

There exists a hospital or healing house within the heart of the Sun, where opportune assistance is granted to many disincarnate Initiates in order to cure their internal bodies.

The aura of an innocent child is a panacea for sick Mental bodies. Thus, people who suffer from mental sicknesses will find great relief by sleeping close to an innocent child. Also, smudgings done with the smoke of toasted corn are very commendable. The sick person must keep his stomach free from gases in order to avoid them from ascending towards the brain and causing major derangement. Castor oil is very commendable for people who are sick in their minds. This oil must be applied daily to the head.

Vaccinations must be restricted in all cases, because they damage the Astral body of people. If the help of the Masters Paracelsus, Hippocrates, Galenus, Hermes, etc., is wished to be received, then, you must write a letter to the temple of Alden and ask for their medical attention.

The Tattwas intensely vibrate and palpitate with the impulse of the elemental populace and with the influence of the stars. The Tattwas and the elementals from the plants are the base of occult medicine.

Purulent tumors in the fingers can generally be cured by alternately submerging the affected part within hot and cold water. When the action of the heat and of the cold (Tattwas Tejas and Apas) establishes organic equilibrium, then normality is re-attained.

Every human being carries an atmosphere of ancestral atoms, which has its chakras in the knees. Therefore, it is in our knees where the instinct for survival is located, as well as the inheritance of race. This is why the knees shake when in front of grave danger.


H. P. Blavatsky states: "Karma is an infallible law which adjusts the effect to its cause in the physical, mental and spiritual planes of the Being. Precise as no other law, it acts in the most small of the cosmic disturbances, and even in the movements of our hands. In the same way that a simile produces a simile, likewise Karma is that invisible and unknown law which adjusts every effect wisely and equitably to its cause, thus making the effect turn back to its originator."

Karma is paid in this physical world and also in the internal worlds. Yet, the Karma in this physical world, as very grave as it might be, is much sweeter than its Astral correspondence.

Presently, in the 'Avitchi' (Hell) of the black moon, there exist millions of human beings who are paying terrible Karmas. The mind of the Magician becomes horrified when contemplating Lucifer, who is submerged within ardent fire and sulfur.

The mind of the Magician becomes terrified when contemplating the famous Inquisitors from the Middle Ages, who are suffering in the fire which they made others once endure, and who are exhaling the same painful woes which they made others once exhale.

The soul of the Magician shakes with horror when contemplating the great tyrants of 'war' who suffer their terrible Karmas in the black moon.

There we see Hitler and Mussolini suffering the martyrdom of the fire, which they unleashed over defenseless cities.

There we see Abbadon, the angel of the Abyss, who suffers in the chains and bonds with which he did martyrize others.

There we see Mariela, the great female Magician, embraced in the fire of her own evilness. There we see Jahveh and Caiaphas, the supreme priest, both receiving the same torture of the cross on which they condemned the Master (Christ).

There we see the 'Imperator', founder of the School A.M.O.R.C. from California, who is seized by the black magical 'cord' or 'rope' with which he and his followers bind their naive disciples.

When the human soul unites with its Intimate, then, it does not have Karma to pay, because when an inferior law is transcended by a superior law, the superior law washes away the inferior law.

The worse genre of sicknesses are those which are engendered by Karma. Variola is the result of hatred, Diphtheria is the fruit of fornication from past lives. Cancer is also the result of fornication.

Tuberculosis or white pestilence is the result of atheism and materialism from past lives.

Cruelty engenders blindness at birth. Rachitis is the child of materialism. Malaria comes from egotism, etc. Hundreds of other sicknesses have their origin in the evil actions from our past lives.

Within each human being lives a law and this law is the Glorian, the source from where the Intimate emanated. The soul is nothing else than the shadow of our real Being, the Glorian.

The Glorian is a breath from the Absolute, which is profoundly unknowable to itself. The Glorian is not spirit neither matter. It is not good, nor evil. It is not light, nor darkness. It is not coldness, nor fire. The Glorian is the law within ourselves. It is the real and true 'I'.

When the Intimate and the soul obey the Law, which is their own Law, then, the result is joy, happiness and perfect health.

The day will arrive in which we will liberate ourselves from the universes and from the Gods. This will occur when we will be fused with our Glorian, which is the Law within ourselves.

It is an assignment for the soul to laboriously climb the septenary ladder of the light, in order to pass beyond light and darkness. The soul has to pass fifty doors in order to unite herself with the Glorian. The following is copied from a Gnostic Ritual:

"Up above, in the unknown heights, there is a palace. The floor of that palace is of gold, lapis lazuli and jasper. Yet, in the middle of everything blows a breath of death. Woe to thee, oh warrior, oh fighter, if your servant succumbs, yet there are remedies and remedies.

"I know of those remedies, because of the yellow and the blue which surrounds thee is seen by me.

"To love thee is best, it ts the most sublime and delectable nectar."

This fragment from a Gnostic Ritual of Huiracocha, and which was profaned by Israel Rojas R., encloses great esoteric truths.

That magnificent palace of fifty doors has beautiful and sweet gardens, within which a breath of death is blown. In its rooms we will be loved by our more beloved disciples, yet, we also will be sold and betrayed by the same disciples. Those who were applauding and admiring us will abandon us. Thus, we will be alone in the end. Nevertheless, in essence, we will never truly be 'alone', nor 'accompanied', but in perfect plenitude.

The human being will convert himself into one law when he will be united with the Law.

There exist genuine powers and inherited powers.

'Ganserbo', the great sorcerer, related to me how he inherited the occult powers of his grandmother, who was an old Spanish lady. Ganserbo spoke the following:

"My grandmother had instructed me how I could attend to her when she was on her death bed. She asseverated to me that I was going to be the heir of her power. So, when I left my home one day, the old lady entered into her agonized state and she could not die, she was asking my relatives to call me. When I returned to my home I comprehended everything and I understood that this was the supreme moment. Then, I folded my pants up to my knees in order to tolerate the terrible coldness of that deliverance of power. I entered alone into her habitat of death. I held in my hand the hand of my grandmother and following this act, the fire which was illuminating this dreadftil abode went off. Then, a crystal glass filled with water was knocked down, yet, the water did not disperse. Finally, the old lady exhaled her last breath and left within my hand an enormous, terribly cold and stiff spider. That spider submerged itself inside the pores of my hands. This is how I inherited the power of my grandmother."

This narrative, which is as I heard from the lips of Ganserbo, the sorcerer, clearly shows us about the inherited powers. Posterior investigations done into the case of Ganserbo brought us to the conclusion that this was related with powers of black magic. The spider in question is a female Black Magician who has lived by adhering to the Astral body of all the forefathers of Ganserbo. This female Black Magician likes to assume that horrible figure of a spider, because the Astral body is elastic and can assume any animal figure.

Ganserbo is a great diviner and nothing can be hidden from him. Yet, in essence, he is nothing more than an unconscious Medium. If it is true that he knows the secrets of all the world, this is only due to the 'internal information' which he receives from that female Black Magician, who is adhered to his Astral body, as she was adhered to the Astral body of her grandmother.

The lost word is another power which in the moment of his death the Master delivers to his disciple. The lost word of the Black Magicians is written 'Mathrem' and they pronounce it 'Mazrem.'

The lost word of the White Magicians is kept hidden within the luminous and spermatic fiat of the first instant and is only known by the Initiate. "No one has uttered it, no one will utter it, except the one who has incarnated it."


The Gnostic Church is the authentic Church of our Lord the Christ. It is the temple of Initiations and it is situated within the Astral plane. Our Lord the Christ and the Holy Masters officiate there.

Whosoever reads our books and practices sexual magic will be internally connected with this temple. The disciple can also go there with his body of flesh and bones any time he wishes to do so. This can be done by practicing the procedure that I teach in the fifth chapter ("Humans and Lands in Jinn State").

On Fridays and Sundays, the disciple can assist the 'Pretor' in order to receive the Holy Unction of bread and wine and in order to be cured of any sickness. This Church has 11,000 vestals. The twenty and four Elders of the Apocalypse (Revelation) dwell there.

This Church has esoteric instruction rooms for the disciples, in which the Masters teach and instruct.

Whosoever wants to be united with his own Intimate necessarily has to pass through the Nine Arcades of the Nine Initiations of Lesser Mysteries. The aspirants to each Initiation have their rooms for their esoteric instruction.

Each Initiation has its degrees and each degree its ordeals. The human being is united with his Intimate in the High Initiation. This is how he is converted into a Master of Major Mysteries (read my book The Perfect Matrimony).

The Masters of the Holy Gnostic Church concur to the bed of the sick in order to heal them. A Gnostic Prayer exists, which every sick person must pronounce in order to ask the Masters for help. Behold, the prayer:


"Oh Thou, Solar Logos, igneous Emanation, substance and consciousness of christ, powerful life whereby everything advances, come unto me and penetrate me, enlighten me, bathe me, go through me and awaken within my Being all of those ineffable substances that are as much a part of Thee as well as part of me.

"Universal and cosmic force, mysterious energy, I conjure Thee, come unto me, remedy my affliction, cure me from this ill and put apart from me this suffering so I can have harmony, peace and health.

"I ask Thee in thy sacred name which the Mysteries and the Gnostic Church have taught me, so Thou can make vibrate with me all of the mysteries of this plane and superior planes, and that all of those forces together may achieve the miracle of my healing. Let it be."

The Gnostic Church is especially concerned with sex.

Mistaken are all those who think that the nonsensical practices of Theosophy, the Rosicrucian Order, or Spiritism are necessary in order to be a Gnostic. Let all 'Tyrians and Trojans' know that in our Church abnormal people do not exist. Thus, whosoever wants to be a Gnostic has to live a sane and equilibrated life.

There exist decrepit old women and sexually exhausted old men who criticize us because we love sacred sex.

Those fornicating elders and those sanctimonious old women do not belong to the Gnostic Church, because the Gnostic Movement especially studies love and is founded upon the sexual force, which is the force with which God made the Universe.

Abnormal individuals exist everywhere who boast of themselves because they have mediumistic faculties, through which certain larvae that pollute the astral plane are expressed. Such individuals say that they receive messages from our Lord Jesus Christ. Thus, they found Lodges and Societies with decrepit and ignorant old men. With their lack of respect for the most great and sublime Being who came into the world, they have reached the breaking point as impostors.

When we, the Gnostics enter into the Church of Christ, which is the holy Gnostic Church, how difficult it is to attain the privilege of touching at least the tassel of the sandals of the Master. What a difficult and laborious task it is to have the right of kissing the feet of his Divine Majesty, our Lord the Christ! Nevertheless, the Mediums (Channelers), are those who, cheated by astral larvae, say that they have communication with the Solar Logos, the Christ. What dimwitted ones!

Let us put ourselves aside from the Spiritists and let us advance upon the theme. What is important is for a man to learn to love, to adore the woman, to delight in the joy of sex without spilling the semen (without reaching the orgasm).

Man was made for the woman, and vice versa, the woman for the man. Male and female sexually unite with the divine difference of not ejaculating the semen (without reaching the orgasm), by learning how to withdraw in time, by separating themselves from the brutish ones.

So, as canals for spilling the semen exist, as well canals for its transmutation exist, in order to upsurge it to the head in the human organism, It is necessary to learn how to use these ascending canals, to learn how to handle the snake and to snatch the passional beast. There is the need to replace passion for force, for power.






  1. It is forbidden for the Gnostic doctor to eat any type of meat.

  2. It is totally forbidden for the Gnostic doctor to fornicate.

  3. Every Gnostic doctor must be saintly.

  4. Every Gnostic doctor must be clean of vices.

  5. Every Gnostic doctor must be married.

  6. Every Gnostic doctor is obliged to practice sexual magic daily in order to awaken the Kundalini.

  7. Every Gnostic doctor must practice the exercises of occult meditation and vocalization daily.

  8. The Gnostic doctor must possess infinite charity and infinite sweetness.

  9. The Gnostic doctor can only practice sexual magic with his priestess/her priest spouse.

  10. The Gnostic doctor can never be adulterous.


When the Gnostic Doctor submerges himself into meditation, he does it because he looks for information. Meditation covers three facets:




Meditation awakens the internal powers and converts the student into a Magician. Concentration signifies to fix the mind only on one subject matter. Meditation signifies to internally reflect upon the same subject matter. Adoration signifies to converse with the same subject matter or object of our concentration, to live in it, in the subject matter upon which we have fixed the mind.

The mind must be placed apart from the world, then after, it has to penetrate into the

Buddhic consciousness in order to meditate. The mind must be fixed upon the consciousness in order to be illuminated.

When the Gnostic medic meditates, focusing on a tree, he is searching for information from the Elemental of that tree. He wants to know what this tree serves for, what properties it possesses, etc.

The Gnostic Medic receives information during the meditation. The best hour for meditation is the one in which we feel sleepy.

The Gnostic Medic will have to practice internal meditation daily. We achieve the awakening of the consciousness and the actualization of all our occult powers with the technique of Meditation, sexual magic and the power of the verb. One hour of daily vocalization is more worthy than reading a thousand books of oriental theosophy. True vocalization is intimately related with the technique of meditation.

The syllable IN is related with the Tattwa Tejas (the principle of the Fire).

The syllable EN is related with the cosmic mind, from which our Mental body is only a fragment.

The syllable ON is related with Atma-Buddhi, the purely spiritual world, which is the homeland of the Intimate.

The syllable UN is related with the great universal womb, the Archaeus of the Greeks, the Astral Light of the Kabbalists, the Super-Soul of Emerson (Alaya).

The syllable AN is related with the Tattwa Vayu (The principle of movement).

The syllable IN makes the hypophysis and epiphysis glands to vibrate. Thus, the sixth sense called clairvoyance is acquired.

The syllable EN makes the thyroid gland and the atoms of the Mental body to vibrate. Thus, the human being acquires the occult ear and the clairvoyance of the Mental body.

The syllable ON makes our Buddha, mystic or intuitive Buddhic consciousness to vibrate.

We all have longings for liberation. We all possess that longing which is called in the far east "Bodhimanda", the fundamental base of knowing. Every "Purusa" (Intimate) yearns for his soul to follow the path of liberation, or "Dhama." The doctrine of the heart is Buddha, the christic consciousness.

The vehicle of the christie consciousness has its chakra in the heart. So, when internally vocalizing the syllable ON and meditating in its profound significance, the awakening of the mystic consciousness is produced. Then, independent from the physical body, the soul acquires the power of functioning in her superior vehicles.

The awakening of the consciousness, or Buddha, expresses itself as the Eye of Dagma, the Intuition which allows us 'to know' without the necessity of reasoning.

The syllable ON also makes the testicle's hormones to vibrate, thus, transmuting the semen into christie energy. This clearly shows that the awakening of the consciousness, Buddha, can only be achieved by practicing sexual magic, by internally vocalizing and becoming skillful in the astral, since the consciousness, Buddha, is enclosed within our own Chrestos.

The Astral body is the mediator between the soul and the Intimate. Thus, it is only in this astral mediator region where our Monad can be liberated. Here is where all of the Initiations are verified.

Buddha, the mystic consciousness has to express itself through our Astral body in order to perform 'the Truth', which is Nudhi, and which truly is the Intimate or Atman within ourselves.

While this mystic consciousness, Buddha, cannot express itself through the Astral body, neither can it express itself through the physical body or Stulta Sarira, because the Astral body is the mediator between the mystic consciousness and the physical body.

When the human being spills the semen (reaches the orgasm), he loses millions of solar atoms which then are replaced by millions of demonic atoms from the very infernos of the human being. This produces a tenebrous obscurity within the Astral body.

When the human being accomplishes with the following formula, which is to introduce the virile member into the feminine vagina, and to withdraw without spilling the semen (without reaching the orgasm), then, the solar atoms multiply in an extraordinary way and return into the Astral body. Hence, they fill the Astral body with light and solar fire. Only in such a way can the Buddha, the christie consciousness, express itself through the Astral body. Finally, the soul and the Intimate become united forever, thus bringing the final liberation.

The human being becomes clairvoyant by meditating in the syllable IN and in the great universal fire.

The human being acquires mental clairvoyance and the occult ear by meditating in the syllable EN and in the universal mind.

The awakening of the consciousness and the development of intuition are acquired by meditating daily in our Intimate and in the syllable ON, and by practicing sexual magic daily.

The power of telepathy is acquired by meditating in the syllable UN and in the solar plexus.

The power to remember our past lives is acquired by meditating in the syllable AN and in the birth and death of vegetables and of all things.

The clue of Pranava, or the science of Mantras is found within the consciousness. The waves of the consciousness nourish the mind. The Mantras must be felt, since all of their powers reside within the superlative fl of the consciousness. Therefore, before vocalizing the Mantras we must live them within the mystic consciousness.

IN, EN, ON, UN, AN must be vocalized daily for one hour, like this:


EEEEEEEEEENNNNNNNNNNN (pronounce the 'e' as in end)



AAAAAAAAANNNNNNNNNN (the 'a' is pronounced as in fir)

The five vowels I, E, O, U, A make the chakras, discs or magnetic wheels of our Astral body to vibrate. Thus, with the vibration, the Tattwas are transmuted into hormones, since each chakra is a regulator of our endocrine glands. These glands are truly biogenetic laboratories, whose mission is to transmute the Tattwas into hormones.

The waves of the consciousness bring together all of the afine and harmonious thoughts in order to fortify them.

Everything exists by AUM, everything lives by AUM and everything comes into existence by AUM. Yet, in the beginning, only the divine Chaos existed.

The vowel 'A' is the prime matter of the great work; it is the Tattwa of everything that comes into existence.

The vowel 'U' is the mystic consciousness, or the collective mystic consciousness.

The vowel 'M' (the M in occultism is also a vowel) is the incessant transformation and existence that the Gods create with their mind.

Let us clarify in order to have greater comprehension:

The Earth in its nebulous state was 'A'. Then, in its processes of gestation or formation directed by the cosmic consciousness it was 'U'. Finally, when populated by all type of living beings it was 'M'.

The embryonic germ in its first days within the maternal womb is 'A'. The fetus while in gestation is 'U'. The veiy welcomed child coming into existence is 'M'. 'AUM' is lived by the animal, 'AUM' is lived by the human being.

AUM is esoterically pronounced AUM (as described below). The power of all the Tattwas is enclosed within this Mantra. The Kabbalistic number of AUM is 666 and not the number 10 as Cherenzi, the black magician taught.

In order for AUM to completely manifest itself through ourselves we have to prepare all of our seven vehicles. AUM contains the seven notes of the musical scale which correspond to the seven cosmic planes and to our seven bodies. The seven words of the Calvary (pronounced by Jesus) give us power over the seven cosmic planes.

In order for the mystic consciousness, Buddha, to express itself as intuition through ourselves, we have to prepare our seven bodies by means of sexual magic.

Before Self-realizing the Mantra 'AUM', we have to live the Mantra I.A.O. Sexual magic is I.A.O. The Kundalini is I.A.O.

The formula in order to awake the Kundalini lies exclusively in the sexual act: "To introduce the virile member into the feminine vagina and withdraw without spilling the semen (without reaching the orgasm)." This is our axiomatic prescription for all the Gnostic students. During these sexual trances the Mantra I.A.O. must be vocalized, then meditation in the fire and in the Intimate must be performed.

AUM is pronounced by opening the mouth very well with the vowel aaaaaaa, rounding it with the uuuuuuuu and closing it with the mmmmmmmm.

The Gnostic Medic needs to subdue himself to these rules for the wise exercise of holy Gnostic medicine. The Gnostic Medic must be a Magician in order to command the elementals of vegetables.


Kundalini is the fire of the Holy Spirit. Kundalini is a liquid fire of a purely spiritual nature. Kundalini is the igneous serpent of our magical powers. Kundalini is found enclosed within a membranous pouch that is nourished by the rays of the sun and of the moon. This membranous pouch is found concentrated within the coccygeal bone.

The fire of the Holy Spirit and the Kundalini are the same. The difference between the Kundalini and the Holy Spirit is just a circumstance of names. In the east, the sexual force is called Kundalini and in the west it is called the Holy Spirit. Yet, it is the same sexual fire which is enclosed within the membranous pouch in the coccyx. The secret in order to awaken the Kundalini (fire of the Holy Spirit) lies in the following prescription:

Introduce the virile member into the feminine vagina, then, withdraw without spilling the semen (without reaching the orgasm). This is what is called sexual magic and it is mandatory for the Gnostic Medic to practice sexual magic daily, in order to transmute his semen into divine energy. Thus, the fire of the Holy Spirit or Kundalini awakes with this prescription, because this fire rips the membranous pouch in which it is enclosed. Then, it ascends upwards through a canal which is situated within the spinal medulla. This canal is called Shushumna in the east. Such a canal remains closed in the common and current people. However, the seminal vapors open it and expose it, so that the Kundalini can enter through its inferior orifice, in order to ascend upwards through a thread which is situated in the center of such a canal.

The opening of the orifice of this canal of Shushumna is performed under the direction of an angelic atom, which is situated in the semen. This fine thread through which the Kundalini ascends is very delicate. If the Gnostic Medic does not withdraw himself before the orgasm, if he indeed arrives at the spilling of the semen, then this thread is ripped. It becomes a burned fuse or burned wire and the Kundalini descends one or more cannons (vertebrae) in accordance with the magnitude of the fault.

In Gnosticism, we call the spinal vertebrae cannons or pyramids. Each cannon is related with determined occult powers. There exist 33 spinal cannons. When the Kundalini fire has already risen through the 33 cannons, then, within the astral plane, the Staff of the Patriarchs is delivered to the Gnostic. The High Initiation is received when the Staff of the Patriarchs has already been received.

The High Initiation is the fusion of the Spiritual Soul with the Intimate.

The Spiritual Soul is the Buddhic or Intuitive body. When the Buddhic body is fused with the Intimate, then a new Heavenly Man, a new Master is born.

This new Master has to take out his psychic extracts, which are enclosed within his Vital, Astral, Mental and Causal bodies. This task is really very difficult, and this is performed by means of the fire of the Kundalini.

The first psychic extract which patiently has to be drawn out is the ethereal extract. Such an extract is called ARRONSA.

The Master has to awake the Kundalini in his ethereal body, just as he did in his physical body.

Once the Master has made his Kundalini patiently rise upwards through the spinal column of his Ethereal body, then, this Master achieves the removal of his psychic extract, which is enclosed within his Ethereal body.

Next, such an extract is assimilated within his Buddhic body or Spiritual Soul. This is how the Master acquires the power over the Tattwas, which will allow him to govern the four elements of Nature.

The very difficult labor of awakening the Kundalini in the Ethereal body and making it rise upwards, cannon after cannon, just as it was done in the physical body, is performed under the direction of a 'Specialist.'

ARRONSA is the name of the psychic extract of the ethereal body. Therefore, ARRONSA is the mantra which the new Master must vocalize in order to awake his Kundalini and to make it rise upwards through the spinal column of his ethereal body.

ARRONSA can only be pronounced by the Masters, yet, I have written it in this book in order for it to be a guide to the new Masters who will be born with my teachings.

Once the ethereal extract is liberated, the Master has to perform analogous labor with the Astral, Mental and Causal bodies in a successive order. All of these psychic extracts must be assimilated by the internal Master, in order for him to be Self-realized in depth and to have the complete right to enter into Nirvana.

Then, when reaching this degree, the Master is an Omnipotent God, a Majesty of Fire, a Sovereign of creation in its entirety. This is the science of the Serpent.


The Buddhic body is the Diamond Soul of the Intimate. The Bud dhic body is the superlative and ennobling consciousness of our Being.

The Buddhic body is the Spiritual Soul of the Being. Thus, when the Intimate is fused with his Spiritual Soul, the Heavenly Man, the Master is born.

The Buddhic body or Spiritual Soul has his diocese within the heart. Then, the Heart Temple is the diocese of what is most dignified and decent within our Being.

The fires of the heart control the Kundalini. The Kundalini (fire of the Holy Spirit) rises under the control of the fires of the heart. The ascent of the Kundalini depends upon the merits of the heart. The path of the heart is the path of the Intimate. Therefore, the path of the heart opens for us only with sanctity.

We receive the cross of the Initiation within the Heart Temple. We live the Golgotha within the Heart Temple. The infinite Universe is a system of hearts. Therefore, the path of sanctity is the path of the heart.

The Diamond Soul or Buddhic body must receive the five stigmata and be totally christified in order to fuse itself with the Intimate.

The Gnostic Medic must follow the path of sanctity in order to Self-realize himself in depth.


  1. There exist eight Initiations of Major Mysteries and nine Initiations of Lesser Mysteries.

  2. To reach the great Initiations of Major Mysteries is impossible without having passed through the nine Initiations of Lesser Mysteries.

  3. I am very deeply sorry that certain spiritualist societies do not know how to interpret the maximum sacrifice of the Martyr of Golgotha.

  4. Samael Aun Weor, Master of the Venerable White Lodge is indeed very sorry that the students of certain secret societies never talk about the nine Initiations of Lesser Mysteries.

  5. I declare that when arriving at the degree of Aseka, or Hierophant of the Fifth Initiation of Major Mysteries, the following seven paths are opened before the Master:

a) To continue with humanity, working for humanity.

b) To continue within the internal planes as Nirmanakaya, working for humanity.

c) To join the evolution of the Angels or Devas.

d) To form part of the government of the Logos.

e) To prepare the work of the future Etheric Age of the Earth.

f) To enter into the ineffable joy of Nirvana.

g) To perform superior works of Nirvana.

Samael Aun Weor declares that he was the first human being in the world who delivered publicly to humanity the secrets of the Initiation. If the reader of this book wants to enter right now into the path of the Initiation, then, let him study and totally live my two books entitled The Perfect Matrimony and The Revolution Of Beelzebub All of the secrets of the Initiation will be found in these two books.


We have seven bodies and seven serpents. Each one of our seven bodies has its own medulla and its own serpent. These seven serpents are the seven degrees of the power of the fire, two groups of three plus the sublime coronation of the seventh serpent that joins us with the One, with the Law, with the Father.

These are the seven portals and the seven Great Initiations of Major Mysteries (read Zodiacal Course by the same author).


The Choanes are seven and they work under the influence of the seven Planetary Rays in our terrestrial evolution. Let us know them:

The Mahachohan, the Divine Hierarch directs the works of the White Lodge. All the archives of terrestrial evolution are in His power.

The Manu is another Divine Being who has to form New Races. There are various Manus. When a Manu lays the foundation of a new race and ends his work, then he receives the Eighth Initiation of Major Mysteries with the degree of Buddha-Pratieka, which signifies Solitary Buddha. Then, after his Eighth Major Initiation, much time later, he achieves the degree of 'Lord of the World.'

The Eighth Initiation of Major Mysteries is granted in the most divine planes of consciousness. The fact that I have previously spoken of five Initiations of Major Mysteries, and now I come to speak of nine will appear as contradictory to many people. Therefore, I must clarify myself:

We fulfill our human evolution with the five Initiations of Major Mysteries. The remaining three Initiations and the degree of 'Lord of the World' are of a 'Super-Human' character.

Now, beloved reader, do you want to know the formula in order to convert yourself into a God? This is the formula: "Introduce the virile member into the feminine vagina, then, withdraw without spilling the semen (without reaching the orgasm)." This is the clue in order for you to convert yourself into a God. Yet, to become a perfect saint is an indispensable requirement for you.

I.A.O. is the mantra which must be vocalized during the daily trance of sexual magic as so:




We have said that the mind lives constantly reacting against the impact of the exterior world. We have explained in preceding pages that these reactions of the mind depart from the center, out to the periphery.

The mental center from where these reactions of understanding depart is a terribly demonic mental creature. This creature is the Guardian of the Threshold of the Mental body. This mental Guardian enslaves the mind of all human beings. All of those reactions of hatred, rage, violence, egotism, etc. depart from him.

The Arhat must despoil himself from this horrible Guardian in order to convert his mindmatter into Christ-Mind. This labor is performed by means of fire.

When the igneous serpent of the Mental body reaches the spinal vertebra which corresponds to the igneous wings, then the Arhat must courageously confront this tenebrous creature and defeat it in a terrible fight, hand to hand.

Thus, after that instant, the mind of the Arhat only obeys the direct commands of the Intimate.

Another life similar to the present one is lived within the world of the mind. Therefore, it is not strange that in the world of the mind the competent investigators find humanity dedicated to similar labors as to those of the physical world.

The Black Magicians from the world of the mind are terribly dangerous... The Arhat has to courageously confront them and to defeat them with the sharp edge of his sword.

The Guardian of the Threshold of the mind is the third Guardian who crosses us on our path.







(Part one)


The parotidoicine is the most powerful antibiotic of the universe. Inject the microbe of typhus into the parotid glands of a fish. Then, reduce these glands to a powder and prepare it in ampoules or slips of paper, in accordance to what is wanted or needed for application. Its application is infinite related with the sicknesses that humanity suffers.


The microbe of typhus is injected into the fish before it is dead. Then after, the parotid glands are reduced to powder by means of fire (they must be burned). Then, this powder or charcoal is conveniently bottled, as we previously explained.

Samael Aun Weor places medical science upon an absolutely new base with this antibiotic. There is no sickness, as resistant or unknown as it might be, that can resist the effects of this great antibiotic. This antibiotic was revealed to me by the Angel Aroch.


These abscesses easily burst by applying a poultice of leaves and shoots from the Tomato plant, which must be alternated with another poultice of Chamomile that is heated in a stock made from a hen.



Magnesia calcite .....................12 grams

Sub-nitrate of bismuth ...............6 grams

Divide this mixture into 6 portions, held in 6 pieces of paper folded over (3 grams in each one). Take 3 portions daily, one before each meal.


Apply with strokes of a brush the pulpy juice of blackberries with boric acid, only in the part where the aphthalthrush is located. Repeat the application various times. This will be sufficient in order to cure the child.


Oil with bee honey and common salt is an unequaled remedy for the vanishing of Tonsillitis. If ulceration arises in the throat, then one must gargle with alum dissolved in water. If there is inflammation, then the gargling must be done with the decoction of wheat.



Behold here, beloved reader, one of the most marvelous plants. However, because of its abundance and simplicity, we have not given it the importance which it possesses. All of its medicinal powers place it on the summit of all plants and it can very well take part in the teamwork of sacred plants referred to by the great Master Guru Huiracocha.

Such plant is the Medlar (Mespilus germanica). Following, we give the exact method how this plant must be employed, because if it is not done in the indicated way, it will not give the desired results.

Take about ten seeds from the very well ripened Medlar fruits, with the goal of finding these seeds very well ripened. Take off from them the very fine tissue which covers them, until leaving them completely white. Then after, grind or pulverize them, in order to obtain a liquid containing finely divided solids in suspension, which must be mixed with a hundred grams of pure water. We must perform this procedure on the previous night, before the day in which we have to drink it. This must be done in order to leave it in repose for approximately ten or twelve hours.

In the morning hours, before drinking the beverage, it must be warmed in a double boiler. After drinking it, it is advisable to drink a little, bit of heated water with the sole purpose of taking away the bad taste from our mouth.

This marvelous and magical beverage must be taken daily until one feels cured.


Make a decoction of thirty grams of Plantain (Plantago major L.) and thirty grams of Mallow (Malva sylvestris L.) to which the same quantity of the following powders must be added: 'Piedralipe', ground 'cacho' (horn) and frankincense. The infected parts must be dabbed with this mixture with a piece of cotton, until totally healed.


Take four frogs and submerge them into almond oil. Broil this with fire, stirring it until you consider that the frog's extract has gone into the oil. The sick person will dab his hemorrhoids with this ointment. The healing will be inevitable, it is guaranteed because of the results obtained in diverse cases.


Drink a water infusion of Maidenhair Fern (Adiantum capillus - veneris L.) with wine, or receive vaginal vapors from the decoction of Artemisia, or drink water from the decoction of Chamomile. Also the beverages from the decoction of roots, leaves and seeds of Parsley are of great effectiveness. Wine with Rue (Ruta graveolens L.), Frankincense (Boswellia carterii) and black pepper, administered in little cups, also produces excellent results.

Do not undervalue these remedies because of the modest way in which they are exposed and also because of their simplicity. The author has tested in various cases all of the formulae contained in this book, as well as the works of Practical Magic.

Remember that this is not a game for children, but a work for mature individuals. I, Samael Aun Weor, give faith of my work.


Let a lump of sulphur be introduced into a bottle of Rum. Then after, the following plants must be added: 'Contragavilana'(American Goldenrod, Neurolaena lobata R.Br.), 'Capitana', purple 'Guaco' (Mikania guaco Humb. & Bonpl.), white 'Guaco' (Mikania micrantha HBK.) and 'Malambo' (Wild Cinnamon, Canella winterana Gaertn.). Then, the bottle must be buried in a place which receives the rays of the sun during the whole day.

The bottle must be taken out after fifteen days. The sick woman will drink it (by little cupfuls) until her menstruation appears.


Tonsillitis is cured by gargling with the decoction of Elder flowers (Sanbucus nigra L. or S. canadensis) together with poultices or cataplasms of fried onions with camphor and salt. The onions must be fried in cooking oil.


Gargle with Balsam, and dab the tonsils with petroleum mixed with honey (bee honey).


(To gargle and drink)

Boil green Rosemary leaves within white wine and sweeten with honey (bee honey).


Boil leaves of fresh Rosemary within white wine. Gargle with this three times a day. If this produces nausea, then honey (bee honey) must be added.

Another formula: Grains and shells of Annatto (Bixa orellana L.) must be boiled in water, then, this must be placed outside, under the dew of one whole night. Gargle with it for nine days.

Another formula: Three seeds of the Colombian 'Pita' (Agave boldinghiana Trel.) or

'Enquen' must be cut open in a cross within pure water. Then, pink honey (found in Colombia, Atlantic coast) or honey (bee honey) must be added, then gargled with it. If the Tonsils are very afflicted then a cataplasm of 'La Madre del Caracol' must be placed on them. In order to remove the inflammation from the tonsils, cook three lemons.

Afterwards, take the juice out from them and add a grain of coarse kitchen salt plus a spoon of honey (bee honey) and 10 drops of Merthiolate. Dab the tonsils with the finger wrapped in a piece of cotton, or this Concoction can be drank if dabbing with the finger cannot be tolerated.


This horrible sickness is due to the impoverishment of the blood. The blood is filled with white cells and day after day the red cells are decreasing. This is the reason why such anemic persons present a yellow color in their flesh, extreme weakness, nervousness, cardiac palpitation, etc.

The first thing that these patients must do is to clean their stomach with a good laxative. Then, afterwards, they must be treated with a hepatic extract (injected and orally).

If the case is very grave, the anemic person must start with one hepatic extract ampoule of 1 c.c., and will daily increase the doses, until reaching 5 c.c. This treatment is for 6 months. Thus, the healing will be effective.

NOTE: The hepatic extract is prepared in the following way:

Put one pound of fresh liver into a double boiler and heat for approximately a two hour period. Then, remove the pot from the stove in order to bottle up the hepatic extract.

Once, the previous treatment is completed, the sick person must rehabilitate himself with the following restorative:

Wine for consecration ..............................1 bottle

Citrate of Iron ........................................2 grams

Tincture of Boldo ....................................2 ounces

Tincture of Gentian ..................................2 ounces

Tincture of Rhubarb ..................................1 ounce

Tincture of Quinine .....................................1 ounce

Tincture of Cinchona .................................1 ounce

Cream of Tartar ........................................1 ounce

Neutral Glycerin .......................................5 grams

Hepatic extract ..........................................3 ounces

The sick person will drink from this marvelous restorative, one small cupful each hour, being confident that the sickness is disappearing.


Macerate for 20 days 20 free range (organic) eggs in lemon juice. Afterwards, add to them the following (ground) items: Aromatic Clove (2 ounces), aromatic Pepper (2 ounces), Star Anise (2 ounces), Cinnamon (2 ounces), 2 Nutmeg seeds (2 ounces), a bottle of brandy. After 15 days, add a half pound of beef lung which must have been previously dried under the sun and cured with salt. Finally, add halfa bottle of white wine.


Administer through injection four-hundred thousand (400,000) units of penicillin every three hours. Take three grams of powdered suifatiasol and three grams of powdered suifadiazina mix with honey (bee honey). Gargle with it and do also 'coiuctorios' for the larynx.


Boil the 'Espaletaria' plant (search in plant stores), Mountain Arnica, a spoon of powdered 'Piona' seed (it is a red seed with black which is used for children; it is a liana plant).


This sickness is radically cured with the following formula:

Water ......................................................1 liter

Goat manure ..............................................enough quantity

Borage (Borago officinalis) .............................one little branch

Hard, burnt sugar cane (Panela) ........................enough quantity

Put the hard sugar cane (Panela) to melt by fire within a proper container. The Borage and the goat manure are decocted in a separate container. The mixture of the whole remedy is bottled up into a bottle. Take a spoonftil of it every hour until the time that it is no longer necessary.

Even when the sickness of Asthma has disappeared in its characteristics and acute manifestations, this does not signify that the sickness has completely extinguished itself. This is because a membranous bag remains adhered to the bronchi, which is necessary to throw away in order to avoid ftiture attacks. This can be done by adding the plant which is known by the name of 'Sipaca' ('Papunga') to the already described treatment. This new combination with the 'Sipaca' plant will be performed only after the first treatment has produced its healing effects.

As in all cases which are described in this book, the harvesting of these plants will be performed after having blessed them and after having commanded the respective elemental to execute the healing.

It may cause repugnance and it may seem strange to the allergic, sick people that we use animal manure in some of our formulae. Nonetheless, the healing properties of animal manure (as in the case of the goat manure), without which the healing possibilities of many sicknesses that are called incurables could not be cured, excuses us its use in our various formulae. Pain and suffering do not have extreme social refinements, neither wrongly understood cleanliness. If the suffering which suppresses us incites us to expect death with gladness, why not do the sacrifice in order to live sanely through natural, secure and obvious ways?

Another very efficacious formula that can be used, in case of lacking the former one, is the following:

Antypirine ...............................................10 centigrams

Caffeine ..................................................halfa gram

Acetate of Quinine ......................................halfa gram

Tincture of Aconite .....................................quarter of an ounce

Tincture of Nux Vomica ...............................quarter of an ounce

Tincture of Boldo .......................................half an ounce

Tincture of Rhubarb ....................................half an ounce

Sulfate of Magnesia ....................................3 ounces

Sulfate of Soda ..........................................3 ounces

Water ......................................................350 grams

Take three small cupfuls daily, one before every meal.

Bear lard decocted along with Sweet Basil and Mint or Castile Mint is also advisable for the Asthmatic attacks. Dosage: A spoonful every hour.

In the acute period of this sickness, in order to shorten its attacks, an ampoule of Adrenaline of 2 c.c. must be administered.


(When the Asthma comes because of a sunk rib, surgery is then required)

30 grams of Borage (Borago officinalis L.) in branches (it can be acquired in herbal stores).

15 grams of Eucalyptus (leaves).

30 black droppings (crushed) of Goat manure 1 ½ liters of water.

Put everything to boil, let it all boil for five minutes. Then, drain the decoction in order to take the sediment out of it.

Afterwards, put to boil (without water) in a pan or similar utensil, a quarter of a Panela' (hard sugar cane) until it is burned. Stir it, so it can be evenly burned. Then, when the smell of the burned hard sugar cane is present, add to it, little by little, small spoonfuls of the already drained water, with the purpose of softening the hard sugar and adding to it the already drained preparation. The result will be a type of tinted wine, that when it dyes something, the mark does not come out.

Add to this preparation Benzoate of Soda (the quantity which can be taken with the tip of a knife) with the purpose of avoiding the fermentation of this preparation and also for the good of the asthmatic person's illness.

This treatment must be performed for 90 days, even when the asthmatic person is cured in 15 days, in order to avoid the return of the illness. This medicament acts as a laxative, therefore, four spoonfuls or little cupfuls will be administrated every day. The dosage must be decreased only when the stomach digestion has become too loose. The dosage for children is cut in half, in accordance with their age.

Bottled beverages must be avoided, as well as ice cream, ice and everything that would cause damage if one has the common and current cold.


Take a decoction of Dutchman's pipe (Aristolochia tomentosa Sims), artichokes and Pursiane (Portulaca oleracea L.) regularly, as if drinking water.


Formula number one:

Mix the ashes of Rue (Ruta graveolens L.) with goat manure. Cook everything in wine, then, apply it as plaster on the spleen.

As well, the sick person has to drink a decoction of Mallow (Malva sylvestris L.) with powdered Rhubarb (Rheum spp.) for his total healing.

Also effective are plasters made with the leaves of raw Cabbage which have been previously sprinided with vinegar. Another plaster which gives good results is the plaster made with Radish peelings.

Formula number two:

The pressed juice from the leaves of Tobacco mixed with equal parts of Castor Oil and white wax give satisf results when this mixture is applied over the spleen.

Do not undervalue these remedies because of their simplicity and also because they are inexpensive. The author of this book has made various tests with them and has achieved good results in all cases.



Tincture of Boldo (Peumus boldo) .......................2 ounces

Tincture of Gentian (Gentiana lutea) ....................2 ounces

Mint Essence ................................................1 ounce

Boiled Water ................................................1 liter

Sugar ..........................................................enough quantity

Drink this great preparation by little cupfuls, one every hour, until becoming totally healed.


Formula number one:

Every morning, on an empty stomach, consume an egg yolk beaten in 'Canime' oil. Add sugar in accordance with your taste. This treatment should be prolonged until being completely healed.

Formula number two:

Deposit nine fresh eggs into a glass jar, or if not available, a very well glazed pot. Then, squeeze enough quantity of lemon juice until the eggs remain covered. Close the lid of the jar and leave the preparation closed for ten days, because at the end of this period the lemon juice will have performed its purpose upon the eggs. It is relevant to inform in advance that the eggs must be arranged without breaking them. Afterwards, the preparation has to be blended until the shells of the eggs have been reduced to fine grains (calcium). Then, it must be drained or filtered as best as possible, in order to pour a bottle of Rum into it and sugar according to your taste. Bottle it up and drink it, by little cupftils three times a day. There exist people whose state of weakness is so great, that only one dose is enough in order for them to pass out. Therefore, it is necessary for such people to decrease their dosage, which will be gradually increased until they can drink the full amount.

We also recommend this restorative for people with malaria, anemia, convalescence, etc., etc.

Continuing, we cite a case which occurred in the city of Armenia (Quindio): Mr. M.S., 22 years of age, was suffering from Gonorrhea for a period of four years. He was attended by distinct doctors, who were administering great dosages of penicillin. However, the sickness was continuing its course and causing harm to the poor, young organism of this wretched man, who as a last resource had thought of committing suicide. Fortunately, he had the opportunity to submit himself to formula number two (previously described), which was not slow in showing him improvement and sudden radical healing. Thus, in the following eight years, this cited man has not shown any signs of this terrible sickness.


There exist sorcerers who know how to give artificial Gonorrhea to their hated enemies.

When this occurs, the official doctors definitely fail and the sick person suffers without relief.

This type of Gonorrhea is cured with the decoction of little Purslane ('Verdolaguita'), Mistletoe from the Evergreen Oak ('Muerdago de Encina') and wild Radish. Drink it daily.


There are some people who think that chronic Gonorrhea can be cured with penicillin. Really, penicillin serves for the killing of the incipient gonococci, that is to say, when the sickness is not chronic. If the sickness is chronic, the symptoms can cease with penicillin, the illness can be cut. However, afterwards the sickness returns with more strength. That is all.

We offer the following formula in order to cure such Gonorrhea.

Obtain branches of Arnica (Arnica montana), root of Caesar weed (Urera baccifera

Gaud.) little Purslane ('Verdolaguita'), 'Pito Morreal', 'Bretonica', the root of Maguey (Agave americana L.), Gualanday (Jacaranda caucana Pittier) and Sarsaparilla (Smilax officinalis). If all of these plants cannot be obtained, then, the majority of them will be enough. All of them will be better of course. It is necessary to never forget that the plants are not the ones that cure, but their elementals. Therefore, the magical rite must not be missing in the moment when harvesting these plants, precisely as we have already taught how to do it.

Boil all of these plants for one hour. Three big glasses of this beverage must be drunk, one before each meal. In addition, the sick person must perform urethral washings with the following composition:

Boric Acid ..............................................half an ounce

'Azucar Plomo' ........................................half an ounce

Sulfate of Zinc ..........................................half an ounce

Boiled Water ............................................500 grams

Cleanse the liver, kidneys, spleen, stomach and intestines with the following preparation:

Boiled Water .............................................1 liter

Glauber Salts .............................................3 ounces

Epsom Salts ..............................................3 ounces

Tincture of Rhubarb ....................................1 ounce

Drink one little cupful in the morning on an empty stomach.


Sulfate of Alumine ......................................2 grams

Sulfate of Zinc ...........................................2 grams

Camphorated liquor ......................................4 grams

Bee Honey ...............................................15 grams

Distilled Water ..........................................250 grams

This formula is for the performance of urethral baths, performed once daily.


Juice from Viche Pineapple with sweet niter and sugar is effective for the cure of venereal diseases of the feminine sex.


Beat an egg yolk with 'Canime' oil and sugar. Take this remedy every day in the morning on an empty stomach.


A case can occur in which a ray from the moon can produce an internal abscess with an inguinal (dried) infarction. When this occurs, a red line which extends itself from the sexual glands until the toes of the feet necessarily appears.

In order to cure this illness, one must perform a sitz bath with the decoction of Mulberry, Laurel, 'Hoja de Luna' leaf ('Lulu,' as it is named in the interior of Colombia) and stalk of sweet potato.


Apply over the Goiter a little plate of lead and leave it there for 90 days. This is enough in order for this inconvenient sickness to totally disappear. Hence, the dangerous surgical operation is avoided, which in most cases always attracts fatal consequences.

Also, one can burn a natural sponge. As soon as it becomes like charcoal, it should be reduced to a fine powder. The sick person will drink one gram of this powder dissolved in a half of a glass of water.

Salt mixed with saliva and applied over the goiter during the time of the waning moon also cures goiter.


These are expelled by placing within a glass the measurement of three fingers of extra virgin Olive oil and three fingers of lemon juice. Mix it and drink it when the stomach is empty, before going to sleep. In the morning, take the same dosage again on an empty stomach. Do not consume anything with salt, only drink juices the whole day.


Formula in order to throw the Hepatic Calculi (stones) without surgical operation

Ingredients: 'Cholagogue' on branch, 'Cadillo de Perro' or 'Cadillo Mono', Nettle, Glauber salts (3 ounces), Epsom Salts (3 ounces).

Boil these plants in three liters of water, leaving this decoction until the water is reduced to half. Once this preparation has cooled, then add the salts.

The ritual which has to be performed to the elementals of these plants is indispensable.


WHAT IS CANCER...? We answer this question by emphasizing the idea that it is the disorderly and anarchical development of the cells of the patient's own organism. Is cancer contagious? The scientific experiments made in the Institute for Experimental Medicine of Argentina became conclusive. The scientists placed sick rats and healthy rats in the same cage. Unquestionably, they did not discover any type of contagion. Rats of different sexes have been placed within such properly controlled experiments and have been found without contagion. It has been stated in the scientific world that rats which were fed with cancerous tumors did not become infected.

They affirm that rats which were injected with the blood of a sick animal remained immune, without contagion.

Can any type of wound cause cancer? This type of question has an extraordinary importance, from the civil point of view and from the legal point of view because of the claims that could be made for compensation of work accidents. These claims could be attributed as causes of cancer that any given employee can acquire from a work injury. It is ostensible that little wounds frequently repeated in the same place can be the cause of this terrible sickness, yet, only one wound, even when this is a strong wound, is a decisive NO.

For this intelligent scientific conclusion, what was taken into account was the bullet wounds which were produced during the first world war of 1914-1918.

Is cancer produced by a germ? Official science affirms no, it is not. They emphasize the concept that this frightflul sickness is not caused by any type of microbe or germ.

Revolutionary, scientific Gnosticism permits itself with all respect, the liberty of disagreement. We, the Gnostics affirm the existence of the 'Cancro', the microbe or germ of cancer.

Is cancer transmittable? It is obvious that the official science, affer many experiments, answers with a categorical NO. Nevertheless, exceptions exist, for example: Cancer was inoculated into a rat which was nourished with a diet poor in copper and low in catalase. The result was positive, the rat became infected. It is indubitable that always when this experiment has been repeated, the same results have been obtained.

In an opposite experiment, cancer was inoculated into a rat which had been previously prepared with a diet very rich in copper and catatase. The result was negative, the rat was not infected. Official science has discovered that hydrogen peroxide, "oxygenated water", particularly increases the catalase and protects against the undesirable development of cancer.

We understand that the germ of cancer, the terrible 'Cancro', is developed in the organisms which are poor in copper and catalase. It is unquestionable that the 'Cancro' cannot be seen, not even through the most potent electro-microscopes. However, if this dreadful sickness can be transmitted to organisms which are poor in copper and catalase, then it is obvious that such a microbe exists.

The germ of cancer itself develops and unfolds within the fourth dimension. It only allows itself to be observed in the tn-dimensional world through its destructive effects.

It is indubitable that in the future the most powerful electro-microscope will be invented. Then, the "Cancro" will be perceptible for the ultra-modern scientists.

It is ostensible that this fatal germ arrives to the planet Earth submerged within the electromagnetic currents from the Constellation of Cancer. By all means, cancer is the karma of fornication. It is obvious that ancient wise men knew in depth this very special type of Nemesis.

Here in Mexico, a very special plant exists that can cure cancer. I want to emphatically refer to a certain bush-plant which is known in the region of Ixmiquilpan, state of Idalgo. The name of this bush-plant is 'Aranto.' Ancient aboriginal people baptized this plant with the indigenous name of 'Aulaga.'

The complete data, which is delivered by our beloved Gnostic brother Alfonso Silva, is very interesting.

"Mr. Mario Aponte, chief of the office of the former Electric Force and Light Company from the Mexican Republic, Misquiahuala, Idalgo, was attacked by a sickness in his gums. It is obvious that he did not acknowledge it. He then traveled to Mexico city with the good purpose of consulting the physicians from the electricians union. They diagnosed him with cancer of the mouth.

"Unsatisfied with such a diagnosis, the mentioned gentleman consulted other doctors. However, the diagnosis given by all of them was the same.

"Mr. Aponte returned to Misqulahuala very afflicted. Obviously, he could not remain absent from his office for a long time.

"This cited gentleman narrated that a little old lady from that place made the compromise of healing him with a vegetal tea, which she, herself would give him to drink in his presence. This was because she feared the patient would not drink the remedy by himself

"The results were extraordinary. In the period of eight months, Mr. Aponte was radically cured.

"He continued drinking the tea of this old lady. It was not necessary for her to give him the tea or to beg him to drink it, because the cited man was asking for it daily.

"One month later, the doctors from Mexico city, with astonishment, had to acknowledge that the cancer had disappeared."

The Gnostic brother Alfonso Silva continued by saying:

"To this date, from the people who I had offered the 'Aranto' or 'Aulaga', I remember the name of Mrs. Luisa Lara de Barroeta, who is my sister in law. She was near to being operated on within the Social Security Institute, for a cancerous tumor. It was the type of tumor in the womb, something very grave.

"This sick woman became radically healed by drinking infusions of 'Aranto' and until this date she lives totally cured.

Thus, our Frater Silva continues telling us:

"Mr. Agustin Uribe's spouse (we do not wish to reveal her address), was prepared by the physicians with the purpose of extracting from her a tumor from her liver. Yet, when they evidenced that this was a cancerous tumor, they immediately stitched her up at once, obviously declaring her a lost case. There was no chance for her, since the doctors found her abdominal cavity filled with cancerous tumors.

"However, this sick woman was definitively healed with the 'Aranto' and still lives thanks to the astonishing virtues of this bush-plant."

The distinguished Physician, Doctor of Medicine Jacinto Juarez Parra, from the National University of Mexico, tested the power of this bush-plant on a cancerous, terminally ill woman, already without hope. In this case, indeed, it was very difficult and it was not possible to save the life of this sick woman. I think that when the organism is already totally destroyed because of this sickness, every remedy fails.

Doctor Juarez considers that research with the electronic microscope can and must be performed on this whole plant. By centrifl the nucleus, the lysosomes, the ribosomes and the microsomes must be separated in order to make a Specter-Photometric analysis of each one of the parts of this plant. This would be for the intelligent purpose of discovering its colloids, enzymes and its print element or oligo element.

It must be investigated, says Doctor Juarez, to see which intracellular portions of this cited plant effectively act over the cancer. The mentioned physician continues saying that every cancerous patient, who is diagnosed through stimulating cytology and biopsy, will be medicated with the 'Aranto', as well as dosages of catalase and copper, and later he will again make another measurement with the diagnostic data. Catalase and copper are low in cancerous people, and this is already completely demonstrated. It is necessary to investigate the amount of sanguineous catalase and the dosage of copper in the plasma. Any organism poor in catalase and copper is a proper field for the complete development of the dreadful 'Cancro.'

It has been announced through broadcasts that the pseudo-sapient scientists offer hundred of million of dollars to the person who delivers to them the effective formula in order to cure cancer. The great multimillionaire Rockefeller has offered his ultra-modern laboratories to those who wish to experiment in the department of cancer research. The power of healing is not obtained with money and this is the failure of' therapeutics regarding determined and deadly sicknesses of this day and age.

Radium (chemotherapy) does not cure cancer. The waves of radium burn the living cells and if indeed a regression of the evolving process of the sickness is obtained, the cancer re-appears much later with more violence. Thus, the victim irremediably dies.

The Venerable White Lodge, through myself delivers to humanity in an absolutely free way the infallible formula in order to cure Cancer. Moreover, it despises the filth of money and rejects for the same motive the offered retribution. The formula is the following:

Rum (alcoholic beverage) must be poured within a Mate-Gourd (the fruit of the MateGourd with its pulp comes from a tree of hot climate from Colombia, and is often used by the peasants as utensils for the kitchen), along with mineral charcoal, 'Paraguay' (Scoparia dulcis, L., a plant of middle climate that is also called 'Escudilla', similar to the Wormseed plant) and lemon. The whole of this is left to macerate for 15 days. Then, the patient should drink it by little cupfuls, one every hour.

Bathe the body with a decoction of the leaves and roots from the Apricot tree. Pronounce the mantra "ROTANDO" in the moment of drinking the medicine and while bathing, like this:


Before collecting the plants which are in the composition of this formula, one must walk in a circle, from right to left, from south to north, around each one of the plants and while this is performed, one is begging the elementals of each one of them for the healing of the cancer.

Afterwards, the plants are caressed, blessed and then collected. When the components are within the Mate-Gourd, the mantra "Rotando" must be pronounced as we already explained. Then, the elementals of the plants must be commanded with all the might of willpower to heal the sick person.

The elementals are the life of the plants. Only life can fight against sickness and death.

The seminal force of the plants are the instrument of the elementals.


External cancerous ulcer

Phenolic Acid ............................................quarter of an ounce

Camphor ..................................................half of a gram

Crystallized Menthol ....................................20 centigrams

Nitric Acid ................................................quarter of an ounce

Gently brush this on the cancerous ulcer three times a day arid apply the following pomade:

Simple Vaseline


Tincture of Iodine ..........................................5 to 7 drops

Crystallized Menthol

Phenolic Acid ................................................3 to 5 drops


The external cancer will disappear with this treatment.


Finally, after many investigations and painflul fights, we have discovered the marvelous and very efficacious plant that radically cures cancer. We can say goodbye to cancer with this plant that is at our reach.

The mentioned plant is the 'Ojaransin.' Let the research of this plant be performed by those demented people, those who oppose the wisdom of Nature and who believe to have everything in their laboratories. Those false scientists who abdicate reason, because they derive their observations and knowledge from the microscope, arrive to boasting of conclusions with a good amount of money in their pockets.

Well then, this important plant to which we occupy ourselves, the 'Ojaransin', must be boiled in order to use it in baths and in beverages.

This plant is very common in the state of Bolivar, Colombia. It grows in swampy places. It is of a small size, with lanceolate leaves, some of them possessing grayish points.

This plant also grows at the shores of the rivers. Its name is indigenous. It is very well known by the Indians (the Majaguas), who inhabit the regions that are close to the community of Majagual, which is situated between the rivers San Jorge and Cauca, at the foot of Mojana's Jet, north of Sierra Ayapel, south from the state of Bolivar and bordered with Antioquia.

The Majagua Indians have this plant as something very sacred over their indigenous altars. They utilize the elemental of this plant for important works of practical magic.

This vegetal-elemental looks like a child of some 20 centimeters of height, totally naked. His two eyes look like two lanterns.


The Rattlesnake cures it. The rattles and the head are eliminated (these parts are useless). The available meat is dried under the sun, at a low heat. The skin must be taken off, then the meat is crushed and ground to a fine powder when dried. Pour this substance into empty capsules in order to consume it. Take these capsules every two or three hours, in accordance with the sickness, and decrease the amount of capsules, until eradicating this illness. Do not eat any type of meat.

Another formula:

Cut off the rattles and the head, put the meat to dry under the sun, and pulverize the meat when dried. Then, consume one spoonful of this powder within three spoonfuls of olive oil, two times a day. If the cancer is external, then, the powder must be applied on the sick part.


The efficiency of this formula puts it apart from similar ones.

Take a young 'Hobo' plant (Spondias purpurea L.) in times of high tide. Cut a thick stalk, which must be peeled, scraped and its leaves taken off. Then, cut it into pieces of 20 centimeters, more or less. Blow the circular stalk with your mouth in order for the pressure of the air to push the sap out of it. Collect this sap in a jar, then, humidify a branch of chamomile with this liquid and apply drops in the eyes of the sick person. It is important to take into account that the drops must come down from the branch of chamomile.

The 'Hobo' is a leafy and tall tree from the 'terebintaceas' species. Its fruit is similar to the plum.


Put green Rue (Ruta graveolens L.), Chamomile, flowers and leaves of Plantain

(Plantago major L.) into an amber colored jar or white in case the amber is not available. Once these plants are within the jar, put it under the sun from eight in the morning until five in the afternoon. When you get up in the morning put two drops in each eye. Buy Collyrium Furancin Ophthalmic Solution in order to put afterwards (one hour) two drops in the eyes. Do this three times a day.


Fornication is the principal cause of Sciatica. Therefore, whosoever suffers from this painful sickness has to abandon the ominous, repugnant and vile vice of coitus, if he wishes to be healed. Moreover, the sick person must nourish himself with a good diet based on vegetables, cereals and orchard produce. He also will rub his knees and hips with vinegar, he will use a rag soaked in the vinegar for this. This rag must previously be snioked with rosemary.

The intense pain which the Sciatica produces is similar to the pain which Gout produces, plus there is the grave consequence of becoming an invalid, because the person reaches the crippled state. Therefore, for these grave motives, it is urgent that this medication is used in conjunction with chastity. Let the fornicators say whatever they want, but know that such is the cause, such is the effect.

Unutterable suffering has to be endured because of fornication, this is how the human being has become more and more isolated from Mother Nature.

In order to complete this treatment, the sick person must drink beverages of the decoction of Guaiacum (Guaiacum officinale) and Sarsaparilla (Smilax officinalis) three times a day, the first dose in the morning on an empty stomach, then, the rest before meals.



'Tatua' plant ..............................................1 pound

Panela (hard sugar cane) ................................1 panela

Glauber Salts ..............................................1 ounce

Epsom Salts ...............................................1 ounce

Once the ritual of the plant is practiced, then, its leaves must be collected, detaching them from top towards the bottom. If the leaves are collected in the opposite of the described way, then, it will produce vomiting.

Parboil the 'Tatua' plant and when the water is boiling add the panela. Reduce the fire, leave it to repose, then bottle up it. Take one spoonful each hour.


(refer to Dropsy)

This terrible sickness is very frequent in children and also is abundant among adults. The sick person is swollen and his blood rapidly impoverishes itself. The internal organs do not work and the exhaustion with its innumerable consequences produces a perennial martyrdom.

Bathe the sick person with warmed water and earth soap or pine soap or with whatever soap is at hand. Then, suspend this bath and apply this other:

Water................................................................. 6 liters

Regular salt...................................................... 2 ounces

Glauber salt ...................................................... 2 ounces

Iodine ............................................................... ½ ounce (0.5 ounce)


In order to cure women's Hepatic Colic, male Goat manure will be utilized, which must be dissolved in cold water. Then, it most be strained and boiled. It must be taken every other day until completing three active days.

For men, the case is similar, with the difference being that the manure must be from a female Goat.


Make a decoction of honey (bee honey) mixed with Goat milk. Leave it to cool and apply soaked cloths over the afflicted side. Afterwards, the sick person will take a purgative of Almond oil. When going to bed, he must steam himself with the decoction of Borage and 'Viravira' or in its default the decoction of Contrayerba (Dorsk'nia conirayerha L.) will be utilized.

All of these simple and ancient remedies will be newly used by this modern humanity. When already tired and undeceived by Chemotherapy and other sort of therapies, return into the bosom of Mother Nature.


Apply 'Aristol' and 'Juan' Powders over the chancres.


Give the patient to smell the plant called in Colombia 'Destrabadora.' Also the decoction of this plant must be given to the patient to drink. Do not forget the ritual of the plant.


Those who suffer from Insomnia must take wine mixed with seeds of the Poppy plant or make tablets of dried Cilantro (Coriandrum sativum) with sugar and eat them at the time when going to sleep. If there is no wine at hand, just the decoction of the seeds of the Poppy plant is enough in order to give good results.


After having blessed the following plants (as is always accomplished in all the cases), collect leaves of Avocado tree, leaves of Walnut tree and leaves of Eucalyptus tree. Boil these and give the patient three glasses daily to drink before meals. It is important to note that the first morning portion is taken on an empty stomach.

Another formula:

Bark from Myrtle, bark from Mango, 'Volsamina.'


The 'Mama' Matias healed a strong case of Diarrhea with water and ashes from the open fire used for cooking.

The ashes are mixed with the water. Leave this mixture to repose for a while. Stir it again and give this mixture to the sick person to drink.

This formula never fails.

Another formula:

Decoction of the root of Ipecacuana .....................6 grams

Sulfate of Sodium ...........................................20 grams

Syrup of Cinnamon ..........................................30 grams

This must be drank, very well mixed, by little cupfuls.

Another formula:

Leaves of 'Tuatua' (Jairopha gossypifolia L.), which must be collected detaching them from bottom towards the top and shoots of 'Uvito.'


Formula number 1

Roots of Pomegranate, Chamomile, internal thin skin from a Hen's gizzards.

Bless the plants as usual and cook everything. Consume the decoction by little cupfuls. This remedy never fails. It is infallible.

Formula number 2:

A small handful of leaves from the Coca plant boiled in water or in milk will be enough in order for the sick person to be healed in the very act. It is enough to drink beverages from this decoction.


Water, Boric Acid, Citrate of Potassium (for gargling).


A strong stomach ache is relieved with water and sand.

The water and the sand are mixed and put to boil. Afterwards, strain it and drink the remedy. The stomach aches disappear instantaneously.


Commonly, these non-localized aches of the pregnant women are due to the influence of some rays of the Moon. The sick woman will drink the decoction of the following plants in order to be healed.

'Huevo de gato' (Tabernaemontana psychotriaefolia H.B.K.) or 'Hoja de Luna y Sol', and 'Hierba Mora' (Solanum nigrum-americanum). Three glasses of this decoction can be drank daily, one before each meal. The sick woman must perform to herself internal vaginal irrigations or internal vaginal baths with the decoction of 'Hoja de Luna', Annatto (Bixa orellana) and 'Ceibote' (named 'Ceibon' in the interior of Colombia).

The plants must be blessed before using them and their elementals must be commanded to heal the sick woman.


The affected tooth of the patient must be observed and the patient must divert his sight towards another place. Then, while you perform the sign of the cross with your head pronounce the following mantras: "ONOS AGNES". This secret is effective, because the pain passes away almost in the very act.


These are avoided when women stop bathing themselves while they are sick. Many of their non-localized aches come from that general bad habit of showering or bathing themselves when they are with their menstruation. Do not eat acid fruits and do not eat meat one week before menstruation. Meat gives women a very bad smell. Women can cleanse themselves with warm water (private part cleanse). Use deodorants, any natural intimate deodorant, etc.


Beet with onion is crushed with a hand mill or in the electric blender. Take the pressed juice three times a day. The person who is allergic to onions can add lemon juice.


Lion lard totally welds any bone. Therefore, it must be used by the Osteopaths and Massage Therapists. It also cures Rheumatism.

The plant Sanseviera (Sanseviera zeilanica) must also be utilized by applying it as a cataplasm over the fractured or disarranged bones in order to heal them.

The center of the arm bone of the lion when pulverized and drank with rum gives an extraordinary agility to those who drink it.



30 grams of Gualanday (Jacaranda caucana Pittier), 30 grams of 'Grama Blanca', 30 grams of bark of Oak ('Flor Amarilla'), Horsetail (Equisetum arvense L.), Sarsaparilla (the root, Smilax officinalis). The following plants are used in order to bathe the affected parts: 'Frutillo' (big leaves, Rauvofila ligustrina Roem.) and 'Matandrea' (Alpinia occidentalis) or from plums (coast of Colombia).

Formula for an ointment for eczema: Add sulfur to one ounce of 'Otova' (Nutmeg of Colombia) and 25 drops of Phenolic Acid, 5 drops of'Canime.' Mix everything and dab this cream upon the affected area in the night before going to bed and after bathing the affected area.

In addition to the drink of three daily glassftils of the five plants previously mentioned, alternately, "amargo sulfuroso y tricocalcio" (bitter sulfuric and tricocalcium), a remedy which contains three types of limes: mineral, vegetal and animal, must be drank. First, consume the bitter one, then the calcium, at least three jars of each one.

Any type of meat must not be eaten during the treatment, nor should one drink any type of liquor. Absolutely no liquor or meat must be consumed.


On an empty stomach in the morning, the person must place a little bit of common salt in his mouth. Then, wait for the salt to be dissolved and spew it out into a glass. Mix a little bit of soot with it, stir it until forming an homogeneous paste, which will serve in order to apply over the tetters and sores.


For the after pains of the parturient women, place over the womb a bag which will contain hot corn, which when cold, must be changed with another hot bag, until attaining the healing.


As the former formula, she will burn orange skins and then reduce them to a fine powder, which will be mixed with dry wine. The sick woman will drink one cup every hour, until becoming totally healed.


(See also craziness of the parturient women and epilepsy because of coldness in the ovaries)

Take a spoonfbl each hour of the following formula:

Camphorated Water .......................................1 bottle

Bromide of Potassium .....................................1 gram

Bromide of Ammoniac ....................................1 gram

Bicarbonate of Potassium .................................half of an ounce

Tincture of Calabar Bean ..................................2 ounces

Tincture of Belladonna .....................................2 ounces

An abundant amount has been written about epilepsy, yet, the adequate remedy in order to cure this sickness has yet to be discovered. Generally, it is accepted that the possessed people referred to in the Sacred Scriptures were simply epileptic people. Indeed, they were epileptic. However, they were possessed by larvae or demons from the submerged worlds.

In the third paragraph of page 111 of the novel Rosy Cross, by the Master Krumm-Heller (Huiracocha), Argentinean edition, we read:

"Saint Alphonse who is cited by Padre Neyraguet in his Compendium of Theology says: Contra malefitia utilicet remedis ex medicina petitis plures enimverba ut ruta, et salvia, etcetera, contra malefitia naturalis prosunt, quia virtute naturali, corrigunt pravos umeros ope demonis comotos Articulis IV, De Maleficio, Perrone dice: Nihil eni, vetat quominus dicamus interdum qui a cleomace agitabantur aut amentia, aut epilepsia laborare cum et hin morbi a cloemone ipso injice posunt. Deo ita permittente, uti plures pres ac interpretes censure"

Sage (Salvia officinalis L.) and Rue (Ruta graveolens L.) are the magic plants which the Gnostic Medic utilizes in order to cure the people who are possessed by demons (epileptic people).

The procedure with the Sage plant is the following: The plant is harvested in the night, so that after having blessed it, it is yanked by surprise from its very roots. The pressed juice, which is obtained by scrubbing the leaves in water, is given to drink. This plant's smoke can also be used for smudging (fumigating). The sick person must be directly smudged with smoke. This is done in combination with prayer, which the Medic Magician has to have faith in.

In ancient times, an accessory which was made with long pieces of glass was used for smudging, in combination with an exorcism from a secret book. In this day and age, the Conjuration of the Four can be utilized, as it appears in the chapter "Cases of Psychic Obsession". Everything which is mentioned there must be taken into account in order to cure the epileptic people.

The elemental of the Sage plant has a pale yellow colored tunic and has the power of healing the possessed people. The Rue's smoke will be employed along with the smoke of' the Sage plant.



(See also Nervous epilepsy - flu of the ovaries and the womb)

The first thing which the Gnostic Medic needs to know is the cause of the Epilepsy, because this sickness has different origins.

Sometimes a woman's Epileptic attacks are produced because of intestinal parasites.

Other times, it is caused because of perturbations to the nervous system, and not a few times because of consequences of flu to the ovaries.

The symptoms are different. In the case when the Epilepsy is produced because of a cold to the ovaries, then, there is no gnashing of teeth or froth coming from the mouth.


Within a liter of raw water, put to dissolve during 18 to 24 hours one panela (hard sugar cane), then, add to it the following:

Tincture of Rhubarb .....................................1 ounce

Tincture of Boldo ........................................1 ounce

Tincture of Cinchona .....................................1 ounce

Glauber Salts............................................. 1 ounce

Epsom Salts ...............................................1 ounce


One spoonful each hour. It is also urgent to bathe the feet with the hot decoction of the following plants: 'Santa Maria' (Biyophyillum pinnatum) Mammee (Silvester guanabano), Oregano, Pennyroyal and Lemon Balm. Before harvesting these plants you must bless them and command their elementals to cure the sick woman.

Air in the ovaries or a cold in them can make the parturient woman crazy. The treatment for this case is exactly the same as we have already indicated. As well, sitz baths should be done with the same decoction, or vapors applied to the vagina with the decoction of leaves and peel of orange.


The Aloe Vera, famous for its multiple properties, is a powerful remedy and without equal for the healing of Erysipelas. It is enough to rub it, once it is baked, over the affected area.

Also an effective remedy is the preparation of chameleon in powder with firewater. For such operation, it is enough to rub the sick area with it. The toad produces similar effect when rubbing it over the affected area.


Dissolve the following within lightly sugared water which must be previously boiled:

Cream (of tartar) .......................................1 ounce

Rhubarb ..................................................1 ounce

Manna ....................................................1 ounce

Jalap ......................................................1 ounce

Lemon ....................................................1 ounce

Panela (hard sugar cane) ...............................250 grams

Consume this preparation by spoonfluls, one each hour. In addition, the sick person must strike his affected area with a branch of a plant called in Colombia 'Bicho Largo', which must be humidified in sun heated urine.

If one proceeds in accordance with the given instructions, we are sure of the absolute efficiency of this formula, in spite of the laugh and distrust of the "know it ails."


(Special formula)

The following formula which we give deserves complete attention because it is absolutely effective against erysipelas.

Get a green Calabash, or, if not available, a green 'Totumo' (Crescentia Cujete L.). Roast it lightly in the embers or in the smoking ashes. Then, extract the pulp, which must be applied with salt over the leg or the area affected by the erysipelas. This procedure must be administered as hot as can be tolerated.

Moreover, before applying the cataplasms from the pulp of the Calabash or 'Totumo', the sick person must drink strong black coffee which must have five grams of Quinine. It is also convenient that the sick person applies over the affected area (once the cataplasm is removed) leaves of 'Matandrea' (Alpina occidentalis).



Water of Camphor

Bromide of Potassium ........................................1 gram

Bromide of Ammonia .........................................1 gram

Bicarbonate of Potassium ....................................1 gram

Tincture of Calabar Bean .....................................8 grams

Tincture of Belladonna .......................................1 ounce

Mix all of this and consume one spoonful each hour. In addition to this, apply the formula which is written in the pages entitled "Cases of Psychic Obsessions."


Go to a place where the plant that in Colombia is denominated 'Cuartillo' (Peperomia scandens) is found. Bless it and command the elemental to cure the sick person. Afterwards, collect the plant, a quantity equivalent to one pound (this must be performed while the moon is declining). Put it to maceration within one liter of firewater or rum. Then, kill two roosters and extract from them their testicles which you must split in a cross on their most wide area. Then, add them to the bottle of firewater or rum which is already mixed with the 'Cuartillo.' The bottle filled with all of this must be buried, having the caution of leaving the lid of the bottle towards the east. Leave it for the space of 15 days in maceration. Then, at the end of the fifteenth day, take the bottle out and consume three spoonfuls daily, the first dose is taken in the morning on an empty stomach. The affected person must nourish himself as best as possible.


Women who are sterile can cure themselves with 'Curi' meat. Reduce this meat to powder and consume it mixed with a good cup of hot chocolate daily.



Bury within a place where the whole day is heated by the sun a bottle which contains equal parts of firewater and rum with the following plants: 'Contragavilina' (Neurolaena lobata R. Br.), 'Capitana', 'Malambo' (C. Malambo Karst.), Dutchman's pipe (Aristolochia tomentosa Sims), 'Calaguala' (Polypodium glaucophylum Kze.), Nutmeg and Sulfur.

This preparation will be left under the ground during the space of fifteen days (no less).

At the end of the fifteenth day, take the bottle out. Thus, it will be ready in order to give to the woman, one spoonful each hour.

It is good to note that before starting this treatment, the woman has to take a purgative of magnesium with 'Escorzonera' ( Montanoa ovatifolia DC). For such a purgative you will proceed with the following formula:

Shred the 'Escorzonera', which is a vegetal similar to Yucca. Then, you have to add magnesium dissolved in water. Thus, the purgative will be ready.

The sick woman also must consume three cupfuls daily of water which contains powdered orange skin. This powdered orange skin water has to be prepared in the same way as explained in the former formulae.


There exists a remedy in order to cure the sterility in women that never has failed. Within the forest of the State of Magdalena (Colombia), a very wild bee denominated 'Tisula' or 'Gungura' exists. The honey from this bee is infallible for the healing of sterility.

Mix the honey of this bee with Aloe Socottorina (crystals of the Aloe) (one ounce) and consume one little cupful each hour.

Many sterile matrimonies could have the joy of having a child with this remedy.


(Read section regarding febriftige plants)


(Read section regarding Jarilla Chivata)

Sulfate of Quinine, Spearmint, iodine (6 drops), 'creso', candle tallow, kitchen salt.

Join these ingredients and rub them on the body of the sick person, as many times as it is necessary.


To a grated potato add pulverized marine 'coha', and place this mixture over a piece of flannel, that is to say, enveloped by the flannel. Place this over the stomach. Put crushed green onions over the sole's of the feet and hold them with a rag.


The sick woman must constantly purge herself and perform vaginal cleansings with the decoction of Myrtle, 'Moradita' (Caphea micrantha H.B.K., Capea rasemosa L.F.) and Eucalyptus.


There exist women who feel anxiety regarding sexual intercourse. Moreover, when this intimate relation commences they feel repugnance for their male partner.

Certainly, it is a pathological, dissociating, quarrelsome and unbearable state, which leads towards the destruction of affections, towards the inevitable divorce.

The Master Krumm-Heller (Huiracocha) wrote about this in his Initiatic novel of Occultism. The remedy for this sickness is the elemental of the plant called Passionflower.

Contrary to that which occurs with Nymphomania, the elemental of the Passionflower (Passiflora incarnata L.) has the power to light the erotic fire in those women who suffer from impotence or sexual frigidity.

The husband is the one who must execute the following. After having blessed the plant and commanded the elemental to light the erotic fire of his wife, the husband has to yank the plant from its very roots. Then, he will scrub the leaves between his hands and will embrace his wife's hands with his humid hands.

The embracing of hands will contribute to the major efficiency of this Modus Operandi. This simple remedy will be enough in order to finish with the cause of many home quarrels.


Use the decoction of the following three plants: 'Tatamaco', 'Cucubo' and Sassafras (Sassafras albidum Nees) for washing or douching. In the case of virgins, this will be administrated by catheters. These plants invigorate and remove the inflammation.

Another formula:

Boric Acid enema. Consume a purgative against parasites, such as (German) Neobiperbine, consume 12 capsules (this produces dizziness). Then, take a purgative of one ounce with Glauber Salts. Many discharges are produced by parasites and liver problems.

For other discharges: Mallow (Malva sylvestris L.), Borage (Borago officinalis L.), Lemongrass (Cympopogon citratus) with a spoonful of vinegar within a chamber pot. Afterwards, perform a cleansing with ajet of water.


Eucalyptus with lemon.


Treatment: The sick person must gargle with the decoction of rice, vinegar and barley.



Whosoever proceeds to cure gastralgia with the following formula, we are sure that they will achieve it.

Magnesia Calcite .........................................4 grams

Rhubarb in powder .......................................4 grams

Cinnamon in powder ....................................4 grams

This compound must be mixed very well. It gives a total of 12 grams in order to be distributed in 12 slips of paper, in other words, one gram for each slip of paper. Two of these must be consumed daily, in the morning on an empty stomach and the other in the night. They must be consumed with a little bit of plain water.

Consuming one spoonful of Horehound (Marrubium vulgare L.) boiled with beer will cure it soon.


Make a decoction of Willow (Salix alba L.) afier having ground it, then mix it with vinegar. Consume one spoonful in the morning for a period of nine days. This purgative will throw from the stomach of the sick person all of the thick humors which are an obstruction for the organism.


Drink the decoction of the plant called 'Vencedora' and also apply baths to the head. The person has to immunize himself by carrying in the wallet the plant called 'Cinco en rama.'


Borax powder: Use this as a nasal tampon. Parsley in maceration can also be used in the same way. If there is ice available, apply it to the head and forehead.


Prepare a syrup with wax, moss and leaves of 'Carey.' Boil them together and drink in spoonfuls, one every hour.



If in spite of all efforts to cut off a uterine hemorrhage it is not achieved, then, do the following:

Provide yourself with three fragments of freshly excreted donkey manure from a farm. Then, envelop them within a rag and put them to boil in a pot of water. Stir it well so the manure is dissolved. Strain it and give to the sick woman, a cup every five minutes, until the hemorrhage is cut.


Formula number one: Decoction of Boldo (Peumus boldo). Dosage, as the former recipes. Formula number two: Consume approximately 15 grams of Wormwood (Arlemisia absinthizim) and 15 grams of Maguey (Agave americana) (pulpy leaf of it).

For the marvelous effect of the latter plant, there is the need to pronounce to it the three following words before cutting it: LIBIB LENONINAS LENONON

Then, bless it and command the elemental of the plant to cure the sick person. Each and every one of the cases, as diverse as each might be, must be performed in the same way, that is, bless and command the elemental to cure.

The sicknesses of the liver, which all of us suffer in a major or lesser degree, are cured with the following simple, yet effective formula:

Tincture of Boldo ........................................2 ounces

Tincture of Gentian ......................................2 ounces

Mint Essence .............................................2 ounces

Sugared Water ............................................1 liter


The sick person must inhale the vapors and also must be enveloped within the vapors of vinegar, which has to be cooked with Maidenhair Fern (Adiantum capillus-veneris L.), Oregano (Origanum vulgare), Sage (Salvia officinalis), and Pennyroyal (Hedeoma pulegioides). This remedy of Osmosis-Therapy is extraordinary in order to cure jaundice. The sick person also must wash his face with the decoction of these plants and his healing will be effective.


Some people who have performed sexual intercourse in the water have contracted sexual impotency and often paralysis to the legs.

There exists as well another type of impotency, which is known by the sorcerers and witches with the name of "Nudo de la agujeta", which consists of a spell placed upon a man by a woman, in order for the man to be impotent when trying to penetrate another woman.

These types of impotency are cured with the following formula:

Branches of 'Cuartillo', Spearmint, 'Albahaquita', Pennyroyal and Arnica.

Put these plants to macerate within a bottle of Rum, which has to be mixed with the following combination:

Tincture of Valerian ......................................1 ounce

Cinnamon in powder .....................................1 ounce

Camphor ...................................................10 centigrams

Bury the bottle for three days in a place where the sun will heat it for the whole day. Thus, in this way, the plants will disperse their healing essence within the Rum.

The sexual organs of the sick person must be rubbed and humidified with this remedy, until achieving a complete cure. The usual ritual before harvesting the plants must not be forgotten.


Boil within milk the fourth part of a goat testicle. In order to consume the decoction, put honey (bee-honey) to sweeten it. This serves for 10 or 12 days. When your potency is recuperated, study then the books of Gnostic wisdom in order to learn how to transmute your sexual energy.


One leaf of Wormwood (Artemisa absinthium), 3 grams of Fennel (Foeniculum vulgare Mill.), 3 grams of Chamomile (Anthemis nobilis L.): Boil all of these in water. Lactose must be added plus 3 drops of "VI-PENTA" (from the pharmacy). Consume two times a day.


Gualanday (Jacaranda caucana Pittier) and the underground part of the stock of Cashew tree: Boil and drink these


When mothers do not have enough milk for the nourishment of their children then, the following lactogenic aid will give them good results

Reduce to powder 40 grams of Cotton seeds, which must be placed into 500 grams of alcohol for the space of twenty days At the end of the twentieth day it will be ready for its use Consume fifteen drops after every meal


If a person who is overheated, or feverish takes a bath, or if he bathes himself while with the flu, he can expose himself to suffering a flu in his blood capillary vessels and the result is leprosy.

The blood becomes purulent and the disastrous biological process commences. In vain, attempts have been made to stop it with the famous "Chalmougra" or with the derivative from "sulfates" and other preparations.

The leprous people die every day and there is no one who can cure them. The famous Colombian Scientist Dr. Lieras Acosta classified the bacillus of Hansen in more than twenty species. He was longing to know through his laboratory investigations the chemical composition which should displace the bacillus of leprosy and cure the sickness.

Yet, Dr. Lieras Acosta was mistaken. Leprosy will not disappear by achieving the chemical decomposition of the bacillus of Hansen, neither by inventing the remedy which can kill it. Not a single sickness can be cured, if the cause which produces it does not disappear. Thus, since this sickness is not produced by a bacillary infection, it is erroneously combated with antiseptics and prophylactics.

Cure the blood's flu, then, the leprosy will disappear as if by magic.

Obviously, we must affirm that the bacilli of Hansen live within a favorable environment. Thus, the moment when this environment turns unfavorable for them, then they irremediably will die and the problem of the leprosariums will be solved.

Let us see the formulas which we offer in order to cure leprosy.


Gualanday (Jacaranda caucana Pittier), Sarsparilla (Smilax officinalis), 'Zarza de Palito', Mastic (Pistacia lentiscus), Maguey (Agave americana L.), Wormwood (Artemisia absinthium) and Sage (Salvia officinalis). Behold here seven hot plants whose elementals live within the Tattwa Tejas. Cook them together within a liter of water and drink a big glass of this liquid before each meal. The blood is depurated in this way and the liver, kidneys and the spleen are placed in their normal activity. Tattwa Tejas will eliminate the flu from the blood which is the cause of the leprosy.

The ethereal waves of the fire are the unique ones which can cure the leper and in order to achieve this we need to handle the igneous elementals from these plants of this first formula.


At sunrise make the magic circle from right to left around the Gualanday tree (Jacaranda caucana Pittier) and pronounce the mantra of the elemental from this tree: "TISANDO,


As in other already mentioned cases, bless the plant and command the elemental to cure the leper. Once this is done, take some branches (leaves) from the tree, having your face towards the east.

For this operation, the Gnostic Medic must cover his head with a mantle. When pronouncing the mantra "TISANDO" he will mentally command the elemental to penetrate into the organism of the sick person in order to cure it.

The elemental of the Gualanday tree possesses great erotic powers and he dresses in a dark green colored tunic.

The procedure for the Sarsparilla and the 'Zarza de Palito' si identical, with the only difference being there is no mantra to be pronounced.

An incision with a knife is made into the trunk of the Mastic tree and while this incision is disappearing, the sick person will be healed. Its leaves are collected after having commanded its elemental for the desired healing. The circle and blessing are made the same as the ritual which is performed for the Gualanday tree; however, no mantra is pronounced.

The Maguey is a Jupiterean plant. It has the three following mantras which must be pronounced:

"LIBIB, LENONINAS LENONON" The rest is as the mentioned usual ritual.

The Wormwood is a Martian plant. The Sage is harvested in the night. First bless it and then yank it by surprise from its very roots. The elemental of the Sage plant has a pale yellow colored tunic.

The sick person must try to personally perform all of this, which is to harvest the plants as well as practice all the rites. If this is not possible, then, he will perform at home what he should have performed in the country field, although, with a manifested disadvantage.

We give the following formula number two, in order to drink a glass of it after each meal.

The elementals from the plants of this second formula live within the Tattwa Apas. Therefore, they are cold.


'Ortiga del buen pastor', 'Bretonica', 'Verdolaguita', Fuchsia, 'Venturosa.'

Boil them in a liter of water

Before harvesting each one of these plants, the already indicated rite must be performed on them.

Because the first formula is hot, there is the need to consume the second formula in order to avoid the irritation of the organism with the blazing fire of the Tattwa Tejas. The fire and the water create the dense forms and equilibrate the organic life.

These two formulae from our Gnostic Elementotherapy will be consumed for the time which will be necessary. The leper of third degree will be healed in nine months. The leper of second degree will be healed in four or five months and a leper of first degree, in fifteen days.

After the leper is cured, he must enrich his blood and move his intestines in order to expel the dead germs.

Use the following formula:

Fluid Extract of Boldo ......................................1 ounce

Fluid Extract of Rhubarb ...................................1 ounce

Fluid Extract of Cinchona ..................................1 ounce

Tincture of Aconite...........................................half of an ounce

Sulfate of Quinine ............................................1 gram

Simple syrup ..................................................1 bottle

This preparation will be consumed by little cupfuls, one before each meal.

This hot formula must be equilibrated with another cold formula. Consume the second one after each meal. Behold, here is the second one:

Cream of Tartar ...............................................1 ounce

'Vichi' Salts ...................................................1 ounce

Citric Acid .....................................................1 ounce

Water ............................................................1 bottle

This formula corrects the digestion and refreshes the organism.

One cup will be consumed after each meal.

This treatment which I advise for leprosy is as exact as a Pythagorean tablet. Never has it failed, and never will it fail, because it is as ancient as the world. It has been known since the dawn of our Earth.

This secret was entrusted to me by the wise Indians of the Sierra Nevada from Santa Marta (Colombia). They have cured themselves from this terrible sickness through its application.

A strong flu to the blood produces leprosy. It is not produced because of insufficient nourishment, or alcoholism, or hypertrophy to the liver... It is a flu to the blood...and nothing else but a flu.


The vaginal bath with the decoction of the leaves of Myrtle and Walnut tree give excellent results, with the condition that the previously indicated ceremony must be performed. Do not forget, beloved reader, that if you yank the plants without this prerequisite, then, the benefit which is acquired is very weak, since one is committing a grave error. Thus, the botanist becomes a simple vivisectionist of plants.


There exists a plant known with the name of 'Manzanilla Silvestre' (Silvester Chamomile), which is the body of a solar elemental who is intimately related with the wisdom of the snake.

This elemental is small in stature, with a white and gracious face, expressive eyes of a yellow color, very intelligent and powerful.

When clairvoyantly observing this elemental, we remember the 'Sagra' Maria Pastora, the great Priestess of the Snake. This great Master of the Mayan ray uses a green tunic and she always carries within a drum a snake of the same color as her clothes. All the great Initiates of the Snake use a green tunic. The snake has seven secrets. Our serpent Kundalini also has these seven secrets, which are the seven cosmic days of the Manvantara.

The great Snake Curanderos used to send a serpent to their enemies in order to perform their vengeance. If the snake has the command to bite the heart or the aorta of the Curanderos' enemy, then the snake will accomplish the command and the enemy will inevitably die. The instrument for this magical operation is the 'Majagua' or liquid of the shoot of the Plantain banana tree. These things are unknown in the cities.

Let us conclude with this short digression and return to the elemental of the 'Manzanilla Silvestre'.

It is an essential prerequisite to kiss and to lovingly and tenderly caress this plant before yanking it by surprise and after having commanded the elemental to extinguish the internal furor of the nymphomaniac woman.

Then, place the plant over a plate and expose it for two hours to the light of the moon when it is in the east and for another two hours when the moon is in the west.

The husband of the sick woman will carry this plant for some days or hours and while in the sexual intercourse he will humidif the woman's vagina with the pressed juice of the 'Manzanilla Silvestre.'

In this simple way the excessive sexual erotic fire will be extinguished.

This operation must be practiced two or three times and for a truly effective and accelerated treatment, give the sick woman to drink the decoction of the plant.


Consume in the morning for nine days the pressed juice of Wormseed (Chenopodium ambrosioides).


Boil in milk the leaves of 'Jayo' (Coca in the interior of Colombia, Erythroxilon coca) and give the child a mug to drink on an empty stomach in the morning. The next day the child will take a purgative of Castor Oil. Thus, he will throw the intestinal parasites.


Daily glassfuls of the decoction of the root of Sorrel (Rumex acetosa L.) and Sage (Salvia officinalis L.) are enough in order to alleviate this annoying sickness.


'Jarilla', 'Vira-vira', cortex of Cinchona, Sage, and 'Jarilla Chivata.'

Perform the ritual of the elementals of these plants. Then, boil them very well for several hours. Make a cataplasm and apply it over the fistula.


Collect the roots of 'Guacamayo' (Protium heptaphyllum.) from the east side and other roots from the west side. These will be reduced to powder, and in such a manner they will be ready.

Now apply 'Piedralipe' with candle wax over the fistula and leave this mixture there for the space of 24 hours. Then, when this time is completed, proceed to wash the fistula and apply the powders of 'Guacamayo.' The sick person will wait with full confidence, since his fistula will be healed.


The powders of starch from purple 'Guaco' (Mikania guaco Humb. & Bonpl.) applied over the fistulas produce excellent results.

Also the powders of Oak when humidified with saliva and applied in the morning on an empty stomach give excellent results.


Even when it seems incredible, and it is certain the proud intellectuals will not take advantage of this formula as well as other formulas which are contained in this book, we are going to present to you the following formula that gives astonishing results:

Urinate in a clean vessel. Then, mix ground common salt with your urine. Wash the fistula with this compound and then apply talcum over the fistula in order for it to become dry.


(mother's illness)

This illness is cured by applying over the navel or the vagina crushed leaves of Nettle mixed with Cinnamon or Myrrh.


Green oil (pharmacy), powders of Artemisia: Mlix these and apply in the area where the spell is felt.


Collect to burn for a smoke fumigation the heart and liver of a fish with scales, in particular, the shad fish. Put these to dry under the sun or upon a low fire. Then, pulverize them in order to burn them as any smoke fumigation. This type of odorous smoke fumigation serves against any type of spell.


Collect in the way already prescribed nine leaves of the plant called 'Solito.' Collect the leaves in sets of three, and apply them in the form of a cross over the damaged skin. You must be careful of not damaging the stalk of the plant in order for the elemental to cure the sick person of the spell.


The spots on the face totally disappear by consuming the following great depuration:

Prepare the decoction of flowers and roots of Maguey (Agave americana L.), with Wormwood (Artemisia absinthium L.) and 'Bejuco de Cadena' (Bauhinia excisa Hemsl.), sweetened with honey (bee-honey). The sick person must consume three cupfuls daily.


Consume flowers and seeds of 'Arisario'. Cook them separately, in other words, the seeds and flowers must not be mixed. We warn that the seeds of 'Arisario' must be previously ground before cooking them.

Each preparation is separately bottled up and must be drank as an ordinary beverage. Alternate remedies, one cupful each hour.


In order for Menorrhagia to rapidly disappear, it is enough to perform cleansings with the decoction of the cortex of the Pomegranate. Such a cortex must be grated in order to reduce it to a fine powder. Then, submit it to decoction.


Drink and bathe the affected area with the plant 'Gallito' (Aristolochia spp.).


Drink the decoction of the following plants:

'Capitana solabasta', 'Capitana generala', 'Capitana silvadora', 'Capitana pujadora',

'Capitana lengua de venado.'

Apply washings with the same plants.

When the case is very grave and the bitten person is believed to be dead, then, try to yank with your hand the hair from the crown of his head. If the hair comes off easily, then the bitten person is already a cadaver. Yet, if the hair does not come of1 then, he is alive and one must rapidly operate in the already advised way.


Consume a decoction of the plant Aristolochia by cupftils. Do not forget the ritual.


Practice the rites to the elementals of the plants Sweet Basil, 'Guandul' (Cajanus indicus), 'Juan de Ia Verdad' (Aegiphila martinicensis Jacq.) and 'Ganamu.' Afterwards, put them in decoction and apply baths to the affected area.


Boil equal quantities of Lemon Balm, Parsley and Lemon Verbena, then add some drops of Valerian and half of a gram of bromide in order to consume three times a day. The first dose is taken in the morning on an empty stomach and the other two before the meals.


The following plants will help: Lemon Balm, 'Albaquilla' (small Basil), Sweet Basil, Sweet Marjoram, Lemon Verbena, Orange tree flowers, Orange tree leaves, 5 drops of tincture of Valerian. From these plants, utilize the ones which are at hand.


Burn bull or goat manure (it must not be a female goat or a cow). Then, mix the ashes with wine of the best quality. The sick person will drink from this preparation until becoming totally cured.


Half of a gram of carbolic acid within 30 grams of glycerin will be enough in order to apply this by drops in the ear.


The pressed juice of Purslane (Portulaca oleracea L.) abundantly consumed every morning on an empty stomach and cataplasms of the same plant, applied over the abdomen, cure such a terrible sickness. The person must abstain from performing sexual intercourse.


Boil within a liter of water halfa pound of Senna leaves, to be sweetened with honey (bee honey) in order to drink it as hot as possible. If the requested action is not attained, not to mention its efficiency, then, there is the need to apply a catheter.


In order to avoid the catheter, which is something that is not always possible because of the lack of methods or because of unforeseen or invincible inconveniences, then, collect two ounces of horse manure. Dissolve it in a good wine, which has to be warm. Strain it and give the sick person to drink.

This procedure has cured very grave cases of retention of the urine.


The beverage of the decoction of Mallow (Malva sylvestris L.) with 'Canaflstula' (Cassia grandis L.), efficaciously and rapidly cures this sickness. Beverage made from Barley also gives the same results.


Whosoever suffers from this stubborn affection, the application of a freshly laid hen egg on the eye will be enough.


The vagabond theories from the official medicine in relation with Malaria, clearly reveal an exploitative and charlatan goal.

The theory which states that Malaria is injected by the "Anopheles" mosquito and that such a female mosquito deposits its larvae in the stagnant water puddles does not lack of being a ludicrous statement.

All the preparations based on quinine and all the prophylactic systems against Malaria have become until this day and age a great failure because the "Causa Causorum" of Malaria is nothing else than the disharmony of the functions of the liver and the lack of vitamins.

We have thousands of proofs related with the former statement. Whosoever endures the inconvenience of taking a small trip along the Lower Magdalena (Colombia) by following the river's shore, will become convinced by himself about this truth.

All of the inhabitants of that river's shore are people afflicted with Malaria and if we observe their nourishment system, then, we will find the cause of their sickness. Those poor people only nourish themselves with cassava and dark coffee.

The cassava only provides them starch and a minimum quantity of saccharose. The dark coffee which they excessively consume irritates their liver and when this organ is severely affected, then, the colds and fevers of malaria explode.

Therefore, the hepatic disposition and the lack of vitamins are the unique and exclusive cause of the malaria fevers, which in vain are persistently combated with quinine preparations.

In order to combat the colds and fevers, the decoction of Boldo (Pezinnis boldo) leaves is enough. Consume a glassful each half hour. We advise consuming beef eyes, cereals such as beans, lentils, corn, spring vetch (tare), haba beans, etc., etc.

The Boldo leaves cure the liver, make the bile flow and excite the hepatic functions.

The rangers from Arauca and Casanare (South America) cure themselves of "colds and fevers" with dark coffee mixed with lemon and salt. This procedure is slower.

The Arhuaco 'Mamas' cure this sickness with the following formulae: 'Cholagogue' in branch, 'Tisaca', 'Capitana Arconcito.'


For rubbing: Multiftingin (pharmacy cream), honey (bee honey), a little quantity of sulfur powder.

Another formula: Perform injections of bismuth, consume sulfuric water, and use a cream with sulfur.


Prepare Sour Orange with Rhubarb powder within sugared water. Eating meat does harm to the spotty person.


Camphorate oil is what has to be applied upon the affected area.


Within all that is evil, there is something good. Thus, some pharmaceutical preparations that have proven results can be employed.

We, the Gnostics, use the best of chemistry, such as our Guru Huiracocha, professor from the university of Berlin, taught us. We extract from chemistry only what is essential, just as we only harvest the extract of reasoning, which is discernment.

The laboratories of the future will use the vegetable arcanes and the most precious synthetic products from chemistry. Nevertheless, the human being must be liberated from that false materialistic science of this XX century.


People who suffer from nocturnal pollutions or abundant overflowing of semen must daily rub their genital parts with hot oil of chamomile and before going to sleep place over the genitalia a patch of cabbage leaves with oil.

This oil must also be applied over the shoulder blade and dorsal spine (spinal column).

Another remedy which has been tested with astonishing results and which has not to be undervalued is the 'orchata' (beverage) prepared with the seeds from melons. This beverage is sweetened with sugar and must be drank at bed time. The kidneys must also be rubbed with cooking oil.


(Sickness of the Prostate)

The remedy for this terrible sickness is the plant which is known in the State of

Magdalena (Colombia) with the name of 'Solito.'

Harvest the plant in the morning, in the known ritualistic way. Boil seven of its leaves and drink the remedy hot. It is also indispensable that the sick man apply cataplasms of this plant, which has to be prepared with ammonia and kitchen salt, over his prostate. This healing will be verified in a short time.



Take a Gourd or 'Totumo' (Crescentia Cujete L.), make an orifice or aperture and place it above the fire. At the end of a short time withdraw it in order to extract the pulp, which has to be strained so its liquid, juice or honey remains purified. Posteriorly, make a decoction within a different pot of 'Calaguala' (Polypodium glaucophylum Kze.), 'Canafistula' (Cassia fistula L., Drumstick tree), 'Vira-vira', Senna, Borage, root of 'Anamu' (Petiveria alliacea), root of Aloe, root of Maguey (Agave americana L. also called 'Century Plant'), petals of fine rose. The whole of this must be reduced to a liter, which will be sweetened with burnt panela honey (burnt hard sugar cane).

Then, this mixture must be mixed with the honey, juice from the pulp of the gourd and it must be submitted to the fire again until it boils and the foam dissipates. When such intermixture takes on a black-like color, then, add honey (bee honey) until it is adjusted.

Thus, it is ready in order to be taken by spoonfuls.


There are people who have kissed and hugged cadavers. This action brings rheumatism of the joints which is not removed with any remedy. This is only removed by using the Peppermint plant, which must be boiled in a quantity of water which fits in a small mug (the size which is used for drinking coffee). Thus, in that quantity of water, put the plant to boil. Then, it must be mixed with another quantity of warm water, and with that quantity bathe the affected area or wherever the pain is occurring. Do this at least for 40 days and do not eat meat during this treatment.


'Pitamorreal', 'Albaquita de Monte' (Ocimun micranthum Willd.).


Prepare a decoction of Rosemary leaves, Artichokes (the flower head of the Artichoke) and Corn Silk or Corn hair. Consume three times a day or drink it as you would fresh water. It must be alternated with drinking fresh water.

Second formula: Horsetail (Equisetum arvense L.), Corn Silk and Rosemary, 10 grams of each plant. This must be consumed in alternation with another beverage with contains the juice of half of an Artichoke (the flower head). This must be put to boil. Then, add the juice of three lemons and consume it alternating with the former formula. The whole of this is good for the kidneys until healing the sickness. Consume daily as well the juice of tomato: those tomatoes which have the shape of the apple.

Third formula: Crush 4 ounces of purple garlic and put it to macerate within a half bottle of rum. Then, bury the bottle where the sun must warm it during seven consecutive days and then consume it by spoonfuls, the quantity of 10 drops before meals. If this is too much, then, only 10 drops daily. Avoid meat and consume very little salt.


The decoction of 'Canafistula' (Cassia fisyula L., Drumstick tree) with Fennel immediately ends the irritation within the kidneys.

The pressed juice of 'Cardosanto' (Argemone mexicana L., Poppy family) beaten with fresh eggs also produces the same results.


The Pellitory-of-the-wall plant (Parietaria officinalis L.) is a panacea for sick kidneys. The elemental of this plant is small in stature and of a brown colored skin. He has the power of prolonging life and curing demented people. He also normalizes the menstruation.

There also exists a parasite genre of the Pellitory plant. This genre is a parasite from a tree called 'Cojones de Fraile.' The healing properties belong to the former plant and not to this parasitic type.

Formula for a cataplasm or adhesive patch:

'Entre chipes', 'lirias' or fine wax from 'Mosca boba'

'Entre chipe de quisula'


Milk of 'Copey morado' Balsam of Tolu

Ammoniac salt.

Mix the Balsam of Tolu with the rest of the ingredients. First, beat the Balsam and add a little bit of water with kitchen salt to it. Afterwards, add the rest of the elements until everything remains unified. Then, extend the cataplasm over a piece of cloth and stick it together over the kidneys. The patch will come off by itself when the kidneys are healed.


The most rebel cases will be healed by consuming three doses daily of the decoction of equal parts of Pellitory-of-the-wall (Parietaria officinalis L.), Horsetail (Equisetum arvense L.), Rosemary and Sage. The first dose is taken in the morning on an empty stomach and the other two before meals.

Horsetail is also effective for the sicknesses of the bladder. The plants must always be blessed and the elementals must be commanded to execute the healing.


The inflammation that these injuries produce, which place the patient in danger of having his leg amputated, disappear with the following formula:

Mix equal parts of pork lard, ammoniac salt and rock salt. Apply it hot over the knee with the security that the inflammation will disappear.


The decoction of Pennyroyal stops hoarseness.


Roseola disappears by giving to the sick person little drinks of milk with Lemon Balm.


Bury within a very sunny place for the space of fifteen days a bottle of rum to which some quantity of Carob tree bark has to be mixed. Then, at the end of the fifteenth day take the bottle out. Thus, the cleanser will be ready. This will be consumed by little cupfuls, one every hour.


All of the treatments from the false apostles of medicine in order to combat "Treponema pallidium" have failed. No one knows which has caused more deaths, syphilis or the Neosalvarsan and its derivatives which are used in order to combat it.

Patented remedies are daily invented in order to cure syphilis, yet the result is always negative. The prophylactic systems have served for nothing, because this sickness continues propagating itself in the same measure that it is combated.

We give the following exact treatment in order to cure syphilis of third degree in the space of fifteen days:

'Sanalotodo' (called 'Mosquita' on the coast of Colombia, Baccharis spp.), 'Bejuco de

Anis' (Securidaca diversifolia Blake), 'Gualanday' tree (Jacaranda caucana Pittier), 'Bretonica', 'Ortiga', 'Century Plant' (Agave americana L.) and 'Guasguin' (Microchete conymbosa H. B. K.).

The decoction of these hot plants will be consumed for eight days, one glassful every hour.

'Bertolita', 'Verdolaguita' (Kallstroemia maxima Torr. & Gray), 'Tripa de Polio', Fuchsia and 'Paraguay' (Scoparia dulcis L.):

The decoction of these cold plants will be consumed in the same proportion, also for eight days, after having finished the former treatment.

The sick person will bathe his entire body during eight to fifteen days with the decoction of the following plants:

Anise herb, 'Coralito', 'Matandrea' (Alpina occidentalis), 'Guanabana Cabezona' (Mammee, Mammea americana L.) and Laurel.

It is indispensable to perform the ritual to the plants.

Any syphilitic individual will be healed in the space of two weeks with these formulae, no matter how grave he might be.


The cause of this sickness is when a person bathes himself while being with catarrh or head cold. It is characterized by pain and bad odor in the root of the nose. The doctors used to scrape the gristle (cartilaginous tissue which divides the nose's nostrils). This would often disfigure the face of the patient, without achieving the cure and giving no more than a transitory relief.

We, the Gnostics, cure this sickness in the space of eight days with the decoction of Arnica, 'Rema' (Gouania polygma Urb.) and Sage plants.

In order to harvest these plants one has to proceed as we indicated for cancer. Then, the plants are boiled in a pot with water. The hot vapor must be inhaled for one hour daily.

The sick person will bless the decoction and will ask the elementals for their healing intervention.

Combine these inhalations with head baths, one every day, with the decoction of the following plants:

Orange or Lemon leaves, 'Rema' (Gouania polygma Urb.), Pennyroyal, 'Santa Maria' (Bryophyllum pinnatum), Arnica and Mammee (Mammea americana L.).

In order to collect these leaves, the ritual already indicated must be performed and one must imperiously ask the elementals to perform the healing. When the sick person cannot personally harvest the leaves, then, he will perform the ceremony at home, since, (we repeat) the ones which cure are not the plants but the elementals.


Bathe the ear internally and externally with honey (bee honey), thus the deafness will disappear.


The cause of this sickness is when the navel is wrongly cured after being cut and when it receives an influence from a ray of the moon.

The healing of this sickness is relatively easy.

Put a big onion head frond to fry within cooking oil. When it is already fried, then add camphor in powder and apply poultices over the navel of the child. Yet, before applying the poultices, apply to the child fomentation of hot and cold water which must be alternated every five minutes during the span of one hour.

Thus, the Tattwas Tejas and Apas, that is to say, the fire and the water will establish the organic equilibrium and will heal the child.

This remedy is more safe than a million of anti-tetanus or penicillin ampoules from commercial propaganda.


Typhus characterizes itself by having high and constant fever and an unsatisfied thirst. Frequently, it is confused with an acute attack of Malaria.

Give to the sick person every hour, as an ordinary beverage, one glass of the following decoction:

Arnica in branch, 'Cholagogue' in branch, Sweet Marjoram, Wormwood, Sage and 'Contra Gavilana.' Previously, you must perform the usual ritual.

Then, in alternation with the former formula, consume one spoonful each hour of the following formula:

Green onion ................................................8 onion heads

Linden in branch ..........................................26 grams

Camphor ...................................................2 blocks

Water .......................................................1 liter

Cook all of this. Grind the camphor and add it alter, when the decoction is already cold.

The fever is fought with Antipyrine, one gram every two hours or six grams during the day. This is in accordance with the physical state of the sick person.

Apply intestinal baths (enemas) twice a day of water boiled with Mallow and Castor oil, or with the decoction of Canaigre (Rumex hymenosepalus Torr.).

It is also necessary to apply onion poultices on the sole of the feet in order for the germs of the sickness to leave, because the onion possesses a great radioactive power. The sick person will be cured in the space of three to eight days with this complete treatment.

Another formula for Typhus:

Antipyrine ..................................................10 centigrams

Acetate of Quinine ........................................10 centigrams

Chloral-Hydrate of Quinine ..............................10 centigrams

Caffeine .....................................................10 centigrams

Tincture of Aconite ........................................20 drops

Tincture of Nux Vomica ..................................20 drops

Mix these ingredients within a large glass of water and consume one spoonful every hour.


Collect equal parts of ground soot, sulfur and marrow from the head of cattle. Then, when very well mixed, apply it to the head or to the affected area. This is always a marvelous remedy.

Also, pulverized cat manure mixed with mustard reduced to powder with vinegar is a good remedy. This preparation is an unguent,


Prepare tea of red pepper, sweetened with honey (bee honey) and add some drops of tincture of Lobelia. Consume one spoonful every hour.

A great sedative is 'Valim' for children. Another remedy is the 'Florafenicol' or



To the decoction of white Pine, white 'Caracucho' (Impatines noli-tangere L.), Borage,

Eucalyptus and Licorice, mix one ounce of tincture of Aconite, one ounce of tincture of 'Drosera' (Nephenthes Drosera), one ounce of Balsam of Tolu and one ounce of tincture of Belladonna.

This preparation is consumed by spoonfuls, one every hour.


Tuberculosis is cured in fifteen days with the following formula: Liquid from the shoot of the Banana-Plantain plant, pressed juice of Watercress and 'lodocaine.' The 'lodocaine' is elaborated with the following ingredients:

Iodine .......................................................6 drops

Tincture of Eucalyptus ....................................enough quantity

'Guacanol' (oil) ............................................enough quantity

'Guayacol' (oil) ............................................enough quantity

'Creso' .......................................................2 drops

All of this will be mixed and the sick person will consume it by spoonfuls, one each hour. The sick person will eat the plant called Purslane (Portulaca oleracea L.) for nine days. Pursiane in salads is effective for the healing of the liver. It is also employed in the same way against sicknesses of the womb.


(Formula to eject them)

Bitter 'Calabacito' with Rum: Make a hole in the 'Calabacito' and pour the Rum into it. After fifteen days of maceration, give this remedy to the patient to consume by little cupfuls, one every hour.

The tumor will be ejected without the necessity of surgical operations, without exposing the patient to die in the hands of the surgeons.


Wash the ulcers with the decoction of the fruits and leaves of Guava (fruit of the Guamo tree).


The effective treatment for the ulcers of the stomach consists of consuming every hour the pressed juice of Common Plantain (Plantago major L.) with lemon juice. The dosage will be a cup of five ounces.


Consume Licorice, wet it and mash it. Do not eat red or white meat, neither eggs. Nourish yourself only with milk, cereals, fruits and eat meals without salt, until the illness is gone.


Collect equal parts of the root of Lemon Balm, Nettle and Sage. Cook them without sugar or any type of sweetener and consume three dosages daily.


Cure the bladder by consuming three daily giassftils of the decoction of Horsetail (Equisetum arvense L.). The first one must be taken in the morning on an empty stomach.


Apply over the warts the oil of the Cashew or tile milk of the Fig plant.


The external baths over the affected area with the decoction of the leaves of Eucalyptus and Walnut tree are of a known effectiveness.


(Hepatic stones)

A) Olive oil with lemon; Consume halfa glass of olive oil before going to sleep and another equal quantity in the morning on an empty stomach. Then, take a purgative of magnesium or salts, etc.

Consume a quantity of garlic within rum, etc.

A) Consume half a glass of olive oil mixed with the juice of several lemons. This has to be performed twice. Consume one dosage before going to sleep and the other when you get up in the morning.

After the second dose of olive oil mixed with lemon, the patient will purge himself. The purgative must be done with Magnesium or Epsom Salts or Resin oil. Castor oil or Resin oil is preferable, a small bottle. Thus, the hepatic calculi (stones) will be ejected.


Place hen's gizzards (half kilo) within a bottle of white wine. Use the skin, that is to say, the thin skin of the gizzard, very well cleaned without scraping it.

This will be in maceration for twenty days within the sweet white wine. After the twentieth day, the patient will consume one cup when getting up in the morning, for nine days. After the ninth day, the patient will purge himseIf consuming a small bottle of Resin oil. Thus, he will eject the calculi.


  1. Take a bath towel, fold it into four parts. Then, submerge it into cold water and take it out without squeezing the water from it.

  2. Do not forget that before performing the former operation, there is the need of soaking the floor with abundant water. Your first step on it must be with your right foot.

  3. Thus, the towel folded into four parts is placed within the water and is taken out while the water pours from it, in order to execute a friction operation. First, rub the right leg from the hip towards the bottom of it.

  4. Take the other side of the towel and repeat the operation of placing it within the water and taking it out when the water is pouring from it, in order to execute the friction operation on the left side. Understand that the left side means from the waist or hip towards the bottom of the leg.

  5. Now, fold the towel in order to show the unused sides and again repeat the operation of placing it within the water and taking it out when the water is pouring from it, in order to execute the friction operation from the right shoulder downwards, including the half of the back and also the right arm.

  6. Now, take the other side of the towel, the side that is not yet used and repeat the operation of placing it within the water and taking it out when the water is pouring from it, and perform the same friction on the left side, from the left shoulder downwards.

  7. Fold now the towel in order to show the other unused sides and repeat the operation of placing it within the water and taking it out when the water is pouring from it. Now apply it along the body, from the brain towards the bottom and counting from one to ten.

  8. Now, the patient has to wear a robe and apply mud over the soul of his feet and throat.

  9. Cover the legs and feet of the patient until ten centimeters above his knees.

The legs must be covered with a wet or squeezed sheet. The half of the sheet must be wet and the other half dried. The half which is wet is used in order to cover the legs. The dried half will be used in order to cover it over the wet part, thus, covering the legs with both of them.

Then, this complete envelopment will be covered with a big dry bath towel. Thus, this is the way in which the patient will sleep the whole night.

This leg covering along with the mud will be taken away in the morning and the patient will rest until his body is recuperating the normal temperature.

  1. Then, repeat the whole friction operation, yet, now with the difference that the towel must be squeezed (not drenched). Thus, the patient will be placed again in the bed for half or one hour.

The patient will be alleviated with this treatment.


We advise the patient to keep his legs always more covered from his knees downwards and to sleep more covered from his waist downwards.

This treatment, which is complex in its explanation, becomes very simple in its practice.



In order to eliminate amoebas or parasites, put in maceration half kilo of garlic and fifteen grams of Mexican Tea or American Wormseed (Chenopodium ambrosioides L.). In South America, this plant is known by the name of 'Paico.'

Bury the bottle (one big liter) in the place where the sun is always heating the soil. This bottle must remain buried for twenty days.

Before giving this medicine to the patient, he must submit himself to a fasting of three days. During this fasting the patient will eat sweets. On the third day, he will consume one cup in the morning while fasting and another cup in the night. Do this for three consecutive days, thus, the patient will eliminate the amoebas.



With very much faith, the patient will consume a little cup of warm olive oil, lemon juice and a Chamomile tea. Consume the whole of this remedy in the morning when awakening, then, after lie down on the side of your liver (right side).


Squeeze the juice from one beet and mix it with the same quantity of orange juice. The patient will consume this in the morning on an empty stomach, during nine days of every month.


Ferrous Sulfate.


Take a bunch of Arnica (Arnica montana L.) and another of Horsetail (Equisetum arvense L.). Boil them very well in water, until very well concentrated and mix them with clay. Then, apply this warm on the area affected by the bruise. This water can also be drank three times a day.


This vice of alcohol can be cured easily.

Formula: Fry one or two owl eggs and give them to the drunkard to eat. The patient will be cured with this remedy. He will not drink the rest of his life.

Another formula against the vice of alcohol is the turkey buzzard's heart. Also called turkey vulture.

The turkey buzzard's heart must be pulverized. Put it under the sun to dry it, before pulverizing it. These powders are deposited into the same drunkard's cup with alcohol, thus, he will not drink alcohol the rest of his life.


Apply fomentation with the decoction of the plant called Stinkweed (Datura stramonium)

Procedure: Boil it in a new pot or container. Do riot save the water which is used by the patient.

The decoction must always be new. The pot or container must be covered after having emptied it.

Destroy the pot when this remedy is no longer necessary.

The Stmnkweed is a plant whose employment is very delicate.


When the sexual impotence is due to a simple sexual weakness, then, it can be cured with the male goat testicles.

Procedure: Place these testicles to boil within milk. The milk is sweetened with sugar.

Consume this milk as an ordinary beverage for ninety days.

The impotent patient will be cured, lie will acquire a great sexual potency.


The pains in the bladder disappear with enemas of the following plants: Common Plantain (Plantago major L.) and Horsetail (Equisetum arvense L.).

Within two liters of water put fifteen grams of any of these two plants. When this water is at the body's temperature, then, perform two or three intestinal baths (enemas). The decoction of these two plants can also be consumed.


Asthma can be cured with the following plants: 'Ohaoteooc Cocche' and 'Belinooc', the cooked hot bark of 'Petezcuch' (Mexican plants).

Grind this with five 'escures.' The asthmatic person will be cured by drinking this in the morning on an empty stomach.


It is already demonstrated that the honey-water extracted from 'Century Plant' (Agave americana L.) becomes a marvelous beverage in order to cure gastritis and stomach ulcers.

Consume three glasses daily, one before each meal. We, the Mexicans, know very well what 'pulque' is and from where it is extracted. Nonetheless, the foreign people do not know anything about it, they do not even know what 'pulque' is. So, we must explain that the honey-water is the base for the 'pulque' and it can only be attained by pruning the Century plant.


The honey-water extracted from the trunk of the 'Century Plant' (Agave americana L.) serves also in order to cure Diabetes. Consume three glassfuls daily, one before each meal, for one year.


Enemas with the decoction of the plant called Horsetail (Equisentum arvense L.) or 'Limpiaplata' (Equisetum giganteum L.). Perform six enemas lying down over the right side and over the left, that is to say, three over your right side and three over your left side. The patient will previously apply to himself a sitz bath with hot water. The duration of this bath can be ten to thirty minutes, in accordance with the patient's tolerance. Lie down enveloped within a towel. Then, when you get up, pass a wet cloth with cold water over the whole body and return again into the bed until the body recuperates its normal temperature.










Ash tree (leaves): use as an infusion; use for rubbing; and use for fumigation (burning).

Lemon: use the juice for rubbing and drink the juice in water without sugar.

Sweet Basil: use as an infusion; use for rubbing; and use for fumigation. Wormwood: use as an infusion; use for rubbing; and use for fumigation.

Sage: use as an infusion; use for rubbing; and use for fumigation.

Rosemary: use as an infusion; use for rubbing; and use for fumigation.

Elder: use as an infusion; use for rubbing; and use for fumigation.

Each one of these plants cure articular and muscular rheumatism. They clean the skin of bad fluids, etc.


Red Poppy (flowers, Papaver rhoeas L.), Orange leaves, tincture of Valerian, Linden tree leaves are anti-nervous and calmative plants.

Any of these plants can be taken as an ordinary beverage in order to calm the nerves and to dispel headaches.

Each one of these plants is the physical body of an elemental creature of Nature. If you want to succeed in healing sicknesses by utilizing curative plants, then, there is the need to bless the plant and to command the vegetal elemental to cure the sick person. Again, I repeat, the plants are not the ones which cure; it is the vegetal elementals or the vital principles that are occult within each herb, root and tree which cure.

This science of Elemento-Therapy is solidly based upon the medical wisdom of the

Master of the White Lodge, Paracelsus. Therefore, all of those students of Spiritism, Theosophy and the Rosicrucian Order who criticize Elemento-Therapy are totally ignorant of this profound branch, which the illustrious Master Paracelsus granted to us.


Sarsaparilla (Smilax officinalls), 'Gualanday' (Jacaranda spp.), grass, Ash tree (leaves), Walnut tree (leaves), Horsetail (the whole plant, Equisetum arvense L.), Maguey (root, Agave Americana L.), 'Martin Galvis' (flowers and leaves) are purifying plants.

Each one of these plants has the following properties:

Expels away venomous substances from the blood; cures chronic head colds, old rheum, gout, rheumatism, lithiasis, white discharge, discharge from the urethra, venereal sicknesses, syphilis, gonorrhea, rashes, scrofula, sicknesses of the skin, fistulas, sicknesses of the kidneys, eczema; and in general expels bad fluids from the blood.


Lemon (juice), Horsetail (the whole plant, Equisetum arvense L.), Pellitory-of-the-wall

(Parietaria diffusa or P.officinalis), Licorice, grass, Avocado tree (its tender leaves), Medlar (seeds), Pine (cones), Cañaigre (Rumex hymenosepalus Torr.), Elder (flowers and leaves), Sarsaparilla (roots, Smilax officinalis), Cane (root), 'Caracola' (Besleria spp, part that looks like little eggs) are diuretic plants.

Each one of these plants serves against dropsy, gout, lithiasis, illness of the kidneys, urinary irritation, cold of the bladder, retention of the urine, etc., etc.


Wormwood (leaves, Artemisia absinthium L.), Celery (seeds), Mugwort (leaves, Artemisia vulgaris L.), Chamomile (flowers), Feverfew (flowers, Chrysanthemum parthenium .L.), Rue (Ruta graveolens L.), Fennel (seeds and leaves) are emmenagogue plants.

Any of these plants serve in order to bring on menstruation, to regulate its normal activity, to regulate suppressed, tardy or heavy menstruation, to fortify the organs, to tone the woman's nervous system, to combat neuralgia, nervous vomits, etc.


Almond oil, Castor or Resin oil, Senna leaves, Rhubarb in powder are laxatives.


Wormwood (flowers and shoots, Artemisia absinthium L.), Chamomile (flowers), Cinchona (bark, Cinchona spp.), Coca (leaves, Erythroxylon spp.), Fennel (seeds), Lemon Balm (leaves, Melissa officinalis L.), Parsley are restorative plants.

They can be consumed in a decoction, inftision or maceration. Any of these plants has the power to stimulate and increase the vital forces of the organism.


(In order to eject intestinal parasites)

Garlic (cloves), Pumpkin seeds in sugared water, lemon juice in sugared water on an empty stomach, etc., can be used.


The plants of ARIES are similar to the head of the human being and they belong to the element fire.

The plants of TAURUS are similar to the human neck and they belong to the element earth.

The plants of GEMINI are similar to the arms, hands and back of the human being and they belong to the element air.

The plants of CANCER have in their leaves the form of the liver or spleen. They show spots and show five petals in their flowers. They belong to the element water.

The plants of LEO have in their fruits the shape of the heart as well as in their leaves and they belong to the element fire.

The plants of VIRGO are similar to the stomach and intestines and they belong to the sign of earth.

The plants of LIBRA are hot, humid and aerial. They are similar to the kidneys, bladder and the navel.

The plants of SCORPIO are similar to the genitals, and they have an offensive odor. They are hot and humid.

The plants of SAGITTARIUS belong to the element fire and they are similar to the buttocks.

The plants of CAPRICORN are cold and dry, they have greenish flowers and a skeletal figure, similar to the knees.

The plants of AQUARIUS are similar to the calves and they are aerial.

The plants of PISCES belong to the element water and they look like the feet and toes.

Each one of these plants serves the organ which it is similar to. Thus, the leaves which have the shape of a heart serve for the heart, the plants similar to a snake serve for what the shape shows. Mother Nature is very sapient; yet, the human being is eager to ignore her. The human being has become arrogant, and so he ignorantly wants to transcend Mother Nature.

An authentic index of astrological plants must be structured upon this base of stellar analogies, since truly (it is sad to say), it is painful to see how many authors attribute to one zodiacal sign the same plant which other authors attribute to a different zodiacal sign.

Therefore, all which is written about Astrological Botany is totally wrong.

The Gnostic Medics must return into the bosom of the blessed Goddess Mother of the world, in order to investigate on their own account within the great laboratory of Nature.



The plants which belong to the moon are insipid. They live always within the water or near the water and are cold and milky. Commonly, they have big leaves. These plants have varied sizes with white flowers that have a very delicate smell. The Eucalyptus is a lunar tree.

The lunar plants and trees are the physical bodies of the lunar elementals. The Arhuaco

Mamas name the Moon "La Saga Tima."

The lunar elementals are the elementals of the water. Some Chinese Adept artists and some Buddhist Priests have painted them in beautiful paintings.

The great elemental Kings of the water can make the student to remember those remote epochs of Arcadia, in which the human being was worshipping Mother Nature. They were offering to her the first fruits of their harvest as an act of thanksgiving to the Gods of the water, who were watering the earth with the beneficent rain.

These elementals of the water are known by the names of Nymphs, Nereids, Ondines, Mermaids, etc.

I saw two elemental Queens of the water within the waves of the 'Macuriba' (Atlantic Ocean).

One of them had the color of coral and her tunic and face were of the same color. The other had a violet coloring. These beings looked like two splendid maidens. They were speaking in the occult language, therefore, it is necessary to practice in order to understand these beings. Really, they are of an extraordinary beauty.

The elemental Kings of the water always use the trident (read The Elementals by Franz Hartman).

The aquatic plants are the physical organisms of these beings. The lunar elementals possess a profound Neptunian wisdom. They build their homes within the bottom of the waters with ethereal matter. They intensely love, and they form many homes.


The Mercurian elementals possess middling plants with yellow flowers, a penetrating smell and varied flavors. These Mercurian elementals are utilized for mental magic. An index of astrological plants must be organized upon this basis. Sadly enough, everything that has been written about Astrological Botany is wrong. We see how many authors attribute to one planet the same plant which other authors attribute to another planet.

If the human being wants to know about plants, then, indispensably, he needs to study our Elemento-Therapy.

Whosoever does not know about elemental magic can never know the power of the plants.

Therefore, the Botanists are nothing more than simple 'charlatans.'

The elementals are called: Pens, Devs, Dwarves, Trolls, Kobols, Brownias, Nixes, Trasgos, Goblins, Pinkies, Branshees, Fairies, Mossy people, White Dames, Phantoms, etc.

The elementals have body, soul and an immortal, divine Spirit, just as the human beings have. In this book I only occupy myself with the superior elementals, even though there exist millions of elementals from inferior kingdoms. We leave such ones for the degenerated pseudo-spiritualists.

The ether, the fire, the air, the water and the earth are densely populated by the elementals. There exists a great elemental God at the head of each elemental kingdom, who governs and directs his legions.

The five Gods who preside over the elementals are:

INDRA, Lord of Akasa, or ether.

AGNI, Lord of Fire.

PAVANA, or Vayu, Lord of the Air.

VARUNA, Lord of the Water.

KITICHI, Lord of the Earth.

These Gods are the chiefs of the different departments of Nature, who govern and manipulate universal life. In order to manage these beings, one needs to be a Master from the White Lodge, and in order to become a Master one needs to have walked the complete disciple's path. Whosoever acquires power over these elemental Gods has the power to govern universal life.


The plants of the Venusian elementals are sweet and pleasant to the taste. They possess beautiful flowers, happy and abundant grains. Their perfumes are always soft and delectable and are employed in sexual magic procedures.


The solar plants are aromatic and of an acidulous flavor. The elementals of these plants possess great magical, curative powers.

These elementals are called "Sylphs" and they are the elementals of the air. The Sylphs say:

"Where real worth is hidden, there the Sun's rays shine."

They impress upon the student the importance of gaining what is called the consciousness of knowledge, that is to say, the intuition.

The Sylphs possess a formidable memory. As a result, they are wise. They remember the rituals and religions of the stars and the wisdom from the most ancient books.

If the student wants to remember the ancient wisdom, the Sylphs can instruct and teach him. The authentic Astrologers inevitably have to know the rituals of the stars in order to manipulate sidereal magic.

There also exist certain black magicians or black astrologers who communicate with other black magicians from other planets by means of certain procedures of black magic.

Thus, with that extra help and in combination with the planetary force, they achieve their evil goals. Those type of criminals are sure candidates for the abyss.

If the Gnostic student wants to practice sidereal white magic, then, he has to puriFy himself and to study the rituals of the stars. These rituals are known by memory by the Sylphs.

Whosoever does not know the rituals of the stars cannot practice the white magic of the stars, because the ritual is the instrument used in order to manipulate the forces. If the Gnostic wants to study those sidereal rituals, then, he has to learn them from the Higher Sylphs (read the Zodiacal Course by the same author).

The Sylph's appearance is like an innocent child. The Sylphs feel horror to the human beings, since they know very well that the present human souls are 'demon-souls.'

Millions of human beings already carry the mark of the beast on their foreheads and on their hands. Thus, the 'demon-souls' carry horns upon the forehead of their astral bodies, and on their hands they have a triangle with a point in its center. This triangle is the niark of the beast on the hands.

The authentic Astrologer does not need to create amusement park horoscopes, as the style of certain astrologers who are already famous for their ignorance. The true Master Astrologer receives his teachings and indications from the Stellar Genii.

A temple exists in the center of every star. This is the abode of the Genie from that planet. In order to enter into that temple, the true Astrologer has to be a Master, or a least a sincere and loyal disciple of the White Fraternity.

Whosoever can converse with the Stellar Genii does not need to make horoscopes, because the Stellar Angels show destiny to him. However, only the Masters from the White Fraternity can be disciples of the Stellar Angels (read The Revolution of Beelzebub by the same author).

Nonetheless, those clairvoyants who are capable of understanding the occult symbolism of the stars are the ones who march on a true path of light.

When fixedly observing a star, the clairvoyant sees that the star is opening itself into an arc. Then, the seer submerges himself within the aura of that star in order to 'live' all the events which await him in anticipation. This is what is called authentic Astrology.


The plants which are influenced by Mars are sour, bitter, acrid and fiery. Many of them are thorny and others produce irritation when touching them. Commonly, their flowers are red and small. They are found as small bushes which have a fervent smell.

The elementals who are influenced by Mars are the Salamanders.

When we penetrate within the dominions of fire, then we enter within the dominions of the Gods.

In Greece, the great igneous elemental known by the name of 'Apollo' illuminated Greece's spiritual welfare and that of the surrounding nations through his oracles, which were pronounced by his Pythoness at Delphi.

The elemental Gods of fire were the ones who inspired Joan of Arc. Sometimes they can impress many sensitive people to lead their nations Out of moments of peril.

The great Initiates speak with great reverence of those whom they call "Stillborn Children of the Flame." The redemption of mankind resides exclusively in the Sacred Fire of the Holy Spirit.

Some great Gods from the fire are the Green-faced Man who instructs one in the wisdom of the moon, or the Beautiful Greek, or the Great Atlantean.

We are going to textually transcribe a paragraph from the book "The Dayspring of Youth" by "M":

History records many stories about the appearance of these elemental Masters to the great men of the past. Here ne include a message from a fire elemental to a student:

"Before you were born I was acquainted with you in the inner spheres and we agreed to meet when you would return and harmonize yourself to my intelligence. After this long period I have come over to you in order to instruct you in ihe work that had interested both of us. The fire that you perceived to-day with your sixth sense was the signal we will always give you when we are here; for I have a following that will help and support you. We once spoke about your work at a time when you were born in Egypt and I witnessed your insurrection in a certain province. You gained great power in your efforts to undermine the authority of the ruler under whose scepter you had command. You failed in this conspiracy and were decapitated. But you were able to win the interest of the

great elementals of the Fire mists. Much of your knowledge was locked, but we can unlock this and serve you faithfully" (pp. 93-94, Eastern Occult Press)

The spiritual sun is pure fire and that sacred fire gives us illumination. The Salamanders are small and thin creatures and their physical bodies are the hot plants which are influenced by Mars.

Whosoever learns to manipulate the elementals of the fire can cure many sicknesses, because everything comes from the fire. The fire is the base of everything.

"INRI", Ignis Natura Renovatur Integra (the fire renews nature incessantly).


The plants which belong to the Jupiterean elementals are of a sweet, soft and subtle flavor, even though many times they hide their flowers. The Jupiterean trees are big and leafy, the flowers from these trees and plants are blue and white, with scarcely no smell.


The plants belonging to Saturn are always bulky and melancholic. They have gray and black flowers with a displeasing smell, and with acid and poisonous fruits.

Also, the plants belonging to the Saturnine elementals can be heavy, without flower. They reproduce themselves without seed, they are rough and blackish.

Their smell is penetrating and their shape is melancholic and sad. The pine and weeping willow are Saturnine trees.

The elementals of the Saturnine plants are the Gnomes or Pygmies, who build their houses under the ground and among rocks. They eat, sleep, live and reproduce themselves as the human beings do. Their bodies are ethereal and their appearance is like amiable dwarves.



Sick people must smell their zodiacal perfume on a daily basis:

ARIES : perfume of Myrrh

TAURUS : perfume like Costusroot, aromatic herb GEMINI : perfume of Mastic CANCER : perfume of Camphor LEO : perfume of Frankincense VIRGO : perfume of White Sandalwood LIBRA : perfume of Galbanum SCORPIO : perfume of Coral SAGITTARIUS : perfume of Aloe CAPRICORN : perfume of Pine extract AQUARIUS : perfume of Spikenard PISCES : perfume of Thyme

The whole organism of the sick person vigorously reacts when under the activity of the scent of his own zodiacal perfume.

Astrologers, Magicians and Perfumers were always in the courts of Europe. Louis XV always demanded that his room be perfumed daily with a distinct essence. Catalina of Medici, wife of Henri II from France, was relying on certain poisonous essences (which she slyly was hiding within her glove) in order to reject a suitor whom she did not accept.

Great healings with perfumes were performed in Mexico, India, Greece and Rome. Many books exist in the Libraries of Spain which the Moors left in that nation. Such books contain innumerable recipes for odoriferous essences.

When Popea Sabina, Nero's wife, died in the year 65 A.D., Nero exhausted the whole Arabian perfume production for his wife's funeral.

The priests of 'Tlaloc', in the country of the Aztecs, were using the colors of the solar cult and a Copal sack. The incense from this sacred tree was mixed with the vapors which were discharged from the hearts of their children who were burned alive. This was done as a sacrifice to the Sun God. These Aztec Magicians were eagerly breathing the spiritual forces from their incinerated creatures, with the purpose of incarnating within themselves those spiritual forces. These priests felt as if they were in the presence of gods when they allowed this vapor to act upon themselves mysteriously...

Nevertheless, this type of cruel and savage rite had to engender a horrible karma for Mexico.

Therefore, the arrival of the Conquistador Hernán Cortés to Mexico and the downfall of the Aztec civilization was the punishment that this people received because of such horrible and monstrous crimes.

Many secret formulae of alchemy existed in the temples of Mysteries.

The Great Masters from the temples in Jinn-state possess secret formulae in order to prepare perfumes. When their disciples inhale them, then they momentarily abandon their physical shape, or they are placed in the state of ecstasy.

These alchemical recipes never have been published, because humanity would use them for evil purposes.







Akasa and Prana are eternal.

The incoming tides of 'Monads' are dressed with vehicles when Prana enters into activity. Thus, they express themselves as 'elementals.' These elemental tides devolve and evolve. They descend from heaven, from Urania, and then they ascend again towards the infinite. This flux and re-flux of life eternally resounds with the Chinese 'KUNG.'

Nature has seven elements which are populated by elementals.

The elementals descend from the worlds of light, downwards, until the mineral kingdom and they ascend from this mineral kingdom, upwards, towards the worlds of light.

Elementals from the mineral, vegetable and animal kingdoms exist. The most evolved elementals from the mineral kingdom enter into the vegetable kingdom and the most evolved elementals from the vegetable kingdom enter into the animal kingdom. The evolved elementals From the animal kingdom enter into the human kingdom. The elementals are eternal. A divine spark, the Intimate (Spirit), exists within every elemental. All of us human beings were elementals.

I, Samael Aun Weor, Archbishop of the Holy Gnostic Church, Master of Major Mysteries from the White Lodge, Initiator of the New Era and Great Avatar of Aquarius, pronounce the following affirmations:

First, everything which Franz Hartman wrote about the elementals is filled with very grave errors.

Second, everything which Leadbeater wrote about elemental evolution is filled with very grave errors.

Third, everything which the spiritualist writers have written about the elementals is filled with very grave errors.

Fourth, none of the evolving elemental surges could enter into the Devic or Angelic kingdom without having previously passed through the gigantic human evolution.

Fifth, no human being has existed who has not been an elemental. As well, no elemental current exists that will not enter into the human state.

Sixth, if we clairvoyantly observe the interior of a rock, we will see millions of mineral elementals evolving within that rock. Therefore, the rock is only the physical body of those mineral elementals, as the plants are the physical body for the vegetable elementals.

Seventh, if we observe an animal we see that the body of that animal is the physical body of an animal elemental, who is preparing itself in order to enter into the human state.

We enunciate these fundamental declarations in order for the spiritualist students to open their eyes and abandon those horrible Theosophical and Rosicrucian Lodges that only produce degeneration upon thousands of souls.

Certain elemental creatures with an animal appearance exist. One only needs to exert power upon them in order to unleash a tempest or to stop one.

The mineral elementals appear in certain places where there is buried gold. They appear like a golden hen with her chickens, or as little golden children who soon submerge themselves into the place where the buried gold is located.

Every elemental has its own name. The name of every elemental is eternal. 'Samitania' is a very ancient animal elemental whose virginal spark will completely awaken him in the thture in order to incarnate him into a human body.

'Sereniyo' is the elemental chief of a group of wood pigeons that inhabit the hills of the Eastern Mountain Range of Colombia. He has the appearance of an infantile figure with a suit of feathers and bird wings.

The elementals from gigantic trees look like giants.

The buried treasures remain guarded by the elemental guardians. These treasures are only found when these elementals deliver them by command of the Lords of Karma. These elemental guardians can carry their treasures to other places and place them in a Jinn (enchanted) state. This is how no one can trespass over the will of the Lords of Karma.


The Egyptian civilization comes from a very remote Neptunian-Amentian period.

The Sphinx, which has resisted the course of the centuries, is simply the image of the Elemental Sphinx of the Goddess Nature. This Elemental Sphinx is the supreme Master of the whole elemental magic of Nature.

When a Master reaches the fifth Initiation of Major Mysteries, seven paths appear before him and he has to choose one amongst them. The Devic Evolution corresponds to one of them. The Devas are the Gods from the elemental paradises of Nature.

AGNI, elemental God of Fire, restores the igneous powers in our seven bodies throughout each one of the seven Great Initiations of Major Mysteries.

The Goddess Nature herself is a 'Guru-Deva' who governs creation.

Apollo, God of Fire, guided the Greek civilization with his oracles, given through the mouth of his Pythoness from the oracle of Delphi.

Osiris and Horus were the great elemental Gods from ancient Egypt.

We can study the great mysteries of the elemental magic of Nature in the college of the Sphinx. The Guru-Devas work with all of Nature and with the human being. They are true Masters of Compassion.

INDRA is the God of the Ether. AGNI is the God of Fire. PAVANA is the God of the Air. VARUNA is the God of the Water. KITICHI is the God of the Earth. These GuruDevas govern the elemental paradises of the Elemental Goddess of the world.

Medina Cifuentes, author of 'Occult Treasures', is mistaken when he absurdly affirms that the Devas are not involved with human evolution anymore. The Guru-Devas work with the human being and with the elementals of this great Nature.

All the Guru-Devas look like true innocent children. They live and play as children. They are disciples of the elemental Sphinx of Nature, who is the great Master of these DevaChildren.


A fundamental difference exists between those who have already reached the union with their Intimate, that is to say, the Masters, and those who still have not achieved that union, in other words, the disciples.

The Master has the flaming sword. The disciple still does not have it.

The flaming sword gives to the Master a tremendous power over all the elementals of Nature. All the elemental populations from the earth, water, air and fire tremble before such a sword, which throws fire and flames.

The Master can simultaneously exert power over millions of vegetable elementals.

The disciple has not that power, because he has not yet received the flaming sword. Therefore, the disciple must be meticulous and exact with the ritual of a plant, in order for the elemental of that plant to obey him.

The Master does not even need to touch the plant. He can exert power over the elemental of that plant from remote distances, because the elemental of the plant trembles with terror before the flaming sword of the Master.

It is enough for the Master to unsheath his sword in a given moment in order for millions of elementals to obey his command.

The disciple cannot exert power over various elementals at the same time. He has to separately operate upon each elemental, by practicing around each plant the rite of elemental magic.

The Master can command his Elemental Advocate to perform determined works of elemental magic. His Elemental Advocate will obey because he trembles with terror before the flaming sword of the Master.

The disciple does not have the power to command his Elemental Advocate either, because he does not possess the sword yet.


Every human being possesses an elemental instructor. This elemental instructor is made with the elemental substances from Nature and his creator was the human being himself The human being created his elemental instructor when he was also an elemental.

The aspirations of the elemental-man engendered his elemental instructor. This is how his elemental instructor was created. The elemental instructor of the Gnostic Medic is a Master in Elemento-Therapy.

When the readers of this book want to exert a medicinal operation on a plant, they must request the presence of their Elemental Advocate and beg him to practice the elemental rite of that plant, in order to join its vegetal element to the sick organ of the patient. Then, there is no doubt that the Elemental Advocate will join the vegetal elemental to the sick organ of the patient.

The vegetal elemental must be liberated only when the body of the patient is healed. Therefore, when the sick person is healed, beg to the Elemental Advocate to execute the liberation of that vegetal elemental.

People who live in the city and who have to buy their herbs in the marketplace, will practice the elemental rite around the cut plant, thus begging their Elemental Advocate to join the elemental of that plant to the sick organ or sick organs of the patient.

The Elemental Advocate will join with fluidic cords of the elemental of that plant to the sick organ or sick organs of the patient.

It is astonishing to contemplate the vegetal elemental healing the sick person, rebuilding the sick organs of the patient.

Since the medicinal plants are millions, it is clear that our readers will need to be wells of wisdom, or Guru-Devas, in order to know by memory all the elemental rites of all the plants of Nature. Fortunately, each human being has his own Elemental Advocate from Nature, who has that elemental sapience. Therefore, the Gnostic Medic has to train the person who will place a herb into the brewing pot to practice the elemental rite of that plant. This person will beg his Elemental Advocate to join the vegetal elemental to the sick organs of the patient.

This is the way our readers can join the astral cords from the vegetal elementals to the sick organs of the patient. Consequently, these sick people will be healed, because the plants are not the ones which cure, but their vegetal elementals.

Each vegetal has its elemental. Therefore, there is the need to beg our Elemental Advocate to practice the rite of each plant. Our Elemental Advocate is the Elemental Instructor from Nature.

The Elemental Instructor possesses the supreme wisdom of the elemental magic of Nature. With his help we can open the storage and archives of Nature and learn the profound wisdom enclosed within the memories of the elemental world.

Whosoever receives the Sword of Justice has the power to direct his own Elemental Advocate in order to make his Elemental Advocate visible before his disciples so that they can be protected against black magicians.

During Charlemagne's reign, many people and elemental beings profoundly penetrated within our physical atmosphere. It was precisely in that time when the romantic literature of the Round Table and King Arthur's Knights was born.

The great Elemental Kings from Nature live within a state of ineffable joy, they are Creator Gods.

The Natural-Magic or Elemento-Therapy is as ancient as the world. The Lemurians transmitted this knowledge to the Atlanteans, who transferred it to the great Hierophants of ancient Egypt.

If we consult history, we will become exactly aware that the great men from the past studied under the protective wings of elemental Egypt. The great Greek legislator Solon, Moses, Apollonius from Tyana, all of them received their wisdom from elemental Egypt.

The foundations of the great Egyptian period are founded upon a very ancient Neptunian activity, which is based on the elemental laws of Nature. The Egyptians denominated this profound Neptunian consciousness with the name of 'Amenti.'

When the Gnostic Medic affiliates himself with an internal school of elemental magic, he has to become skillful in the astral body in order to bring all the memories into his physical brain.

A school of elemental magic exists in elemental Egypt. The student can affiliate himself to this school. This school is the Temple of the Elemental Sphinx.

All of Nature is the body of a Goddess who exists in the astral plane. This Goddess has on her head a great queen's crown and she wears a resplendent white tunic. She is the one who commands in Nature, she is the blessed Mother Goddess of the World. She has a temple in the internal worlds, where she officiates and commands. This temple has two altars and in the midst of them we see a lion of massive gold, which symbolizes the 'Lion of the Law.'

It is necessary for the Magician to learn to speak with this Goddess in the astral plane.

The Goddess Mother of the World also has her Elemental Advocate, which is the Elemental Sphinx of Nature. The Magician must learn to command this Sphinx and to converse with this Goddess in order to become lord of all creation.

"Hail Nuit, eternal cosmic Seity"

"Hail Nuit, light of the Heavens"

"Hail Nuit, unique and primordial Soul"


"Then the priest fell into a profound ecstasy and spoke to the queen of heaven, saying: Write thy teachings for us. Write thy ritual for us. Write thy light for us.

"Then, the queen of heaven said in this manner: I do not write my teachings, I cannot. Nevertheless, my rituals will be written for all, yet only that part which is not secret. The law is like this, equal. One has to operate by the action of the Staff and by the action of the Sword. This should be learned and taught in this manner" (A fragment from the Gnostic Ritual of Second Degree).

We learn the powerful elemental wisdom in the school of the Elemental Sphinx. This school is situated in the astral world. Whosoever wants to be affiliated to it has to know how to travel in astral body.

The Sphinx's image is just the material symbol of a great elemental Genie from Nature, who is the unique Guardian of this very ancient wisdom of great Mother Nature.

When a Gnostic requests admittance into the Temple of the Sphinx, then, the Guardians meticulously examine him in order to see if he is worthy to deserve entrance and affiliation as a disciple into the school. Speaking in practical magical terms, this signifies that his spinal column is measured. For that purpose, the student is momentarily united with his Intimate (Spirit) and he receives the command to elongate himself in order to have his spinal column measured. Thus, if the Guardian or Tyler permits him he will then enter as a disciple into the temple.

The Masons from antiquity were disciples from this school of elemental magic. The Master of this school is an ancient Initiate Pharaoh who teaches Elemental Magic to his disciples.

In this elemental Egypt, there also exists the Gallo or GAIO with his 'IAO.' He is an elemental God from Nature, who takes the shape of the Gallo (rooster). If the disciple wishes to awaken his Kundalini, then, he can beg this Elemental God from Nature and he will receive help, since this Elemental Master is a sage in the wisdom of the serpent.

This is why the Gallo (rooster) could not have been missing from the Lord's Passion, since the Gallo (rooster) is the symbol of the sexual force. Therefore, the Gallo (rooster) of Christ's Passion is sacred.

The elemental atoms from Nature are Prana. All the elemental consciousness from Nature is Prana, or life. Therefore, whosoever speaks against the elementals speaks against life, and the princes of these elernentals close the doors to him.

The Elemental Gods are impressive and mighty, especially Horus (pronounced Aurus) who carries various bracelets or rings of massive gold around his forearm. When he delivers one of his bracelets to an Initiate, then this Initiate becomes a leader of a great populace.

The College of the Elemental Sphinx from Nature resides within the very innermost parts of Nature. It is here where we are initiated and where the 'Codex' of the laws of Nature is presented to us. However, we must firstly pass a great ordeal, which in occultism is called "The Ordeal of the Sanctuary." Very few have passed such a great ordeal. Those who pass it receive a ring of a 'monadic' substance on which the Seal of Solomon is engraved.

The Gnostic Medic must learn to utilize his Elemental Instructor (Elemental Advocate) in order to cure ill people. The Gnostic Medic must learn to manipulate the elemental substances from Nature in order to cure.

Prana is made with the most diverse elemental substances from Nature, which the Gnostic Medic must learn to manipulate.







Page 155 of the book Occult Botany (which is attributed to Paracelsus) has some mistaken data about garlic magic.

The Arhuaco Indians know about the garlic's elemental magic since very ancient times.

The garlic shrub possesses various little, thin elementals with white tunics.

One has to bless the garlic shrubs before harvesting them. Five garlic heads must be harvested along with five leaves of 'Recrusada' and five leaves of 'Carnestoledo' (Cochlospermuni hibiscoides Kunth.) trees. Each garlic head must be enveloped within a leaf of each one of these trees. Such leaves must be placed in a cross in order to envelope the garlic. Prayers of faith must be uttered while the garlic heads are enveloped.

Then, all of it must be girdled within a little green bag. It is thus carried as an amulet or talisman around one's neck, in order to defend oneself against the waves of evil which are emitted by the black magicians.


(Artemisia campestris L.)

This plant must be harvested at 12:00 midday on Good Friday.

The Magician will trace a circle around the plant, and he will kneel before it. Then, he will pray, asking the elemental of the plant for the desired service. Next, he will yank it from its very roots and will take it to his house.

The plant must be yanked while the Magician is facing towards the east. The plant must be hung from its roots on the ceiling of the house, so that the plant remains with its roots aiming upwards and its branches aiming downwards. The plant must remain towards the east. The power of this elemental will grant to its owner whatever was asked for.


(Datura Arborea L.)

(Known as Borrachero, Tropeta de Angel in Colombia and Mexico, Higaton in Bolivar and Floripondio in Peru)

The elemental of the Angel's Trumpet tree is completely a Magician. He is Neptunian and has tremendous powers. When clairvoyantly seen, this elemental looks like a twelve year old child. He carries in his hands the Magician's magic wand.

Every Angel's Trumpet tree has its corresponding elemental, who has to be utilized by those who wish to consciously depart in their astral body. I was frequently utilizing the elemental of this tree in order to teach my disciples to consciously depart in their astral bodies. I say that I wa.v utilizing it because I am referring to ancient times.


I was taking a branch from the same tree and with it I was tracing a very wide circle on the ground around it. Then, I was crushing the tree's flowers and dabbing the pressed juice from it over the brain of the disciple.

Then, the disciple, while laying on his bed, was going to sleep and I was commanding the elemental to take that disciple out from his physical body. These commands were accompanied with the mantra of this tree, which is "KAM" and must be pronounced by prolonging the sound of the two last letters, like this:


All of our Gnostic disciples of this day and age must employ the powers of this elemental in order to learn how to consciously depart in astral body. For this purpose, just proceed as we have just taught.

You must imperiously command the elemental like this: "When I call you, you will always assist me. I need you to take me out in my astral body every time that I command you to do so."

Afterwards, the disciple will pierce a finger of his hand with a needle and with a knife he will make an incision on the tree in which he has to deposit his blood. In this way, the pact with the genie of this Angel's Trumpet tree will be formalized.

"Write with blood, thus, you will learn that the blood is spirit." (Nietzsche).

"Blood. Blood is a very special fluid." (Goethe).

Then, the disciple will cut some hair from his head and will hang it on the tree. He will collect some petals from the flowers of the tree and will place them within a little bag hung from his neck as a talisman. Hence, from that instant, the disciple has this humble elemental under his service, who will always assist to his call.

When the disciple wants to consciously depart in his astral body, he goes to sleep on his bed and pronounces the mantra of this tree. His mind is concentrated on this elemental genie, calling him mentally and begging him to take him out in his astral body. In the state of transition between vigil and dream, the elemental of the Angel's Trumpet tree will take him out of his physical body and will take him consciously to the places longed for.

Anytime the disciple can visit this tree he must do it in order to water it, bless it and to cut its flowers, which he will utilize whenever he wishes to do so. As we have already stated, these flowers must be crushed with a stone, then their juice is extracted and applied over the brain in order to depart in astral body. It is beneficial to warn that the application of this juice is performed at the time when the disciple will lay down on his bed, when he is going to sleep.

However, when the flowers are not available, the disciple must invoke his serving elemental in order for the elemental to take him out in his astral body.

This elemental has also the power to make us invisible.

When the disciple wants to make himself invisible, he pronounces the mantra (KAM) of the elemental of this tree. He calls his servitor and begs the elemental to make him invisible. This will actually happen.

In ancient times, when I wanted to become invisible, I was crushing the flowers as I already explained. Then, I was applying this pressed juice upon the joints of my body, while begging the elemental to make me invisible.

Nonetheless, we have to warn that what the disciple must first do is transcend his body. In ancient times, the human being was living within the bosom of Mother Nature. All of the powers of the blessed Goddess Mother of the world were potently resounding within their resonant centers. Thus, these powers were expressing themselves with the grandiose euphoria of the universe through all of the human being's chakras.

Yet, in this day and age the human being is completely unadaptable to Nature, and the potent waves of the universe cannot express themselves through him.

Therefore, our duty is to adjust our body to the bosom of the blessed Goddess Mother of the world again. Our duty is to clean this marvelous physical organism and to prepare our body in order to convert it into a resonant center for Nature.

The disciple must daily invoke the seven Potencies with the powerful mantra "MUERISIRANCA" and beg them to prepare his body for the exercising of practical magic.

We also have to be tenacious and persevering year after year in invoking the seven Potencies, in order for them to prepare our physical body for the exercising of practical magic.

The body of a Magician has a different vibratory tonality, different to the bodies of the other human specie.

No matter how good a musical instrument can be, if it is not properly tuned then the musician will not execute his melodies with success. A similar situation occurs with the Magician's human body. He has to tune his marvelous organism in order to execute his great works of practical magic with a plenitude of success.

The pressed juice of the flower from the Angel's Trunipet tree, when applied to the body's joints, is used in occult medicine in order to acquire agility in the muscles.

The seeds of this plant are only utilized by the evil ones for their criminal intents. We, the Gnostics, only utilize the pressed juice from its flower (petals).

We advise the disciples to have this marvelous Angel's Trumpet plant for their works of practical magic on the patio of their houses. Moreover, this plant is a guardian against evil entities.


(Erythroxilon Coca Lam.)

"And was the word of, Jehovah to me, saying, Jeremiah, what do you see? And I said, I see an almond rod.

Then Jehovah said to me. You have seen well, for I will watch over My word to perform

it." (Jeremiah: 1:11, 12)

When we study these symbolic verses from the Prophet Jeremiah, we find that the almond rod represents the Magician's rod.

In its purely vegetal aspect, the almond rod encloses a vegetal secret which Jeremiah did not want to unveil to the profane.

The 'Jayo' (Coca) is hidden behind the almond rod.

This marvelous plant serves in order to help one depart in astral body. The mantra of the

'Jayo' is: "BOYA-BOYA-BOYA."

A secret formula exists in order to prepare a potion with the 'Jayo.' This potion permits the Magician to consciously depart in his astral body. I must be very careful not to divulge this sacred formula, because humanity is not prepared in order to receive it.

Seyirino, father of the 'Jayo', is a great Master from the Mayan Ray. The elemental of the 'Jayo' looks like a maiden of an extraordinary beauty, with her body of pure gold and her beautiful vestures.

We, the Roman Magicians from the ancient Rome of the Caesars were frequently using the 'Jayo' for our great works of practical magic.


(Juniperis comunis L.)

The Juniper is a very sacred broom tree. The Gnostic must learn how to manipulate the powers of this broom tree, in order to converse with the Angels. Let us now see the following biblical verses.

"And Ahab told Jezebel all that Elijah had do and withal how he had slain all the prophets with the sword.

"Then Jezebel senta messenger unto Elijah saying, So let the Gods do to me, and more also, if I make not thy life as the life of one of them by tomorrow about this time.

"And when he saw that, he arose, and went for his life, and came to Beersheha, which belongeth to Judah, and left his servant there.

"But he himself went a day's journey into the wilderness, and came and sat down under a juniper tree: and he requested for himself that he might die; and said, it is enough; now, O Jehovah, take away my life; for I am not better than my fathers.

"And as he lay and slept under a juniper tree, behold, then an angel touched him, and said unto him, Arise and eat.

"And he looked, and, behold, there was a cake baked on the coals, and a cruse of water at his head. And he did eat and drink, and laid him down again." (1 Kings: 19: 1-6)

Biblical magic is something very holy. Very few are those who know it in depth. When the bible tells us that Elijah sat under a certain Juniper tree and that under this Juniper tree an Angel appeared to him, what is hidden behind this is very profound esoteric wisdom.

In order for an Angel to make himself visible and tangible in the physical world, it is necessary to prepare for him a gaseous body, so it can serve him as a physical instrument. Therefore, the Magician who wants to make the Angels visible and tangible in the physical world must know in depth the elemental magic of the Juniper tree.

The Magician will collect some branches and berries from the Juniper tree, which he will place within a container or pot with water to boil. He will drink a glass of that beverage when the ritual of angelic invocation begins. He will also place a censer over the altar of his sanctuary, in which he will put branches and berries of the Juniper tree. He can also add branches of Yarrow (Achillea millefolium L.) for the decoction that he has to drink, as well as for the smoke offering in the temple. Yet, if he does not find the Yarrow branches, only the Juniper tree will be enough for the rite.

The invoker must dress himself with his priestly robe. He can perform the ritual of First or Second Degree, or the Gnostic Mass as it appears in our book entitled "Secret writings of a Guru".

When finishing the ritual, the invoker will swing the censer three times, commanding the elemental of the Juniper tree to form the gaseous body over the altar of the temple, in order for the invoked Angel to make himself visible and tangible in the physical world. The officiant must pronounce three times with a potent voice the name of the Angel whom he wishes to invoke.

The Angel Israel can be invoked. The populace which has his own name was ruled by him during all of the biblical exodus. Also, the Angel Raphael or the Angel Aroch, etc., can be invoked.

The Juniper tree that was used for its branches for that rite must remain covered with black cloth during the whole time of the ceremony. Some stones must also be hung from its branches.

The elemental of the Juniper tree looks like a twelve year-old girl, and possesses great occult powers.

The branches and berries of the Juniper tree also have the power of cleaning our astral body from any type of larvae.

This work can also be performed in a very simple way, within a room properly purified with frankincense and with prayer. In this case, the ritual can be replaced with invocations performed with a pure heart.

The Juniper tree will make a gaseous body which will serve as an instrument for the invoked Angel. If our invocation is worthy, then the Angel will come to our call and will make himself visible and tangible. Yet, if our invocation is not worthy of an answer, then the Angel will not come to our call.

The altar can be simply made with a table.

When we read that the prophet Elijah sat under a Juniper tree, this signifies that he invoked an Angel by making use of a Juniper tree. Thus, the Angel concurred to his call and made himself visible and tangible.

The Juniper tree has various mantras that must be pronounced during the rite.

"KEM LEM" are the mantras of this vegetal elemental.

We read in the memories of Nature that three Zipas from Bacata practiced the rite of the

Juniper tree, in order to make the Angels visible and tangible. All of the divine Kings from antiquity practiced the elemental magic of the Juniper tree in order to converse with the Angels.

This marvelous elemental obeys an elemental Queen of the fire. We see in the internal worlds this great elemental Queen seated upon her throne of fire. The memories of Nature tell us that the Juniper tree has the power of placing our endocrine glands into a special, super-ffinctioning degree. This simply signifies that all the chakras from the astral body enter into activity by means of the rite of the Juniper tree.

The elemental magic of the Juniper tree belongs to the art of divine Kings.

We teach our disciples about great Nature's royal art in our book entitled Igneous Rose.

Igneous Rose is a book written for all those who are aspiring to enter onto the Devic path.

We deeply study in the book Igneous Rose the evolution of the elementals of the blessed Goddess Mother of the world.

We meticulously study in Igneous Rose tile elemental magic of a thousand of plants.

Therefore, all of those disciples who aspire to enter onto the Devic path must study in depth our book entitled Igneous Rose.

We study in depth the elemental life of the earth, air, water and fire in our book Igneous Rose. Seven paths of Cosmic Evolution exist and Jgneous Rose is the special book for all of those who aspire to the Devic path.


(Agave americana L. )

A great Lord of the Light, a White Magician in Lemurian epochs, wanted to stray onto the black path. I admonished him with advice in order to stop him, yet, he was insisting in his intentions. Therefore, I was obliged to operate with the elemental of the Maguey plant, who possesses great powers, in order for this Magician to abandon such a fatal decision.

I then ritualized in the already known way. Next, I cut one of the plant's fleshy leaves and I placed it between the palms of my hands, pronouncing various times the three mantras of this elemental from the Century plant: "LIBIB, LENONINAS, LENONON."

Afterwards, I imperiously commanded the elemental to travel towards the dwelling of the White Magician, who was in danger of straying onto the black path. Thus, the elemental took the shape of a little goat and submerged himself within the Magician's own atmosphere and exactly accomplished the commands which I gave him, which was to disintegrate his evil thoughts and to fortify his good thoughts.

I also remember a curious case from the primeval times of South America. A father brought his son to me, who was a child of a young age. He did so in order for me to prescribe medicine to the child who had fallen grievously sick by pestilence. The child's fatal outcome was inevitable. Consequently, I told the child's father, "I will cure your child, but because he is already a lost case, you have to give him to me as an adoptive son."

The child's father agreed with my proposition. Thus, I operated with the Maguey in the very moment. I made the circle around it, blessed the plant and pronounced its three mantras: LIBIB LENONINAS LENONON. Then, I commanded the elemental to cure the child of the horrible pestilence.

Afterwards, I removed the roots of that Maguey and prepared a decoction. While the water was boiling, I blessed the decoction-pot and commanded the elemental like this:

"Work, heal the sick child." This is how the child rapidly recovered his health.

The elemental of the Century plant is Jupiterian and possesses great occult powers.

I had a reincarnation during the time of the government of the last Caesar from Rome. At that time I had fame as a Magician. Hence, I was called by Caesar in order to help him to get rid of a political personage, who was his mortal enemy. I accepted the job and operated with the elemental of the Maguey plant. I approached the plant and blessed it. Then, I walked in a circle around it from right to left, cut one of its fleshy leaves and placed it between the palms of my hands. Afterwards, I pronounced the mantras of the Maguey plant: LIBIB, LENONINAS, LENONON. I imperiously commanded the elemental of this plant to transport himself to the abode of the Caesar's enemy in order to disintegrate his thoughts of hatred and to infuse into him love towards the Sovereign.

The results were astonishing, because in a few days the mortal enemies became reconciled.


(Guazuma ulmifolia Lamarck.)

The elemental of the 'Guasimo' plant is armed with powerful magical attributes. This elemental lives in the Tattwa Tejas as a very distinguished elemental of fire. The cape which falls to his feet thus corroborates it.

The mantras of this igneous elemental are: MOUD, MOUD, HAMMACA.

With these mantric words, the elemental of the 'Guasimo' is commanded to work in what is desired for. The Magician will take one of the branches of this tree, after having blessed it, and will trace a circle around it, in accordance with what has already been taught.

Once the ritual has concluded, collect a bunch of its leaves and put them to maccrate for 15 or 20 days within a bottle of rum. Before starting the utilization of this medicament, do some passes with your right hand over the affected organs with the intention of collecting the diseased fluids, which must be placed within a sack made with wool, because wool is an extremely efficient insulated material. The hand must be placed within the wool sack seven times for the already indicated reason. When this operation is finished, then close the sack's opening and pray to the elemental, so that he can cure the sick person. The Gnostic Medic must perform this prayer while kneeling over a stone and when lie finishes his petition, he will cast the sack from his hands with the fervent desire of throwing the rheumatism away from the body of the sick person.

Give to the sick person a little cup of the maceration of rum every hour. The healing is quick.


(Jacaranda caucana Pittier.)

The elemental of the 'Gualanday' tree has a dark green tunic. He belongs to the wisdom of the serpent.

I remember a very interesting case in those forgone times when the submerged continents of Lemuria and Atlantis were still united with South America.

A young female Indian, who was the promised fiancé of a handsome man from the same tribe, was suffering horribly because of the consequences of a quarrel, which threatened to frustrate the matrimonial agreement. Since I was the Medic Magician from that tribe, I was consulted by that grievous woman, whom I promised to help. Thus, I immediately operated with the elemental of the 'Gualanday' tree in the following way:

At sunrise, facing towards the east and with my head covered with a mantle, I approached the 'Gualanday' tree. Then, after performing the ritual which we have previously described, I took two of its branches as a symbol of the bride and groom. Thus, with a branch in each hand and facing towards the place where the bridegroom dwelled, I pronounced three times the mantra of the 'Gualanday' tree: TISANDO, TISANDO, TISANDO.

I commanded the elemental to transport himself to the residence of the bride and bridegroom to end the quarrel and to harmonize the couple. The elemental was not to abandon this assignment until such orders were accomplished.

After performing this procedure, I placed the branches of the 'Gualanday' tree over two wooden trunks which were on the ground. Then, I took the branches and whipped them against the trunks until the leaves were detached from them. I gave these to the bride so she could cook them with the groom's food. Thus, a short time after, the couple married and they became happy.

There is nothing more efficient than the ritual of the 'Gualanday' tree in order to destroy the quarrels of marriage.

The elemental of this tree belongs to the wisdom of the snake. This elemental must be imperiously invoked and commanded in such a manner: TISANDO, work intensely. TISANDO, cure the sick person, heal his liver. TISANDO, harmonize the marriage of (name), terminate their quarrels, etc.

The ritual must not be forgotten in the moment of harvesting this plant. It must be blessed and commanded to do whatever one wishes. Also, when the water from the decoction of this plant is boiling, the blessings and the vocalization of the mantra "TISANDO" must be repeated.

Dosage: In order to heal the liver, drink three glasses daily of the decoction of this plant before meals, for fifteen days.


(Microchete conymbosa H. B. K.)

(In order to reconcile oneself with an enemy)

This plant must be harvested during the day. A circle must be traced with a reed while over the top of the plant. Then, the letter 'S' must be pronounced in the following way:


After having perfumed a cloth with the smoke of herbs, then the cloth has to be blessed by making three passes in the form of a cross with 'blessed water.' Afterwards, it has to be perfumed with a fine rose essence, heliotrope essence and eau de cologne.

The assistants must keep themselves in chastity and must cleanse themselves from astral larvae. Therefore, they must practice sexual magic.


(Mammea americana L.)

(Called Guanabana Cabezotia or Tutna Cabeza de Tigre on the coast of Colombia)

Collect nine leaves from this tree and make three crosses. Use three leaves for each cross and underpin each one of them with a pin.

One cross will be placed under the bed and the other two crosses as follows: one on the threshold (doorway) of the bedroom and the other outside of the bedroom's threshold. No Black Magician or Sorcerer can enter into the bedroom when these three crosses from this plant are placed as indicated. This is the way in which many people can defend themselves from the forces of evil.

The magic circle must be traced around this tree before collecting the leaves from it. Also, the four cardinal points of the earth must be blessed while reciting the prayer of the Angel Gabriel, which is as follows:

"Thirteen thousand rays has the sun, thirteen thousand rays has the moon, thirteen thousand times be repented all my enemies."

The Angel Gabriel will reject all the visible and invisible evil entities with this prayer for whosoever performs this supplication at the foot of the Mammee Tree.

This tree has the thirteen powers from the sun and from the moon; therefore, it is very powerful. These thirteen powers are the following:

  1. The holy house;

  2. The chorus of Angels from Gemini;

  3. The thirteen candles which blaze in Galilee, the thirteen Marys;

  4. The four tablets of Moses and the coffin,

  5. The five wounds (stigmata);

  6. The six thousand chorus of Angels (6 holy Barons);

  7. The seven Pleiades which blaze in Galilee;

  8. The eight months and days of the pregnancy of Mary, who had the Child in her womb;

  9. The nine Commandments;

  10. The crown of thorns of Jesus Christ;

  11. The eleven thousand Virgins; 12. The twelve Apostles;

13. The magical prayer.

Those persons who want to reject their mortal enemies will trace a circle around the tree. Then they will bless the four cardinal points and will recite the powerful prayer of the Angel Gabriel.


('Guayabo', Psidium guajaba L.)

I remember something very interesting from those primeval epochs of South America, when Lemuria and Atlantis had not yet submerged. A lady was abandoned by her husband and so she remained in a truly lamentable situation.

Feeling condolence for this poor woman, I performed a work of elemental magic with the Guava tree.

I lit a big wax candle over a piece of cloth used by the husband. Then, I cut a branch from the Guava tree and placed it next to the wax candle. Next, I imperiously commanded the elemental of the Guava tree to bring into the house the absent husband:

This work was astonishing because the result was marvelous. The husband returned in repentance to his house.

The elemental of the Guava tree resembles a girl wearing a pink tunic, who has a beautiful presence.

All of these works of elemental magic must be performed after having asked permission to the Lords of Karma. Therefore, I teach to all my disciples to depart in their astral bodies, in order for them to visit the temples of the Lords of Karma.

When these type of works are performed against the will of the Lords of Destiny, then one falls into black magic and falls into the abyss. Therefore, every work of practical magic must be supported with permission of the Lords of the Law.

Those who do not know how to depart in their astral bodies can consult the Lords of the Law by opening the Bible.

Before opening the Bible, beg to the Lords of the Law, asking permission in order to execute the magical work. Then, with closed eyes, ask the Lords of the Law to guide your hand. In an unplanned manner open the book, placing the index finger upon any verse of the opened page. Next, open your eyes and read what you have pointed to.

The Bible is highly symbolic; thus, the symbolic verse will be interpreted based on the law of similarities (analogies). The verse upon which we placed the index finger can be interpreted with a little bit of common sense.

This procedure with the Bible is done when we require direction regarding the execution of magical works which act upon our neighbor's free will.


The 'Mama' Kunchuvito Muya, Indian Master, told me that the 'Guarumo' tree serves as much for doing good as well as for doing evil, and also for healing sick people.

It is clear that we, the White Magicians, utilize this tree for doing good. The children of darkness utilize it for doing evil.

The 'Mama' Kunchuvito Muya taught me how to cure sick people from far distances by means of the powerful elemental of the 'Guarumo' tree. He blessed the plant, then he commanded the elemental to cure a certain person. He placed a mug filled with water close to the plant and put a stick within the water. Then, during the certain space of time he was stirring the water with the stick, his mind was intensely concentrated on the sick person whom he wanted to cure from a far distance.

A circle must be traced on the ground around the plant in order to work with it.

A small vegetal Host wafer enclosed within a cannula exists inside the trunk of the Guarumo tree, as well as in all of its center. This vegetal Host wafer can be used as an amulet in order to defend oneself against occult and invisible enemies, also in order to aid oneself against the people who hate us. Carry this vegetal Host wafer inside a small green bag.


(Dryopteris filix-mas L.)

In the book Occult Botany, which is attributed to Paracelsus, we find a very grave error on page 183, regarding the magic of the Male Fern. The formula written in that book is' mistaken. We believe that those errors were never written by Paracelsus. Such errors belong only to his interpreters, successors and translators, because Paracelsus is completely a Master of wisdom. We, who have dealt with him, know very well that he is not guilty of these errors. Such mistakes were made by his interpreters.

The exact formula for the Male Fern is as follows:

On the night of Saint John the Baptist, which is the end of the 23^rd^ day of June, at midnight (vespers of Saint John, June 24^th^), three persons will magically operate with the Male Fern. Such three persons must walk towards the place where the Male Fern is planted. They must go perfectly bathed, dressed and perfumed as if they were going to a wedding ceremony or to a very fancy party.

They will place next to the Male Fern a fine cloth spread out on the ground. Such a cloth must be magically prepared with the smoke of the leaves of Laurel, Verbena and 'Anamu' (Petiveria alliacea Plumier).

After having perfumed that cloth with the smoke of those herbs, then the cloth has to be blessed by making three passes in the form of a cross with 'blessed water.' Afterwards, it has to be perfumed with a fine rose essence, heliotrope essence and eau de cologne.

The assistants must keep themselves in chastity and must cleanse themselves from astral larvae. Therefore, they must practice sexual magic; they must never cohabit in their lives.

The cleanse is made by performing baths with the plant called 'Mano de Dios' or 'Lengua de Baco.' Do not mistake this plant with 'Lengua de Vaca' (Rumex crispus L.).

The Magician will trace a circle on the ground around this plant when the ritual is being performed. Such a circle must be traced with a stick from the same plant.

This plant has astonishing magical powers in order to reject the Magicians from darkness. There is not a Black Magician who can resist the whips of this plant called 'Mano de Dios.' Evil entities can be expelled from the house with such a plant.

The Magicians from darkness will terribly attack the performers of this ritual on the night of Saint John, in order to stop them from collecting the seeds of the Male Fern. Whosoever achieves the collecting of the seeds will fill himself with good luck and fortune. Money will smile upon him everywhere. This person will be filled with happiness and his business affairs will be triumphant. The whole world will envy him because of his fortune.

These seeds are only found on the day already indicated, at twelve midnight, and under the roots of the Male Fern.

The assistants must distribute these seeds in a friendly manner, without arguments or ambitions.

Every one must carry his seeds within a small jug, or better, if they are placed inside a little bag and hung from the neck.

Extensive amounts have been written about this plant within the book Tratie des Superstitions written by the erudite J. B. Tiers. It is a book from the XVII century.

The powder of the Male Fern root is good in order to expel tapeworms. Consume ten grams of this powder within one hundred and twenty-five grams of water. After the space of one hour, drink a purgative.


The Saga Maria Pastora, who is a Master from the wisdom of the Mayan Ray, taught me how to use the 'Jarilla Chivata' plant.

The Saga walked in a circle around the plant. Then, she blessed and harvested the plant. Afterwards, she crushed it and took the pressed juice from it. Next, within a container she mixed this juice with pure water and lemon. She gave this mixture to a young woman to drink who was sick from a pernicious fever. Subsequently, this young woman was totally cured.

The elemental of the 'Jarilla Chivata' plant is a small and thin creature of a black color.

After the ill woman drank the potion and after the healing was performed, the Saga sent the elemental away.


(Anacardium occidentale L.)

The elemental of this tree has magical powers. If the Magician wants a distant friend to come or wants to terminate the quarrels of a marriage, then he must magically operate in the following way:

He will take between his hands the fruit of the Cashew tree and say:

"By the help of God, padoria, padoria, padoria."

This mantra is pronounced with a loud, imperious voice, commanding the elemental of this tree to work over the mind of the person whom one is trying to influence. The skin of the fruit must be pierced with a pin during this magical operation. The phenomena will be mathematically performed.

I know in depth the psychology of certain 'super-transcended' people. When they will read these lines they will qualify us as Black Magicians. Just as they do with us, they will also do with all of those who practice vegetal magic and Elemento-Therapy.

If the classification of Black Magicians would be given to us for the fact of manipulating the elementals from the plants, then what classification would be given to the Angels who manipulate the Tattwas by means of its elemental populations?

The manifested life is the expression of Monadic Essences. These essences are compounded by focal essences, who are dressed with vehicles of distinct density. We call such focal essences elementals, human beings, Gods, beasts, Angels, Archangels, etc., etc.

Each plant is the physical expression of a Monad. We call these vegetal Monads "elementals." So then, who is the one who has the audacity to think that knowing how to manipulate the life of the vegetals is evil? How many ignoramuses who boast of hypocritical and cheap wisdom would wish at least to see (since they cannot exert power over them) the elementals from Nature?


The Pine is the tree of Aquarius and possesses great magical powers.

Cut a branch that is towards the rising sun and two branches from the side of the sunset and form a cross with these. The body of the cross will be made with the one branch and the arms which form the cross will be made with the two branches.

Create an iron key during seven Holy Fridays. Leave a concavity or orifice in this key so that you can insert the stick of the cross through it. Whosoever carries this key will be exempt from any type of sickness which is produced by witchcraft. As well, any type of sorcery or work of black magic will have no effect over the one who bears this key.

The Pine is the sacred tree of Aquarius. Every Gnostic must cultivate this tree in his garden. Pine extract cures and purifies the lungs.

Pine cones (seeds) cure influenza. In order to prepare this remedy one proceeds in the following way: Boil 15 to 20 pine cones within a liter of water. The sick person will drink three glasses daily of this ideal remedy.


If there exists human cruelty, it is true that there also exists spiritual cruelty.

All of us who love the light have already passed through many type of "isms", that is to say, we have known the schools of Theosophism, Rosicrucianism, Spiritualism, etc., etc.

Thus, where only love, brotherhood, fraternity and peace were proclaimed, we really only found hypocritical Pharisees, whitened sepulchers, resentment disguised within garbs of philosophy, terrible fanaticism and secret gossiping.

Where we were searching for wisdom we only found charlatanry, vanity and stubborn pride.

There is no stab that hurts more than the one of spiritual cruelty. Thus, the poor souls who long for their superlative perfection and for their spiritual self-ennoblement suffer the unutterable in their journey, when they search for the Truth inside all of those famous spiritualistic schools.

All the infamies and all the 'caddish tricks' are supplied by all those spiritualistic brothers. Yet, their worst cruelties are always disguised with philosophical phrases and sweet smiles.

Hence, there is no stab that hurts more than the spiritual stab.

Moral sicknesses can only be cured with the magic of the Roses. Therefore, all those people who are sick because of a spiritual stab can be cured with the magic of the Roses. Those poor souls who have a very deep emotional pain let them be cured with the magic of the Roses.

The Rose is the queen of the flowers. The Rose is influenced by Venus, the star of love, the morning star. A great ineffable Master lives in that star. The name of this Master is 'Llanos' (pronounced Janos).

The Chela (disciple) who wants to visit the morning star with his astral body will operate in the following way:

With his body well relaxed, he will lay down. He will get a little bit drowsy and will vocalize with his mind the following prayer:

Llanos... Llanos... Llanos... Help me, Lla... ma... dor... Lla... ma... dor... Lla... nos... Lla... nos... Lla... nos...

Then, when the disciple finds himself already drowsy (half asleep), he must sit softly on his bed, throw the blanket off of him with which he is covered and get down from his bed. Thus, when he is standing on the floor, he must jump with the intention of floating within the air. If he floats, then he must go out from his house while floating in the atmosphere and while pronouncing the invocation of the Master Llanos, pronouncing it in the same way as when he was doing it on his bed.

The Master Llanos is an inhabitant of the planet Venus. He will hear the call from the invoker (the llamador). He will help him in order to arrive to Venus, the star of the Roses, the morning star.

The disciple will be welcomed by the Master Llanos when arriving to Venus and if he wants wisdom, then, the Master will illuminate him.

The disciple will be overwhelmed because of the ineffable resplendence which springs out from the aura and from the diamond tunic of the Master Llanos.

This Master has already united himself with his Glorian. Therefore, he wears a diamond tunic.

During the hour of Venus, the astral atmosphere is filled with a pink light of ineffable beauty.

A Guru once told me the following:

"My son, this is a very dangerous hour for astral projection, because all the world is filled with a pink light..."

This Master was right. If it is true that in the hour of Venus the positive ray from this star is filling everything with light, music and love, it is also true and very real that the negative ray from Lucifer-Venus, that is the ray of the Black Magician Lucifer and of all of the Lucifers and tenebrous Initiates from the copper cauldron, is also active.

Yet, if the disciple lives a pure and chaste life, then he will have nothing to fear of the Magicians from darkness.

Fortunately, Lucifer and the Lucifers have already fallen into the abyss...

This clue which we give here in order to travel in astral body to the star Venus, I, Samael Aun Weor, received from the Great Egyptian Initiate Mary, mother of Jesus of Nazareth.

Tradition tells us that when Mary was making carpets for the temple of Jerusalem, those carpets were transforming themselves into Roses.

The lines from the hands of Mary, mother of Jesus, clearly tell us that she had a rich suitor in her first youth, whom she did not want to accept because her only yearning was to become a priestess of the light.

Mary suffered very much with the event of the Divine Rabbi from Galilee. She had only one spouse, who was Joseph the Initiate, and only one son, who was the Divine Master.

Therefore, Mary was an authentic pure and holy Gnostic Priestess. Her face was bronzed by the dessert sun, her body was fine and agile. She was short in stature, slightly flatnosed and her upper lip protruded just a little. This Master was humbly dressed. She had comfort in the first years of her life. Yet, later in her life she was very poor. She used to wear a brown colored tunic that was faded and patched, since she was living in poverty.

Her holy life accomplished the most grandiose mission that can be granted unto a human being. Now, she, this prominent Master, is reincarnated again in the valley of the Nile.

On this occasion, she was born with a masculine body. This great soul came in order to accomplish a great worldly mission.



Place three crystal glasses filled with pure water upon a table, with one rose in each glass. These glasses must be arranged so that they will form a triangle, one glass towards the north, another towards the east and another towards the west.

Each glass must be blessed by the person performing this rite, who will drink the three glasses of rose water daily in the following sequence: Before breakfast, drink the glass of water which faces the east. Before lunch drink the glass of water which faces the north. Before dinner, drink the glass of water which faces the west.

This treatment must be accompanied by a sincere supplication to the Intimate (Spirit) and to the White Fraternity, so they may help the person become free from the emotional pain in which he is situated.

Any emotional pain, as grave as it might be, will be cured with this formula, which is repeated for several days.

When and during what epoch has any physician cured sufferings of an emotional nature? How many people die daily or get sick because of emotional sufferings? Nonetheless, it is sad to say that there has never been a compassionate person who has delivered to humanity the exact formula in order to cure emotional pains.

Cases of suicide are innumerable and nobody has ever spoken about the magic of the Roses.

Many certified Physicians can be blamed for deaths that occur daily. Yet, human justice cannot reach them, even when, so to speak, they can fill up a cemetery on their own. I knew young people who were humble and modest while they were simple students from the Faculty of Medicine. Yet, as soon as they received their Physician's title, they became proud, vain and despotic. Medicine is a very sacred priesthood. Therefore, by no means can a despotic or proud individual ever be an authentic Physician.


The Rose is the Queen of the flowers. When we investigate in the internal worlds the vegetal magic of the Roses, we can evidence that the rituals of the Queen of the flowers are our own Gnostic rituals.

Some authentic Rosicrucian Temples exist in the internal worlds. One of them is the Temple of Monserrat, Catalufla (Spain) and another is the Temple of Chapultepec in Mexico.

The true Sanctuaries from the true Rose-Cross order are totally Gnostic.

The Gnostic-Rosicrucian ray has its Temples of Mysteries only in the internal worlds.

The Rose, with its immaculate beauty, encloses the must ineffable spiritual wisdom from the Universe. The rituals of First, Second and Third Degree are the Gnostic magic of the Queen of the flowers. All the plants have their sacred rites. Yet, the sacred rites of the Queen of the flowers are our holy rituals.


On one certain occasion, when I, Samael Aun Weor, was in the star Sirius, I saw from far away some trees which were each penetrated by a damsel of an ineffable and touching beauty.

Those damsels called me so that I could approach them. They were elemental damsels (nymphs) who were incarnated within those shrubs. Their melodious voice was music from Paradise. I conversed with them, and then I withdrew, astonished with their plentiful beauty.

That planet has vast seas, and the inhabitants from that star have never killed, not even a little bird.

Their social organization would be magnificent for our terrestrial globe. All the economical problems from this world would end and happiness would reign upon the surface of the earth.

The Sirians are short in stature and they have all their internal senses perfectly developed.

They dress simply with humble tunics and use metallic sandals.

Every Sirian lives in a small wooden house. There is no house that does not have a small orchard where the owner of the house cultivates his vegetal aliments. The owner of the house also possesses a small garden where he cultivates his flowers. Capitalists do not live there, cities do not exist there either, nor landholders. Therefore, the people from Sirius do not know hunger, or disgrace.

Some Rose bushes exist in the garden of the great Temple of the God Sirius, which are unknown on our earth. Each Rose from that garden has various meters of height and each one exhales a perfume which is impossible to forget.

The magic of the Roses is something divine and ineffable.


(Sassafras officinale, Laurus sassafras)

I remember a very interesting event in relation with the Sassafras which happened in those far off primeval epochs of South America.

A certain indigenous person from the same tribe that I belonged to became filled with jealousy for his wife, whom he loved. He even reached the point of thinking that I, Samaei Aun Weor, was making off with his wife. I clearly remember that while traversing a road, I encountered the husband of this woman. When he saw me, he was filled with a horrible jealousy and he intended to attack me aggressively. However, he restrained himself the man resolved to put the case in the hands of the Indian chief of tile tribe.

I was the Medic from that tribe. Therefore, I knew in depth the magic of the vegetals and due to that 'scandal', I decided to defend myself with the elemental of the Sassafras. The following day, very early, before tile sun illuminated the horizon, I directed myself to the forest together with the woman who was the cause of that scandal. Some Indians were also accompanying us.

Then, when I located the plant called Sassafras, I blessed it, I begged the elemental for the desired service and very slowly I yanked the plant from its very roots. This plant serves in order to end scandals.

Afterwards, I crushed the plant and extracted the pressed juice from it and gave this juice to the woman to drink, who was the cause of the scandal. I also drank from this plant's juice, while my comrades were observing us in silence...

Subsequently, I stuck a spike on the trunk of the Sassafras plant, I kneeled before it and intensely concentrated my mind on the spike, commanding the elemental of the Sassafras to transport himself towards the Indian chief and to dominate him with his powers. At the same time, while performing this magic work I was pronouncing the mantra or magic word of the Sassafras: PARILLA-PARILLA-PARILLA.

Then, the elemental of the Sassafras plant transported himself towards the Indian chief and went around him while pronouncing his elemental magic enchantments. The elemental penetrated into the cerebrum-spinal nervous system of the Indian chief and totally dominated him by saturating him with atoms of love, light and harmony.

So, the next day when I presented myself before the throne of the Indian chief he was already in my favor. Therefore, I spoke with an arrogant and loud voice: "Why did you call me? You cannot act against me." Then the Indian chief answered: "Enough with such scandals, withdraw yourself you have no debts." Thus, this is how that painful incident passed.

The elemental of the Sassafras uses a tunic of a resplendent yellow golden color. He is very intelligent, has a beautiful face and his eyes are of a clear chestnut color.

The Sassafras plant mixed with the juice of the plant called 'Sanseviera' (Sansevieria zeilanica Wilid.) and 'Fioraventi' balm are used as a poultice in order to combat neuralgia.

The Sassafras is also a diuretic and a cleanser. It must be harvested at dawn, the hour of the morning star, because this plant is Venusian.


(Yucca gloriosa L., Yucca filamentosa L.)

In magical terms, the trunk or center stalk from the Yucca plant is called Black Hen

(Black Yucca). The Magician remains completely protected against the assaults from the Black Lodge when he makes a staff from the trunk or center stalk of this plant. Yet, this stalk must be cut on Good Friday at twelve midnight.

If this stalk with its leaves is hung from the ceiling, then, the vampires, which are sent by the Black Magicians, remain stuck there.







The first thing which the Magician must do in order to put the practical magic into effect is to transcend his body. The body of a Magician has a vibratory tonality which is totally different to that of the ordinary human being.

In ancient times, all the powers of the Goddess of Nature were totally expressing themselves through the chakras of the human organism. Hence, the human being was a complete Magician.

In this day and age, humanity has totally separated itself from Nature and has accommodated itself to an artificial life. Therefore, the human body does not reflect the powers of Nature now.

It does not matter if a musician is very ingenious. If his instrument is unsatisfactory or defective, then he will not execute his composition with success. Yet, if he tunes and corrects the instrument then he will perform with it the most beautiful melodies. A similar case occurs with the human body which is unsatisfactory. Therefore, in order for it to reflect the powers which the Goddess Mother Nature confers to us, it is necessary to prepare it for the exertion of Practical Magic.


The occult works with our neighbor are performed with the Genii from the stars, with the elementals from Nature and with the Magic 'I'. The Magician's Magic 'I' is his Intimate.

For example: If we want to join in wedlock an enamored couple, we must beg our Intimate in order that He, in his turn, will beg to Uriel. If Uriel allows this petition, then we will work with Uriel and with the elementals from Nature. Yet, if the petition to this Genie from Venus is not accepted, then we have no other choice but to prostrate ourselves before the verdict of the Law, because the Law must not be violated. (Read the chapter entitled: Astrotheurgy and Medicine).

While in meditation we can visit the Heart-Temples of the stars, because through meditation we can achieve being completely within the Intimate. In other words, we can completely become the Superior 'I', who is the Magic 'I'.

We can also visit the Sidereal Temples in our astral bodies.

The White Magician does not violate the law. Whosoever performs magical works without permission of his Intimate and against the will of the Divine Hierarchies is a Black Magician who will pay his karma within the abyss.


I know of an unusual clinic in the town of San Luis de Cucuta.

In a very ancient, large, colonial style house, an old lady lives who knows how to cure the 'evil eye.' This house is always filled with mothers who carry their children in their arms so that this old lady can cure them from that sickness.

A certain person's child became sick and naturally this person took the child to the official physicians in order for them to prescribe a remedy for the child.

The physician's opinion was that the child was suffering from a stomach infection.

Therefore, they prescribed him to fast and to drink boiled water as the only nourishment. Also, they prescribed him some powdered medicine within slips of paper and some liquid medicine, etc.

The result from all of this was worse. The child acquired great rings under his eyes. As well, fever, vomiting and diarrhea were afflicting him.

Somebody advised the child's father to take his sick son to that old woman's unusual clinic. So, when the old woman saw the child, she exclaimed, "An evil eye was placed on this child, which was caused by the sight of Mr. XX" Then, she added, "This child needs to be whispered"

She took the little child in her arms and entered into her private room. The child was crying and screaming horribly.

The child's father became very worried while listening to the weeping of his son. Yet, some people advised him by saying, "You must not be afraid because the evil eye will leave the child through his weeping. You will see..."

Meanwhile, the old lady with the child in her arms appeared again in the room. The child was already healed.

The old lady spoke and said, "Your son is already healthy, two more whisperings and not even the roots of the evil eye will remain within him. Now you must bathe him in solar charged water with which you must place a piece of gold jewelry and a carnation."

The result was astonishing because the child became totally healed.

This old lady performed what all of those scoundrel-like impostors from the official medicine cannot do.

Another interesting case is the following:

A certain child of a physician from Cucuta became sick. Such a physician prescribed medicine by spoons, slips of papers, etc., to his own son. Yet, in spite of all this pharmacopoeia the sickness became worse. The worried physician resolved to call a reunion of physicians in order to search for a solution to this problem. However, all the remedies and all the theories of these physicians and his colleagues failed.

Then, the physician's wife, a little bit more 'intuitive', resolved to take her child to this old woman. The result was astonishing. When seeing the child, the old lady said, "The child has received an evil eye."

Thus, the old lady whispered to the child and she healed him. The physician's wife told her husband what had happened and the physician himself paid the old lady for the healing.

What is curious in this case is that the mentioned physician kept in silence all that had happened. He never publicly spoke or wrote about it. This is because the false apostles of medicine feel shame when talking about these things. They are afraid to fall into ridicule. They are afraid of being qualified as "sorcerers" by the crowd.

This is how thousands of sick people die in the hands of these 'foolish scientists' on a daily basis.


Obtain leaves of 'Oficion', leaves of 'Guandul' (Cajanus indicus), 'Matarraton' (Gliricidia sepium).

These branches must be cooked in water and the child must be bathed in this decoction. The sick child is curçd with three daily baths.

I know the case of a certain gentleman who has a terrible hypnotic power. It is enough for him to stare at a child and this child dies 24 hours later. Such a gentleman is conscious of his power. Therefore, he always avoids staring at children.

This occurs because the ethereal body of the child is more defenseless. Hence, it can be easily hurt by the hypnotic power from the people who have that power very well developed.

The reading of the Four Gospels depurates and cleanses the aura of people. Therefore, many Curanderos exist who cure these cases by reciting the. Four Gospels and blessing the child with the sign of the cross.

Coral, gold, and jet (hard, black variety of lignite) assist the children against the evil eye.


The Bible describes innumerable cases of possessed people. Sage and Rue plants were abundantly utilized in the Middle Ages in order to combat the evil entities which obsessed the possessed people. The smoke from these plants were utilized.

Sage is one of the most efficient plants in order to combat such cases in which the body of a person is possessed by an evil entity, which obsesses the person and even makes him demented. The elemental of the Sage uses a pale yellow colored tunic and has the marvelous power of healing the possessed ones.

This plant must be harvested during the night. First, it must be blessed, then, it must be yanked by surprise from its very roots. The plant must be crushed and the pressed juice is given to the possessed one to drink. Its leaves can also be pressed within the water and this water is then given to the possessed one to drink.

The plant must be burned so that the smoke may be utilized for the possessed one. The smoke from the plant must cover him. The evil entity must be conjured with an exorcism.

A gadget made with long pieces of glass and the exorcism from a secret book was employed in ancient times. However, the Conjuration of the Four is what can be used today.


Caput mortum, imperet tibi dominus per vivurn et devotum serpentem!

Cherub, imperet tibi Dominus per Adam Jot Cha Vah!

Aquila errans, imperet tibi Dominus per alas tauri!

Serpens, imperet tibi Dorninus Tetragrammaton, per Angelum et Leonem! Michael, Gabriel, Raphael, Anael!

Fluat udor per Spiriturn Elohim Manet in terra per Adam Jot-Chavah!

Fiat firmamentum per Ia HuVeHu-Sabaoth!

Fiat judicium per ignem in virtute Michael!

Angel of the blind eyes, obey, or pass away with this holy water!

Work Winged Bull, or revert to the earth, unless thou wilt that I should pierce thee with this sword!

Chained eagle, obey my sign (+), or fly before this breathing!

Writhing serpent, crawl at my feet, or be tortured by the sacred fire and give way before the perfumes that I burn in it!

Water, return to water!

Fire, burn!

Air, circulate!

Earth, revert to earth! By virtue of the Pentagram, which is the Morning Star, and by the name of the Tetragram, which is written in the center of the Cross of Light!

Amen. Amen. Amen.

Iit is necessary to seat the possessed one on a chair and to draw a circle around him on the floor with a piece of charcoal. Also, the Tetragrammaton, which is a sign in front of which all the columns of demons flee terrorized, must be drawn on the floor with charcoal at the threshold of the room (inside the room at its entrance).

The two vertexes (feet) of the star of five points or Pentagram will be aiming towards the outside of the room and the superior vortex (head) will be aiming towards the inside of the room. See the following figure of the Pentagram:

{width="2.4375in" height="2.5208333333333335in"}

The Magician must magnetize the patient with the firm resolution of casting the possessing entity out from him. Yet, he must never hypnotize the possessed one, because hypnosis is purely and undeniably black magic.

The Magician must conjure the possessing entity with the empire of his whole might. He must hold in his hand a sword or a knife with a new handle in order to imperiously command the perverse entity. This is done with the goal of terrorizing it, so that it can abandon the body of its victim.

The elemental of the Sage plant must be commanded to eject the evil entity out from the body of the victim and to keep him in custody for an unlimited time.

When the victim is freed from the perverse entity which was obsessing him, then it is necessary to capture the perverse entity in order to avoid it from returning again inside his victim. Therefore, the Medic Magician must perform the ritual of the 'Bejuco de Cadena' (Bauhinia excisa Hemsl.). This ritual must be practiced in the following way:

Bless the 'Bejuco de Cadena' and command its elemental to enclose the perverse entity. Then, cut two lianas (Bejucos) and put them on the floor forming a cross and trace a circle on the floor around the cross in order to form our famous Gnostic circle, which is the cross within the circle of eternity.

Then, the Magician walks on the floor over the traced circle. He must start walking from south to north around the circle in order to return to the south again. One must follow the course of the circle by walking on its right side.

The two 'Bejucos de Cadenas', which form the cross will mark the south and the north, the east and the west. Therefore, they will be placed in accordance with the four cardinal points of the earth.

When the Magician finishes his revolution around the circle, as we already stated, always walking towards its right side, then, the Magician will pass through the circle through its center, from south to north, after having cut the center of the horizontal liana (Bejuco) into two branches.

After having reached the north of the circle, the Magician will walk towards the east of the circle and always walking on the right side of it. Once he is there, he will cut the other liana (Bejuco) in the same way as he did the first one, and will resolutely pass through the center of the circle from east to west, thus, moving forward without looking anywhere else. The perverse entity will remain enclosed in the center of the circle and in this way such an entity will not return inside of his former victim.

The elemental from the 'Bejuco de Cadena' uses a yellow tunic and is very intelligent. He observes the ritual in silence. Then, he revolves around the circle while pronouncing his magical enchantments in order to apprehend the perverse entity.

The following graphic presents to us the steps of the Magician when passing through the circle:

{width="2.3958333333333335in" height="2.1458333333333335in"}

The big arrows indicate the steps of the Magician when passing through the circle, and the small arrows indicate that the circle must be walked by keeping always to the right.

In this day and age, the "possessed people" go into hospitals for dementia, because the foolish scientists from this epoch are great charlatans who ignore these things.

With this clue, many possessed people can save themselves from going into hospitals for dementia. They die in those hospitals without those psychiatric doctors (who are praised because of their very boastful "advanced methods") ever having the insight of investigating the cause of their illness.

Many 'crackbrain' Spiritists, morbid Theosophists and sickening Rosicrucians exist everywhere who live comfortably in the great cities and who criticize the author of the present book and his profound studies regarding Elemento-Therapy. Yet, none of them have had the patience of interning himself within the jungle in order to investigate the vegetal elementals.

How comfortable and how delectable it is to criticize while pleasantly seated and with quietude, without getting sunned or staying up all night in the jungle, without having to tolerate ants or venom, or poisons from ophidians!

Those so-called super-transcended ones are nothing more than 'parasites' who live devouring the wisdom which the Magicians acquired with supreme sacrifices. Thus, they devour it; not to comprehend, but to betray. This world is filled with social parasites and dimwitted critics.

Those super-transcended, foolish Spiritists and Spiritualists think that it is wrong to study the vegetal elementals without wanting to realize that the vegetal elementals are innocent Angels and that in the epoch of Venus (future cosmic day), they will be human beings and then later Virtuous Angels, Solar Pitris and Divine Dyans.

We, the Gnostics know very well that the elementals from the plants will be the human beings of the future.


If it is required to investigate the cause of a sickness which is suspected to be the consequence of a witchcraft performed by the will of a perverse one, then, a doll with bones of a rabbit, deer, black cattle or tiger has to be carved. The bones must previously have been buried for a certain time. Thus, one must unbury them and make a doll as perfect as possible.

Build an altar with an arc in its farthest end. Utilize a branch of wild 'Totumo' (Calabash tree, Crescentia Cujete L.) for the building of the arc. A branch from a sweet Guava tree will serve for the cross of the altar. Place two flower vases and in each one of them a branch of the plant called Bougainvillea or Paper Flower (Bougainvillea glabra L.).

The sick person must personally harvest the specified branches in the following ritualistic way:

The branches from the 'Totumo' and Guava by the eastern side and the Bougainvillea by the western side.

The flower vases must be two crystal vases filled with water. A single branch of Bougainvillea cut in two pieces will serve for each one of the two flower pots.

The altar must be built under a 'Guasimo' tree (Guazuma ulmifolia Lamarck). Pronounce the mantras of the 'Guasimo' tree and beg the elemental to show the sickness of the patient in the water of the flower vases. The mantras of the 'Guasimo' tree are: MOUD


The Magician will remain kneeled before the altar. Then, after having made his petitions to the elemental of the 'Guasimo' tree, he wilt beseech the Angel Atan to intervene in order for the elemental to move the water and speak through the doll.

Have your sight fixed on the flower vases and observe what will appear in the water. If the sickness is due to magic from perverse wills, then the evil entities (cause of the sickness) will be seen within the water.

Beseech the Angel Atan's assistance again and try to listen to the voice which comes out from the little bone figure, that voice will be clear and precise. Talk with it, as if you were addressing a person.

The healing of the sick person will be made by the elemental of the 'Guasimo' tree. Pronounce the following healing mantras, while kneeling before the sick person:


Bless the back of the patient, perform magnetic passes and give him the 'Guasimo' medicine to drink, which is the rnaceration of its leaves in rum for 20 days. Dosage: a little cup each hour.

The Master Huiracocha extensively tells us about these things in his initiatic novel of occultism and in his book entitled Sacred Plants. Therefore, we do not say anything new, unreal or fictitious. We only give details, we discover what is ignored.


One of the most astonishing Medic-Magicians from the Sierra Nevada of Santa Marta was the Indian Ceferino Maravita. Sick people who suffer sicknesses which are due to witchcraft must call every night to the 'Mama' Ceferino Maravita, so he can cure them from their illness.

The following invocation must be performed:

"In the name of Kalusuanga, the primeval God of light, son of the seven red seas and of the seven rays from the Sun, I invoke Thee, Mama Ceferino Maravita, so Thou can cure me from my illness. Amen."


I disagree with the Magician Omar Cherenzi Lind, when he affirms in his book entitled 'AUM' that the whole power of the verb is found in the silence and that the verb must be silent.

Such a gentleman wants to depriye us of the sublime and grandiose power of the articulated word. He ignores that the verb is of triple pronunciation and that it endows three norms: verbal, mental and conscious.

One can articulate with the creative larynx, one can vocalize with his thought and one can vocalize with the superlative consciousness of the Being.

We speak about the great creative verb and we teach humanity the secrets of the creative word in our book in preparation entitled Logos MantraTheurgy.

There exist words which cure and words which kill.

The physician's words are life or death for the sick person. A great amount of the physician's responsibility lies in their words, whether they employ their verb for constructive or destructive goals. No sick person should ever feel hopeless or condemned.

The physician must always say to his sick patient: "you are improving," "you are being healed," "your healing is increasing," "your sickness is disappearing," "soon you will be better," etc., etc.

These phrases remain recorded within the subconscious of the sick person. Consequently, the sick person will be rapidly healed. No matter how grave a patient might be or looks to be, the condition of his health must never be revealed as delicate or dangerous, etc. With these negative and destructive words, death is accelerated for the patient. When the patient is addressed with contrary terms, with words of hope and strength, his health can totally improve and be cured.

Words in order to cure the sick person exist, and magnetism combined with the verb becomes astonishing.

The morbid fluids of the sickness must be taken away with great flowing passes, that is to say, the morbid fluids of the sickness must be taken away from the head towards the feet. While they are being extracted, they must be burned within the fire of a lit candle or within charcoal embers.

Afterwards, Prana or magnetic vitality must be administrated over the solar plexus and over the sick organs with slow magnetic passes and with magnetic insufflations.

The magnetic insuffiations are performed by inhaling oxygen and Prana and after having mentally charged it with our own vitality, it must be exhaled within a handkerchief and applied over the sick organs of the patient. This act must be accompanied with a powerful concentration of the will and the imagination, united in a vibrating harmony.

The Physician will imagine the patient swimming within a blue colored sea and will pronounce the following mantras or magical words:


A-E GAE are gutturally pronounced by uniting the A with the E in a single sound, vocalized with the throat. (the 'A' is pronounced as in the word "AT" and the 'E' as in the word "END")

The monosyllable AUM is pronounced AOM. Open your mouth very well with the A, round your mouth with the O, and close your mouth with the M, like this:


All of these mantras possess great healing powers. The Masters from the White Fraternity must be invoked in order to cure the sick people.

The Venerable Master from the White Fraternity (Huiracocha) wrote in some Gnostic Rituals certain mantras in order to invoke the Masters. Let us see some of them.

+------------------------+---------------------------+ | ***E.U.O.E. *** | ***I.A.O. *** | +========================+===========================+ | ***ISCHURION *** | ***ATHANATON *** | +------------------------+---------------------------+ | ***ABROTON *** | ***E.U.O.E. *** | +------------------------+---------------------------+ | ***I.A.O. *** | ***SABAOTH *** | | | | | Others are as follows: | | +------------------------+---------------------------+ | ***KIRIE MITRAS *** | ***KIRIE PHALLE *** | +------------------------+---------------------------+ | ***HAGIOS *** | ***HAGIOS, etc., etc. *** | +------------------------+---------------------------+

The mantra HAGIOS, among other things, has the power of opening the whole atmosphere in order for the Master to come.

Really, these mantras are good for that purpose. However, other more simple, efficient and at the same time more short mantras exist in order to invoke the Masters. Such mantras are the following:


These mantras must be sung when pronounced. After having articulated them, the name of the Master who one wants to invoke has to be pronounced three times. Sick people can invoke the Master Hippocrates, father of medicine, or Galenus, Paracelsus, Hermes Trismegistus, etc., etc.

The vowels I.E.O.U.A. have great healing powers:

The vowel 'I' makes the blood rise towards the head. It cures the organs from the brain and develops clairvoyance.

  1. The vowel 'E' makes the blood rise towards the larynx. It cures sicknesses in the larynx and develops the magic ear.

  2. The vowel 'O' carries the blood to the heart. It cures this organ and awakens in us the sense of intuition.

  3. The vowel 'U' carries the blood to the solar plexus (tip of the stomach). It awakens the sense of telepathy and heals the stomach.

  4. The vowel 'A' carries the blood to the lungs and grants us the power of remembering our past reincarnations. At the same time, it heals the lungs.

These vowels are vocalized in combination with the letter 'N', like this:

  1. IiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiNnnnnnnnnnnn

  2. EeeeeeeeeeeeeNnnnnnnnnnnn

  3. OooooooooooNnnnnnnnnnnn

  4. UuuuuuuuuuuuNnnnnnnnnnnn

  5. AaaaaaaaaaaaaNnnnnnnnnnnn

One hour daily of vocalization during our entire life makes us Magicians. One can vocalize with the larynx, with the mind, with the heart, by meditating in the forces of these five vowels, such as we taught in the former pages.

Certain rnantras in order to awaken the chakras or occult powers exist. These mantras are based on these five vowels. These mantras are the following:

  1. SUIRA (Middlebrow) Clairvoyance;

  2. SUERA (Larynx) Magic Ear;

  3. SUORA (Heart) Intuition;

  4. SUURA (Solar Plexus) Telepathy;

  5. SUARA (Lungs) Power to remember the past reincarnations.

The correct pronunciation of these powerful mantras is in the following way:

  1. Suuiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii Raaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  2. Suueeeeeeeeeeee Raaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  3. Suuoooooooooo Raaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  4. Suuuuuuuuuuuu Raaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  5. Suuaaaaaaaaaaaa Raaaaaaaaaaaaaa

By means of these mantras, we carry the fire from our solar plexus towards all of our chakras, in order to animate and awaken them. It is good to emphasize the importance that exists in the prolongation of the sound of these vowels.


The mental body is a material organism which has its anatomy and its occult ultraphysiology.

The mantra in order to cure the sicknesses of the mental body is:


The 'S' is pronounced as a piercing hissing sound, similar to the sound which the brakes of compressed air produce, like this: Ssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss...

The 'M' is pronounced as when one imitates the bellow of the oxen: Mmmmmmmmmm

The "H' is like a deep sigh. The syllable 'ON' is pronounced by elongating the sound of the 'O' and the 'N', like this: OoooooooooooooooNnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn.

This mantra must be vocalized daily for one hour. The disciple must invoke daily the Archangel Raphael and Hermes Trismegistus, supplicating them to heal his mental body.

When the sicknesses of the mental body crystallize in the physical brain, then madness is the outcome.

We study within the supra-sensible worlds the anatomy and physiology of the internal bodies of the human being.





Many wise Indians are venerated in the Sierra Nevada from Santa Marta (Colombia). In cases of grave sicknesses, we can call them with our thought and our heart. Let us see a list of these wise Indians:

'God Kogi' (Mamanku);

'Mama' Yuisa Quintana RiuaI;

'Mama' Iskaviga;

'Mama' Rayintana;

'Mama' Marrocorrua;

'Mama' Cajaka;

The 'Saga' Catalina Alberto;

The 'Saga' Sinkiri; The 'Saga' Yuila; 'Mama Serancua'.

These wise Indian Medics live in the Astral plane and they concur to the bed of the sick person who calls them with his thoughts and heart filled with faith.

A small Temple exists in Buringueca where the Indians 'pay' the Goddess Mother of the world (Nature) by carrying offerings to her.

A Temple in Jinn State exists where the degree of 'Poporo' is attained. This temple is called 'Sokarua' (from Yoburo).

Temples in Jinn State also exist in Garua and Gamaque. The Temple of 'Guicanuma' is also very important.

Therefore, the Sierra Nevada from Santa Marta is the 'Tibet' of Colombia. The Indians adore Blessed Nature. They surrender cult and bring offerings to her.

In the Temple of Tierra Nueva, they often use in their cults a very important relic, which is called 'Gurrumaya.' It is a relic of Cansamaria or Concoruba, which is a sea shell in the form of a small plate or small cooking pan.

Many marine shells exist which the Arhuacos use in their cults. Romantically, they call the Caribbean Sea "macuriba." The sea shells which they use in their Temples are called "chengues", which they have qualified into four types:

Red chengue, yellow chengue, black chengue and white chengue.

These four colors remind us of the four races which have existed in the world:

  1. Red Race (Native American red skin people);

  2. Yellow Race (Asiatic people); 3. Black Race (African people); 4. White Race (Occidental people).

These four races are symbolized by the four horses from the Sacred Scriptures (Revelation).

A small fruit called 'Gulaba' exists, which the Arhuaco Indians employ in their cults in order to pay the blessed Goddess Mother of the world, Goddess Nature (Isis, Adonia, Insoberta, Mary).

Another small fruit called 'Seitamaca' exists, which also has great occult powers and is very sacred for them. The 'Concalva' is a big fruit from the Sierra Nevada, which they use in their sacred cults.

The sacred cults of the wise Arhuaco Indians and their wise utilization of the elementals allows them to control the Tattwas, although, only in a partial form. This is because the mastery over the Tattwas can only be achieved by the Adepts of the White Fraternity.

However, Adepts from the White Fraternity also exist among the Initiates of the Mayan Ray.

The founder of the College of Initiates is the 'Maha-Guru', who dwells in Eastern Tibet. We, the Masters of the White Lodge achieved the mastery over the Tattwas. We converted ourselves into Kings and Queens of Creation after we fused ourselves with our own Intimate (Spirit), also after we redeemed our animal soul. This is accomplished by assimilating the psychic extract of the ethereal body, the psychic extract of the astral body and the psychic extract of the mental body, within our own Spiritual Soul.

We have two souls which are mentioned by Goethe in his Faust. These are the Animal Soul and the Diamond Soul. The beautiful Sulamite (Diamond Soul) is betrothed with Solomon (the Intimate) when one achieves the High Initiation. This is how the Soul and the Spirit are fused and become 'one'.

Afterwards, the Adept has to liberate his Animal Soul by assimilating the psychic extracts from his ethereal, emotional (astral) and mental bodies, so that he can verify the Ascension of the Lord, which is the fusion with the Glorian. This is how the Master is transformed into a Divine Angel, into a Medic of the Light and into a Theurgist.

The Divine Rabbi from Galilee practiced the Gospel and healed the sick because he was a true Magician and Theurgist, a true God.

"Magic" comes from "Mag" which means Priest. It signifies great power from the Divine Wisdom, the Ineffable Light, the Solar Substance which the Medic Magician manipulates in order to heal those who are ill.

When the human being fuses himself with his own Intimate, he converts himself into a God of Nature. This is why the Masters from the Mayan Ray are ineffable Gods of Nature.

"Introduce the virile member into the feminine vagina and withdraw it without spilling the semen (without reaching the orgasm)." Whosoever renounces fornication and practices this secret daily, living a holy life, will also be converted into a God of Nature and into a Medic-Magician.

We also will become Gods by becoming Initiates of the 'Green Snake' The Priests of the Snake were also venerated in Egypt.

Let us now see some Gods or Masters from the Mayan Ray, who are venerated by the Indians of the Sierra Nevada of Santa Marta (the 'Tibet' of Colombia):

Kakamulkuabi, a major secretary of the 'Udurnasi' hills, father of Hailstorms.

Sabatamena Laguna.

'Gualinutukua' is a Temple where the Moors dance.

Seyirico, 'papa' of the 'Jayo' (Mayan Master).

The Master Ucua, mother of boncuá (the water).

The Master Abusudimba, mother.

A sacred Temple called 'Kembiterna' exists, where the Moors dance. Another interesting temple is the one from Geingeka.

A sacred lagoon called 'Sidigua' exists. Pilgrims who walk towards the Indian Masters who dwell in 'Takima' and 'Makutama' bathe themselves in this lagoon.

A very ancient dance called the "Cansamaria" is still danced in this day and age. The whole wisdom of these Indians is kept in secret behind the jagged mountain-chain of the Paramos.

A sacred well and a Guardian who remains seated exist in a certain place of the Sierra Nevada where the Mayan mysteries are cultivated. Those who are not prepared, that is to say, the unworthy, become enchanted when they arrive there... They cannot pass beyond this place.

The pilgrims bathe themselves in the lagoon in order to purify and cleanse themselves.

A temple which is called 'La Gloria' exists at the shores of the Caribbean sea between

Gaira and 'Pozos Colorados.'

The Masters from the Mayan Ray are true Dragons of Wisdom, Initiates of the Snake. All of the inventions from Atlantis and Lemuria, which are kept as sacred relics, exist within the Temple of Kalusuanga, the Son of the Seven Red Seas and of the Seven Rays of the Sun. He is a Mayan Master.

The Arhuaco Indians know in depth about the occult powers of the marine snail-shells. They use them as amulets. The 'muchulo' is a marine shell with the shape of the feminine genitalia. There are large and small sizes which are carried around the necks by the female Indians. The large shells are for the women and the small shells for the girls. The occult powers of these snail-shells assist these female Indians against the sly and perverse fornicators.

Certain snail-shells with the shape of cartridges exist, which are called "deriches" by the Indians. There are large and small sizes. The small ones are carried around the necks of the boys and the large ones are used by the men. These snail-shells assist them against witchcraft and evil entities.

The Arhuaco Indians always carry two 'calabacitos' (Calabash) when they travel through their mountains. They also chew Coca leaves ('Jayo') and dab a small stick within a 'calabacito' with 'ambira.' Then, they put the stick into the other 'calabacito' with marine shell flour. They carry this small stick in order to dab the Coca ('Jayo') with these, so they may perform long walks without getting tired, because the marine shells totally recalcify them. Thus, when the osseous system is re-calcified in this way, it tolerates long walks.

Perverse black 'Mamas' also exist in the Sierra Nevada of Santa Marta, who are capable of all type of evilness, since there are many things existing in the world.

In Eastern Tibet, many Mahatmas exist. However, many Dugpas and Bhons of red cap also love there, who are capable of all mischief and evilness, since they are Black Magicians.

A gigantic and very ancient city called 'Maoa' exists in the flatlands of Casanare (Colombia). Such a city is found in Jinn state. This city will never be found by the 'civilized' ones.

Another city in Jinn state also exists in the Florida peninsula. This city will also never be found by the civilized ones.

Secret cities exist in California which are inhabited by Lemurians, who are survivors from the continent 'MU.'

A subterranean city exists under the thick jungles of the Amazon. Enormous riches from the Atlanteans are held here. This city is also inhabited.

The medical wisdom is preserved in all of these cities and Jinn lands. Lawfully, their inhabitants have the right of laughing about the 'university horses' from our faculties of medicine.

The Egyptians were mummifying their cadavers. This mummification was performed by introducing the deceased person's ethereal body within his physical body. This is how the ethereal body was suspending the decomposition of the cadaver.

When the atom 'Nous' leaves the left ventricle of the heart, then the atoms of death direct the process of disintegration of the cadaver, and the physical body disintegrates. Thus, each atom has its own intelligence. These atomic Angels have also soul and body, because each atom is the body of an atomic Angel.

The Egyptians were suspending the work of the atoms of death by introducing the atom 'Nous' within its sanctuary again. This sanctuary is situated in the left ventricle of the heart.

Nevertheless, the mummies from the Arhuaco Indians are much more perfect, because in addition to the mummification of the cadaver, they were 'reducing' those cadavers to the size of small Lilliputians, and conserving perfectly the features of those cadavers.

Still, in this day and age, the 'foolish scientists' from the official medicine cannot mummify a cadaver because they do not know the internal anatomy of the human being.

The embalming of a cadaver can never be coequal to a mummification work, because the mummy is very much perfect.

As well, the modern scientists have not invented a remedy in order to preserve the youth and the life of the physical body for an unlimited time.

Indeed, we, the Gnostic Medics, have that secret. We know that the Count Saint Germain, who was mentioned by Giovanni Papini, lives in Tibet with the same body which he used in the XVII, XVIII and XIX centuries in Europe. This is because we, the Gnostic Masters, can preserve the physical body for an unlimited time.

The Master Mejnour lived seven times seven centuries. Zanoni was initiated in ancient Chaldea and disincarnated by the guillotine during the French revolution.

What do the foolish modern scientists know about this? The only thing that they want is money and more money.

The whole wisdom of the Arhuaco Indians is found behind the jagged mountain-chain of the Paramos. Yet, that wisdom will never be accessible to the civilized ones of this XX century.

The Indians who live in the lower part of the Sierra Nevada are ignorant. If the 'foolish scientists' believe that those Indians know something, then they are very mistaken.

The true Mayan medical wisdom is only found behind the jagged mountain-chain of the Paramos and no profane one can enter into those temples of the Mayan Ray.

The Masters from the Mayan Ray, the Masters from Eastern Tibet, the Masters from the secret temple of Juratena in Boyacá (Colombia) have the authentic occult wisdom enclosed within their subterranean Sanctuaries.

The distinct indigenous tribes of the whole world are the possessors of that archaic, ancient wisdom of the Green Snake.

The occultism which is known in the cities is nothing else but a grotesque caricature of the ancient wisdom, which is hidden within the subterranean Sanctuaries of the Andes, Bohemia, Tibet and in all the subterranean caverns of the Sierra Nevada of Santa Marta, in the Alps and the sandy deserts of Asia and Africa.

The authentic occult wisdom is found in Manoa, the secret city from the flatlands of Casanare and in all the secret cities of the thick jungles of the whole world.

One needs to be humble in order to acquire wisdom, and after one has acquired it, there is the need to be even more humble.

I, Samael Aun Weor, the Avatar of the New Aquarian Era, am the first one teaching the ancient wisdom of the Green Snake to all the disciples who are lovers of the light.

The Gnostic Movement advances in a mighty way, and now nothing, not anyone can stop us in this luminous and triumphal march.


The 'Saga' Maria Pastora is a great Master from the Mayan Ray and a great illuminated sage in the powerful wisdom of the snake.

At present, the 'Saga' lives on the most great star of the 'Great Bear.' She never abandons her green snake.

The power of the Medic-Magician is based on the snake. The snake Curanderos live making war amongst themselves. When a snake Curandero has a lot of fame and clientele, then the rest of the Curanderos make war upon him and they send serpents to bite him and kill him. Those snakes are sent abroad through the astral plane from far away. This is what we call Jinn state.

If the Curandero is very well 'sealed' with his Tattwic extracts, then he has nothing to be afraid of, because the viper's poison will not cause him any harm. Yet, if he is not 'sealed', then inevitably he will die.

The snake Curandero is a king within the vortex of the jungle, because nobody can cure the snake's bite but him. All the remedies from the pharmacy are worthless in these cases.

When a snake kills another snake, the victorious snake completely swallows the other. Afterwards, the snake vomits the other intact. Then, the victorious serpent searches for the leaves of a plant called 'Siempre-viva' (Sedum praealtum; DC.) and give these leaves to the victim to smell. Thus, the dead snake resurrects and runs away. The 'Siempre-viva' plant is a liana which entangles itself everywhere and it has little leaves with the shape of a heart. It is the queen among all the plants which cure snake bites.

A circle must be traced around the plant before its harvesting. Then, it has to be blessed and one must beg the elemental of the plant for the services that one wishes from him, because it is not the plant which cures but its elemental.

Subsequently, the plant must be placed within a container with rum. Thus, when it is necessary to cure a person who has been bitten by a snake, this potion has to be given to him to drink and the area where the bite is found must be bathed with it.

The Indians are accustomed to always wear bracelets made with the skins of snake. The Arhuaco 'Mamas' from the Sierra Nevada of Santa Marta remain entire hours sexually connected with their wives and they withdraw in the moment when they feel the approaching of the spasm, in order to avoid the spilling of the semen. In other words, they do not terminate the sexual act, because they suppress the orgasm. This is how they awake their 'igneous snake'.

On the rocky patios of the Aztec Temples, young people from both sexes (couples) remained naked, caressing themselves and connecting sexually. This was done during the period of entire months without never consummating the sexual act (without reaching the orgasm). This is the way they were transforming themselves into Medic-Magicians, by awakening the power of their igneous snake.

Within the Mysteries of Eleusis, the sacred dance and sexual magic were transforming human beings into Gods.

The igneous snake remains enclosed within a membranous bag that is situated in the coccygeal bone, which is the bone that serves as a base for the spinal column.

An ethereal chakra exists within the coccyx, and the spiritual fire snake resides there.

When we practice sexual intercourse in the same way as the Arhuaco 'Mamas' and the Aztec Indians practice it, then this spiritual fire snake awakens and starts its ascension through the canal of the spinal column, until reaching the head.

When this spiritual fire snake reaches the head, then the Gnostic Medic attains possession of all the powers of a God. He fuses himself with his Intimate, and becomes an Angel. This igneous snake is called "Kundalini" by the Hindus.

The human being who has awakened his Kundalini becomes a Physician anointed by God. The secret dwells in sexually connecting with our spouse and withdrawing from the sexual act without spilling the semen. Abundant information about this transcendental theme will be found in my books The Perfect Matrimony and The Revolution of Beelzebub.

Those who are awakening their igneous snake must help themselves with electric massages from the bottom to the top, along the spinal column. Any electric massage apparatus serves for this purpose.

While in the state of 'Manteia' (ecstasy), the Initiates can contemplate their resplendent Intimate, face to face, before the mirror of Eleusis. Another marvelous mirror exists within the human being. The Gnostic Medic must learn how to use this mirror by means of interior profound meditation... This mirror is the imagination. For the wise ones, to imagine is to see. The imagination is clairvoyance itself

The imagination is the mirror of the soul. It is the translucence through which we perceive the images from the astral light.

The Master Paracelsus states the following when he refers to the imagination:

"The visible man has his laboratory (his physical body), and the invisible man works there.

"The Sun has its rays which are not possible to seize with the hands. Nevertheless, these rays are very strong (if they are brought together by means of a lens) and can burn edifices.

"Imagination is like a sun, it operates within its own world wherever it glows. Man is what he thinks. If he thinks infire, then he burns. If he thinks in war, then he is warring.

"Imagination becomes a sun by means of the power of thought."

(De Virtute Imaginativa)

The imagination is developed by means of willpower. Willpower is invigorated and developed with the imagination.

In order to magically operate upon the elementals of the plants and upon the organism of sick people, the Gnostic Medic must unite his willpower and his imagination within a divine connubiality.


The disciple must render himself daily to the practice of profound meditation. The theme of birth and death of plants is very simple as an exercise for interior meditation. The disciple must sit or lie down comfortably and stare for some moments at a plant, which he must already have for this exercise. He then closes his eyes and while preserving the image of the plant in his mind, he becomes somnolent. Once he is sleepy (somnolent), then he has to meditate on the growth of the plant, from the time when it was a little, tiny stalk, until reaching its present state.

Remember that everything which is born has to eventually die. Imagine the plant in the process of decaying, withering, dying, converting into compost. Then, the disciple must fall asleep a little more and try to see and to converse with the elemental creature of that plant.

The elemental of that plant will be seen and heard after some time of daily practice. Then, the elemental will teach his secret formulae related with the sicknesses which he knows how to cure, and the elemental will place himself at the student's service for the execution of the works in which such an elemental is an expert.

This medicinal procedure through interior profound meditation develops the disciple's own imagination. Thus, he will become an illuminated clairvoyant. He will direct his internal sight towards the most far away boundaries of the earth and will become a ruler of creation in its entirety. He will know the wisdom of each herb and thus he will unleash the tempests. He will transmute lead into gold and will make the earth tremble.

The fiery snake will make his mirror resplendent. Then, the disciple, abiding within his own cavern (his interior universe), will convert himself into a Dragon of Wisdom.

The magic of herbs allows us to unleash the waters and to make the entire universe tremble.

The Indians from the Sierra Nevada of Santa Marta preserve two cosmic books from very ancient times. One of them is called EL ANTA Great cosmic powers are enclosed within these two books.

When we delivered to humanity our book entitled The Perfect Matrimony, which contains the most solemn message which the White Lodge has given to humanity since the first foundations of the world, until our days were established, many passionate perverted ones, mystical and sanctimonious people emerged, who qualified us as pornographic. Such people took it personally. Thus, they cried.., and vociferated in vain.

Some decrepit old men, who were rendered null because of too much copulation, declared that sexual magic was impossible. Thus, they pleaded for that absurd sexual abstention, for the unhealthy chastity of religious people. In other words, they pleaded for the nocturnal pollutions, spermatorrhea, masturbation and decalcification, because Nature cannot be violated with impunity. The sexual laws were not made in order to be transgressed.

To despise the woman, who is truly the best that man has, the most beautiful creature which life has granted, is a work of eunuchs, a work of masturbators, a work of Sodomites. Woman converts man into an omnipotent God, who is capable of shaking the earth and unleashing lightning and tenipests in the whole universe.

The "mystics" of Theosophy, the Rosicrucian Order, and Spiritism were naming us as materialists. These offensive ones believed themselves to be super-transcendental and they forgot that nothing can exist, not even God, without the help of matter. Sex is repulsive to them, but from where are they coming from? Who enrolled them in the school of life...?

Know then that the Initiation was not made for abnormal ones. Get ye hence, you eunuchs, sodomites, physically and morally decrepit ones...! Get ye hence, you fornicating spiritualists! Get ye hence, you classroom tyrants! The Altar of the Initiation can only be approached by the true man and by the true woman.

My disciples must be intrepid, courageous, tenacious, ferrous and of a character like a steel shield, always victorious, always rebellious as the heroic creations of the illustrious Rabelais.

Each one of my Gnostic disciples is a soldier in complete battle, in a field without boundaries, without parochial limitations, without compromises from sects and from lodges.

The Gnostic army is the army of Christ. The Gnostic army is now in battle against false religions, schools and sects from the world. It is against everything black, against everything which tastes of crime and exploitation.

The paladins from the New Era emerge everywhere. We have Gnostic soldiers in the factories, in the workshops, in the ships, in the railroads, in commerce, in the banks, in industry, in the mines. In short, they are everywhere.

Now, not even one point more or one point less, whosoever is not with us is against us. We cannot tolerate more infamies and false promises from dimwitted politicians. Now we want to return into the fields of Nature in order to work. Now we want to return into the bosom of the blessed Goddess Mother of the world.

Now, we want a King, a President, a Governor: Christ, Christ, only Christ!

Woe to those mystics who detest the woman! Woe to those passionate fornicators who only see in her an instrument of pleasure! Woeful ones... It would have been good for such men if they had not been born; or it would have been better for them if a millstone were hung about their necks, and they were drowned in the depth of the sea.

Whosoever wants to reach the Altar of the Initiation has to thrust himself against his own defects, against his vices, in a battle face to face against the enemies who dwell in his own house (psyche).

Down with the chains of conventionalism! To the redeeming battle!


A mirror and three hairs from the crown of the head of an impressionable, nervous and sensitive woman must be placed in the bottom of a container with water. Then, the Magician has to fixedly stare at the woman to whom he has to imperiously say: "Look, be well aware. Here, over this mirror is the image of (say here the name of the person who is going to be seen)."

Thus, the sensitive woman will do it, and she will see the desired person. If it is commanded, she will even see what the person is doing in that given moment.

The Magician must magnetize the sensitive woman; yet, he must not hypnotize her, because hypnotism is black magic. The operator must invoke the Angel Anael, so that the Angel can help him in this work. If quicksilver is added to the water, then the result will be more effective.

The experiment will be performed within a dark room. A lit candle must be placed next to the container. It is convenient to smoke the room with frankincense and to conjure the evil entities with the Conjuration of the Four, as noted in the section entitled "Cases of Psychic Obsession". The sign of the Pentagram must be placed inside the room on the floor, at the door's entrance, as shown in figure number 1, in order to frighten away the infernal demons.

The woman for this type of work must be young, nervous, sensitive, and of a thin constitution. Heavy women are not suitable for this experiment. Thus, not all women are apt for certain psychic experiments.


Whosoever wants to become clairvoyant must reconquer the lost infancy.

The atoms of infancy live submerged within our internal universe and there is the necessity of putting them afloat again in order to attain divine clairvoyance. This labor can be performed by means of the verb. Therefore, the following mantras must be pronounced:

MaaaaaaaaaaaMaaaaaaaaaaa PaaaaaaaaaaaPaaaaaaaaaaaa

These mantras must be sung by raising the tone of the voice with the first syllable of each word and descending the voice with the second syllable of each word. Then, the child who lives submerged within us emerges to existence again, and we become clairvoyant.

This teaching was delivered to me by the Angel Aroch, for the disciples. These exercises of vocalization must be practiced daily.


Christ taught a great niantra in order to cure the deaf and those who stutter:

"EPHPHATHA" (be opened), see Chapter 7 verses 32-37, gospel of Saint Mark.

Another very interesting mantra taught by Christ in order to cure the sick and to resurrect the dead is the following: "TALITHA CUMI". Is this difficult? Resurrection is only possible when the silver cord has not been cut. In such cases, heat must be breathed into the lips of the cadaver. The defunct must be taken by the hand. Then, the mantra "Talitha Cumi" must be pronounced and the name of the deceased has to be called three times.

This very high magical work is only possible when the Law permits it.


On a certain occasion, a curious case occurred in Barranquilla (Colombia). A girl became gravely sick Official science could not cure her The girl was presenting the following symptoms vomiting, diarrhea; and she was becoming thin in general, accompanied by extreme weakness.

Official physicians were proceeding as is customary. They were administering penicillin, serum, etc., etc., without any results. Afterwards, while conversing in detail with the girl's mother, they became aware that the mother was breast feeding her girl in spite of being pregnant again.

The mother was pregnant with a baby of the masculine sex and logically, her breast milk was not suitable for a child of the opposite sex, because the constitution of the mother's milk is different in each case.

Therefore, a meeting of physicians took place and they arrived at the conclusion that the improper milk should be eliminated from the girl's sick organism. Thus, they proceeded as customary, with innumerable remedies and prescriptions that instead of curing the girl, were making her organism worse.

Then, somebody informed the physicians that an Indian was in the city who knew a great deal about medicine. So, the Indian was called by the physicians. He entered into the room of the sick girl while those doctors were still meeting around the bed of the sick girl. The Indian (native from the state of Bolivar, Colombia) saw the girl and said: "This girl has bee nourished with bad milk from a pregnant woman. However I am going to take the milk from her body at once." Consequently, he sent a boy to his house to bring him a determined medicament.

The Indian gave the girl the remedy to drink, and after a few minutes, the girl felt the necessity of evacuating. When performing this physiological fi.inction, the girl excreted the faulty milk before the sight of the astonished physicians, who, with pencils in their hands, were asking the Indian for the medicament's formula. Yet, after showing them the faulty milk within a bottle, the Indian looked at them with the most profound despise and left that home without the astonished physicians learning about the mysterious formula. The girl became totally healed and the medical science remained totally mocked.

Later on, the Indian did not have any trouble in revealing the formula to me. This formula is as follows:

Obtain colostrum from the breast of a woman whose child is of the same sex of the sick child.

This must be mixed with the milk of the 'Perrillo' tree which is a very well known tree in Antioquia (Colombia).


If the child is male and he drank milk from a pregnant woman whose pregnancy is of a female fetus, then, the colostrum of another woman who is nourishing a boy will be given to the sick male child, and vice versa: if the sick child is a girl, then, colostrum from another woman who is nourishing a baby girl is used.

The Gnostic Medic must always have these remedies previously prepared.


When that which is called death occurs, then, the ego abandons the physical body. The ego or soul is united to the physical body through the silver cord. This cord of astral matter is the one which maintains the soul united to the physical body. Yet, when such a cord is cut, then, the soul no longer can enter into the physical body. Commonly, that cord is cut three days after death has occurred.

The silver cord is united to the left ventricle of the heart. When we travel in astral body, the soul can return into the physical body thanks to such a cord. However, when death occurs, the soul no longer can return into her physical body, because the cord is already cut.

In the last moments of life, the dying person sees the Angel of Death as if he was a skull or a spectral being. The Angel of Death, or Angels of Death, are perfect beings whose mission is to take the souls out of their bodies in the supreme instant of death.

These Angels of Death have to cut the silver cord and their intervention is always sensed by those who are dying. Once this work is done, the Angel withdraws and the soul of the deceased continues living in the same environment. However, we have to declare that an irresistible fluidic attraction continues existing between the soul and the body after death.

Commonly, the souls of the dead that are attracted by their physical bodies, which are in the process of decomposition, inundate the graveyards or cemeteries. This is why cemeteries have a horrible appearance before the sight of the exercised clairvoyants.

The deceased ones mold the astral part of their tombs by means of their imagination. Thus, they give to their tombs the aspect of bedroonis or hospital rooms. The astral matter is essentially flexible. Therefore, that matter takes any form which the imagination gives it. For example, if you, beloved reader, imagine a hat, then that hat will be converted into a reality in the astral world.

Accordingly, by means of the astral light and their imagination, the souls of the dead give their tombs the same appearance as their rooni, sleeping compartment, or the room in which they were in their last days. This is because the image of such a bedroom is strongly recorded in their minds.

The cadaver attracts the soul and the soul acts upon the plastic matter of the astral world by means of the imagination. This is how the soul transforms the tomb into a bedroom or into a hospital room.

The exercised clairvoyant can see the souls of the dead walking by in the cemeteries. They talk about their sicknesses, about their bitterness, about a possible healing, about medicines, etc.

Before the imagination of the souls of the dead, the cemetery is not a cemetery. For them the cemetery is hospitals, halls, bedrooms, clinics, etc. Each tomb is for them a hall, a clinic, a bedroom, etc. Such souls still believe to be in flesh and bones. Therefore, they feel the same sicknesses which were the cause of their death.

Commonly, those souls exhale the filthy smell of their cadaver in putrefaction. Those souls suffer the same bitterness of their former life. Thus, they hope to be healed from their sicknesses.

This horrible attraction of the souls towards the cemeteries disappears as soon as the cadaver has become ashes. Hence, when the cadaver is already ashes the soul feels healed and happy and abandons the cemetery, which, with her turbid imagination, she believed to be a clinic, rooms, halls, hospitals, etc.

Nevertheless, if the cadaver is burned, then, the soul avoids passing through all such horrible sufferings in the cemetery.

Therefore, the cadavers must be burned for charity, for compassion, for pity and for love towards our beloved, because suffering within the cemeteries is horrible.

It is very hard for a soul to live within a tomb which is believed to be a hail or bedroom. This is the cause of the horror which the living ones have towards the cemeteries, because as long as the body continues existing, it will attract the soul towards the tomb, and the soul will suffer the unutterable.

It is a thousand times preferable to pass through the pain of burning the cadaver of a beloved defunct, than to leave his poor soul to be tormented within a cemetery.

You must be compassionate towards your beloved relative. Burn his cadaver, so that the soul can be liberated from the horrible bitterness of the cemetery. You must not be cruel with your beloved relative, so burn the body in order for that beloved soul to be free from the cemetery.

What has been explained about the cemeteries is what has been experienced by some seers.

When I was in the city of Pamplona (north of Saritander, Colombia), I knew about an interesting case related with this theme which we are commenting about.

On one of those solitary and cold nights, a certain gentleman, whose name I do not want to mention, was walking through a street of that city which is surrounded by paramount hills.

Then, this gentleman saw a beautiftil lady. With compliments, he offered to accompany her to her house. The lady inflamed upon this gentleman the desire of an intimate relation and she did not reject his company.

Thus, this fellow was happily walking with the lady while longing for a romantic Don Juan type of adventure.

Suddenly, the lady stopped before the elegant door of a luxurious mansion which was surrounded by magnificent gardens. Then, sweet words and lovely phrases were uttered there. Finally, the lady invited the enamored gentleman to enter inside her enchanted dwelling. Feeling himself happy, this handsome man, who was filled with an irresistible sexual desire, entered into that beautiful lady's bedroom.

The enamored man lay down over the improvised nuptial bed and he fell asleep there without the lady lying herself next to him.

When this handsome man awoke, the sun was already illuminating the vast horizons and the humid summits of those paramount hills which surround Pamplona city. He felt a little bit uncomfortable in the bed and he saw that the walls of that room were menacingly closing themselves over him. "Where am I?" he asked to himself "Where is that lady?" Then, by meticulously staring around him, he saw with horror that he was inside a large tomb of the cemetery. He could not utter a word. He became filled with a horrible panic and collapsed. Several hours later, some visitors found this gentleman within that tomb and subsequently, they took him unconscious out from the tomb.

After medical intervention, the gentleman recuperated his lucidity and told the authorities all that had occurred. Naturally, the authorities declared that he was insane.

Many years ago, a cadaver of a beautiftil lady had been buried within that tomb. Yet, the lady with her imagination within the astral plane had converted that tomb into an elegant mansion. Undoubtedly, she was already liberated from the attraction of that cadaver. However, she was not free from the attraction towards that beautiftil mansion constructed by her in the astral plane or within the astral environment of that tomb.

The lady took this gentleman out from this chemical region (physical dimension) and thus, she placed his physical body and the whole of him inside the astral plane. This is what is called in occultism "Jinn State".


As strange as it may seem for many people, there truly exist halls of black magic within cemeteries, which are situated in the astral plane.

Such dismal halls respite all the rottenness from the burial grounds and the Black Magicians from such halls utilize all of those horrible elements from the cemetery for their infernal purposes.

Many astral vampires exist within the astral environment of cemeteries. They nourish themselves from the cadaverous emanations and from the rottenness. Those vampires are utilized by the

Black Magicians in order to cause harm to their hated enemies.

Since the earth inhales and exhales as we do, the soil from cemeteries constitutes great sources of infection for the urban populace. Great pestilence has gone out from cemeteries.

Typhus, variola and all type of epidemic diseases have gone out from cemeteries.

The soil from cemeteries inhales oxygen and exhales epidemics. Scientists have already proven that the earth inhales and exhales. Therefore, our assertions are strictly scientific.

The hour has arrived in which the authorities of public health and sanitation must establish crematory ftxrnaces instead of cemeteries.

The mourning relatives could establish in their homes altars where they will place the ashes of their beloved deceased relatives within beautiful and splendid 'coffins'. Thus, the bonds between the ascendants and descendants will be maintained through those ashes.

A true swarm of perverse entities and malignant atoms are available to the Black Magicians in order to perform their operations of black magic, within the halls of black magic in cemeteries.

Those Black Magicians recruit millions of perverse souls, whose bodies have been buried in cemeteries, in order to put them to work under their command. All such actions make the cemeteries not only sources of physical epidemics, but also sources of moral epidemics.

Each atom is a trio of matter, energy and consciousness, that is to say, each atom is an atomic intelligence. Therefore, the atoms from criminals and evil ones, who are buried in the cemeteries, constitute true moral epidemics, which are specifically concentrated within the cemeteries.

The atoms which we inhale in the cemeteries penetrate within our organism and they form their evil communities between the space that separates the objective system from our secondary system or Grand Sympathetic system. These atomic, evil communities falsify our own minds and they invisibly float within our own astral atmosphere. Thus, these atomic evil communities remain there, infecting us as a moral epidemic or as intelligences which excite us to perform all type of evilness.

Commonly, these colonies of evil atoms from cemeteries are more easily received inside the bodies of people during rainy weather.

The cemeteries are true infernos of evilness, weeping and rottenness. The ethereal bodies of the deceased as skeletons or horrible phantoms float over and around the tombs. They constitute a fountain of spectral terror for the souls who are attracted to their physical bodies, which are in the state of decomposition within the burial grounds.

The ethereal bodies are simultaneously disintegrated along with the cadavers and they adopt their horrible spectral form. The tenebrous ones from the halls of black magic utilize those spectral phantoms in order to horrif the souls of the dead.

Moreover, these Black Magicians also utilize these spectral phantoms in order to frighten the living ones. There are innumerable cases of spectral apparitions which have been witnessed throughout time, in spite of the abundant mockery from ignorant chroniclers and superficial people of the epoch.

The phrase from the ignoramuses, which states that "no one can know what happens in heaven or of a supernatural nature", or that "no one knows what is in the other world, because no one has gone there yet ", are truly phrases only among the fools from this epoch.





Every Gnostic Medic must learn how to freely function in his Atomic and Buddhic vehicles in order to investigate the Nirvanic, Super-Nirvanic, Adic, Monadic, etc., planes.

The essences from superior planes are worthy of being studied. We can receive sublime teachings from the Buddhas of Contemplation while in Nirvana.

We can enter by will any time we want into those superlative planes of consciousness. The light of Atman, the Ineffable, reigns there.

The disciple will start to learn how to depart from his physical body in his astral vehicle. Later on, when he is Out of his body, he will beg his Intimate to take his inferior vehicles out from him. Then, his Intimate will take his astral, mental, causal, etc., vehicles out from the atomic doors of his spinal column.

When we are without those inferior vehicles, we learn to move ourselves in the Buddhic and Atmic vehicles by will.

It is also true that in the astral body we can visit the Buddhic, Nirvanic, Adic, etc., worlds. The Theosophists do not know anything about this. Hence, they are worthy of pity.

It is also very true that through meditation we can visit the superior worlds. The Intimate can enter into any department of the kingdom.


Even though it seems incredible, Black Magicians also exist within the Mental world.

The Black Magicians from the Mental world are the most dangerous of the universe. Those Black Magicians from the Mental world are extremely fine, subtle, erudite and delicate.

They can easily turn aside many investigators because they have the appearance of Masters. When the Master is christifying his Mental body, then he has to confront great battles against these very dangerous adepts of the shadow.

The Mental body is christified with the Fourth Degree of the power of the Fire, that is to say, with the Kundalini of the Mental body. Each one of our seven bodies has its own Kundalini.


All the problems which we, the human beings have to resolve, all the sufferings from our life, all our desires and passions, all our bitterness, reside within the mind.

If somebody throws a stone into a crystalline lake, then we will see a vast amount of waves which come from the center towards the periphery. These waves are the reaction of the water against the exterior impact.

Our mind is similar to this. The external impacts fall into the lake of our mind, which make us react towards the exterior world with waves of anger, desire, envy, slander, etc., etc.

For example: When we see a pornographic illustration, this image strikes the retina of our eye.

Afterwards, it passes towards our sensorial cerebral center, and finally it goes into our mind.

Thus, our mind reacts over that exterior image with waves of carnal passion. If somebody insults us, the insulter's words arrive to our senses, and afterwards they pass into our mind.

Subsequently, our mind reacts with waves of fury and violence against the insulter.

Therefore, the mind is the cause of all our bitterness. It is the wild horse which hauls our wagon.

If we do not dominate it with the whip of willpower, then it will haul our wagon into the abyss.

The Magician must manage his mind. The Magician must dominate his mind by means of willpower.

When our mind is filled with passionate desires, then let us stop for a moment and let us imperiously command our mind as follows: "Mental body, withdraw those thoughts from me. I do not allow you to bear them."

When our mind is filled with anger, then let us command our mind like this: "Mental

body, withdraw this anger from me. I do not allow you to bear anger."

When our mind is filled with hatred, then let us command our mind like this: "Mental body, withdraw this hatred from me. I do not allow you to bear hatred, etc., etc."

The Being is not the mind, the Being is the Being. He is the Intimate and He can control our mind by means of willpower.

The den of desire is within the mind. The body of desires is nothing else but an emotional instrument of the mind.

We can converse with our mind in the internal worlds, when we momentarily have deprived ourselves from it.

Then, the mind seems to be almost an independent subject which sits in front of us, face to face, in order to converse.

This interesting experiment is performed in the following way:

  1. The Magician must abandon his physical body and depart within his astral body.

  2. Once Out, he must feel himself having a childlike heart.

  3. Then, he must command his astral body as follows: "Astral Body, withdraw from me."

  4. He must cast his Astral Body out from himself, through his spinal column.

  5. Subsequently, his Astral Body will fall out of him from his back and will go out.

  6. The disciple will remain within his Mental Body.

  7. Now, he has to command his Mental Body as follows: "Mental Body, withdraw from me."

  8. The disciple must throw his Mental Body out towards his back.

  9. Now, the Magician will feel that something else is moving within his own Being.

  10. At this moment, a rare personage comes out from his spinal column.

  11. The disciple must question this rare personage: "Who are you?"

  12. This subject will answer as follows: "I am your Mental Body. Do you not know me?"

  13. The disciple must now invite his own Mind to sit.

  14. This is now the precise moment in which the disciple can converse with his Mind face to face, front to front.

After this profound investigation, the disciple will be aware that his mind is a wild horse, a savage man, which he must control, command and direct with the whip of willpower.

All the torments of our existence come from the Mental body.

No insults, no bitterness can ever reach our Intimate, because all bitterness, all insults only reach until the Mental body. Therefore, it is only the mind which reacts towards the exterior world with tempests of pain and bitterness.

The Intimate cannot sufFer. The Intimate suffers only when he identities himself with his mind, when he still has not learned how to control his mind by means of his willpower.

The tempests of our existence come from the exterior, from the world of the mind. They do not come from within, from the profundities of the infinite, because there is where the Intimate always lives full of happiness.


Ms Neel comments to us in a book about the semi-flying ascetics from Tibet, who travel Tibet in all directions, while in a type of somnambulistic dream state. They do this without eating or resting in any place. Their journeys last for many days, without them getting tired.

The peyote was utilized by the Aztec priests in their Temples of Mysteries in order to submerge the sick people into a profound dream, from which they were subsequently coming out from healed.

After a very profound dream, the mystos were coming out totally illuminated from the Greek, Toltec and Egyptian temples.

Freud spoke to us about the tremendous energy of the subconscious and the Master Huiracocha taught us how to cure sick people with perfumes by taking advantage of a patient's dream.

This is because, in reality, the curative forces of the organism reside within the subconscious and the Medic can manipulate them during the patient's dream.

The physician Dr. Schwab states that the brain and the nervous sympathetic plexus are the exponents of the curative force from the organism. He states that this plexus rules the involuntary functions and that it intervenes over the endocrine glands.

The subconscious is the base of the vital energies and the storage of all the forces.

A disciple of the 'Mamas' named Juan Bautista Miranda lived in the State of Magdalena (Colombia). He cured cases of leprosy in the final stages and he made the scientists from the official medicine grow wan.

On a certain occasion, Miranda said to his people: "A sick person is near at hand in coming, but you must deny that I am here, otherwise I am lost." Subsequently, the sick person who was clairvoyantly predicted by this Medic, arrived at the precise hour noted. Miranda's people tried to deny the Medic's presence, yet the sick person answered: "The

Medic is here and he must cure me."

This case was related to a work of witchcraft which Juan Bautista Miranda can easily cure. When the sick person was healed, then Juan Bautista Miranda became sick and he sent for his son. However, his luck was bad, because he died before his son's arrival.

The physical body of Juan Bautista Miranda was buried as is customary. Yet, the next day, the tomb was empty as the cadaver had disappeared. What happened? Well, Juan Bautista Miranda lives in the Sierra Nevada from Santa Marta, performing marvelous healings. His death was only simulated, because the 'Mamas' took his body from the tomb.

How did the 'Mamas' take Juan Bautista Miranda's body? Dr. Steiner states that a

physical body can remain within the internal worlds without losing its physical characteristics. This is what is called "Jinn State."

In the case of Juan Bautista Miranda, the 'Mamas' operated by submerging his assumed dead body within the Astral plane. This is how they transported him to the Sierra Nevada. We know that there are Fakirs in India who bury themselves alive and they endure months in this buried state. The case of Miranda was analogous.

When the Spaniard Conquistadors came to America, the wise Indians hid their sacred Temples by putting them into the Astral plane. Those Temples still exist in this day and age. However, they are hidden to the eyes of the profane. This is called "Jinn State."

Various of these occult (hidden) Temples exist in the Sierra Nevada from Santa Marta (Colombia). The 'Mama' Matlas, before his death, was officiating in 'Pueblo Hundido' (sunken town) from the Sierra Nevada. This 'Mama' was asking forgiveness for his sick people and also health and life for them within that Temple.

Another Temple is the one in 'Cheruba.' The 'Saga Catalina Alberto' was officiating there.

The 'Mama' Matias was starting to officiate in the Temple of 'Chinchicua' before his death.

All of these occult Temples are called "Temples from the God Nature" by the indigenous people.

There also exists in the Sierra Nevada a land in Jinn Sate where the Black Magistracy abides. It is called "Guanani." The river "Ariguani" runs there. The first door of this Black Magistracy exists in a waterfall from this river. A huge dragon was seen there by the natives. The Black Magicians leave in the night through this door. All of these Black Magicians worship the demon "Ikanuse", who, in this day and age, has a physical body.

During a certain part of the year, the 'Mamas' use special herbs in order to humiliate and defeat the Black Magistracy. They throw their bunches of herbs in that previously mentioned door. This is how they subdue these Magicians from darkness.

An occult Temple also exists in the mountain of Monserrate from Bogota, Colombia. Some Chibchas Initiates dwell there. Occult Temples exist in the whole of South America.

Every student of Gnosticism has to learn how to transport himself in a few seconds towards his sick patients in order to visit and cure them. The procedure is in the following way:

The disciple must lie down on his left side with his head rested over the palm of the hand of the same side. Then, he has to get sleepy with his mind fixed in the process of the dream. Dream images emerge during the state of transition between vigil and dream. The disciple must reject such images, because if he does not do it, then, he will remain abstracted within them and he will fall asleep.

The attention of the disciple must be fixed only and exclusively in the process of the dream. Then, when he feels that the dream has already invaded his brain, he must abandon all of his laziness and get up immediately. The whole secret of this matter rests in leaving our home, going out towards the street. Yet, we have to conserve the dreamy state.

When already on the street, the disciple has to jump with the intention of suspending himself in the air as if he was a bird. Then, he can transport himself in flesh and bones towards the residence of the sick person.

In this way, the disciple will learn how to travel in a few seconds to the most remote places of the earth in order to cure sick patients. He can also take his herbs and remedies with him.

The physical body enters, in this case, within the Astral plane and remains out of the law of gravity. This process is performed by the powerful energies of the subconscious. This is why we insist that the disciple must leave his house while preserving his dreamy state.

The dream has its power and that power is the energies of the subccinscious. It would be impossible for the physical body to enter into Jinn State without the energies of the subconscious.



The Guru Litelantes, known on the earth with the profane name of Arnolda de Gomez, taught me about the Jinn State.

This Lady-Adept is my priestess-wife and my esoteric collaborator.

I have red much occult literature, yet, I have never found concrete data about the 'modus operandi' for Jinn States.

The Venerable Master Huiracocha relates to us in his Initiatic Novel the interesting case of the commander Montenero, who with his physical body in Jinn State entered into the Temple of Chapultepec, Mexico, in order to receive Cosmic Initiation.

Don Mario Roso de Luna also speaks marvelously to us about the Jinn States.

However, never has any Spiritualist writer taught to us the concrete formula in order to place the physical body in Jinn State.

I learned this formula from my own priestess-wife. She taught it to me in a practical way. Regarding this, it comes into my memory many interesting things from that time.

Back in time, in the year 1946, my wife and I were living in the tropical town of Girardot (Cundinamarca). One certain day, the Lady-Adept told me, "Tonight I will transport myself with my physical body in Jinn State to the home of Mrs. E... I will make my appearance felt by her. Then, I will leave there a material object for her."

Being somewhat inquisitive, I asked her: "Is it possible to transport oneself with physical body through the air and without ihe necessity of an airplane?" While smiling, the Guru Litelantes told me: "You will see..."

The following day, very early, I went to visit Mrs. E... This lady, somehow overwhelmed, told me that during the whole night she had felt noise within her house and the steps of a strange person. Then, she told me that inside her home, which was properly closed with a lock, she had found certain material objects which were belonging to Mrs. Arnolda.

I, overwhelmed from this matter, went to the Lady-Adept to tell her about the case.

Smiling, she told me: "You, see that it is possible to travel with the physical body in Jinn State."

Later on, she invited me to execute an excursion with the physical body through the dominions of those marvelous Jinn lands which Don Mario Roso de Luna spoke about.

Hence, one night, the most quiet, the most silent night, I was lying down on my bed in a perfectly vigil state. Suddenly, the Lady-Adept told me: "Get up from your bed and lets go..."

This Lady-Adept had placed her physical body in Jinn State. Thus, she was surrounded by the tremendous cosmic forces from the God Harpocrates.

I got up from my bed and filled with faith I followed her, walking with a firm and decisive step. A spiritual voluptuousness was inebriating me. So, I decided to float in the air. I comprehended that I had submerged myself within the astral plane, yet, I did it with my physical body. I understood that when the physical body is submerged within the astral body it can levitate and remain under the laws of the astral plane, yet, without losing its physiological characteristics.

Once, while in Jinn State, the Lady-Adept made me fly over great precipices and mountains in order to prove my courage.

After having a very interesting excursion, which was performed in remote Jinn lands, the Lady- Adept and I returned to our dwelling.

I continued experimenting by my own account. Thus, I discovered that in order to transport oneself with physical body in Jinn State, only a minimum quantity of dream and a lot of faith is necessary.

Later on, the Lady-Adept explained to me something about the Orphic Egg and the Jinn States. The Golden Egg of Brahma, which symbolizes the Universe, comes into my memory. Our planet Earth has an oviform figure. The first manifestation of the Cosmos in a form of an egg was the belief that was most spread in antiquity.

It is stated in the Egyptian Rite that Seb, the God of time and the earth, lay an egg, or the Universe; an egg which was brought into existence at the hour of the great ONE of the double force.

The God RA is represented by the Egyptians in a process of gestation within an egg. The Orphic Egg appears in the Dionisiac Mysteries.

In Greece and India, the first visible masculine being who was reuniting the two sexes in himself was represented as emerging from an egg.

The egg symbolizes the world.

Therefore, logic invites us to think that great occult powers exist within the egg.

The Guru Litelantes explained to me the magic formula of the egg.

The Guru Litelantes told me that one can place the physical body in a Jinn State with the egg.

A small orifice must be made on the endmost pointed part of the egg. Then, the yolk and the white part of the egg have to be taken out through that orifice.

The egg must be slightly warmed up in boiling water before making the orifice.

The disciple must paint the egg a blue color.

That empty shell must be placed next to our bed. The disciple will fall asleep while imagining to be inside within the egg.

The Master Huiracocha says that in those instants one must invoke the God Harpocrates, by pronouncing the following mantra: HAR- PO-CRAT-IST.

Then, the God Harpocrates will carry the disciple within the egg. The disciple will feel a great itchiness or rash on his body.

The disciple will feel himself uncomfortable, because he will have that uncomfortable position with which the pigeon, while inside of an egg, is represented. However, the disciple must not complain, because the God Harpocrates will transport him to any far away place. The God will open the egg and will leave him there.

In the beginning, the student will only transport himself in his astral body. Later on the student will transport himself with his body in Jinn State. This is a matter of much practice and tenacity.

The Jinn States permit us to perform all of these marvels. The Guru Litelantes showed me in a practical way how a physical body while in Jinn State can assume distinct forms, such as enlarging and shrinking itself by will.

Indeed, official science does not completely know about the physical body, but only about its purely primary or elementary aspects.

The scientists totally ignore that the physical body is plastic and elastic. Official anatomy and physiology are still in an embryonic state.

The forces which the Guru Litelantes taught me to command are the Harpocranian forces which boil and palpitate in the whole Universe.

The HAR-PO-CRAT-IST forces are a variation of the Christic forces.

Wherever a Jinn State, an astral projection, a Temple in Jinn State or an enchanted lake exists, the HAR-PO-CRAT-IST forces are found in an active function.

The disciple is accumulating these HAR-PO-CRAT-IST energies when he performs the practices of HAR-PO-CRAT-IST. Then, later on, these energies will truly allow him to perform marvels and prodigies.

I learned this marvelous science from the Guru Litelantes. She is my priestess-wife, who works in the superior worlds as one of the forty-two Judges of Karma.


The disciple who wants to travel with his physical body within the astral plane must enchant his body. The disciple must get sleepy by pronouncing the mantra: TO THE LITTLE HEAVEN PHILIP (pronounce it three times).

Then, he will leave his room and will direct himself in flesh and bones towards the house of his sick patients in order to medicate them. This is a type of voluntary somnambulism, a modification of somnambulism. What is needed is a lot of faith and tenacity until achieving success.


We, the Gnostics can enter with flesh and bones into the other world any time we want to do so. Therefore, whosoever wants to enter into the other world in order to know and visit it with the body of flesh and bones, very well dressed with hat and fashionable shoes, as when someone enters a garden party, then, I give the clue:

  1. Lie down on the side of your heart, with your head rested over the palm of your left hand.

  2. You must become sleepy.

  3. Reject from your imagination every type of dreaming and mental images.

  4. Concentrate only and exclusively in the process of the dream.

  5. When you feel that you are 'asleep', then, perform the following movements:

Sit on your bed. However, when you make this movement of sitting, do it with a lot of careftilness, in such a way that you will not awake. In other words, preserve your dreaming state, because the power is within the dream.

Stand on the floor with your feet, with the same carefulness of not awakening, because the power is within the dream.

Perform a little jump with the intention of floating in the other world.

If you do not float, then lie down and repeat the experiment again.

There exist people who after having received this clue perform this experiment immediately. Yet, other people take weeks, months and even entire years in order to perform what others can do immediately after learning the clue. Everything depends upon the degree of evolution of every one. This is what is called in occultism "Jinn State."

The powerful, energetic forces of the subconscious are the ones which take the physical body out from the chemical-physical region and place it within the astral plane. This is how the physical body abandons the law of gravity and this chemical region, in order to penetrate within the astral plane, where the laws of levitation reign.

As the smoke of the chimney is mixed with the atmosphere without confusion, in the same way these two worlds, astral and physical, are mixed and they are interpenetrated without conftzsion. Therefore, everything that I say can be confirmed by all those people who have the kindness of listening to me and having faith.

Nevertheless, lam sure that the thousands of readers from this XX century will mock these clues, because the people from this century only want to cohabit and get money, more money and a lot of money. Therefore, this book is not for the barbarians of this XX century. This book is for the luminous humanity of Aquarius.

Those who perform this secret in order to enter with their physical bodies into the astral plane will transport themselves to the most far away places of the earth in a few seconds, because time and space do not exist within the astral plane. There, everything is an eternal 'now', an eternal present.

The supra-sensible worlds are the celestial heavenly honie of the Spirit.

"Death is swallowed up in victory.

O death where is thy sting? O grave where is thy victory...? (Corinthians: 1 5: 54-55).







(Part two)



When the diarrhea is produced because of heat, then, consume the infusion of the root or the branch of Lemongrass (Cymbopogon citratus). When the diarrhea is produced because of coldness, then, consume the infusion of Cinnamon with Peppermint.


Any one of the diverse teas or decoctions of Sweet Basil (Ocimun basilicum L), Cañaigre (Rumex hymenosepalus Torr.), 'Chaparro Amargoso', 'Suelda Conselda' (Tradescantia multiflora Swz.), etc., make the diarrhea to disappear.


We cannot deny that 'Enietina' in ampoules heals Dysentery. However, children must not be injected with 'Emetina' because they die. Nonetheless, there are marvelous plants which cure Dysentery. Let us see these, as follows:

Cotton, Black or Wild Cherry (Prunus serotina Ehrh.), 'Chaparro Amargoso', Ipecac (Cephaelis ipecacuanha), Common Plantain (Plantago major L.), Mesquite (Prosopis juliflora L.), 'Monacillo' (Malvabiscus arboreus Cay.), 'Muicle' (Jacobinia spicigera B.), 'Nanche', etc.

Any of these plants can cure Dysentery. They must be drank as beverages, like drinking ordinary water, until becoming healed.


Lemon juice and Artichoke: Take the cut half of an Artichoke, or the fourth part if it is too big, and put it to boil until the water becomes yellowish. Then, add Lemon juice and drink it three times a day.


Consume Horsetail (Equisetum spp.), Sage, Rosemary, Petlitory-of-the-Wall (Parietaria officinalis L.) and place Cataplasms of milk curds over the kidneys. Children who cannot drink these decoctions must have the milk curds placed over their kidneys. Wrap a cloth around the milk curds in order for them to stay in place. Change the milk curds every two hours.


The Cataplasm of'Venadillo' also helps. The 'Venadillo' is a plant of median climate and is very weak. The Cataplasm must be placed for the space of' half' an hour for children. If they are mature children, they can tolerate up to two hours. Afterwards, take it off


The 'Ansa' or 'Palo de Ia Cruz' (B. grandiceps Jacq.) can be harvested for it. When the leaves or flowers are cut off from top to the bottom, they propel the menstruation. Yet, when they are cut off from the bottom to the top, they suspend it.


Virginia elixir: This can be obtained in the pharmacies, generally in Colombia, South America. The woman has to consume 1 or 2 teaspoons of Virginia elixir. It has a flavor like alcohol. This remedy provokes menstruation. When menstruation is flowing, then, suspend the medication.

Wormwood also serves for menstruation and to open the appetite.


When menstruation is withheld, then, it is convenient that women consume the decoction of Cypress. However, it must be in small quantities, because in great quantities it can provoke abortion.

If the woman is sure that she is not pregnant, then, she can drink the decoction or tea of Cypress in good quantity.

Abortion must always be avoided, because it is dangerous. Whosoever provokes abortion, whosoever makes women to abort is a dangerous criminal of a high degree.


Mallow (Malva sylvestris L.), Borage (Borago officinalis L.), Lemongrass (cymbopogon citratus), this plant is a herb that tastes like lemon), with a spoonful of vinegar of 'Castilla', or vinegar of 'Guineo.' Boil all of this for eight minutes and receive the steam in a chamber pot. Afterwards, perform a vaginal bath with 'Fuente de Gereben', which is a pharmaceutical medicine. Thus, everything will be okay.


The following plants can be found in the State of Tolima (Colombia). 'Tatarnaco', 'Cucubo' or 'Cubillo' and Sassafras (this is a plant from which they take the 'Canime', which is a remedy for newborn children). Put these plants to boil and wash up with the decoction. This will take away any type of flux in general. A small spoonful of Permanganate can be added to this cleansing.


'Fenibutasona M. K.', 200 milligrams, serves as a very fast treatment. This is a pharmaceutical medicine.


Another recipe

Maguey (Agave americana L. also called 'Century Plant') with Wormwood (Ariemisia absinthium L.) Make the decoction, then squeeze in the half of a lemon and drink it three times a day.


Another recipe

Seeds of the Poppy plant crushed with honey (bee honey). Also, 'Fenibutasona M. K.', 200 milligrams can be taken together.


Wormwood (Artemisia absinthium L.) and Plantain (Plantago major L.): Each person must prepare the formula with the quantity that is in accordance with his needs. The 'Almistillo' or 'Caguanejo' in 'el Huila' (Colombia) serves for the liver and leprosy. The seed of this plant serves against any type of snake.


The leaf of the Passion fruit boiled in milk serves for it. The Passion fruit is a very pleasant fruit, which is sold in the fruit markets.


The preparation of Nutmeg with Rhubarb and Samson wine: Close the lid of the bottle of wine and put it two days under the sun. Consume three little cupfuls daily.


Cascara Sagrada (Rhamnus purshiana DC.), 'Fidico' extract one ounce, Rhubarb (Rheum spp.) one ounce, Boldo (Pemnus boldo) one ounce, Red Cinchona (Cinchona succiruba) one ounce, Gentian (Genetiana lutea) one ounce, Senna one ounce, Artichoke one ounce (if the ounce of Artichoke is not easily obtained, then, buy an artichoke in the market, boil it and get one ounce). Consume three small spoonfuls diluted within panela (hard sugar cane) water, tomato juice or grape juice, three times a day. This recipe ejects the Gall Bile Calculi.


One hundred seeds from the fruit of the Medlar tree (Mespilus germanica), the white part, one quarter of a liter of olive oil: Liquefy this and drink it by little cupfuls on an empty stomach.


A remedy for the cough which harasses children too much is the following: Take honey (bee honey) and squeeze one lemon into it, then, add a little bit of sulfur. Give this to them by small spoonfuls.

Also, here is another worthy remedy: Squeeze one lemon and make sugared-honey (make it with sugar). Give this to them to swallow.


Decoction of 5 grams of Borage (Borago officinalis L.), 'Tusiago' or any expectorant and a quarter of a Bromoquinine tablet. In the beginning, it has to be consumed twice a day and later on, only one time a day. This remedy takes the cough away from children.


Decoction of the following plants: Eucalyptus and fragrant Pine. This can be consumed in the night before going to sleep, with or without sweetener. This recipe serves in order to take away that rebel cough which could not be taken away with any type of expectorant.


A clay cataplasm can be used. Rub the affected area and envelop it with a rag in order to hold it. Also consume boiled 'Suelda Consuelda' (Tradescantia multiflora Swz.).

The 'Suelda' is a parasite plant which is called 'Pajarito' (little bird). It gives some green nuggets that become red when they ripen.


Children sometimes get those small white spots or pustules in their mouth, which are very hard to get rid of. Yet, they can be taken away with the following recipe. A sweet syrup must be prepared as follows: A square centimeter of Borax or Atincar Syrup; 25 grams of Borax with two pounds and a quarter of sugar, diluted within one liter of water and put it to boil.


The teas or beverages of Walnut are marvelous in order to radically cure Aphthas. Bless the Walnut tree and beseech your Elemental Advocate, whom you carry inside within your Intimate

Being, to work with the elemental of the Walnut tree so that this elemental can cure the Aphthas.


Three lemons, one gram of kitchen salt, one spoonful of honey (bee honey) and ten drops of Merthiolate. This remedy helps to reduce the swelling of the tonsils.



There exists a remedy which is apparently very repugnant in order to cure Diabetes, unrestrained urine and all the sicknesses already cited in this part of the book.

I want to emphatically refer to mouse manure. There is no doubt that such manure cures these illnesses. What is important is to consume one spoonflul of this manure and to mix it with the pressed juice of the plant called 'Plantain' (Plantago major L.).

Such mixture is consumed or drank in the morning on an empty stomach and when going to sleep. The results will be marvelous.

In order to radically eliminate the swelling of the breast of breast feeding mothers, it is enough to dissolve the powders of mouse manure within a little bit of natural water and to humidify the breasts with this marvelous water.


30 grams of 'Pedralejo' or 'Chaparro' with 10 grams of Eucalyptus or Walnut, three times a day.


Diabetes is cured by eliminating anger and the inferior emotions, anxieties and violent acts. Take also teas or decoctions from the plant called 'Lagrimas de San Pedro' in Mexico.


In order to rapidly cut it, take Tetracycline M. K. This ends the rebel cough. 'Masiquia', which is a flower sold in market places, also helps.


Take syrup of Guaiacum (Guaiacum officinale L.), suck the tablets of coal tar with 'Tolu' (Bombacopsis quinata Jacq.), perform injections of Guaiacurn Oil of 10 cubic centimeters.


Chicory, Celery and Eucalyptus: Consume the decoction four times a day.


Red Poppy (Papaver rhoeas L.), Green Onion, Eucalyptus, Flaxseed and Mallow (Malva syilvertris L.) Consume the decoction of these plants four times a day.


'Calaguala' (Polypodium glaucophyllum Kze.), Maidenhair Fern (Adiantum capillusveneris L.), Eucalyptus, Wormwood (Artemisia absinthium L.) and Plantain (Plantago major L.) Drink the decoction four times a day (one dose).


Celery, Watercress, Mallow (Malva sylvestiris L.), fragrant Pine, Pansy (Viola tricolor L.), Sage:

Consume the decoction four times a day (one dose).


'Hipodespas', which is a pharmaceutical medicine, can be used in any part of the organism. It can be consumed in any dose required.


Chronic headaches can be very easily cured: Fix to the bottom of the feet of the patient the following:

Put oil and little pieces of onion over a leaf from a Banana-Plantain tree. Such a leaf with these described elements will help the patient when it is applied to the patient's feet.

The leaf must be tied to the patient's feet. Command the sick person to lie down. It is clear that because of the poultice being on the patient's feet, he must remain lying down. The sick person will drink the decoction of Chicory with lemon, as he would drink water, for a period of time.

This type of medicine must be performed every day and with a lot of faith until becoming radically healed.

Bless the plants, beg the elemental of each one of them to heal the sick person.


It has been proven that duck manure cures Tinea of the head. Dry the manure under the sunshine, then pulverize it and mix it with vinegar. Afterwards, rub the Tinea with this remedy. The sick person will be healed.


In order to cure a windy colic, it is enough to rub the painful area with saliva and to place over the painful area a marinated tobacco leaf.

Previously, it is necessary to moisten the tobacco leaf within firewater, tequila, wine or brandy, etc.



The decoction of Tobacco becomes very efficient in those cases which are perfectly defined as Apoplexy, Asphyxia, lethargic fever, spasmodic Colic and difficult Parturition.

In all these cases, boil the Tobacco leaves and administer enemas of this decoction to the patient.


Squeeze Cashew fruit into a very well cleaned glass container. Then, add one gram of boric acid and leave it undisturbed in a dark place to macerate for the space of fifteen days. Place a black cloth over it, so that it can be in darkness. Then, strain it and leave it undisturbed for another fifteen days in the same dark place. When one month (after the second 15 days) is accomplished, then filter or strain it again. Put two drops daily in your eyes in the morning. This will increase the sight.


Take a Pilgrim-bottle Calabash (Lagenaria vulgaris Serg., Curcubita siceraria Mol.), which is a liana plant. Open it and fill it with rum. Then, close it with a cork and bury it under the ground for fifteen days. Ask Mother Nature to cook that calabash with the fire of the earth. Then, rub the affected area where the tumor is found and drink a spoonful of it. If you cannot tolerate drinking it as such, then dissolve it in water and drink it. (Two of these Calabash can be buried).


Senobarbital is a remedy from pharmacies. Give to the patient burnt rinds of sour orange: grind them and give it to him. The patient should not drink coffee or liquor.


Even though it seems incredible, when turkey manure is dissolved in wine or in Plantain (Plantago major L.) water, it is completely proven that it cures the horrible Epileptic illness or Epilepsy of the heart. Consume it in a continuous way until becoming healed.


Put three fledgling pigeons to boil until taking the extract (stock) from them. Add one liter of curdled milk, one glass of carrot juice, which is made by liquefying the carrots in a blender or by using a juice machine. Liquefy all of this in the blender, then strain it. Add a whole egg with its shell and liquefy it again. Add two little cupfiils of' white wine, one little cupfttl of brandy and stir it by hand with a wooden mill (not within the blender).

Take one little cupful daily on an empty stomach. If the person can endure to drink two little cupfuls, then do so. This remedy will end general weakness.


Deafness will disappear and also earaches by applying to the ears the rattles of the Rattlesnake, dissected and enveloped with cotton.

Uterine discharges are cured by receiving the vapor of a Rattlesnake, which has been placed upon charcoal embers inside of a vessel. The sick woman must keep herself away from any type of coldness and even from air currents.


Put in the ear one or two drops of warmed Glycerin in the night.


The following formula serves for burns: Crush the white part of a green onion (the big head onion is not good), add earth soap or mountain soap (the natural soap which is made in the rural region), add a little bit of salt and make a plaster, then dab it over the burned area. Afterwards, pour cooking oil, or better if it is olive, almond or fig oil, over the burned area.


Take a mother-of-pearl shell and squeeze three lemons until the shell is covered with the juice. If there are no shells available, then some mother-of-pearl buttons can be utilized. Leave this in maceration and after eight days a pomade will be formed. Add to every ounce of this pomade 25 grams of Borax or 'Atincar', 9 grams of kitchen salt, and in order for this pomade to be enjoyable add then some perfume to it.

Wash the freckled area with warm water which contains 9 grams of kitchen salt and 9 grams of Borax. Dry it very well and scrape the freckle, spot or scar with watersandpaper which is of a black color, then dab the previously prepared pomade on it. The next day clean it with a towel and dab cocoa butter during the night or during the day. Do not stay under the sun during the time of this treatment.


Do you want to become slim? I advise you not to starve, but to get slim by eating very well. What is important is not to eat flour of any kind, no starches, nor anything which contains a sweetener...

Nourish yourself with vegetables and fruits. Consume beef bone soup so that your body does not become weak.

Horehound (Marrubium vulgare L.), when consumed as a daily ordinary beverage, will help you to become slim. Keep yourself slim and you will see how well you will feel.

The too fat, big bellied, paunchy, obese arid massive bodies point to, show, indicate gluttony, etc., etc., etc.


When digestion is difficult, then it is convenient to drink teas from any of the following plants: 'Prodigiosa', Rosemary, 'Tabaquillo grande', 'Indian' tea, 'Ranchero' tea, Castilleja spp., 'Yolochichi.' The sick person can and must prepare his beverages with any of the previously mentioned plants that can be found.


The persons who cannot retain anything in their stomach can take 'Gastrobil', which is a pharmaceutical remedy.


The decoction of the plant called Wormwood (Artemisia absinthium L.), when it is drank for several mornings on an empty stomach, can eject parasites from the stomach and even the Tapeworm. In the case of this terrible Tapeworm, consume the pressed juice of Wormwood, two or three spoonflils mixed with ground Peppermint.


The pressed juice of the Tobacco leaves (the leaves must be green), mixed with some fat and placed under the sun or over a gentle fire, can then be applied warm for colds, for the pubis, for pain in the side, on wounds and on tetanus, for whooping cough, on the abdomen, the spine and sacro-lumbar area for chronic diarrhea, and also on the navel of children for parasites.

The leaves of Tobacco placed on the temples and forehead is advisable to cure headaches which are caused because of coldness.

The leaves of Tobacco, humidified in firewater (liquor), are applied to the navel when there exists hysteria and nervous attacks.

Tobacco is also used for Epilepsy in the following way: One takes one ounce of Tobacco of good quality and cuts it into small pieces. Then, it is placed within a pot or container with the quantity of one bottle of water and it is placed on the lire. After it is boiled for awhile, one takes it from the fire and strains it very well and adds eight ounces of sugar.

Subsequently, one places the pot on the fire again, until the decoction becomes like a syrup. Consume two spoonfuls in the morning and another two in the night and drink halfa glass of the decoction of the flowers of the Elder tree after each dose. The sick person must keep himself inside his bed at least for three hours after each dose.

Also the Conjuration of the Seven of the Wise Solomon must be recited with a lot of faith to the sick person.

Place in front of the head rail of the bed of the Epileptic person the magic symbol of the Esoteric Pentagram, which makes the demons run away.

Epilepsy is a result of the Karma of the patient, who was serving as a Medium Spiritist in his past lives.

The Epileptic person must never assist, he must never visit any hail of Spiritism.


Take a hunting Snake and pass it like a massage various times over the Mumps, Goiter or Scrofua and these will be healed. The Goiter will disappear in a very short time. Perform this treatment daily.

Also this sickness is cured by using a necklace from the bones of the spine of such a Serpent.


Elephantiasis is cured by drinking the water in which an Elephant was previously in. The person must even wash his body with this water.


Swellings and ulcers afflicting people who suffer from Elephantiasis are healed with oil within which a viper had been placed under the sun. The sick person will wash every day his face and his scabs or ulcers with the water within which a snake had been placed.


In order to radically cure Chilblains, these must be washed daily and with much patience with the very hot decoction of the roots of Turnips.


Drink pulverized skunk liver mixed in a cup of warm water. This is an effective sudorific remedy and serves for the spasms, afflictions of the chest, catarrhs, fevers and other sicknesses of the pulmonary tracts.

It has been told to us that skunk meat serves in order to cure Syphilis, one must eat it until becoming healed.


The pressed juice of the leaves of Peppermint is applied in order to cure Ringworm, Mange and Tinea and other cutaneous physical eruptions.

Cataplasms of the leaves of Peppermint with the crumbs of the inner part of bread mixed with honey are placed over the inflamed tumors.


Three prunes, one liter of unsweetened water: Drink it before meals. This is very good for children, however the quantity must be reduced.


Pharyngitis is cured with any of the following plants: 'Alfilerillo', Cotton, 'Mercadela', 'Palo Amarillo' (Cusparia trifoliata H. and B.), etc.

These must be drank as an ordinary beverage until achieving the radical healing. What is important is to have faith in the plants.


The Hemorrhoid sickness is extremely bothering, although it is very easy to cure. It is enough to sit over a piece of ice and the problem is resolved.

Thus, application of ice over the Hemorrhoids is the clue in order to make them disappear.


Use three daily grams of'Copaiba' Oil, lemon (twelve drops of lemon juice), and sugar. Make it into a pomade.


The crushed leaves of Verbena applied with Pink oil, or with Olive oil in case of not finding the first one, mixed with pig's fat, makes the mother's ill to disappear.


Spermatorrhea is cured with the tea of the plant called Damiana (Turnera diffusa). Such a plant performs prodigies.


Plum tree: The water from its decoction serves niarvelously in order to wash the fistulas or ulcers, especially those from the mouth.


Garlic expels tormenting gas from the bowels. When dissolved within wine, firewater or tequila, Garlic radically cures snake bites or vicious dog bites when it is applied as plaster over the bites.

Eating raw garlic or fried garlic softens the hoarse cough and clarifies the voice in an extraordinary way.


It is completely demonstrated that Tobacco serves against the Snake and summer Tick bites, etc. Simply perform rubs with the Tobacco in those areas of the body which are affected by this ill.

Such rubs make the ill gas which takes over the head and affects the sight to disappear.


Consume boiled Plantain (Plantago major L.).


'Micostalin' Syrup.


The decoction of Guaiacum (Guaiacum officinale L.) cures Dropsy. One must drink three glassfüls daily, one before every meal until becoming radically healed.


If the tusk-tooth of this animal is hung from the neck of a child, then it can look after him during his teething process, so that he cannot suffer any irregularity in his body.


The tree called 'Ararat' serves in order to cure bruises, especially those bruises which are upon the knees.


The 'Cuaotillo' or 'Cuartillo' (Peperonia sp.) with rum helps impotence. Place this mixture under the sun and consume it. Also the 'Viril de Carey', which is a Sea Turtle helps. It serves for getting an erection.


Dab the feet with Camphorated Oil and cover them with cotton.


15 grams of Salicylic Acid and 75 grams of Alcohol.


For those tormenting corns on the hands and fingers: Dab them with Silver Nitrate.


Consume Uropol, which is an antibiotic. Take 4 or 5 capsules.


Use 'Ferrobin' from the pharmacies.




"I conjure all thy enemies, just as much thy internal as thy external ones, in the portal of

Belen. I conjure them and I conjure them once again in case they have a pact with the Devil, Black Magic or backward creeds. I conjure them, so that they shall come humble to thy feet, as the Lamb of Christ reached the foot of the Cross. I conjure them, so that they shall come meek, as the Lamb reached from the Cross to the Eternal Father. With two I see them and with three I fasten them, in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit." Explanation: 2 is Mother Nature and 3 is the three primary forces.


"Perjured animal, I conjure thee. Let all the worms drown in thy own blood, so that none will remain in thee."


"O Saint Martha, Thou art blessed, very beloved and worthy of God and Thou walk on the Mount Tabor. Thou entered and encountered the Great Serpent. Then, with the Mother of God's girdle Thou tied and bound it. Thus, Thou bound the hearts of all my enemies who came against me in the name of the Eternal Father and of the Holy Trinity." (Pronounce the "Apostle's Creed" three times).


"Saint Veronica was seated upon a stone. The Virgin passed and told her, what's the matter with that fellow? He has a strong toothache and he cannot endure it. Remember the enduring breath and the cord which I gave Thee, so that Thou cannot suffer racking pain from any molar or any tooth. Amen, Jesus." (Pray "Hail, Mary" three times and "The Lord's Prayer" three times).


"Here I pray to the Ringworm, from the very source where it starts and to where it ends in thy ribs. Ringworm, thou hast to disappear, ringworm. I believe in God, the Father." (Then, with a feather and writing ink, rub the affected area).


"Let the Angels be with thee, in alliance in thy bed among the eleven thousand Virgins and one glory to Saint Anna."

"Saint Anna begot Mary, Saint Isabel begot Saint John. With these seven words this evil will be healed."


"Thou who art the merciflul and grandiose Virgin, I beseech Thee, do not allow anything to fall on me. Let me be thy advocate."


"O Divine God! I want Thou to help me to defeat this demon, that wherever I go Thou shalt help me to defeat him. I want Thou to protect me from any evil that comes against me. Save me from all evilness."


"Jesus, Mary and Joseph, Most Holy Trinity, the three Divine Persons. Saint Blas ahead, Saint Peter behind. Saint Blas, if these words are good, then, let the tendons and joints return to their place." (Apply these words in the name of Jesus Christ).

"When Jesus Christ came to the world there were no injuries, no one maimed, no one lame, so let the injuries cease and Hail, Mary." (Pray the "Apostle's Creed" three times. If the injury is not too severe, pray the "Apostle's Creed" three times. However, if the injury is very bad, pray the "Apostle's Creed" nine times. Rub menthol with salt into the injury).


"Cross, thou art holy and divine. Sorcerers and witches withdraw from this home. Such persons who intend to arrive here, let it be known that I am with God."

"Sovereign God, set me free from treason and from ruination. Blessed be the most Holy Mary and the Consecration Host." Bless the Aloe with the sign of the cross.


The Magic Key (iron key) must be magnetized with a lodestone. The Magic Key opens the doors from the past and gives access to the Infernos.

The Magic Key makes disappeared objects and the treasures of the earth to be found. Ostensibly, this Key puts magic into action.

If this Key is placed over the open Bible on any of the Four Gospels, then the Key rotates and answers whatever is asked of it.

The Gnomes must be invoked in order for the Key to spin. The Key of ancient people is made of Iron.


"By the pole of lodestone that passes through the heart of the world, by the twelve stones of the Holy City, by the seven metals that run inside the veins of the interior of the Earth, I conjure ye, subterranean workers, I call upon ye in the name of Christ and of GOB. Amen."

After reciting the above, ask for the object, money, or whatever that has disappeared. Interrogate the subterranean workers. Thus, the Key will spin.

If the Key does not spin, this is a result of a lack of faith. When one has faith, then one has power and the Key spins.

Any subconscious or infraconscious doubt, as insignificant as it might be, is enough in order for the Key not to spin.

Method for asking: Obey the Christ, subterranean workers. Tell me: Is what I lost in this place? Or in this other place? Was it stolen by somebody? Etc., etc., etc.

If the Key spins towards the right, then the answer is yes. If the Key spins towards the left, then the answer is no.


Make for yourself a Magic Wand with Cedar wood, then pray the following magical words to the Wand*: "ELOHIM, METRATON, ADONAI."* Thus, the Wand will become consecrated.

One operates magically with the Magic Wand. It serves in order to command the invisible forces of Nature, with the condition that we maintain an upright behavior.

The forces from Nature will never obey one who is angry, lustfl greedy, envious, proud, lazy, gluttonous, jealous, resentful, evil, slanderous, etc., etc., etc.


Magic Mirrors are very useful in practical magic. Write over your Magic Mirror the following Mantric words: ADAM - TE - DAGERAM - AMRTET - ALGAR - ALGAS - TINAH.

Always magnetize your Mirror and use it in magic in order to clairvoyantly see whatever is necessary.

Keep your mirror sheltered or have it over your altar so that you can utilize it at any time that is necessary.

I advise you not to spy on the private lives of others or to calumniate people.

Clairvoyance is developed with the condition of having very upright behavior.

Magic Mirrors should never be missing from the Gnostic Lumisials. The hypersensitive people can see many marvels from the suprasensible worlds in such mirrors.


When you trace around yourself a Magic Circle, whether it is with your sword, with your willpower and imagination united in vibrating harmony, or with both at the same time, you must pronounce the following Mantras:


The Magician defends himself against attacks from the demons with the Magic Circle and the Esoteric Pentagram.


If placing your body of flesh and bones within the Fourth Dimension is a very arduous task for you, if in spite of having done the effort you have not achieved it yet, then, bathe yourself daily with aromatic herbs, and before falling asleep call the 'Seven Potencies' so that they may assist in preparing your physical body.

Then, after your body is prepared, work again with the secrets which we have taught you in order to travel with your physical body through the fourth dimension.

One needs to have faith in the Seven Potencies. The Seven Potencies are not the Seven Spirits before the Throne. They are seven Masters who can prepare your body. Ask and it shall be given to you, knock and it shall be opened to you.


If in spite of all the clues which we have taught in order to consciously travel in Astral body you have not achieved it yet, then do not feel discouraged. Study chapters 16 to 21 of my book entitled: The Secret Doctrine of Anahuac.

I promise you, beloved reader, that if you submit yourself to the discipline written in those cited chapters, then you will learn how to consciously travel through the Suprasensible Worlds.

What is important is to perform everything correctly and to not dismay in your efforts. Then you will triumph.

Through this conversation that you and I are having, via this book which you have in your hands, I sincerely tell you that the only thing which is of interest to me is that you progress. Truly, I want to help you.


In order to defend oneself from lightning and fire, you must write upon the ceiling of your house and on the walls of the rooms of your house the following magical words:



Are you in a dangerous situation? If so, filled with faith, recite the following words:








(You must know by memory all of these magical words and you must pray them with faith in the moments of grave danger. Thus, you will save yourself from knives, bullets, secret enemies, ambush, etc., etc., etc.).


Do you want to see your past existences in a Magic Mirror? This is very simple. I am going to give you the following formula:

Place a lit candle to the right side of a mirror, in such a position that it will illuminate the mirror, yet, without the mirror reflecting the image of the candle within it. You must turn off the rest of the lights within the room.

Do not think about anything. Breath as the new born children breath. Put the index, middle finger and your thumb of your right hand over your heart.

Pronounce the Mantra: "OM, HUM" with each palpitation of your heart. These words open the chakra of your heart where your past lives abide. Beseech your Divine Mother to show you within the mirror your past lives. Ultimately, you will achieve it with patience.


Very ancient Scriptures of Tibetan Tantrism speak about a universal secret Order from the Astral world, which can initiate any aspirant during the normal, common and current dream state, while out of the physical body.

It is emphatically stated that the powerful channels of force, which emanate from the transcendental consciousness of the Adepts of the Order of the Epoptae, can be perceived in any part of the world.

The aspirant meets the Adepts of such an Order during the sleep of his physical body.

In order to awaken the Sacred Fire, male Initiates, who do not have a wife and who march on the upright path, can practice sexual magic with one of those females who soar up within the clouds. Such females are called "Dakinis."

Tibetan texts dedicate a considerable space in order to praise and to disclose the beauty and grace of the Dakinis' form. They are represented with a beautiful contexture, ruby red skin, gentle and pensive faces, red eyes and red nails, and it is said that they exude the tenuous fragrance of a lotus bud.

Women who do not have a husband must not be preoccupied with this. In time, if they do not wed with a husband, they will receive a Deva from Nature as a husband and will practice sexual magic with him, in order to awaken their Kundalini, or Sacred Fire, which always grants us magical powers.

You must concentrate daily in the Master Tahuil, Adept of the Order of the Epoptae. Thus, you will be assisted.

Go to sleep with your head towards the north. Relax your body, invoke Tahuil and call upon the Adepts of the Order of the Epoptae with the following prayer: "OM, I call, I invoke the Master Tahuil and the Adepts of the Order of the Epoptae, so that they can take me out from my physical body and awake me in the Astral world."

The Adepts from the Order of the Epoptae will educate you in the Astral world during the normal dream state.

When you awake from your dream, then practice a retrospective exercise in order to remember your astral experiences.

Sometimes, the Dakinis reincarnate as women of flesh and bones. Joyful is the man who can take one of those Dakini women as a spouse.

The Devas also reincarnate and they can also serve as husbands for women who really want to follow the path of perfection.

Most Holy Maty, pious Mother, cover me with your mantle. Divine Cross, I ask Thee protection by these three names of Jesus, Joachin and John.


"O precious Lodestone, you that ran along with the Samaritan woman, whom you gave beauty and luck to. I bring you gold for my treasure, silver for my house, copper so that I never lack but am always bountiful, coral so that in my house there never will befall envy or anything amoral. O Divine God, who gave to all men wisdom and power as the Lodestone. May none of these powers be lacking within my house."


(For the Snake)

"Saint Paul said 'Jesus' when he put his foot upon the bolder. Saint Paul said 'Jesus' when he took his foot off from it. Saint Paul was so beloved by a so powerful God that he set me free from snakes and from poisonous animals. These words which he uttered, I utter them, because I know them, in the name of Jesus, Mary and Joseph." (Pray one "Lord's Prayer" and three "Hail, Mary" prayers).


"In the name of Jehovah God, Christ Jesus, pray for my brethren, my father, my mother, my children, my nephews and all friends who are good hearted, by my glory to God, the Father and the Holy Spirit."


When you go to sleep, and while within the covers of your bed, pray the following prayer:

"Philip, Philip, Philip, Apostle of our Lord Jesus Christ, take me with my body."

"To the little heaven, Philip"

"To the little heaven, Philip" "To the little heaven, Philip.


Recite thousands of times this magic prayer and when you feel a great deal of drowsiness and a little bit of dream, then get up from your bed while reciting the prayer. Jump immediately, fly and travel.


Daily exercise: Any time that you are at your work, On the Street, in your house, in the presence of a strange thing, or in front of a person whom you have not seen for a long time, ask yourself:

"Am I in Astral body?"

Then, perform a small jump and if you float it is because you are within your Astral body. Thus, you can fly and direct yourself to any place in the world. If you do not float, it is because you are within your body of flesh and bones.

When one practices this exercise during the day, then it is repeated during one's dreams and the result is that the consciousness awakens and experiences a lucid dream. One becomes aware that one is out from the physical body in the Astral world.


Seven islands existed in the Pacific Ocean, which the ancient people called "Malabares." All sicknesses were healed there with serpents.

It was admirable to see the inhabitants of the Malabares islands skillfully handle many vipers. Those people had a stature of three meters in height and their bones were elastic.

They possessed double tongues and their ears, which were divided by natural partitions, were forming a double ear.

Such inhabitants from the Malabares islands could sequentially speak with two distinct persons in two distinct languages.

The Malabares disappeared from night to morning. Nobody knows what happened to those islands and their strange inhabitants.

The King of the World selected them. Now, they live with Him in 'Agartha', the Subterranean Kingdom.

The inhabitants of the Malabares islands were healing with serpents. For each sickness, they had a specific and defined serpent.

We already know that the Rattlesnake serves in order to cure cancer. Rattlesnake meat is miraculous, yet the remedy is very jealous. It is enough for the sick person to consume any other remedy for the cancer in order for the Rattlesnake remedy to become worthless. I, myself have cured several persons with cancer with the Rattlesnake and I am sure that ninety- nine per cent of people with cancer can be cured with the Rattlesnake, if they eat the Rattlesnake meat until becoming healed.


Burn before the possessed ones livers and hearts of fish and recite with a lot of faith the Conjuration of the Seven of the Wise Solomon.

The possessed one must also be smudged with the smoke of Sage and Rue for nine days. These plants must be burned within charcoal embers.


Pronounce the following mantras: OSI, OSOA, ASI.


Sing these magic words: OSI, OSOA, OSIAS.


Have faith and pronounce the following magic words:








Take a blue paper, make an orifice in it, then filled with love and infinite faith, look at the rising Sun through that orifice while reciting the following Dharani:

"In the name of the Holy and Mysterious Tetragrammaton, with infinite humbleness, sincerely acknowledging that I am an infamous sinner, I conjure Thee, O Solar Spirit, by the eternal living God, so that Thou can console me by allowing me to see (say the name of the beloved)."

"I do not intend to spy on her (his) life, neither to perform evil, but I only want to see her (him) with love.

"Anima Mea, Turbata Est Valde; Sed Tu Domine, Usquequo.

"Amen, Ra, Amen, Ra, Amen, Ra."

Recite this prayer thousands of times, fixing your imagination and willpower and even your eyes on the King Star (Sun). At last, the beloved one will appear. You will see him or her, and you will have that great joy.

You will see the one whom you love, whether this one is your husband, son, daughter, boyfriend, girlfriend, etc., etc., etc.

Even if that person is dead, you will see him or her.




"Hue Hueteotl,

Hue Hueteotl, Hue Hueteotl,

take the fire away. Extinguish this conflagration. Amen."




Invocation: "Barbas De Oro, Barbas De Oro, Barbas De Oro, blow. We need air. Amen". (After reciting these words, you must whistle, so that BARBAS DE ORO (Goldenbeard), who is a Sylph from the air, will make the wind to blow.



Sing these words when at the shore of' rivers or seas and the Ondines from the waters will come to your call.


If there is a lack of rain and water is necessary, then pray the following:

"Tlaloc, Tlaloc, Tlaloc, God of waters, bring the rain. We need water. We invoke thee in the name of our Lord Quetzalcoatl. Amen."


Trace a circle on the ground over any place where two roads are crossing. Then, pronounce the Clavicle of Solomon and the name of the Angel, whom you want to call.

You must place yourself in the center of the circle. I advise you to perform this work on Good Friday at twelve midnight.

I suggest to you the idea of calling the Angel Adonai. Such an Angel can become visible and tangible to your senses.

Do not be afraid. Speak with the invoked Angel in tranquillity.






Indication: The Angels must be invoked with this Clavicle.


Since the air of the place where the Angels are invoked must be prepared so that the invoked Angels can become visible and tangible, it is convenient to know the names of the Angels who govern the air during the distinct days of the week. Thus, we will prepare the magic air by invoking such Genii.


ARCHAN commands on Monday.

SAMAX commands on Tuesday.

MADIAT, VEL and MODIAT command on Wednesday.

GUTH commands on Thursday.

SARABOTES commands on Friday.

MAIMON commands on Saturday.

VARCAN comrpands on Sunday.


  1. The sacred invocations must always be performed during the night.

  2. It is allowed or sanctioned to perform the Angelic invocations only in order to ask for the healing of some grave sick person or for some charitable work.

Whosoever invokes the Angels for good and for the good of others marches in an upright manner.

  1. The Angels can be invoked in any solitary spot of the mountains, where two roads are merging and forming a cross.

  2. A magic circle must be traced around oneself over the ground and with the tip of the sword.

  3. The traced circle must be two meters in diameter and the invoker must place himself in the center of it.

  4. Whosoever invokes the Angels just because of dint of a game will not receive any type of answer.

  5. One must have a lot of faith and supreme concentration and meditation in the Angel whom one wishes to invoke.


The perfumes for the invocations will be used in the place where the invocations will be performed.

It is ostensible that only the perfume of the day will be used.

Monday is governed by the Moon.

Tuesday is governed by Mars.

Wednesday is governed by Mercury.

Thursday is governed by Jupiter. Friday is governed by Venus.

Saturday is governed by Saturn

Sunday is governed by the Sun.

The true order of the days of the week from the cosmic and magical point of view is the following:

After Saturday, which is the seventh day, follows Monday.

Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. This is the authentic and legitimate cosmic order.



The perfumes of Saturn, the Ancient of the centuries, can and must be prepared with any type of' aromatic roots and Frankincense. It is also convenient to use branches of Pine and Cypress. Burn all of them mixed in the place of the invocation.


The perfumes of Jupiter, the Titan of' Heaven, can be prepared with scented fruits, with spices, such as Clove and the very famous Nutmeg.


The perfumes of Mars, the God of war, can be prepared with Oak leaves, scented woods, Sandalwood and Oleos.


The perfumes of the Sun are all types of gums, like Frankincense, Benzoin, and Storax, as well as Sunflower, flowers and leaves of Laurel (Bay leaves) etc.


The perfumes of Venus can be prepared with Roses and Violets.


The perfumes of Mercury, the God of eloquence, can be conveniently prepared with all type of scented woods, aromatic seeds, Cinnamon, Cassia, Nutmeg, Cedar bark, etc.


The perfumes of the Moon must be prepared with Eucalyptus, Myrtle, Asparagus, etc, etc These perfumes will be used as smoke offerings by burning them within a small pan with charcoal embers in the place of the invocations.

People who are fearful, fornicating, adulterous and criminal, etc., must not perform these invocations.


After the magic circle has been traced and the air has been prepared by means of the perfumes, then the invoker, who is in the center of the circle, will recite the exorcism of that day in which he is working in with great faith. Each day has its own exorcism.


"With infinite humbleness and great love, in the name of the terrific Tetragrammaton, I invoke Ye, ineffable Beings."

"In the name of Adonai and by Adonai, Adonai, Eye, Eye, Eye, Cados, Cados, Cados, Achim, Achim, Achim, La, La, La, strong La, Thou, who always gloriously glows in the mountain of the Being, I beg Thee for mercy. Help me now. Have pity on me, who has no value, who is nothing."

"Adonai, Sabaoth, Amathai, Ya, Ya, Ya, Marinata, Abim, Ieia, creator of all that is and will be."

"I beg Thee in the name of all the Elohim who govern the first legion under the supreme command of Orfamiel and by the thirteen rays of the Moon and by Gabriel, so that Thou can help me right now. I acknowledge that I am only a miserable slug from the mud of the earth. Amen."


"I beg Ye, Divine Elohim, in the name of the sacred and terrific Tetragrammaton and by the ineffable names of Adonai Elohim, Sadal, Sadai, Sadai, Eye, Eye, Eye, Asamie, Asamie, Asamie, in the name of the Angels of the second planetary legion, under the Government of Raphael, Lord of Mercury, as well as by the holy name placed upon the forehead of Aaron, help me, assist me, come to my call. Amen."


"Very humbly I beg Ye, Divine Elohim, by the mystic names On, Hey, Heya, ia, ie, Adonai, Saday, come to my call. I beseech Ye, help in the name of the Tetragrammaton and by the sacred power of the Angels of the third legion who are governed by Uriel, the regent of Venus, the star of dawn. Come Anael, come, come. I acknowledge my imperfections; yet, I adore Thee and invoke Thee. Amen."


"I, who am a wretched mortal, completely convinced of his (her) own nothingness and misery, dare to invoke the Lions of Fire and the blessed Michael.

"By the Tetragrammaton I call now the fourth legion of Angels of the Sun, hoping that

Michael can have pity on me, OM, TAT, SAT, TAN, PAM, PAZ, AMEN."


"I acknowledge what I am. Truly, I am a poor sinner who calls to and invokes the Angels of Might, by means of the mantras: Ya, Ya, Ya, He, He, He, Va, Hy, Ha, Va, Va, Va, An, An, An, Aie, Aie, Aie, Ecl, Ai, Elohim, Elohim, Elohim, Tetragrammaton.

"I invoke Ye in the name of Elohim Gibor and by the regent of the planet Mars, Samael. Attend to my call.

"Let the fifth legion of Angels from the planet Mars assist me in the name of the venerable Angel Acimoy. Amen."


"Without pride, I acknowledge that I have no value, that I am nobody and that only my God has the power, wisdom and love.

"I beseech Ye, ineffable Devas, by the sacred names: Cados, Cados, Cados, Eschereie, Eschereie, Eschereie, Hatim, Hatim, Hatim, Ya, the corroborator of the centuries, Cantine, Jaym, Janic, Anie, Caibar, Sabaoth, Betifai, Alnaim and in the name of Elohim and Tetragrammaton and by the Divine Zachariel who governs the planet Jupiter and the sixth legion of Cosmic Angels, attend to my call.

"I beseech Ye, Ineffable Beings, that Ye can assist me in this work. I beg Ye by the terrific

Tetragrammaton, that Ye can help me here and now. Amen."


"Acknowledging my tremendous nothingness and interior misery, with complete humbleness, Casiel, Machatori, Sarakiel, attend to my call. I beseech Ye, in the name of the Holy and Mysterious Tetragrammaton to come here.

"Listen Ye to me by Adonai, Adonai, Adonai, Eye, Eye, Eye, Acim, Acim, Acim, Cados, Cados, Cados, Ima, ima, Ima, Saday; Io, Sar, Lord Orifiel, regent of the planet Saturn, Chief of the seventh legion of ineffable Angels.

"Come ineffable Beings from Saturn. Come in the name of Orifiel and in the name of the powerftil Elohim Casiel. I call upon Ye, asking for help in the name of the Angel Booel and by the Star Saturn and by its Holy Seals. Amen."


When reciting the exorcism of the day, the invoker must place himself in the center of the circle, and must submerge himself in profound meditation, begging the planetary Regent of that day to send him some of His holy Angels.

While praying, meditating and even weeping, the invoker must ask, supplicate, beseech. Faith must be intense and the supplication immense.

The Angel can become visible in the physical world if not even a single atom of doubt exists within the invoker.

Any simple atom of doubt makes the magic phenomena of the materialization of any Angel impossible.

The petition must be formulated with clarity and with very much humbleness.


Before performing the invocation, one must perform a fast for nine days. Pure water with honey (bee-honey) and lemon must be drank during the fasting.

The invocation must be performed on the ninth day of fasting. Pure water sweetened with bee honey and some drops of lemon juice makes possible this fasting.

The Angels help in accordance with the Law and until permitted by the Law. The help which the Angels grant us is processed in accordance with the Law and never in accordance with our merely personal capriciousness.

When something is not granted to us, it is because we must pay what we owe. Instead of protesting, we must humbly incline ourselves before the verdict of the Law.


GABRIEL is the Regent of the Moon, RAPHAEL is the Regent of Mercury.

URIEL is the Regent of Venus.

MICHAEL is the Regent of the Sun.

SAMAEL is the Regent of Mars.

ZACHARIEL is the Regent of Jupiter.

ORTFIEL is the Regent of Saturn.


GABRIEL must be invoked on Monday.

RAPHAEL must be invoked on Wednesday.

UIRIEL must be invoked on Friday.

MICHAEL must be invoked on Sunday.

SAMAEL must be invoked on Tuesday.

ZACHARIEL must be invoked on Thursday.

ORIFIEL must be invoked on Saturday.


Our readers must not forget that the present day Saturday is the seventh day of the week and that the present day Sunday is the first day of the week in accordance with the Cosmic Order, indicated in former pages.

Thus, MONDAY is present day Sunday, WEDNESDAY is present day Monday, FRIDAY is present day Tuesday, SUNDAY is present day Wednesday, TUESDAY is present day Thursday, THURSDAY is present day Friday and SATURDAY is present day Saturday.


MOON: Imagination, subconscious automatism, reproduction of species, travel, manual arts, practical arts, business related with liquid products, etc.

MERCURY: Reasoning and rationalization, judicial disputes, civil matters, legal profession, science, everything which is related with the intellect, medical science, healing.

VENUS: Artistic, creative imagination, dramas, comedies and tragedies, scenic art, love matters, conjugal problems, boyfriend and girlfriend matters, all that is related with the home and with children, etc.

SUN: Health, life, fertility, high dignitaries from the government, chiefs of companies, kings and lords of command, etc., etc., etc.

MARS: Willpower, command, armies, wars, surgery, force and forces, events which imply struggles, etc., etc., etc.

JUPITER: Wealth, poverty, favorable or unfavorable economical matters, laws, people's rights, high religious dignitaries, judges, matters related with the law, etc.

SATURN: The environment in which we live, practical life, karma in action, the Sword of Justice which reaches us from heaven, real estate matters, lands, houses, properties, jail, death, etc., etc., etc.


The day of the invocation must be selected in accordance with the problem which we have. The magic circle around the invoker must never be forgotten. As we have already said, this circle must be traced on the ground with the tip of the sword.

The air must be prepared with the corresponding perfumes.

The Regent of the air from the corresponding day must be invoked, in order to beg him to arrange the air so that the Planetary Genie or Genii can become visible and tangible before us.

The planetary invocation must be performed when the mandatory prerequisites have been accomplished. The corresponding invocation of that day will be used for this purpose.

Any doubt, as insignificant as it might be, even when it is unconscious or merely subconscious, will make the invocation a failure.

Fearful people must abstain from performing these Theurgic invocations, because they could fall dead in the experiment.

These type of invocations are for very courageous people. The invocation must be repeated thousands of times until the invoked Genie becomes present.

Whosoever performs invocations for revengeful purposes, for a desired vengeance, for egotistical reasons, with envy, etc., will fail. They will not achieve anything with the invocation.

Theurgy is only possible based upon very much patience. Whosoever does not achieve the triumph in the first experiment must repeat the experiment thousands of times until triumphing.

Jamblicus was a great Theurgist who worked with the Planetary Genii. It is obvious that this great Master possessed faculties which were attained based on great super-efforts and sacrifices.

The Theurgic faculties of Jamblicus were extraordinary.


Single Gnostic women can explore their future in order to learn about their matrimonial possibilities. This is not a crime.


Establish inside your very own bedroom two identical mirrors in accordance with the binary man and woman. A lit candle must be placed in front of each mirror.

The two mirrors must remain placed front to front. Each one will have its lit candle, yet in such a way that the lit flame is reflected in the crystal. The candles must be made of wax.

Then, the woman must sit and sing with a loud voice the following magical words three times:

"Kto, Enoy, Sonnjoy, Kto, Moy, Viajnoy, Tot, Pokajetsia Ninie."

After pronouncing these Mantras, Dharani, or words of power, the woman must direct her sight with fixed intensity towards any of the two mirrors, intelligently choosing the most far away and obscure space where the magical apparition will appear.

It is advisable to pray the "Pater Noster", which is "The Lord's Prayer" before performing the experiment. Thus, in this way, and by asking permission to our Father, who is in secret, is how the help of the Father will be received and the future husband will appear in the mirror.

The magical words "Lucia, Stof Lub, Salem, Sadil" can and must also be recited during this magic experiment. This experiment must be performed at twelve midnight.


The mirror of high magic is esoterically prepared in forty-eight days. The esoteric work is begun during the new moon and is concluded during the following full moon.

The success is attained with permission of the Father who is in secret. Truly, the Father of all the lights is the one who commands. If we want to work rightly and with true dignity in white magic, then we must start any esoteric work by begging to the Father, asking permission to the Father who is in secret. This is how we will not fall into mistakes.

All things which are interesting to us can be seen within the Magic Mirror, if the Father gives permission, if He helps, if He wants.

If the proper preparation of the Magic Mirror is what is wanted, then one must live in sanctity and total chastity during the time of its preparation.

It is necessary to dedicate oneself to making charitable works during the whole of that time. Acquire a very gleaming sheet of steel, very well polished. Write upon this sheet, by its four edges, the following magic words in a successive order: JEHOVAH, ELOHIM, METRATON, ADONAI.

Each word must be written on the endmost part of each side. Thus, the four words will be distributed upon the endmost parts of the four sides.

Devoutly place the steel sheet on top of a white and very beautift. cloth. In this way, you will present the gleaming sheet of steel before the rays of the moon while reciting the following prayer:

"O Father of mine, O Isis, Divine Mother, Saidic Mother, Tetragrammaton, Tetragrammaton, Tetragrammaton. Prepare for me this mirror. Grant me the power to look into it, and ask the resplendent Angel Azrael to have the kindness of appearing in this mirror.

"Azrael, Azrael, Azrael, I adore Thee and I invoke Thee. Come in the name of the

Tetragrammaton, Amen, Amen, Amen."

Once this magic invocation is performed, branches of Laurel must be burned in order to impregnate the Magic Mirror with the smoke of the branches.

Posteriorly, the mirror will be perfumed with Roses and Violets which will be thrown over the Magic Mirror.

Finally, and in order to conclude with this work, the following invocation must be recited with a lot of faith.


"In this, by this and with this Mirror of the Tetragrammaton, by the Tetragrammaton and in the Tetragrammaton, I implore the mysterious help of the Angel Azrael."

Once this invocation is completed, the Mirror must be smoked with Frankincense and Myrrh. Then, one will blow over the mirror three times and with intense faith one must recite the following words:

"Do not abandon me Azrael, I know that I am a miserable slug from the mud of the world.

"I know that I am a poor sinner. I know that I am walking on the path of evil. All of this I know, yet I love Thee, Azrael. I ask Thee so that Thou can help me. Azrael, I implore help from Thee. Azrael, come to me in the magic and esoteric name of Falma, by Falma, in Falma. Come to this mirror Azrael, come, come, come."

To conclude, one has to place the right hand over the mirror while beseeching the Father to send Azrael.

This has to be performed during forty-eight nights, until the Angel Azrael appears in the mirror. The Angel Azrael will appear in the shape of a beautiflul child.

When the Angel appears, then one has to beg him, so that he can always assist us when we work with the mirror.


When the Angel Azrael appears in the mirror, then it is the sign that the mirror is already prepared. If in spite of all this the Angel Azrael does not appear, then you must be resigned that you cannot work with the mirror.

The Angel Azrael will not appear if we are unworthy. All the doors are closed for the unworthy, but one, the door of repentance.

Whosoever attains the triumph with the Angel Azrael must only work in secret, without saying anything to anybody. The sacred, blessed mirror which was blessed by the Angel Azrael must remain in secrecy.

Whosoever divulges their works with the Magic Mirror, whosoever utilizes the Magic Mirror in order to spy on private lives will lose the granted grace of the Angel Azrael.

The Mirror must be utilized in order to consult about sacred matters. Each time that one works with the Angel Azrael, one must invoke the Angel with much respect and faith.

The Angel Azrael is a perfect creature. The Angel Azrael is the one who has the power of making us see the longed for answers in the mirror.

Therefore, this is why we must always ask for the help of the Angel Azrael during the works with the Magic Mirror.


By means of the Magic Key of the Pacts of Mystery, one can make the invoked Genii to appear.

This signifies that during the invocations of holy Theurgy, the Magic Key must be grasped in the moments of praying in order to beseech the presence of the ineffable Gods.

This Key or Solomonic Clavicle is certainly the 'Dominatur' of the 'Sanctum Regnum.'

Such Key symbolizes the very same Keys of the Kingdom, or the Key of the Ark of Science. The Key must be prepared on a legitimate Sunday, at the precise moment of sunrise. The Key must be made with Gold, Brass and Bronze.

In order to make this magical amulet, the first hour of the King Star (the Sun, sunrise) must be chosen. Precisely, this should be on the authentic Sunday, in accordance with the Cosmic Order, which is: Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday.

We already know that the present Saturday is cosmically correct and that after Saturday follows Monday.

In the moment of preparation, a small piece of lodestone must be added to the Magic Key of Pacts and the following magical prayer must be recited:


"By the Holy and Mysterious Tetragrammaton; by the grace granted with the Elohim of the Light; by the Father of all the lights; by the power which the Ancient of Days grants to those who love Him; by the power granted to the Seven Planetary Regents; by the power of the ineffable Beings:

Adonai, Elochais, Almanab, to whom I beg for help:

"Let this Key remain authorized by the Gods in order to call upon the Ineffable Ones. Amen."

Every morning on Sundays, at the rising of the King Star (sunrise), seven grams of wheat must be put inside of the bag where the Magic Key is carried, as an offering to the Seven Planetary Genii.

Also, little pieces of steel filing must be put inside the bag, as a nourishment for this Magical Amulet.

When placing it over the heart, the following prayer must be prayed:

"O King Star! Christ Sun, helps me in the name of the holy and mysterious Tetragrammaton. Prepare for me this Clavicle, so that when I show it to the Angels, they can concur to my call. Amen."


We must chew Laurel leaves while we are submerged in profound meditation for long hours. This is how we can see those things which will occur in the future.

Unquestionably, it is known that dried Laurel has the magical virtue of prognosticating for whoever is questioning it whether something that is waited for will be prosperous or unpleasant.

If one Laurel branch tossed over the flames is burned without producing the least bit of noise, then the outcome will be terrible.

On the contrary, if the branch of dried Laurel is burned with a great noise, intensely crackling and sparking, then it is announcing a total success.


If you want to foretell through magical methods something that will occur to you, something that you are awaiting for, some befalling event, then buy three green candles. If you do not find them with that color in the market, then paint them with green paint.

Place these three candles in three separated candle holders or candlesticks and form a triangle with them. Light each one of the three candles.

Once this is made and the candles are lit by means of some flammable object which must not have sulfur, you will call with all of your love the six Principal Chiefs of the Salamanders of Fire.

You will pronounce the names of these six Chiefs:

"Vehniah, Achajad, Jesabel, Jeliel, Cathethel, Mehahel."

When the candles are lit, you must not take from them not even a little piece of their tinder or wick.

Once the magical invocation is made to the six Chiefs of the Salainanders, then you must carefully observe the actions of each flame. If the flames of the candles oscillate from left to right, then this announces some extraordinary event.

If the flames oscillate in the form of spirals, then you can be sure that many intrigues from your enemies exist. If the fire disappears, then some treason against you exists, or treason against the person or persons who have come to consult you.

If the resplendence of the fire increases and also happily crackles, then this is an announcement of a total triumph, of a formidable success.

Before performing this magical experiment, pray very slowly and meditate on "The Lord's Prayer." Ask permission to your Father, who is in secret, in order to perform this experiment.


The King of the East will be invoked within a magic circle which will be traced on the ground. This circle will have two or three meters of diameter in any place of the mountain where two roads intersect and form a cross. The invocation must be performed at twelve midnight. The invoker will place himself' in the center of' the circle and will have his face and body directed towards the East. Then, the following invocation must be recited:


"Acknowledging that I am a monster of evil, a vile slug from the mud of' the earth who has no value, knowing that I am a poor sinner, I invoke the Powerful Lord MAGOA, King of the East of the world. I call Him in the name of the sacred Tetragrammaton. I conjure by the Tetragrammaton. I call by the holy and mysterious Tetragrammaton. I weep humbly asking to Thee, so that Thou can concur to this call.

"In the name of thy Father, who is in secret and of thy Divine Mother Kundalini, come to me, powerful King. Enter Thee into the physical world, make thyself visible and tangible before me. In the case that Thou cannot assist to this humble call due to thy cosmic works, then I beg Thee, powerful Lord, to send me 'MADEL' and if this is not possible either, then, the Genii 'MASSAYEL', 'ASIEL', 'SATIEL', 'ARDUEL', 'ACORB', who obey Thee, can come to me.

"I know that Thou, powerful Lord of' the East, can help me in accordance with justice and mercy. Amen, Amen, Amen."

Once the invocation is finished, then the invoker will sit in the middle of the circle, meditating on the King of the East, weeping, acknowledging to be a poor sinner and repeating the prayer with his mind and heart, until the physical body becomes sleepy.

If the invoker performs this work correctly, then he will be assisted by the King of the East or by the Genii who are sent by him. One must not be afraid in the presence of these divine Beings.

When the Lord of the East or his Genii become visible, then ask whatever you wish. It is written:

"Knock and it shall be opened unto you, Ask and it shall be given you."

We must not forget, by no means, that everything will be done in accordance with the Law. Everything will be arranged for us not in the way that we want, but as the Law wants it. Thus, we must humbly incline before the verdict of the Law.


"O, EGYM! Powerful Lord of the regions of the South, most worthy Master: With complete humbleness, acknowledging the interior misery in which I find myself and with great love, I call Thee and invoke Thee. I am not worthy to call upon Thee, yet I love Thee. I beg to Thee by the holy and mysterious Tetragrammaton. Come unto me, great King, I beseech Thee. However, I know, oh Lord, that thy labors are very great. Therefore, in case that Thou art very occupied, then I very humbly prostrate myself before Thee and I beg Thee to send unto me the Genie 'FADAL' or the other divine Genie named 'NASTRACHE.'

"Grant me this, oh powerful Lord. I beseech this unto Thee in the name of thy Father, who is in secret and of thy Divine Mother Kundalini. Amen, Amen, Amen."


This invocation will be performed in the center of the magic circle and with the face towards the south. Once this invocation is recited, the invoker will seat himself in the center of the circle.

Once seated, the invoker will meditate on the content of each word and will acknowledge his own nothingness and interior misery. He will greatly weep while calling the King of the South.

When the King or his Genii will present themselves, then, with humbleness one must ask for whatever is wished*. "Knock and it shall be opened unto you, Ask and it shall be given you."* Everything will be granted to us, yet not as we want, but as the Law wants it.


"Powerful King BAYEMON, who wisely governs the western regions of the planet earth, listen to me, oh great Lord.

"Humbly, prostrated at thy feet, I invoke Thee in the name of the holy and mysterious Tetragrammaton. Divine Lord, have pity on me because I am a sinner.

"I know that I have no value, because I am a miserable slug from the mud of the earth.

Yet, I call upon Thee, oh Lord, in the name of thy Father, who is in secret and of thy Divine Mother Kundalini. Come, oh Lord. Attend to my call by the Christ and by the Tetragramniaton.

"In case that Thou art very occupied in thy cosmic works, then send unto me the Genie 'PASSIEL ROSUS.' As I, myself, am nothing, as I. have no value, I beg Thee to forgive my boldness when I invoke Thee. Bless me, oh Lord and become visible and tangible before me. Amen, Amen, Amen."

The invoker will seat himself in the center of the circle, traced on the ground, and in the place which we have already mentioned, which is in the mountain and at the crossing of two roads.

The invoker will meditate on the King of the West and when He appears, then he must ask what is wished for. It is necessary to have humbleness and to incline before the verdict of the Law. Everything will be done not as the invoker wants it, but as the Law wants it. The invocations must always be performed at midnight in the mountain and with a lot of humbleness.


"Oh Thou divine and ineffable AMAIMON! Solar King of the North, humbly and with acknowledgment that I am an infamous sinner, I invoke Thee in the name of thy Father, who is in secret and by thy Intimate Christ and by thy Holy Spirit and by thy Divine Mother Kundalini.

"Listen to my begging, oh powerful Lord. Come unto me in the name of the Tetragrammaton. If thy cosmic labors do not allow Thee to assist me in these moments, then send me by the holy and mysterious Tetragrammaton the Divine Genii 'MADAEL', 'LAAVAL', 'BAMULAHE', 'BELEM', 'RAMAT', or any of the Genii who are under Thy direction and government, all of them revested in a beautiful human form.

"In the name of the holy and mysterious Tetragrammaton, humbly I beseech thy assistance. In the name of my interior God and of my Divine Mother Kundalini and by 'SECHIEL', 'BARACHIEL', 'BALANDIER', as Beings, come unto me. Do not abandon me, oh powerful Lord. Tetragrammaton, Tetragrammaton, Tetragrammaton. Amen, Amen, Amen."

As we already have stated, the invocations must be performed in the mountains where two roads are crossing and at twelve midnight.

The magic circle must be traced on the ground with the tip of the sword. The invoker, standing in the center of the circle, with his face towards the North, will invoke the King of the North.

Once the invocation is performed, the invoker must Sit on the ground and in the center of the circle, meditating on the King of the North, until this King appears. Then the petition will be humbly done.

We must incline before the verdict of the Law. Fearful people must abstain themselves from making these invocations, because they can die of terror. The cardiac people must not perform these invocations either, because they can fall dead instantaneously.



The male or female Magician must remain lying down for three days on their bed, without eating anything, nourishing themselves only with water within which will be poured some drops of lemon juice, and very pure honey (bee honey).

The head of the bed must be situated towards the north. The Magician must meditate on Philip, the great Apostle of Jesus Christ during those three days.

The Magician will also pray the "Pater Noster", which is "The Lord's Prayer", profoundly meditating on the meaning of each word from this most holy Prayer, which was taught by the Adorable One.

The Magician will ask permission to the Father in order to travel with his physical body in a Jinn State through the astral space of the universe. He or she will beseech the help and assistance of Philip. Once the three days have passed, then the Magician can get up from the bed. The bed must then be cleaned and arranged with clean sheets, pillows, blankets, and clean bedspreads.

The room, sleeping compartment, or bedroom, must be perfumed, swept, washed very well.

Not a single piece of clothing should be hung on the ceiling or on the walls, because that damages the experiment.

Upon the day in which the Magician gets up, he must continue nourishing himself with water within which is mixed honey (bee honey) and some drops of lemon juice.

In the night, after a dinner based on fruits and water that is prepared in the already indicated way, the male or female Magician will very secretly direct themselves towards their bedroom. Then, seven candles must be lit. The seven candles must be placed on a seven armed candelabra or on seven candlesticks, or on two candelabras of three arms each, plus one candlestick for a single candle.

Subsequently, a very clean mantle must be placed over a table inside the bedroom. The table must be round and of three legs.

Three loaves of bread which must be blended with barley flour and three glasses of fresh and crystalline water must be placed over the table.

Then, very slow and meditating, the Magician will recite with the mind and with the heart filled with faith, the following magic prayer:


"Besticirum cosolatio, veni, ad me, vertu, creon, creon, o creon, cartor, laudem, omnipotentis et, nom, commentor, star, superiur, carta, bient, laudem, om, viestra, principien, da, montem, et, inimicos, meos, o, prostantis, vobis, et, mihi, dantes, quo passium, fieri, sui, cisibilis." AMEN, AMEN, AMEN."

The male or female Magician must recite this prayer thousands of times while ever so slightly becoming sleepy.

Finally, three mysterious Ladies or three magic Gentlemen will arrive. This matter pertains to three Jinn persons from the fourth or fifth dimension.

It is clear that three Ladies will arrive if the invoker is a male, yet if it is a female Magician, a woman who calls and prays, then three elegant Jinn Gentlemen from the world of mystery will arrive.

Unquestionably, these three persons will utilize the Tarot and will cast their lot in order to define positions and to know who is the one who corresponds to assist us and to take us to wherever we wish.

These persons will drink and eat, they will converse amongst themselves. Then, the best will come.

After all of this, the magic person who has to help us will approach us. We must beg to this person to carry us with our physical body to any other place of the earth.

If they tell us or command us to get up, it is necessary to obey.

When the body is felt with that state of lassitude as when one goes to sleep, then, in that state is where one senses the invoked Genii.

We must get up from the bed in that state. The Genii will assist us.

The Jinn person who will be in charge of us will take us to the place which we will indicate. The physical body delectably floats while inside of the magic regions of the earth. Thus, this is how we can transport ourselves to any place of the earth.


The previous Latin prayer must be learned by memory with the goal of correctly working with this secret, which serves in order to travel through the superior dimensions of Nature.

Faith is the foundation of this magical work. Without faith one fails with this experiment.

If the invoker is afraid, then he must not perform this work.

Thus, the Gnostic Medics can travel with their physical body within the fourth vertical in order to assist their patients.

Each time that the Latin prayer is recited, then one will beseech by saying: "Assist me Genii, assist me, take me with my body." This phrase must be repeated, filled with faith, between prayer and prayer.

Thus, one triumphs. This science is for the people with faith. One needs to know how to be serene, one needs to know how to be patient.

If someone does not triumph with the first experiment, it is because his mind is degenerated. Then, he or she must repeat thousands and millions of times the experiment until triumphing.


There exist in the Woodlands, in the mountains and villages, certain magic prayers which are very simple, yet of a tremendous power.

Many times we have become overwhelmed over certain extraordinary magical events.

Then, when we investigated, we discovered the formulae of such magical events.

Such formulae stand out because of their simplicity.

Obviously, those who use such formulae are people who are extraordinarily simple and filled with a terrific and frightening faith.

Once upon a time, it does not matter when, a certain worker from the Summum Supremum Sanctuarium from the Sierra Nevada was gravely wounded on his foot. Immediately and filled with faith, I recited for him a magic prayer, which instantaneously stopped the hemorrhage that was coming out from his wound.

This prayer is the following:


"With the blood of Adam death was born; with the blood of Christ life was born. Oh blood, stop flowing out!"


People who are very civilized, who always laugh at the magic from the woodlands, sometimes pass through very tremendous surprises.

I knew the case of a 'Nahual' who knew how to transport himself to remote distances while in Jinn state, through the fourth dimension.

The formula was extremely simple: That man, filled with faith and without admitting a single atom of doubt within his mind, was walking on his feet and hands, while imitating a mule with his imagination and willpower. Then, while walking around the whole patio of his house, he was reciting the following magic prayer:

"Here is where the lame mule has passed through, here is where it has passed through, through here, through here."

That Nahual was believing himself to be a mule, he was not having a doubt about it, he was inebriated with that image while reciting that prayer.

Undoubtedly, the instant in which he was submerging himself within the fourth dimension was always arriving. He was taking on an animalistic shape. This is not rare among the Nahual people. Even when the modern scientists deny these type of magical incidents, it does not matter, because by no means will the 'Nahual' people and 'Nahualism' cease to exist.


If medical science would truly know about the human body, then it would never doubt about the 'Nahual' people, neither about the famous 'Nahualism', which is the magic of the Woodlands.

When submerged within the fourth dimension, a physical body can change its shape.

When submerged within the superior dimensions of Nature, a physical body can float in the space.

If a Nahual wants to assume the shape of an eagle, then, it is enough for him to recite this magic prayer:


"Here is where the flying eagle has passed through, here is where it has passed through, through here, through here."

It is obvious that imagination and willpower united in a vibrating harmony, accompanied with action and an immense faith, permits the 'Nahual' person to put his physical body inside the superior dimensions of Nature.

Thus, by means of action, imagination and willpower harmoniously united is how the physical body will take the shape of the eagle. Then, one can really fly as the eagle.

When we say action, imagination and willpower harmoniously united, we must be clearly comprehended.

If we are going to take the shape of the eagle, then we must imagine that our arms are the wings and that our feet and legs are eagle's feet and legs and that the whole of our body is an eagle's body.

Thus, with the imagination and willpower united in a vibrating harmony, filling ourselves with a frightful and immense faith, we will walk inside of our room moving the wings or arms, being absolutely sure that we are eagles while pronouncing the prayer: "Here is where the flying eagle has passed through, here is where it has passed through, through here, through here."

It is obvious that imagination and willpower, united in a vibrating harmony, and when they are accompanied with actions, produce the astral inebriation. Then, the physical body, tremendously saturated with imponderable fluid, really takes the shape of the eagle.

When reaching this point of High Magic, the physical body penetrates into the fourth vertical. If we toss ourselves into fearless flight, then we can travel upon the clouds to any place of the world.

The white Nahual must never be preoccupied with the return, which is performed quite normally when one wishes to do so.

The magic formula that we have taught can be used in order to take any other animal shape. For example: If the Nahual wants to take the shape of a white dove, then he will utilize the magical formula by saying:

"Here is where the flying dove has passed through, here is where it has passed through, through here, through here."

Once this is said, then such a shape will be intentionally taken by means of imagination and willpower, united in a vibrating harmony, without forgetting the practical action.

Much has been written for these times about occult matters. Yet, it truly is lamentable that the aspirants do not know about white Nahualism.

We, the Gnostics are eminently practical. We do not like to lose our time miserably. We want our disciples to travel with their physical bodies within the superior dimensions of Nature.

When we want to take the shape of any animal, it is convenient to get up from our beds in the instant of being sleepy. Then, by walking inside of our own room, whether in a shape of an eagle, whether in a shape of a white dove, whether in a shape of a sheep or lion, etc., we must work with the magical formula as indicated in this chapter.

The dream has to be kept as a precious treasure, by being careful of not losing it in the instant of getting up from our bed in order to make the experiment.

Every Gnostic Medic must learn to travel with his physical body in Jinn state, in order to assist his patients from a distance.

The Angel Anael likes to convert himself into an innocent dove, in Order to travel through the space of mystery.

The Buddhas of Compassion enjoy taking the marvelous shape of the Lions of the Law, and this is not a crime.


(Part three)



This frightifil sickness is karmic and it is due to the fact that the patient was dedicated in his former lives to Spiritism or Spiritualism, as it is called here in Mexico.

Obviously, the Epileptic person was a Medium of Spiritism. Therefore, it is not irrelevant to emphatically affirm that the Karma which the Mediums of Spiritism originate is that which is called Epilepsy.

Obviously the Epileptic people are possessed by tenebrous entities from the inferior regions of the Astral plane.


Sit the Epileptic person within a refreshing and pleasant garden. Then, recite in his ear the following magic words: "Oremus Preceptis Salutaris Monitis."

Afterwards, you must pray the "Pater Noster", which is "The Lord's Prayer."

This work must be performed daily.

If helping the sick person is what is wanted, then, the Linden tree (Tilia spp.) can also be used. An incision in the trunk of this tree must be done in the month of February. The water which pours from the trunk of this tree can be given to the patient to drink.

Dosage: Three ounces of this water each week. This is how the Epileptic people can be cured. The Gnostic Medic must not forget to perform the magic circle around the Linden tree.

As well, the supplication to the elemental of the Linden tree must not be forgotten. Thus, such an elemental creature can cure the Epileptic person.


The Nettle plant (Urtica dioica L.) is a marvelous, efficient remedy against inflammations, it never fails. The inflammation of legs and arms disappears with the Nettle plant.

It is enough to take some fresh Nettle plants and to whip the inflamed area or areas with them for a few minutes. Then after, cover the area with a hot baize or hot cloth. The patient will be healed by utilizing this remedy every two hours.


With great diligence, dissolve bicarbonate soda within a glass of water, as much as can be dissolved.

Then, in the morning at sunrise and in the afternoon at sunset humidify the warts with this marvelous water for two minutes.

Each time that the warts are being humidified, the following magic prayer will be recited with great faith:

"Ae Gae, little wart you must go away, since the sun takes you away, OM, OM, OM."

This magic remedy must be repeated for three days.


Soak with hydrogen peroxide a little bit of cotton on branch. Then, patiently, it will be applied during the space of five minutes over the freckles which you wish to eliminate.

If the skin becomes irritated, wash it with boric acid dissolved at four per cent.


Leprosy can be cured with the following formula:

Within the juices of these three plants: Endive (Cichorium endivia), Hop (Humulus lupulus L.) and Wormwood (Artemisia absinthium L.), humidify with patience a loaf of bread, which is freshly taken out from the oven.

Ostensibly, it is favorable to add to these three juices identical quantities of vinegar and sulfur, which must previously be fused with one another, that is to say, mixed together.

Then, add the third part of the juice of Eupatorium and 'Ruda Caprina', also called Aristolochia rotunda in Latin and commonly 'Hierba Sarracema.'

Also add to the formula the twelfth part of Cedar bark, the sixth part of the seed of the same fruit the half of Hellebore and Scammony must also be added. Expose the whole of it to the fire, until achieving the complete evaporation of the aqueous part of the mixture.

Obviously, you will dab all of this medication on all the parts gnawed by the repugnant leprosy. If in spite of all this, some of those horrible spots still persist, then continue dabbing over the skin of the patient the following prepared ointment:


Rattlesnake grease, equal parts of' Ram and Bear grease, the fourth part of Caper oil and raw sulfur and the sixth part of Hepatica.

Unquestionably, the total of this must be subniitted to a Frankincense fumigation and all of this must be cooked and re-cooked, until reaching coagulation.

Finally, add a very small quantity of wax, so that this preparation does not harden. Normally, yellow wax is what is used for these ointments.

The leprous person can be cured with this prodigious ointment, even if he is already very grave.

This ointment must be applied to the patient every two days, until attaining the total disappearance of the horrifying ulcers.

This remedy is for external application.

The plants which are used must be blessed in accordance with the Elemento-Therapy.

One has to ask to the Divine Mother Kundalini to command the Elemental Advocate, so that the latter can put to work the elementals of the plants.

Faith is the foundation of Taumathurgy.


First of all, it becomes indispensable to drink on an empty stomach, for three days in a row, four ounces of the juice of the herb which is very well known by the name of Plantain (Plantago major L.). Each time that this remedy is consumed, without doubt and with very much faith, the following magic prayer must be prayed:


"Tetragrammaton, Tetragrammaton, Tetragrammaton, I. A. O. I. A. O. I. A. O.

"With the 'OM' I penetrate into the garden of the Mount of Olives, where the Lord instructed his disciples in secrecy.

"I find 'Isabel', who talks to me about the flux of her bowels. 'Isabel' 'Tetragrammaton' I ask unto Thee, I beg unto Thee healing for my bowels.

"I know that 'Isabel' wants the Pater three times and three times the Aye, Amen, Ra, Amen, Ra, Amen, Ra."

Indication: Once the recitation of the magic prayer is finished as well as the drinking of the decoction of Plantain, then, pray very slowly the "Pater Noster", which is "The Lord's Prayer", meditating within the meaning of each phrase, of each word.

Now, after "The Lord's Prayer", do the same with the "Ave Maria", which is "Hail, Mary", by profoundly praying it.

Have faith in 'Isabel' and you will be healed.

Love the Intimate Christ and your Divine Mother Marah, Isis, Cibeles.

Never perform any evil, love your worst enemies and return good for evil. This is how you will live a healthy life.


To quickly cure Typhus is relatively easy.

Collect halfa dozen very well salted sardine heads. Then, place them within a pot and mash them as best as possible.

Afterwards, take a good quantity of the plant called Rue (Ruta graveolens). This plant must be previously blessed, the elemental of this plant must be commanded to immediately act upon the body of the patient.

Fennel must also be collected and bread yeast. The Fennel plant must also be blessed and its elemental must be commanded to work in order to heal the sick person.

Rue, Fennel, bread yeast, etc., very well mixed, must be mashed within the pot. The whole of this must be mashed with much patience, until it becomes a paste, which must undoubtedly be divided into two parts.

Certainly, each one of these two parts must be placed over a piece of cloth as a poultice, in order to place it on the two feet of the patient.

It is beneficial to remember that this marvelous compound must be previously sprinkled with hot vinegar before its application.

This is a prodigious remedy.

The sick person will rapidly heal with this magic formula.


A bottle of fine rum, Juniper one portion, Gentian two ounces, Rosemary two ounces, Cascara Sagrada one ounce, Rhubarb two ounces, twenty-two percent alcohol half ounce:

Rhubarb can be acquired in powder or in tincture form.

The Rosemary can be acquired as a vegetal branch.

The Gentian can be acquired in tincture form.

The Cascara Sagrada can also be acquired in tincture form.

In case of not being able to acquire the Juniper, the elixir can be prepared without it.

I believe that this elixir can be consumed by little spoonfuls. Take three teaspoons daily.

Obviously, all the elements of this elixir must be mixed and then placed inside of a bottle.

I understand that the best rum is the one made from sugar cane.

Whosoever drinks this elixir must be very careful of not falling into the horrifying danger of that frightflul, abominable, repulsive and filthy vice of alcohol.


This tormenting sickness is easy to cure.

Consume every morning and with a lot of faith, on an empty stomach, half an ounce of sugar.

It is convenient to consume Rhubarb every week. It is enough to put into boiling water a spoonful of Rhubarb in powder. Consume a glass of it before dinner.

This dosage is only for one time a week. This is a marvelous remedy against Catarrh.


A marvelous formula exists to aid bad digestion.


Four ounces of Anise

Four ounces of Fennel

Half an ounce of Coriander

Half an ounce of powdered Licorice

One ground Nutmeg and a good quantity of Cinnamon.

A small spoonful of sugar.

Mix all of these elements and put the medicine into ajar. One small spoonulil of this powder must be consumed at the end of every meal.


We have always said that the plant 'Suelda Consuelda' (Tradescanita multiflora Swz.) is a very efficient plant in order to cure hernias.

One takes the root of this plant after having traced a magic circle around it.

The elemental of such a plant must be commanded to close the hernia of the sick person, to radically heal it.

In the case that you bought the plant in the market, then you must place it over a table and you will bless it and command the vegetal elemental to cure the sick person, to close for him the hernia.

The root must be cleaned in a very delicate way and without craping it. Then, it must be crushed within a mortar, receptacle, millstone or pot.

To crush means to mash the root very well.

Then, warm it up a little bit and place it over a cloth or piece of clean fabric and apply it in the form of a poultice over the hernia itself. Change it twice a day.


The egg yolk is marvelous.

The yolk needs to be beaten very well, then add to it powders of Watercress (Nasturtium officinale L.).

Obviously the plant called Watercress is excellent.

One needs to make with both the yolk and the Watercress plant in powder a poultice or cataplasm of a very good consistency.

Then, extend it with great patience over leather or a piece of very well cured and soft leather and apply it over the hernia.

Such a poultice must remain over the hernia until the poultice falls off.

It is convenient for the sick person to drink during this time the powder of Watercress mixed with a good wine.

The elemental of the Watercress plant must be commanded to heal the sick person, to close the hernia for him.


Seventy-five grams of Coffee very well toasted and pulverized, twenty-five grams of charcoal reduced to powder, twenty-five grams of pulverized Boric acid, twenty-five grams of Saccharine, twenty-five grams of tincture of Vanilla and enough quantity of Gum Mucilage:

The patient must consume six tablets daily. This is how the bad breath will totally disappear. There exists no doubt whatsoever about the damage, which in the world of social relations, bad breath originates.

Even though it seems incredible, bad breath can be the reason for lost opportunities and business for the one who possesses it, due to the repugnance it causes our fellowmen.

If you suffer from bad breath, then eliminate it with the formula which we give here for you.


Any type of rheumatism, as very grave as it might be, can be cured with the following formula:

Twenty-five grams of Sulfur, twenty-five grams of Cream of Tartar, fifteen grams of Rhubarb, three hundred-and-fifty grams of Guaiacum gum or Arabic Gum (any of the two gums), four hundred-and-fifty grams of Honey.

Dosage: It is necessary to consume a spoonful in the morning and a spoonful in the night of this remedy.

Unquestionably, it is necessary to dissolve this remedy within a glass of white wine or hot water.

The amount of medicine within the glass must be consumed daily, continually, until becoming totally healed. This remedy is infallible.


A marvelous remedy exists against this tormenting problem, which is the sweating of feet, hands and armpits, etc., etc., etc.


Five parts of Neftol and ten parts of Glycerin.

It is urgent to apply the lotion twice a day, powdering oneself with common and current starch to which two per cent of pulverized Neftol can be added.

This marvelous remedy must be applied by powdering between our toes and fingers.


Against the danger of becoming bald, a very simple formula exists:

Haifa liter of Firewater or Tequila, one small spoonful of salt, one gram of Cinchona or Peruvian Bark. It is necessary to leave this in infusion for fifteen days before using it.

Rub the scalp of your head with this remedy every night before going to sleep. This is how your hair will stop falling out before reaching total baldness.


Nuts are marvelous against the horrible illness of the retention of urine.

There is the need to consume a good quantity of the gristles or little walls which divide the inside of the nutshell.

After having reduced to powder all of this, pass it through a silk sieve or silk strainer or through a very fine fabric, with the goal that such a very fine powder will become very perfect.

Dosage: One must consume one spoonful of this powder the three last days of the waning of the moon. However, the powder must previously be left to soak from the evening until the dawn inside the bottom of a glass which is filled to the top with white wine.

One needs to drink the whole of this wine and the powder very early in the morning on an empty stomach. Two hours later the patient will give to himself the luxury of consuming a good soup of vegetables.

This remedy must be used many times in the year, any time that it is necessary. The principal clue of this remedy abides in the rays of the moon.

The waning of the moon in its last three days has a formidable descending power, which can be used in order to combat that horrible sickness which is the retention of the urine.


This matter of abdominal gases, flatulence or nauseating winds are extremely tormenting and what is the worst is they very greatly afflict the hemorrhoids. They can originate many tormenting illnesses.

It also happens that the gas from the bowels can rise until the brain and damage it. For all of these motives it is necessary to be cured.

The Star Anise (Illicium anisatum L.) can be acquired in a plant market or in the pharmacies. Drink the tea of this plant every day in the morning when getting up from bed, until achieving the healing.

The Gnostic Medics advise one infusion of this plant daily. This is how the sick person will become healed from this tormenting affliction.


Apply Purple Maguey (Mikania guaco Humb. & Bonpl.) as a poultice and also drink the decoctiori of the same Purple Maguey.


It is necessary with a maximum hastened urgency to take a little bit of raw mineral lime and put this within water for the space of two hours.

When the lime is resting in the bottom and the water becomes clear, although a little bit dyed with white, then filter it through a piece of cloth, filter or strainer, so that only this dyed water will remain and not the lime.

This marvelous water must be mixed as best as possible with fresh pork lard. Elaborate this as best as possible, in order to make a magnificent pomade.

Afterwards, you will keep this inside of a cup and any time you need to use it, then you will skillfully extend a little bit of lard on a piece of gauze and you will apply it to the burn, tying it with a band. This healing application must be applied on the patient every three hours.

Thus, this is how the patient will be healed from the horrible burns. By no means should this type of healing be suspended, not until the patient is healed.


Two ounces of Onion juice, two ounces of white honey (bee honey), one ounce of molten white wax: Mix all of these elements very well, then use it as a pomade. Apply it over the wrinkles.


Barley, Rice, Bran, Borage and enough quantity of Violets: Cook all of these and bathe with this water in order to acquire beauty.

The Ritual of Elemento-Therapy must be performed to each plant in accordance with the indications that we have given in this book.

Thus, the elementals of this formula will work in order to give beauty.


In opposition to the merely materialistic Scientism and to the provoked abortions from this decadent and perverse Era, the Gnostic Medic not only pronounces himself against the intentional abortion but moreover against the accidental abortion.


Twenty grams of powder of the root of Bistort (Polygonyum bistorta L.), twenty grams of 'Grana de Escarlata', Plantain (Plantago major L.), Purslane (Portulaca oleracea L.), Coriander (Coriandrum sativum), sugar.

There is no doubt that Bistort and "Grana de Escarlata" are difficult to find in Latin America. Yet, the formula can be used regardless.

Plantain, Purslane, Coriander and sugar are not difficult to find. All of these plants do not need to be measured. These vegetables must be pulverized, then, they have to be mixed with a warm egg. The egg must be consumed, that is to say, it has to be drank with these powders. This becomes a marvelous remedy against abortion.

The sick woman will remain in bed for forty days. The patient will take this remedy daily, during the time of repose in bed. The ritual of Elemento-Therapy, already taught in this book, must be performed to these plants.



Enough quantity of the thin skin or shells from Fava beans, enough quantity of Marshmallow (Althea officinalis) and Pellitory-of-the-Wall (Parietaria diffusa or P. officinalis) Cook very well all of this in water within a pot and give this water to the sick person to drink as an ordinary beverage.

First of all, it is convenient for the patient to have a purgative before using this medicine. It is necessary to ritualize to the elementals of these plants before using them, such as we have taught in Elemento-Therapy.


Diabetes is deadly, yet the patient can be cured by swallowing a bull's gall bile.

Whosoever wants to be cured from the horrible diabetes must eliminate from himself the undesirable psychic elements of anger, preoccupation, anxieties, sadness, fear, anguish.

These psychological defects alter the nervous system. An altered nervous system destroys the pancreas and produces diabetes.


Another remedy less horrible than the bull's gall bile in order to cure diabetes is the following:

Collect some river crabs, dry them the as best as possible within an oven, then reduce them into a very fine powder.

Then, put sugar to these powders, but only a very little bit of sugar, remember that you have diabetes. Afterwards, put a little bit of iron water in this preparation. The iron water is not a problem to make.

In order to make the iron water you must place iron filings in the water which you will use. You can find the iron filings in any blacksmith's shop.


Cook a piece of Alum, then humidify a piece of cotton within this water and afterwards apply it to the gums, changing the cotton constantly. This remedy makes the molar ache to disappear.


Place a half bottle of white wine within a pot, a good quantity of honey (bee honey) and twelve egg yolks.

Cook this preparation very slowly, keeping the pot always very well covered. The breasts will be totally healed with this remedy.

What is important is to have patience and constancy in the rubbing application of this medicine, until becoming healed.


The Sunflower plant is very interesting, since it always orientates its flower towards the King Star (the Sun).

Whosoever wants to fortify his sight has to distillate the leaves of the Sunflower within very pure water.

Small, little cloths, very well cleaned and previously disinfected within boiling water must be humidified within this water.

Thus, the cloths will be humidified within that distilled Sunflower water when being absolutely sure that those cloths are clean.

It is clear that in accordance with the Elemento-Therapy explained in this book, the ritual to the elemental of the Sunflower must be performed, so that the elemental of that plant will cooperate in the healing and fortification of the eyes.


The flowers of 'Maravilla bastarda', which is the Wild Four-o-clock plant (Mirabilis multiflora Torr.), is magnificent for dropsy.

Put a bunch of such flowers within a glass of white wine.

It is advisable to put them from six in the afternoon until six in the morning.

You must place the container, which has this marvelous magic infusion, over the ashes of hot charcoal.

The sick person will drink from this water. Then, he will consume a good broth of meat soup.

This remedy will be taken for eight days. The magical ritual of Elemento-therapy must be performed to the flowers, so that the elementals will heal the sick person.


This tormenting sickness is easy to cure with the following formula:

A bunch of Strawberry leaves, a good quantity of Licorice, a good quantity of raisins of good quality; Boil all of these very well within a pot with water.

This decoction must be very well drained. Give it to the sick person to drink as you would an ordinary beverage.


The Plantain plant (Plantago major L.) is magnificent against excessive discharge that can occur after giving birth.

Formula: Plantain water mixed with a good wine.

Threespoonfuls of Plantain water and three spoonfuls of a good wine must be mixed.

Then, add to the preparation an egg yolk which has to be beaten with a lot of patience.

It is indispensable to put this preparation over the fire and boil it for three hours. The patient will consume this remedy early in the morning for three days. The patient must sleep a lot, each time that she consumes this remedy.


Acquire a very fat and big hen.

Eliminate the guts and feathers from it and fill it with plenty of cumin seeds. Then sew it with thread, so that nothing will be lost.

Afterwards, put it to boil in water; until the meat falls off from the bones.

The sick woman will consume this soup in the morning on an empty stomach and in the night, for seven days. Thus, she will be healed.


Yeast infections are a troublesome discharge which produces suffering in many women.

It is necessarily urgent to burn very well a Nutmeg and then to divide it very well into two pieces.

Give to the patient one half in the morning and the other half in the night. This remedy is marvelous.



In these cases, the Gnostic Medic will utilize for the patient: Seeds of a Plantain plant (Plantago major L.), root of Bistort (Polygonym bistorta L.), Pursiane (Portulaca oleracea L.), Coriander (Coriandrum sativum), and sugar.

Reduce all of this to powder. This powder has to be mixed within a warm egg. Then, the inside of such an egg must be sucked, it must be totally sipped.

This is how the patient will become healed.


Roots of Sorrel (Oxalis spp.) and Madder (Rubia spp.), a little bit of each one, then add a good quantity of Strawberry leaves with their roots.

These roots and leaves must be boiled a lot, so that they can release very well their medicinal elements.

Bless the vegetal elementals and ask them for the healing when the pot is upon the fire. The sick woman will consume a glass of this remedy every morning, until her menstruation returns.


Hiccups are cured with sugar. It is enough to swallow very slowly a spoonful of fine grains of sugar, and you can say goodbye to the hiccups.


Asthma is a horrible sickness which has killed many people.

This ominous sickness is cured with the pressed juice of the Cabbage plant.

Add two egg yolks from a hen, shells and all, then sweeten the remedy with honey (bee honey), at least half of a glass of honey.

It is necessary to boil all of these elements as best as possible and to take ofF the foam when it is rising to the top.

Then, add Saffron and even a spoonful of fine sugar. There is the need to cook and prepare this syrup very well until it acquires a good consistency.

I believe that a little bit of sodium benzoate must be added to the syrups, no matter which syrup, so that they do not ferment. However, the quantity of such a substance should be only the amount that can be taken with the tip of a knife. This is what signifies a little bit of sodium benzoate.

However, sodium benzoate will not be necessary if the syrup can be kept very well stored within the refrigerator. It is ostensible that the syrup will be very well preserved in this condition, without the necessity of adding sodium benzoate.

Therefore, sodium benzoate is not necessary. Everything depends upon the way in which we can preserve this syrup.


This distressing and terrible sickness can be cured by drinking teas of the following medicinal plants:

'Quebracho blanco' (Astronium spp.), 'Ambay', Juniper, Lavender, St. John's Wort (Hypericum perforatum L.), Lobelia, Pine, Milkwort (Polygala senega L.), Horehound (Marrubium vulgare L.), 'Chachacoma' (Escallonia Tubar L.), 'Chañar'.


All of these plants which are used in the distinct medicinal teas do not have measurements, neither are they prescribed in grams. Therefore, any of these plants can be used for a tea, just cook them, this is it.

Whosoever studies this book scrupulously will know how to use the elementals. One must have faith in God, in the Angels, in the elementals and in all that is divine.

We have already taught that every plant is the physical body of an elemental from Nature. It is ostensible that the Gnostic Medic must always ask to his Father, who is in secret.

The Father commands the Elemental Advocate, who commands the elemental of the plant, so that the plant elemental can cure the patient.

Faith performs prodigies and marvels.


Juniper berries are magnificent in order to avoid contagion. Thus, simply by chewing the Juniper berries we can preserve ourselves from the danger of contagion.


One ounce of sea salt, three ounces of very pure honey (bee honey), two ounces of turpentine and three cumin seeds: If these are mixed with a great patience over a low fire, then a magnificent medicine will be obtained against blows and contusions to the head.

One makes a poultice with this remedy, which must be applied hot to the painful area of the head. Then, the blow will not swell and it will be totally healed.


The Diabetic person who wants to be cured must eliminate from his psyche anger, preoccupation, anguish, fear, etc.


Many plants exist in order to cure Diabetes, some of these plants become more favorable than others for the sick person.

Different teas can be drank like: Wild Celery (Apium graveolens L.), 'Sarandil Blanco', Black Mulberry, Walnut, 'Pesuña de Vaca', Watercress, Artichoke or Wild Artichoke, 'Lagrimas de San Pedro' (Croix lacryma-Jobi L.), etc., etc.


The following anti-Diabetic tea must be prepared with:

A bunch of 'Pezuña de Vaca' leaves, any quantity of leaves of Wild Celery, a bunch of Black Mulberry tree leaves, a good quantity of Dandelion leaves, a bunch of'Sarandil Blanco' leaves.

All of these leaves must be boiled in water, very well boiled. Use a pot of water in order to boil them and drink it as an ordinary beverage for your thirst.

If some of these plants cannot be obtained, the anti-diabetic tea can be prepared with the rest of the plants.

In accordance with Elemento-Therapy, the plants must be blessed and the elementals must be commanded to cure the pancreas.

This tea must be drank daily without ever getting tired of drinking it until becoming healed.


The sick liver can be cured with the following tea:

A bunch of Boldo leaves (Peumus boldo), another bunch of Lemon Verbena leaves, roots of the plant called 'Mil Hombres' (Cissampelos pareira L.) and leaves from 'Carqueja' and 'Cepa de Caballo.'

These plants must be boiled and the water must be drank, three glasses daily, one before each meal.

It is clear that all of these plants must be boiled together and the elementals must be blessed, commanding them to heal the patient.

The Gnostic Medics must never forget the works with the Elemental Advocate, because the latter is the one who must command the elementals of the plants to execute the healing.

The Elemental Advocate obeys immediately the Father, who is in secret. Therefore, we must pray to the Father, so that the Elemental Advocate will work.


The most excellent anti-rheumatic tea is the following:

Leaves of 'Alfilerillo', root of 'Mil Hombres' (Cissampelos pareira L.), leaves of Ash tree, Dandelion root, 'Cepa de Caballo.'

Without measuring and without too much complication, just put a bunch of each plant to boil within water.

One can boil all of these within a good pot and one must drink of the tea every day, as an ordinary beverage, until becoming healed.

Have faith, bless the plants and you will become healed.


Rheumatism can be cured by drinking the teas of the following medicinal plants:

Danewort (S. ebulus), Nettle (Urtica dioica L.), 'Alfilerillo', Calaguala (Polypodium glaucophylum Kze.), Dandelion, Wild Celery, Horsetail, Juniper, 'Espina Colorada', 'Fresno', Restharrow, Guaiacum (Guaiacum officinale), 'Mil Hombres' (Cissampelos pareira L.), Olive, Spanish Broom (Spartium junceum), 'Arenaria', (Rubia spp.), Willow, Blackthorn, Sweet Goldenrod (Solidago odona Ait.), Uva Ursi.

Any of these plants serve in order to cure Rheumatism. These teas are all powerful.


During women's critical age, frightful irregularities exist in their menstruation, as well as disorders in the ovaries.

Naturally, these bring on many other disorders. Therefore, women who are in their critical age must drink teas of the following marvelous plants:

Barberry (Berberis vulgaris L.), Artemisia (Artemisia spp.), Viburnum (Viburnum spp.), Juniper and also Horehound (Marrubium vulgare L.). These teas will alleviate them. The teas must be cooked preferably in clay pots.


Obesity is horrible; however, it is curable. One can become slim by eliminating bread, flour, starch and sweets from the diet.

The obese people must drink teas from the following plants: Horehound (Marrubium vulgare L.), Wild Celery, 'Yerba Turca', Pellitory-of-the-Wall (Parietaria diffusa or P. officinalis), 'Frangula', 'Pesuña de Vaca', Blackthorn, 'Fuco', Grapefruit. All of these are magnificent plants which do not damage, but benefit the overweight people in becoming slim.

These teas must be cooked preferably in pots made with clay. Drink them as an ordinary beverage.


After having delivered the formula of the Rattlesnake, the people who have been cured from cancer are counted by the thousands.

The ninety-nine per cent of the cancerous people have been healed by means of the Rattlesnake.

Therefore, the Gnostic Medics have triumphed. Yet, the Doctors from the official science have not triumphed due to the following factors.

  1. Incredibility and skepticism.

  2. The tendency of administrating other aids, other remedies, other medicines, to the patient.

It is obvious that the Rattlesnake remedy is extremely jealous. It is enough to administer any other remedy to the cancerous person in order to totally destroy the marvelous therapeutic effect of the Rattlesnake.

Moreover, one must know how to administer this remedy to the patient.

Head and rattles must be taken off from the serpent. Only the meat of its trunk, which must be reduced to a powder, can be utilized in order to heal the patient.

It is clear that in order to cure the poor cancerous person, such pulverized meat must be put within capsules.

Dosage: One large capsule every hour.

Consecutively consume this remedy until becoming totally healed.

Any other remedy is absolutely prohibited. Not even analgesics like aspirin, etc., are accepted, because otherwise the curative power of the Rattlesnake is lost.

In the name of Truth, I emphatically affirm that cancer is no longer a problem.

Cancer is a problem for the 'foolish scientists' of this frightftil age of the Anti-Christ, but never for the Gnostic Medics who work with the Rattlesnake.


The Elemental Queen of the Juniper tree, who in past times was reincarnated in an old medieval court, has tremendous magical powers.

The Juniper plant is the vegetal from the Solar Dynasties. All of the Divine Kings from the past worked with the magic of the Juniper tree.

The Mantra or Dharani of the Juniper tree is "KEM -- LEM"

The elemental of the Juniper tree looks like a beautiful innocent girl. Each Juniper tree has its own elemental soul.

All of the Elementals from the Juniper trees obey this Elemental Queen, who in the past was reincarnated, as we already said, in the Medieval ages.

The steaming decoction of the Juniper tree, which is boiling within a pot, serves in order to invoke the Angels.

It can also be used as a smoke offering. One needs to beseech to Agni, so that He can help in the invocation.

The invoker must drink during the rite one glass from this Juniper decoction. The chakras enter into activity with the rite of the Juniper tree.

The berries from the Juniper tree, when they are burned as a smoke offering, can eliminate the larvae from the Astral body.

One must ask the Father, who is in secret, to make the Queen of the Juniper tree to attend to us, in order for her to help us in this magical work.

The invoked Angel will materialize by means of the emanating steam of the Juniper tree decoction, coming from the boiling pot.

When the Angel becomes present, then ask the Angel whatever you need. It is convenient for the reader to study my book entitled Igneous Rose.

The leaves from the Juniper tree are marvelous. The tea of the leaves from this tree help the women who are in their critical age.

The tea from the Juniper tree is also good for the healing of the Prostate.


Nausea and dizziness can be cured by drinking the tea of the following plants:

Sage, Rosemary, Lemon Verbena, Peppermint, Lemon Balm, Orange or Lemon blossom, Gentian, Passionflower, etc., etc., etc.


The prostate can be cured with teas from Juniper tree, Ash tree, Cypress, Corn, Lizard's Tail (Piper angustiofolium) 'Pichi' (Psidium guajava L.), Uva Ursi, 'Filependola' (Dropwort), Cubeb.

All of these teas from these plants are marvelous.


The teas from Elder are magnificent against the flu.

Also, teas from the leaves and flowers of Violets can be prepared.

Magnificent are the teas of Guaiacum(Guaiacum officinale), 'Pie de Gato', Slipperwort (Calceolaria herbeo-hybrida), Borage, Eucalyptus, 'Gelsernio', Lemon, 'Ambay', 'Anacahuita', etc.

These teas must be drank very hot before going to sleep. Then, the patient will go to bed very well covered and will sleep peacefully.


The kidneys can be cured with the teas of the following medicinal plants:

Horsetail, 'Alfilerillo', Bearberry (Arctostaphylos uva-ursi [L] Spreng), Spanish Broom

(Spartium junceum L.), Bermuda or Scutch Grass, 'Encino' (Blackthorn), 'Linaria', Juniper, Corn Silk, Pine, Licorice, Salsify (Tragopogon porrifolius L.), Cuckoo-pint (Arim maculatum), etc. Any of these plants are useful for the kidneys.


Varicose veins are cured with Horse Chestnut (Aesculus hippocastanum L.), 'Hammamelis', Danewort (S. ebulus). These plants are all-powerful.


Any cough, as bothersome as it may be, can be cured with the teas of following plants:

Eucalyptus, Milkwort (Polygala vulgaris), Horehound (Marrubium vulgare L.), Coltsfoot (Tussilago farfara), Maidenhair Fern (Adiantum capillus-veneris L.), 'Anacahuita', 'Ambay', 'Drosera', 'Scabious', 'Chachacoma' (Escallonia Tubar Mutis).


The troubling Heartburn sickness can be cured by drinking vegeta! teas of the following plants:

Chicory (Cichorium intybus L.), Dill (Anethum graveolens L.), Chamomile, Gentian (Gentiana lutea), Centaury (Centaurium umbellatum) Celery (Apium graveolens L.), Dandelion (Taraxacum officinale Weber), Wormwood (Artemisia absinthium L.).

Any of these plants is marvelous against heartburn.

Simply boil it and drink it as an ordinary beverage.

It is advisable for those who suffer from heartburn to have more order in their meals.

Therefore, such sick people must avoid flour, starches and sweets.

They must eat only three meals daily and should not be gluttonous.


Arteriosclerosis can be cured with vegetal teas of: Garlic, 'Siete Sangrias', Guaiacum (Guaiacum officinale) 'Espinillo', Mistletoe, Fumitory (Fumaria officinalis L.), Dog Rose (Rosa canina), etc.

These plants must be boiled and the patient must drink the tea as an ordinary beverage, until the sickness disappears.

Any of these plants cure Arteriosclerosis. If the sick person becomes tired of drinking the tea of one plant, then he can continue with another. Then, at the end, he chooses the plant with which he feels better.


Against the Gallbladder stones, the teas from the following plants are good: Knotgrass

(Polygonium aviculare L.), Boldo (Peumus boldo), 'Gramilla', Rhubarb, 'Espina Colorada', Horsetail (Equisetum arvense L.), 'Cepa de Caballo', (Arenaria Rubra L.), 'Combreto', etc.

These teas must be drank with a lot of faith.


For illnesses of the Bladder, the following teas can be drank: 'Alfilerillo', Spanish Broom

(Spartium junceum L.), 'Calaguala (Polypodium glaucophylum Kze.), 'Gramilla',

Boxwood (Buxus sempervirens L.), Salsify (Tragopogon porrifolius L.), 'Doradilla' (Chaetolepis microphylla), Watercress (Nasturtium officinalis), Red Currant or Wild Gooseberry, Corn Silk, Dandelion, Horsetail (Equisetum arvense L.), etc.

Any of these plants make a good medicinal tea for the Bladder.


Many plants exist with which we can make teas to cure Diarrhea. Let us remember Rice, which is so healthFul and marvelous. 'Guarrus' can be prepared with it.

The hot teas of Mallow (Malva sylvestris L.), Nettle (Urtica dioica L.) or Roses are marvelous against Diarrhea.

Also helpful are the teas of Knotgrass (Polygonum aviculare L.), 'Tormentilla', Pearl Barley, very well cooked teas from the leaves of Sour Guava tree with Lemon, etc., etc., etc.


Constipation must be combated with teas of Chicory with Lemon, or teas of Plums, Flax, Rhubarb (Rheum spp.), Agar Agar (Gelidium cartilagineum), Boxwood (Buxus sempervirens L.), Cascara Sagrada (Rhammus purshiana DC.), Chard, Orange juice, etc.

One daily teaspoon of Castor oil on an empty stomach helps to eliminate constipation.


Castor oil is a magnificent purgative. Other purgatives for the cleansing of the stomach that do not cause harm exist. Example: Cascara Sagrada, Rhubarb, Senna, etc.


A very simple formula exists in order to eject the Tapeworms.


Prepare a pap (a mash) with one hundred grams of Pumpkin seeds, very well crushed with very pure honey (bee honey).

Unquestionably, this remedy must be consumed on an empty stomach. The Pumpkin seeds never have failed against the Tapeworms.

After three hours, the patient will consume a soupspoon of Castor oil.


The plant called Restharrow is magnificent. Boil very well this plant and drink the water as an ordinary beverage, every day.


Besides helping coughs, bronchitis, asthma, obesity, etc., Horehound (Marrubium vulgare L.) is also useful against inappetence (lack of appetite) and other disorders of the digestion in general.

A medicinal wine can be prepared with twenty grams of Horehound. It is enough to leave the twenty grams of this plant in maceration within a bottle of wine.

This maceration must endure forty days. One little cupful of this medicine, as an appetizer, will be consumed before every meal.


Garden Sage, (Salvia Officinalis), Jerusalem Sage, (Pulmonaria Officinalis) Lung Herb, Lungwort, Cardiac Herb, Virgin's Herb etc.: These are the various names for the plant that cures sicknesses like bronchitis, rebel cough, flu, etc.

Prepare it and cook a good quantity of its leaves and sweeten it with honey (bee honey).

Consume the tea very hot, one glassful every hour.


The plant called Spanish Broom (Geinsta Scoparia, Hiniesta, Ginesti, Spartium junceum L.), as a fact cures these tormenting illnesses.

The flowers and leaves of Spanish Broom, the flowers preferably, must be boiled very well and the decoction has to be drank as an ordinary beverage, until becoming healed.

Bronchial coughs are cured with the root of Licorice, Sweetroot, 'Regaliz'.

Boil a good quantity of the root of Licorice and drink this tea as an ordinary beverage until becoming healed.

The Gnostic Medics must never forget the rituals or magic works with the elementals of the plants.



The Rue (Ruta graveolens L.) is a formidable and extraordinary Martian plant which normalizes menstruation or women's abnormal and delayed periods. Moreover, it has the power of combating the digestive colic, children's overindulgence in food, and bad digestion, etc.

Ten grams of the leaves of Rue must be boiled in a liter of water, boil it very well. Drink three glassfuls daily, one before every meal.

Take this remedy daily, until becoming healed.


The decoction of the leaves of the plant called 'Prosopis', 'Ñandubay' which is very abundant in the Argentinean territory, is good for Conjunctivitis.

After having filtered the decoction very well, one must employ it for ocular washing in the evident cases of Conjunctivitis.

This plant is marvelous. The patient will wash his eyes, he has to put the water from the decoction of this plant into a good container. Then, he has to immerse his very well opened eyes within this water. This is the way in order to wash his eyes.

This remedy must be performed daily, until becoming healed.


The plant called 'Marcela' (Alternanthera ramosissima Chodat) cures Diabetes, as well as bothersome burps, gas, and indigestion etc. Boil 30 grams of the flowers of this plant and consume this tea.

Dosage: Three glassfuls daily, one after each meal. This tea must be drank daily until becoming totally healed.


The plant called 'Mallico' exists in Chile. This vegetal is formidable in order to combat bad digestion.

Thirty grams of the root of this plant is what must be used for one liter of water. Boil it very well. Take a large glassfbl after each meal.


The Plantain plant (Plantago major L.) and Lungwort (Pulmonaria officinalis) must be utilized for all type of bronchial sicknesses and of the lungs.

Put to boil very well a good quantity of the leaves of Lungwort along with another equal quantity of Plantain.

Consume one large glassful every three hours. Drink this remedy until becoming healed.


A marvelous plant called Passionflower (Passiflora incarnata) exists that is good for any of these illnesses.

Boil 30 grams of the stalks, leaves and flowers for every one liter of water. Drink five mugfIils daily, until becoming healed.


To apply ice directly over the Hemorrhoids is the best of the best. Moreover, apply poultices of leaves of Elder over the Hemorrhoids. The problem of the Hemorrhoids will disappear with all of this.


This troubling sickness is characterized by the inflammation of the lymphatic ganglia, and it is the first unfortunate step towards the horrifying Tuberculosis.

The plant called Radish is very well known. Scrofula can be eliminated with this plant.

Radishes can be eaten in salads. Also Radish syrups can be prepared and this is very simple.

The Radish syrup is prepared by boiling one liter of water with sugar and an enough quantity of radishes.

A little bit of Sodium Benzoate must be added, so that it does not ferment, otherwise, it has be put inside of the refrigerator.

Dosage: One spoonful every three hours.


Perform intestinal washings (enemas) with the decoction of Mallow (Malva syvestris L.) and Sweet Basil (Ocimum basilicum) plants. As well, drink three glassftils daily, one before each meal.

One daily intestinal washing (enema) with Mallow is how the patient will be healed.


The vegetal elementals can travel through the space in order to cure the sick people.


Place the plant or plants, which you are going to administer to the patient inside the magic circle. You must trace the circle on the ground with a piece of charcoal or chalk.

Then, you will concentrate on your interior God, asking Him to give commands to your Elemental Advocate, so that your Elemental Advocate will work with the vegetal elementals.

Afterwards, you will recite the exorcisms of Fire, Air, Water and Earth.


"Michael, King of the Sun and of the Lighting, Samael, King of Volcanoes, Anael, Prince of the Astral Light, I beg Ye to listen to my call. Amen."


"Spiritus dei ferebatur super aquas, et inspiravit in faciem hominis, spiraculum vitae, sit Michael dux meus, et Sabtabiel servus meus, in luce et per lucem.

"Fiat verbum halitus meus, et imperabo spiritibus aeris hujus, et refrenabo equos solis voluntate cordis mei, et cogitatione mentis meae et nutu oculi dextri.

"Exorciso igitur te, creatura aeris per Pentagrammaton et in nomine Tetragrammaton, in quibus sunt voluntas firma et fides recta.

Amen, Sela, Fiat, so be it."


"Fiat firmamentum in medio aquarum et separet aquas ab aquis, quae superius sicut quae inferius, et quae inferius sicut quae superius ad perpetranda miracula rei unius. "Sol ejus pater est, luna mater et ventus hanc gestavit in utero suo, ascendit a terra ad coelum et rursus a chelo in terram descendit.

"Exorciso te, creatura aquae, ut sis mihi speculum del vivi in operibus ejus, et fons vitae, et ablutio peccatorum, Amen."


"By the pole of lodestone that passes through the heart of the world, by the twelve stones of the Holy City, by the seven metals that run inside the veins of the earth and in the name of GOB obey me, subterranean workers..."

After having concluded the four exorcisms of Fire, Air, Water and Earth, you must pray to your Father, who is in secret, by saying:

"My Father, my Lord, my God, I set myself towards Thee, in the name of Adi-Buddha Tetragrammaton."

"Lord of mine, by charity, by Christ, Agla, Agla, Agla, I beseech Thee, Ja, Ja, Ja, to command my Elemental Advocate and this vegetal elemental, so that they may place themselves inside the sick organ of (name the patient) in order to heal him/her. Amen Ra, Amen Ra, Amen Ra."

Afterwards, the Gnostic Medic will concentrate himself in the sick organ and will imagine the elemental of the plant healing the sick person.

If the plants are many, then the vegetal elementals are also many. Therefore, the same magic work must be performed to each elemental.

Thus, this is how the sick person will be healed from a distance. The vegetal elementals can perform these healings from a distance.


The Gnostic Medics are obligated to learn 'White Nahualism' in order to visit their sick patients who are living very far from them.

It is essential for the Gnostic Medics to travel consciously and positively with their physical bodies through the Fourth Dimension, each time that it is necessary.

The Gnostic Medics who learn to travel through the Fourth Dimension will be properly assisted by the author of this book.

Therefore, we will grant help to them each tinie that it is necessary. The Gnostic Medics who delay in the learning of Nahualism will be reprimanded.

We are not on earth for wasting our time, we want wise Medic-Magicians.

We are tired of so many common pseudo-occultists arid pseudo-esoterists, who only know how to theorize.

We want concrete, clear and definitive facts. We want Medic-Magicians who are capable of flying through the airs of mystery.

We want wise humans who really know how to handle the herbs and the elenientals. We need Medics like Hippocrates, Galenus, Paracelsus, who knew how to cure with herbs and with elementals.

Each Gnostic Medic must be a true Theurgist, like Jamblicus.

Thus, only in this way, by having this type of Gnostic Medic, who can materialize the Angels in order to converse physically with them, here arid now, is how many people with unutterable sicknesses will be saved.

The Angels will direct the Gnostic Medics. They will teach them, they will give them the medicine for the sick people.


I have concluded this work of Occult Medicine and Practical Magic. In the name of the Truth I affirm the following:

I am not searching for fame, honor or money. Only the longing of humbly serving this poor suffering humanity is what motivates me.

No one has the right to add or to take away from all of the formulae of this book.

No one is authorized to destroy this work.

By applying this time the words from "Revelation" (Apocalypse of Saint John), I say:

"For I testify unto every man that heareth the words of the prophecy of this book, If any man shall add unto these things, God shall add unto him the plagues that are written in this book:

"And if any man shall take away from the words of the book of this prophecy, God shall take away his part out of the book of life and out of the holy city, and from the things which are written in this book." (Revelation: 22: 18, 19).

This is a sacred science, divine Medicine, powers, sublime Elementals, Holy Magic.

No one is authorized to adulterate, to add, or to take away from this sacred book.