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Gnostic Anthropology

Gnostic Anthropology

a book by Samael Aun Weor

Chapter 1

The materialistic anthropologists of this decadent and tenebrous age have been investigating the origin of the human being, yet indeed all that they have elaborated upon are hypotheses.

If we ask the anthropologists of conventional anthropology exactly when and how the first human being appeared, they would indeed not know how to give us an exact answer.

Since the times of Darwin and Haeckel and up to this present day and age, innumerable theories about the origin of the human being have appeared. However, we must emphatically clarify that none of these much boasted about theories can be demonstrated by themselves. Ernest Haeckel himself emphatically asseverated that within the field of conventional science neither geology nor that science named phylogeny will ever be exact. Therefore, if Haeckel himself made this type of assertion, what more can be added to this subject-matter?

Indeed, this matter about the origin of life and the human being certainly cannot be known as long as humanity does not study Gnostic anthropology in depth.

What do the materialists that study protists say? What do they so arrogantly affirm? What do they suppose about the origin of life and of the human psyche? Let us remember with complete, absolute clarity Haeckel's famous atomic Monera that was within an aqueous abyss, a complex atom that could not, in any way, emerge by chance, as this good gentleman supposed. Haeckel (an ignorant in depth) was worshipped by the British people. He induced great damage onto the world with his famous theories. As a parody to Job, all we can say about him is the following: "May the memory of him perish from the earth, and may he have no name in the streets." [Job 18:17]

Do you believe perhaps that such an atom from that aqueous abyss, the atomic Monera, could emerge by chance? If the intelligence of scientists is necessary in order to construct an atomic bomb, then how much more talent would be required in order to construct an atom?

Therefore, if we deny the intelligent principles of Nature, then it's mechanism would cease to exist, since the existence of Nature's mechanism is not possible without machinists. If someone considers it possible for a machine to exist without its inventor, I would like him to demonstrate it. I would like him to place the chemical elements upon the table of the laboratory in order for a radio or an automobile or simply an organic cell to emerge by chance.

At this time, we know that Don Alfonso Herrera (the author of Plasmogeny) managed to build an artificial cell, yet this cell was always a dead cell; it never had life.

What else do the materialists that study protists [microorganisms] say? They say that the Consciousness, the Being, the Soul, the Spirit, or simply the psychic principles, are nothing more than the molecular evolution of the protoplasm throughout the centuries. Obviously, the molecular souls of these fanatic materialists that study protists will never endure a deep analysis.

Therefore, the soul-cell, Haeckel's famous gelatinous Bathybius from which all organic species emerged, is indeed just a good subject-matter for Molière and his caricatures.

What lies at the bottom of this whole subject-matter and what is behind all of these mechanist's and evolutionist's theories is the impulse to combat the clergy. They are looking for a system that satisfies the mind and the heart in order to demolish the Hebraic [Genesis]{.italic}. It is precisely a reaction against a misunderstanding of the biblical Adam and his famous Eve (who was made out of one of his ribs).

Therefore, this [reaction ]{.italic}against a [misinterpretation ]{.italic}of the biblical Adam and Eve is the source for the ignorant theories of Darwin, Haeckel and their other accomplices. So, it is not right to originate so many hypotheses (that in themselves are deprived of any serious foundation) because of mechanical reactions against misapprehensions.

What does Darwin state about the matter of the catarrhine monkey? That the human being possibly came from it? Nonetheless, he does [not ]{.bold}emphatically asseverate it, as the German and British materialists supposed. Indeed, Charles Robert Darwin placed within his system a certain basis that disagreed with and even absolutely annihilated the supposed human emergence from the monkey, whether it is the catarrhine or platyrrhine.

First of all, as Thomas Henry Huxley already demonstrated, the human skeleton is completely distinct in its structure from the skeleton of the monkey. We do not doubt that there is a certain similitude between the anthropoid and the wretched intellectual animal mistakenly called "human being," however this resemblance is not definitive or defining on this matter. The anthropoid has a climbing skeleton. It is made for scaling. This is what the elasticity and construction of its skeletal system indicates. On the other hand, the human skeleton is in itself made for walking. Definitely, these are two totally different skeletal constructions.

Moreover, the flexibility of the bones of the cranial axle of the anthropoid and of the human being is completely different; this invites us to seriously ponder. On the other hand the following has been stated by the materialistic anthropologists with complete, absolute clarity: an organized being cannot in any way be the outcome of another being who marches in the opposite way, who is antithetically ordered.

We must give a certain example in reference to this matter: Let us observe the human being and the anthropoid. Even though the human being in this day and age is certainly degenerated, he still is an organized being. Now let us study the life and behavior of the anthropoid; we can observe that it is organized in a different way, contrary, antithetical. Therefore, an organized being cannot be the outcome of another who is organized in the opposite manner. This former assertion is always severely uttered by the materialistic schools.

Which age could be associated with the anthropoid? In which epoch did the first simians appear upon the face of the Earth? Unquestionably, who can deny that it was during the Miocene Epoch? Obviously, it had to have appeared during the late Miocene Epoch, 15 to 25 million years ago.

Why did the anthropoids have to appear upon the face of the Earth? Can the people associated with materialistic anthropology, those brilliant modern scientists who boast about being so wise, give us an exact answer...? They obviously cannot.

Moreover, the Miocene Epoch was not in any way located upon the famous Pangaea which is touted so much by the materialistic geologists. It is obvious that the Miocene Epoch had its proper scenario on the ancient Lemurian land, the continent that was formerly located in the Pacific Ocean. Remnants of Lemuria are still located in Oceania, in the great Australia, and on Easter Island (where some carved monoliths were found), etc. So, if the materialistic doctrine cannot accept this due to the fact of their narrow-mindedness that is bottled up within the idea of Pangaea, what does it matter to people, or to science, or to us? Indeed, they are not going to detect Lemuria with carbon-14 tests or with potassium argon or with pollen. All of these test systems of a materialistic type are just good materials for Molière and his comedies.

In this day and age, after the infinite suppositions made by Haeckel, Darwin, Huxley and all of their secularists, they continue enthroning the theory of natural selection (of the species), granting it nothing less than the power to create new species.

In the name of the truth, we must state that natural selection as a creative power is simply a rhetorical game for ignorant people, something that has no basis.

The assertion that states that new species are being created through natural selection, that the human being had emerged through natural selection, is in the depth frightfully ludicrous and shows ignorance taken to extremes.

We do not deny natural selection; it is obvious that it exists, yet it does not have the power of creating new species. The truth is that physiological selection, selection of structures, and the segregation of the most apt does exist, that is all.

To take natural selection up to the degree of converting it into a universal creative power is the breaking point of absurdities. A true sage would not have so stubbornly conceived of such a notion.

Never have we observed or witnessed a new species emerge through natural selection; if so, when? In which epoch?

Structures are selected, yes, we do not deny it. The strongest ones triumph in the struggle for daily bread, in the incessant battle of every moment, when one fights in order to eat and not be eaten. Obviously the strongest one triumphs, and he transmits onto his descendants his characteristics, his physiological particularities, his structural particularities. Thus the selected ones, the most capable, are segregated and transmit their aptitudes on to their descendants. This is how the law of natural selection must be understood; this is how it must be comprehended.

Any given species within the profound jungles of nature has to fight in order to devour and not be devoured. Logically, such a struggle is frightful. As an outcome, as is proper and natural, the most powerful ones triumph. There are marvelous structures within the strongest, and their important characteristics are transmitted onto their descendants. Yet, this does not signify a change of figure; this does not signify the birth of a new species.

So, never has a materialistic scientist observed one species emerging from another through the law of natural selection. This has not been proven, this has never been palpated in any way. Then what do these materialistic scientists base themselves upon? It is easy to throw a hypothesis out there and then emphatically asseverate that it is the truth and nothing but the truth. Nevertheless, aren't the scientists from materialistic anthropology the ones who state that they believe in only what they can see? The ones who do not accept anything that they have not examined? So, they contradict themselves horribly, because they believe in their assumptions that which they have never seen or touched.

They affirm that the human being comes from the mouse, yet this is not proven; they have never perceived this directly. They also emphasize the idea that the human being comes from the baboon or the mandrill ([quadrumana cynocephalus]{.italic} from western Africa). The sophisms of these foolish scientists are innumerable, absurd assertions of facts that they have never seen.

We, the Gnostics , do not accept their superstitions because their absurd assertions are fetishism. We, the Gnostics , are mathematicians when investigating and precise in our expressions. We do not like such fantasies; we want facts, concrete and definite facts.

Thus, when investigating this theme related with our possible ancestors, we can clearly verify the chaotic state in which the materialistic doctrine is found. The disorder of these scientists' degenerated minds and their lack of capacity for investigating is evident. This is the crude reality of the facts.

The subject-matter that states that certain hominoid forms emerge from other ones, just like that, based only upon ridiculous tests (such as carbon-14, potassium or pollen) palpably constitutes the shame of this century.

We, the Gnostic anthropologists, have different systems for investigation; we possess special disciplines which allow us to put into activity certain latent faculties of the human brain, certain senses of perception completely unknown to materialistic anthropology.

It is logical that nature has a memory; one day this will be demonstrated. Scientific research has already started; soon the sounding waves will be rearranged into images which will be perceptible on certain screens. Certain technical experiments about this matter already exist, then the tele-viewers of the whole world will see the origin of the human being, the history of the Earth and of its root races. When that day arrives (a day that is not so distant), the Antichrist of false science will be naked before the solemn verdict of public Consciousness

Indeed, the problems of natural selection, the climate, the environment, etc., fascinate many people, and this is why they forget the original source from which each species emerged.

The stubborn scientists believe that natural selection can be processed in an absolutely mechanical way without intelligent directrix principles. This is as absurd as to think that any machine in the world can be processed without an intelligent principle, without an architectural mind or without an engineer to give form to it.

Undoubtedly, these intelligent principles from nature can only be rejected by the stubborn ones, for those who pretend that it is possible for any organic machine to emerge by chance. These principles could never be rejected by those truly wise humans in the most complete sense of the word.

As time passes by and as we delve into all of this, we can see and further find all of the mistakes in materialistic anthropology. Therefore, it is necessary to profoundly reflect on all of these things.

If instead of assuming a position of attack against the clergy, those materialistic anthropologists would first of all reflectively analyze in depth, then they would not dare to disseminate their antiscientific hypotheses.

We know that Adam and Eve --- who bother the scientists from materialistic anthropology very much--- are nothing more than a symbol. So, the profane scientists from materialistic anthropology want to refute the Biblical [Genesis]{.italic}. It is good for them as well as for all of us to understand that the book of Genesis is just a treatise of Alchemy for alchemists. [Genesis ]{.italic}must be studied as an alchemical book, and not in a simple, literal way.

So, the scientists from materialistic anthropology exert themselves in order to refute something that they not even remotely know. This is why I honestly dare to state that their hypotheses do not have solid foundations.

Darwin himself never thought to go so far with his doctrine. Let us remember that he himself speaks about the characterizations: Unquestionably, after some organic species have passed through a selective process of physiological structures, these species characterize themselves in a constant and definitive way. Then, we see that the famous anthropoid had to pass through selective processes and subsequently assumed all of its present characteristics; but, it did not pass through any change again, this is obvious.

That subject-matter about Pithecus-Noah with his three famous sons --- namely: the cyanocephalus with a tail, the monkey without a tail, and the paleolithical arboreal man --- indeed never had exact corroboration; these are just theories without any basis, and indeed they are frightfully ludicrous.

Those who, when inquiring about the origin of the human being incline themselves towards the prosimian mammals (for example, the famous lemur), show that they do not even remotely suspect what the human being himself is, let alone his origin.

In this day and age, the celebrated lemur is considered by some scientists as one of our conspicuous ancestors because of his assumed discoid placenta.1 This has nothing to do with human genesis. This, in depth, is nothing but fantasies that are deprived of any reality.

Many renowned materialistic scientists are active in order to study the mechanical evolution of the human species or of any other species. They ignore that the original microorganisms from this great nature, human beings or beasts, always develop themselves within psychological space and the superior dimensions before crystallizing themselves in a physical form. Halfway through their development these microorganisms crystallize into a sensible form; they had previously passed through tremendous evolving and devolving processes within psychological space, within the hypersensible, within the superior dimensions of nature and the cosmos.

Of course, when we speak like this, conventional anthropologists feel very nervous and upset. They feel like the native Chinese people do when listening to an occidental musical concerto. Perhaps they laugh, ignoring that, "The one who laughs at what he does not know is an ignoramus who walks on the path of idiocy." [Goethe]

Materialistic scientists search for similarities. Yes, they believe that the shape of the shark's head and the mouth gives origin to other mammals, among them our "brother" the mouse that for the materialistic scientists in this day and age has passed into the category of "great lord." Supposedly, the mouse is nothing more than the ancestor of those such as Haeckel, Darwin and possibly of Huxley and Einstein, even of those famous pharaohs of ancient Egypt, and who knows what else.

So, in this day and age, the mouse is considered a prosimian mammal. The mouse has become a prominent subject-matter in the conference halls. Alas, behold how far the ignorance of the human being has gone.

We do not deny that the mouse existed in Atlantis and that indeed it was the size of a pig. Don Mario Roso de Luna, the eminent Spanish writer, clearly talks about this. The small Larousse Dictionary illustrates it, and states that in ancient times the mouse was denominated with the word "alto" (tall).

Yes, the mouse existed in Atlantis and we cannot deny its presence in Lemuria either. Yet, to assert that the mouse is one of the most important ancestors of the human being is totally false. Indeed, when one does not know Gnostic anthropology, one then falls into the most frightful absurdities.

Now, in this present Space Age, the accomplices of the Antichrist, materialistic science, bow before the mouse and the shark (which is also considered an ancient ancestor) and also before the lemur, which indeed is a very fascinating animal.

So, when Gnostic anthropology is known in depth, one cannot fall into ludicrous statements; this is logical. When the principles of materialistic anthropologists are carefully analyzed, we discover that their fantasies are due to their absolute ignorance of universal Gnosticism.

It is very empirical to establish a basis for a possible descendant of the human being based upon the fact that the feature of one face is similar to that of another. This is too shallow; so too are those who suppose that the human being was made out of clay; they are not aware that this is merely a symbol.

So, as we have already stated, before the original microorganisms of this great Nature crystallized into a physical form such as into human beings or beasts, they always first developed themselves within psychological space and the superior dimensions.

There is no doubt that these microorganisms are similar in their construction, therefore they could not serve as basis, as a foundation in order to establish a theory or simply in order to elaborate a basic concept. These microorganisms are differentiated from one other by the pace at which they crystallize. This is normal indeed.

So, the origin of the human being is something more profound. He developed himself within the Chaos, in the superior dimensions of Nature, until in ancient times he was crystallized into a tangible form.

Unquestionably, in future chapters we will advance more and more throughout all of this exegesis.

I want to state to you that the origin of humanity will be uncovered in these lectures, namely the primary and secondary causes that originated the human species, and other themes of transcendental repercussion.

Do the materialistic anthropologists know perhaps the answer to the former questions? The scientists themselves, who are followers of Haeckel, know very well that the whole geological past and materialistic phylogeny will never be exact sciences. This is what they have affirmed themselves; this is how they have stated it. If this is what they say, then what?

We are in moments of great inquietudes. The mystery of the origin of the human being must be clarified. The field of conjectures is detestable; it is like a wall without a foundation: all you need to do is to push it a little bit in order for it to become a pile of rubble.

The most critical aspect of materialistic anthropology is the denial of the intelligent principles of universal machinery. Obviously, such an attitude leaves the machinery without a foundation. It is not possible for the machinery to work or to be built by chance. The intelligent principles of Nature are active in the whole selective process and they manifest themselves wisely.

Likewise, it is an absurdity to bottle up ourselves within the dogma of mechanical evolution. If the [constructive ]{.italic}principles exist in Nature, unquestionably, so too do the [destructive ]{.italic}principles.

If there is evolution in every living species, likewise so too is devolution.

For instance, there is evolution in the seed that dies in order for the stalk to sprout. There is evolution in the plant that grows, that gives flowers, leaves and that finally gives fruits. Yet, there is devolution in the plant that withers, that agonizes, and that finally becomes a bunch of wood.

There is evolution in the creature that is gestated in the maternal womb, in the child who plays, and in the teenager. Yet, there is devolution in the elder who dwindles away and finally dies.

When the worlds emerge from the Chaos of life they start to evolve to a certain point; afterwards, they devolve and finally they become new moons.

If when we study anthropology we give exclusivity to mechanical evolution, then we are studying it in a partial way and thus fall into error. However, if we study anthropology in the light of the law of devolution, then we advance equilibrated, because evolution and devolution constitute the two laws of the mechanical axis of the whole of Nature.

It is a total absurdity to say that evolution is the sole foundation for this entire, great natural mechanism. We must consider life and death, the times of development and the times of decrement. Only in this way will we correctly march within the integral structure of the Gnostic dialectic.

We are not willing, in any way, to remain bottled up within the materialistic dogma of evolution. We must by necessity study the devolving processes of anthropology, otherwise we will walk on the path of error.

What are the original prototypes of this human race? Who knows them? By means of scientific methods we can see, hear, and touch the original prototypes of this human race. We know very well that human beings existed before the intellectual animal appeared in the Atlantis of Plato. Atlantis is not a simple fantasy, as the ignorant fanatics of the famous materialistic Pangaea suppose.

The human being existed in Lemuria, as well as in the Hyperborean and Polar epochs. However, these are themes that we will develop in the following chapters in order for us to clarify these anthropological themes better.

Atlantis really existed. The archipelago of Antilles, the Canary Islands and even Spain itself are remnants of Atlantis. Spain is a piece of ancient Atlantis.

This is unknown to those who are passionately fond of materialistic anthropology and also to the geologists who are so deeply behind the times, who are incapable of projecting themselves through time. How can they know something about the events that occurred many millions of years ago in the Miocene Epoch? What do they know about it? Have they seen it? Have they touched it?

If we Gnostics talk about the Miocene Epoch, it is because we can see it. The Miocene Epoch is accessible to the one who is capable of developing the faculties that are latent in the human brain. Nonetheless, the materialist attitude of denial is incongruent. They say that they only believe in what they see, nothing else, yet they believe in all of their absurd fantasies. No one has seen and no one has proven their suppositions.

We can state with certainty that not even one scientist has ever witnessed how the first human being came forth. Yet, they talk with so much self-sufficiency it is as if they were present in the Miocene Epoch, as if they had seen the anthropoids appearing there in ancient Lemuria.

The materialistic anthropologists enthrone their marvelous gods, namely the lemurs and mandrills (baboons); they place them as sublime prosimians from which they assert we descended. Has this been confirmed by them? Have they, at some time, seen it? Never! So, where is their foundation? Is their foundation resting upon fantasies that they have never seen? Are they not the same people who state they only believe in what they see? Then, why do they believe in what they have never observed? Is it not perhaps a contradiction? Are they not perhaps contradictory within their depth?

Chapter 2

The theme of the origin of the human being is indeed very debatable and very thorny.

Charles Robert Darwin left certain principles in his work that must be remembered by the materialistic anthropologists. Darwin states that a species that evolves positively cannot in any way descend from another that evolves negatively. Darwin also affirms that two similar species, even though different, can refer to a common ancestor, but one can never come from the other.

Thus, as we advance through these disquisitions of scientific anthropology, we obviously find certain contradictions within materialism. How is it possible that Darwin's former principles are ignored? How is it possible in this day and age that there are still people who think that the human being comes from the ape?

Unquestionably, the facts speak for themselves, and until now the famous "missing link" has not been found. Where is it?

Much has been stated against the existence of the father Manu,2 the "Dhyan Chohan," yet indeed there are millions of people in the eastern and western world who accept it. Moreover, such a belief is more logical than Haeckel's monkey-man, who indeed is nothing more than one of his fantasies.

Time is passing by and the famous simian-man has not yet been discovered anywhere on Earth. Where in the world is the ape that is capable of reasoning, thinking, and that has a language? Where is it? Hence, in depth these types of materialistic bookish fantasies are absolutely good for nothing.

Observe for instance the size of the brains: the cephalic mass of a gorilla is not even a third of the brain of any savage person from our terrestrial globe. A link that would connect the most evolved gorilla with the most uncivilized savage person from Australia is missing. Where is that link, what happened with it? Does it exist?

Undoubtedly, the first simians appeared on the Lemurian continent during the Mesozoic Epoch, but where was their origin? Gnostic anthropology emphatically affirms that certain degenerated groups of humans in Lemuria sexually mixed themselves with beasts in order to originate the simian species.

Haeckel never in any way was opposed to the concept that apes had their birth in Australia, in Lemuria. He always accepted the reality of the Lemurian continent. Yet, let us reflect a little. Where was Lemuria located? In the Pacific Ocean, this is obvious. It covered an extensive zone of that sea. Through ten thousand years of earthquakes, Lemuria was submerged little by little in the boisterous waves of that ocean. Yet, remnants of Lemuria were left, namely Oceania, Australia, Easter Island, etc.

Lemuria was real; it had its place in a very ancient time. This assertion can upset the materialistic anthropologist partisans of Pangaea. These ladies and gentlemen have their minds bottled up within that dogma related to Pangaea; they do not even remotely accept the possibility of Lemuria.

There is absolutely nothing strange about the fact that the simians were born during the Mesozoic Era and evolved to the Miocene Epoch, yet others from the Eocene Epoch, during the Tertiary Period.

However, our assertions do not end here. Other species of apes had their origin in the Atlantis of Plato, a continent that is nothing more than a myth to the materialistic fanatic partisans of Pangaea. Nonetheless, even if they deny it, Atlantis existed. Even if they are opposed to it, Atlantis has already been discovered. Anyone who has studied the marine floor knows very well that between America and Europe there is a great marine platform.

It was precisely a few years ago when several scientists --- those who had discovered Atlantis --- proposed to explore the remains of Atlantis from the coasts of Spain. However, Spain was ruled by Franco's regimen, therefore they were not allowed to perform their investigations. Therefore, Atlantis is not what it is believed to be, that is to say, it is not a fantastic legend, but rather a tremendous reality.

In other times, the map of the world was completely different.

Everything is changing; even the supporters of Alfred Wegener's Pangaea have suffered great changes. We know very well that the floating continents experience some displacements; Mario Roso de Luna had already clearly explained this and therefore it should not surprise anybody. The materialistic fanatics of Pangaea agree with this, they do not deny it. However, they lack a lot of necessary information in order to know the causes of the displacements of these continental flotations. I think that if they would study Mario Roso de Luna, they would better complete their information.

If we compare our Earth to a cracked-open egg, then the yolk would be the continents floating over the egg white. There may be many substances, liquids, and elements between the continent-like yolk and the egg white, yet in this day and age materialistic science does not know anything about them.

There are some who believe that certain types of superior apes come from Lemuria, for example:

There are others who clearly affirm that the inferior types of apes, like the catarrhine or platyrrhine, etc., properly came from Atlantis. We cannot make objections about this, but indeed we must profoundly reflect upon it.

In this day and age materialistic science is making certain very silly statements; everyday they invent new hypotheses. So, a chain has been established that is very curious and ludicrous in content, a chain that is related with our possible ancestors. The shark appears to be the king of that chain, from which, according to those anthropologists, descended the alligators. Such a theory is ludicrous in itself; indeed it is only conceivable by alligator-like minds. They continue stating that the famous opossum comes after the alligator; they state that the opossum is a creature similar to a crocodile but a little more evolved (this is what they emphasize). And on they go, following the course of that great chain of marvels to a certain little animal. In this day and age they have given a lot of importance to that little animal; I am emphatically referring to the lemur. They grant unto the lemur a discoid placenta, a matter that is rejected by zoologists.

We find gigantic contradictions within these gorges of false science. They proceed by stating that from the lemur (which could have existed some 150 million years ago) descended the monkey, and finally the gorilla appears at the end of this chain. In this fantastic chain, the gorilla is our immediate ancestor, the forefather of the human being.

As I have already stated in the first chapter, some anthropologists do not set aside the wretched mouse while talking about these themes; they even want to include it in their fancy chain. In which link of this ludicrous chain do they place the mouse? Between which animals should "Mr. Mouse" be? Who knows? Let them suffer with their theories. Based on the fact that the mouse is small, they affirm with a tone of extraordinary sapience that the human being was also so minute, so microscopic, that is to say, so tiny, that in this day and age we would be overwhelmed if we were to see such a human being. On what do they base their theories in order to asseverate such nonsense?

So, should we accept that according to them human beings are children of the mouse? I do not know in which link of that chain they include the mouse, perhaps before or after the lemur.

They sustain that we grew until we reached the present human height of this great civilization, and until we reached the "extraordinary perfection" that this civilization possesses now.

So in this day and age, the mouse is the priority in public anthropological conferences of this great civilization. Thus, if things continue in this way, then within a short time the governments should prohibit the killing of mice, since according to the materialistic anthropologists the mice are our forefathers.

Where are all the links of that chain? How is it possible that a shark turns into an alligator, from one night to the next, or throughout many centuries, just like that? Many millions of years have passed and the sharks continue to be sharks. Never has it been seen that from one species of sharks, whether from the Atlantic or Pacific Oceans, new alligators were born. To begin with, the crocodiles, alligators, or caimans --- at least the ones we know --- are not found in the seas, but rather in rivers and lakes, except the crocodile-like anthropologists who are very civilized and who are going around the world inventing silly theories.

Do you know of a species of alligators that has emerged from within the boisterous waves of the ocean? The world knows very well that the habitat for all types of alligators is the sweet waters.

We have seen alligators in great rivers and this is easily proven. We have visited the oceans and we have never seen or heard of any fisherman that has caught an alligator within his net in the middle of the ocean. They might catch sharks, but alligators? When?

We are asserting things based on clear, concrete, and definitive facts.

Where might the links be that bond the alligator to the opossum? Where might the links be that bond the opossum to that small animal the lemur, an animal which is deprived of a placenta and because of this Haeckel labeled it a creature with a discoid placenta? Continuing, where are the links that bond the lemur with the monkey? Where are the links that bond the monkey with the gorilla? And where are the links of the gorilla to the human being? Where are they? We have seen precise elements and we observe that the points of connection are missing.

To state things just like that is abundantly absurd. Much has been said about the Monera, an atom of the aqueous abyss, the first drop of salt within a silurian ocean which was filled with mud at its bottom and where the first bed of rocks was not yet deposited. However, what is the origin of the Monera? Could we perhaps conceive that something so extraordinary as the first atomic point of protoplasm which is so properly organized and with such a complex construction can be the outcome of [fortuity]{.italic}, the outcome of [chance]{.italic}?

We understand that when we deny the intelligent principles of nature, then the whole organization of protoplasm doesn't make any sense.

Time is passing by and materialistic anthropology is going to be destroyed little by little. The materialistic anthropologists still cannot say when and how the first human being appeared. They state nothing more than ludicrous hypotheses, conjectures that lack serious foundations.

Materialistic anthropology points to Australia a lot. The position of conventional anthropology is highly supported when they state that the tribes that live in Australia descended from apes. Scientifically, the former statement falls to the floor when we measure the size of the brains and confront the facts. We see that the size of the brain of a highly developed gorilla does not even reach half of the mass of the brain of an uncivilized native of Australia. Therefore, a point of union between the two is missing.

So, where is that link? Let them show it to us, for we are all here to see it. In my first lecture (the first chapter) I said that the ladies and gentlemen of materialistic anthropology affirm in an extremely grandiloquent way that they only believe in what they can see, yet the facts are showing us their falsity. They firmly believe in absurd hypotheses which they have never witnessed. The fact of attributing or stating that human beings come from sharks, to establish a whimsical chain just based on morphologic resemblance, shows us in the depth a superficiality taken to extremes. If what they write about is nonsense, they are indeed abusing the readers' intelligence a lot. If what they talk and teach about is nonsense, then they are indeed terribly comic and even ludicrous.

Human beings were sexually mixed with beasts in Lemuria and this is something we have no doubt about at all. Apes were not the only outcome of this mixture, so were various monstrous forms that even in this day and age have documentation in the Eastern part of the world as well as in the Western part.

We will cite as an example certain estranged Lemurian simians that could serve as a mockery for the superficial materialists of this epoch. Yet, one has to affirm the truth with valor. These Lemurian simians were a certain species that existed; they were soon walking using their hands and feet as any simian would; before long they were standing on their two feet. They had blue and also red faces. These simians were the outcome of certain human beings who crossed themselves with subhuman beasts of the Miocene Epoch, especially from the Mesozoic Era. We find everything that we formerly stated within reference materials such as on papyrus, codices, bricks, ancient monuments, and archaic manuscripts. Thus, there were multiple simian forms that emerged on the ancient continent of Mu.

Nevertheless, how did the human being first appear? In which way did it occur? Until now, all of these interrogatives have been a puzzle, a true enigma for the materialistic partisans of Darwin, Haeckel, and even for modern anthropologists.

Where can we find the origin of the human being? Unquestionably, we can find it [within the ]{.italic}[human being himself. ]{.italic}Where else could it be?

Let us now focus our attention on Australia. What do materialistic anthropologists asseverate? They affirm that the Australian Aboriginal tribes have the anthropoids as their ascendants. Of course, they cannot prove this, yet they affirm it, they believe in this. See for yourselves how paradoxical these ladies and gentlemen truly are.

The Australian clans are the most primitive that presently exist in the world. What could the origin of such families be? We must first begin with the origin of Australia. Australia is a fragment of Lemuria, which was located in the Pacific Ocean. It is an old land.

Where are the ancestors of those tribes? Let us talk about their physical bodies. We will obviously find such osseous remnants at the very bottom of the Pacific Ocean. There we can find skeletons of beasts, since the Australian clans that presently exist are a mixture of certain animal humanoids that passed through many transformations. Such families should be observed, thus we can understand that they are the outcome of the sexual crossing of the inhabitants of ancient Lemuria with the beasts of nature.

The bodies of some of the native people from many parts of Australia are so abundantly hairy that it seems that they have the skin of beasts. The former statement is the apparent foundation for those materialistic ladies and gentlemen to asseverate: "Lo and behold...these are children of anthropoids... our theory is proven!" Those materialistic anthropologists are extremely superficial; they do not have any maturity in their understanding. Regrettably, their minds are degenerated, in a state of decrepitude.

If we want to search for the origin of the human being we must know ontogeny in depth. It is not possible to know phylogeny if we exclude ontogeny.

Observe the recapitulative processes of the human being inside the maternal womb.

Nature always makes recapitulations. Observe a seed, the germ of a tree: inside it is a potential tree. All it needs is to be developed. So, in order for it to develop, it needs soil, water, air, and sunlight. All of the processes passed on by the tree that served as a parent are recapitulated by nature within the seed that must be developed. Using other terms, we will state that all the processes through which the whole family of that tree endured over time are recapitulated by nature within the seed that must be developed. The whole species of that tree developed slowly and grew at the same pace of the other trees; likewise, so did the tree from which that seed was detached. In itself that seed repeats that process of recapitulation, leaf by leaf, until the tree finally bears its fruits and seeds so that the other trees that will eventually be born from them will make the same recapitulations.

Let us observe how nature recapitulates all of her marvels within the cosmos. Each year spring, summer, fall, and winter return; these are perfect recapitulations.

Thus, within the maternal womb is a correct recapitulation of the whole human species. All the steps the human being passed through since its most remote origins are repeated inside the maternal womb.

First of all, no one can deny that inside the maternal womb the fetus passes through the four kingdoms of nature. First it is a stone, second a plant, third an animal, and fourth a human being.

As a human embryo or corpuscle it is inorganic; it is the ovum that detaches itself from the ovary and goes to join the organic matter. Thus, circulation carries the ovum to the very bottom of the matter for its own development.

In its second aspect we see how the human embryo assumes a vegetal state. The human fetus looks like a carrot, rounded at its base and pointed in its superior part. When this is clinically studied, it seems much more like an onion with distinct layers; between the layers there is a marvelous liquid. The possibility of the fetus depends upon the umbilical cord of this apparent onion (just like the fruit of any plant). Behold here the vegetal state.

Later on the animal form appears, then the fetus takes the form of a tadpole, and this is already completely proven.

Finally, it will assume the human form.

So, the four phases --- one mineral, one vegetal, one animal, and the last one human --- get their recapitulation.

After knowing and analyzing all of the former phases, we conclude by stating the following: no physician has ever seen the form of the anthropoid in any of the four phases of the fetus. During the process of fetal recapitulation, which scientist has ever observed the fetus taking the form of a catarrhine or platyrrhine monkey or the shape of an orangutan or a gorilla? Therefore, what materialistic science affirms is absurd.

Therefore, the origin of the human being has to be found within the very womb of the woman. The origin of the human being is hidden within the processes of recapitulation; these are the stages though which human beings have passed.

So within a human mother's womb, in which process of recapitulation can we see the appearance of the shape of a shark or that of a lemur? Where does all that Haeckel mentioned so passionately appear? At which stage of the pregnancy does it appear? Why do these materialistic ladies and gentlemen want to stray from what is correct? Why don't they search for the origin of the human being within the human being itself? Why are they searching for the human being's origin outside of it? All the laws of nature are inside of us, and if we do not find them within, we will never find them without.

We have then arrived to a very delicate and extremely difficult point. To state that we were a stone, a plant, an animal, and finally a human has all been very well settled. But when and how did it happen? Which primary or secondary causes are governed by all of those processes? These are enigmas. If the ladies and gentlemen of materialistic anthropology were not so mesmerized by the dogma of Euclid's three-dimensional geometry, then these processes could be easily clarified and everything would be different. Unfortunately, on their own whim they want all of us to accept what they state as a dogma of faith. They want to have all of us bottled up within that foundation. This is absurd, as absurd as to want to bottle universal life or as absurd as to want to pour an ocean into a glass.

The fourth coordinate, the fourth vertical, exists, this is undeniable, yet this statement upsets the materialists. Nonetheless, Einstein, who cooperated with the manufacturing of the atomic bomb, accepted the [fourth dimension]{.bold}. Nobody can deny the fourth dimension in mathematics. Yet, the materialistic people of this day and age cannot accept the fourth dimension, not even when it has been mathematically proven that other superior dimensions exist within nature. They want to be forcefully enclosed within Euclid's tridimensional world. This is why physics is totally stagnant in its advancement due to their absurd disposition. This is the time in which there should be cosmic ships capable of traveling throughout the infinite, yet that longing is not possible while physics continues to be bottled up in Euclid's three dimensional dogma.

These ladies and gentlemen have not been capable of answering the question of how and when --- on which date --- the origin of the human being occurred. So, if they would accept the possibility of the fourth, fifth, sixth and seventh dimensions, then everything would be different. Yet, we are sure that they will never accept this. Why? It is because their minds are in the process of complete degeneration, due to abuse of sex. Therefore, under these conditions it is not possible for them to comprehend the thesis that we are stating here. If they want to understand it, they need to begin to regenerate their brain; thus, this will be the way for them to accept our Gnostic postulations.

Stone, plant, animal, and human being: behold here the foundation for serious anthropology. Now, let us think about the former state of the human, about our legitimate ancestors. Unquestionably, we will find them in animal life in nature but located in the fourth dimension. This statement is distressing for the materialists. Nonetheless, they are the same materialists who were laughing at Louis Pasteur and his theories, who mocked him when he was disinfecting surgical utensils. They never believed in microorganisms because they were not able to see them, yet now they accept them.

Can there be animal life within the fourth coordinate? Yes, of course there is. Could there be a system of corroboration? Obviously yes, yet the methods are very different from those of false science, which is found in a retarded state. Who has those processes and systems? We have them and will we gladly teach them to everyone who truly wants to investigate the field of pure science.

Did animal life exist within the fourth coordinate? Yes, it logically did. Did plant life exist in the fifth coordinate? Yes, naturally it did. Did mineral life exist in the sixth coordinate? Yes, it did. Yet, I clarify that the mineral life of the sixth coordinate, the plant life of the fifth, and the animal life of the fourth were not in any way similar to the animal, plant, and mineral life of this merely physical world. The animal, plant, and mineral life of the fourth, fifth, and sixth coordinates condensed here in this tridimensional terrestrial globe, we do not deny it, yet this happened over the course of millions of years.

How can we in any way define the evolving processes if we eliminate from nature that subject-matter stated by Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz? We are referring to the [Monads]{.bold} or [Jivas]{.bold}, intelligent principles of nature. Certainly, a whole abyss interposes between the atomic Monera of Haeckel and the Zaristripa of Manu, the Jiva of the Hindustani or the Monad of Leibniz. This is because the atomic Monera of Haeckel is very far from the true Monad or principle of life.

It is true, no lie, for certain, that the virginal sparks or, simply put, Leibniz's Monads, evolved within the mineral kingdom during the epoch of great activity of the sixth dimension. These Monads evolved likewise within the vegetal kingdom in the fifth dimension, and finally they advanced to the animal state in the fourth dimension. This is unquestionable.

These dimensions from nature will be seen in the future through the use of some devices of high optical pressure. Yet, until that day arrives, we can be sure that we, the Gnostic anthropologists, must tolerate the same mockery Pasteur endured when he was talking about microbes. However, the moment will arrive in which those dimensions will be perceptible by means of televisions; then the satires will end.

Meanwhile, as we speak experiments are being performed in order to try to transform sound waves into images. When this occurs, all of the evolving and devolving processes of nature will be seen. Then the Antichrist of false science will be exposed to the solemn verdict of public Consciousness

In regards to the human organism, we see that in the beginning it is invisible; that is, when the process of gestation begins, when the primeval cell begins to germinate, the ovum and sperm cannot be seen with a simple glance. Who would suppose that a creature could emerge from one spermatozoon and one fertilized cell? Can this be seen by a simple glance? Thanks to the microscope we know that it is so; this is obvious.

Thus, by establishing facts we can state that the Monads who passed through the mineral kingdom in the sixth dimension are the same ones who passed through the plant kingdom in the fifth dimension, and through the animal kingdom in the fourth dimension. It was precisely at the end of the fourth dimension when a certain creature similar to an anthropoid (from the Greek [anthropoeides:]{.italic} "with a human shape") appeared. Nonetheless, this creature was not a gorilla, a chimpanzee, or anything of the sort.

When the epoch of activity for this three dimensional world started, that creature --- as well as the planet Earth --- suffered some changes and various metamorphoses. Finally, the human figure crystallized.

We have to take into account that with the passing of the centuries the morphology of all human creatures (as well as of nature) is changing. Unquestionably, human morphology emerged in accordance with the Protoplasmic Age of our Earth in order to really come into existence. Then, afterwards it passed through the Hyperborean, Lemurian, and Atlantean periods, alternating itself a little until reaching our present day.

The creatures, the human beings, the ancient human races that preceded us, were giants who slowly over time lessened in stature until becoming what we presently are; this is all stated by traditions of ancient Mexico and by other countries on Earth.

We will continue by explaining about the four steps --- mineral, plant, animal, and human --- exclusively within the tridimensional zone of Euclid on this physical planet Earth.

So, materialistic anthropology failed to give us the how, when, and why the first human being appeared. After having delved very deeply into these matters, I know for sure, I am absolutely positive that for the materialistic anthropologists all of these statements will become new enigmas without any solution.

Therefore, at the present time, the scientists have no other choice but to accept the crude reality of the superior dimensions of nature and the cosmos. They may deny them, since they have the right to deny them. They might laugh, however we have already stated many times, "The one who laughs at what he does not know is an ignoramus who walks on the path of idiocy."

So, as time passes, materialistic science will become exposed by new discoveries, and each day it will sink more and more in the pit of its own ignorance.

Indeed, the theory of Pithecus-Noah with his three bastard sons, namely the cyanocephalus with a tail, the monkey without a tail, and the arboreal man, are very good material for Molière and his caricatures. Indeed, in our blood we do not have anything of pithecoids. For us, the facts speak for themselves.

Chapter 3

The hour has arrived for us to make a certain analysis in relation to the origin of the human being. But, indeed, in the name of the truth, we have to state that the merely materialistic anthropology knows nothing about the origin of the human being.

Nevertheless, we Gnostics know the origin of the human being. In our former chapters, based on our Gnostic anthropology, we taught some basic knowledge related with its origin. Yet now we are going to delve a little more into this enigma.

Let us think for a while about the Mesozoic Era of our world, on the era of the reptiles [66 to 252 million years ago]. The human being indeed existed at that time; of course, this is denied by materialistic anthropology. Indeed, the merely profane anthropology ignores the real origin of the human being.

Materialistic anthropology wants us to believe that the human being did not exist before the Quaternary Period [the most recent 2.6 million years]. The possibility that the human being existed during the Cenozoic Era [from today back 65 million years] is denied to him. In depth, this is manifestly absurd.

Nonetheless, some facts make us think: we ask ourselves why certain species such as the plesiosaur and the pterodactyl survived for such a long period of time and then finally became extinct; now, in this day and age all we find from these species are fossil remains located in certain museums.

Meanwhile, in spite of the disappearance of these species, in spite of the fact that they were extinguished from the face of the earth, the human being still continues to exist. Why did almost all of the species from the Mesozoic Epoch become extinct? How is it that human beings were not extinct?

So many species have disappeared, yet the human being continues to be alive. How can this be? What explanation could materialistic science give for this phenomenon? Logically, materialistic science cannot give us a single explanation.

Obviously, if many contemporaneous species of the human being from the Quaternary and Tertiary Periods disappeared, then, human beings should also have eclipsed from the face of the Earth; the human species should have also disappeared. Yet, they continue to exist.

Therefore, the fact that the human being did not disappear in the Quaternary and Tertiary Periods allows us to infer that the human being existed long before the Quaternary Period and even beyond the epoch of the reptiles [Mesozoic], or of the Carboniferous Period [299 to 359.2 million years ago].

Moreover, we have the right to discuss the existence of human beings before the Mesozoic Era [66 to 252 million years ago]. that right is granted onto us precisely due to the concrete fact that all of the species from the Tertiary and Quaternary Periods have disappeared, and nonetheless their contemporaries, the human beings, still continue to exist.

Gnostic anthropology, through superior systems, knows that the other species from the Tertiary and Quaternary Periods vanished and that the intellectual animal mistakenly called "human being" did not disappear because the human being existed before the Mesozoic Era and before the Carboniferous Period. These facts are clear to us; facts are facts, and before the facts we have to surrender.

For example, there is a statement about flying serpents; this is terrifically true indeed, and the Bible corroborates it. The Bible cites the Leviathan in the book of Job. The Zohar emphatically affirms that the tempting serpent of Eden was a flying camel.

It is not irrelevant to remember that in Germany3 a species of flying camel was found; I refer to the fossil remnants that were perfectly organized by anthropologists.  It is 78 feet long, a giant; its long neck is similar to that of present day camels and it was provided with membranous wings.  When the fossil remnants of this body of these are observed, then it is evident that indeed it is related to a flying serpent (similar to a camel because of its long neck).

These fossil remnants might perhaps belong to the Leviathan.  What could the anthropologists state in relation to this matter?  Obviously, this saurus, or its better if we say, pterosaur, is in depth only the remnants of what flying serpents were in the archaic times of our Earth.  We will conclude by stating that the pterosaur has more in common with the ophidioid than with the lacertid.

Delving further within all of this, we find many other pieces within the field of anthropology. In the Imperial Library of Peking there were paintings upon which some plesiosaurs and pterodactyls were shown. We ask ourselves: how is it possible that ancient people who did not know anything about paleontology or paleontography knew about extinct species from the epoch of the reptiles?

If we did not know about the possibility of developing certain capacities and faculties of a transcendental type in the human brain, the former paragraphs would be inexplicable. Such faculties allow us to study the history of nature and of the human being, a history that lies hidden within the very depth of the memories of everything that is, has been, and shall be.

Dear readers, for certain we must know that the present human species is not in any way made up of real human beings --- it is true, no lie.

Gnostic anthropologists are in agreement with profane anthropologists only on the issue of the origin of the intellectual animal. The intellectual animal comes from the Quaternary Period or at the end of the Tertiary Period. This is something that we cannot deny in any way.

First of all, it is convenient to make a complete differentiation between a human being4 and an intellectual animal5 The true human being existed before the Carboniferous Period and before Mesozoic times.

This true human being lived during the epoch of the reptiles. Unfortunately, some authentic human beings degenerated terribly at the end of the Tertiary Period, during the Miocene. They absurdly mixed themselves with some beasts of nature, as we have already stated in previous chapters. Several gigantic simians were the outcome of that mixture; that species in turn mixed themselves with other subhuman beasts. Thus, the outcomes of all of this were the simians that we know, and the evolution of certain humanoids.

During the Quaternary Period these humanoids continued reproducing themselves incessantly. Subsequently, they continued reproducing themselves incessantly, and they are the humanoids of this epoch in which we live. This present humanity is a mixture of authentic human beings with animals of nature.

Now, we see the difference between the real human beings of the first, second, and third root races and the intellectual animals of the fourth and fifth root race in which we are presently. However, we must not be disappointed. The seed for the human being is still in our sexual glands. There is not a single person who does not carry these human sexual elements, since this is the outcome of the crossing of human beings with animals.

Therefore, the possibility exists for present day people to elevate themselves to a true human state since they carry within their sexual glands those human seeds. Of course, we have to develop those human seeds. Indeed, in order to create the authentic human being within ourselves, we need to know the mysteries of sex.

Unfortunately, materialistic anthropologists believe that they are human beings. They do not know anything about the mysteries of sex. They invent multiple theories about the origin of the human species that are in no way useful. I think that all of the speculations stated by the materialistic anthropologists are causing great psychological damage to people. It is lamentable that materialistic anthropology is corrupting this human race. It is already enormously degenerated, and with such fantasies this humanity continues to degenerate awfully every day.

We Gnostic anthropologists have to severely judge the materialistic anthropologists who state that they only believe in what they see. Nonetheless, they believe in what they never have seen. They believe in absurd utopias, such as the one which states that we are the children of mice, or that the mandrill (the baboon) is the ancestor of those elegant ladies and gentlemen.

We have to search for the origin of this fifth human race, which is this present root race to which we belong. We must find its cradle around Kashmir on the central plateau of Tibet, around the Euxinus, etc.

I do not mean to say that the entire cradle of this present root race had its origin only in those cited regions. Yet, in the name of the truth I have to state that those places of the Earth constitute a very important origin for this human species. I am clearly referring to the people of this fifth root race.

There have been five root races in the world. They correspond to five different epochs. We have already stated that the Protoplasmic [Polar] root race came first, afterwards the Hyperborean root race, thereafter the Lemurian root race, more recently, the Atlantean root race, and finally our Aryan root race.

Throughout these chapters we will summarily develop the history of each root race, yet we will include a complete description of the scenarios upon which each root race was developed.

Now I want to state that the human beings of the first root race existed at the northern polar cap on the Sacred Island. At that time, the northern polar cap, the two poles, were located on the equatorial zone.

Unquestionably, the form of life of that root race was very different from that of our present one. Materialistic anthropology does not know anything about this whole matter. Moreover, our assertions will not in any way agree with the famous Pangaea or great primeval continent. Therefore, when we state such declarations, we expose ourselves to only one thing: the mockery of profane anthropologists.

Indeed, profane anthropologists do not totally know about celestial mechanics. They do not know there is a process of the revolutions of the axis of the Earth. They think that the Earth has always had the same position in relation to the sun. Thus for this reason they have invented their Pangaea, since the theory of Pangaea is more comfortable for them than the study of astronomy.

The Hyperboreans had their scenario on those horseshoe-shaped lands that go around the North Pole. Obviously, England itself and even Ireland were lands that belonged to the Hyperboreans. Alaska also belonged to that land, since all of those regions form a horseshoe around the northern polar cap, although some even of these parts have been under the waves and have come up again since then.

Later on, Lemuria was in the area that now occupies the Pacific Ocean. It was an enormous continent that covered the whole area of the Pacific Ocean.

Subsequently, Atlantis was in the ocean that bears its name.

Therefore, the physiognomy of our terrestrial globe has changed many times. The world has had five aspects or scenarios upon which its five root races developed.

However, we do not expect that the ladies and gentlemen of materialistic anthropology will accept all of this. Unquestionably, this will be something impossible since they believe that they know everything. Nevertheless, not only do they ignore these things, but worst of all they ignore that they ignore.

Materialistic anthropologists who are partisans of absurdity propose to attack the Biblical [Genesis]{.italic}. Thus, with their anticlerical efforts they have invented those speculations that are abundant here, there, and everywhere.

They do not even want to understand what the word [Eden ]{.bold}signifies. [Ed-en]{.italic} signifies "voluptuousness" ["giving pleasure to the senses"]. Its etymology is explained from a Greek basis. Therefore, Eden signifies "voluptuousness."

Eden is sex itself. The whole Biblical Genesis is a work of Alchemy that literally has nothing to do with history.

That Eden that in former times was situated in Mesopotamia between the Tigris and Euphrates Rivers much later became the school for Chaldeans and Magis, the Alehim. That Eden seems to be related to the famous Adi-Varsha of ancient Lemurians and even to the Garden of Hesperides of the Atlantean continent.

Eden is sex itself, yet this will never be accepted by the materialistic anthropologists. Moreover, they will never accept the great sexual mysteries of Chaldea, India, Babylon, Mexico, and Egypt.

In Lemuria, the system of reproduction was by Kriyashakti. This was during the Mesozoic Era. The Kriyashakti system existed long before the human race ever fell into animal generation (orgasm). We know very well that the Lemurian root race fell into degeneration in the third part of the Eocene, that is, during the Miocene Epoch.

Indeed, the true human beings of the Mesozoic Epoch reproduced themselves by means of Kriyashakti; this word signifies willpower and intelligence. Lemurians were true human beings, and their system of reproduction would not be accepted in this day and age by the intellectual animals. This is because the system of reproduction of the true human beings, the Kriyashakti, is a sacred system that would cause laughter and rejection by the materialistic anthropologists. They would feel offended with such a system.

In Lemurian times, sex was considered sacred; the sacred sperm was never ejaculated.6 The sperm was considered a venerable matter. A spermatozoon escaped during intercourse without orgasm in order to fecundate the womb. Thus, the human race enjoyed wonderful powers, extrasensory faculties, that allowed them to know all of the marvels of the universe and the cosmos. This is why it is stated that they lived in a paradisaical state.

Nevertheless, when the human beings fell into animal generation orgasm, that is to say, when they started to ejaculate the entity of semen, they then precipitated themselves into devolution. So, Lemurians sexually degenerated themselves in the third part of the Eocene Epoch. These sexually degenerated Lemurians were fallen humans who sexually mixed themselves with beasts of nature; thus, intellectual animals were born from this mixture.

Definitively, the intellectual animal will never accept this system of reproduction by Kriyashakti precisely because of his animal condition. The system of Kriyashakti is not for intellectual animals, it is a system for human beings, since animals and humans are two different kingdoms. Indeed, this is why we would not be surprised if the intellectual animals from materialistic anthropology reject the system of reproduction by Kriyashakti.

Nevertheless, in spite of everything, we have to state that the seeds of the human being are still within the endocrine glands of the intellectual animal. Therefore, it is obvious that if we work with the system of Kriyashakti, we can indeed regenerate the brain and develop within our physiologic, biologic, and psychosomatic nature the true human being, the authentic human. Yet, I restate, the intellectual animal does not like the Kriyashakti system.

Gnosis has diffused the mysteries of sex in many places. It is true that universal Gnosticism has accepted the system of reproduction by Kriyashakti, however it is also true that millions of intellectual animals have rejected it. We cannot blame them since they are indeed intellectual animals who are the outcome of sexual intercourse of various Lemurian humans (who sexually degenerated themselves in the Tertiary Period) who mixed themselves with beasts of nature. How could the outcome of humans and beasts accept a sexual system that does not belong to them? It is impossible! Thus, it is good that we reflect upon this.

Now let us consider another more important theme in order for us to reflect upon it in more depth. Let us see: from where did all the living species emerge? From where did this nature emerge? Why do we have to accept all of the materialistic utopias? Why do we have to accept the dogma of evolution? Why should we live within the world of hypotheses?

The moment has arrived to delve a little further into this subject-matter. In my second chapter I stated that the human species had developed in other dimensions. I also asserted that the materialistic ladies and gentlemen do not accept these superior dimensions. They want, by their own whim, to place us within Euclid's tridimensional dogma. They are like the pigs that always want to remain in the pigsty and do not want to see anything that does not resemble it. Yet, we do not accept dogmas.

To begin, they have no proof regarding all of their beliefs. What they have affirmed, for instance, is that they believe that the human being comes from the ape.

Darwin never, ever stated that the human being came from the ape. Indeed, Darwin only affirmed that the human being and the ape have a common ancestor. Therefore, Darwin only opened a door, that is all.

Charles Robert Darwin always felt nonconformity with the Biblical narrative of creation because in the book of Genesis God appears as an executioner for the nonbelievers. Nonetheless, Darwin rejected Karl Marx's offer. Karl Marx offered Darwin the dedication of his book, Das Kapital, first English edition. Darwin rejected Karl Marx's offer because he did not want to have his name associated with attacks against religion. Even while in states of extreme doubt, Darwin remained with a speck of faith in divinity. In the complete sense of the word, Darwin was never an atheist because he never denied the existence of a God. He stated in his autobiography that he always felt horror to all of that which can cause suffering. He never agreed with the suffering inflicted upon a slave by his ruler or the suffering inflicted upon an animal by any man; for him such horror was one of the reasons to abandon religion.

Darwin was not a materialist, he was an investigator. He opened a door, that is all. We have to take advantage of that door and delve into the mystery, since until now everything has been hypotheses, as when Haeckel stated --- and who indeed emphatically asseverated --- that neither geology nor phylogeny would ever be exact sciences.

If theories that are invented one day disappear the next day, if those ladies and gentlemen are affirming what they have never seen, if they are lying is such a way, then we must not and cannot give them any credit. Therefore, we must appeal to what Gnosticism teaches, which is to appeal to the wisdom of the ancient sages.

The fact that the human race developed within other dimensions is something impossible for materialistic science to accept, yet for the Gnostics it is a reality.

The reason ancient sages could tell us about plesiosaurs and reveal to us the different beasts that existed during the epoch of primitive reptiles and periods even beyond that, such as the Carboniferous Period, without ever having studied paleontology and paleontography, without having such jargon within their heads, is because they possessed extraordinary faculties that can be developed; these are dormant within the human brain.

Can materialistic anthropologists affirm that they totally know the human brain already? Obviously, they cannot. Moreover, I affirm that medical science still does not know the human body. They might believe that they know it, but they do not.

Conclusion, what is the origin of this humanity on planet Earth? What is the origin of all of the races of nature, of all which has been, is and shall be? This is the theme upon which we need to reflect in this chapter.

What do the ancient Nahuas tell us about the [Omeyocan]{.bold}? What is the Omeyocan? It is stated that within the Omeyocan "there is only wind and darkness"; this is how the Nahuas affirm it. The Omeyocan is also named "Yoalli Ehecatl" because of the wind and darkness. This invites us to reflect.

What would the erudites from Mexico and those in the Eastern world, in Asia, tell us about the Omeyocan?

I once stated what "matter" is, in itself. I said that any form of matter can be destroyed, yet the substance (or seed) of the matter continues in other dimensions. Thus, the Earth-substance or the Earth-seed is deposited in the profound space of the universe, within the unknowable zero dimension. I also affirmed that such an Earth-substance was the Iliaster. Eventually the Earth would remain deposited as a seed within the profundity of the infinite space, awaiting a new cosmic manifestation.

Let us remember that when a tree dies, its seeds remain. Within each seed there is the possibility of the development of a new tree. Likewise, when a planet dies, then its seed or its homogenous, insipid, insubstantial, colorless, odorless matter remains deposited within the bosom of the eternal Mother Space.

Such a seed in relation with the one is two. We must not forget that in order to be one, there is the necessity of being two. The one feels itself to be two. Thus, the primeval chaotic Earth, that seed-world deposited in Mother Space, is the Omeyocan. It is a true paradise that during the time of inactivity vibrates with happiness.

The Omeyocan is also named Yoalli Ehecatl due to the wind and darkness and because Ehecatl is the God of cosmic movement, the God of wind. Yoalli Ehecatl, the great cosmic movement of the Omeyocan, is the place where the authentic happiness of the world reigns, profound inexhaustible joy.

There are cosmic days and cosmic nights. When the Earth is in a germinal state, when any given planet is found deposited in a germinal state within the bosom of profound space, it slumbers; yet while being two, they are found to be one. After a certain period of activity, the electrical impulse, the electrical hurricane, makes all of the positive and negative aspects enter into activity. This is why it is stated that within the Omeyocan there is wind and darkness. We do not want to state darkness in the complete sense of the word; this is only an allegorical way of speaking.

Let us remember in the Egyptian mysteries when the priests would approach the neophytes. They would whisper in their ears, "Osiris is a dark God." Yet, Osiris was not dark. The fact of the matter is that the light of the pure Spirit, the light of the great Reality, is darkness to the intellect. This is why it is stated that within the Omeyocan there is only darkness and wind --- that is to say, cosmic movement. This is where the uncreated light emerges from and where the universal movement represented by Ehecatl is developed.

Before the manifestation of the Solar Logos, that is, the Multiple Perfect Unity, the infinite quietude whirls about within the Omeyocan. In the sacred land of Anahuac,[[8] the Solar Logos was always named Quetzalcoatl. Indubitably, Quetzalcoatl as Logos exists long before any cosmic manifestation.

The Omeyocan is the navel of the universe that intensely vibrates and palpitates within reciprocal whirls, where the infinitely large bursts into the infinitely small, where the large encounters the small, where the macrocosm encounters the microcosm.

With the dawn of any universe, the electrical hurricane makes all of the atoms palpitate in the form of whirls within the Omeyocan, within the navel of the universe, within the cosmic womb, while being two.

In the Omeyocan, the Tloque Nahuaque is the nocturnal tempest of all possibilities. Because when the electric movement, the electric hurricane, the electric whirl, makes all of those atoms spin within the chaotic matter, all the possibilities of universal life persist. This is how the best authors of cosmogenesis have described it.

The Omeyocan is the lord of the night, the black Tezcatlipoca who, when denying himself, bursts into light and the universe is born that fecundates, that drives Quetzalcoatl, the Solar Logos.

Tezcatlipoca in its feminine aspect represents the moon and God Mother who is precisely the womb of the world. This is why it is stated that Tezcatlipoca bursts into light; the Mother, which as a matter of fact, was fecundated by the Logos, swells like a lotus flower and thus finally this universe is born. It is stated in Nahuatl that Quetzalcoatl then directs and drives the universe that emerged into existence.

The Logos, the Multiple Perfect Unity, is radical. Yet, he turns himself asunder into the forty-nine fires in order to work with this rising universe. Unquestionably, the one who directs the universe is precisely the Logos, Quetzalcoatl. It is the cosmic Consciousness governing, directing that which is, has been, and shall be...

I am perfectly sure that conventional anthropology would not accept this conception of Quetzalcoatl. We do not ignore that materialistic anthropology rejects the Logos and that it is against the sacred Anahuac tradition, that it does not want anything to do with the wisdom of the sacred land of Anahuac.

When rejecting Quetzalcoatl as the true monarch of the universe, materialistic anthropology actually declares itself against the wisdom of the sacred land of Anahuac. Thus, my dear friends, it is worthwhile that we reflect upon this.

Nevertheless, it is not convenient that we Gnostics have an anthropomorphic conception of our Lord Quetzalcoatl either, no! Therefore, I repeat, Quetzalcoatl is a Perfect Multiple Unity; it is the Greek Demiurge, the Platonic Logos. Quetzalcoatl is the prodigious principle of nature that makes every atom vibrate, that makes every sun shake; it is the creative fire of the first instant.

Never could the partisans of materialistic anthropology asseverate that they know the fire; they do not know it, much less the electricity. We are interested in the fire of the fire and in the profound knowledge of electricity.

They pass judgment on the fire and they consider that it is an element of combustion, yet they are mistaken. Indeed, they might state, "If we strike a match, we will see that fire emerges; so this is the outcome of combustion." Yet, it is not so. Rather, combustion is the outcome of fire, because the hand that strikes the match has its own fire (energy) in order to move, and within the match itself there is latent fire. By means of striking the matchbox, we remove the particles within which the chemical matter of that match is trapped, so that the fire can emerge. [The ]{.italic}[fire exists before striking the match;]{.italic} this is unknown in chemistry. The fire in itself is the Logos, the fundamental intelligent principle of nature.

Let it be clear that we are not defending that anthropomorphic God who upsets the materialists so very much, no! We are only making a great emphasis here in order to state that nature has intelligent principles and that the sum of all of them is Quetzalcoatl, the Greek Demiurge, the Platonic Logos, the Multiple Perfect Unity that is latent in every atom, within every corpuscle that comes into life and within every creature that exists under the sun.

There is no doubt, my dear friends, that monotheism caused a great deal of harm to humanity, because materialism, atheism, was the outcome of it, the consequence of it.

In addition, when polytheism was taken to its extremes, it caused a great deal of harm because from it emerged monotheism, and likewise from monotheism emerged materialistic atheism.

Thus, with polytheism degenerated, it gave origin to anthropomorphic monotheism, and due to the abuses carried out by the diverse religious clergies this as a result brought materialism.

If we accept the intelligent principles within the depths of nature and within the cosmos as the foundation of the whole machinery of relativity, then we will not ignore that "variety is unity."

I understand that in the not so distant future, humanity must return to polytheism, yet in a transcendental monistic way. This must be equilibrated from the spiritual point of view, meaning from the spiritual monotheistic and polytheistic points of view. Only in this manner, indeed, can a renovation of principles and a complete revolution of the Consciousness be initiated.

Chapter 4

First of all, it is good to know that anthropologists speak to us about three very important epochs: first, the Paleozoic Era, second, the Mesozoic Era, and third, the Cenozoic Era.

They emphatically affirm that during the Paleozoic Era the first unicellular beings, the microorganisms, the molluscoids, the mollusks, the fish, and the first reptiles were in the waters of life. This is affirmed with incredible conviction by the materialistic anthropologists as if they were present in those archaic epochs, as if they saw, smelled, touched and even heard all of that which occurred in those ages.

Nonetheless, as I have already stated in previous chapters, the anthropologists from materialism always asseverate that they only believe in what they can see. They state that they will never accept anything that they have not seen with their eyes or touched with their hands. Although I have reiterated this statement many times, I have to repeat that such an affirmation is absurd, completely false, since they believe in what they have never seen. They affirm in an absolutist way their false suppositions.

When did they see the Primary Epoch? When were they present during the Paleozoic Era? Did they live during the Mesozoic Era? Did they per chance exist during the Cenozoic Era? They affirm mere hypotheses that they have never witnessed. They affirm what they have never seen. Nonetheless, they believe themselves to be eminently practical.

They have never seen the Paleozoic Era. What do they know about it? What do they know of the life forms that existed in that first age, and about the events of that archaic epoch of our world?

They also talk about the Mesozoic Era, the epoch of the great antediluvian reptiles. We do not deny that the reptiles existed on the Earth. It is clear that the epoch of reptiles existed, that is a fact. Our Earth was populated by enormous reptiles, this is undeniable. Let us remember the brontosaurus or bronsaurus, the plesiosaurus, the pterodactyl, etc.

All of those were indeed gigantic, enormous monsters that were one or even two street blocks in size. They existed; however, it is very difficult for the ladies and gentlemen of false science to have ever seen all of those reptiles from the Mesozoic Era. How did those dinosaurs live? How did those dinosaurs reproduce themselves? Were the ladies and gentlemen of false science witnesses of it?

The Cenozoic Era followed. It is stated that many reptiles evolved towards the state of mammals. It is asseverated that from the primates came the hominids, which are the ancestors of the intellectual animal mistakenly called a human being.

There is no doubt, state the ladies and gentlemen of false science, that the hominids were born of the primates, which gave origin to the human being, and also gave origin to the branch of great gorillas or chimpanzees, etc. When they talk like this, they practically use Darwin as their base.

However, we know very well that Darwin did not state in any way that the human being came from the ape. He only clarifies that the human being and the ape have a common ancestor.

Nevertheless, the materialistic anthropologists state that their common ancestors are the primates. They state that the first hominids were born of the primates as well as the great apes from ancient epochs, from the period that we call Cenozoic. This is how they arrange their theories so that these can coincide with Darwin's statements in some way.

Yet, did those primates exist by chance? Have the materialistic anthropologists ever seen, at any time, the first hominids? Can they swear that from the hominids were born the gigantic apes on one side and the human beings on the other? Can they affirm that from the primates the hominids were born and that these are the ancestors of the human being? Can they dare state that from those primates, all of the species of gigantic gorillas and chimpanzees which populated the face of the Earth in archaic epochs were also born? What do the ladies and gentlemen of materialism know about this?

On the other hand, as usual with his theories Haeckel assigned about seventeen or eighteen genealogies onto the present humanoids. He states that these genealogies come from marsupials or mammals. He states this theory with so much conviction as if he himself had indeed witnessed it. Haeckel and his partisans believe in phantasmagoric utopianisms of the mind that cannot be demonstrated.

The mammals, the marsupials, and all of those genealogies from Haeckel are extremely absurd. Amongst those genealogies, the anthropologists do not discard the famous lemurs with a discoid placenta. Yet, where is this placenta of the lemurs?

In these present times, they affirm that we come from the lemur; other certain pseudo-sapient anthropologists, who allege that our ancestor is the mouse, do not go unnoticed either.

Frankly, the materialistic scientists of this epoch have dedicated themselves to too much research. Their boasted materialistic culture from this century is indeed shameful; first they have us descending from the lemur, then all of a sudden from brother mouse.

Through ancient traditions we know very well that the human race was formed by the giants of Atlantis, of Lemuria, of the Hyperborean epoch, and of the Polar.

Yet, an excessive amount of ignorance has to exist in order to establish such theories that allege that we descended from the mouse, since in Atlantis the same mouse was not as small as it is in this day and age.

To state that the human being was tiny and that he kept on growing, that his stature was so small because he is a child of the mouse, is frightfully ludicrous in depth.

We can see how these cynical anthropologists from materialism act. One minute they are stating that we come from primates, then, all of a sudden they are stating another thing. When they get tired with brother mouse, they then appeal to the mandrill, based on the fact that this poor primate has red buttocks. Alas, these pseudo-anthropologists are so ignorant.

These pseudo-anthropologists are the ones who have precipitated this world towards the path of devolution and degeneration. They are the ones who are corrupting this humanity, the ones who are depriving people of their principles and the eternal values of their Spirit. When the eternal values of the Spirit are taken away from the human being, he then frightfully degenerates.

These pseudo-anthropologists are the ones who send their partisans (those scoundrels of materialism) to teach all of their nonsensical theories to the people of the villages. They are the ones who have converted themselves into the instructors of the wretched people who live in those villages.

We can consider these pseudo-anthropologists the corrupters of minorities, since with their display of fallacies they corrupt the simple individuals of the villages. They are the ones who harm the minds of people. They are the ones who structure educational plans, eliminating all of that which has the flavor of spirituality. Nonetheless, they do not have enough of a foundation to pronounce themselves against the mystical teachings of humanity.

It is abundantly ludicrous to asseverate in any given moment that we come from the mandrill or from the mouse or from the first primates of the Cenozoic Era.

The materialistic ladies and gentlemen from the North or from the South or from any of the different countries of the Earth laugh about the father Manu from whom the entire human race came forth. They laugh about the Dhyan Chohan who seems to be a utopian personage to them. Yet, they do not have any trouble believing in the fallacy of Haeckel. They believe in Haeckel's stupid pithecanthropoid with a speaking capacity that is a thousand times more fantastic than the assertion of Manu or Dhyan Chohan.

Despite the ignorance of materialistic anthropology, humanity still believes in the Dhyan Chohan, even when these illustrious materialistic anthropologists are upset about it. Still millions of people in the world accept the father Manu; people from Asia believe in him. The father Manu is the man-spirit; he is the prototype man who is placed in a very superior level of the Being.

Indeed, if we could perform retrospective investigations with procedures very much different from those of carbon-14 or potassium argon, then we would discover that truly, the prototypes of this humanity come from the superior dimensions of nature and the cosmos.

We have to judiciously analyze what this present materialistic culture that serves as a foundation for countries and nations)actually is. We must search for the origin of all this corruption and all this perversity. It is not possible for this humanity to continue being a victim of ignorance. To agree with their theoretical nonsense is one hundred percent absurd.

To state that those lemurs, those small animals with very enlivened eyes, had placentas and that they could be considered as one of our ancestors is an absurdity. It is an unforgivable zoological mistake, because lemurs never had placentas.

Indeed, Haeckel has harmed society a great deal. This is why we once stated (as a parody to Job the Prophet), "Let the memory of him be forgotten by humanity; neither let his name be uttered in the streets."

The science of embryogenesis was unknown in the epoch of Haeckel. This is why he dared to speak about lemurs with placentas; his statements were indeed incongruent.

When one investigates these things, one feels nothing more than repugnance for the school of materialism that is presently corrupting our culture. Schools of materialism are currently taking away the eternal values from this present culture; they are precipitating our society onto the path of perdition.

Which indeed is the ancestor of the human being from the Cenozoic Era? Which are the ancestors of the paleolithic human being and which are his descendants? Did Darwin ever meet them? Did Haeckel or Huxley ever meet them? What does materialistic anthropology base itself upon in order to speak with so much authority about Homo Sapiens, the primordial man? To which epoch does Homo Sapiens belong?

Intending to find the fossil remnants of the primordial man, Huxley searched within the subterranean layers of the Quaternary Period; yet he searched in vain since these fossil remnants were never found. That is because the human being is more ancient than what the pigs of materialism suppose. The human being existed during the Cenozoic Period, as well as in the Mesozoic Period and in the Paleozoic Period.

The former statement will not be accepted by the materialists. They want the human being to come strictly from the Quaternary Period and in no way will they admit that the human being existed during the Cenozoic Era.

The moment has arrived for us to delve deeply and reflect, to have a maximum analysis. What do the pseudo-anthropologists know about life? What do they know about the processes of life during the Primary, Secondary, Tertiary, and Quaternary Periods?

Indeed, conventional anthropology is a building without a foundation. Just observe all human beings with their Monads and we will see how the whole little theater of Haeckel, Darwin, Huxley, Marx and their partisans would fall to the floor and be made dust.

I stated in my third chapter about the navel of the universe. What, our planet Earth has a navel? Why not?! When we are born, when we come into the world, we also come with a navel. As is the macrocosm, so also is the microcosm; as above, so below.

In the previous chapter I commented about the Omeyocan. But, what is the Omeyocan? The Omeyocan is nothing more than the navel of the universe. The Earth-Moon existed in a forgone cosmic day. The Moon had seas and mountains filled with life and vegetation. Moreover, it also had its Paleozoic, Mesozoic, and Cenozoic Eras.

All the worlds that are, have been, and shall be, are born, grow, get old, and die. The Moon is a dead, cosmic corpse; this has been demonstrated by the astronauts who descended upon the lunar ground.

However, lunar life in itself, the living substance of matter, did not die; it continued processing itself in the fourth coordinate, in the fourth vertical, along with all of the seeds of all things existent. Later on that living substance processed itself within a fifth coordinate, then within a sixth and subsequently within a seventh. When that living substance immersed itself into the seventh, then it submerged itself within the bosom of the Abstract Absolute Space. That homogenous living substance, that Mulaprakriti of Eastern people, that primordial Earth, continued to exist. That living substance was a seed that could not be lost; therefore it was deposited within profound space. Thus, life continued to exist, yet in a dormant way within that seed.

That seed, the living substance, slept for seven eternities within the Chaos. To be more specific, this living substance slept for seven eternities within profound space. Much later, the electric whirl, the electric hurricane, the darkness and the wind (as it is stated by the people of Anahuac) made that primeval world, that primordial Earth called Iliaster, inhabited. Then the [two ]{.italic}functioned with its opposites: positives and negatives, masculine and feminine. The Chaos emerged from that Iliaster; the sleeping living substance awoke. This is why it is stated that the hurricane, the tempests and the darkness prevailed within the Omeyocan, Yoalli-Ehecatl.

Yoalli-Ehecatl is the God of the wind, of the hurricanes, of the electric movement. Yoalli-Ehecatl is the macrocosm endowed within the microcosm. Everything is in incessant activity. This is how the Chaos is. It existed within the Omeyocan; the Chaos was the Omeyocan itself. Nonetheless, all of the possibilities will abide there until the Wholeness can make the Chaos fecund.

So when the Wholeness made the Chaos fecund, then the Limbus, that extraordinary Limbus, gave origin to all that is, was, and shall be. Since then, from the navel of the universe and throughout many dimensions, there were successive unfolded manifestations. Thus, evolving and devolving life passed through many dimensions; the merely germinal human being passed into the protoplasm and finally crystallized in the protoplasmic Earth.

The first manifestation was in the world of the mind, in the region of the cosmic mind, the universal intelligence. The second manifestation of all that is, has been, and shall ever be manifested itself in the second period. Then, as an outcome of the second, a third manifestation appeared in an ulterior dimension. Therefore, before life appeared in this physical world, it developed and involuted in three superior, extraordinary dimensions.

It is obvious that before life appeared upon our protoplasmic world, a creature very similar to any mammal or to any simian, yet indeed very different from apes, appeared from the species of animals. When the original or primordial human being achieved crystallization in a dense form, he then passed through a transformation in his morphology and appeared in the northern Polar Cap that in an aforementioned time was situated in the equatorial zone.

In my next chapter I will talk about the movements of the continents. We will factually tell the world what Pangaea is. Now, we will only limit ourselves to state that before life became crystallized in the physical world, life was already developed in other dimensions. However, I want to emphasize the following statement: the real human being existed in the first, second, and third root races, prior to the existence of the intellectual animal mistakenly called a human being.

The intellectual animal, the one who appeared in the Quaternary Period, is by no means a human being, but an intellectual animal.

In my former chapter, I stated that in Lemuria the real human beings lived splendidly, yet some of them degenerated at the end of their epoch; thus, they sexually mixed themselves with beasts. This present humanity is the outcome of that sexual mixture; the result is the intellectual animal.

This is the moment to understand these very delicate matters, to understand that the human being is prior to the Quaternary, Tertiary, Secondary, and Primary Periods. Proof of this is that even though all of the living species of archaic times disappeared, the human being --- or better said, the humanoid -- continues to exist.

The intellectual animal mistakenly called a human being was capable of surviving in spite of many storms, in spite of the revolution of the axis of the Earth, in spite of the events of Pangaea. If the animals, the reptiles, etc. from other Mesozoic Periods were capable of surviving, then this shows us that the human being is prior to all of these periods that have been designed by materialistic anthropologists.

We must profoundly and seriously reflect upon the Gnostic anthropological studies. Endow the intellectual animal with a Monad, which is that spiritual entity of which all the partisans of Darwin, Haeckel and Huxley have intended to deprive us, and we will see how their materialistic circus will definitely fall.

These are the times to unmask materialistic anthropology. It is the moment to restore the eternal spiritual values to humanity.

Chapter 5

There are facts, cosmic and geological events, that are worth studying in these treatises of Gnostic anthropology. There is no doubt that Gnostic scientific anthropology unveils all veils related with the origin of the human being and the universe.

Obviously, the mechanism of nature is portentous. However, we Gnostics will never accept the possibility of mathematics without a mathematician or a mechanism without mechanics.

Gnostics do not want to defend an anthropomorphic God according to the doctrine of the Judaic Jehovah, "An eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth". We know very well that such dogmatism brings as a consequence or corollary and by opposition the materialistic reaction expressed by all type of atheists.

It is necessary to understand that any type of abuse is harmful for humanity. In ancient times people rendered worship to the gods, that is to say, to the intelligent principles of nature and the cosmos, to the Demiurge architect of the universe.

The Demiurge architect of the universe is not a human or divine individual. Rather, it is Multiple Perfect Unity, the Platonic Logos.

Unfortunately, in the august Rome of the Caesars and even in ancient Greece a type of religious degeneration occurred. When they abused worship of the gods, then as a reaction monotheism with an anthropomorphic God emerged. Later, that monotheism with its anthropomorphic God produced as a reaction modern materialism. Therefore, the abuse of polytheism brings as a consequence monotheistic anthropomorphism; that is, the belief in a Biblical anthropomorphic God. On the other hand, through time the abuse of monotheism originated materialistic atheism. These are the religious faces though which people always pass.

Frankly, in the name of truth, I consider that the moment has arrived in order to eliminate that monotheistic anthropomorphism that has originated very harmful consequences. If the religious clergies would not have abused that worship then modern materialistic atheism would not exist.

So, monotheistic worship emerged as a reaction. Unfortunately, materialistic atheism was also born as a reaction against monotheistic anthropomorphism. Likewise, the belief in an anthropomorphic God is the outcome of the abuse of polytheism.

Again, when the worship of the gods of the universe is abused, then by simple reaction the outcome is monotheism.

Nevertheless, we need to recognize the intelligent principles of nature and the cosmos. But, I repeat, we are not defending an anthropomorphic God.

It seems, by all means, that the recognition of intelligent principles can be shown through many scientific analyses. Let us observe, for instance, an anthill. There, we see the intelligent principles in complete activity. We see how those ants work, how they build their palaces, how they govern themselves, etc. The same happens with a beehive; their organization is astonishing.

Let us endow each one of the ants or each one of the bees with a Pythagorean [Monad ]{.bold}or with a Hindustani [Jiva]{.bold}, and it is logical that, as a fact, the whole anthill or the whole beehive will make sense, because all of the creatures live through a [Monadic principle]{.bold}. Thus, Haeckel, Darwin, and Huxley's materialism would become completely destroyed in the face of this concept.

We are not rendering cult to any anthropomorphic God. We only want to point out that intelligence must be recognized in nature. It is not absurd for us to recognize that nature is endowed with intelligence. The order that is there in the construction of a molecule or of an atom shows us the intelligent principles with complete, absolute clarity.

We are in the appropriate epoch in order to revise these principles. If we disagree with materialism it is because it does not resist an in-depth analysis. Obviously, materialism is total garbage.

The creation of the human being through mechanical processes is more incongruent than the belief of the creation of the Biblical Adam who instantaneously emerged from the clay of the earth; however, the first belief is as absurd as the second one. Both are incongruent.

We Gnostics recognize that there is intelligence in the whole mechanism of nature. There is intelligence in the movement of the atoms around their gravitational center, in the movement of the planets around their suns.

It is true, no lie, certain, that our Sun, the one that illuminates and gives life to us, is one of the suns of that great constellation that rotates around Alcyone. Since ancient times this constellation has been called the Pleiades.

There are seven suns that rotate around Alcyone; this is not strange. We live in a corner of the Pleiades, on a small planet that rotates around the Sun, a planet that is populated by intellectual animals, a very small world that we named Earth.

Generally, each of the suns from the Pleiades, each of those seven suns, gives life to the corresponding planets that rotate around it. It is true, we do not deny it, our planet Earth is a small world that rotates around the seventh sun of the Pleiades. It is no less true that the Pleiades need an intelligent directrix principle.

Naturally, the pigs of materialism only believe in the fat and in the lard. Materialists are eager to reduce the wretched three-centered or three-brained biped to a simple productive and consuming tridimensional machine. The materialists want to deprive humanity of its intelligent principles; by their own whim they want to deprive the whole human mentality of their eternal values, the values of their Being.

We comprehend perfectly that when humanity is deprived of the values of their Being, then it frightfully degenerates. This is what is happening in these moments of world crisis and bankruptcy of principles. The know-it-all ignoramuses of materialistic anthropology are obstinately precipitating the wretched people of this century onto the path of the most obvious perdition.

The Pleiades need a directrix principle; however, in order not to fall into anthropomorphism this time, it is better that we state what the directrix principles are, because anthropomorphism has been very fatal due to the fact that it produces materialistic atheism. Anyhow, the directrix principle of the Pleiades is plural, yet it has a representation that in no way would the pigs of materialism accept. I want to refer to the [equatorial ]{.bold}[astral sun]{.bold} of the Pleiades. This sun is invisible through the lenses of our telescopes, yet it is visible for those who have developed the most extraordinary type of vision. This is the [intuitive ]{.bold}[Prajnaparamita]{.bold} type of vision in its more elevated degree. The term [Prajnaparamita ]{.italic}is abundantly difficult, since it is Sanskrit and it is unacceptable for atheistic anthropology, yet it is real in its transcendence for true human beings.

The equatorial sun of the Pleiades intelligently coordinates all of the cosmic, human, plant, animal, and mineral labors and activities. It coordinates even this group of celestial bodies known as the Pleiades.

Indeed, the equatorial sun is the sum of intelligent principles that the partisans of materialism abhor. Yet, the world is a world and will always be...

Materialism always produces degeneration of the brain and the mind, devolution of the human principles, total decadency, and incapacity for the development of the objective reasoning of the Being.

The Pleiades with their sun constitute a beautiful panorama of the universe. The sun of the Pleiades is not a visible sun; it is the astral sun located in the fifth coordinate.

If we, the Gnostics, would accept but only three coordinates, if we were bottled up within the three dimensional geometry of Euclid, then we would be enemies of the Eternal One, just like the materialistic atheists who are like donkeys that only believe in the grass they see.

The intelligent principles of that astral sun maintain the Pleiades in perfect harmony. This is something that we do not ignore since we have methods and procedures for the development of certain transcendental faculties of the Being that allow us to see beyond the simple telescopes and allow us to penetrate beyond the microscope.

We must take into account not only the Pleiades, but the whole galaxy in which we exist. This great galaxy (the Milky Way) has a capital, which is the sun [Sirius]{.bold}; a hundred billion suns, millions of worlds, moons, and meteorites are controlled by Sirius in an extraordinary way.

Unquestionably, the sun Sirius is gigantic. Close to Sirius there is a moon that is five thousand times denser than lead. That moon rotates around Sirius. Extraordinary radiations come from Sirius that affect cosmic matter. Yet, we must not deny that from that moon five thousand times denser than lead also emerge terribly infrahuman vibrations.

It can be stated that the radiations of Sirius affect all of the supra-heavens of any cosmic unit. On the other hand, the tenebrous infra-radiations of the satellite that surrounds it affect the infra-infernos that produce chaotic states in the mentality of human creatures. It engenders materialistic atheism, etc.

The galaxy in itself (the Milky Way) with all of its extraordinary organization, with its spiral shape, has the sun Sirius as its capital. Undoubtedly, the Milky Way needs the intelligent principles that govern it.

The [polar sun]{.bold} comes into our memory right now. Obviously, in the polar sun are the intelligent principles that wisely control, govern, and coordinate this galaxy in which we live, move, and have our Being. It is related to a marvelous Spiritual Sun that completely directs the whole Milky Way.

Obviously, without the intelligent principles of the polar sun (even when the whole of this galaxy is controlled by its capital star Sirius and even when it would be intelligently governed) something would be lacking from it. It would lack the intelligence of the spiritual sun or of the polar sun that is the very foundation of all of those intelligent principles of the Milky Way.

Still, the whole matter does not end here; we have to go far beyond that. Einstein already stated, "The infinite has a limit." He also asseverated that the infinite is curved.

There is no doubt that there are many infinities. Beyond this infinite, there is another infinite, and much further beyond, there are many empty spaces between infinite and infinite. There is no limit to the many infinities. Our infinite, the infinite of Einstein, has around one hundred thousand galaxies; each one has approximately one hundred thousand suns, and millions of corresponding worlds. This is what is possible to perceive through telescopes. Yet, indeed, this infinite in which we live needs intelligent sovereign principles that coordinate it in order to avoid many types of collisions and failures, as much as possible.

Fortunately, the central sun exists, the sacred Absolute Sun. The intelligent directrix principles of this infinite are within this sacred Absolute Sun; within it, I repeat, we live, move, and have our Being.

Intelligence governs the whole cosmos, whether it is within the infinitely small or within the infinitely large. There is intelligence in the macrocosm and in the microcosm, in a system of worlds, in a beehive, or in an anthill. Cosmic intelligence abides precisely in each particle of this great creation.

We live here, as we have already stated, on a small planet from this infinite universe, in a minute world that rotates around the seventh sun of the Pleiades that has its mechanism governed by intelligent principles.

Unquestionably, the geologists who have studied a lot do not know about the living mechanism of this planet Earth. The belief that the continents on which we exist are fixed, firm, and immovable has always existed, but that concept is mistaken. We, the Gnostic scientists, know very well that the Earth is more similar to the structure of an egg than to a firm mass. If we open a bird's egg and observe it, we will then see that it has a yolk that is movable and that it sustains itself over the egg white. The same happens with the Earth; the continents are similar to the yolk. These continents sustain themselves over a clear, pasty, fluidic, and gelatinous substance. This continental yolk is not static, it periodically moves and rotates over it own axis.

The entire continents of America and Europe were once connected and now they are separated. This is what the materialistic anthropologists state about Pangaea. Yet, they ignore the rhythms, periodic movements, and true geological history.

There is an abundant amount of proof in order to demonstrate the movement of the continental masses. Once, Atlantis was in the ocean that bears its own name. The followers of materialism have placed a question mark about the existence of this continent. Nonetheless, Atlantis' existence has been duly demonstrated in a conclusive way by the true sages that from time to time have appeared upon the Earth.

The learned ignoramuses stubbornly assert that continent sank like a milk-layer sinks, yet that is absurd. Atlantis sank as a consequence of the revolutions of the axis of the Earth. Yet, the materialistic addicts do not know this.

The Atlantean catastrophe left our present continents in a very bad situation. Observe the continent of the Americas and you will see that from the side of the Pacific Ocean, the Americas incline as if they want to sink into the ocean; while on the eastern side they rise. This is similar to when a boat is sinking; it never sinks vertically, but always on one side.

The very Andes mountain range inclines towards the Pacific Ocean. Let us see Europe: there is no doubt that it wants to sink into the Mediterranean; it is more submerged towards its profundity. The same happens with Germany and Russia. The Asiatic continent is inclined as if it wants to sink into the Indian Ocean.

The continents were left damaged because of the great Atlantean catastrophe, which unbalanced the geological formation of our world.

We have spoken a lot about suns and catastrophes and about many such things. Yet, the suns of Anahuac (from the Aztec calendar) invite us to reflect because these are very interesting, namely the Sun of Fire, the Sun of Air, the Sun of Water, and the Sun of Earth. These suns mark terrible [cosmic ]{.bold}[catastrophes]{.bold}.

It is stated that the Children of the First Sun, the Protoplasmic root race, perished when they were devoured by tigers. The tiger is a symbol of wisdom, this is clear!

It is stated that the Children of the Second Sun, the Hyperborean root race, perished when they were demolished by strong hurricanes. This is in reference to that humanity who lived on that horseshoe shape land that is around the North Pole.

It is affirmed that the Children of the Third Sun, the Lemurian root race, perished by the Sun of raining fire and great earthquakes.

The Children of the Fourth Sun, the Atlantean root race, perished by the waters.

The Children of the Fifth Sun, the Aryan root race, we, the people of this epoch, will perish by fire and earthquakes. This is how it will be, and this will be fulfilled shortly.

The Children of the Sixth Sun, the Koradhi root race who will inhabit the future Earth of tomorrow, will also perish.

After having spoken to you about the suns of Anahuac, we will now pass into a minor cycle. Naturally, there are always Primary, Secondary, Tertiary, and Quaternary ages.

We will not base these ages on the five root races that existed. This time we will base them on something distinct. We will base them precisely on the movements that the terrestrial yolk undergoes. We will base them on that geological movement that is processed periodically upon its own axis, on the movement of the continents over that pasty and gelatinous substance.

So, from the former points of view we can talk about the Primary, Secondary, Tertiary, and Quaternary ages. Likewise we can talk about the Eocene, a Primary Period unknown to people --- Eocene, Miocene, and Pliocene.

We do not deny that among these types of catastrophes there have been other catastrophes also, like the terrible [glaciations]{.bold}.

Atlantis marks the end of the Tertiary Epoch (at the end of Atlantis to be more specific). So, that Tertiary epoch was very beautiful because of its Edens; it was delectable because of its great paradises.

Many glaciations have occurred and there is no doubt that we are approaching another glaciation. There are catastrophes caused by the verticalization of the axis of the Earth, caused by the verticalization of the poles of the world. There are catastrophes that are the outcome of the movements of the continents, and then earthquakes occur, followed by the start of glaciations.

Five glaciations are mentioned that were processed in accordance with the movements of the continents. Yet, we must know that glaciations have also been produced because of the verticalization of the poles of the Earth. It is obvious that the catastrophes and glaciations are multiple.

If we were to state that the human being did not exist during the Miocene, Pliocene, and Eocene epochs, we would be asseverating something false. It is remarkable to see that while the archaic species of animals were extinguished, the human being nonetheless continued to exist. I am mentioning the word "human being" in a merely conventional sense, since we already know that the intellectual animal is not a true human being. Obviously, when speaking of people, we have to describe them in some way.

Terrible changes have occurred; yes, they have. Let us think about the human race that emerged from the Eocene, with their tropical weather. Likewise, let us think about that race that developed and unfolded during the Oligocene, with its mild temperature. Finally, let us think about that race who lived in the Miocene, with its cold weather, with temperatures so low they were approaching the last glaciations. What is fascinating is that in spite of so many glaciations and catastrophes, human beings continue to exist.

The Paleolithic human being still exists; incredible, yet it is true. All of the species of archaic animals disappeared, the enormous reptiles of the Mesozoic, and nonetheless, human beings continue to exist. How is this possible? How is it that all of the archaic creatures have died and the human beings are still alive?

The Primary, Secondary, and Tertiary epochs passed by and still we see human beings walking on the streets. This gives us enough authority in order to tell Darwin, Huxley, and Haeckel --- who with their materialistic theories exercised too much damage upon humanity ---that the human being existed a long time before the Paleolithic Era.

In the third chapter I commented about the navel of the universe, about the Omeyocan. I then compared it to the cosmic seed from which this planet was born. It is clear that before the Earth could physically exist, the Omeyocan developed itself in various dimensions. I want to state that within the Omeyocan, the navel of the world, the whole planet was gestated. This planet passed through various periods of activity in diverse dimensions before crystallizing in the present physical form.

The human being as a seed was developed from the Omeyocan and began crystallizing little by little through diverse dimensions until finally taking on physical form in the Polar Epoch.

Here we are stating subject matters that upset the materialists. They say they only believe in what they see. Nonetheless, they believe in all of their utopias. They are searching for the primordial human being within the subterranean layers of the Quaternary Period. Each day they invent more and more theories and they believe them without ever verifying them. They are going around uttering lies. They believe in what they do not see, therefore they are falsifiers.

We can prove what we are stating. We have systems of investigation by means of the technique of Meditation Through Meditation we can develop certain faculties, such as Prajnaparamita, a type of intuition which allows us to study the Akashic Records of nature. The whole history of the Earth and of its races is found in those records.

If the pigs of materialism would leave their fanatical attitude and resolve themselves to enter into the Gnostic disciplines, then they would develop certain faculties which will grant them access to the history of the Earth and of its races.

The hour has arrived in which each one of us must reflect upon ourselves and the universe.

The human being existed upon the Earth far beyond the Primary Era, much prior to the Paleolithic Era. The concrete fact that we continue to exist in spite of the fact that the animals of forgone times have disappeared in their majority gives us the right to affirm the former statements. So if the former statements are a fact, then we have the right to state that we are as ancient as the Earth itself, as nature itself. Facts are facts and before the facts we have to surrender.

If we have not perished, if we have not disappeared from the scenario of the world in spite of so many catastrophes, if we have not disappeared even though the creatures from the Mesozoic times are extinct, then this gives us the authority to state that we are very special beings. We existed on the Earth before the creatures of the Pliocene or of the Mesozoic times ever appeared upon the face of the Earth. This right is given to us by the fact of existing, by the concrete fact that eternities have passed and we still continue to exist.

The contemporaneous creatures died and nonetheless we are still alive. All of them perished, yet we continue to exist. Therefore, we have a basis in order to laugh in the faces of Huxley, Darwin and Haeckel, personages who were lethal for humanity.

The different scenarios in which this humanity has developed deserve to be studied and to be kept in mind.

How marvelous and wise are the Nahuas' suns; they not only contemplate the root race who was devoured by the tigers of sapience, they also contemplate the Hyperboreans who were demolished by the strong hurricanes, the Lemurians who perished by the sun of raining fire and great earthquakes, and the Atlanteans who perished by the waters.

These Nahuas' suns go further; they contemplate those movements of the yolk over the egg-white; in other words, they contemplate the periodic movements of these continents that suddenly split or diverge, and then suddenly produce great glaciations where all life perishes, and then all of a sudden they originate new activities.

These Nahuas' suns work throughout the Tertiary, Secondary, and Primary periods. Finally, every period of fifty-two years, they are elevated in the changes of fire. We are now in the fifth of those changes, the fifth sun. The secret doctrine of Anahuac contains precious treasures that the enemies of the sacred land of Anahuac, the anthropologists of the atheistic materialism, would never accept.

Chapter 6

Unquestionably, this terrestrial humanity has passed through diverse phases of development; this is something that we have to judiciously analyze.

Intellectuals speak frequently about the mechanical evolution of nature, the human being, and the cosmos. Gnostics have comprehended that from the anthropological point of view there are two types of evolution.

Obviously, the first type of anthropological evolution, through alchemical sexual cooperation, would initiate its development when it is duly comprehended in each and every aspect.

The second type of anthropological evolution is different.

Unquestionably, in the beginning the human race multiplied themselves as cells multiply. We know very well that within the living cell its nucleus is divided in two. The living cell specializes in issuing a determined quantity of cytoplasm and inherent material in order to form new cells. The two, in their time, divide into another two. Thus by means of the fissiparous process of cellular division the cells multiply and thus the organism develops, etc.

In the beginning, the androgynous humans [divided themselves]{.bold} in two in order to reproduce themselves. Later on that changed. The human organism had to become prepared (through evolution) in order for it to reproduce by means of [sexual cooperation]{.bold}.

Obviously, it was in Lemuria (the continent situated in a foretime in the Indian Ocean) where the principal events related with reproduction through sexual cooperation were verified.

In the beginning, the creative organs, the lingam-yoni, were not completely developed. It was necessary for these organs of the human species to be totally crystallized and developed, so that later on in time the reproduction of the human species by means of sexual cooperation could be concretely performed.

Thus, while the masculine-feminine sexual organs became completely developed, many extremely interesting events from the biological and psychosomatic point of view were verified. These biological events did not occur in the merely androgynous humans but instead they occurred within the [hermaphroditic ]{.bold}human being.

The cell-atom was detached from the father-mother's organism in order to be developed and fully grown. Then as a consequence or corollary (by means of very delicate processes) a new creature developed.

The second aspect of this process of multiplication was remarkably peculiar. If it is true that in the beginning living human-seeds were detached as an atomic radiation in order to be externally developed and in order to become new creatures, then afterwards, in the second aspect, a certain favorable change was verified.

We know that noramlly each month the feminine sex eliminates an ovum from her ovaries; yet, in the hermaphroditic father-mother this ovum had a certain extraordinary consistency. It was already an egg in itself, in its intrinsic structure. It was an internally fecundated egg by the father-mother; it was an internally fecundated egg within the hermaphrodite. When the egg came out to the external world, it was developed or incubated until it finally opened and a new creature sprang forth from it. This new creature was nourished with the breasts of the father-mother; this is factually very important.

Much later in time, it was noticeable that certain creatures were coming into existence with one sexual organ more developed than the other. Finally, the moment arrived when humanity was divided into opposite sexes. When this occurred, sexual cooperation became necessary in order to create and to create anew.

The genealogies of Haeckel with respect to the possible origin of the human being and our three primordial races do not fit within materialistic anthropology which in this day and age is invading the world.

Regrettably, Haeckel's genealogies are the motive for laughter for conventional anthropologists who are enemies of the divine. Generally, they even mock the genealogy of Haeckel as well as other kinds of genealogies, such as that mentioned by Homer. Let us remember Achilles, the illustrious warrior, son of Mars, and Agamemnon, son of Jupiter, the one who commands from afar, etc. These are phrases or poetic words of that man who in former times sang to ancient Troy and to the rage of Achilles the warrior.

We must speak clearly in this anthropological disquisition. It is obvious that the scientists of this epoch will have to decide if they are with Paracelsus, the father of chemistry, or if they follow the mythological folly of Haeckel. Anyhow, there is so much that we must acquire within the exclusively anthropological field.

If the division of the living cell as well as the primordial or primeval reproductive process would be denied, then as a fact the reproduction of Haeckel's Monera or atom from the aqueous abyss that divided itself asunder in order to be multiplied must also be denied.

Indeed, science cannot in any way pronounce itself against the primeval fissiparous act of reproduction, which is the reproductive system by means of cellular division.

Nevertheless, we are aware that these two theories about the way in which the reproduction of human species started are very arguable and thorny, namely reproduction of the human species before initiating the possible sexual cooperation when the creative organs were still in the process of development, and the reproduction of human species through sexual cooperation.

All the religious theogonies starting with the very ancient Orphic up until the Christian Bible's theogony, state a beginning by means of sexual cooperation, yet in a purely symbolic way. Those statements could be repeated by means of Alchemy, but never in a scientific, anthropological way.

When the creative sexual organs have not yet been created, an evolving process cannot start through sexual cooperation. Obviously, in order to fecundate through sexual cooperation, there had to be a period of preparation. This had to have been a period through which the creative organs were developed and unfolded in the organic physiology of the human being.

The religious scriptures from the East as well as from the West have been adulterated, except the [Vishnu Purana]{.italic}. For example, in this scripture it is stated that before human beings were endowed with the capacity of reproducing themselves through sexual cooperation or long before human beings could have that capacity, specifically before sexual cooperation between men and women existed, other ways of reproduction existed. This refers to former stages, previous to the formation of the creative organs in the human being.

We do not want to reach the point of affirming that those former systems previous to sexual cooperation did not have any relation with the sexual creative energy. We know that the sexual energy in itself has other forms of manifestation. Thus, before the creative organs were developed in the human species, the sexual energy had other ways of expression in order to create.

It is pitiful that the sacred scriptures of all religions have been adulterated. We understand that even the [Edda ]{.italic}generated a little alteration in the Pentateuch of the Hebraic Bible.

Anyhow, it is indispensable that we continue analyzing and meditating upon where the distinct races were developed.

We have stated many times before that the theory about the Pithecus-Noah is absurd, so is the cyanocephalus with a tail, the monkey without a tail, and the arboreal man. These are merely utopian matters that do not have any type of foundation.

We have already laughed about the silly theory of Haeckel that depicts a species of primate, something like a silly missing link between the ape and the human being, with the capacity of speaking.

However, it is necessary to know where these races were developed, in which scenario these evolutions and devolutions of humans unfolded. This is what we need to know because it would be impossible to disconnect the human races from their environment, from their distinct continents, from their islands, from their mountains, and from their natural scenarios.

It draws our attention to the fact that even though there were many varieties of animals during the Mesozoic Era and later became extinct, humanity is still very much alive. All of those animals have already disappeared from the face of the Earth; how is this possible? How is it that all the antediluvian monsters have disappeared, yet humanity continues to live on? We have made much emphasis on this statement, because it is indispensable to reflect a little about it.

It cannot be denied that the human being is related to his environment. It cannot be denied that there were other forms of reproduction distinct from those of sexual cooperation.

Therefore, it is convenient to know something about the environment in which all the different races were developed. It is urgent that we study the distinct scenarios of nature little by little.

We do not deny, in any way, that there are many facts that conventional anthropologists truly do not know. What do they know about the changes or modifications of the axis of the Earth in relation to the obliquity of the ecliptic?7

Laplace, the one who invented a famous theory that still exists in this day and age, affirmed that all worlds emerge from their correspondent nebulas, a theory that has never been proven. He even fanatically stated that the declination of the axis of the Earth in relation with the obliquity of the ecliptic is almost null. He stated that it has always been like that, always in a secular form.

Unquestionably, geology, up to a certain point, is against these former concepts of astronomy. Evidently, the deviation of the axis of the Earth within the obliquity of the ecliptic or to be more specific, the inclination, indicates glacial periods that always occur throughout the ages.

If we deny the glacial periods, then we are affirming incoherent things, because glaciations are completely proven. The cause of these glaciations is the deviation of the axis of the Earth on its inclination within the obliquity of the ecliptic.

The former deviation, which astronomers deny, is demonstrated with certainty by means of geological studies. Proof of tremendous glaciations exists. Already, Magellan wrote about certain epochs of heat or tropic within the Arctic, simultaneously accompanied by glaciations and intense cold. We will conclude by stating that, regarding this investigation, conventional geology and astronomy are now in disagreement.

We have arrived to a very special subject-matter, the glaciations. It seems incredible that at other times in the south of Europe and in the north of Africa there have been terrible glaciations. In Spain, for instance, they know through accounts of the Silurian Period that there were gigantic glaciations there. This is demonstrated by means of the studies of paleontology.

No one can deny in this day and age that mummified cadavers of antediluvian animals have been discovered in Siberia and especially at the mouth of certain rivers like the Obi or Ub and others. This signifies that Siberia, which is so cold, was in other times a tropic with great heat; this is also true for Greenland, the peninsula of Scandinavia, Suez, Norway, Iceland, and all those horseshoe shaped lands that totally surround the North Pole. What? There was great heat in those regions? Impossible, everybody would say, yet paleontology has confirmed it.

Precisely, very interesting creatures have been discovered at the mouth of the river Obi. This invites us to reflect.

During the times of Atlantis, the North and South Poles were not located where they are now. The North Pole (the Arctic) was located over the equatorial zone on the most eastern point of Africa and Antarctica.

The South Pole was exactly located over the same equatorial line, on the opposite side, in a specific place in the Pacific Ocean.

Therefore, there were great changes in the terrestrial globe's physiognomy. True ancient maps are known by the sages of this present epoch. Maps of the ancient Earth, geographic charts that demonstrate that our world had another physiognomy in the past, are in the secret crypts of the Lamas in the Himalayan mountains.

Let us think about Lemuria, about that gigantic continent located long ago in the Indian Ocean. It was united to Australia, because Australia was part of Lemuria, and likewise so was Oceania.

The Arctic was located in the most eastern point, over the equatorial line of Africa; then everything was different, distinct. A gigantic glaciation occurred during that epoch. That glaciation was projected precisely from the Arctic pole (located in Africa) towards Arabia, that is to say, towards the southeast of Asia. Moreover, it almost covered Lemuria completely; that entire zone was covered by ice, but it did not manage to pass into the Mediterranean.

It is intriguing to know that there are epochs in which our planet Earth passed through glaciations, epochs in which the ice invaded certain zones; epochs in which millions of creatures died. All of this, indeed, happens because of the inclination of the axis of the Earth in relation to the obliquity of the ecliptic.

The human being has had to develop himself in different scenarios, and we must deeply know what those scenarios are. How did America emerge? How did Europe appear? How did Lemuria sink? How did Atlantis disappear?

Lemuria was accepted by Darwin. Lemuria still exists at the bottom of the Indian Ocean.

Obviously, the organisms have passed through different morphological changes, in these or those environments.

If we were to state (as the present materialistic anthropologists abundantly state) namely that the intellectual animal mistakenly called a human being has the famous mouse (or better said, the "runcho," or mouse which is cited by the South American people) as his ancestor, then frankly we would adulterate the truth. We know very well that such an enormous mouse or runcho from South America comes from the Atlantis of Plato. We also know that before Atlantis came into existence, the human being already existed. Therefore, the existence of the human being predates the famous Atlantean runcho.

If we would affirm that the human being originally came from certain primates and later on from certain hominids from the ancient land of Lemuria (which was so accepted by Darwin) then we would also adulterate reality. Because before the simians came into existence and a long time before the so-boasted primates and hominids appeared on the Earth, the human being already existed.

The human being already existed long before the reproduction of human species was developed through sexual cooperation.

So the human being is very much prior to Lemuria itself, before the Lemuria that was so accepted by Darwin.

We have to recognize that materialistic anthropologists have been studying this human race in a very superficial way, because this human race that has passed from Monolithic times through the Eocene, Miocene, and Pliocene epochs is more ancient than the continents of Lemuria and Atlantis.

Yet, it is necessary to continue studying the scenarios of our world in order to better comprehend the diverse processes of evolution and devolution of the different human races.

Meanwhile, I just want to state that the Gnostics are firm in their concepts. Therefore, if they have to choose between Paracelsus the father of modern chemistry and Haeckel as the famous creator of the silly mythic-anthropoid, frankly they will resolve themselves to the great sage Paracelsus.

Chapter 7

The inhabitants of the planet Earth still do not know the world in which they live. However, incongruently, they want to travel to other worlds. Indeed, the planet Earth deserves to be profoundly studied.

Diverse facts, events, phenomena, completely unknown to conventional science are found on the entire planet. It is not irrelevant to consider some events that take place within the seas. Let us begin by describing some reminiscences about certain phenomena related to some of the creatures in the oceans.

In August 1917, a marine serpent that measured twenty-seven meters in length was observed off the coast of Cape Ann, Massachusetts (U.S.A.). The Naturalist Society of Boston observed it in detail; unfortunately, it was never again seen in those places.

While on a tugboat, the Oceanographer Danes Anton Brunn observed the capture of a tadpole (in a larval state) that measured two meters in length. According to naturalist studies, if this tadpole would have developed it would have reached twenty-two meters in length.

Anyhow, the above mentioned are two types of unknown creatures. Yet, how do they live? How do they behave? Where do they develop? Why do they exist?

Let us think about a famous blue fish that was considered to be extinct. This blue fish has always been referred to in a poetic way. Its peculiar name reminds us of a canto, of poetry; its name is "coelacanth." This strange little animal has extremities similar to those of human beings. It lives in the depths of the Indian Ocean; it existed in Lemuria. This indicates that even now, in this day and age, that fish continues to inhabit the same sunken Lemuria. It lives in the profundities of the ocean and very seldom does it surface.

Unquestionably, the great profundities of the Indian Ocean are extraordinary. The existence of an antediluvian animal during this century is something that makes us think quite a bit. Why does it still exist? What is the reason for it?

When the fossilized remnant of a coelacanth was found, scientists calculated it to be eighteen million years old. The coelacanth was very well known seventy million years ago. The figure of the coelacanth is astonishing; our attention is called to its residual extremities. Its limbs are developed similar to the arms, the hands or the feet of human beings. It still exists, and it is perfectly alive.

How is it that an antediluvian creature still lives in the final decades of the twentieth century? What could the materialistic anthropologists state about an animal such as this? What concepts would they have about it? All of this invites us to a great deal of reflection.

Indeed, what could be stated about the ichthyosaurs of archaic times? This animal still continues to exist in the terrible profundities of the Pacific Ocean. What do the scientists know about it? Scientists know absolutely nothing about it at all!

Thus, it is convenient for us to continue exploring all these subject-matters in order to attain clear concepts about them.

The case of the eels is certainly very special. Some eels from Europe and America meet in the Sargasso Sea with the purpose of reproducing. What is intriguing is the fact that the ones that return to that original point of departure are not the parents, but rather their offspring. Why does this phenomenon occur? Why do the parents not return, but instead their offspring? Can the anthropologists of false science explain this phenomenon? What do they know about this subject-matter? I am sure that they totally ignore these matters.

Let us study the case of the tuna fish. This is something that indeed deserves to be reflected upon. The tuna leave Brazil and swim toward Scotland; subsequently, they approach Europe and pass close to the Mediterranean Sea. Yet, it is rare for the tuna to swim into the Mediterranean Sea. What could scientists say about this phenomenon? Why don't the migratory currents of tuna enter into the Mediterranean Sea? Who guides them? Why do they do it? When have the gentlemen of materialistic anthropology defined these wonders, during which epoch? If they pretend to own the wisdom of the universe, then why have they not spoken about this matter? These materialistic people do not only ignore, but they ignore that they ignore, and this is very critical.

There are large squids, gigantic monsters endowed with enormous tentacles, but retarded science has never spoken about them.8 The size of these squids can be calculated based on the skeletons that are occasionally found. Prints of their gigantic tentacles have been found on the backs of whales. Unquestionably, the squids' tentacles suck the pigmentation out of whales' skin and leave their print. Those prints reveal their titanic fights in the profundities of the ocean.

There are alligator fish (or ichthyosaurs of unknown origin) that pseudo-anthropology has never commented about.

Continuing ahead, we will also speak of certain phenomena that are unknown to those materialistic gentlemen. We know that deep down within the sea hundreds of meters within its profundity, there are rivers that run in opposite directions. Why do they do it? Why does a river that runs close by another river circulate in an opposite direction and yet within the same ocean?

The rivers of the north circulate from left to right as do the needles of a clock; they circulate clockwise. The rivers of the south circulate inversely, counterclockwise. Why does the current of Bengal not rotate? What is happening? What explanation can pseudo-science give us? Why are the scientists speechless about these points? What can they tell us about this matter?

On the coasts of Peru (about 1,500 meters in profundity) engraved columns have been observed among Cyclopean buildings; magnificent photographs have been taken of them. Thus, the existence of Lemuria is demonstrated. Yet the foolish scientists continue as always, denying and denying.

In this day and age, there are civilizations that have disappeared, like the one found on Easter Island. There are monumental effigies, enormous human heads chiseled by titanic hands. However, materialistic science has never said anything; it is only speechless, dumb, silent...

What would we say about Antarctica? There is no doubt that there was a powerful civilization at the North and South Poles prior to the revolutions of axis of the Earth. Undoubtedly, within the ice of Antarctica, remnants of those very ancient cultures must still exist. The day will arrive when an archeologist's shovel will uncover them. Meanwhile present science does not give any explanations.

There are gigantic waves in tranquil and serene seas. These are isolated waves that have no reason for being. We are referring to those waves that are called "seiche." What is their origin? Are they caused by some underwater earthquake? How can these gentlemen, the materialistic scientists, explain this? What would the enemies of the Eternal One say about it? That there are waves in the boisterous seas, yes, we accept this; but that an isolated, gigantic and monstrous wave emerges all of a sudden in a tranquil sea without any known reason is something that has never had a scientific explanation. Nonetheless, such facts occur within the ocean and the materialists do not explain them.

Hundreds of thousands of earthquakes occur in the underwater mountain range at the center of the Atlantic Ocean where the continent of Atlantis formerly existed. Let us remember that terrible earthquakes and great seaquakes finished off the Atlantean continent. Even in this day and age, the trembling continues in the submerged Atlantis!

It is convenient to reflect upon all of these themes, since in their depth they are abundantly intriguing. Indeed, the materialistic anthropologists do not know the Earth. This planet continues to be a true enigma for them...

The spiked lobsters reunite in appreciable quantities in order to migrate; they then descend to the continental platform and then proceed towards the abysmal flatness to an unknown destiny. What do the presumed wise men say about this? What explanations do they give? Where do these lobsters go? What is their exact destination? Why do they perform these types of migrations? Enigmas that the learned ignoramuses do not understand!

The Earth was not always as it is now. Its physiological physiognomy has changed many times. If we examine W. Scott Elliot's four maps, we will observe that the Earth was completely different one million years ago. Those four geographical maps deserve to be taken into consideration. They are similar to the four maps that are in some subterranean crypts in Central Asia. Those maps are unknown to the all-knowing ignoramuses of materialistic science. These maps are secretly kept with the purpose of preserving them intact, because the gentlemen of conventional anthropology are always willing to alter everything with the goal of justifying their much boasted theories.

The first of these maps from W. Scott Elliot calls our attention. It is very intriguing; on it we see how the world was eight hundred thousand years B.C. Then, the region of the brachycephalus of this present ultramodern precarious anthropology did not exist.

On those W. Scott Elliot maps, we can see that the Bering Strait did not exist as it is today. The only thing that existed was water that covered Siberia and Europe all the way to France and Germany. These lands were submerged in the depths of the oceans.

Africa, we can also observe, had only the eastern part because the west and the south were both submerged within the boisterous waves of the ocean. On those maps was a small continent in eastern Africa that was known at that time with the name of "Grabonski."

South America was submerged within the waters of the ocean. The United States, Canada, and Alaska were also submerged within the ocean. Nevertheless, on those maps the land of Mexico existed!

It seems incredible that eight hundred thousand years B.C. Mexico already existed. Europe still had not appeared and Mexico already existed! When South America had not yet emerged from within the depths of the ocean, Mexico already existed!

This invites us to comprehend that within the entrails of the sacred land of Anahuac, Mexico --- which is as archaic as the world --- there are archeological and esoteric treasures which have still not yet been discovered by archeologists.

In that epoch, Lemuria was a gigantic continent extending throughout the Pacific Ocean, covering the whole area of Australia, Oceania, and the Indian Ocean. Lemuria extended itself throughout the Pacific Ocean reaching those coastal places where much later South America would emerge. Lemuria was monumental, enormous.

Thus, the physiognomy of this terrestrial globe was completely different eight hundred thousand years B. C.

The capital of Atlantis was Toyan, the city of the seven doors of massive gold.

The materialistic anthropologists who cannot see beyond their noses might ask, on what do we base ourselves, speaking about the great capital of Atlantis? I want to tell these gentlemen (who have worked a great deal in order to take the eternal values away from humanity, who have precipitated it down into the devolving path) that there are maps preserved in secrecy in subterranean crypts. These maps indicate where Toyan, the capital of Atlantis, was situated. Therefore, if we talk we do it with complete knowledge. If we locate Lemuria and Atlantis, it is because they were continents that really existed.

Toyan was situated on an angle, on the southeastern part of that great country. It faced the southeast coast of a strip of land that visibly extended until the Loire in the Mediterranean Sea and towards eastern Africa. Its confines reached southern Asia (which already existed).

Atlantis extended itself from Brazil to the Azores and from Nova Scotia straight down throughout the whole Atlantic Ocean.

Thus, Atlantis totally covered the ocean that bears its name. It was a great continental country. Imagine Atlantis extending itself from the Azores, up to Nova Scotia and then descending towards present day Brazil. How enormous that continent was; it extended from south to north; it was colossal! Yet, it sank through means of many earthquakes. Various catastrophes were necessary in order for Atlantis to definitively disappear.

The scenario of the world has changed very often; the physiognomy of this terrestrial globe has not always been the same. Different human races have been developed upon it.

We need to carefully study the physiognomy of the world of ancient times, the different geological changes through which the Earth has passed. Thus, only in this way can we form a precise concept about the origin of the human being and its diverse cultures; only in this way can we form a precise concept of its diverse evolving and devolving processes.

However, if we unfortunately remain completely bottled up within all of the contemporary prejudices, we will not be able to know anything about geology, much less about the development of the human race.

It is necessary to acquire, to investigate and to analyze... There are many enigmas on the face of the Earth that are unknown to conventional science. How is it possible that the ichthyosaurs that endured for epochs (like during the Pliocene) continue to exist in this present century in the great profundities of the Pacific Ocean? Until now these enigmas cannot be deciphered by the illustrious materialists, nor can they comprehend them.

Through these lessons we must get to know the different scenarios of the world. We have to make light within darkness. Thus, by stating the scientific foundations of Gnostic anthropology we will then be able to review all ancient cultures. It is necessary to know how the Pelasgians appeared in Europe. It is necessary to know about the archaic cultures. It is urgent to know something about the Hyperborean civilization, etc. Yet, first of all, it is urgent to review the different geological changes that the Earth has passed through.

We comprehend that each root race has had its own scenario. We need to know the environment, climate, and the conditions that each root race had in order to be able to live. This is indispensable.

When materialistic anthropology states that the American cultures came from the Asiatic continent by means of the Bering Strait, indeed they are asserting a frightful mendacity, because ancient maps show that in ancient times the Bering Strait, Siberia, Canada, and the United States did not exist!

Mexico had a solemn, marvelous population that was separated from the Bering Strait by the great oceans of that time. Therefore, materialistic science is talking about something that they have not seen, that they cannot prove.

We are stating these facts based on maps such as those of W. Scott Elliot and other similar maps which are found in the subterranean crypts of the Himalayan mountain range in Central Asia.

People who asseverate that the human race reached America through the Bering Strait are showing a great deal of ignorance, a total unknowingness of ancient geographic charts.

Materialistic anthropologists are cheating the public with their types of assertions; this is how they insult the intelligence of readers.

We repeat: we love scientific investigation and exact analysis. We do not allow ourselves the luxury of accepting materialistic theories. We are not witless people who would allow ourselves to be cheated by superstitions based on false utopias.

We have geographic charts and we are sure that the readers of this book will comprehend our position very well.

The readers will comprehend all of this even better when they study the aforementioned geographic charts, which were displayed at the Third Gnostic International Congress in Caracas, Venezuela. That congress took place August 11-19 in the year 1978.

  1.  Because the shape of the placenta in both humans and lemurs is disc-like, scientists proposed that the two species were related. ↩︎

  2. From Hindu mythology, the progenitor and lawgiver of the human race. ↩︎

  3. There is also the case of when the first pterosaur fossils were discovered in Germany in 1784, scientists thought they were aquatic animals. It took them 100 years to finally recognize they were flying reptiles! ↩︎

  4. A real human being has discarded the animal mind, and created the soul. The real human being is not controlled by nature, whether internal or external. ↩︎

  5. An intellectual animal has a human shape but psychologically is just an animal with an intellect. That is, it is ruled by instinct, passion, desire, etc. ↩︎

  6. Moses wrote: "A man from whom there is a discharge of semen, shall immerse all his flesh in water, and he shall remain unclean until evening. And any garment or any leather [object] which has semen on it, shall be immersed in water, and shall remain unclean until evening. A woman with whom a man cohabits, whereby there was [a discharge of] semen, they shall immerse in water, and they shall remain unclean until evening." - Leviticus 15:16-18. Compare with: "Whosoever is born of God doth not commit sin; for his seed [semen] remaineth in him: and he cannot sin, because he is born of God." - 1 John 3:9 ↩︎

  7. Obliquity of the ecliptic: "The angle between the plane of the ecliptic (or the plane of the earth's orbit) and the plane of the earth's equator; the "tilt" of the earth," represented by ε. ↩︎

  8. Since the mid-2000's, scientists have begun looking at these creatures seriously. Before that, the scientific community mocked the notion of their existence. ↩︎